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June 12, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 12, 1920

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I&apos;   CO. bed 1853 od the b 'ulSe 8tree, oct, ao THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 1920. I Words Home Worth Lamp While Lighted -L00L2L00rleL; .............. called. Then after they had prayed There are .ome boys and tirls Who have a bad way Of putting off work That they should do toda/. .-- ' "Let it go till tomorrow," They carelessly say; Or, "'Twill do by and by, When we're through with .our T)lay," But oh, boys, and oh, girls, And oh, girls, and oh, boy, As sure as young folks and fast,lp they imposed hands. 12.9p both o them, hnd senc therrl fo'th to preach the g'ospel. Then it was that Paul began in all earnest to labor for the conversion of the pagan world. He preached first to the Jews. But they still refusing to receive the di- vine gift of faith, he betook himself I to the Gentiles. Many of these heard flwith delight the word 'of life, and i were baptized, so that the church of .Jesus Christ increased from day tu Three letters an ode give to fame. L E G (elegy). Three letters an attribute name. N R G (energy). Three letters a compliment claim. U X L (You excel). The beginning of eternity. The end of time and space The beginning of every end. The end of every race. Letter E. One letter's a tree? U (yew). 0he plen.s to agree? A !aye). Oaa is to drink:'.  (a): One a bird, think? J (jay). Now of letters that rhyme You must guess them in time; One is an insect busy all clay? B (bee). One is a river that wends on its way? D (dee). One is a slang word it is best not to say.. G (Gee). ST. MARY'S GRADUATION {Continued from page 6.) moons all will give heed to the cry and the plea of Purpose. The peaceful waters of the Pacific whisper soft' end low; strains of weird, enchanting music bleak upon the attentive ear, and this is Hawaii-- iHawaii, with its quaint appealing peo- ple; Hawai, with its mystic shrines of tory and song--the spell cannot hood haunts; to the dear familiar faces, made dearer by absence than everand here drop anchor Content ,as even their mother's be- fore them, to become modest and capable and prayerful home-makers. Content, as their fathers and m6thers were, to become character-builders builders of school, of church and of state; content to assist in .the better- ment of the home life; content, each, to fomvm.d the work for which she is best fitted; content, each, to fill a page in the great book of life, to per'- r)ii /i Li ' L i od brok'en, ii '2 one )miden wills to form well her part in life--life's eter- have cast anchor and ]eaiii el  .the nal dream; content to pass the roses kindly, music-loving sea-dweliers, ! dow '  sle of Dreams Onl Of sorrowed sodl'S' , more the ship sets sail. The object l Sho of their goals ":' .. point is Panama, the magic place of[ And bid them not repine, ' modern ingenuity; Panama, th real[ We Launch to Anchor wonder of the American world; Pana- 1 The prophecy has writen-.-where .OO 000,+,_=__,::__.00 Thee two letters are not at all ma, whence cotnes a call, a clear keen 30600.00 "LetMakeita gogreattill dealtomorrow,,Of noise todaY'cyprus,ThenthePaUlnativeandeountryBarnabasof Barn-Went hard? E. Z (easy). etfll for teachers; teachers who are BISHOP'S A . increased our capital s*.ock And you'll learns L.o your sorrow. These letters form a literary corn- carefully prepared So he'o ;,, :- DDRESS aba.;. After they had preached position. S A (essay) lw-1 ^ -u--':: " .  ....... ,ms I After the award of dipl.omas and to $200,000 and by sell-'Tis ten chances to one I throughout the whole island, the pro- :hac; letter will decompose? D K hf; ;lth 1,;: ;le:l i;OnstillWn: prlD ;n:;;,sRd. R;:,. rBriaSdO:t:MorHs  issue of stock at 20 per If it ever gets ,lone, !consul, Sergius Paulus, sent for them, (d "o .... .... solved, the call is hear,, and anothe,'l-', :. : . ,. E ',. , . : , our par our surplus has And "by and by" leads, that he might hear from their mouth nese leers o,'m -., n,',+,';., , .. ... _::, .......   ; mu na  seemeu o a to lis pm (remus to$10'600take still' $30,-bet_ ToIn' spite, urn (rome( endeavor,the track, the w,ord of God. wear? P K (pique) steady and stlon- decrees t "' io, all these joyful occasmns cf com- T " I " E, , o nert me "Ihere was with Sergius a Jew. a hese letters do the best of "dlancho to her ..... [ ncements aml graduations, to be false  " ' "; e cas nor lo ann give ..... our present depositors as Ahnost always, to never prophet, named Bar-Jesus. This X L (excel) _ ....... ,las t were an mwted valedlctormn. io ner mensallty and her years orbit was alwa- -' .----.- .  