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June 24, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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June 24, 1990

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3 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC JUNE 24, 1990 from page 2 :peace and from public housing to capital punishment. And it's not enough to simply accept all this on blind faith. Another basic tenet of Catholic doctrine is that indi= i Viduals have to give their free, un-co- Creed assent to their beliefs or else their faith isn't genuine. That leaves most of us in some de- sponds to you in gree of difficulty. There surely are a way that lets Catholics who have come to the place you know you Where they can whole-heartedly say they have touched ih0nestly agree 100 percent with every- them. ithing the Church teaches, but in all Sometimes I honesty I'd have to say I don't know this communica- I y. , fion becomes an I In fact I d have to say the only Catho- unforgettable |lies I actually know personally are to moment. Antoinette Bosco of the very nice things about being a writer is that now and then someone re- [:SOme degree cafeteria Catholics. Most f em would like to believe everything ] |ithey ve been taught but for one reason !!r another they just haven't reached ] that goal yet. And thank goodness the ] ( hurch has room for those of us who [ haven't yet reached perfection. That s not to say it doesn t matter that have Serious doubts about one or ra0re tenets of the faith. It's only to say that until we have all reached the level Recently I got Anxiety about women a letter from an 85-year-old woman in a nursing home. She was not responding to anything in particular I had written. She just wanted to join her voice with mine in the only way she could - with her written words. She is deaf. Her letter ended with the lines, "My days in here are all about the same. Can't use hearing aids. Can't listen to ]f full-fledged sainthood it's inevitable television or radio. So I scribble, that we're going to have some doubts scribble and read. land even some outright disagreements Well, she may call what she does I Mth Church teaching, scribbling, but fortunately for me she ] The fact is the only Catholics who had included some of her written laren't cafeteria Catholics are the saints thoughts with the letter. One sheet was 'and they're generally not the kind to rifled "What I Miss By Being Deaf." 0int fingers at other Catholics. It OUld probably be good for all of Us to Listen to what she wrote: The voices of our dear friends, cheer- copying them rather than cririciz- ful, sweet, comforting when we need other Catholics. them most of all |'out| iIts t' tnOKOKb:ostand inj dgmentaCafetermuCathlic .The song of the birds early in the spring and the church bells as they ring 0ther Catholics, either. The voice of a small child with all its Copyright 1990 Ivan Kauffman innocence and guilelessness Rev. John Dietzen am a life-long Catholic. My fian- :e is Presbyterian. We decided to ~a~y in her [ We live in two atantly sepa- ted cities and He will be at our wedding even if it is not held in a church. Can a dispensation from form be obtained in this situation? A dispensation from the Catholic form of marriage may be petitioned in a situation such as yours. I'm not sure from your letter that you are pursuing your preparations for marriage in counsel with a Catholic ~ItVe attended e Catholic priest. Belbrc. a dispensation from form is granted, all usual preparation pro- g a g e d grams required by the diocese must be ?ples Encoun- completed, the same as if the marriage were to take place before a priest in IThe minister the Catholic Church. E her church You indicate thathave made you an not marry us Engaged Encounter, so perhaps you are L eaa we go through counseling ses- already in contact with your own local week nights which is impos- p-astor. If not, contact him right away, for us to arrange. He will not explain your situation and follow his our Engaged Encounter as a advice in the rest of the preparations titute. Disappointed with CASA LVtVe finally found a minister who will us without counseling sessions, a place for the wedding that meets budget requirements. L Ve believe that God is present ' rever He is called upon and that for your wedding. (A free brochure answering questions many ask about Ma y, the Mother of Jesus, is available by sending a stamped self-ad- dressed envelope to Fr. Dietzen, Holy Trinity Parish, Bloomington, IL, 61701.) Cop ght t99o The purr of our cat, the bark of our dog, the bleat of a lamb, the neigh of a horse, the low of the cattle at the end of the day The raindrops on the roof The song of a sweet voice, the music of an orchestra In traffic, the toot of a horn to tell us a new day is born But most of all the words that say - I love you. I had never taken the time to try to understand what it must feel like to be deaf. That may be because I have al- ways:been afraid that this would be my fate one day. I grew up with ear trouble and never passed an ear test in my life. Rather than wondering what it might be like to live in a world without sound, I used my energy to develop my powers Imagine not being able to hear my grandson say "I love youe" of concentration keenly enough to camouflage any hint of being a bit hard of hearing. But when this letter came to me, my defenses faded and I read the woman's words with my heart. I felt her loss. Imagine not being able to hear my grandson say q love you," of never again to hear the cardinal in flashy red that comes to my window every morning to wake me with his chirping, or being shut out of the glorious sound of my daughter singing "Carmen." I was overwhelmed then in a surge of wonder at the goodness of the Creator who gave us the gift of sound and the ears to hear it. I could not believe that years had gone by since I had thanked the Lord specifically for my ears. True, I thank him daily for my blessings but I tend, I guess like most others, to take the most important things for granted. We simply expect we should have our eyes and ears and stomach and legs and hands, etc. I haven't suffered the loss this woman has had to endure, and I'm thanking God aloud, in awe at the sound of my own voice, for his gift that I have long taken for granted. Copyright 1990 CNS Dear Editor:. I must admit that I am highly disap- pointed with the way the pledges for the Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal (CASA) were reported. Publishing "percent of goal" and "top ten parishes" are reminiscent more of a televangelist scheme. If the donations are truly gifts, the amounts should remain anonymous. When people give personal gifts, they do not leave the price tags on so the recipient can publicly announce the cost. The fact that some parishes cannot give as much as others should not be considered reprehensible. Some churches hawr previous financial com- mitments such as building programs, and others are simply already giving as much as they possibly can. I wouhl hope that in the future such campaigns could be carried out with more tact. Kathleen Roy Little Rock Dear Editor:. Whenever I hear or see anxiety concern- ing the involvement of women in the Church, I experience several recollections. I recall that: God chose a woman as the human instru- ment for the conception of the Redeemer by the Holy Spirit. Her name was Mary, the Mother of God. ...the first ciborium was a woman, Mary, the Mother of Jesus. ...the first spiritual communion consisted of the Blessed Virgin Mary offering Jesus to the world at the moment of His birth. ...the first evangelizer of an entire town was the woman at the well. ...Jesus permitted a woman to pour perfume on His head in a public gathering. ... ring the entrance to the second Mass, the Way of the Cross, Jesus stopped to speak to the weeping women of Jerusalem. ...during that same entrance Jesus ac- cepted the gracious gesture of Veronica wiping blood and sweat from His face. the second Mass, the Crucifixion on Mt. Calvary, three women were in the sane, mary at the foot of the cross. They were Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the faithful follower of Jesus, and Mary the wife of Clopas. the Crucifixion, Jesus entrusted His mother to St. John. ...after His Resurrection Jesus appeared first to a woman, Mary Magdalene. ...Mary and other women with the Apostles prayerfully awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit in the upper room. ...St. Paul appreciated the works of Dea- coness Phoebe and held her in high esteem. ...SL Paul sent greetings to two of his fellow workers - two women - Prisca and Aquila - who had risked their lives for him and had assisted him in his evangelization of the Gentiles. ...participants at Masses in the catacombs, both men and women, took home the Eucharist for distribution to other members of the family who were unable to be pres- ent. ...there were varied roles of deaconesses in the Church prior to the 12th century. ...St. Catherine of Sienna counseled popes, and in turn popes heeded her ad- vice. In view of these realities, can we say that the mind of God is adverse to the involve- ment of women in the Church? What will be the reactions to the second draft of the bishops' document on the role of women in the Church? Charles J. Sippel Cherokee V'dlage