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June 26, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 26, 1920

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ENTRAL 926 or 19| ,RUG of Qual!t I d Rector lib Y BAI Perpetual Mission-- | Pope Leo Xlil t "The. Guardian" in I every home--our Motto. I The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday, June 26, 1920 Number 2 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * *1 * SCOTTISH EARLDOM *! | * OF LOUD,,UN NOW :t * IN CA&apos;IHOLIC HANDS :i * London, June 7.--By the death * of the Earl of Loudoun, which has VATICAN-FRENCH , ] RELATIONS REACH ] STAGE OF DETAIL I ks dshin& L ,oo]00 ?N 00DIDI,00 LY UNDER CHARGE t)F N AND AUSTRIAN MIS- [ARIES FACING TROUBLE. Office Dedsio,, Trouble for Ecclesiastical ties in Deciding That the el Iust Not Be German or I'C. W. C. News Service.) b June 10.--The fate of the )a India that we'e formerly ".Chge of German and Aus- i!°aaries, is still in the bal- . the future is serious not priests and religious  these missions, but also a -m tfl¢clesiastical authorities in 31 INL.Y e Unable to fill the place , ILJ- r')0naries who have been de- i. far as the property of the ,000 "!ls COncerned, it looks as if '.000 ]ytti's mission" to Paris last • . _m:-;ccessful, in so far that he -j;; whose ownership, he with t![: is vented in propaganda. rmatiog|". Grace Decision. egard to the personnel of is, the is different. case Office, which had his affair OrdJng to reliable inferma- eeided finally that no Ger- Strian missionary will be to India for a definitely me, and unless some strong Ure is exerted, ,it looks csien will not be depart- the evident detriment of Iitish Favored. ther hand, an official au- the India Office has of proposals before the members of "Brit- intelmational societic will be allowed to to take up missionary the imposition of an Whatever. These pro- the Holy Fath- the present year; they are at Rome, an See has either accepted them their publication is queStion. But briefly sum- PrOposals amount to this: ious orders or secular Who are vouched for by superiors, will the Cardinal Arch- whose recom- be accepted as final by Whether the Holy a.Ceept this remains to be  any case, it is no com- for the repatriation of the for Jerusalem. the civil authorities a new council for the Jerusalem, with Ragheb t Moslem, as president, Yellin, president of Academy in Jerusalem, There are six mere- two each repre- , the Jews, and A ne, w high corn- Herbert Sanuel, ha who takes up the du- on July 1. The new is himself a Jew no friend to the and in respect to in Palestine, has ex- very strongly to the in the,way of in- religious rights and enjoyed" at present, will an instant. Mean- Zionists are getting to- on their future plans. from Jerusalem London, where it con- Weizmann, one of the and other prominen Seuss the future of Pal- Hen. G. N. Barnes rainister in the cabinet recently from Palestine, strongly agaihst the of the Zionists, a due much of the * just taken place, the Scottish * * Earldom of Loudoun passes into * * Catholic hands. This is one of the * * few cities in which the Succession * * may pass by female descent, and * * the new holder of the title is the * * Countess of Loudoun, whose has- * * band, by the way, remains a corn- * * moner. The Loudoun Earldom * was founded in 1633. In addi-* * tion to being Countess of Lou-* *doun, the new peeress is also * * Baroness 'Botreaux' (1368), Me- * * lines, Hungerford, and Hastings. * * In addition to the Countess of * * Loudoun there are among the old * * Catholic peeresses, four who hold * * their titles in their own right, * * and not by marriage. These are * * the Baroness Baumont, whose * title dates from 1309; the Bare- * * nes Furnivall. title created in * 1295; the Duchess of Norfolk who ° * is Baroness Herries in her own * * right; and the Baroness Went-* * worth, daughter of Mr. Wilfried * * Scawcn Blunt, a well-known poet * * and traveller. * I Principle of Restoration Established. : Devotion of French Parliament Edifies. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) i Rome, June 7.--The principle of the restoration of relations between France and the Vatican is now estab- lished as a fact, but fl'om that point i to the adjustment of all the details is a longer and perhaps more diffi- cult journey. Commits France. Head of Columbia University Falls Under Criticism of Catholic Editor and Tries to Crawl Out. