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June 22, 1929     Arkansas Catholic
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June 22, 1929

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ad Strengthcns and __ "T]I i LITTLE ROCK, ARK., JUNE 22, 1929 C APATHY J] NOTICE GERMAH R[PARATIOH iS ELEVEH FLAG DAY CANI}NI CALUMNIES Jl [ DE[INffELY ESTABLISHED ! ZATION OF ] ESSAY WINNERS NUN wa0 FOUNDED D BY WRITER/] ~::ln~a~:nP::S:ile !~:w ~:Cs~:ol:: I DAWES PLAH i$ MODIF|E ARE CATHOLICS CONVENT PROPOSED n,, une iT knsweri_ , I, xn[eresung mesume or whom ~uestmn overecll , ~ " ~" w. w. ~ews ~ervice) ,[ umana, ~eo., oune l~. rrenm)- . "---" " "~ ~ - - ~ . . - Washin ~ ^ nary in u]r into ~ne re osal ~o !de,~ who charged, in the]/a.lkll~Ir~l~Plk~f~l~ .][| [ By the On the Lookout" Colummlst of the J 36 ~ton, June 14.---Eleven Of Jcanoniz qM her Mar,, PMPa~dalene ~au cri t ,, . . , . " guonaI cnampions garnered -, ~r-- p' that c vbohtqL01'ff1 12 lbP, I]1 J Boston Pdot, in a Letter to the Editor /her , for the finals of the First An-jSent vgi founder of the Poor ~1 ~ '~Y to answer (when - nual Nation Wide Fla Contest of Clare Convent in Omaha, will .open, ) at&~cks u n ~ne~r g t)- po "/ CHARITIES WILL I The stupendous task of the Corn-, of the German p~ople to continue/the United States Flag Asociation / June 16, before a tribunal eonsti- A. cC. t y, "/ ,,~,,= way ~.~wvmwwl mission on Reparations has been I their sacrifice and retarded that re-~ sponsored by the Hearst newsnaners'|tuted by the Rt. Rev. Joseph F. Rum- eel~ teCles thatin theuitesametheneWS-]con M~.JI IN 5UU-I fl" completed, and after seventeen..weeks I covery in German industrial and / are puplis of Catholic~ school"s. ~- A~' mel, Bishop of Omaha. ~_ q -[ I of continuous study of the ability of business hfe that would follow uponInumber of other regional champion~[ Mother Mary Magdalene, an Ital- ~ found Catholics singu-I [Germany to pay the Allied Govern-]the knowledge that Germany would]here are Catholics, but not pupils o~ fan noblewoman, came to this coun- ~a"' explaining, against mis- I New Orleans to Be Gathering Place [ ments, a plan has been arrived at I benefit by a recovery beyond a def- [ Catholic schools. | try half a century ago and d~d in ~,~, the real teaching and [ for Members--Program of Con- J that should prove satisfactory to all t [niLe point. Four of the ei ht finali t - J Evanston, Ill, 30 years ago .... [ g s s, select- " | , i parties ~oncerned. J From this contention of the Ger- |ed from among the 36 regional chain= Every step in the life of the reli- ~ae Church ference, to Include Varted ~g that h SubJects, Taking Shape 1 11 r e is unable to ac-[ " ~ " [ The problem that faced ~he ex-[man interests arose th~ Fixation of Jp'o s, are CathoL;c school pupils, gious will be scrutinized, ~t was an- this apathy, Mr McCarthy] [ perts on reparation was particularly ]the Period and the Debt. The Dawes [ The Catholic( school ,uuils among'] nounced, and it may be 20 years be- XPart Washington, June 17 For the " i ~ ' --- |difficult because of the complexity j Plan imposed in virtue of the index]the regional champions are. fore the record is filed with the !Y be that