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June 21, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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June 21, 1930

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PAGz six THE GUARDIAN, JUNE 21, 1930 BISHOP SCHLARMAN I Bishop-elect by the Cardinal• Dur- IS CONSECRATED BY I ing this examination Bishop Schlar- CARDINAL MUNDELEIN man pledged himself to exhibit in a:l (Continued from page 1.) i things fi0eli~y, submission and obe- py and prosperous episcopacy." Dr. dience, according to the canonical Scheen of the Catholic University authomty. of America at Washington was intro- Then the Mass was started, with du.ced. Dr. Sheen spoke through the Cardinal Mundelein offic;ating as the microphone and his voice was trans- celebrant. The deacon was Rev. C. mitred to the audience by the ampli- N. Haffner, DuQuoin, and the sub- tiers. He exp:alned the serxices to deacon, Roy. Stanislaus Czerniejews- the thousands who were standing on ki, East St. Louis. the outside and unable to gain admis- sion to the Cathedral• [ Litany Chanted. The procession was headed hy theI At the close of the Gradual, the actual consecration of the Bishop- Rev. Charles HarPy, who bore the elect took p'mce. With the consecra- cross. He was followed .by two tor seated on the faldstool, the co- acolytes, Eugene Voellinger and Emil consecrators and the clergy kneeling Schaurete. Then came 74 altar boys and the Bishop-elect prostrate on the of the Cathedral• Fifty of them wore steps o'f the altar, the L~tany of All white surplices and bYack cassocks Saints was chanted by the Roy. Ber- and the ot: ors wore white surplices nard Eppman of Germantown. The the Church's government were insti-! cu~ed ~)y t~rl~,,e ~apacy anu t~e]' Ep:scopacy--the office of Pope andI the office of Bishop. J Must Have Government. "All of the other ranks and details have been evolved and developed dur- ing the nineteen hundred years of her history. "Any society well organized must have a government that functions wherever the society exists• The various parts of the Catholic Church throughout the workl are gov- erned by Bishops--but by Bishops in !union with Peter and through Peter with Christ himself. "Who are those Bishops? They are ious and the laity, both non-Catho i and Catholic, of the Peoria Diocese. "The ceremony today is an integra: part of the Divine Plan! "Tt:e same All Holy, Eternal, Om nipotent God---God Incarnate, wh.: called and commissioned the Orig_ hal Band, has spoken again through Peter, in Plus XI, and today he says to you : " 'All power is given to Me in heaven and on earth! As the Father sent Me so I send you! Going there- fore teach My people. Teach them to observe all things whatsoever I i have commanded you and behol~l I am with you!' "In the name of His Eminence ~the rulers of districts called Dioceses• Cardinal Mundelein, in the name of "Pick up your Bible and read in your brother Bishops--and in the St. Matthew's Gospel! name of ~he prelates, pr:ests, relig- "Going therefore teach ye all na- ious and laity gathered here to honor and red cassocks. I responses were given by the cho'r and tlons; baptizing them in the name of you--and in my own name, I con.. Then came the members of the re- the clergy who were seated in the the Father, and of the Son, and of gratulate you and wish you Ad Mul ligious orders and the regular and body of the church. ! the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to tos Annos." Diocesan clergy. Among the clergy who marched and are well known inI A~ter t}~e thrice singing of the observe all things whatsoever I have "Agnus Dei," the consecrator arose, commanded you." i Has Relatives at Ahus. Belleville were Father Vincent Har- with his mitre on, and before theI "No wonder the e~even original The new Bishop is well known in tung, Father Leo A. Schoss, Father faldstool ca'led the Bishop-elect be- Bishops trembled! No wonder they Arkansas, as he has been a frequent Joseph M. Mueller and Father Teck- fore him• Bishop Schlarman knelt at stood aghast! No wonder their plead- visitor at Altus, where his cousins re- .abinet officials and military nota- feet high and of pure los. ~le, presented to t,e Lateran But this Memorial Day just passed sion Museum by the General ~as different'and the nation turned Jesuits, Very Reverend Father ~o honor as its guest, the soldier who chowski, was unveiled at .