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June 8, 1962     Arkansas Catholic
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June 8, 1962

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Q 4TI-IE GUARDIAN JUNE 8, 1962 Qui Vive? by The Sentry RELIGIOUS VOCATIONS Last week, The Guardian published a special edition, dedicated to the newly ordained priests and to the work of St. John's Home Missions Seminary. Last year the Seminary observed the fiftieth anniversary of the founding by the late beloved Bishop Morris. From a very humble beginning, it has made rapid and giant strides through the years. This year nineteen men were ordained to the priesthood and seven of them are for the Diocese of Little Rock. Of these, four are Arkansans. This is an indication of the wonderful work that is being done by the Seminary. Despite this encouraging note, vocations to the priesthood and. the religious life are still inadequate to meet the increasing de- mands. Every year the Bishop and the Seminary faculty sponsor a day upon which the boys, who are about to complete their work in the parochial schools throughout the Diocese, are invited to visit the Seminary. The purpose of this visit is that tile boys may see what lille at the Seminary is like. This year, stress was placed upon the religious side of the seminary work. In previous years considerable emphasis had been placed upon an athletic program. This was appropriate because in recent years a great many of the religious vocations among the :girls and boys have come from those who participated in athletics during their school days. Last year seven girls from the graduating class at* Mr. St. Mary's Academy entered the religious life. All seven of them played basketball during their high school days. This is not just a coincidence. Under the nmdern system, the average boy or girl receives very little disciplinary training, makes few sacrifices, and is prone to develop a selfish disposition. Such a one is not attracted to a life of self-denial and obedience to the will of a superior. Those who participate in school games must sacrifice some of their time to this activity. When properly coached, team members are taught to forget themselves and to work for the best interests of the team. They must be submissive Io the voice of authority, as represented by the officials of the "game. They must strive to win, but be able to lose with equanimity. One can readily see how the development of such characteris- tics in an individual can prepare him to think about serving God in religion. There is no substitute for the good home, where Christ, His Mother and the saints occupy prominent positions and where the family rosary is recited daily. God bless the good fathers and mothers and may He inspire more parents to give thc4r children cheerfully and gratefully to His service. ATHEISTS Once again a mother, who claims to be an atheist, has chal- lenged the conducting of religious exercises in the public schools. She is Mrs. Madalyn Murray of Baltimore and she has appealed to the United" States Supreme Court to set aside a ruling of the Maryland Court of Appeals, which held that the religious exer- cises held in the Baltimore public schools do not violate the Con- stitution of the United States. The High Court already has before it, a case, which challenges the constitutionality of the recitation of a 22-word non-sectarian prayer in the New York schools. From the consideration of her name, alone, one would surmise that Mrs. Murray's husband must have had ancestors who accepted God and who perhaps were Catholics and suffered for their faith. It is a severe indictment against the intelligence or the integrity of any person who claims to be an atheist. It is a well-known fact that the existence of God can be proved from reason in several different ways. It has been sad, on good authority, that anyone who claims to be an atheist is short on intelligence or long on bearing false witness. To put i succinctly, such a person is lack- ing in normal intelligence or is not telling the truth. It is rather difficult to see how Mrs. Murray is going to im- prove her condition or that of her son, by causing other students to be deprived of the opportunity to pray. It seems that if she does not believe in God, it is very intolerant on her part to attempt to prevent others, wire do, from praying to Him. As children grow older they come to realize that there is no Santa Claus such as they believed in, but they do not try to de- prive other-young children of believing in him and asking him for favors. It is most difficult to understand how Mrs. Murray and her children are going to be able to get along without handling some of the United States currency and coins. Each piece of paper money or silver coin has inscribed upon it, "In God We Trust." There is also an inscription of the same kind in the post offices, where the mail for the Murray family must be sent and received. It is a rather difficult and trying task to be a consistent atheist in this land of the free where most people believe in God, even though He is for the most part ostracized from the schools. If atheists succeed in keeping God out of the schools, He has a way of appearing in other places such as on money and in post offices. He also has a habit of appearing on the programs at high school graduations where invocation and benedictions are given in His name.- The atheists have quite a task set for them, if they int'end to keep God out of the affairs of this woTld. IGNORANT CATHOLICS In recent weeks an attemIt has been made by means of ser- mons on education, delivered in the parish churches, under the direction of His Excellency, the Most Rev. Bishop, to give the people some detailed information about Catholic education. There are some Catholics, who do not appreciate the value and the necessity of a Catholic education. This is evidenced by the fact that a certain number of Catholic parents strive to find "IT'S A GRAND OLD AMERICAN TRADITION" _C00ital Talk 'United Front' Strategy Revived by Communists By $. J. Gilbert Washington, (E)--Communists and fellow travelers in the Unit.. ed States have recently been playing the "united front" stra- tegy for all it is worth. This is  conclusion of the latest edition of the Guide to Subsersive Organizations and Publications prepared by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Ac- tivities. The Guide, revised as of last December 1, lists a total of 633 erganizations or projects and 122 publications cited as