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June 21, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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June 21, 1930

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l THE GUARDIAN, JUNE 21, 1930 PAGE SEVEN T~ ~-]~D MA~ m.; on second Sundays at 9:00 a m.; Caste Not Regarded for no worldly recognition, for no re- sonal against the reds. If they at- and inland bandits, and evidence of ILl l|l-,~]Ll[i IT~,t~lJIJ on rhird and fifth Sundays at 8:00 a "Let us welcome education fromwazd other titan the s ulvation of tack us, we will strike back.' Mean- lenewed hope among the communist .m; on fourth Sundays at 7:00 a. m whatever quarter we can get, wheth- souls," he said. "Their sufferings time, people are terrorized, thousands groups in sections of Kwangtung, following"--"-'~ns~, wmie .... nov corn- I M O R 1~ I L T O N, Sacred. Heart er from the Government or from and privations are little know~ and of lives sacrificed, homes burned, Kwangsi, Fukion and Kiangsi Prov- gives the summer schedule for Church-~. Masses on Sunaays at 7:00 Christian Institutions. If the De- hardly suspected .by their fellowmen, fields divided and given to anyone laces. As far as we can judge, the Masses in various parts of and 9:5'0 a.m. plessed Classes have tke advantage but the Master above surely has corn- who wants them. Commerce is at a cause of this unrest is the threat to It is pub.ished for the NEWFOt~T Mass on the second of ~':onie education now, it is due prm- standstill and transport of goods ira- the central government a~ Nanking of our readers and and fourth Sunday at 9:30 a.m. cipally, though not wholly, to the possible. Our prownce at least is by the Northern combination under ~ ~oo ~. .... ~ ~ NORTH LITTLE ROCK, St. Pat- Chr.stian educational institutions fast becoming sovietized " Yen Hence it is felt that a decisiw accurate "lnformatmn,- " The rick .......... s Church--Masses on Sundays al For, in their schools and insLitution~, The spread of Communist" pove~x victory. . by the. Northern armies in the I a.~-__.._.~ ............. ... .~.._~.~.~.oj~am~,, t~:ou ann xo:uo a m the quesOon of Untouchability and these .%If-sacrificing men and won,- throughout southern Hul)eh and into civil war that ~s" about to begin" will chan~ ........... h-~i~ ] OSCEOLA -- Masses on second Touchability is 1.ot permitted to have en have laid their hearts, an accept- Anking in lower Anhwei is re orted result in the outbreak of disturbances aNSAS CITY.--Mass on the third and fourth Sundays at 8:00 a any influence." able holocaust, for the salvation of in dispatches from Shanghai. The all over the southern provinces. The SUnday of h~ month ah 9"30 m ~he Rocky Mountain Indians." Irish Fathers of St Columban Rev only source for stability here is the ......... PARIS, St Joseph's Church--Aft. ~ ' '- ' .... ~,.. t~ Masse~ at ~ "" .....a , "0 Days of Indians James Lmchan and Rev. Pahuek Faf- Canton government, and that govern- ~lNS.--Church of the Assumn- '~ .... ~ ~, o .: ..... ,, o:~ ,,~ n -- - VATICAN TO HAVE fan, whose capture was announced ment stands or falls with the Nanking "Masses on first and last Sun- a.m. , . lory. l .evlvel at. ITS OWNMARKET April 30, are still captive, though no f government to which it ~as remained 0fthe month at 7 a m. On oth- PINE BLUFF, St. Joseph's Churc~ Mission's Jubdee (By N C. W C News Service.) ransom is demanded for their release.]steadfastly loyal."