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June 24, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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June 24, 1911

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/ Page Bix CIVIL RIGHTS 'OF PRIESTS. A1)out three week' ago in one of the eonnties or par:hes as they are called in Louisian- a negro killed two white men and ,ouuded a third. Fie surrendered to the proper officers of the law and aftc" pn impartial trial was convicted and semenced to death. Smle priests in C,++ neighborhood, moved by reasons not given in the newspapers, filed a j etition with the Board of Pardons fpr a pardon or conmmtation in thL ase. A l)et;tion was +then gotleu up 1.y the people of the parish, signed i,'., Ioo men and 2: women nearly all, if not all Catholics, and sent to Archbishop Benk of New Orleans, asking him to restrain those priests from any it trference in the matter of the convi,ied negro. In the excitement of the moment the petitioners forg.... all due respect to their Archbisho a'ld used language which no exl)lanation can excuse. Bishops and ArcllisoFs are fathers of the people as weil as of the priests and wonhl overlook mere impropri- ety, but they will not hrook down- right disrespect of their office and defiance of their a'.nhority. The billowing ex;acts of the pe- tition to Archhisho:) Blenk and his reply explain what happened: The Pc' tion. Several prie.sts in this part of the country (name ht,'e are omitted) have procured the ne'essary legal pa- pers and have filed an application to the 13oard of Pardon in an effort to obtain a pardon o, a, least a colnnln- tatlon of the sentence of this convict- ed nmrderer. They t ave gone s:> far as to engage the services of a lawyer lo handle and plead their cause be- fore the Board of Pa, dons at its next sesshm, contrary to the wishes of the law-ahidlng citizens and in op.+n ef- frontery to the hono-able judge and jury hefore whom his case appeared. We wish a statement from you to the public announcing to what ex- tent and degree these priests have your sanction to m,x up and drag Catholicism into jut..cial affa;rs of this nature. We wish to state mrther that the best of our Catholw people are dis- heartened, discouraged and disgust- ed with a reiglon which seeks politi- cal and jndicial trltlr, ph, even at the exl)ense of honor and truth and re- ligion. Right alon, tlfis line of thought we wouhl romild you of the recent religious his,,.ry of Frauce. Perhaps in this in,',::nce you will readily notice the early steps iu a pa',-allel case; the ia..( ones will un- douhtedly come m cue time :f the proper measures al P not taken to adjust the present situation. The Archbishop's Answer. New Orleans, Jane 9, )II. Dr. M. l.loudreaux and others Ar- naudville, La. : Dear Sirs: -- A document has reached me hy spedal delivery which apparently is a copy of a com- munication nmnerously signed and addressed to "Ar hbishop Blenk, New Orleans, I.a. 1 know of m, one authorized to retain the original of any paper purporting to bear the signatures of variou, parties and in- tended for me, and t, forward to me what may or may no, he a mere copy thereof. For this reasoa, and for the additional one that J am accorded no means of judging Ul..,n its face of the verity or good faith of this petition, I might justly hac passed the mat- te.- over withont pa ticatar notice. But as the form ;:, which this pa- per has come to me may have been the result of mere lack of considera- THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN tion or thought I h:-ve determined to "Right along thb, li::t of tho'.tght," respond, you say, "we would rc,'iqd you of the The matters dea;t ,itii in your ad- recent religious h!st,w,' of Fance. dress ;ire unknown to me, outside of l'erhaps in this i, st,nee you will and 1)eyond tile sta:.ments cont,qned readily notice the emly steps in a in said communicatt n. ]t cannot be parallel case; the m,'t ,rues will un- snl)posed that any of the signcrs of d(mhtedly conic in da:- tinle, if the your al)peal would expect me, even prol)-cr measures are not takeu to ad- had ] jurisdiction ,. the l)remises, to just the present,m." pass judgment over such a coutro- What, may ] ask, is tile meaning versy without due I.earmg given to of this? ls it meant hy the gentle- both