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June 16, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 16, 1923

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1923 , KNIGHTS C(LUMBUS STATE the other council ia doir)g and trying ual help for the deceased, instead of levied'on each member, making a total of Columbus is to enter upon an un- COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS IN to do for the good of the order, flowers. Arrangements should be] of $1.65 for the year. dertaking of this character it would _ CONVENTION AT PINE BLUFF Columbus Burse for Seminary made to have one or more masses said] Keep Down Tax 6e ridiculous to limit the number of We recommend that the Knights of for the soul of our deceased brother, .We regard the imposition of an ad- sanatoria to one institution. Millions (Continued from Page 1) Columbus endeavor to create a $5,000 and in this connection, Councils are ditional per capita tax of $1.20 on of dollars would be required annually Jdave given me during my term of of- Knights of Co!umbus Burse for the urged to hold a requiem Mass at least each member of the order, without his Ior an indefinite period. It would re- fice and I trust that the friendship Seminary. This will keep our name once a year "for the respose of the consent or permission, unless notes- quire many of these institutions lo- which I have formed in this order will forever before the Catholic people, soul of deceased members sary to pay t'tie expenses of conduct- .cated in various parts of the coun- be as lasting as the order itself. Fra- but the means to raise the money is Support of Catholic Press ing the order, a hardship at this par- try, for it must be borne in mind that ternally yours, suggested as follows: That the matter The matter of subscribing to good titular time, owing to the fact that the members in the associate class (Signed.) J, P. Hopkins, be taken up by the Grand Knight of Catholic periodicals should receive as sent out by the Worthy Supreme comprising five-sevenths of the mere- State Deputy each of the subordinate councils, ex- earnest and serious attention, the Knigkt and known to ourselves, that bership are admitted to membership Theannual letter from the Supreme plaining that it is the desire of this good and wholesome Catholic inspira-I the suspensions during the present without physical examination. This Secretary was read by the State Dep- order through its membership to be t]on to be received from this source is t year have been heavy, be the cause last we regard as the most vital of all. uty and given.the closest attention, able to help educate young men for,incalculable. And I therefore urge lwhatever it may be, but we are cer- 550,000 of our present membership Bishop Morris Grateful the Priesthood, thuS: aiding and as- councils to insist that members sub- tain it must have been financial came into.the order without phy,ical State Deputy also reads in regard sisting' His Lordship, Bishop Morris, scribe to one or more of the national We regard it further as an addi- examination, and the burden would be as well as doing honor  to ourselves ICatholic papers, and when these pc- tional burden on 250,000 members of placed upon tlm 250.000 insurance to Junior Knights and letter, of con- as a great order. We :ecommend that I pers have been read by the member this order who carry insurance, and men. In other words, there would not gratulatiOnfollows: from Bishop Morris as five years cn be taken to raise the and family, not to be destroyed, but who in addition to what the associate be that equality that the order stands "I received a copy of your letter to money, and that each member pay! should be passed on to others, or ex- member and-there is about 550,000 of i'or, and it would be entirely unfair to the Knights of the State urging them $1.00 each year for at least four years, changes made. It would be a noble I them pay as dues, the insurance mere- the insurance class of membership. to help in your seminary collection. I That the matter be taken up thor-/wor k for councils to arrange to have hers must not only pay these dues 60 What the supreme Knight says from congratulate you on the letter-which oughly discussed and voted on by the la number of standard Catholic publi- days in advance of the associate mem- a financial standpoint differs widely is all I ould desire and hope to ex- membership of each council, afLer cations placed in the public libraries ber to carry his insurance as well as Iror the statement published by the .press. only notices have been sent to all the of the city in which councils are lo- to provide for the running and cur- Colorado