--(Fides Cur.) Ida s --~v~asses on ~un~ays at "~:~u an~ GIave ferns a~ x _ Y , at 7 and 9:00 a. m .............. Rome, June ll--Several plans ..... e e pressed at the Jes-[ '~TItEVILLE. hnmaculate Con- v:~v a. m.; on nonuays a~ ~:~ ane (Written for theetaocmfwyeopeopu~ .... been submitted for an attractive uit Gomoralate for the two Spanish] FIVE GRADUATES OF ONE a Church --Masses on the first 9:00 a.m. (Written for N. C. W. C. News ma~et building, which it "is nronosed missionaries, Fathers Avito and tti- CLASS TO BE SISTERS Y a POCAHONTAS, St. Paul s Church da],o wh ". ~ t 7 a. m., on the second, ......... Service.) to erect in the Vat~can City on a g , o dmappeared when the c~ty! - - '-'lasses on ~unaays at '#:on ana . . . . . I . and fourth Sunday at 10:30 , ~, . - St. Ignatius, Mont., June 10.--- s!te near the printing estabhshments, of ttochan (Anhwci) was burned by (By N. C. W. C. News Serwce.) ~:~'~.~':~ .... .... W~th a lone eagle, immemorial sym- The market to which ~ardeners and bandits of a bitterly radical stamp. ! Youn,~stown 0 l ..... a ~;,,~ [ , " t'l~l~bwull----i~lass on erie IlrsI . . , ~ . . , . s. , ., ,, ...... ---r.-.~ Nt~LEY--St Johns Church-- ~..~n~. ~v ~ .... ,~.., ~.~a . ...bol of the old pagan religion of the nroduce des'ors will have free ac- Fathe~ Horrors, the third Spanish ~i,.1 .... ~,o~. ;~ ~.. -~ .... # ~,~n Very Sunday at 8"00 a m .............. once powerful Sahsh tribes majeshc- . ..... ,1 ,,'l~ ~,.;,~, +h,;~ ~,t~ ,,,in Jesmt, captured at Talhou, was later ~DEN, St Louis Church-- ~A ~... ~ Mass on zne seconn -tlly circling overhead, Governor J ................ .1 ....... 'u ~o-'e released by soldiers from St. Stamslaus school wall leave " an(1 iourEn ~unaa s of ~ne mon~n al "De ~:norougmy mu~t~hl.~ wt~ .,~v " s on Sun n 00 Y E E~ckson of Helena, Montana A F~des telegram from Shanghm ohmtly fo~ Clucago to enter the nowt day at 7:30 a d 9: ~'00 a m "" ,stalls for the ~ale of fruits, vege- " " " ~ " ~ " " " " .... , speak'ng from the veranda of the his- :.~.~^~ and oth:; ,~rovisions as well under date of May 19, announces the rote of the Sisters of St. Francis, a NT , SLOVAC O N, . Cy " " " at this time "s a bakery At p s.s.. . ~ . . . " ER RIDGE--St Josenhs ............. l paid a glowing tmbute to the work . ' . . " ...... Sn~ako~ has been pillaged by brig- from this parish have entered the " - ~uernoums unurcn ~wass on ~un~av~ there is no ~a~ery m tne vat,can . . h, Mass durin~ the months of ................ :~ldone b~r the Jesuits among Indian " . ..... lands and Hanchang is in danger of community. ~lld August-o-n the second and ana au ~ouoays OZ oouga~mn a~ iu [and whites in the Northwest. C~Ly, the n:s nousenolu.oe- I falling into the hands of the reds. ! i a.m. ~ in~ supmieo w~tn ureas Dy an esrao ..... , .] SUndays at 10"30 a m , ...... ~ ......... t "No nart of our Western histor- . .~ t The general situation m South Ch~-t FOR EVERY ONE a~._ " " " , ~AMV~---Ivlass on ~ne ~nlr(1 ~un " ~ VshmenE in t~ome , , ~t, ESTON. Masses on first, ~...v ,l ..... ~..+ ~.~n ~ ,, ]i~ more thrilling and inspiring than " " [na ~s summed up by the Fides cur-! lie: "Yes, my father has contrib* and fifth Sundays, at 7"30 and, ~"%~-~-~=~-~ruTTG.