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June 9, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 9, 1923

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PAGE" EIGHT * * * * * * * * * * * * * has been dedicated to St. Christopher, LISTENING IN who is therein depicted in a series of frescoes as assisting sportsmen in By Autolycus * their various lines of sport. In one ., , , , , , , , , , . . , painting St. Christopher is shown Bible "Hold.Ups." - saving an aviator. An airplane on an Arguing that the Bible is becoming ]adjacent flying field has a medal of the most popular book in New York, the saint affixed to the fuselage. The a Salvationist says: "You can reach first protector claimed by airmen was out at random in the crowded streets St. Michael. During the war Catholic and stand a good chance of putting your hand on the shoulder of a per- son who has a Bible in his pocket." It should be added that in performing this experiment outside New York, a little discrimination should be shown in reaching out at random, as some people might stupidly jump to the hasty conclusion that you were reach- ing out for their money instead of their Bibles. Busy Author. The picturesque poet, politician, aviator and soldier about whom a story was circulated recently to the effect that he was going to enter a monastery-- Gabriele D'Annuhzio has inserted in an Italian paper an announcement which I have not yet seen quoted in the United States, as follows: "Gabriele D'Annunzio in- forms all his friends, true or false, in= timate or otherwise, generous or un- compromising, that he finds himself obliged, in consequence of urgent work, to suspend irrevocably his vis- its, receptions and correspondence until after April 20th. He hopes that the book he is preparing will secure for him pardon for taking this reso- lution. If this fact should, however, result in his losing sympathy and friends, he will have no difficulty in resigning himself to it." The thought behind this is not new, but the cour- age is unusual. Bound to Stick News of the promotion of an Irish priest in London to a vacancy in the Westminster Chapter recalls the fact that the Rev. Thomas Carey, the new canon, instructed Roger Casement in aviators were banded together in a guild under St. Michael's patronage. Later St. Christopher, whose protec- tion is claimed by automobilists and travelers, was adopted by individual airmen as their preserver. But the ra- val claims of these two sturdy saints were settled some months ago by the naming of Our Lady of Loretto as the patron of flying men. CIVICS CAMPAIGN UNDER AUSPICES OF THE N. C. W. C. Washington, June 4.--A course i n civics with emphasi upon th# United States Constitution and the study of American institutions and ideals, in every Catholic elementary school, has been announced as one of the objects of the Citizenship Campaign inaugu- rated by the Department of Educa- tion of the National Catholic Welfare Council. The plan is outlined in a letter addressed by the Department to Superintendents of Catholic Schools elementary schools, high scohols academies and the heads of religiou novitiates and mothorhouses. Asserting that the Citizenship Campaign has met with a gratifying response from those in charge of Catholic educational institutions, the letter reads: "One of the objects of the N. C. W. C. Citizenship Campaign is to bring about the teaching of civ- ics in every Catholic elementary schpol. In many States, the inclusion of such a course, emphasizing the U. S. Constitution and the study of Am- erican institutions and ideals, is re- quired by law or in State courses of study. There is an increasing demand the faith and was present at his exe- to make such requirements apply to cution. Canon Carey also reconciled all elementary schools because of the Crippen, the sensational murderer, to fact that at least 80 per cent of the '   elementary school the Church, and attended hm on the, graduates do not scaffold. Crippen was the first crim- have the opportunity to continue on to inal to be brought to justice by means the secondary school." of radio. He had escaped from Eng-] land on a transatlantic boat, when a'PROTESTANTISM OVER description, sent by wireless, led to SEAS "SLOWLY DYING" his arrest in New York. He was ex- tradited, tied and hanged. These Central Europe Churches Victims of facts stick in the mind because I had Poverty the melancholy but gratifying task of ] Protestant Evangelical churches of serving at the prison Mass immediate- Central Europe are in dire peril of ly before the execution. Crippen and extinction, are dying slowly because two prison guards were the sole con- gregation. Human Nature Another prison reminiscence comes to mind. It has for many years serv- ed to convince me (aml sometimes one needs convincing) that human nature never sinks so low but that it retains some redeeming quality. Two men were due to swing together. One was a Lascar who could not speak or un- derstand English. He was tried through an interpreter, and stood dumbly in the dock whilst his fate was in the balance. When he went to Mass in the prison chapel before hs execution, there stood beside him the second murderer, a man convicted of a particularly brutal murder which seemed to stamp him as a man with- out a trace of humanity. But before the altar of God this murderer asked permission to shake the hand of his unfortunate companion, the Lascar. He wanted to show to the friendless Lascar that someone felt for him. With tears in his eyes, one murderer kissed the hwad of the other. Then they went out and died together. Vacation Masses When you are planning your vaca- tion it would be well, when faced by a choice of places which offer similar advantages in other respects, to choose a place which has facilities for Sunday Masd. A vacation from the obligations of religion is not implied