Springs, Colo., council, and I hope the response will be such members to be present at the next cated, in this way much good can be rent expenses of his subordinate coun- we therefore, recommend that this :ial ' bUtaxmUSt meet promptly the per subject remain as it is in the hands that you will be proud of it, and will regular meeting, and sending them a accomplished to uproot prejudice in , be a pleasure to me to feel that I have copy of this resolution of this con- the minds of fair minded non-Catho- p" a t x when levied, or else lose his I of the Supreme Board of Directors the cooperation of all ttm Knights of cil. Tha the result of the vote of the lies. insurance, $1.20 per year for four with their Tubercular Commission un- the State in the great work the Semi- council on the subjc be mailed to the Athletic Activities years, added to the per capita tax the der the guidance of the Supreme nary is doi:g :for the Dioces, " Worthy State DepuLy. That when the With the wonderful increase in order has been levying through the Prlysicmn of the order Who we be- money is finally rai.;cd it be at that membership, it is perfectly apparent supreme council appears to us rather |love are at all times doing those Very Roy. Dr. Aretz 1,xtcnus Thanks time presented by a committee to be that the young men of the order arc unreasonable. 2xnother thing, in ad- things only which are for the good of Mr. J. p. Hopkins, State Deputy, appointed by wimmsoever may "be Knights of Columbus, Jonesboro, Ar- serving the order as Worthy Sate more and more insisting upon activity I ditibn to the large number of mere- I t-'he order and the entire membership. in athletics and every means should bers who have suspended themselves Recommendations kansas. My Dear Mr. Hopkins: Deputy be taken to encourage them. Great'durlng the year as evidenced by the We recommend most highly those am in receipt of your letter of De. Home for Aged good can be accomplished by councils letter of the Supreme Knight, we councils and members of the order comber 28th, containing check for As to a lmme fr the aged and in- in organizing base ball, football and may, unwittingly, impose h burden who responded so nobly and liberally $150.00, to be placed to the credit of r]igent members and their families we basketball teams to compete with oth- I causing others to be suspended and to the Seminary in making contribu- the St. John's Seminary fund, donat- have no reconm|endation to make ex- er teams, and which would do much possibly insurance men, and this tion of one dollar each. Those coun- ed by the Knights of Columbus of Ar- cept to say that we deem the time in- I to bring about a friendlier feeling would mean a loss to their widows ells who have reported to this conven- kansas for the purpose of educating opportune to take the subject matter I for our order and help to dispel the and children ' tion 100 per cent deserve certainly the young men to the Holy Priesthood On up with the other activities that the I  With the activities of the order at 5]ghost praise, and none there are prejudice and mlsundersamhng here- the present time, when we take into who will deny such honors to them behalf of myself and Seminary au- order now ha' on hand. t tofore existing , thorities I wish to extend hearty I Squires of Columbus I Advocates Insurance Feature consideration the unprecedented for their activities in this regard hanks and appreciation. Indeed, it is growth of the order, costing last year ' We believe that the letter of the As to the Junior Boys of the[ The Knights of Columbus is prima- nearly $8,000,000 to run the order's Worthy Supreme Knight is a letter of , [with pleasant foreboding that we look Knights of Columbus we recommend [ rily an insurance order, and evcral business and with the home building information entirely for tt: .bordi- t lt 1 thi 1 : being paid for by a per capita tax on nate councils of the state ann that the s la La en t n __.-. ,, :  ":. , " " council of the jurisdiction, and fur-t, " : , ' .. ' . . " " each member, and further when we same will receive from the Grand m:n ofnth:rsg:a:ea acnnc gentle'I thr we realize that the Catho:iclhem:lf:mofn:Y; wnat a d:atnt consider the fact that each member Knight of each council the considers- . e of the Sem]- c m country. 2his vat I young men when they attain the age I . " . " who will remam m good standing, tion that it should have and richly de- ;::Y thatdGepy apprecmhve, and I I of 18 years are eligible for member- d: m wa't,a gff of bro!hers of this or- mus pay by the per capita tax sys- serves slit" With ''wm bless your hber-!shi p in this order. I ch: .to nose wnom tney loved and tom a sufficient sum of money for a We hereby compliment most highly y. al goes wisnes for the , : ,. . I rsne ann wao, in many cases, . , . ..  " I Scrutiny of App,lcatmns , - ...... " I sufficmnt number of years to pay $1,- our Worthy State Deputy for his Si:::d, I am, very sincerely yours I As to those who shall be permitted I:: atho'ueY, e, epenuent upon the 000,000 for this attempt to comply magnificent report We congratulate t g ) W H Aretz y ey le eved for their conffort ' "" I to rentals in the order havinr not fun [ , " " with the request of His Holiness Pope him on his activity not only during Motion made and carried letter'fil ' " ." . l ann support  ' "*' this year but during his incumbency _ _ led their duty towards hs parish, I cnechct XV and ratffmd by the Pres- from Supreme Secretary regarding we make no recommendation because l Insurance Propaganda ent Pontiff, His Holiness, Pope Plus in office as State Deputy. We con- quires of Columbus be referred to this order does not supersede in any I In the report of the Special Corn- XI. We must consider the mainte- gratulate him on increasing the coun- resolution committee  " " m" " ' way the Holy Roman Catholic Church ttee on nsurance membership it nance of such an effort on our part ells of this State. " Motion made anti carried that min- nor any of her laws; nor can we in was recommended that a specml.can- to reclaim the Italian youth and keep We recommend that the report of u.tes of convention of 1922 be approv- terfere or amend the laws of this or- vass be made by to secure the ,him in the Faith of his fathers and this convention be reported in full in ed as published in the Guardian. der except by amendment of some transfer of the largest possible sum- not be robbed of his birthright from the Guardmn and that the same be State Secretary makes annual re- particular section of the laws and then [Jcr of associate members to the insur- a religious point, we realize that this forwarded by the Worthy State Sec- port wlfich is well accepted by the submit the same to the Supreme con- cd class; to have presented the claims will cost money and what the per rotary. convention, vention for helr rejection ,- adop- of the Knights of Columbus to the capita tax will be to take care of that Motion to accept resolutions sore- State Chaplain Reports tion. We take into fur- attention of Catholic men m good i we are not in a position to even con- toil'tee reported as read made and Father Tynin, state chaplain, makes thor this fact that the laws of the or- standing who have not thus tar ac- jecture. Certain it is, that the growth carried. liis report. Among other good things, der now provides two questions in the quired memb.ership in this great or- and bigness of the order, being one Address by Bro. McGraw on resolu- he recommended that all future state application blank, and that is eac]7 der, and to carry on a special cam-. of the prosperous and large corpora- lion of Tul)ercular Institution. Conventions be opened with a High candidate for membership is asked the paign for the purpose of inducing lions of this country from a Prater- Address by Father Tynin on resolu- Mass and urges a full two-day con. question if he has made his Easter former members of the order to apply hal standpoint, will not decrease its tlons. vention instead of cutting it short to Duty and are you a practical Roman for re-admission, per capita tax but increase it. Motion made by Father TynIn ihat i " matter of large number of members ,, cue day; recommended no one be ad- Catholic? The order must reply on Insurance Campaign Education is Prevention from Arkansas belonging to Texas mitted to the order in good standing [e truthful answer of the applicant So'on March the 18th, through the We realize further that the order council in Texarkana be left to the unless he can show he has fulfilled liimself, especially in view of the fact kindness of tim Supreme Council, At- through a committee of eminen phy- judgment of State Deputy as o what his financial duties to his parish; rec- that he has been passed on and rec- ! kansas ws accoided the pleasure of sicians have dealt with this question - steps he should take in the matter, ,ommended 25 or 50 per cent per cap- ommended by the Investigation tom- ]aving Brother Imke E. Hart of St. now for some years, and it is their carried. ta tax be levied for benefit of the I mittee of the order appointed by the Louis, Supreme Advocate pay this opinion and recommendation that pro- Au]t'ng committee reports tress- seminary; recommended all Knights Grand Knight. State an official visit at Joaesboro, vention is the cure, and by that we urer's book found to be