man resisted them to his utmost, and These letters form a tree? L MlPreparation the most useful and the ' ]... ys, e :, ,,, to accep um mwaion and be present , . Do at once, when you can, Natl0nal lanK What your hands find to rio. }endeavored to <!issuade Sergius from (elm). Ibest. , becommg t Chrstmn But Paul, full Ihe n , at the a Is the bit of advice i -'  " . " eaning of these.,e;ters is not t And -resentl- one hear- " ..... [ nnual graduation exercises of ._ _, _:. _: ......... of the Holy Ghost, looked at him anti full' M T +emnt ,,  ' ..  s wmn ner IMt St Mary's Academy and while _.._,,._,_,_.._., z. om g.z', .y.,Ju, I_..;. ,,c ,. ,.n  ..n ._-, .... 1 " " - :"" Ilmnos; soul a voice--a voice which! "..." ". , "', : r .i I ' '." * : " ) ' " !. ; I-2 Mai S. .. I * , ; . " s ' " ' "e " " ''  '"' r ..... "" .... "'" "'  u then feet, went to leanmm, whe  s but ou ht hke St [ mg and Its pint m their future hves .4,rk Establlshed 1890 The fifth commandment is: rho I "" ' h'm'elf with it, g , " . ........................................... I ' ' ' ' " ' " " Paul, to glory in the cross .f Christ. t head the sgn of the coss. (D He was pleased to note the refer- Night or Day shalt not kill. IPaul preached the gospel. I i "' " " e t,,ai,,,a,, Vl. x4.] ' i " " " Among those who heard him was el,,' -.-   Corona Millitis, chap III, 4 ) lento one of the gaduates made in Res. Phone 106 forbldWhat? does the fifth command,non, I man who had been a cripple from hig i Should a feeling of shame come ] St. Jerome, a Father of the fourth i her address as to the "last resort" of over you while m'tkin this sign, ban century, adehessing the Roman lady,'the student at Mt St Mary's in th, The fifth comnmndment forbids the birth, and had never walked. Paul, i . ' g " " -1 . . ,, . " " ' . ' " " t Its h it by recalling to mind those iEust.ochmm, wmtcs: Before every attainment of knowledge and the vr- taking of our own neighbor's life ]looking at hm, perceived that he hat Does the fifth commandment, and stud wath a loud olce: words of Jesus Christ: "For he that actsn, at every step, let your hand ltues. After the books, after the class bid merely the taking of life? i"Stand upright on thy feet!" The .'haq be shamed of Me and of My 'frm the sign of the cross." (Epis- room, after the Sister and her expla- The fifth commandment forbids' triple leape(t up and walked. The w.rd, of him the Son of man shall be i tela XVIII, ad Eustoehium, titulo IV.) nations and directions, came the visi- blows; wounds, hatred, quarrels, re- multitude, sceing this, eied out: ashamed, when He shall come i His St. Basil asserts e.s a noted fact tattoo to the quiet chapel, the abode venge, and bad example. "The gods, in the likeness of' men, majesty, and th)t of His Father. and that the practice of making the sign Iof Him, who is the Way, the Truth What does the fifth commandment 'are come flown to us!" And they of the holy angels." (Luke ix. 26.) of the ct'oss was introduced by theland the Life. oblige us to do? [ called Barnabas, on account of his For these reasons, and also' forthe apostles. (Be'ok on tim IIoly Ghost, As graduates they were about to The fifth commandment obliges us height, Jupiter; and Paul they called edification of others, it is cerumen(l- chap. :;7.) latnch out on life's sea. Their class to live in peace and union with our[Mercury , because of his eloquence, able and'useful for Christians to Let us, therefore, in imitation oflmott o asked the question, "Where?" I neighbor, to respcct hs rights, to seek I Even the priest of Jupiter, bring- make the sign of the cross, the .ancient .Christians. be fond ofiThe Bishop said he had no fear as to _ 1 n makng the sgn of the ,oss before the vo a e Theirs was a shp of his s)iritual and bodily welfare, and ling oxen, with garhmds of flowers, to The sign of the cross is a .'o a .... ' . :' .  Y g " " to take proper care of our own life '.the gate, would have offered sacrifice excellent act of faith in the two fund- doing" anything of my consequencc.[stength, fashioned, keeled and built and health, lwith the people, to Paul and Barna- amental truths of Christian religion, It will be like directing otir intention it o steer any course, to battle with Ilbas. But they, seeing what was go- wunel- in the mystery of the Holy t.9 do that thing for God. It will be .every force of tide or storm, to reach d, " ' " t " BIBLE HISTORY. tint vn. mt their garments, and ran Trinity, one God in three Persons, the token of putting our whole trust a haven Once there, once assuming Paul's First Missiou. (A. D. 45 in 48.) lament the people crying out: "0 and in the mystery of the Incarnation. ]in the merits of Jesus Christ which[their life's work, the knowledge and The Lord is my Helper; I will notimen ' why do ye these things? W.e For, by saying in the "name," in he earned on the cross and of.ourithe virtue acquired at Mt. St. Mary's fear what man can (to unto me.