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June 25, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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June 25, 1982

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THE GUARDIAN, JUNE 25, 1982 PAGE 5 By Neil Parent KNOW YOUR FAITH Sponsored By Arkansas State Council Knights of Columbus MANY of us, our first to the Islamic faith the tumultous :that engulfed Iran in i years, particularly the of the late shah and of the American ' in Tehran. those events were .ially political, they without significant aus overtones. For Iranian Islamic had been protesting considered the Ising, harmful in- of Western culture in t. This, they felt, 'mbotized in a large the growing U.S. their country. we -watched the in Iran unfold night bEM FOODS URY PRODUCTS It From Food S tm'e You Asked ! North Little Rock Smith Funeral Home )TIONAL JRVIVORS? her widely-read books ying, noted Dr. Elisabeth discusses perplexing aspects of with terminal the point of of the patient, the professionals and aaailies involved. indicate that of denial, anger, depression, acceptance of death Common to most ter- ill patients. of these stages are non, too, with the of the ased. Survivors, too, experience a denial of leath of a loved one. 'may also experience depression, and acceptance...and rebuilding the of family life the deceased. and friends all and find strength Communicating and each other's strong thus making the less difficult information on to cope with these stop by for gested reading P21 MAIN STREET, [ LITTLE ROCK, ARK. I 758-1170 Are the People of Islam? after night on our TV screens, we may have developed a highly distorted and unfair impression of the Islamic faith as a whole. For not only did the events of that time develop in a highly-charged political atmosphere, but many Moslems in Iran represent a sect which is outside Islam's orthodox mainstream. pilgrimage offers support to the community of believers and contributes to the ex- change of ideas. There also is a strain of meditation and contemplative prayer within Islam, as in all the world's great religions. In recent years, more and more people in the West have come to discover the riches of the Islamic Sufi masters who have perfected their methods of meditation and achieved great spiritual insight. AS A religion, Islam -- the religion of the Moslems -- embodies much that would be genuinely inspirational and significant to both Christians and Jews, particularly in its prayer and meditation. The Arabic word, "Islam," means "surrender to the will of God." Allah -- the designation for God in the Koran, Islam's holy book -- is considered by Moslems to be the same God as the God of the Old Testament and the God of Jesus. Though not seen as divine, Moslems consider Jesus one of the great prophets. The Koran invokes five major obligations for Moslems -- for those people who have surrendered to the will of God. The obligations are often referred to as the five pillars of Islamic faith. developed leadership class which serves its millions of members throughout the world. Islam is a faith rich in history and spiritual treasures. Like Christianity, it is the religion of hundreds of millions of people in many cultures -- in Africa, in the Near East, in Asia. In those parts of the world, Christians and Moslems are neighbors. declare acceptance of God -either on a voluntary basis or BUT AS the world grows and recognize Mohammed as through tithing. In any case, smaller, Christians and the last and greatest prophet charity is viewed as a form of ISLAM llAS contributed Moslems find themselves sent by God. It was purification, much to the world of art and near neighbors in the West, as Mohammed who received the architecture. Beautiful well. The need for un- revelations that comprise the Koran and who founded the 4. - FASTING. Moslems mosques (literally, places to derstanding and com- Islamic faith. Moslems, like fast during the entire month prostrate oneself before God), municationincreases. Christians and Jews, believe of Ramadan, the ninth month like the great cathedrals of It is a question of getting, to their holy book is of divine of the Mohammedan year. As Europe, help raise the know the people of Islam -- origin, revealing God's in- in Jewish or Christian fasting, thoughts of faithful Moslems one of the world's great ten,ions for humankind. Moslems see this time as one to the sublime nature of God. religious expressions. It is a of repentance and of drawing The Taj Mahai is perhaps the question of getting to know a 2. -- Prayer. Moslems have close to God. The Koran also most noted and stunning people who worship the one a steadfast devotion to recommends voluntary example of Mosque ar- God, but who often seem like prayer. Five times a day, at fasting during other times of chitecture, totalstrangers tothe peopleof dawn, noon, late afternoon, the year for the expiation of Though Islam has no theWest. sunset and after nightfall, sin. priesthood or sacramental : Moslems throughout the system, it does have a well- cc 1982 NC News Service world face Mecca (the bir- 5. -- The final pillar of thplace of Mohammed) and Islamic faith is a pilgrimage ................... to Mecca. The faithfulare DANCE DANCE DANCE engage in a set form of enjoined to make a - - prayer. Private prayer at other times also is en- pilgrimage to Mecca once couraged, during their lifetime if they possess the financial means. 