~.mmated a nameless buddy to the recept!on in the Museum, .oremest place on the roll of the The statue, which was given ~ount~y's military great. This year age to the Holy Father Pope ~e marched with veterans in the Na- stands in the ttall of India :ional Capital and sat with the chosen of the first things to strike the! Jnes on the Amphitheater dais. of a visitor.---(Fides.) It was Sergeant Younger's first visit to the Tomb of the Unknown CARDINAL VANNUTELLI Soldier and be was grateful for the opportunity a:fforded him to drop (By N. C. W. C. News again on the rest:ng place of the Rome, June 7.--hn comrade whom he did not know in t!Le condition of Cardinal ~ife, a bouquet of roses just as he did 93 year old dean of the .line years before while the echoes College, who has been ill ~f the great guns were fading away :n the troubled air of France. past several (lays, was day. Over-exertion during Rome.--A magnificent statue of !sion Day ceremonies at 0stea ' St. Francis Xavier, measuring nine said to have caused the illnes~ 3e::urg. The pr:ests numbered about the feet of the Cardinal. ing, terrified looks moved the Mas- side• The Bishop, besides his very • ~ ...... Taking an open book, Cardinal ter! He saw and lie understood active life as a pastor, which was at L.araina~ -estows ~oss'~g. ~nudelein placed its printed pages hence He again spoke as the Omnip- t'mes interfered with by several so- Then came the prowncmls of the the neck of B shop Schlar • " against " " otent God. I rious illnesses, has found time to de- The modern, luxurious way to Erin... economical, religious orders, the Very Reverend man. The book was supported by theI " 'And behold, I ant with you all"vote to literary activities• Only re Too ..... these spacious Cabin ships. Large airy Monsignori, the Rt• Reverend Men- chaplains of the co-consecrators. The days even to the consummation of cently he produced a volume entitled staterooms, lounges and libraries . . . cheery vet- signori, the visiting Archb:'shops and consecrator and his co-consecrators the world!' I"From Quebec to New Or'eans." This andah cafes... Cunard food and service• Special finally the Most Reverend Franc~s touched the head of Bishop Schlar-I God's Word Pledged. l is an historical study of the explora- facilities for daily celebration of Mass on board. Beckman, D D, Archbishop of the n ~ Re ,, • • " man with their hands a d sa'd " I Wonderful language! Marvelous ltion of the Mississippi Valley The First Class $195 up, Cabin $147.50 up, Second Dubuque (Iowa) Archdiocese I cei-e ~h- Hol- Ghost" l - ~ ...... ni "ent " Cabin $132.50 up, Tourist Third Cabin, $108 up. • " .. , * ~ ~ # • l woras. line pleuge o~ an um PO~ . work-has been highly praised by eritL The two co-consecrators and ~neirl Staff Is Blessed. t God' to guard, guide, protect His'lcal historians One Way, Round Trip $190 up. Third Class, chaplains The co-consecrators were The imposition of hands by the ...... " -. - , ' " $85.00, according to steamers. U.S. War Tax ad- . . ~." ........... p tmurcn---rns ~snops. the R~. ~ev. henry J. Al~noII, J~e| e-- Cardinal with the words of Christ, I "There's the pledge of Omnipo- [ SERGT. YOUNGER'S STORY IS ditional. vllle, senior co consecrator and the ,, " Ps- i " "' ~ " , Receive the Holy Ghost is the tence to guard and guide and protect l TOLD FOR FIRST TIME Rt. Rev. Edward Hoban, Rockford, sen~ial and simple rite by wh'.ch the H.s Church against the powers ellWashiugton.