~l__viass'-'~"~'~" "'~ ..... on ~ne"~" .... secone-~ ) the record of the early, missionaries. . .The. Vat:can post and telegraph fa-.[ respondent,, at Hongkong. ,,under date ] uteri very much to the raisln, g of the ., on second and fourth ............ t amcn~ the Indians, he said St l r _ g " , "ng working class ara ] ,, ,, cfl~hes have proved so popular w~th of Ap iI 95 as showm, a weakeni " w,, ,^ ^^ ~un~ay oz rne monrn a~ ~:~u a. m ' " " " " " " i" " ~e anxious' i~A~U~V a. m., _.. IOn all other Sundays of the mont~ ]Ignatms, the Flathead Valley, Mon- ~:~=Sth~,Wt~i:~r~h:t::porary of_ Ithfr::;hoP~th:Swh~let~f sgo:t~rClln=tl Shee.~:,::Is he a Socmhst?" , , ~t. Joseph s ChUrCh.--- nt ~'00 nnd 10"00 a m [tans and the entire Northwest' have ' "_. I , .~1 : ,No; he makes a~arm Clocks. ~oa ' ........ , flees cheaply are inadequate The a marked increase of river irates " 1 , Sunday at 7:00 and 9:00 ~ ~ X A R K A N A St Edward ~ joined in observing the seventy-fifth " , " . I " ' P ~--Wa.lace s Farmer, Des Moines, Ia~' --- (ChurCh--Masses on Sundays at 7:001anniversary 6f the entrance .o~ Chris- aff, ces were set up somewhat nasl:- ] ...... tDANE ~ 's flv m small rooms, m order to e-~-e LLE--St. Augustno and 9-0n a m I tianity into the life of the Indian. " " " ' " "] ' ~'Mass on the first Sunday of, wa~'l~E~--Mass on the second lComing into the wilderness at the d'te the rendering of service. The [ )ath at 9 ........... ~ nostoffice now faces on the court . :30 a. m (Sunday of l~he month at 10"45 a m ]insistent call of the Red Man these ~ _'l Mass on th se I noneers lud the foundation fol a y heBalee~ ~UEEN e cond " " " " ard of Sixtus V, and it is nronosed ~T : ~r~::he Sundays at 8:00 and chWlYNN~as~m:t;:lfi:tC;:;;aP$1:i ~ettlement that will ~ always endure +o t---::f~r ~ ::dth: C:tlvlrnd t~ That,,Quali t' v'" e, ively. I the month at 10.'30 a. m.; on the ~as, a monument to their pmty," cour- the Be .~" . ] Budt" ALL S BLUFF Mass on the le ener,~ F~ ~,n~ bu ldmg the telephone and tele ~Unda of the l~th at 10 00 third and fifth Sundays at 8:00 a. m.; age and indomitab gnu:..-und- a h s~rvilce " " ~ Y : on holidays of obligation, at 9:00ed by the famous Indian 'ssionary gr p " ".- )a. m. Father Peter John DeSmet, St. Ig- [ |~'-=-~-. - -: :_. DORADO. --- Holy Redeemer] __ nat'us is also witnessing a sight no MOSCOW'S HAND NOW SEEN IN [~~~~l~~[~i "-Masses on Sundays, 7 30 white man ma e~e~ behold a am SOUTH CHINA DISTURBANCES I )~- : HINDU LEADER SEES [ ' Y "." ' g'" , [ , " 30 a m US the last gland ~eunmn of the once ~: " 1 CATHOLIC RELIGIO [ ..... I ~ 1 ~ELBERG.--St. John's Church] ORDERS INDIA BOOM Inumerous plateau-area tribes of the[ (Fides Service.) I on Sundays at 9 o'clock. I ]Northwest." ] Romc.--Fides reports from widely[ ]~[]~l~]~ll~ ]}(:~ ~tEKA SPRINGS, St Ehza F~des se e~ated points reveal the continued {Vli~ll~l~ ,l Ct . ." ! -1 (N. C. W.C.- " ) [ Salish, Peaceful: and Unwarlike. I P : " . '. ' . I nurch Masses on hr~t third, ne 10 A ~e ~ ~awty of the position of Catholic a .... --- "' [ Madras, India, Ju .-- "-1 The pa~t, like a phantom bird, [g" . ". ] ~ ,II~IP ml fifth Sundays at 9 00 a m o , i missionmies m Central and South ~"--EVILLE" and :TONTL" "lmarkable, .plea for the .establishment[fluttered~d ~s in o through the pre_ent "~hen hina" " '" -~ "TTq .... "of Catholic contemplative o" e" ]representative' Indians from Mon. C "] II'P'iP D ,, ~tasses at 8"00 and 10:00 a. I .......... ~ .... * *-~;- w~o v-iced) ........ ur ,-" ...... The hand of Soviet Moscow is seen . ~l~'-~, 4, ,~, ,i~-L~dh ~ _m. B - -" . .. . ~vcr~ l,.vv.,c= ,,. .,,u.., -o ,J I ~atla,, ~, asr;lngLon an(l uregon . ~ --- - _ e e'-" .~s the hours oz by Mr. R. S. mickalijal at the seventhIgathered at the old mission on Memo-] in the increasing disturbances m [ acl~ Sunday ~t m well to xma ~e sod outh China b two missmnarms who ~_ session of the All-India Dep" s ~rial Day in the colorful tribel re,alia] S Y " I '~*l~ ~ 'faYetteville as to the hour for, ol ..... ~ ...... ~.-1.~ - AraOi ! ......................... -~ ~- l have escaned from Kanchow, Kiangsi,~ J[i'~ l~[ l~i~illk ][J~ ;|ctllar .~,,.,n... ],~.,~ ,~,,,,~,.~ ........ ,1. uygone nays to pay ~rmuL~ ~o ~net " . i mm----,*~,-w~.w,~r ..... ~ r ~ h ~ e fieldof the American Ymcentlans ~M^x~ . " ., , I Be a', India, April 26-27. i', N-]honored dead of the Salish nation.) ' "" " -x,~ ivlasses on ~ne seconfl, ' Prac Ourth ~---- , ...... ,kalijay is a Hindu, formerly a mem-IFor wrapped in the story of St. Ig-Iunder Bishop 0 Sues,C.M. -) ~unaa3s, at lu ~uann t call all the area of South Klangsi ~ ...... : ber of the Bombay Legislative Coun-[natius mission is the history of the/ " Y ' '] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~lVely. ,[cil and member of the Bombay Mu-llndian in Western Montana'the Sal-[is now in the hands of the Commun-[ ~ ~~ ~[~ll~*l~ll ~ ~,~l~,~ CI.TY'-zSt" Francl.s" nicipal Corporation. [ish, peaceful and unwarlike, thelists and the civil population ~s jom-] ~L~[~[~[~[_~.~ Jr" ~ ~ ,,~ ,~ass on ~ne ilrs~ aria iourm .. .. .-.. I. : . . "" " ....... ~hizin- with them Them -m~r ~w-~vwm- w mm ~ m ~ of the month at 8"00 a m I urges wtore uruers [ ~rmnaann protector of the white ling ann sym~-~s . _.'. | ~ ~' lead ~ of the movement ~s a Cmnese Seen ....... : .... "~-'" IIn his address the speaker stressedlman; the Flathead who four timest e" [ -u, ~mra ana nz~n ~un- w he " ~raduate of a German University, as- x 10.3o .... ~.^un .... ~, the fact that what as needed by t I sent hm ambassadors 2,000 miles to]~. : / Women may SHOP for some seasonable foods-- on, at~.~,"'~' ,~" ....... "z ~'ldepressed classes, along with literary] plead that the Black Robes might]zisted by a number of adws-/ they may skimp a bit on unimportant things-- SM~~ ~'~.~"^. ~.r^ o^. education, was vocational training in]come to him, the Indian whom the lers who are in wireless eomn:tmca-~ but with bread they do not tolerate second best! - agriculture. It was on thin point, that! Black Robes taught to till" the soft [tmn w~th Moscow. While thin has] The bread on your table MUST be of unaues- Church Masses every Sun the miners' been n , 8:30, 7'30 and 9"30a m ]he .referred to the glowing hmtory[before pick was struckit~:ays :es:fltaht:sh:t:: t:in-] oned .qualit.y..MEYER S BUTTER..NUT ['~ .... ". _ . " . ".,,' . Iof rne wamofic redgious oruers anulinto the golden treasures of Mon I s oz commu , P "/ ~/~/1// sypHles ~amny neatm ann nign living ~:~:~rl, ~t. tiomlace^t~nurcn[urged their development in India.[tans, the last remnant of a tribe[dicate an increased effectiveness in[ s andards. RICH IN MILK--MADE FROM u ,.