in first class of Columbus subscribe for the South- Length of Convention for the purpose of inaugurating this mean education. We cannot take for shape. Motion made and carried aud- ,ern .Guardian. Approves of the As to tle Stae convention holding campaign for more insurance mem- granted as true what the resolution of iting committee's report be accepte]. Squires-of Columbus movemet and two days we are in favor of it, but bers, and every Grand Knight of the the Colorado Council says is true, Committee on mileage and per diem :thinks would have the approval of our this is a matter entirely in the hands tate, as well as District Deputies tIfat the deaths from tuberculosis in report, motion made ant[ carried that :Holy Church; recommends home o I and the sound discretion of the Wor- were invited to be present as per my this order is greater than from anY lrepor t be accepted and be filed. Com- ndigent K. C. members, thy State Deputy, depending entirely letter under date of February the 22d, the report for the present year end- mitres on telegrams reports, motion Se Deputy Hopkins thanks Rev. on the activities he has in hand and and while only three councils were o: the other causes. We do know that Tynin for his recommendations and I the amount of business to be attended represented at tais special meeting, I ins April 1, 1923, shows that from made be. accepted and filed Unfinished business. asks the council to give his recom-I t by the convention, note with pleasure that most of the any and all causes we only have 5.92 1 Mbtion $25.00 be sent to Guardian mendatons serious considerat!on, also Yeirly Communion councils '71ave complied with this re- one hundredths deaths per 1,000 for prining report of state conven- subordinate councils should each have Article 8th of the by-laws of the quest to organize team work in this members. The fact that from an in- n reporter so they can report doings Sate Council, with refe?ence to ap- connection to increase their insurance surance standpoint alone among the lion, carried. .of their councils to The Guardian. preaching Holy Communion in a body members]ip, fraternal orders of this country and Motion made that State Secretary Treasurer's Report once a year, during Easter time. I Opening Mass Canada, we stand with close on to $250,000,000 worth of insurance in fear this most important requirement. ,As to having High Mass at the op- force, yet by having a competent Su- Treasurer reports as follows: On is not being observed as strictly as it ening of the convention, we make no proms Physician along with his as- hand May, 1922, $1004.15. Expendi-  should be. It is hoped therefore, that lures, $839.15. Balance on hand May recommendation for the reason .that sistants, that our deaths have been * I9"23 $165.00. Re'ceipts for May, iGrand Knights will give natter their this address, itself peculiarly to the such as to cause this order to be re- ' earnest attention and see that every committee having matters in hand garded first, and with a ratio of as- 1923, per capita tax, $748.40. Total..i member of their respective councils is en hand May, 1923, $913.40. preparing for the State convention at sets over liabilities applied to the in- Motion made and carried report be ] checked up and that those who failed the place and under the jurisdiction of We surance class only of 133.65 per cent. :n this important duty be required to the subordinate council where the This speaks care and caution. committee, received and turned over to auditing comply therewith, or suffer expulsion state convention meets. Treasurer reports that appropria -] from the orAer under section 162, Inopportune Time chapter 2 of the National laws It is Tuberculosis Sanatoria We know the subject appeals to one ties of $250.00 to the Seminary pass- a most beautiful edifying sight to see Brother McGraw of Fort Smith and all, but we regard the time inop- ed by last conention has not been paid. a council approach Holy Communion counc presented to this committee portune to recommend an establish- in a body, it is one of the demonstra- on behalf of himself, the resolution of meat that is going to cpst millions. If Motion made and carried convention lions of the faith of our members, and Colorado Springs Council No 582, we regard as worthy of belief the adjourn until 2:00 p. m. Inn open profession of Catholicity which requested all subordinate coun- statements issued above the signature Afternoon session-- which cannot fail to bring blessingsi cils to give endorsement to the propo- of our Worthy Supreme Knight we Resolutions Offered upon the council, even as it does upon tsition that the Order should levy a should  at