Cathilics have Ifirst time in its history the Nationa![ of the situation with which they were l of prosperity increasing annuities of I Joseph Connors of St John's Paro |PPe and canonization formally pro- ~.eel ~hat thero is no use [Conference of Cathohc Charmes win] confronted. For a time it seemedI which tho number was. not :fixed. I chial School, Pittston, Pa ; renresent [psed" with o mee~ m ~ne ~ou~n ~s annuat con- that the interest " ' " "- " " ~,~- r explaining things to J ........ ; .......... [ s of the varmus par-I The new program estabhshed a def- J ing the Second Region; Robert L Sul-i ' i ~ople I venuon wm ue nero m ~na~ om worm hes to the dzscusslons would defeat umber of f~xed annuxtms " I ." t may be that] .......... - ~ __ ] " . " " . ]in[re n " "" " livan of Cathedral High School, Syra- Natmnal Cathoh :shrug their shoulders[~atnnc cl~y oz ~ew ~r~eans ~rom[all attempts ~o armve a~ an agree-i The ability of the German]cuss, N. Y., representing the Fourth]~.~.~,~e,. ~,~,^] ,~C ]~1_. ~# read inconsequential and J~vemDer ~o ~o xa. [ment, but through the assiduous ef-I~eo~le to pay was an imuortant ]Re.ion: Edward Cnl .,~ o~ ao,.,oool~---~ ~..w...1 ,, -1 ~ ~ ..... lah~_ ,~ . . ~ogl~al comments or ques-[ The program of the Conference is]forts of the experts, ~erms were ar-lconsideration in the deliberations]Institute, Rochester, N. Y., represent-[ mgton Graduates Ten '- as those which appear in IgratmanY ~amng zorm. ~zzorts areJranged well within the ability of I of the experts. In their re- [ing the Fifth Region; Thomas P. De~. [ ~0adent,s letter which I Ibeing made to carry out the "pohcy] Germany to fulfill and quite satis-lports upon the economic condition [dock, of St. Joseph's Orphanage, of| Washington.~Ten oun worn ~nd, and that they s mply" Ir last year m" the cons~deratmn of[ factory at the same time to the cred-7 of Germany the experts say: "The "Ei[Pittsburgh'hth Pc,. representina~ the ,[were s-,.~,u,~u~'~"a .......... aaomY"-me gr~a~onalen ' what's the uso*' ipracucm wml topics, snorter papers] itor natives. German experts havo given the corn- [ g Region, and Peter A. Ospital | Catholic School of Social Servico at fesz this feeling often comes [and more group d~scussmns. [ One of the main objectives of th~ mitres complete information to the |of St. Mary's High School, Stockton, ]its annual commencement exercises ~ea I note the recurrenc~ of [ Under the Committee on Children ] representatives of Germany was the demands for foreign capital mad~ by |c;an~., representing the Sixteenth Re- held last Friday. Seven of the ~iwhich have been answered [two topics have been agreed upon Jestablishment of some definite sum German economy during recent [gion. [successful e..aiao o-....... ;h . , ............. ~ recmve{l ~no 0ttt to date, namely, ~ Facilities for 1 , : number and which are [ It be paid. Throughout tbo entire I years and as to th~ items which in [ Catherine Higgins of St. John s IMaster of Arts degree from the Cath- ~ed among intelli~ento ~neonleICathlic.