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June 12, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 12, 1920

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VAG00. rOtra THE GUARDIAN SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 1920. i. Published Wekly by THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the DIoeue of Little Rock 309 WEST SECOND STHE][I&apos; Entered as second-class matter March 21 1911. at tl poatoffle at Little Rock. Ark.. under the Act of Con-eu of Mareh 8, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. $2.00 THE YEAR Change of Addrus When a change of address is desired the subscriber should give beth the old and the new address. Correspondents Matter intended for publication in 'he Guardian should reach us not later than Wednesday morning. Brief news correspondence is always welcome, The kindneaa of the clergy in this matter is cordially appreciated. . .... Very Rev. A. Stockcr, O. S. B.. D. D .................. Editer-in-Chlef Rev. Edward A. Flannery ......................... Contributing Editor Bey. Geo. H. McDermott ............................. Managing Editor All communications about "The Gu&rdian" should be addressed to the Rev. Geo. H. McDermott, 309 West Second Street. OFFICIAL APPROVAL The Guardian is the official organ of the diosese of Little Rock. and I pray God that it may be an earnest champion in the cause of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion which we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope that its career may be lung and prospero.. JOHN B. MORRIS. Bishop of Little Rock. Little Rock, Ark., June 12, 1.t20. Why not mandate distracted Mexico? OoO dune, the Month of Love hi and for the Sacred Heart. O-0 Even a "dark horse" will be turned into a (]. O. P. elephant. .O-O Go slow and save gasoline; you will need the money ,too, buy the buy. O-O Diocesan Normal Training School, a diocesan need to )) soon obtained. o-o Hold your Liberty Bonds. When due they will be as good as gold, even better. O-O Arkansas got $1920 of a Republican slush fund. lily-wnitc cigars nave been in evidence. O-O The political prophets now have the floor. The morning after election they will be dumb- foundeo. It was ever so. 'O-O Mass every Sunday, no matter where you are, and especially when you are on your wtcation. You must not vacate this obligation. O-O" 'President Wilson owns his om moving pic- ture ntaehine. The Chicago convention intends tl) present him with a "lane-away film." O-O G en. Wood is saying," Oh! for a Mark I Ianna, a man who got the money, spent it and kept his mouth simt." lie should'add, "and elected his nmn, McKinley, for less than a nfillion dollars." O-O The administration has found favor in Texas. So ninny Mexican politicians abide in Texas and haw , influence on this and t'other side of the river. Tex and Mex for watchful waiting, but the Chicago convention will mandate the delegates. O-O It now seems likely that even by retaining the Congressional districts at approximately the santo figure as at present211,430---the new 'census would add af least 69 members from 33 States, nmking the new membership 504. O-O Pm'agould answers the first call of the School Board. St. Marys parish proves its loyalty and generosity with a check jor $130. It will stand at the head of the list. Now let us extend the list week by week until every parish in the diocese has declared itself for this necessary diocesan work. OoO Carranza was the 54th dictator the alleged republic of Mexico has had within sixty years. .All of them rode on horseback, the executive chair was a saddle, they galloped over the land and its people until some good (?) Mexican, for his country's sake and his own ambition, shot tim acting president. Who is to be the 55th ? O-O Several spark plugs on the Interchurch Ma- chine are missing. It is running now in low, and may have to stop, if John D. does not get mad and push it along, just to show us what's what when it comes to Big Business running a church, or rather, 38 churches interchurched. O-O Gcn. Miles, U. S. A. (retired and tiresome), bobs up again at some patriotic function as master of ceremonies. Ifis next "movie" ap- pearance will be at Aurora, Me., where he will officiate at tlm dedication of the. New Menace building. The Milestones are many, marking the senile degradation of a former popular sol- dier. ' O-(b' The public school system of the United States is, rated at 52 per cenf of efficiency. The "Solid South" runs along in file. 30 per ebnts with our own Arkansas holding the third last place. Yet we are fostering drives to educate the "Latin races of Mexico and South America," and send- ing good money down there which is more need- ed for the Americanization of our own Hill- billies. 