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Brooklyn, N. Y., June 14.--In re sponse to a demand made by the edi- tor of the Brooklyn Catholic Tablet for the withdrawal and correction of a derogatory reference to the Jesuits in a pamphlet issued by the Amcrican Association for International' Concil- iation, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, a member of the organization, has re- turned two rather unsatisfactory re- plies. The editor of the Tablet, how- ever, considers the protest he made to Dr. Butler as likely to prevent the association from giving a similar af- front to Catholics. The statement to which the Tablet's editor took exception was that in the creed of Nicholas Lenine, the Russian Bolshevist leader, "he is as unscru- pulous and as uncompromising as a Jesuit, and in his code of political ethics the end to be atained is a justi- fication for the employment of any weapon."., In his first reply to the Tablet's let- ter on the subject Dr. Butler dis- claimed responsibility for the offen- sive allusion to the Jesuits, but did not volunteer an apology. The editor of the Tablet wrote again to Dr. But- ler demanding a withdrawal of the tatement. "It goes without saying that the sentence did not have either the ap proval or the knowledge of the Ameri- can Association for International Con- ciliation or of any of its officers," wrote Dr. Butler, but again gave no intimation that it would be corrected. Dr. Butler seemed greatly displeased that any one should find fault with a statement that, he said, "lay unno- ticed and harmless" until the Tab!et% editor "made it a subject of formal propaganda." CLOSING EXERCISES OF THE CATHOLIC • UNIVERSITY Address by Senator Walsh of Massa- chuset to--Enrollment for Next Year. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, D. C., June 21.-.More than two hundred graduates of tn Catholic University, fifty-one of whom were Sisters, received degrees at the thirty-first commencement of the in- stitution on June 16. A doctorate in philosophy was conferred on Sister M. Hanotaux's presence here as th Mary Louis, of the Sisters of St. official representative of the French Joseph, Concordia, Kan., and on Sister government; the conversations thattMary Gonzaga, of the Poor' Hand- followed on the subject of the esump-lmaids of Christ, Fort Wayne,' Ind. tion, and the appointment of a French ]Among the lay graduates was Paschal charge d'affaires after M. Hanotaux'slSherman, a full-b'.ood Indian of Oka- depa%ure, have committed France tonogan, Wash., upon whom was con- the policy of renewing the former re-lferred the deg'ee of Doctor of Phil- lations. But many obstacles must be ;osophy. He is believed to be the first overcome before the formal inter- member of his race to win this de- change o representatives can take gree. place. Senator Walsh's Address. Religious Status. U.S. Senator "David I. Walsh of Taking into account only the affairs Massachusetts delivered the principal of France, there is, for instance, the address to the graduates. In addition question of the religious status there. It o the professors and students of the ,, ,, umvermty there was a large umbe The lay state was called into ex- " "  " istcnce by' the act of separation fif-lof visitors at the commencement ex- I)0(ITOR IUTLER teen years ago, and if there is insist-lercises, which were held in the new TAKEN TO TASK ence that the formula be preseed'ffymnasium. • ] it need no be destroyed so long as Mad Rush for Gold. "lay state" is not interpreted to mean "Communism, bolshevism, socialism, "anti-religious state," as it was by its syndicalism and all the other cree(i originators, Combes and Company. of kindred species would collapse over- Schools Impede. night were it not for the false dec- The French schools represent addi- trines and powerful forces of greed tional impediments in the path o and selfishness that permeate the reconciliation between France and the great business and educational world Holy See. There are intricacies also in the mad rush for gold," Senator in the questions of the priests, relig- Walsh said. ious orders and the tenure of ecclesi- Shun False Teachiitgs, astical property. At the root of all "Shun as you would a hissing ser- these problems is the absolute inns- 'ent the false teachings of the revolu- pendence of the church, tionist and the money worshipper," Holy Places. he