in a/vacation from work. In looking up the locations of churches in places off the beaten path, many people will be surprised at the number of seal! towns provided with churches. In about two thousand instances these have been provided through the in- strumentality of The Catholic Church Extension Societ;y, which, by contrib- uting a generous sum to a much- needed structure, encouraged the local people to subscribe the remainder. The sound of a bell calling the people to Mass in'some prairie settlement once induced a triweler (who had not ex- pected to hear Mass so far from a city) to erect another prairie church in thanksgiving. of the poverty of the people and in- 'ability to hold togethdr, and unless help comes quickly the entireP;retest- ant movement in Central Ei:will become either extinct or woefully crippled, was the situation placed be- , fore a meeting of the ministers of Greater Boston in the parish house of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul yes- tday by Rev. Dr. Adolf Keller of Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Keller is representing the Cen- tral Bureau for Relief of the Evan- gelical Churcl'es of Europe, of which he is secretary, and has come to America to bring its message of need. The Catholic Church, he said, was t stronger than ever in Central Europe and is growing stronger every day be- [ cause it had a central control and is thoroughly organized, while the disor- ganized, impoverished minorities of the Protestants were utterly unable to houd their parishes together. The Catholic Church, he asserted, is regarded as a "Bulwark against Bol. hevism, Socialism and Communion," and many of the bouregoise come to that church as a refuge from the evils of radicalism. He said that hundreds of churches, orphan asylums, hospitals and schools have bee abandoned, and taken over by Catholic orders or are operated in a very restricted way since the war. ANTI-PROHIBITION PICTURE OF CHRIST DECLAtED IMMORAL New York, June 4.Abraham S. Baylinson, Secretary of the Society of Independent Artists, has been fined $100 for displaying the picture paint- ed by $. Francis Kaufman entitled, "Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do." The pic- ture represents Our Savious in com- pany with William Jennings Bryan, Andrew J. Volstead and William H. Anderson. Justices Murphy and Her- bert of the Special Sessions ruled that the picture violated section 41 of the penal code. which says that "a person who wilfully and wrongfully com- mits any act which . . . openly out- rages public decency . . . is guilty of Three for Keeps Commenting upon the fact that a woman divorced her husband and re- married him, a humorous journal ven- tures the opinioWthat if She marries him a third time she will be entitled to have him for keeps. Patron of Flying Men. A church for sportsmen in Paris i a misdemeanor." Justice Edward dis- sented from the opinion. Kaufman who painted the picture was not prosecuted, He was a specta- tor at the trial. The verdict is the second brought in within a week which had to do with the selection and handling of a subject by artist: The irst verdict was against th e pe petrators of an immoral stage '' pra- duction., " THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1923 MINISTER DENOUNCES KLAN KASH PRESENTS (By N, C. W.'C. News Service) Chicago, June 1.--Acceptance of cash presents from bands of Ku Klux- ers, by Protestant ministers was de- nounced at the union ministers' meet- ing at the Y. M. C. A. here Monday by Prof. Edward A. Steiner of Grin- nell, Ia. "If the Ku Klux Klan is a Chiht of Christian Protestantism," said Prof. Prof. Steiner, "then I repudiate the mother. "Instead of injuring the Roman Catholic by recognizing the Klan you [only serve to increase his loyalty to ]his church and creed. "It is un-American and a dastardly attack on the principles of religious liberty under the constitution. I pity the minister who will take a few pal- try dollars from a masked body of men who approach the altar of his church. Ministers have no business to encourage the mob spirit, which is one of the most vicious tendencies of ourday." Rev. Howard Agnew Johnston. president of the Chicago Church Fed- eration, presided, and Prof. Steiner's attack on the Klan was applauded. IRISH WIRELESS OPERATOR CONVERTS AND WEDS LADY ROUS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, May 28.--In upper or aristocratic circles in Britain conver- sions to Catholicity are relatively far more numerous than in the other grades of society. In many of these conversions the influence of Irishmen or Irishwomen is a predominant fac- tor. The latest notable conversion is an example. Owen McKenna, aged 24, engaged on boardl a liner as a wireless operator, so facinated Lady Pleasance Elizabeth Rous that in the course of a voyage she fell in love with him. Their marriage has been just solemnized. Lady Rous is the eldest daughter of the Earl of Stradbroke and Lady Stradbroke. They are Protestants, needless to say Owen McKenna, who is a native of County Monaghan, is a Catholic. Prior to the marriage Lady Pleasance Rous was received into the Catholic Church. The newly married couple spent their honeymoon in Ire- land. SAINT SULPICE PARIS SEMINARY TO BE RESTORED TO FRANCE Pris, May 28.--The Committee on Firte of the Chamber has just re- ceived the report of M. de Tinguy de Pouet, to whom had been entrusted the task of reporting on the financial aspect of the bill placing at the dis- posal of the Archbishop of Paris the former seminary of Saint Sulpiee which is now occupied by offices of the Ministry of Finance. The Gov- ernment asks the Chamber for an ap- propriation of 30 million france in or- der to install these offices elsewhere when Saint Sulpice is evacuated. M. de Tinguy du Pouet has present- ed a report favorable to the bill. After a thorough study of the question, he approves the financial combination contemplated a connection with the acquisition of new quarters, and de- clares that the restitution of Saint verySulpice to its former occupants is very desirable from every point of view of general policy. POLISH BISHOPS APPEAL AGAINST SOVIET TERROR Even Nuns Must Now Face Bolshevist Tribunal (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Vienna, June 4.