0-O. An increase of freight rates, as proposed, of about 30 per cent, w.ill give the railroads of the country $1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars), put them on their feet, but not in working order. They must pay higher wages if they are to be fully efficient, and that is to cost $1,000,000,000 more. This and that mean a 60 per cent in- crease on freight. Who pays the freight .o-o- Ar(liar Balfour, former Premier of England, reeelttly visited the Vatican presunmbly to give the l[oly leather an English insight of Irish af- fairs. Just imagine the Irish insight of Irish affairs ills ltoliness will receive from His Emi- nence, Cardinal O'ComM1 of Boston, who will be pleased also to give him the American in- sight. Axchllishop Mmmix of Australia, is also in tile Holy City, so, too, the Archlfishop of Dub- fill, hence we do not look for any Balfourism to be effective of results at Rome. God loves the h'ish and the ]irish love His CImrch, and Pope Benedict XV represents His Love and His .l nstiee. O-O BRAIN AND BRA WN. From the St. Louis Amerika of May 28 we translate the folh)wing instructive story taken over from tim Corriere della Sera of April 25. it was on 5ne of those wonderful spring eve- nings which are the charm of Roln when, out- Mde the Porta S. Sebastiano, an automobile met li large groul I of labilrel'S who wen: just leaving a factory. As the car had to Slacken up, the laborers pressed around it and, hi accordance will( their preconceived notions that every rider in. ml automobile is an idler, they made their r(marks about the gentlenmn in the automobile. 'l?he chauffeur being seared wanted to drive faster; but the gentleman behind made him stop t}li, ear, gut out and madethis lit|le speech to the laborers: "You are mistaken. I will prove to you that 1 am no i(lh, r. You work from 6 to 8 itours a lay and earn i'rom 35 to 40 life. I work 11 llours a day or more and earn 30 lire. Is he an idler who works ll hours a day for 30 life? Not to speak of the responsibility :[ have and you [lliVe llOl,, a resl)onsibility that weighs on me heavily, for 1 ant the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of the Exterior. Good evening!" After that the gentleman it was Senator ,Storzaagain got into his automobile. The la- borers realized their mistake and saluted cour- teously. This episode is very instructive, as the Italian paper renmrks. Even though laborers at their socialistic meetings are being time and again l)rea('lmd to timt all other classes of society are nothing but exlfloiters and parasites and'they alone the real workers, there still are among l:hen| people of sound judgment who recognize the ilifliculties of mental labor and the necessity of cooperation anmng all classes, if only a nmn of courage dares tell them the truth. ]n this country, we may add, the dispropor- tions in th, pal" for nmseular and for mental labor, as well as the daily demand of worMng hours in regard to each, is even greater than in Italy. This is wlly the teaching profession, one of the hardest and most exhausting, is finding few recruits. S. O-O REPORT OF GREGORIAN CON'GRESS. 1 arrived in New. York at 7:20 a. m., June 2, wllich was the second day of the Congress. While missing one day of the exercises, I still got the essentials of the convention, viz., to wit- ness the effect and practicability of congrega- tional rendering of Plain Chant. At 11. o'ch)ek that nmrning there was a solemn R(.quiem High Mass at St. Patrick s Cathedral for the soidi(,rs ,aho,,t (tied in the war. Before the Mass I met Dora Macquereau, O. S. B., form- er prior of Solesmes, who is thd greatest living authority on Gregorian Chant. Though now seventy-four years old, he did not shirk the trouble of taking part in the first, Gregorian Congress of the New WorM. Howe.ver.he had a younger man with him, one of his adept dis- ciples, Dora Gatard, O. S. B., prior of Farn- borough Abhey, England, who did the actual work of 