continued. "Avoid both camps o The restoration of relations on the destructive and faulty philosophy. official side can come only after recon- Your Christian education and Chris- cilcment of divergent views. Formu- tian ideals alone will lead you into the las must be found regurdlng Catholic neutral, truly patriotic and sincerely interests abroad, wherein France was humanitarian group that axe seeking' pre-eminent before the great war to steady society. shattered old regimes. The Holy Human Before Private. places, for example, are among the "A country and a w'ld organized most important of these interests, on Christian principles is what your There are, in fact, a thousand deh-university is striving to uphold. Here cute matters for adjustment in con- you have been taught to recognize the nection with the renewal of relations, necessity for a strong constitutional That all these problems will be met government resting on liberty, ira- with satisfactory lutions seems quite rnity, equality and justice, and your certain, but the .task cannot be corn- University has always encouraged and pleted in five minutes, easy as go supported our government as the era- will on both sides has made the agree- bodiment of such. Your education ment in principle, here has regarded human rights be- Official Representation. fore private interests and declared Last of all comes the question of with splendid vision that no man's the representation itself. His Holi- labor is a commodity exploitable by ness is reported to have said to M. others. Your university shall always Hanotaux that France had sent him stand, I feel sure, for a geve rnment (the Pope) two things that gave him 'deriving its consent from the" gov- the greatest pleasure--an official rap- erned' and 'dedicated to the.proposi- resentative and M. Hanotaux. It is lion that all men are created equal.'" not surprising, therefore, to learn that Bishop Shahan Announce Gifts. M. Hanotaux may be the permanent The Right Ray. Thomas J. Shahan, representative of his eountry at the D: D., rector of the university, an- Vatican. It is not yet clear who will nounced that donations, totaling represent the Holy See in France, more than $70,000 had been 'reeeived though it is still regarded as likely during'the year, and that two private that'to inaugurate relations Rome will collections of valuable books had been send its most distinguished man in given to the library. The enr'oUment that fleld--Mgr. Cerettl. for 1919-2(}, Bishop Shahan said, was No little comment was inspired by the largest i the history of the uni- the profound interest, if not devotion, Versity, but would be greatly exceed- with which the delegation of French ed during the coming year. DeBaCles and Senators fdllowed the Of the 201 degrees conferred'by the ceremonies in St. Peter's en the day university proper, sixty-nine were in PRIEST DESCENDANT OF of Joan of Arc's canonization. The sacred sciences, nine in civil law, WASHINGTON GIVEN PARISH solemnity of what they saw on the great altar unquestionably impressed thirty-two in philosophy, twelve in let- ters and twenty-eight in science: (B N. C. W. C. News Service.) and awed them. Forty-our graduates of the Sisters' Emmitsburg, Md., June 21.--Ray French Edified. College receied the degree Bacheloi Father Richard B. Washington, great- When the canon of the mass was of Arts, eight Bachelor of Music and grandnephew ef General Washington, reached, the Holy Father himself was two Doctor of Philosoihy. and great-granldson of John Wash- at the altar. In the Papal mass the ington, brother of the first President Holy Father, at the elevation of. the CATHOLIC GRADUATES has been assigned to a parish in R!ch- ttost, turns slowlyfrom right to left. mend, Va., the State which was the lit is a solemn moment. But et this FROM WEST POINT home of his many distinguished an point not a head in the French deIe- cestors. Father Washington was or, [ gation but was bowed. One pries (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) 's oI e here who happened to be sttmg m the dained at Mt. St. Mary. C leg I . ' • " " West .Point, N. Y,, June 21.Catho- on June 15. same tribune with the French Sena- lics of the graduating class of 1920 tors and Deputies, declared that again at Wes Point received Holy Com- ..... and again in the course of the magnifi- reunion, in a body at a special mass lic action in regard to the Holy Lancl. cent .eeremenies had he been edified, which was attended by ene hundred will be the Intern.arterial Catholic but never more than at that moment and twenty Catholic members of the Palestine Congress, whlch will be hela --and by the French Parliament. student body here, 'The Right. Rev. Prevailing in Palestine. at Einsiedeln from July 12 to 16 next. : blames much of this on If the Congress is poperly and strong- AFFLICTIONS. ' .hi siastie utterances of ly SUplrted, it will be able to evolve, .'