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June 16, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 16, 1923

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PA(B EIGHT "'" "u'SiF00&'i00 " " : sov0000.r P00F0000nON $ * By Autolycum * Fish or Flesh "When you take a bite of frog leg, do you think you are eating animal or fish?" asks a newspaper, which goes on to remark that a Chicago court must decide the frog's status for the purpose of determining the ad- missibility of an action brought by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The question, as stated, is easily answered. Any living organ- ism endowed with sense perception may be described as an animal. A fish .Catholic Monopolists What a'e the reasons which prevent a Catholic bookseller from pushing the sale of Papini's "Life of Christ?" As the work has been lauded by corn-, petent Catholic reviewers, there are two possible (but, I think, inadmissi- ble) reasons. First: It was trans- lated by a non-Catholic. Second; The translator worked with a non-Catholic version of the Bible. It should be re- membered, however, that these two eiumstances have given the" book a popularity and a usefulness which it could never have enjoyed if published under Catholic auspices. Given the enterprise, I suppose there was noth- ing to prevent a Catholic from trans- lating the work, or a Catholic pub- lisher from publishing it. Papini is now writing a "story of the Virgin Mary." Prhaps a Catholic house will give us this in English. If not, and if :come other house secures it, I suppose that" some aCtholic booksellers will OF RELIGION REBUKED BY LIVING CHURCH HEAD THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1923 I PREACHERS REGALE IN KLAN REGALIA WITH BIGOTRY SOP Conduct of Boishevi-----'ts Too Violent (By N. C. W. C. N"---ws Service.) Even for Antonin--Class Religious St. Louis, Me., June 8.Memorial Instruction--Fines for Visiting Par. Day was selected by he local pro- lshloners, meters of the Ku Klux Klan for a ,, _ large meeting at Creve Coeur Lake ( N. C.' W. C. News Service ) . during the day and evenin Ten thou theW:::at , M.a.y_ 2$.--The efforts of land people is the estimate g o attend- suvernment oi ussia to Iance, but it was open to the public to suppress all religion have been car-[some extent and many were present ried to such extremes as to evoke plo-/merely as spectators It wa tests even fr * ....... | '. s the first .... -uc eccmsmslcs/public gatherin of th who have been most ...... | g e klau in St. suvserwent to Louis. Two fiery crosses were dis- DOMINICAN SISTERS ])EDICATE $1,000,000 GRAND RAPIDS SCHOOL is an animal which lives under water.  the communist regime and who have played before backgrounds of Ameri- growth, proportionately, than in any The more difficult question to decide, co-operated with the bolshevlsts int can flags and upon these flash/ights I other part of the United States. is Whether, for the purpose of observ- I setting up the "Livin ." ." " g and has been strikin l- ill " . ". e thrown at short intervals I ]orty-slx years ago, said Bisho ing the Church's laws of fasts g Chmch This w re "  ,, abstinenet frog's les are fl o ! g y ustrateo m the ., " . ,, P ...... g sh r I report presented to the all Rus -:^- / Offlcmls of the klan stated that I lIcNlchols, all the southern peninsula me..a_t.: ms is a matter upon which the I central executive committee Vtzi': 2'2Q0 members were initiated during ]f Michigan was included ill one dio- nurcn nas never, I beueve, laid down Bishop Antonin, metro-oF*'- - '-' oY[the evening. The proceedings were in /cese- Within its limits several sister- " p avetl| O1 ViOS- , a unlvesal ruhng, havmg been con-Icow and head of the "Lh,,- l. ....... lcharge of the Re. C}mrles D. McGe- hoods were dmpensmg Chrmtian edu- tent to save tne matter to local opin- I movement, bv me-,,- ^"-:C"s ,L,,, /hee, pastor of the New Haven Street/cation. Half of the parochial sch s ion. I . . - uI wnlcll tile so- / ....  I . . 