least be guided by those State Deputy opens afternoon sos- tle individual. I per capita tax on the membership for who speak with authority and who are sion at 3:00 p.m. I l:Ioly Week Observance Iour years at the rate of $1.20 per rightfully in a position to speak ad- Resolution Committee reports as The observance )f Holy week and lyear, or ten cents per month, making visedly on this subject We find that ' ' - follows: of Passion week, is a matter that a total of $4.80 for the purpose of in the letter read to this State coun- We, your committee, beg leave to should receive the earnest considers- building a tuberculosis sanatoria for cil by the Worthy State Deputy to- report the following: We have given tion of every Catholic. A special on- t-nose members afflicted with tubercu- day, in which he quotes the Tubercu- careful and conscientious considers- denver should be made for the observ- losis. The subject matter appeals to losis Sanitorium Committee as finding tion to each and every matter present- ante of Good Friday. It is a good this committee. We take into consid- that to erect and provide suitable ed before, us. Our recommendations and Holy practice at all times, and es- oration first, however, no action was equipment for oe tuberculosis sana- follow: pecially is it so in this materialistic taken by any of the eight subordi- tarium would require an expenditure Weekly News in Gaardian age when on all sides we find Sinister sate councils of the state, which would on a basis of $3,500 per bed, whic[ That each of the subordinate eoun- organizations and combinations deny- have given the membership an op- would mean for one 250-bed sanato- ' ctls elect, or thel worthy Grand ing the very existence of a loving Fa- portunity to say by their vote wheth- rium an expenditure of $875,000, add- Knight appoint, some competent mere- Thor, or that he suffered crucifixion] er they wanted this addition per capi- ed to which would be a large mainte- ler who will re.port in full the doings on Mount Calvary for our redemption. Ita tax imposed upon them, now or in sauce charge, based upon the mini- and the activities of his council, an Spiritual Bouquets ] tl/e near future, mum per diem of $2,65 for each in- mail the same riot later than Tuesday In some Councils the custom of We take into consideration further mate, which would mean an expendi- of each week to the Guardian, ad- ending flowers in ease of death, has. fact that a the present time the per ture of $250,000 annually for simply ressed to Roy. G. H. McDermott, grown in mu*cl favor. While this eus- capita tar for the year 1923 was Jan- the maintenance of one 250-bed sans- where it wlllt be published. This we om is a pleasing one, how much more uary 1, 75 cents levied on each mere- torium. dO because in this way each of the ;onsoling it must be to the Catholic ber: and the fur:bcr fact that on July Limit of Sanatoria eight Councils can be advised of what ' heart to have the assurance of spirit-. 1, 1023, an additional 90 cents was In brief, if the order of the Knights be allowed[ not have State Deputy' and mailed each Motion Treasurer favor seminary o gation, carried. Election of Followifig new State Deputy--A, Helena. State Secretary----$. .i Little Rock. State Treasurer--J. Sr., of Paragould. State War den--T. A. Bluff. State Advocate--C; F. Pocahontas. Alternate to Supreme L. Mason and E. J. Fort Smith chosen meeting, second TuesdaY' nesday, May 1924. Rising vote given which was answered in" addreSs by State Closing address by ReV,] nin. :ddress of Bro. delights of Pine Bluff. Address by Bro. feels to be a State Meeting closed. After the close members repaired to the Hotel, where they repast furnished by the Council and listened to o11 jokes and Will Unfortunately State Secretary was i] unable to attend the from all reports it enjoyed by all those I the nice-long auto st! aken later on and the. exercises at Rev. Father dents. lespectfully L.J, State You do no put the Christ" on the sae " "Sporting Guide," though nothing whatever intri about the "Sporting Gui lag intrinsically hold a' tation." Only, you do on the same shelf. SALE-ARMY We have 'just stock of ARMY to be sold to the PRICE $2.75. These per cent solid leather double soles sewed and uppers are of heaVY leather with bellows making them waterpr shoes are selling ver' advise yo to ORDER insure your order The sizes are 6 to. Pay Postman on rece send money order. if shoes are n THE U. S. 1441 Broadway, NeW CAPITAL - - SuBPr, US - We have increased Stock from $200,000 to by lling tke r.ew *-" 80 per cant abov$ our par, has been increasl from $60,00. 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