- ,, Child-Carein Rural Dio-. ]discussion it was. the contention. . of i their opinion counteracted this. The School, Watertown, Mass., represent~ .'olic University of Amerind at ~ts e literature of controv-] -]Germany that with no hmlt set upon I German experts have also made ling the First Region; Mary C. Varn-[annual commencement Tuesday. Two tee on the Natronw~de Study of the amo n h r , ] " - " [ unt that Germa y had to statements befor~ the committee as J o n of St. Cathernie s Normal In- former students in the Service school . ~ ] CathohcChddren s Homes f bein~ ever read- as [ " [ "' I t !o " -[ " "- , ., pre entin I o completed their master s theses kl ~) pay, the sacrifices of the German to he resent stale of German m shtute, Baltm:ore Md re wh , L~ ~ 0', " " " " I ' ,~Pndeas ..... asserts, zo reply [ A sequel paper, to the one last]people, were of benefit to natmns dustry and agriculture, the general, the S~xth Regmn; ElaineE. .Con- idurmg the last year received the A. .saga[n ........... ]year on the experience of Cathohc [other than Germany. Consequently level of wages, the budgetary mtua-[way, of St. Agnes' School, Detroit, M de ee a~ this hme ~5 ~ne ~nurcn, BillS 1S ..... . . . - 1 . . gr ~ . ~(le, so ....... [agencies m deahng w~th desertmn [thxs vain sacrifice stifled the desire,(Continued on page 4.) JM ch., representing the Ninth Region; ,. _ zar as a nze-~me s / n" n u rt will " - n%" ~ , ........ Margaret Mary E~senmann, ol a ~ on-s ppo , De press ~ o. ~ora ~. Jonnson of St Gerard MaI '" has revealed it that I . . - Mead~flle, Pc.; Helen Ger~ude Far- 0~g ,... . ' . _ An ~ssue urgently seeking solu-Jlp]_.~ 1:7~ .... D_:_.. I~__ 'T'__.. L. N~[_.I.. ]ella School, San Antonio, Texas, rep- rell- of SanF " , " ~, -,y coreligionists. I ~. ._~ ............. .~ |/t'a~ 1-~O~y /t I./~q~ rr. ltttttt~ ~t~ xwvtu~ - ' ............ I ' ranc~sco, Cahf.; Cath- ~ulies were more reaay- ~o" uon m ways anu means o~ prowu-/ Won'" 1:5"~ l"~'~ .. .. _ . ..... j/resenung the ~'our~eenth Region;,I erine Colette Mangan, of Blakeley, '~0~ h- . . ing hospital care for persons of[ y UplI ot Assistant Editor Lupe I. Rivera of St Agnes Hi h ,_ ,'Sy h,.?w,ever' m a spirit oz moderat~ means. The Health Com-[ Ca hol; ~k^,~] g'~ ~lkA ]~ ......l~o.|School, Los Angeles, Calif, re~ iMm.n'; rata Fr ces O:Grady of To- ~ in one o~ expiana- ..~.,.~_ ^v +~.~ ~ ......... -u --..^ I a~. ~.~aa~ ~,i lss~ a.,v~ss~asoL/o^~+-_- .~_ ~.-. ..... : ~" : j ronco, wanaaa; mary Alice Riley, of b attentmn to this questmn r , ew e vx Frances F Kelly of Holy Names ~t ^~ ,, _ " " " " [Robe t L. Sull'van Scholar in Cathed- (By N. C. W. C. N s S r 'eel " . .~ . Blanche, of Man[lid, Philippine ls- :'ll ihCea: ishTe: diS~h:epr::e~ht/m:X:::tfuP::.[ ::',:aNh.O~:' i~:ahdSCAh;?lB:fy 8~::. proA~:::,anNd Yx,pJ:n::4o?TC;:tE::: A:gaClth?Y~i:;:::nl~ Wa~r~ict.represent ~:/:n::hd, M::y E~ab/::eiW~lsht~e~fr 'all4 to-- ' .... tioning as social agencies a study of testant~--Other Catholic Winners. eli ........ The regmnal champions were se. diplomas at th~ Service school Fri- De st good cmzen g sL dmcesan paper o~ ~ne ~xo 1 c e m r dt ~V~th t 100 parishes in ten cities is being[ -| e t d from among o ~than 250,000 day, also received the Master'~'s de- he tongue of men made Their findings will be incor I 'B" N C W. '-'-~. News %rvice' cese of Albany, has led the Rt Rev [pupils entered in the contest to come[~,ree -,, 'I' .... a... gels c - ~ $ . o ~ " ~ ,,.