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June 12, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 12, 1920

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the and aii, ,nd  and I eve a lit the |09. Activities COUNCIL No. 812. }FFICIAL NOTES. night a special meet- occasioned by the of- of our State Deputy, E. J. 'Pine Bluff. Most of the made by him have by this Council for .ome While one recommendation Iaid particular emphasis, itself with a similar alrety an official program authorities, for the and maintenance of a 'Normal Training School. the question as pre- P]he State Deputy, Council against it, on the the proposed method of ins fund would se- with the official die- of financial provision for School, already under calls for a parish as- per family per year. 812 as individuals are to :With their respective pas- a K. of C. Council gen- the School Board in this educational work. Meeting Tuesday. meeting will be affair, our Lecturer for an address on from our Mayr, B. D. This is an honor we !d it goes without saying be a large crowd, as an occasion of this kind. University. session was taken up the study of politcal which was entered into and directness of the instructional to our institution. we will pursue our re- realms of history. We here whether it will larefane, but you can bet what the ad. writers The times, the e events will be sketched: regard shall be given to conventions common unique features 'to ourseh, es will be in- tnne for awarding probably come up for Dr. M. O'Dowd, who is To miss a liss a treat, so be down livliest and latest. Au Revoir. the last instalhnent of rmtes published until (gecasioned by our frequent the city during this for the week: A small is worth ten big ones M. P. M. not, properly speaking, heart nor a spiritual it is rather a certain will- readiness in yielding to which appertain to the Thomas Aquinas. THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, JUNE 12, 1920. "&ROUND THE HOUSE" Tea and coffee should never be left in open receptacles or paper bags, but should be carefully sealed in air- tight cans or jars. The oil mops for the bare floors, the dustless (lusters, all help to make the cleaning of a room much easier than the old methods vf broom and hard sweeping, besides saving the tirring up of clouds of dust. A delicious salad may be'nade by combining green peas and walnuts in the proportion of two-thirds peas to one-third nuts anti mixing with a may- onnaise dressing. Se]-ce on lettuce. If tomatoes are obtainable, slice small ones and arrange around the salad in- side the lettuce. , Potato Roses. These are made by forcing creamed mashed potatoes through a pastry tube, brushing the "roses" with milk and browning in a quick oven Table Pads. An excellent table pad, which may be used in place of a flannel or asbes: tos silence cloth, may be made by sewing together eighteen or twenty sheets of. newspaper and covering them with heavy muslin. Cleaning Porcelain. If procelain baking dishes become discolored on the inside, fill them with buttermilk amt let stand for a day or so. The acid in the milk will remove the stains. A white porcelain bath tub that has grown brown may be cleaned by the use of turpentine applied with a flan nel cloth. Boiled Honey Custard. Take two cupfuls of milk, the yolks of three eggs, half a cupful of honey and a pinch of salt. Scald the milk and pour over the eggs and honey. Cook in a touble boiler till the mix- ture thickens. MENA'S GREATEST EVENT FR. FLETCHER'S FIRST MASS L,, , REV. ALBERT L. FLETCHER CELEBRATk:S IN HOME I'AR':H IN PRESENCE OF BISHOP MORRI,%--SEVERAI CLERGY PRESENT. (Wr'tten for the Guardian by S:ster Catherine of Ft. Smith.) Undoubtedly the greatest event in the history of St. Agnes' parish was that of last Sunday when Father Fletcher celebrated his First Mass, Coram Episcopo. Words are inadequate to depict the beauty, impressiveness and sublimity of such an occasion, and the exalted dignity of the Priesthood, but some faint idea concerning the sacredness of the Lord's Anointed and the ].- sponsibility of their office as admin- istrators of the Sac'raments and medi- ators between God and man may be gleaned from the splendid selznons delivered during the Mass by His Lordship, the Bishop, and Very Rev- erend Dean Gallagher. Truly, Sunday was a wonderful day for Mena, and the devoted congrega- tion of St. Agnes responded in thor- the procession was formed, an(l, marching through the grounds and across the avenue in the following order: the cross-bearer, twenty altar boys in cassocks and surplices, the school children, the Sodality of the B. V. M., the Church Wardens and men of the congregation, six little tots flower-crowned and trewing rose petals, the clergy and the Bishop. As the latter entered the Church the "Ecce Sacerdos" was jubilantly sung by the choir. Father Fletcher as celebrant of the Mass was assisted by Rev. O. B, Clarendon, S. T. D., as deacon; Rev. Fr. St. Clair Peoples, sub-deacon; Very Rev. Dean Galla- gher as assistant priest. On either side of the Bishop's throne were Rev. Fr. Feurst and Rev. Fr. Leo, O. S. B., Rev. FL H. H. Wernke was nmster Mint Cucumber Sandwiches. For light refreshments dainty and delicious sandwiches may be made by dipping thin slices of fresh, young cucumbers in well-seasoned Flinch dressing and placing, with a sprinkling of finely chopped fresh mint, between slices of white bread spread with un- salted butter. These sandwiches shouhl be put together as short a time as possible before serving, anti, ex- cept the butter, everything used should be very cold. Beet With Celery Salad. Boil or bake large beets, skin and cut the bottoms so they will set firm- ly on a plate. Carefully take out-the centers, leaving the shells. Marinate for an hour in French dressing. Have ready chopped celery mixed with may- onnaise; drain the beet cups, fill with the celery mixture and garnish with sprigs of parsley. Selwe on a lettuce lea. Any desired filling may be used. Chopped Bermuda or Spanish onion and cucumber is especially good. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. Arkansas . Road District Bonds To Yield .6% Exempt from all Federal Income Taxes Maturing from one to twenty years Denominations $500, $i000 These choice securities have been pur- chased by us after a careful investigation and are offered to investors with our recommendation. Principal and interest is payble from taxes lewed upon the lands in the dis- tricts, Descriptive circulars forwarded upon request. BOND DEPARTMENT ,Flercdntile frost Company Member Faders/ .i USGovernment _ esere ygem ' '  ,uDervis]'on EIGHTH AND LOCUST  -TO ,'r. CHArLES ough appreciation of the singular l of ceremonies and Rev. Fr. J. J Mc- honor vouchsafed them. Grath and Ray. Fr.'T. Smith were also Communion Mass by Bishop. " ,-]in the Sanctuary. Commencing at 5:30 o'clock Masses Ray. Dean Gallagher Speaks. were offered, in the Church and Con- After the first Gospel the pastor, vent Chapel. the Bishop celebx'ating Very Rev. Dean Gallagher in heart- his Mass at 7:30, when almost the felt tones which bespoke his happi- entire congregation |ceived Holy ness and comprehensiveness of the Communion. occasion, delivered the following ex- At 10 o'clock the joyful pealing of cellen sermon: bells announced the hour which the Sermon. parish had awaited so long the hour "Right Rev. Bishop, Rev. Fathers when a newly ordained priest from and (lear friends of the laity. During among its own members would for this morning Ft. Fletcher says his the first time offer the Holy Sacrifice first Mass, offers for the first time the of the Mass. Divine Sacrifice. Like celebrations Solemn High Mass. take "place often in different parts of In the St. Joseph's Academy Hall the country, but today the occasion is marked with more dignity and cere- ninny than is generally the case. We are proud of he fact that the cele- bration in our little temple has this extraordinarily great honor. Because of his many duties seldom can a suc- cessor of the Apostles lend his pres- ence to the honor of such an event. ,His Lordship, the Right Rev. Bishop Morris, whose days are filled with many tasks, has kindly come the long distance from his See city and many duties, to honor the young celebrant whom he loves so well, and we, in our presumption dare to hope that an added reason for his more than wel- come presence is because deep down in his good fatherly heart there is a warm spot for this little flock hidden away among the pleasant, vine-clad hills of the Ozarks. Not only has he consented to grace the occasion with his presence, vhich we appre- ciate more than words can tell, but we will have the added pleasure of hearing him speak before the feStivi- ties are completed. Hence you wil! have but a few more words from me, and you must forgive me for taking a few moments from the solemnity of the occasion to express my apprecia- tion and joy; a few Words to urge you to appreciate and gain the choicesi blessings of this holy hour. "My dear friends, during this morn- ing there is ever flowing from deep down in my heart, up through my repeating mind the sacred words: 'This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad therein.' "For more than twenty long years my eyes, yearningly have been look- s ins forward, year after year, toward today's happy event. I have watched the boys one after another, year after year, as they came under my spirit- ual care, and how I have prayed .that among them might be found a voca- tion to the sublime dignity of the s.zg3t rjesthood. But as every priest, every _ pastor of soul, finds as he watches PAGE TdREE for the signs of vocations among his to stand at the altar and offer Divine boys that many of them, although Sacrifice. good and pure, approaching--somel "I congratulate his fatherly Bishop far off and others near--the dizzy heights of that Divine calling, become fearful of its awful responsibilities and dreadful nearness to God, they turn into less fearful channels, where the majority of Christian people gives them a more human and less dreadful foundation. But at last we can say, 'This is the day which the Lord had madeJ Father Fletcher Worthy. The young celebrant of today's festivity has gone on year after year praying devoutly and studiously'till at last his Bishop, like his predeces- sors in like cases, declared him worthy, placed in his hands the mighty powers of an 'Alter Christus' as St. Paul calls the priest---'Another Christ.' All of you know his piety of his attachment to his sacred call- ing; of how worthy he is; he is ours; this is his home. He has received many graces from the hand of God that helped him onward and upward here in our little church before this sacred altar. We loved his happy splendid character of his boyhood and we rejoice with him in his Priest- hood. Divine Calling. "I will but give the supreme rea- son why we say, 'This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad therein.' We study the Divine command given to the young Levite as we gaze in spirit at Christ's tre- mendous love and infinite acknowl- edgment of his Last Supper. We hear Him say, 'Do this m commemora- tion of Me.' St. Peter and the other Apostles heard in wonder this com- mand of their Divine Master and re- peated within themselves the words spoken by St. Peter when the promise of the Iast Supper was made and the multitudes, unbelieving, left Him, and He tmned to St. Peter and the other Apostles and said. 'Will you also leave Me?' And St. Peter declared, 'Lord, to whom shall we go, thou hast the words of eternal life.' When they at last took unon themselves the works of their-divine vocation they remembered the many admonitions and commands of their Saviour, 'As the Father hath sent me. so I also send you,' and again, 'I will give y.ou my Flesh to eat and my Blood. to drink,' and the command, 'Do this for commemoration of me.' They took the bread and blessed it in the very words of Christ: 'This is my Body; this is My Blood;' broke it and dis- tributed it to the faithful. Their suc- cessors having the same Divine call- ing, do likewise. Supreme Powers. "The celebrant of today now comes to his highest calling, the supremacy of his Priesthood. Today he offers his First Mass. the Food of eternity is renewed. The Sacrifice promised of ages is offered up and angels bow down in adoration. Bread and wine are taken into his consecrated hands; all the powers of the Priesthood are invoked, a ]nighty power standing be- fore the people representing an eter- nal God, pronounces the words, 'This is My Body. This is My Blood.' Transubstantiation from bread and wine into the Body and" Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesu Christ results. The infinite Babe of Bethlehem resting upon our altars, the Christ of Calvary is offered in sacrifice; the only worthy atonement, thanksgiving and adoration, is offered to the Father of all things, infinite and eternal. Sacrificial Priesthood. "The very word Priest brings t.o our mind one who offers sacrifice, a rep- resentative standing between God and ]nan. We read history and we find the idea of the Priesthood grasping crudest minds; pagans who knew not the true God offered sacrifices to their false gods. We find it among the most intelligent ancient people in their laws and acts; the chosen people. They offered of the first fruits of the field, of the choicest animals of their flocks, as an act of subjection to the Eternal. Here we have the idea, of the prefigure of the perfect Sacrifice which was to be worthy of God, Christ who did perfect all things, .who opened the full fountains of infinite love for the human race fulfilled all the prefigures---opened the gates of heaven with the perfect sacrifice, and said, "Do this in commemoration of me." The Priest offers the Holy Sac- rifice, fulfilling the Scripture--A Clean Obligation, from the Rising of the Sun, to the going down of the same, and the name of the Lord is great among the Gentiles. Silver- tongued orators try to describe the act, artists strive to bring its glories tv light, but we finite beings can not comprehend the infinite, and must bow down in humility with the aposh tles and the angelic choirs. "We be- lieve Lord," "To .whom shall we go. Thou hast the words of Eternal Life." Pastor's Congratulations. "I congratulate the god parents of Mr. Fletcher and his brother