-7-" . . of New What are afflmtmns, ff rgorous ork. a united of Catholic action, which " eh Congress. [is apparently lacking at present. Fortly borne, but the raw ma.terial out ha ever steps the Holy I all the cards seem to be in the hands I of which we can weave . the royal in the way. of diplo-lof the Jewish Correspondence Bureau,[garment that we shall deservv to on, the strongest which is conducting the Zionist pro-lwear in Heaven at the banquet of medmm for Catho- paganda, the great King.-Cardinal. Gibbons. George T. Wgring, vicar.general and chancellor of the army and navy ad- dressed the graduates; urging them as a matter of honor to practice their holy religion' to frequent the sacra- radars, to bring up their families re- ligiously and to practice faithfully the virtues taught them in their college days. ,/., * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BISHOP'S KINDNESS ,' * *' TO CHURCH BEGGAR * * BRINGS BIG GIFT * * (By N. C. W. C. News Service) * * London, June 14.The Bishop * * of Nottingham, Mgr. Dunn, re- * * laces an incident connected with * * aw act of generosity performed * * by himself a year ago. The * * Bishop, noticing that a limbless * * beggar used to sit soliciting aims * * outside the Cathedral, gave ord- * *ers to have a part of the perman- * * eat wall pulled down, and a small * * shelter made for the mendicant. * * This act became widely known. * * What followed is told by the * * Bishop himself. "Until the end of 6 * the year we had been looking for- * * ward.with dread to the possibility * * of there being a large deficit on * * the Ecclesiastical Education * * Fund at the end of the financial * * year. Then a tota . stranger * wrote to us from London saying * * l;hat as a mark of his apprecia- * * tion of our kindness in providing * * a shelter for the crippled beggar, * *'he begged us to accept from him * * check for 500 pounds to be de * * voted to whatever purposegen- * * eral or otherwise---we might se- * * leer." ******¢************ THE TRAGEDY OF CHRISTIANITY BLINDLY AND UNKNOWINGLY THE METHODIST AND PRES- BYTERIANS HAVE LIGHTED THE TORCH OF BIGORTY. News Letter from l-oesant Friends of Ireland. New York, June 23.The month of May has been a very active one in the organization. It has been a month of conferences and conventions of many of the Protestant Churches. In Des Moines, Ia., the Methodist Church, in its National Conference, went out of its way .to show that un- der the guise of a religious organiza- tion is is potentially a political machine. It was surprising to hear from the Methodist preachers in Des Moines that they considered them- selves competent and qualified in the name of the Divine Master whom they Supposedly serve to urge upon the American people that we use our influence to keep four million white people in bondage. There has always been a strong sus- uicion in this country that organized Protestantism was interested in more than the preaching of the gospel. We have had no outward evidence, how- ever, of any organized church body injecting itself officially into politics until a Conference of Methodist Min- isters assembled in Des IKoines dur- ing the month Of May, solemnly pass- ed a resoluton condemning the cause of freedom for the Irish people. The "No Popery" cry is being rais- ed again in America. Behind this propaganda is seen doing what is the most sinister thing that it has ever attempted to do in America. To maintain its strangle-hold on her ill- gotten Empire and by diverting dis- cussion to other issues, England is trying to do in America, what she has so skillfully done in Egypt, India and Ireland, arouse religious antagonism where none normally exists. The tragedy of this Methodist reso- lution is not the effedt on the cause of Irish freedom, but its effect and the internal life of American people• Blindly and unlowingly, the Meth- odists and later the Presbyterians in their Synod at