- ---~uaw. oncernmg the r~ght hin~ "porated in a paper to be read. ] Washln~ton, June 15 Robert L Edmund F. Gibbons, D. D., Bishop it Washington. From among the 36i Celes'-~--~- - ...... w .... ~.a gs of the Church, while ~ J here , ~j ~e ~c,,~, v~ ~orc ...~,,~, ~,,u , The Commxttee on Socml and Sulhvan a u ~ atho of Alban to assx n an assm ant ed , a board of 3udges have selec ed jara a living ~o-ial ~:f the .... ~- ' [ " , p p'l of Cathedral C - Y, "g " " " . ~ Elizabeth Henry, of Milwaukee, Wis ; ~,~_ "~ .... ~conomic ~'romems o~zers a pro-I lie High School R .... cuseN v won ;~-~- +^ -1- ...... ~ i~ ~h~ ~,, /the authors of the eight bes~ essay~-| and r~,~,~h., w .... " ',aO~,O .... o , ~a-,~ , --, ..... "., ~ue p~ycz " - .......... ~.,,..,, v:f Gr te .................. * , and June- achmgs to reach m w o~ ~ wall be , four bo s and four 1 gra The t o ma3 Lop cs the cham mn ~ ~ Y g rls to compete ray life .... ,, " " ,, ,, [ p" ship in 'the boys d'v'- William H. Taaffe, now stationed a~. J ........ ~'- . _ it[on, Iowa, were the other successful an~ character m Wa mfl Life n New m me ~maxs Thomas des and Fa y , a d s~ n of he F~r ~geraocK, Rob, , ad k'xndness, then surely " " "o t " st Annual Nation-wide Troy, N Y [ert u " candidates who received diplomas '.o~- Relations Between Capital and La-JF1a- Contest of the ~rni ....... es - -. " " . .......... t S llivan, Lupe Rivera and Elaine[ ...... ' ,m~,, as sounding brass and ~..~. ,, ' i.~. ~ . . ~ ~e~ o~ in ms capacxw, yarner "raa~ze, wlu ]Conwav ~ ~,~,ng these el" ht final" l ~scer Jeanne t~lare (Jeanne ~ ~ha], ...................... ,~n .... ~-ho ~,~,~- .... j Jyiag ~ssocia~ion, sponsored 'by the assist the Rev. John A. 0 Connor, :rots." " ........ g ] Frances Bulle~t), of Corydon, Ind., ~lll have uuon those around n.. e .. ~ .. J Hearst newspapers, in the final corn-_ editor, under whom The Evangelist, J ............ and Kathleen O'Connor, of Elk[us, "- ~Isno or me Arctic pehLmn held on the east ste s of estabh ,n aQmuon to winning nearly one p I "" P "shed only in 1926, is flourish-[ ........... "] W. Va., are former students who ~nlra oz ~ne regional cnam lonslll s '~,,I.1~ Q~.~ D^~.~ [ the United SLates" Capitol here last ing / P" "P ,1 hav~ iust comul~.ted th~i~. ~h~,, ~,~d ~.~A~A~ I~l~.~ A~ ~.~l~ / -- " ~ "/ .~..--i1- --~ ~'~-~ ~. * ,", ~ - * ................ -- ~,~ town Confers Skin of Polar Bear[mg~i~ry S. McGonigal, a pupil of the baFy:h::ceTva~ffhi:S :ar?;hV:d:/atAi,'] t i!!~ Pltie //!t~;:a~ pnze~i:;7 :::-' ~:t~:l::eu:dv:h:itAy" ~" d:?~:~t th. es Upon 445 At Winni"e~" Ju~ From the des ] Willard School, Troy, N. Y., won the here, and before studying for the j g " The Rev. Dr. William J. Kerby of P ~;' C ~ "~- -/ hampionsnip m the girls division, priesthood held accounting and ad J tho Cathohc Umvermt. f m x-Ommencement olate wastes of the Arctic barren R r .... " ' " "y o A erich, land, the skin of a polar bear will] obe t. Sulhvan, by mrtue of last mm~strative positions in the Ne~ J NUN DIES IN AUSTRALIA acting director of the Service school, :On, :r ..... , ~ .... find its wa- to the Vatican Cit'~ aimght:s-v'ctofy' becomos Boy Na- York State Department of Public I -- presided at Friday's exercises In a .... tmnai r'mg t~nampmn, and Mary Mc- ~erv~ce He studxed for two ears B reviewln h ' ratty conf~,-~ ,~o~'oe- gift to H~s Hohness, Pope Plus XI. ] ................. " Y [ ( y N. C. W. C. News Service) g ~ e year s work, Dr. Kerby ....... .