--The man who said junior co-consecrator. I • ' See Four Local A~en~ or • Next in line was Bishop Schlarman, ] episcopal order is conferred. ] earth and hell---not only during the the least on the stage of the Amphi- -~ After a prayer, the head of Bishop lifetime of the original eleven dis- theatre at Arlington Cemetery here attired in the robes of tbe B's~on. He Schlarman was bound with a long ciples---but in all ages and climes till on Memorial Day during the exer- was followed by His Eminence Cardi- white ,cloth and the consecrator, pros- time shall be no morel cises was actually the central figure 113547 Olive St., St. Louis hal Mundelein, who bestowed his trate on both knees, turned towards "The original eleven were mar- of the services• But Sergeant Ed- blessing on the people. The attend-the altar and entoned the hymn, tyred -- died for Christ and His ward S. Younger, though poor in ants to the Cardinal followed• "Veni Creator Spiritus." At the end Church! But before they died they words, was rich in action, and it did Church Packed• of the first versethe consecrator consecrated others to step into their not mean so much to the audience In direct contrast to last night's Pay 3c to 7c a gallon more for arose, sat on the faldstool and took places they handed to them thethat the world war veteran spoke only wild acclaim for the Bishop was the his mitre. 'same identical commission given to two simple sentences after speakers ordinary er colored gasol~¢ solemn'.ty and the silence that pro- He laid aside his ring and gloves them by Christ, in such manner that on the afternoon's program had de- vailed among the crowd. Not a rip. and received the germial or apron the Chain of Apostolic Succession ]ivered themselves of page after page when you can obtain-- ple of applause broke out from the from the chapla:ns. Then he dipped spans the ages from Peter to Plus of flaming orations. For the attend- throng. The occasion was too serene the thumb of his right hand in the and from James, John and the other ing public recalled what he had done ~an.~] solemn for jo~v0~ outbreaks, !holy chrism and anointed the head eight original disciples to our newly and would have been satisfied if he U, S" Government Specification Entering the church the altar boysI of the new Bishop, who was kneeling consecrated Bishop Schlarman. i had remained seated throughout the GASOLINE at retired to the sacristy. The clergy before him. I Chr:st Speaks Through Pope• observance• found seats in a special section of thel Another hymn followed, during[ "Here we are in the sacred temple. It was the action of Sergeant church reserved for them. The Men- which the consecrator anointed the of God! We have gathered here to Younger that gave America an Un- signori and the Bishops took seats hands of the Bishop. The blessing witness a part of God's Eternal Plan!fkn°wn Soldier, now resting under along the Holy Communion railing front of the Amphltheatre. And it )Per G of the pastoral staff, the emblem of Christ has spoken through Pope Plus' the marble slab that is his tomb in and near the side altars, the Bishop's authority, followed. XI as rea:ly as He spoke through was a stirring ~ar record that Tax Paid Bishop Schlarman's chapel, where Then to:lowed the blessing of the Peter! I brought him before the four flag he vested, was on the west side of Bishop's ring• The k!ss of peace was "When Christ was addressing the tdraped coffins containing the bodies the church; The Cardinal was veste:l "in his robes for the occasion in a the clos:ng ceremony in the conse. Original Eleven and handing them taken His ~ivine ...... NONE BETTER cration, their Divine Commission, . i of the unidentified soldiers, zrom our ceme~erms in ~rance, xor throne erected on the east side of the The mass then continued with Car-:gaze was fixed upon the c~re::rnnY, the purpose of dropping a bouquet • sanctuary. The body of the church d}nal Mundelein as the ce~.ebrant. which we have witnessed zn s " of roses on whatever casket he wish- was packed for the occasion, about Several times durin~ the Mass the ing! ed as the means of choosing Ameri- 1,400 persons gaining admission to .... I As the Incarnate