and sis- ter in having a son and a:hrother like another apostle, ordained to the sa- cred calling of the priestly office worthy, through the Divine goodness who glories and loves his native Ark- ansas priests. I congratulate the dio- cese of Arkansas, because there will stand another within her border who morning after morning will offer the Holy Sacrifice, bringing down choicest blessings of the great Eternal Heart of God, showering 'Peace on earth to men of good will.' Words of Welcome. "I offer in the name of my congre- gation and in my own name, heartiest apreciation welcome to his lordship, who, so kindly honors the celebrant of this community, and to visiting Clergy who also so kindly gave time from their labors to lend solemnity to the occasion. Prays for More Vocations. "I shall conclude by asking a most selfish but a most precious favor of Fr. Fletcher while the Holy Oils of Ordination arc still nmist upon his consecrated hands, and he offers his first Holy Mass, and of our dear Bish- op and the visiting clergy, and of my friends of the laity---ask in earnest prayer that this occasion might be the inspiration for at least one other good boy, and that God mig'ht choose an- other from among us for His precious favor to bring down on us and the ]whole worhl new blesngs and graces Ito Life Everlasting, Amen," I BISHOP MORRIS' SERMON. Discourse Vibrant with Intense Emotion Following the last Epistle our be- lieved Bishop in a manner that was wonderfully touching, poured forth from the depths of his fatherly heart a discourse vibrant with intense emo- tion, beautiful in its profundity of thought, simplicity of language mark- ing its expression and its appealing pathos; it was a sermon which shall remain long-cherished in the memory of his hearers. Beginning with the text: "Amavit eum Dominus ornavit eum; Stolam gloriae induit eum," he continued as follows: I need say very little as a compliment to what your Very Rev. Pastor Dean Gallagher has said in his practical and interesting sermon. He covered the doctrine of the Catholic Priesthood as taught in the The.elegy of the church. He spoke of the fore- shadowing of the Priesthood in the New Law as prefigured by Aaron in the Old Law. He referred to the sac- rifices that were offered, the' bloody sacrifice and the unblo.ody sacrifice as a Figure of the Eucharist, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which our young Levite celebrated today for the first time. Now to him, of course, is due the honor and reverence paid to priests always and everywhere. Ever-Existent Priesthood. The Priesthood" seems to be imbed- deal in all mankind from the very be- ginning of our history, and so neces- sary did it seem that when mankind throug] their ignorance, sin and blind- ness seemed to have smothered that conscience which the Creator has im- planted in their bosom, God gave a special grace that His Priesthood might continue to exist. After the construction and decora- tion of the first Tabernacle He en- oined as the moral law those ten Com- nandments that have been the stand- ard ever since civilization began. He led Aaron and his s.ons to the taber- nacle door and there they received the vestments. It was a holy Priesthood, looked upon as holy by God Himself and His people. "Touch not the Lord's Anointed, for they are the apple of my eye," so spoke God the Creator of the foreshadowing Priesthood of the figure of the Priesthood--What does He say to our Priesthood, which is not the shadow of the Priesthood nor the figure of the Priesthood? Dignity of Priesthood. Were I not confident of the faith of you Catholics, were I not sure that your faith is intense, I should not dare to speak of the dignity of the Priest- hood. What dignity is greater than it? The Omnipgtent Himself eoul[ not make it any greater, such is our Priesthood, such is our faith. The Christian Priesthood was cre- ated on that day when Jqsus' said'. Do this in commemoration of Me." Oh! the power communicated by Je- us to the Catholic Priest! No mortal man has ever described the Priesthood adequately. We believe and trust in the Catholic Church and in the power that Christ gave His Priests be for- give and retain sins on earth. "Whose sins you shall forgive they are for- given. Whose sins you shall retain, they are retained." Do we believe it? We must believe it if we are Catholics; When we cease to believe it we cease to be members of the Society that Je- sus Christ founded The Christ-God ha. loved with a special lve the man to whom He has given those wonderful powers. Cer- tainly it. seems as if He had exhaust- ed His Omnipotence. He could not adorn Him more. Oh? .o' earthly glory, no heavenly glory is greater [than ths! No wonder the great Saints have placed ]t to where t seems * (Continued on page 5)