-~ ~ ~onxga4 ~r~ ~a~mnat ~'lag unam- a~ ~aval Universit Montrea~ afte~ " " ~eeessful candidates at its Beyond the Arctic Circlewhite| ...................... Y, , | San Francisco. June 3--Mother reported that th~rLy-sxx students 1 ............. "" . .. I pron. mer~e ~u. umr~e, o~ ~ault ~ve. wmcn l~e sm~ied theology three years J Mnrv a,~ p ". representm smteen states al commencement exer men are few and far between, ~ne~, ................... ,.,_ .. , ~ .-.---~ ~ -azm Hickey, a Starer o~ g , Porto ~'".cre Thomas u~ ~laKe,~" " " ~v ........... .... +. v ~;"'~ ~,. ~.~,,,~-~; .... ,,,,.u~-~ ..... -P ,,~imarm ~emor ~gn ~cnoob ~auic ~e. t~mora~ ~ae ~mpician ~eminary at Bal-J Mercy, died recently at Bathurst, Rico, the Philippines, Australia, Can- L~, a me h,~, ~ +ha nl~ a nandfut of ~rappers, a iew pos~sl ........ ~ ,,_ ......... ' . . J Austraha, at the a e of 75. accord, nd, were regmtered .~_" . ~, "" : . , [Marie, Mi,ch., and Alma Groves of " e. He completed h;s education . add and Sw~tzerla 121 ............. . l~yromvllle~ ~a., WhO won second a~ ~ae uarnollc umversiw o~ Amer- . g. " ~ for the ear" that SerVed :fro + ~ ~ of Mounted Pohce, and the scat- I ...... .. ............ | mg to word ~ust received by re at~ves I y , twenty-three hold ~-- .. m .he Dxr~e .... ~ , ....... I ptaco in ~nexr resneetive aivislons, ~c~ ac washington, anct was oraainea ~ ~..^ " t fh,~. l~,:,..,T,.fl,..-..,,~ .~....... .~ .~._~..__. crSlty, a parchment :fell Lerea mlSslonarles. ~;SKlmOS make ocom la by Bisho G1 ,*~e. . ...... ~..~.,,~ ~ uc~cc, ~uu ~u~tb ~ca a ~ ' "u the remain ..... J e Boy and Girl National F g p "bbons in 1923. Since| ......... [of these had this de~re~ :f~.nm at~+~ ~a~on the observanco of P .... aer o.z wna~.popum-[Escort. The four victors will be that time he has held pastoral as-| .. ~uomer ~e razz~, wno was ~orn in [colleges .......... :" "-'- "~'~ "~"::"~ ~aoilee o:f his graduation ~xon ~nere ~s, and ~ was ~ne nar-j taken on a triparound~ewh orld, ~ignments I~ U0rK, Ireland, went to Australia in ~ , ~nu ~n~r~een xrom ~amon W r, ...... " pooh of One of these which brought, _ ~. " 1875. in the com ...... ~ ~o ^,~.~.. ]colleges. He also reported that po= ,~o~eman ~evns, t~ beginning June 28, :from ~an ~'ran I " ~'~* .......... sitio on the ~ctivities of his death to the huge white bear. I . " i postulants in the charge of the lat~l ns are already avaMable for tho as ............ T'ne gift comes from His Lord-[c~sc" -~6 f~ftft ~ ]~,ffi Mothers M Gonza~a and rtf ~.~-;~ graduate students, and that all ex~ ~ou~:esxaenc .oz. ~no urn.- ship, Bishop Breyna~, O. M. I., Vicar[ Tho judges of last mghts "finals" ~r ,~~v ~=~,.~, Only one of the 1~ nn.~'f~l~'~'~h~ cept one of the students who, having ~cu OIIlClally~na~ wer F r ho Bo s e at -- ~ , x -'" Apostolic of Mackenzie, whos~ ter Ie: o t y--S nator P Left tO ~staDllSll charge zu'-: ...... ~-."