sides. The priests named in men and ladies signing the address your (hlcunlent are v .:11 known to nie no.v uuder consideratiou, that, unless as good pastors aud xw, rthy ell;zeus, 1 intervene in this matter as they and as such they ,it, e..titled to the desire, they will undertake to deal fullest courtesy from me. with the Church in this State, or in But l have to atmcmnce that the their parish, as she is being for the affair presented autl discussed by you time dealt with in France? If so, does not come with v my jurisd;ction I beg to remind all concerned that as Archlfislaop of New Orleans. we are living in America, and that in The priests of mar diocese are un- this republic, which is truly free, the der my authority only m matters of mass of the people will see to it that religion and of O vrcb discipline, the Catholic Church is not here as- They are and rema free men and sailed and despoiled of her property American citizens .ntitled to exer- and her rights. cise, independent of me, all civil and You ask me to make puhlic nay political rights, opinion or stand in this matter. You Jf it is their holes, convicllon that are at lihcrty to publish this toni- the 1)arty iu whose fPvor you say mullicalion, together with the one to !they :,re intervenm,, i:; innocmt, or me from yourselves, and to which it that lie has not bee, fairly tr',l, or is a rcslmnse. ()n my part, 1 reserve that for any ,'eas,m e hould be ex- the right to pul)lish both (hJcumcnts, tcadcd some clemep y from the Par- if l deem it advisable so h) do. (hming ()ard, it is tieir privilege and In conclus)n, 1 have to say that I duty as good eitizer.- to assist 1,hn in entertain the hol)e that, after cahner reaching the highest and last consti- and deeper study, all who have sign- tuted authority in this State having ed tile conunuuicatiou with which 1 jurisdiction over hi c:i, se. TLe fact ant dealing, will conic to regret the that the applicant in this instance is tone and temper ill which tile address has heen prepared. a r egro shoul, I be of 1,-. consequence at all in the affair. (Ij, the contrary, \\;Vith expressions of my kindest re- the h)wliness and lmmble stand'ng of yards and 1)cst wishes to you all and to y(mr families, I remain, the one calliug for help in auy case sh.uld, with hrave ",ud generous Yours sincerely, hearts, strengthen, lath.r than weak- JAMF.S H. BLENK, en, his claim for assistnee. Archlfishop of New ()rlcaus. The law, for wi,.: ae.t hmnane rea- -- sons, has established i,. this Slate a PROOF OF THE PIETY OF THE I:'a:doning Board. "h":;e composing EARLY SETTLERS. said boa,-d are upright and honorable nlen. 1 understand that for each par- Many Commnuities in United States ticular case tile ,rim judge thereof Named After Saints of Church. must sit as a :pemuer. This body is Blessed Virgin Mary Sig- to he depended npot (or just de Jing, nally Honored. as well in this specml instance as in any of the other ut, me:ous affairs of During the clays of the A. P. A. in similar character w'deh are eon;tant- this country, when bigorty was ram- ly submitted to it. pant, it was the boast of Catholic ora- Why a number ok atholic m-n and tors on puhlic occasions that Cthalic- women should strenuoasly oppore the ity is indelihly connected with the bringing of any -. nflemned man's United States, historically and geo- cause to the Pardon,ng Board ,s past graphically. In this connection refer- my understanding, ence would be made to the principal .-.nd I fail to .e how the trial cities in the various parts of the coun- judge or jury iu any case of this try named after the saints, holy men kind should h.Jld tbem,mlves offeud- and women, whose lives of sanctity ed by the effort to bring a capital warranted the Church in elevating prosecution up to the highest and them, after death, to a place on her last authority for firal determination, altars. ()n the contrary it dos seem to me Usually it was the custom of such that the insult in this case is to the speakers to name a half dozen or Pardoning Board, since the l)etition such of the most prominent places am considering seems t, indicate fear thus honored, which was substantial upon the part of it," s:gners that in proof of the point made. In this cate- this cause that high beard may act gory the cities of St. Augustine, St. otherwise than honorMy and