0ol " " " g Church takes the gee- . an Enemy. " " " age and zeal to lay the foundations ,and it is translated into Spanish 'and pub- ernment severely to task for its per- Mr. Crawford criticized the daily strength and endurance for the sacri- lished in Havana. Arthur is still well secution of religion and reveals the press, which he called one of the chief rices necessary to sustain them. God ahead. This column gets into only fallacy of the soviet charge that its enemies of the klan. "The klan is not raised up in those (lays great pioneer about three dozen papers. I have been anti-religious activities are directed entirely a secret organization," he spirits who dug deep and laid the tempted to allow its translation into against counter-revolutmnary,, con- " " said, "only the names of the members foundation for such a noble super- various foreign languages (including spiracles and propaganda, are kept secret. Secrecy is our chief structure as the Sacred Heart College, the Scandinavian); but the futility of I Recalling that the soviet decrees weapon." such a proceeding is apparent when r calling for the separation o" '---] Crawford stat . which we dedicate to(fay. one recalls Shelley's view of transla- and Stt, ,. ......  ..... ,  . . .  ed that the klan was "We are beholding the phenomenal , " i -, ,,u oeen so rioro nol; against (-;atflOllClSm tions ' It were as wis "  ...... ,,t ..... " o usly  . , but agmst growth of that first little community , . e ....... .,, --iaPlmea up o the beginning of 1923 ]its aims and its hieratch. cast a violet into a crucible that you ITl ......... ' ., " ' y. One thing of six Sisters of St. Dominic. Ib now I , vpor feces: that the klan wouhl d ma might discover the formal princinle of : w ..... [ e nd, he said, numbers more than 400 members af- its color aml odor, as seeks to tra I xcessve tAmrch Taxes. [was inspection of Catholic institutions filiated in this diocese. From the ' . , m- Beginning with the present year,/by state officers. He also said the fuse from one langauge into another it appears that the dike ha. ' /kl . . , nursery at Traverse City other con- the creations, of a" columnist.. Of ,,,u"-' on ....... ne ;lmrca has f'dlenSabrkenstor butanhbe no fll-fll towards the Jews, gregations were made which now con- course Shelley wrote "Poet" But the ,e  ...... ' " n [ e dd not like their aims and stitute a flourishing congregation in a ...... esal;n e ......... iraXes wmcn uu'eaten to suffocate, lideals, neighboring diocese. prmcpie m tn _ ha n tl.e] search for new methods of I "We have got to restrict immigra- "A thousand Dominican Sisters to- Our Fault Now _,_ assmg ne ctergy, Bmhop Antonin tion," he continued. "The time has day, after 46 years, continue the worh charges, ne soviet authorities hit [come when we must say to priest d A gentleman with an Irish name, upon the scheme of classif-i-- ,^ I ..... , ...... s an so nobly begun. The simple school of '  .,s - raams, xou snau not brmg your sin- a half century ago cost but $1,000. It speaking at a Presbyterian assembly, priests as "professional" men and ions to our shores.'" has given place to these imposing urged the necessity of having an or- then impo,ing a "pofessmnal,,. " tax on Al Smith a Worry. buildings and to those 50 other foun- ganization in Washington "to act asthem. a buffer against the great and un- "The local authorities are begin- Crawford tohl the crowd that the i dations dedicated to education. "T klan had long looked for the time I he mustard seed planted by the scrupulous power of Roman Catholic- ning to interfere in an absurd manner when 450 or 500 members would be IDominican Sisters in the diocese of ism." Whose fault is it that a man I " ' with these intimate functions of relig- added to its membership every week Gand Rapids shows today the great- with an Irish name should have drift- ion," Bishop Antonin's report declares, iu St. Louis and that this time had ar- [ zt growth, proportionately, of the ed so far from the beliefs of his for- "forcing the seryants of religion to rived. "By the next presidential elec- Dominican family in the United balancedbears thatwhenhe becomeShe hearsVilentthe nameand Un-of tobtainthe specialfaithful.,,permits for these visits tion," he said, "we will have 10,000,000 States, numbering in the state 1,000 the Church for which they would have Taxed and Then Fined. members in the United States, so that out of a total of 8,000 teaching Sis- we can beat A1 Smith. We don't want ters." (tied? Perhaps it was no one's fault. Besides interposing all sorts of ob- the White House disgraced by a Tam- Catholics who came over here in the stacles,jm!uding rrest and imprison- many politician and an Irishman." CATHOLIC EDITOR old days and settled on the land hadment, to the performance of the re- Reporter Got a Klan-Jaw. no churches, and in many cases theligious duties of the priests, the met- faith died out in two or three genera-, ropolitan's statemen reveals that the No great disorder took place, ex- ENTERS PRIESTHOOD cept that one reporterfor the St. tions. Though it was no one's fault bolshevists have hit upon an ingenious Louis Star--states he was called "a then, it is our fault now, when')eople i theory whereby the priests are taxed in the sparsely settled districts lose [fr permission to pursue their "pro- dirty scoundrel" by the Rev. McGehee, (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) who said to some of the klansmen: Denver, Col., June 10.--The Right their faith for the lack of a church, fession" and then fined for doing so, "Boot him out, boys." They doggedthe Rev. Henry Tihen, D.D., bishop of It is all a question of money, and/thus giving the authorities an oppor- reporter's steps and followed him to Denver, today as priests the Rev. Mat- Catholics have the money. The Catb- tunity to collect twice. olic Church Extension Society is beingl Complaint is voiced in the report his automobile, when one struck at thew J. W. Smith, editor of the Den- him, but the newspaper man landed a vet Catholic Register; the Rev. James asked every day for help in the mat- because numerous churches through- right-hander to the jaw and knocked [Flanagan of Denver and the Rev. Joha ter of building churches in rural com- out Russia have been appropriated |Cody of Wichita, Kan. Father Smith, munities. It can give only what it and are being converted into clubs, the klansman down. gets. [ |it is believed, is the first editor ever to Destructive Aims. priest" or bishop who is not of their| rdained a priest while actively in The soviet government has two deft- camp is sufficient to cause his imme- |charge of a church newspaper. At the Mexican Smoke Screen [nite aims in viewto destroy the for- diate arrest. [request of his bishop he continued the Mexico is trying to make peace, onlmer Russian Orthodox Church with Such action of the soviet goven- editing and managing of The Register her own terms, with the United the help of the "Living Church," and ment naturally produces the scandal- while carrying on his theological States. Consequently you must ex-/then to destroy all religion. In spite ous and abnormal effect spoken of in studies at St. Thomas' Seminary, here, pec to read a good deal just nowof its inherent weakness the Orthodox the report of Metropolitan Antonin. It a feat made possible nly by previous about the enlightenment of the gov- I Church had a considerable hold on the is the organized destruction of all re- years of experience in newspaper ernmentD , of Mexico. . . people, and was able to offer some re- ligious society. With the hands of the work. on t be fooled by t. It m merely a ] mstance to the bolshevists. The new "L" " ,, smoke screen. This is the sort of [church is definitely subservient to the [ vmg Church the government His first Mass will be sung June 11 [ wishes to dig a grave for the slaves in in St. Francis de Sales' Church Den- thing that is happening down there: lsoviets and can offer no resistance to But the facts don't, get into the Amer- atheism. It is merely a temporary de- I casscks which it has dra,n into its ver, with the Most Rev. Archbishop l service by the deceptive phantom of John B. Piteval, D.D., a resident of ican papers. Seventeen students of Ivies whic will exist for a time as [state support and the clinking of its this 5ity,.formerly archbishop of San- the State Institute of Science and Art Ilong as there are numbers of believers gold. ta Fe, in the sanctuary, and his first (which was stolen from the Church for whom a sudden transition to athe .... some years ago) joined a new chapter  ism is impossible and in whom such a in Oaxaca, of the Catholic