3. -- Almsgiving. Moslems Besides being a personal l.- BELIEF. Moslems give alms -- gifts for the poor- religious event, the Mark's Gospel Holds Many Conflict .Stories By Father John J. Castelot was the first or greatest of the his hearers. THERE IS a succession of conflict stories in Chapter 12 of Mark's Gospel. It heightens the impression of impending doom. But the attempts of the adversaries of Jesus to trick him into making a self- incriminating remark only backfire. First, there is a question. Is it lawful to pay taxes to the emperor? commandments was merely academic. But the scribes liked academic questions. The incident itself proceeds amicably. The scribe asks the question out of admiration for Jesus' astuteness. THEN, THE scribe com- pliments Jesus on his answer. Ultimately, Jesus also pays his questioner a high com- pliment: "You are not far from the reign of God." This reign is the working out of God's saving love. One opens one's heart to it by loving, by taking to heart Jesus' assessment of the two great commandments: "There is no other com- mandment greater than these." Jesus himself now takes the initiative by posing a problem suggested by the wording of Psalm 110: "The Lord said to my Lord: Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool." TIlE REAL question which now emerges from the discussion is not: "Is the Messiah David's son?" Rather, "In what sense is he his son?" It is a question designed to lead to an acknowledgement of Jesus' true identity. He is the Messiah, yes, and the son of David, but in a sense far surpassing the expectations of As the hour of Jesus' passion grows near, the conflict with some religious leaders increases in intensity. Mark is careful to point out, however, that Jesus' quarrel was not with the Jewish people, of whom he was one, but with some of their leaders. He takes those leaders to task for using religion as a pretext for building up their own egos. REPREHENSIBLE as this is, even worse is the fact that they "devour the savings of widows" and take advantage of the already disadvantaged. Mention of widows reminds Mark of a story about sincere piety. Jesus sees the people dropping money into the collection boxes in the temple area. The wealthy are making sizeable contributions, easily, casually. Not so easily or casually, a poor widow deposits two little coins hardly worth anything. Jesus hastens to point out that, by contrast, her offering is of more value than those Of the rich. They had given what they'll never miss; she has given "from her want, all that she had to live on." SHE ltAS given her life, abandoned herself completely and trustingly to the care of her heavenly father. c 1982 NC News Service Restaurant, Deli and Con- cession Equipment: Ice Machines, Dishwashers, Ranges, Refrigerators, Ice Cream, Slush and Popcorn Machines. AIMCO WHOLESALE 2315 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock Phone 372-0506 or 1-800-482-9026 JESUS' well-known answer is: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, but give to God what is God's." What was of supreme importance was that people give God his due. The clear implication was that they were in arrears on this score. Now, he receives a question about the resurrection from some Sadducees. He con- founds them by pointing out that their denial of a resurrection betrays an ignorance of both Scripture and of the power of God. The next dialogue is oc- casioned by a scribe's question about "the first of all the commandments." But this one is not really a conflict story. TilE SCRIBE asked, "Which is the first of all the commandments?" The response of Jesus links love for God and love for neighbor. While they are never ex- plicitly linked in the Old Testament, each of them is clearly stated there. The people would have agreed on the primacy of these two. The discussion about which Try the COWIE WINE St. Anne's Church Hall Remount & Camp Robinson Road North Little Rock  00turday, June. 26 8.00 P.M. - 12.00 Music by: Steve Pruss & Kingsmen $8.00 Couple Dance on 4th Saturday of each month. Sir Lciu00 STEAK H(XISE and AARON ROSS RED COAT TAVERN Owner YES l WE'RE THE ONLY STEAK HOUSE THAT HAS SHRIMP ON THE SALAD BAR! Three blocks west of the North Little Rock Holiday Inn. 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