~,'~"~,'-~"'~ completed the first year s work, will 193 c - . . s rwvcs her ~uomer ee ~'az t~all0' aMs F:h::e2flDl:; mtory embraces all that part of Can-[H=::OpOf.Mxssxss~pp~; W!lhamcaLn Cathohc Hospital zi was superior, at Dubbo conven~ for not return, hav~ been placed. Twelv~ ada Tho Bishop was recentl,, theI , resmen~ oz ~ne Amen nearly 2n ,,~,~ h~;,~ +~.~.~.v.,.,.,,~ oz mose WhO took the first years n~e honors will be be- reciuient of a ~enerous donation of]Federatin of Labor, and Dr. Frank ~ la e .... ~'~' ................. work last year will continue at the "' ~om~ outstandin - . "." . . (By N. C. W C News Service) t r to St. Joseph Orphanage, Bath- s g the Pope ~or hm mmsmns. I W. Ballou, Superintendent of Pubhc _ " ' urst. as suneri,r chool next year, he announced. . The belt uassed throuth Winnine~,[Schols in ~he District of Columbia Philadelphia, June 14.--Thomas " "- - ' This ,,ear's-.-~-~--~* ....... . Fogan, Assm~ant over the Canadian National Rail-[For the G~rls---Representahve Ruth F..F~tzgerald, business marx and 700 IN PHILLIPPINES have taken places m the social serv- ~eOrgetown Law Schools ways, carefully crated and packed,[Bryan Owen, Miss Jessie Dell, of the Philanthropist who died in may, has ATTEND CATH ice departments of Georgetown Um :~ of both Georgetown on its way to the new Vatican City. IUnited States Civil Service Commis- ~e~ nm entire estate estimated at TRUTH c~OFI~CRENCR versity hospital, Washington, D. C ~a~ law school, deliver- Is[on, and Mrs Marie Moore Forrest, $6,oo0,000 for ~he founding of a ....... and Johns HonkM~ h~,,*- .... :' ts to " s " . . ~- ......... ,...a~, ~altl- the ate He m char h e ho p~tal to be administered b a la .. gradu s. " U. OF DALLAS PLANT I ge of t e dramatic and pag - . ~. Y .Y Capiz, P I, June 17---Seven hun more, Md.; in the Bureau of Catholic cno w antr de rtmen of ooard chosen b Cardinal l)ou ner~ h , . orld is coming to BOUGHT BY DIOCESE I y pa t of the Distric~ . ~.. Y " g Y dred dele ares from 45 o " C dr[ties in Washington, D. C." St. ~adership of collego ]Columbia public schools o~ rniladelphia . g .... t~ wns ~n the Paul, M~nn : Newar~ ~ ,~ ' - .~'--~- - - . / __ . " . . provinces oz r~egroes, AllOilO, ~apiz, --. L' ~, -,. ~.; xoleeo, ~a~. OX bumness, gov- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ] The restitution, which will be Antique and Romblon attended the Ohm, and St. Louis, Mo., and with xoreign relationsas Dallas, Tex. June 14.---Announce-]ARCHBISHOP HANNA known as Mercy Hospital,willbe fifth annual thre . tl~e League of Catholic Women M " built . , . e-d~y conventmn of nila P , a- hat the Rt PRESIDES AT CHINESE on Mr Fxtzgeralds spacmus , I ~, .., _ ment has been made t ] , . the Catholic Truth Society o:f Jaro, " " ~ mink of these :facts Rev. Joseph P. Lynch, Bishop of Dal-| SCHOOL'S GRADUATION esmto at Lansdowne, near Philadel- ~ust held h~-~ h or unworthy spirit" las, has nurchased in behalf of the[ phia.This provisiJn of the will, ~ ,,. /~'~." .... . _ ~,~ ........ ,_ .-, . " ~- , _ ....... ~ne garnering corlsls~e{1 largely o ~'~, Jv~ A. 0 BRIEN ~ng to the fact that in diocese the buildin~ and grounds of | San Francisco, June 4 ---Arch-nowever, Wlll no~ De carrie