-- also ...... are muffins, men like unto, yoU, the singular number, we m'ofess to l invoking God's help through those would be their strength in need, the Ps. 117:6. , . . . . Ipreaching to you to be conveed believe that there is only .ne God. imerits. Ii (Continued on Page 8. tnos commanded the The Holy if rum these vain things to the living Us a Trim HAT CO. Main 8565 soft and stiff hats Straw or Panama Hats and Re,rimmed. No amas. & WASEM Proprietors. Used nn Panamas kST' OR FAST. NOT KNOW? A CATHOLIC CAt- IN*YOUR HOME? (ALENDAR SHOULD CATHOLIC HOME. AT THE BOOKERY. POSTOFFICE. ALMANACS 192{)" By saying, "of the Father. and o" the.i chief men of the Christians of Anti-iGod ' who made heaven and earth and iSon , and of the Holy Ghost:" we pro- o set a art Paul anti Barnabas " . , I , . och t " ' P ' ]the ,.oa, and all things that arc mfess to believe that m one God there. for the work to which they were ",, them. !are three divine Persons. By the ....  ' Wh.3, in past generations, suffered fo.'m of the crss, which we trace ,.tmmtllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'tall nations to war in their own wa),[with our right ..and from our fore- l|l|i|l|lIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllwithout testimony, doing good from!head to our breast, and then across heaven, giving rains end fruitful sea-If rein the left shoulder to the right, Safety C0nve.ience Profit sons, filling our hearts with food and iwe m'ofess to believe that the Son gladness." Hearing this, many be- of God is our Redeemer: who wrouq'ht In Depositing Your Savings With the lieved in the word of God. But sx)me!our redempti'on by dying for us upon Jews who had come from Antiocb'the cross. SOUTHERN TRUST and Ieonium, stirred up the peoplel By the word Amen (so be it), we against Paul. They stoned lfim un-lmean to confirm and seal, as it were, COMPANY til they thought he was ,lead, and our belief in the said fundamental cast him out of the city. truths. you not only obtain complete safety But while the disciples of the city, The sign of the cross was used in for your funds aud 4 per cent in,ores! who had gone out, stood weeping the first five centuries even more compounded twice a year, but you slse around him, he arose and went back frequently than it is now. Passages know that your money is readily avail- with them to the city. Then he and could be quoted from Lactantius, from able whenever you may require it... Barnabas, having remounted the gos- Euseiu. of Caesarea. from St. Atha- Remember that asmall amount de. pel in Derbe, returned to the cities nasius, St. Basil, St. Ephrem, St. Cy- posited regularly at fixed intervals whe:o they had already preached, rq of Jerusalem, St. Ambrose, and will produce far better results than They exhorted th disciples to per- from St. John Crysostom, all Fatl!- the infrequent depositing of large$ severe, ordained priests for them in ors of the fourth century, to prove amonn, every church, and, with fasting and it. But I will quote only two pas- 00OUTHERI00I larayer, commended them to the Lord. Finally, they .eturned to Antioch, and sagwe:'Tertullian, who wrote in the second TR$T CO1M[PANY ]related the great things which God century, says: "At every fresh step ' " "&7A 7 'at/'t$'= had done to them,'and through them. and change of place, whenever we fi[ and how He had opened the door of come in or go out, when we put on '- t froth to the Gentile. " _ our andals or wash, or take our o i _ I meals, or light our lamps, whether Opposite the Post (fee CONUNDRUMS. we are about to recline or to si Ilii ....... ill, ............... m' ....... I 'Three letters three rivers proclaim, down, and whenever we begin a con- [IIl[llllliliillllllililli I!111111111111111111111111, we, Dee. versaton; WO i',npress on our fore- I I I I Service the I Year Round II II Last year 67 per cent of the whole year's output of ice was distributed in the months of June, July, August and Septemher--BUT, throughout the entire 12 months, we MAINTAINED our prompt, efficient service to our patrons. "Rush," us well as "slack season finds us completely prepared to supply the needs of our customers. Yenrs for Service-- City Delivery Company R. L. WHALEY, Manager. Ninth and Bond Sts. , Phone Main 3450. i | CALOMEL Liver Pills Better , Troubles, Hiadaches. etc. One small p;lt the dose. 25c. All drug- substitute.. III!111111111111111111111111111111 Association wishing beads or any other be sent to the sol- them at reasonable 307 W. 2nd St. selections and orders . filled. IIIIii1111111111111111 0livers Ask for illustrated (ask about th,s Corona. tron. rap'd and folds trial. Stationery Co. Rock, Ark.' Phone afes. filing cabinets. 6-lb. folding ] ' ,i ) I