Philadelphia, have lighted the torch of bigotry that de- cent Americans had thought once and for all extinguished and which cer- tainly the Great War should have made the rekindllng oz forever im- possible. If Methodists desire to function as Methodists at the Polls of the United States, let us all be aware of the fact. We are not protagonists for the.Roman Catholic Chinch. Our organization is distinctly one that has no affiliation or relation with the Roman Catholic Chuh or its hier- archy. We would fight Roman Cath- olic political control as quickly as we WILL' fight Methodist or Presby- terian control of bur polit:ical affairs. The .significant thing however, is this; that ufortunately Christianity in America is in a sad stae of affairs. Less than one-third of the entire population have any church affilia- tions. Actions like that of the Moth- odists 'and Presbyterians will further (Continued on page 6) BRITISH PROPAGANDA SHOWS ITS DIRTY FACE TO THE STATE DEPARTMENT WITH VILE PRO- TESTS. Archbishop Mannix Austrahan Metropolitan Hounded by British Agents Under Leadership of Marcellus Parsous, a Supersensi- tive American--British Citizen. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, D. C., June 19.Eaxly this week the State Department re- ceived a trieRs'am from Marcellus Parsons and other passengers of the steamer Ventura, en rout, from Aus- tralia to San Francisco, protesting against the alleged discourtesy to the American national anthem by Arch- bishop Mannix of Austra!ia, who was a passenger • on the same vessel. Pro-British Work. The protest was made the basis o articles in the New York ,secular papers. It now appears that the ef- forts to discredit Archbishop Mannix previous to his arrival in America were inspired by pro-British sym- pathy and are probably the work of pro-Britlsh agents. L<mkiug for Trouble. Members of the Mannlx party have declared that they learned, shortly after the ship had sailed, that there were British agents aboard who were determined to make trouble for the distinguished prelate. According to members of the Arch- bishop's staff, the only basis for Par- sons' protest was the refusal of the Archbishop to stand when the band played the British national anthem and his refusal later to rise, upon the insistance of a Britisher; when the band, unknown to Archbishop Mannix, as playing the "Star Spangled Ban- ner." No Slight Intended. That Archbishop Manni was nevc. disposed to slight the flag is shown by his rdiogram to the Vicar Gen. eral of San Francisco, sent from the Ventura before his arrival, which says: "I eagerly await my first oppor- tunity to greet the American flag on American soil." On his arrival in San Francisco, Archbishop Mannix, who was met by the acting mayor, members of the board of supervisors, distinguished clergymen and a citizens' comnittee of one hundred, said: Loves a Free Land. "No Irishman could set foofi om American soil without feeling hs soul thrilled at all America has done for Ireland. No man could come to America at the present moment with, out feeling that he was coming to that country whence in the great crisis of the world's history came the sons of America who fought for the free- dom of the .world and for the freedom of the little nations and that democ- racy might be safe for all time and war ended forever," Parsons Unsuccessful. Among at least one group of gov- ernment officials, the animus of the Psons# telegrar signatories and their purpose in urging, as they did unsuccessfully, that Archbishop Man- nix be ecluded from this country, were suspected from the start. In- specter White of San Francisco did not pay the slightest heed to those who tried to embarrass the distin- guished guest of America and it is understood that both the State De- partment and the Department of lra- migratio'n, to which the Parsons' pro- test was transmitted, consider the in- cident as closed. Meanwhile Archbishop Mannix who left San Francisco after a thoroughly enjoyable stay of nearly a week. is speaking to large audiences in differ- ent cities of the United States and is being accorded receptions that amomt to veritable triumphs. WILL POWER. Some things are so serious that we say we cannot allow them to go on any longer; and that it is amazing what the power of our wills can do. Now here is a very serious matte-- God being so little loved. Can we look on this with indiffexmce? Father Faber. • ; 'i: