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June 16, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 16, 1923

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June Ii. a monu- Ic War by Day with the ; one faction supported others lead- on the Decoration by the legion station, care of it Around the which de- trustees, and two THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1923 SPANISH PRELATE I SHOWS PROGRESS OF ASSASSINATED AT [ LEAGUE FORMED FOR ' MONASTERY GATE] CH00STIAN UNITY [ W.C. News Service) (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) I (By N. C. Madrid, June 11.Communists arc Waterbury, Vt., June 11.--In an ad- blamed for the death of Cardinal Sol- I dress here Father Conway spoke o11 deville y Romero, archbishop of Sara- the question of Christian unity and gossa, who wag shot and killed near t the monastery of St. Vincent de Paul[ last week. . ] Early reports to the effect that the / cardinal was slain because of a dis-L pute with laborers whom he had jem- ployed have not been confirmed by the authorities and the general belief now is that the killing was planned by an anti-Catholic faction. There is general indignation throughout the country as a result of the killing and authorities are taking extreme precautions to pre- vent street outbreaks. Already there have been minor clasles in Barcelona, where the cardinal was greatly re- vered. Shot at Monastery Gate. The cardinal was alighting from his car in front of the St. Vincent de Paul dwelt at length on the aims and ,pur- poses of the Catholic Unity League. This league, he stated, has shown re- markable progress in the short time of its exis_tence and now numbers 7,000 members. The league finances lecture courses throughout the country and has conducted 27 such courses during the last year. It expended over $27,000 in this work and in the distribution of over 75,000 books and over 250,000 pamphlets. The league was founded or. Septem- ber 14, 1917, and does not limit, said Father Conway, its good offices to the United States, but extends them to other countries , particularly India, Ceylon and the Philippines. A notable experiment has been instituted in its loan library, which now numbers over 5,000 volumes. The league sends free books in any language to non-Cath- olics when it receives application for after a con- monastery when the leaden hail was of police, poured into his body by three or four wreath, concealed men. His chauffeur and valet, who were in the same car with had him, were wounded. Ellis and Cardinal Soldeville y Romero was to protect the Baptist denomination and generation to the best of my abil- from the reproach of his conduct, tty, whether I am at home or abroad. quTh:d P;etT:eoutOal :h:d: resolutlon no" Io:t, v::y hlTaa: tnde(lh?:;de:h: i post became' the wreath the as fol- was paid and tlle Among tle are those The:e by the klan. died in would not an un-Amer- klan. elevated to the cardinalate in 1919 and the red hat was conferred upon him: Unbecoming Conduct "For many years the Atlanta Bap- tist Ministers' Conference has been pained and humiliated by persistent and well authenticated reports from Atlanta and other cities throughout the South of the unbecoming conduct of the Rev. C. A. Ridley, pastor of the Central Baptist church of Atlanta. "From time to time committees from this conference as well as indi- viduals have labored to reclaim Dr. Ridley to an honorable life," but he "has repeatedly acknowledged his short-comings, made i)romises of amendment and begged for another chance to make good only to break said promises and disappoint our ex- pectations of his amendment." The Central Baptist church has continued Dr. Ridley as his pastor "to the embarrassment of the Baptist de- nomination," the preamhle stated. Divine is Not Worried The ministers' conference disclaim- ed ecclessiastical authority over Dr. Ridley, but said "we are involved as fellow Baptist ministers and must disavow any further responsibility for the fellowship which our common or- dination vows have created." such. Dr. Ridley, commenting on the ae- I Lion of the ministers' conference de- GRAND KLUDD RIDLEY [ clared "the action ofthe brethren will ' INJURES BAPTIST CAUSE have no effect on me. I shall go on the best way I can, serving my day keep on trying to walk straight ahead with my face to the front." Dr. Ridley safd whatever was true in the accusation made by the confer- ence was known three years ago when "I made public acknowledgement of the whole truth." He contemph',tes no change in his relationship with the Central Baptist church, he said. Visited Little Rock This Imperial Kludd or chaplain was royally entertained on a recent visit to Little Rock, when the seed was being sown for a Kamelia gar- den by the Kluxers. It seems his or- dination vows bother the Baptist Con- ference more than it does the Kludd or the Kamelias. KLEIN MnlB BREI$ ROSE 00;AKERY "THE MOST SANITARY BAKRRY' JOE JUNG, Propriety. by Count Fava, special envoy of the lAtlanta Divines Attack Character of Pope, the same year. He was a native of Zamora and was born October 20, I Ku Klux Worker--Recently Enter- 1843. He served as bishop of Tara-! tained in Little Rock When Trying zena, to which post he was appointed ] to Plant Kamelias. in 1899, before becoming archbishop l Atlanta, Ga., June 12.--The Atlan- of Saragossa in 1901. ] ta Baptist Ministers' Conference, com- tposed of l)astors of the 100 or more Baptist churches in the Atlanta dis- CELEBRATE ILIANOIS triet, have gone on record as regard- GOLDEN JUBILEE OF ling "the continuance of the Rev. Dr. DOMINICAN SISTERS C. A. Ridley in the Baptist ministry , l as an mjury to the cause of Christ (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) [ and a reiqection upon tim honor of "l Bal)tist, according to a story pub- [ Springfield. Ill., June 11--[I e gold- ' " Prompt, Regular ICE DELIVERY SERVICE --Ju:t daring the Summer, or the whole year! We're ready to serve you. Call GET RID OF THAT COLD Cleanse your system of the poison- ous Germs which cause Colds, Influ- enza, La Grippe, Fevers, etc., with BOND'S IAVER PILLS. One Pill at bedtime always brings l)rompt re- lief. Only 25c at all druggists. Re- fuse substitutes.--Adv. PAGE SEVEN To those who live largeby in the imagination--who create rather than receive---reassurance, as well as ap- prehensiveness and depression is aN ways at their command. Cast away authority, and authority shall forsake you!. wreath was en jubilee of the opening of the lished in the Atlanta Journal. and Albert mother house of the Dominican Sis-I Mr. Ridlcy long has been active in Jsel)h' waS ltcrs in Illinois is being observed here the extension work of the Ku Klux They me.with a three-day celebration which has ll Klan and formerly heht the title of man from brought visitors from many parts of imperial kludd or chapl'fin of that or- was James the state. Tile celebration also corn- ganization. IIe formerly was pastor .!nhmorates the silver jubilee of the of a church in Beaumont, Tex. Alumnae of the Sacred Heart Acad- Would Oust Minister L .UNVEILED Service.) Statue of memorial to S.J., has grounds of St. outside the The figure l emy" In a resolution adopted at their The Rt. Rev. John T. McNichols, weekly meeting yesterday and made O.P,. bishop of Duluth preached the public today, the Jourmd story said, :sermon at the Solemn High Mass cele- the Baptist ministers declared they brated yesterday in the open air. A would appeal to the Atlanta Associa- chorus of 200 male voices rendered the tion of Baptist churches at the next music for the Mass and on each side lmeeting of that organization to deny E of the altar was a living American the Central Baptist church of which flag made up of 600 school children. Dr. Ridley is pastor, representation in the association because of its failure us ! CITY DELIVERY CO. Phone 4-3450 'SAFETY,, CONVENIF00E. PROFIT Depositing Your SavtngB With tl of Jesus feet in CATHOLIC STUDENTS gran- WIN SCrlOLA RSHIPS on the base ] IN EAST INDIA TEST Loyola, pa- i loving re- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Van lay- and erected include Buffalo, De- who as- meditation direction of CltlLDREN Service.) Swiss Cath- VolksoIatt" have both made for the un- children of Ger- lope Plus, has through Philosophical PRINTING  if. OFFICE SOUTHERN TROT SUPPLIES COMPANY DESKS I t Calcutta, May 21.Catholic schools, Our printing plant is very complete, , presses doing fines1 you not only obtain complete safet automatic feeding liwhich are discriminated against in re-, for your funds and 4 per cent interesl spect to government grants, have of work. scored another signal victory in Mad- Send for illustrated price list ot compounded twice a year, but you als I know that your money ie readily avail. ras. In a recent examination for gov- I Ofl%e Supplies. able whenever you may require it. ernment scholarships, competed in by PARKIN Remember that a small amount de regularly at fixed intervals students of Catholic, non-Catholic, ! Printing & Stationery Co. will produce far better results that government and private schools, every I scholarship was won by the Catholic' scholars. Government officials are often gen- erous enough to compliment the Cath- collages as far as the appropriation of eises or in public speeches on other occasions, but as yet little has been done to put them on n plane of equal- ity with Protestant high schools and colleges as far as the appripriation of government money is concerned. It is hoped that the recent signal victory for Catholic education will have the effect of hastening a more equitable distribution of farads. Little Reek, Ark, i ............ q. Residence Phone Offme Phone 4-3572 7834 DR. E. J. MAHONEY the infrequent depositing ef largeJ amounts. DENTIST Suite 521-22-23 Domaghey Bldg. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. tlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll00 BENEFIT CNIC JOSEPh'S URPHANAGE = GROUNDS, BELMONT.- HILL NESDAY 4TI00 H ULY i. of All KINDS SuPler Served. Come and Spend the Orphans. EverydodWELCOME ! Illllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllulllllllllll00 BOYS' PROTECTORY ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis, who have taken over the famous health resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" and adapted the proper equipment for the purpose of giving to BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY .EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade HEALTH -- DISCIPLINE -- KNOWLEDGE "Acquired Within Pleasing Environment For Information and Terms Write: VEN. BROTHER Jr Route No. 3 ALBERT, SEARCY, ARK. -m ,jill Our Brands are perfect Blends --the result of more than fifty years experience in roasting and blending only the choicest selection-- A trial will convince you. C. D. KENNY CO. 121 West 5th Telephone -1465 ? 00#S/c Haley & Hornibrook i t PHONE MAIN 1786 i VENTILATING AND ALL KINDS OF ROOFING A lombstone o Beauty always expresses to the passex-by the loving care with which it was selected. If you have an idea for such a memo- rial, we will carry it to the last detail in accordance with your desire. We are t your service for monumental work of any kind. No Aenta--No Commission. Write for Cabzlog MONAHAN & SON 412-414 West Markham St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. PREFERRED DIOCESAN BUSINESS LIST Our Advertisers whose announcements are found th THE GUAKDIAN are leaders in their line of businon& The want your trade and solicit your patronage through your own paper. PATRONIZE THEM. They are worthy of your co-operation. In dealing with them make mention of yovr appreciation of their material assistance to your Cath- olic paper. Tell them that you "see in TH GUARDIAN" and they will be encouraged to continue to help themselves, to help you, and to help TH GUARDIAN. St.0000Vincent's Infirmary Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE-- EXPERIENCE-- EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Critical Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE 1887 1923 Tile SisterbsYof Charity ] of Nazareth " ] ST. VINCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Offers exceptional opportunities for experience and training in all classes of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalize in this enobling and renmnerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with hem, provide a Three Years' Course of theoreti- cal, practical and modern training,.fitting the graduates for successful future effort in all classes of nurmng, both medical and surgical, and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the best equipped in- stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private rooms and abot 5,000 patients are treated annually. The ext class is now being formed. Applicants must'have one year of High School or the educational equivalent, and recommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Rock, Ark. I I I II II l ::i  : 5