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June 24, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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June 24, 1911

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! THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PaKe aew. I DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART ITS DOCTRINAL BASIS. The Feast of the Sacred Heart c/ Jesus falls within the month of June, and hy the conunon consent of the faithful tiffs naonth--June of the roses--is consecrated in a special way to the beautiful devotion of the Sacred Heart. Of late years devotion to the Sacred Heart has become world-wide; wher- ever a Catholic heart beats, there this devotion flourishes, especially under the form of the nine first Fridays. ]t is well, therefore, that all "Cath- olics should have an intelligent corn- pr\\;'-nsion of this devotion, of tile dorY '.ne which underlies it and in which it is rooted. The ultimate object of all devotion is the Godhead--the one God in three Divine Persons. The channel of the Church's liturgy leads finally to this infinite ocean. The ultimate object and end of all feasts in honor of .leans Christ ;s to honor the Person of the Eternal \\;Vord. Now, though the Perso.a of the Eternal \\;Vord may be the conunon end to which all devotion in honor of Our Dear Lord tends, yet each feast day, each devotion may t, ave its own particular object. The direct object of devotion to the Sacred t-[cart is the material tleart of Jesus Christ, the very l'mut Swings |IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Arc only appreciated when they are made for service and comfort. Do not accept the statement that a cheap swing is the one to bny for it will bring you disappointment in a very short time. Call and have our sales- man denaonstrate the merit of our swing. You will find just the size yon want, and the price will please you. Do nat overlook our family swing. .llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll A r. Carpet & Furniture Co. The House That Quality Built. Phone 573 Sixth and Main. of flesh, the real, living, ,)alpitating heart of Our Saviour--the hear' which beat in his l)osom at the Incar- nation, which poured forth its rmldy tide on Calvary's hill, the heart wlfich is glorified now in heaven-- the Heart ever inseparably united to the l'erson of the Eternal Word. For this we have the attthority of the Chnrch. We ,read in 'the Bull "Auctorem fidel." "The Sacred Heart of Jesus is t' be adored with supreme worslfip, :,s it is the Heart of Jesus; that is to say, the Heart of the Person of the Ete:'- nal Word, to whom it is inseparably united." "The real, l)hysical heart of Jesus is the material or sensible object of this devotion. "And this Heart. containing, as it does, the fulness of the Divine and humau nature, nnited, as it is, with the Person of the Eter- nal World, is worthy of infinite praise, adoration and love." But besides this sensihle ohject -f the devotion there is another called the spiritual object. This is th in- linite love of our Lord, and the real heart is the symbol of this love. Pope Pitts VI, in his letter to Scipio de Rici, dated June 3o, I78I, says "The substance of the devotim to the Sacred Heart of Jesus consists in calling to mind and in venerating the unlmunded charity and excessive love of our 1)ivine Redeemer nndcr the symbol of His Heart." Plus IX, in extending the Feast ()f the Sacred tteart, to the whole Church, declared that he did so be- cause "he wished to give fresh in- citement to the faithful to h)vc, and to make return of love, and en,brace His wounded Heart who loved us and washed ns from our sins in His blood." The proof and evidence of this "ex- cessive love" of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are made manifest in three mys- teries, especially in the Incarnation, in the Passion and I)eath and in the Blessed Sacramnt. In order to grasp more fully th!s devotion it is necessary to go more deeply into the theology of the In- carnation. The Catholic Church teaches that there are two natures--the Divin." nature anti the htnnan nature--in the one adorable Person of Our Blessed Redeemer, Jesus Christ, the second Person of the most Holy Trinity. "In this one 1)erson the two va- tures exist unitedly uot separately audi without being confounded. The un- ion is real, indissoluble and eternal; but without regard to the ntanner in which it takes place, the ration is in- explicable and incomprehensibh.." The two natures exist, not sepa- rately, but unitedly; neither the one nor the other is exclusively in any part of His glorious body, bt, t the smallest part of the Sacred Person contains all His Divine and all [-{is human nature; hence the plentitude of the Godhead--the plentitudt of the Divinity exists in all anti in every part of the human frame and nature of Jesus Christ. Therefore, according to the rigid LOUIS KOERS ,,__,Carriages Studebaker. o,dTennessee auggtes _ . 