--The reign of ter- ror in Russia need not be regarded as having come to an end with the "execu- tion of Monsignor Budkiewicz. Things equally as terrible may yet be added to the pages of shame that are being written in that country. Catholic nuns as well as Catholic priests are likely yet to be victims of the bloody hands of the Soviets. Al- ready, accp.rding to a moving appeal to the conscience of the world made by the Catholic Bishops of Poland, nuns have been arrested and are to be arraigned before the revolutionary tri- bunal, for teaching religion. Kursky, the Public Commissary for Justice, has already announced that Patriarch Tikhon of the Orthodox Church will be condemned to death. This will take place, he predicts, "even in case the whole world would break off relations with Soviet Rus- sia." Already the council convoked by the Soviets and composed, accord- ing to their will, of the partisans of the so-called "Reform Church," has expelled him from the church and de- clared his functions abolished. ILLINOIS SENATE BILL AIDS FAITH HEALERS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Springfield, Ill., June 4.--The Medi- cal Practice Bill, which provides for recognition of healing by prayer or spiritual means, has been passed by the Illinois Senate. The bill is designated as "an act to revise the law in relation to the practice of the treatment of human ailments for the better protection of the public health and to prescribe penalties for the violation hereof." Medical practitioners and those who treat "human ailments" without the use of drugs, may, according to the measure, be licensed. One section pro- vides that the act shall hot,apply "to persons treating human ailments by prayer or spiritual means as an exer- cise or enjoyment of religious free- dom." BRITISH SOLDIER ASKS PUBLIC MONEY FOR LOURDES TRIP (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, May 22.An application for public funds in order to make the pilgrimage to Lourdes, is the unique request made by an ex-soldier in Lon- don, to the Guardians of the Poor. The wonder does not end here; for every indication is that the ex-soldier will get the money. The applicant is suffering from neurasthenia, brought on by his war services, and he believes devoutly nd sincerely that the intercession of the Blessed Virgin will cure him. The application was backed by the local, Member of Parliament and counsel, and so far the application has been discussed by the Guardians and referred to a committee. But it seems likely that the soldier will get the money as he has been told that if the sum is voted to him it must be used only for the purpose of enabling him to go on the pilgrimage to Lourdes. St. Joseph's Infirmary HOT SPRINGS The South's Most Famous Sanitarium Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy tHiS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY  WITH UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS AND WITH ALL CLASSES. DEVOTED SISTERS EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS COMPETENT NURSE CORPS Well Equipped Building--Of Prominent Location Care in Appointpaents--Every Room Outside Room Well Ventilated and Lighted Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation INFIRMARY - SANITARIUM - REST HOME Professional Attendance For Reservations Apply to REV. SISTER SUPERIOR St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs,. Ark. IRELAND NOW SAFE FOR TOURIST TRAVEL (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Dublin, June 2.--A large Celtic cross to the memory of the men of Ireland who fell in the struggle against the British forces, has been unveiled at Moore by Archbishop Har- ry. With the cessation of hostilities, many important Irish institutions are being opened again. The National Museum, in many respects the finest in Europe, which had been closed since the outbreak of trouble a year ! ago, and the National Library and Na- tional Picture Gallery arenow open to the public. Many of the railway companies have announced cheap :ates for.tour- 'ist travel; and travel agencies have issued announcements that Ireland is now perfectly safe for travelers. The first contingent of American visitors is expected early in June. Many Irish families'have arranged to entertain I relatives, a large number of whom arc priests from America. STE. ANNE DE BEAUPRE BASILICA CORNERSTONE TO BE BLESSED JULY 26 (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Quebec, June 4.--The blessing of the cornerstone of the new Basilica of Ste. Anne de Beaupre will take ]place on July 26, according to an BRADFORD DR UG CO. The House of Qualit Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W. Second St. Little Rock announcement made by the orist Fathers. bishop of Quebec, will ceremony, which will from many parts of States and Canada. The Redemptorist found it necessary to issue that they have authorized to solicit funds for the the Basilica. It has coe attention that several posed successfully as of the Redemptorists money which they said building. Contributions received from clients of St*, the monastery of St*. Anne pre. M. A. Special RePr csestivO New York Life Insurance 801-7 Southern Trust Fix Up That Lift Today--"I Sell IL" Phone 7446 Little Rock, PUBLIC We have S. Army Munson to 12, which was stock.0f one of ths ernment shoe contractors' This shoe is dred per cent tan; bellows tongue, Drool. The is $6.00. 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