com- munist or communist-front by Federal agencies and 155 organ- izations and 25 publications cited as communist or commu- nist-front by state or territorial investigating committees. "The fact tht the Guide in- cludes characterizations by au- thorities other than the House Committee on Un-American Ac- tivities should not be construed to mean that this committee is in any way verifying the find- ings of the other official bodies," the publication notes. The new edition of the Guide contains the names of 200 or- ganizations and projects and 44, publications which Federal au- thorities have characterized as communist or communist front, but which have not appeared in previous editions of the Guide. With regard to an additlional 49 organizations or projects and 17 publications previously cited, the Guide "adds corroborative findings by other agencies of the Federal government." The Guide says "similar ef- forts to create what communists called a 'united front' with non- communists occurred in the mid-1930's . . . and a multitude of communist fronts flourished in the United States in that period because thousands of dupes were fulled by the com- munists' siren song of friend- ship." The Guide says the House committee "has ascertained that a communist front is an organ- ization or publication created or captured by the communists to do the party's work in areas where an openly communist project would be unwelcome." It sets forth "criteria' 'for "the gtfidanee of the American peo- ple in detecting communist front organization." some excuse that will permit them to send their children to a public school. It is hard for a normal Catholic to understand such a state of mind, but it exists. Of course, the root of such a pitiful attitude is to be found in ignorance of the facts which should be well known to all Catholics. In the first place Catholics should be p[.oud of the fact that the Catholic Church is th6 oldest and most experienced teacher in the world. She has a divine commission to teach, which was given to her by Christ Himself, when He said to the Apostles, "Going, therefore, teach all nations to observe whatsoever I have told you." The Catholic Church is free to give a complete education in her schools. The public schools cannot do so. They are not free to teach religion or moral principles, because the Supreme Court has ruled such teaching as unconstitutional. This is rather a strange ruling when one considers the fact that religion and prayer enter into so many other public activities. A great many people, some Catholics included, do not realize how dangerous it is to develop the intellects and the bodies of the .children, as must .be done in public schools, without giving 'the students any means to guide them in the use of these powers. Such truncated education can lead to many evils and it has. Some modern parents seem to be over anxious to start their chil- dren associating with those of the opposite sex while they are still too young for such experience. According to many observers this practice starts with dance parties as early as the sixth grade. This same atitude induces some parents to want to send their children to public high schools for social reasons. The Catholic Church is not in favor of co-education, especially at the high school level. Bishops may permit it, but it must be because they have no alternative. If they can maintain separate schools for the sexes, they must. It is to be hoped that the information about Catholic educa- tion, which has been given to the people will have the desired effect, and that Catholic people in larger numbers will know what Catholic education is and how far reaching are its effects. Many Protestants know the truth and they put luke-warm Cath- olics to shame when they send their children to Catholic schools in i)laces where they are permitted to do so. From the Managing Editor's Desk' There's a 11 0 1 d saying to the effect that people become -s o enmeshed in the ramifi- cations of a given field that they can- not see t h e forest for the trees. And, judging f r o n-! the countless vague pressed in connection recent stock market slumP, has very definile applicatior the investment business. The one over-riding eration that millions of leans overlooked is the fact' stock markets are just diose auctions. When pie are selling their than there are people chase them, prices, as from "values," will What prompts people, to out is something else ague: Most Americans are ers, not leaders. Ttmy al' materialists. So it's a matter to create panic, ly where .dollars and cents concerned. Let solnel)ody block of 50,000 shares of in a given company, and fellows who own 10 shares; come concerned. Then let other wealthy person se another big block of his ings in the same coral)anY, the little fellow panics. The trouble is too manY investors are inclined to on seeurities as they a savings account. But they not the same. That is n say the little fellow invest, tie should, provide already has life contingency funds in the But he should choose his circumspectly to reduce and then should realize trading on the exchanges push prices up one day, another. American investors do need to worry about the eral state of their holdings day. Business is rolling sff ly. But they will have to be concerned when cmes possible to disarm. that day, the'economic primer of military will be removed from the iean business scene, and be right back where we the mid-30's. inMeantime, it would behO, o investors to remember .%'d there is only one thing @, the stock market thai: ia  stant--its fluctuations. Daily MASS GUll $ JUNE 10 Sunday I Class Pentecost Sunday. GI Sequence, Creed, Pret Communicantes and igitur of Pentecost ( each day during the tave). . 11 Monday I Class ji:,:i Pentecost Monday. GI[ Sequence, Creed, Pre ".!;" etc. of Pentecost. 12 Tuesday I Class Pentecost Tuesday. GI Sequence, Creed, Pre etc. of Pentecost.  13 Wednesday I Class ,,o: $w" Ember Wednesday axe" Pentecost. Gloria, quence, Creed, Preface, e' of Pentecost. i  14 Thursday I Class ..o Thursday within the octa of Pentecost. Gloria,  quence, Creed, Preface, e' of Pentecost. f 15 Friday I Class Ember Friday after pe c o st. Gloria, Seque: Creed, Preface, etc. of l tecost. 16 Saturday I Class _  Ember Saturday after I ,e, ;" tecost. Gloria, SeqUe: " Creed, Preface, etc.. P:antecost. The Celeb y omit the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th lessons with t eft versicles and prayers  , ,le pointed for this daY.. first lesson and the EpI le, however, must be said,