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It is defined as of divine faith, that the sacred humanity of Christ is to be adored by the same supreme hour- age and worship as His divinity. We have seen that the divinity ex- ists in the whole and every part of the Sacred Humanity of Christ aud that in Christ there is no human per- sonality; therefore, when we adore the sacred humanity we adore the one person--that one person is Di- vine, the F.ternal Word of God. In adoring our Blessed Savior tt is un- lawful to separate, even by abstrac- tion in our minds, the Sacred Divin- ity from the Sacred Huntanity, for the union between both is indissolu- ble and eternal. After the Incarnation the Archan- gel Gal)riel adored the Sacred Ilu- inanity of Christ with the same su- preme worship which he paid to the Divine WordIthe Eternal Godhead-- before the Incarnation. The Blessed Virgin adored and loved the Incar- nate Word while yet shut up in her holy womb. When born, she heard the voice of the Ahnighty saying: "Adore Him all you Hi angels." (t's. xcvi. 7). She joined in this hom- age. How often she pressed to her heart the rosy, beautiful child whose gentle breathing hardly met her ear as He slumbered in her arms. Yet she knows He is the Onmipotent God by whom all things were made. He gently breathes--He is the God whose voice broke upon the silence of eternity. He is in her arms-- planets and systems revolve in His immensity. He advances, like any other child, "in age and wisdom"-- new ideas seen daily to flow upon His intellect--yet she adores the hid- den onmiscient God. The hyl)ostatic union renders the Sacred Humanity adorable, and evely part of it is equally worthy of the same supreme homage; the Sacred Heart, therefore, as containing the fulness of the Divine and human na- ture, is worthy of all love, praisel homage and adoration of men, the saints, the nine blessed choirs of blessed spirits in heaven and of the Virgin Mother beyond them all, for time attd eternity. We can kneel before the repre- sentation of this devotion--the burn- ing Heart, surmounted with a cross of suffering, and surrounded by flames of burning love. From this representation we can lift up our minds to heaven, where is the reality Ithe real, living and loving Heart of Jesus; or, without thinking of heaven, we can turn toward the tabernacle, containing the "Holy of Holies," the most Holy Eucharist, the adorable Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Here we have the same Sa- cred Heart that beat in Mary'# womb, that bled upon the cross, that is now glorified with the Sacred Hu- manity in heaven. Before this most adorable and Sacred Heart we can pour forth our soul in love and praise and adoration.The (Newark, N. J.) Monitor. THE RELIGIOUS WEEK IN ROME. Wednesday, May 3L--S. Petrouilla, virgin maryr. Of the Flavian impe rial house, she was named after her ancestor, Titus Flavius Petri, who came from the Sabine hills under Claudius and settled in Rome. Vespa- sjan, his grandson, became Emperor in 70. Vespasian's elder brother, Sa- I)intts, was Prefect. of Rome under Ne- ro. It was part of Iris duty to exam- ine and judge the people, so lie would know how many Christians, and it is thought he became one himself. Cer- . ,.isrex ro r,,s... 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Will be on : sale this week only. Yonr choice --m at ,, HALF THE REGULAR MARK- ED PRICE. In the sepulchral chanfl)er of St. l'etronilla in the catacombs of St. Domitilla there is the remainder of a painting dating from the fourth cen- tury, showiug St. Petronilla conduct- ing Veneranda into the garden of Paradise. Solemn High Mass in St. Peter's at 9 a. m. Monday, May aa.--Rogation Day. The three days preceding the Ascen- sion are consecrated to public prayers to implore the help of God through the intercession of His Saints. These SUl)plications were cstal)lishcd in the fifth century by St. Mamert, Bishop of Vieme, in France. Soon the cus- tont spread through the whole of France, and was eventually adopted by the Church Universal. The roga- tions took the form of the Stations. People attd clergy would asseml)le in a clmrch, whence the procession start- ed, singing psahns and the litanies of the saints until they arrived at the church designated, where the Holy Sacrilice was celebrated. On Monday the procession went from St. Hadrian's to St. Mary Ma- jor, on Tuesday from St. Francesca Romana to St. John Lateran, and on Wednesday from St. Lorenzo, in Da- maso, to St. Peter's, where, as at pres- ent, the election of the Camerlengo of the clergy took place. As since 87o the puhlic procession.' have ceased, they now take place inside the churches only. In St. Peter's at m, procession, fol- lowed by High Mass. Tuesday, May 23.