'ondueting the exercises. Dtiring all the cbur,'h services the latter occupied the pul- pit of the Cath(:dral trom which hc directed the ! sining, of tim congregation.,, , The Requiem Mass was celebrated by Mgr. Leo Manzetti. director of Plain Chant at St. Mary', ,eminary, BMtimore. himself no mean authority on the music of the Church. The Introit, Gradual, Tract, Offertory, Conmmnion nnd Libera were sung in masterful way by the Seminarians of ])unwoodie Seminary, New York ,nder the leadership of Father O'Shea, The i Seminarians oetupled a large space, elose to the ] choir organ, on the gospel Side of the santurv. They were grouped around their leade r who beat ! the time, or rather made themotions to lead the singing. For Plain Chant doesnot proceed ina [ QUESTION certain definite measure, but has the free ca- dence of solemn oratory. The other parts of the Mass, the Kyrie, Sequence (Dies Irae), Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei were sung alternately by the semina- Must a general Co,nfcssion be made at rians and the congregation, some tive thousand No. It is never necessary to make a school children, Sisters, and others, men and Confession unless one is sure that women, who had been present at the rehearsals, fessions have been bad. The unison as to pitch and time was .simply mar- velous. One got the iml)ression that the singers __ Why is it sinful to eat mint enjoyed their part in the service and that their 1, riday? s,nll was in it. All the responses of th( Mass Bei,ause it (.ontains meat, and were sung by the whole congregation without forbidden to eat meat on all das of organ accompaniment. At 2:30 p. m. Dr. Shields of the Catholic University gave a lec- Must a girl have her parents' ure on "The Liturgy in the Education of Cifil- enter a co,nvent? dren." I did not hear it all and therefore will not essay a synopsis. At 3:30 there was a (lem- No religious order will accept any onstration of school nmsie by the children of i- under age without the pernfission two New York schools. Tim system exhibited 1)arents or guar(lian. was that of Mrs. Ward and showed remarkable r(.sults. At 5 p. m. solemn vespers and compline Doe's the Church Int any limit o the were sung in the Cathedral, the psalms and Of marriages a perso'n, may contract [lylUllS being render(,(1 alternately by the Sere- previous partner is dead? imu'ians of Baltimore and the congregation. No. The Churchhas no legislation mm l* n large Cathedral was tilled with worshipers point. and, what was most edifying, practically the whole body of worshipers took an active part Did mr Lord s,,tffer with a mortal in the service. Everything went off as smoothly Will}l+ we are told in the Scripture as if. tile same congregation had been doing that was sul)ject to hunger, thirst and kind of joint performance for years. In this we (hi not h,arn that He ever suffered have a 1)roof that the congregational singing of i:ess in the ordinary sense of the ter. PlainChant does not offer insurlnountable dif- (i(,ulties. ll'ill o',r Lord warn people when the the ,world s at hand? ]n the evening at 8 o'clock there was a sympo- sium in the au(titorimn of the Cathedral College. He has ah'eady given the signs. .;) of St. Matthew's Gospel l)mn (latard wa. on the stage ready to answer h,rs 24 aim ')" any (luesti(In on Plain Chant that was put to ter 21 of St. Luke's Gospel. him. Th,' rylhnl (,t" l'lain Chant. as an elluilil)- rium between tile word and musical accent, was Is Gretchen a saint's ,ame. one of the eagerly debated points. In my esti- Yes. It is a (ierman dimi3utive for nmtion tll( line effect, felt even bv tile layl-,ian, Tlwre arc several Saints of t of the (]r(,gorian mi,1,)dics rende:ed in accord- feast day of St. Mar'areL Queen of ante with tile rythmical l)rineilJh's of the Soles- ,lane Ilk rues School. as demonstrated in the services at St. PatrM<'s Cathedral, is the l)est vindication 1 have bee,, e,rolled in the five of those principh.s. Snch as had come skeptics ,'ear on/?