~unuays a~ O UU, "~ 6U, 0 a ....... : . '.: ~^ His vie~s are interesting as revealing ] who could justly boast of never hay-[the Society control. [ TESTED FLOUR--PURE SWEET SHORTEN. ~0 [" m. un xlonuays a~ o:~u the attitude of the depressed classes/lAg spilled a drop of white man's[ The gravest difficulty is the lack| ING--PURE CANE SUGAR Baking skill and P ~,m~ ........ [toward Catholic charity [blood. [of morale in the army. "If the sol- such qualities make it supreme. -~m~xn, tgnuran o~ tgnrlst ,, diets i n Sl at resent" declares tl~.~.~ ..... I India is an agricultural country.[ No story more beautiful, and yet] ' " "n Kia g" p , ] "~ ~1.....^ :~ ....~....~., .' ....... :_.~ .... : ulasses on ~unuays at ]an " ke an honestl lz ,.,y ,. o.r ,.,,m d a ....... There are extensive undeveloped]more saddenin*- has corn .... ~ of the observer, would ma . . . d9.0-- ,lands. There are forest lands. There]West than that of the Salish. Inltempt to suppress tee ,[ '- ~:~u a.m.un nonaays at ~" .... at h s bandits our claims, it means that you have never a m tried Meyer's BUTTER NUT BREAD ,ETT ~'~ " .- , are marshy lands. France, before it~this narr~'dve one sees what is best]they could finish their work in a] , " ' : ---Mass on ~11~, B~.conu "] , I , of the month at 10 a m ,was developed into a flourmhm agm-land noblest in the red ,nan and in]~eek or ten days hm. The soldiers] Ask your grocer to ,nclude Meyer's But. [ltUne,_...~.__,,,~,~t ..... ~,, ~,,~"-" ~^~'~'~vu~,, cultura~ country, consisted of unde-,his white brother. And in striking are very well armed with the most[ tot.Nut. Bread with uour next order--he of ^_,~., ,, o~ _ .- veloped lands, forest lands, and]contrast, one finds a consummate in- modern equipment, while the com-[ has it fresh all day long! the m,,,~. ,,~ ~v:o~ ~. m. . . . . ' : RISON .~ ,,,_.. ,~ ..... marshy regions.In~ these places,[justice, now generally repented, that mun.sts have little ammunition. In a the second Sunda o h^ where no man had dared to go, b~g]is as appalling as the expulsion of the he sectmn around Kmn there are] ~ ----'--i~ y ft~ ot 9"00 a m ,Orders of Christmns, known as Car-)Acadians, told in immortal verse by probably 10,000 soldiers, who occupy[ ~ ~~~,~ ~-Mass on the first and third thusmns, the Cmtercmns and the Ben-:Longfellow in Evangeline. In each the city of Klan and a few smaller[ -- . (~~~.~'~,~'~k~] ' . H a of the month at 7"30 and edictines, entered and cut down for-instanco polit!cal necessity has been towns. In the meantime the reds] Fresh I ff~~ ~~ ,~ Baked 'espectivelv " ,ests, filled up the marshy places and pleaded in justification But that in the country, not ten miles away, ! Twice by I~NA, St.'Marv'~ Church 'transformed the whole country into :is strangely contra~-y to'the doctrine ...... are hotdmg meetings every day and] ])allY. atI~~, ,/~ ~u~'~;~ -~ AAm~r~o~" 11 Su a rotatable flower garden of the mahenable m ht man organlzin the eo le into soviets nday at 7:30 and 10:00, ' [ g s of " ' g P P " t-ll ' I Free Education Will Result [kind. "The attitude of the army is seen | ~'~i~"- ..... PRINGS, St. Mary's Church[ "My suggestion is, that we should] The opening and the closing chap- m the remark of an ofhclal, .What sI CItARI.ES MEYER, Own~ on Sunday at 8"00 and'ur-e our Christi ........ Iters of this epic story of the West ~he use? We haven't any~mng per- ~ s an ~re~nren, ~na~ .. , ..,., , _.. hi., on holidays of obliga ........ mus~ hem w~n thelonging oI- ~ne ~.~ .,,, ........... .