--Rogation Day. Station in St. John Lateran, where the heads of St. l:'eter anti St. l?aul are exposed. St. Jolt:: Baptist I)e Rossi, confes- sor, died in t774 and was canonized in 88t by Leo Xlll. High Mass at to:3o iu St. Maria, in Cosmedan, of which chal)ter he was canon, and tainly it is known that his children and l grandchildrenwere Christians. Among! the latter was Flavia Domitilla, from i whom the burial place which the Fla- vian family had on the Via Ardeatina takes its nante. S. Petronilla found wherethc room in which he lived may her resting place here; her sarcopha-lbe visited. His remains rest nnder gns bore the inscription dedicated hylan altar dedicated to him in the her father: "Aureliae--Petronillae-- Trinita dei I'ellegrini. He spent the Filiae--Dulcissimae." She was con- ast few days in the adoining hosl)ice, verted and haptized by St. Peter and called herself his spiritual daughter. somehow it came to be thought htter that slte was St. Peter's real daughter, and under this supposition Pope Ste- phen 111 had the sarcoplaagus con- taining her ashes taken to the Vatican basilica and there deposited in the chapel dedicated to her. The mosaic over the altar, after the painting by Guercino, represents the sepulchre of the saint in presence of her betrothed. Before the altar a lamp is kept burn- ing by Catholic France. The Virgin named by tradition the spiritual daughter of St. Peter was naturally designated to be the. Protectress of the nation honored by the name of Eldest Daughter of the Church, and since King Pepin's time the lamp has I)ecn alight. The head is in the Chape! of Relies, enclosed in a preciols requilary, which was presented by the French pilgrints who came to Rome for the Episcopal Juhilee of Leo XIII. and the romu in which he died can be visited today. St. (Y!nilta, a Fiore,tine widow. She did in 3o and was the foundress of the Vallambrosian nuns. Blessed Crispin of Viterbo, Capu- chin, surnamed "The Joyous Saint." He died in 750. In the Capuchin Church of the Immaculate Conception on Veneto his body reposes under one of the side altars. In the adjoining :mmastery is the roont in which he ,lied. He was a memler ,:)f the arch- .confraternity in St. Nicola dei P,'e- fetti, where one of his vestments is today exposed. Missa Cantata at the .Caput:bins at m; at St. Nicola at 9. In St. Marcello al Corso is uncov- ered the miraculous crucifix which, after the great fire on May 23, SXO, was found intact with its lamp hurn- ins before it.--Rome. Patronize Southern Guardian Advertisers Some Interferences Wireless Opera- tors Cannot Overcome. Few are the steamer passengers who fil to visit the wireless office ahoard shi, to watch the operation of the instrnments and to question the operator. Needless to say, the techni- cal unde,'standing of the well-meaning visitors is a variable quantity. The operator must listen to wondering ex- clanmtion., originai suggestions for the improvement of the service, dis- courses on the relatious between wire- less telegraphy and spiritualism and other doubtful topics with uniform courtesy. At times, however the strain is too great. .It was a lady pas- senger with an eye for details who. same to the wweless room and looked wonderingly in. "Oh, here's the wireless! May I come in? Isn't it wonderful to think of sending those--timse waves--you call them waves, don't you? How fas- cinating to work at this! Are those jars filled with water?" ' 54 " ' Fho.;e are ccmdenser jars, ntadam, quite empty. "Really? I don't believe f could ever understand it. That coil of wire looks like a bird cage." "That is the indttctance helix." "What are those things over your ears?" "Then you have telephone counec- tion, to() One can hardly keep up with the times these days. What does that coil do?" "That is the receiving tuner and in- terference preventer." "Vonderful! Does it keep ont all interference?" Not all," replied the operator wear- ily. Some kinds of interference can't be tttrned out; we just have to stand it."Youth's Companiou. CHICKEN BONES FOR CHIL- DREN. Monday morning marketers learn- ed through a sign in the delicatessen store window that the proprietor had choice chicken bones for sale. "For soup?" someone asked. "No; babies," he said. "It is not easy to find a nutritious bone for the baby to gnaw. What he wants is .'t drumstick of a young, juicy fowl. It must be fresh and free from bang. Even the family that prides itself on setting a good table may buy a chicken whose drumstick is too old for the chihl. Every Saturday I cook wholesome celery-red roasters. Their bones, wheu stripped, attake excellent tooth sharpeners for the bal)ies, and any mother of a fretful brood can have them for next to nothing. " The Home Purchase Plan "Who ever heard of a man shouldering his gun to fight for his boarding house" ii The Equitable Life "Strongest in the World." Offers It's Home Purchase Plan To the Citizens of Little Rock (on00y) The Conditions Are Reasonable, Inquire About It. W. E. BILHEIMER, General Agent, State Bank Bllg. I i I tlllU I