/lhe brow's. Scapular. How and unbelievers went away eorrverts. /he l,dulgc,ce for the five The ('linlax o1' the (il'egorian Congress was By. wearing theni or I)3" carrying a reach('(l the next clay at the Pontitical High Mass nwda] bh,ssed t'r the five Scapulars. and l'ro('e.ssion of Corpus Christi. Bishop Me- s(,ril)e(l prayers nmst also be recited. l)evitt, of tIarrisburg, pontiticated, while the Archbishol) of New York assisted at his throne. Is dancing forbidden at any special As the day before the singing alternated be- i,g lhe year? t ' S twi,en a. sl,le(:t (,lloir. this time the Semlnarmn" Sinful dancing is always h: .F Ba[tiniorc. under t)le leadership (if Mgr. Man- lies art, llvist,d but they are not z(,ti, and the whole congregalion. The rich to abstain even lh'om innocent melodies of the Corpus Christi Mass from the inn times of penance, such as Advent Vatican Gradual, and the ninth nmss front the Vaticml Kvrio]e assumed a grandeur under l., the,re an lndul.qence for a these t,xceptional ciremnstances which cannot "m,nim /or the members of the be expressed in words. 1 never heard anything Yes. A Plenary Indulgence may be o touching and so sublime as that Gloria and the day el" the month storied by the ,-( that lmuda S )n. The Benedi('tus was joined to reetl)r by all Associates Of the Ape( the Sanctus, as it is (lone by the priest at the l'rayer making the Cormnunion of altar, and after the elevation he choir and the in a body. congregation sang each a strophe el! the Adore %. [ When the pontilical function at the altar ex- Wl!y d, /,eople light ca,ndlfs au t(.nded beyond the (Irt,gorian chants, Monsieur some money/,i th, e box? Bonnet of Paris. one of the greatest living or- They light a candle as an act' of ganists, filled tim pauses with magnificent ira- honor to the Saint before vhof lrovisations,'taldng his themes fronl melodies dh' is lit. and the.y put money in the b. lhat had just died away from the lips of th for the (,andle. singers, at the, grand organ in the rear of the Cathedral. Particularly glorious was the phan- Will non-Catholics benefit if MasseS. tasy on the Pange Lingua with which he filled /or them? the pause between the Mass and the Procession, Non-Catholics who die in the state introducing that grand hymn which was chanted niay still be in Purgatory, and (luring the Procession. tainly benefited by the Holy Only a few priests, the representative from Mass. A priest is allowed to say Arkansas aumng them, took part in the proces- ly for such persons. sion with the attendants of the Pontifical Mass and the Archbishop. 'l?he Pange l,ingua was Why is Limbo, the place, where followed by the Te Demn, both sung alternate- descended, called hell? ly, and the whole imposing service closed with The. Latin text in IIoly Scripture acramental Benediction. That service alone pression that Chri'si descended ad was nmre than worth while to make the long the lower regions. This expressim journey from Arkansas to New York, and I only translated into English as hell. wish that every priesb of the United States not the hell of the' damned. could have witnessed its solemn grandeur. It would have nm(le them all ardent champions of Wlurt i,s the meaning of "I. H. S. '' i the music of the Church. The letters "L H. S." are often r lhere were three Seminaries that distin- Mtars, also on objects of devotion'. guished themselves at the Congress, those of the first letters of the Greek from Sew York, of Baltiinore and of Rochester. The namd I H S O U S andhave very last I did nor hear, because it had the leading incorrecth, been regarded as an part the day before I arrived. The general the thre Latin words. Jesus ,erdict, lmwever, seemed to be that it was rather cater," J esu's: the Saviour of men. surpassed by the other vo whieh I had the pleasure to hear. Still all acknowledged that What good'does it do to bless. the clerics of Rochester, while somewhat too Holy Water? It b.a.s been said angular in their accentuation of notes, did ex- are superstitious sometimes. ellent: work. The other two, while having their There are probably too individuality, left no chance for criticism. What really lack the faith. A real a delight nmst it be to hear these levites later to receive a blessing from God o singing High Mass and performing the other means that Holy Church has plae functions of the Church, as during Holy Week [ [,reach. She invokes the blessing And, they will carry their art into their schools [by the use of.the memm to live a i and parishes. The day seems dawning whea[b]esshg of Holy Water has ther the Motu Proprio of Plus X on Church lusielfion of the 'Church and i  iNning,to bear more abundant fruit in this[faltliful fronha{'m, i'tl  ,or t y. . S. and tradition. "