God was looking newly consecrated Bmhop 3omed m ,, the Cathedral for the event, special services with the ce~.ebrant, l at the Original Eleven He was look- ca'SyearsCOmpositeago at theher°'LittleThatchapelWaS nineat 7th and MAIN, NORTH LITTLE ROCI Church Interior Beautiful• Sermon by B,shop" Gr,ff,n" " ' ling at Bishop Schlarman and hence Chalons-sur-Mons in the presence of The interior of the Cathedral was The sermon was delivered by Bish- when Peter's successor, Pope Plus military officials, French and Ameri- 'beautifully decorated. The high al- o James Gruff n of Springfield H~s tar was a mass of red carnations and P " : " • " XI, appointed Mons'gnor Schlarman can. • green ferns. A rich tapestry of deep! text was "All power is given to me Bist~op of Peoria, his choice was rati- Like all men of action, modesty in heaven and on earth, gbing there- fled in heaven by the Master, and red, almost turning into a rich pur- fore teach you all nations." The text Bishop Schlarman became a legiti-.and a disinclination to make publicity pie, was fitted around the wa'ls. Gold I follows: ! mate successor to the Orig:nal Eleven capital out of his honor, thrust the ~insign'a were on the tapestry. I "The solemn, sublime ceremony according to the Divine Plan. l ex-Top Sergeant back into the ob- ! The vestments of the Cardinal, the which we are witnessing today is part Mandate From Pope. Iscurity of post-war forgetfulness For The College Offers the 'Bishops an4 the monMgnori were of a Divine plan• "And so, this morning we feel~ nine years he was engaged in civil- beautiful beyond description. The :Cardinal's brightred vestments, "We live in a dangerous age---an t we almost see the shadow of the inn life like others of his friends and age of fine writing and of loose think-Fisherman of Galilee among companions, and sorted mail for the USUAL CLASSICAL COURSE trimmed in gold, were matched ~n .............. ~ ~.. . . .. -- ..... lng--an age el zr VOll~y, snt ~tn~ uy- veau~y Dy ~ne re~ ann gola vestments ._. ,, o:.~.., o~'#t; .... ~,~,,~,~ us. He is here through His succes- United States government in a Chi- pccn~Y,,Out, a~"~"~P'~'"~'"i~'''~'''~'-ge isa mater alistic age sor, Pope Plus XI, at whose bidding cage postoffice. While the names in the of the deacon and sub-deacon of the this ceremony is being held. of many other heroes were recurring Mass. ]an ~ge in which respect for law,t "According to the Canons of the in the daily newspapers throughout HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT The Bishops wore beautiful lightI authority, morality and decency is Church, every Bishop should be con- the country, the name of him wh~ purple capes and cassocks and crosses at a low ebb. of gold. Their birettas Were purple, Paganism Is Revived. secrated by the Pope, himself, but deliveced to the United states the For Terms and Informahon Address tr:mmed with purple pom-poms. TheI "We live in an age in which the~where this is impossible, a dispensa- .unknown hero who now symbolizes • monsignori wore purple cassocks and' virus of a revived paganism is eating tion is required. A mandate must inAmericanthe worldmanh°°dconflict, aSwasSh°Wnseen byf°rthn~ capes, but their birettas were black into the vitals of our homes and o~ be secured from Christ's Vicar au. Roe.or, .... thorizing another to confer the Epis- one but filing clerks in the Veterans' and trimmed with purple tufts• Two our country . Bureau. -" copate in his name. abbots who were present at the ser-"On all sides of us, in high and ,, ^, ... . ~... +~ ....a~+ ...... I On nine Memorial Days Sergeant • .~ ....... re ~la~k cassocks ca-es bi ....... Th~ ,~ ~,,~ ....... .......... ~ , ~ , - low places, we see all autnor ty, nu :'~::.'~a ~..:,.. .......... " asked for and read at the beginning Younger marched with his local le- .~a~ ,~**u ~u~pnu~ man an~ O.lvme-..-- uestloned yea, • I q " "-- of the ceremony this morning• !glen post like so many lesser voter- ~ L* - - Bull Is Read sneered at ,, • . : ,, " I Our esteemed Metropolitan, the ans, and in between times worked uDIaco, Arkansas After Cardinal Mundelem and Our legislators and executives are ................ at his postoffice job during the days, ......... , ..... n]us~mous ~ar~:na, ~rcnmsnop oz ~tsnop ~cniarman nan ~een vested, calling for more ann larger jaus to ............ attended the %egion meetings some -- the Cardinal took his pos'tion on the help law enforcement--but more and C::dag:{ M~u:de~m:en::' e~mep:?er:d nights, indulged in an occasional high altar, sitting on the faldstool, larger jails are not the remedy. +~ .., # .... a ~., +~o ,} .... • ~h~ game wi~h the boys, and went to Have the Protection Bishop Schlarman knelt at the foot of Old paganism wrecked Imper'al ............. Ma~s at St. Sylvester's Catholic • r, oly tamer, ana zo enron Monsignor • • the high altar A brmf ceremony Rome Will the new paganism wreck ......... Church m Ch,cago, on Sundays. And a Monahan Memorml .... • . • , ~cniarman in ~ne ranks o~ me suc- ~ouowea~and then came the readingre ublican America. ~ ....... ~ +~ A~+~oo all the time the man who lay in the} ..... 1 - P rch Is Grade ............... ~ ....... coffin under the marble s'ab at Ar- Above all • Memorial mu~t be ~)f the Apostolic Bull, that e evated Chu " " I A~o~toHc Suece,~n [ i --r .............. • Monsignor Sch]arman to the Bishop- "No wonder thinkingmen and "l-t~r,~ and nnw H~.~ Emi~' lington was the recipient of the na- ing. Th~ Guardta~ Mem~ria~ •t • . I .......................... tion's honors given by Presidents, Monalutn'| gU~l'•nt~ by • ¢$rtifie~t@ l~l./~.CK rm of Peorm The Bull was read m women tremble as they scan the fu " • " and the two co-consecrating Bishops =~¢=:--:--:--:------- : - - l that th~ •~ Imagist •~d hinting. Latin and then m Enghsh from the ture , o h m .... • are links in a d'vinely wr ug t cha" -- ~ S~ b~utilul 4~d~t~m h~. pulpit by the Card'nal's notary. It~ "It behooves all serlous.minded reaching back to the Apostles. t recited that Monsignor Schlarman men and women to ponder the eter- "Through them the supernatural MONAHAN & SON would have the full care, government hal fact, that God has established a powers-~ possessed by the Original Charles Schay and administration as well as all the Divine society with a Divine Author- Eleven are transferred into the soul H.H. Newman 41g-414 W. MaMklham St. rights and privileges of a Bishop. The ity in ohr midst, to guard us, to guide of Bishop Schlarman. Bull was dated April 16 and signed us and to save us from the virus of "The new Bishop comes to his sub- hy Andrew Cardinal Freewtrth, chan- a pagan immorality gnawing at the lime office well equipped intellect- CONTRACTORS eellor of the Catholic Church, vitals of our homes and of our Chris- ually and spiritually• He comes well AND BUILDERS Ma,s Start,. tian civilization." ' prepared to shed luster on the Church After the notary hod finished w;th Bishon Griff'n then traced the lin- of Christ in the important Diocese of NO. I INGRAMS-- the reading of the BuP, he read the cage of the Papacy from Peter to the Peoria. Per bushel basket ..... Estimates Ch !~:lett,r from the A~)ostolic Delegat:on present Pope Plus XI. He eontin-I "And so, Bihsop Schlarman, you " . eerfully NO.1 YORKS--- i~ at Washlngton, wherein it was an- ued: I have today joined a noble Order, a Furmshed. 50 buckets or less..__ ~, n~,~c-d t~t t~e Ho~v Father had "But the Papacy is not the whole Div'ne Order--the Order of Christ's given his n~rm;ssion ~o the conse,~a, church according to the Divine plan! own Episcopacy. tdon of B:sb~, S,h~a~man by His The Panacv is Divine because ChristI "We welcome you! We co ngratu- Phone 4-6057 LittleRock Eminence at Cathedral June 17, to- ~qtab'ished it in an4 through Peter! late you from our inmost hearts! da.v. The Evisconacy is another part ofI Congratulates Bi,hon. Little Rock, Arkansas -- Phone 4-0157 ---- Lonlt Distance Then came the examination of the the divine plan. Only ~wo parts of "We congratulate the clergy, relig- ,~, --:--=--:-=__ _:__ :_:_