Association Itransitin would excite opposition to ofMexicanYouth. Thedirectorof/thesovietpower. St. J elb h "s Iu f i the Institute ordered them to with-] The council at Moscow has realized  rmary draw. They refused. The governor [the hopes of the bolsheviki. The patri- of Oaxaca was appealed to, and he [arch is deprived of his cha'rge, stamp- H O T S P R I N G S issued an executive order for their ed with the brand of traitor to the expulsion from the Institute. Obre- Church and to his country, the bishops gon wants the United States govern- with the Russian emigrants in foreign The South's Most Fanmus Sanitarium meat to recognize his government, lcountries are excommunicated, the Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy knowing that recognition will be con-]marriage of bishops anc the second sidered by Mexican radicals as an en-/marriage of priests is authorized, and dorsement of such acts ofpersecution/the soviet power had been acclaimed FHIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY  WITH and as an e]couragement to commit "with enthusiasm as a most humane UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS others, and liberal power that has never AND WITH ALL CLASSES. thought of persecuting the Church and which merely combats counter- revolution. DEVOTED SISTERS Seek Bolshevist Approval EXCELLENT STAFF MIMBERS By this base servility the represent- atives of the "Living Church" hedge COMPETENT NURSE CORPS to obtain the good-will of the govern- ment and to be recognized at least '------'---- de facto as the state church. The bol- Well Equipped BuildingOf Prominent Location sheviks understand this tendency per Care in Appointments--Every Room Outside Room fectly. Theiragent s suddenly and with Well Ventilated and Lighted impunity arrest and imprison all the adversaries of the "Living Church," turning over their churches to the par- tisans of this latter. All persons of Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation Orthodox ideas or simply honest Or- thodox priests who would not risk sell- ing their conscience are deported to INFIRMARY SANITARIUM REST HOME various remote places in Northern " -- Russia, the Ural and Siberia, or else Professional Attendance are herded in the prisons. A simple denunciation made by a representa- tive of the "Iiving Church" against "a For Reservations Apply to REV. SISTER SUPERIOR istence.pretend that they don't know, of its ex- St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. x f (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) I Grand Rapids, Mich., June ll.--The I new million-dollar college of the Do- /miniean Sisters was dedicated here Ilast Wednesday by the Right Rev. Ed- ward D. Kelly, bishop of Grand Rap- ids. The Right Rev. John T. McNichols, 0. Pl.f bishop of Duluth, preached the sermon, in which he pointed out that the Dominican Sisters, in the diocese of Grand Rapids, showed a greater Solemn Mass will be sung at the Sa- cred Heart Church, Altoona, Pc., his birthplace, Sunday, June 17, with his brother the Rev. F. Gregory Smith of Denver preaching, and his twin uncles, the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Thomas p. Smith, vical general, and the Rev. Matthew S. Smith, both of Altoona, assisting in the services. Among the relatives present will be two aunts, Sisters M. Bernard and M. Aquinas, of the St. Joseph Order. Father Smith will continue as edi- tor of The Register and will attend the Catholic Press Association conven- tion in Indianapolis June 29 and 30 before returning west. The Rev. Hugh L. McMenamin of Denver will preach at his first Mass. In a true friendship, the weaker of the two must always, little by little, become conformed not only to the habits of life, but to the habits of thought, of the-stronger. B? ,at new , quick, impaliet at o11,  by mail, Y qmicldy qualify as bfldp, ao- mmtmat, stenographer, Ncrstary or evti Nryieo employs or tegmph 8d sttlonmsmtor, and we frum'umoo Yon a podtion when yon y. Wit today for tafma4, mma@ mae desired. BRADFORD DR UG CO. Th, House of Quality Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W." Second St. Little IRock PARIS (By No C. W. 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