~ ....... ,, ..... _ ......... ~nese societies" ' "" " "" " "~' " t... ............ .. ~. .... . ...... . .... :30 and n .. - -- t oe mtzoduced into In-,s~.~= . ............ i. -..**--*~*~;TT ....... ~ ...... -" ................... "'~ ...... -..:~.-~**-~,i~ ......... *.;." .... .'~$ :uu a. m, [-. . . I ~,~u for ~ne religion OI ~ne Dlac~ ......... " "* am ana w~th the help of the Govern Robes and ~ n Mary Immaculate Church! . "l . w'th the Christianizi g on the first and h~ ment g~ven undeveloped lands, not m I " t rd Sun-~ " and civilizing efforts that have gone a. m.--on tho second one Province but in every Provice on now 75 years Somewhere in Sundays at 7:00 a.m. wnere the Depressed Classes are between, like a melancholy under- St. Roman's Churc~ found. They wA1 start agricultural I tone, belongs the narrative of the on Sunday at 8:00 a. m. schools and agricultural larms and taking of the Indian's country. But a.m. During June, July w~ll work them wits the help of tae~the Flatheads, unlike the Crows or 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. produce of their lands so as to impart Blackfeet, resisted only by peaceful on the first and free education. Free education all a~d honorable methods. The Salish ~dav at 7:00 a.m. ]over India is what we need most.'did" not go to war. Their last chief, VILLAGE, St. Mary's It will soon give us sufficient-con-broken-hearted, gazed in farewell on Sunday at 7:30 sciousness-~-political, social, and eco- meditation upon his beloved Bitter a.m. ]hum.c--as to oppose High Class ttin- Root Valley, the ancestral home of .ROCK, St. Andrew's Ca-idus and Mohammedans when they the Flathead nation, and then with [asses on Sunday at 7:00. are ou~ to s~rangle us into Nirvana. his people departed from the home ll:00 a. m.; on holidays at "These Christmn Orders with their of his fathers "to what is now called and 9:30 a. m. -. _ , resources and the vast storage of the lower Flathead Valley. ROCK, St. l~award s knowledge of agriculture, scientific I Speaking on the closing'day of the on Sunday, Lo~ and ot,erwme, wnl develop our coun- jubilee, on the feast of Cqrpus Christi, try-side and permit the Depressed during the pontifical High Mass of- a. ra.7:00 and 11:00; High Mas, Classes to setde on such lands In Our Lady of Good Ithe surrounding places the Govern- fered by the Rt. Rev. Joseph R. Cri- mont, S. J., ~icar-Apostolic" of Alas- Iass on Sunday a~iment could be induced to grant for- ks, the Roy William J Flynn, direc- tor of the Marquette League, struck the closing chords of the re!igious festivities of the occasion. Remained at Posts. "Throughout all the~e dishearten-t ing changes and vicissitudes theI Black Robes and Sisters have bravely[ stuck to their post of honor, preach- ing and instructing, nursing the In- dian in his appalling misei-y, looking~ and 9:00 a. m.; on hull- est and other lands exclusively to and 9:00 a.m. ._" _ [the Depressed classes, and if feas- NA. -St. Andrew's Cl~urch ible, with a proviso that the same be ~' the second Sunday of the not alienated by sale or by mortga~.e~, a. m; on tho fourth to any, of the Higher Classes. We 1 " ( " 0.30 a.m. will thus w~h one stroke solve our E, St. Winand's Chureh lun~mploy~nent, our want of lands, 3 Sunday at 8:00 a m [our~ want of education, and get back St. A~nes' Church---Masses ]the poltical power that we are de- 7:00 and 9:00 a. prived of.