iustly. Joseph, St. Louis, St. Francis and St. Permit me to declare, after due de- Charles were usually quoted, says a liberation, that if tho signers of your writer in the Catholic Sun of Buffalo. peUtion affixed their names to the It must be borne in mind that the original with thought and delibera- places here referred to are not insig- tion they cannot be good Catholics. nificant. All are to he found "on the No well-disposed or well-informed map;" each is the name of a post- Ca:holic would adv',:;aly put his office; each has its Catholics Church name to a statement Ilcll as this: and priest. "The best of our Cathciic people.are It is only becoming that the Blessed disheartened, discour'gcd and dis- Mother of God nnder various titles gusted with a relia;cu which seeks should he honored in this regard, mlitical and judicial trmtnph even at though the reader may wonder if the exllense of honor and truth and .......................................................................................... religion." You close your address with a If it is -- Drugs, Soda or threat which reflect na credit upon f'-.__ the American citizenshir of those who lgars made it. WE HAVE IT $3.00 to $.5.00 a Tooth For Bridge Wolk Try us and be We save you money and guarantee our work. convinced. UNION PAINLESS 422t 424t Main Street, Corner Open Nights. DENTISTS J .ealey 0. A. Roth Fifth Street Only Chapel and Private Reception some other St. Mary Magdalen or St. Mary of Egypt, for instance, is not intended, where so many St. Marys appear. But this is hardly likely. {hider the assumption that it was the intention to honor the Mother of God, it is found that outside of Cali- fornia there ;ire twenty-two places in tile United Statcs named St. Mary to eighteen places bearing the name St. Joseph, the next highest in the list. The total numher of places in the United States named after saints is 263, thirty-seven of these being Span- ish names in California, Texas and New Mexico. ()lie place is named Sacred Heart, which is exclusive of the nmnber ahove given. This city is in Oklahoma. The cities bearing the name St. Mary are located as folh)ws. Two in Illinois, six in Indiana, three in Ohio two in Kentucky, one each in the States of Iowa, Kansas, Miss(tort, ginia, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Nehraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The places named after St. Josel)h ;ire located in these States: Four in Indiana, two in lowa, two in Minne- sota, two in New York, one in Ala- bama, l,ansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvanit, \\;:irginia and \\;'is- consill. There are nine places named after St. l'aul, two in Minnesota, one m lowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Ohio, ()regon, Montana. Eleven places are named after St. John, two in Indiana, three in Ken- tucky, one each in Arizona, North Da- kota, Vv'isconsin, Texas, Michigan, Oregon, with a St. John the Baptist in Louisiana. Seven places are named after St. James, two in Louisiana, two in Min- nesota, one iu lndiana, one in Michi- gau and one in New York. Seven places :ire also named after St. Anthony, two in lndiana, two in North Dakota, one in Iowa, Minne- sota and ()hiD. Six places ;ire named after St. Louis, four in Missouri, one each in Oregon and Kansas. Seven places are named after St. Peter, one each in Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Miunesota, Missouri and Ohio. Five 1)laces are named after St. Charles, two in Illinois, one in Min- nesota, one in Missouri and one in Nebraska. Five places are named after St. Thomas, the cities being in Indiana, Keutucky, Miunesota, Missouri and North Dakota. St. Patrick has tlve places named after him, in Indiana, Kansas, Minne- sot;,, Missouri and Ohio. St. Francis of Assist, not to mention San Francisco, Cal., has seven places uamed in his honor, two in Wiscon- sin, one each in Ohio, South Dakota, Maine, lllinois, Louisiana. St. l:ran- eis Xavier has a town named after him in Montana. St. George has four cities named after him, in Illinois, Louis:ana, Wis- cousin and Washington. St. Helena has three cities named after her, in California, Nebraska and North Carolina. St. Henry has five cities named ..:Z=I. +2122---.--S-Z-2=Z.XLTZ_.7,.7 .Z-2--7--27 ....... 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