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June 6, 1998     Arkansas Catholic
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June 6, 1998

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Page 6 June 6, 1998 ARKANSAS CATHOLg If you knew that Jesus would return tomorrow, what would you do the rest of today? I would first of all get baptized and repent of all my sins. Second, I would tell everyone that I have hurt, that I am sorry. I would also tell the world that Jesus would be coming tomorrow and to repent of all their sins. After everybody knew I would start praying and all my sins. Rosalba Razo 7th grade asking Him to forgive me for Justin Costello 8th grade If I knew Jesus would return tomor- row I would pray for forgiveness for ev- e/Tone and forgive- hess for my sins. I would prepare for his arrival and when He came I would make Him feel wel- come. I would rejoice mid praise God all day long because He is taking me out of this miserable world. I would make sure I'm ready to go to my home on high. Andranique Ellis 8th grade If I knew that Jesus would return tomorrow I would probably spend the rest of today praying at home with my family. Maribel Lim 8th grade If Jesus were com- ing tomorrow I would confess my sins to Him, ask for forgiveness, and wait for him to come. I would have no worry because it says in Rev. 3:10-11; "Be- cause you have pa- . tiently obeyed me Jill Clark despite the persecu- 9thgrade don, therefore I will protect you from the time of great tribu- ladon and temptation, which will come upon the world to test everyone alive." r q,onses are from students at St. JoSh Junior High School in Pine Bluff. Their teacher is Emdia C, arringfo WHY CANT I WATCH WHAT I WANT ON TV?t Katie and her younger brother Bobby were usually on opposite sides of any question. This time, though, they both wanted the same thing. They decided to ask their parents at the dinner table. Katie was going to do the talking. "This meat loaf is really good, Mum," she said in her nicest voice. "Thank you, Katie," said Karen Courtney. "Mum and Dad, I have a ques- tion. Could we watch TV together tonight?" asked Katie. Mr. and Mrs. Courtney looked at each other. Then they both looked at Katie. "Of course," said her dad. "Why?" asked her mum. "Oh, Mum!" said Katie. "You're always so suspicious!" "If that's true," said Mrs. Courtney, "rm very sorry. Now please answer my question. Why do you want to watch television together tonight? You usually pre- fer to watch something else in another room." Bobby couldn't keep quiet any longer. "She wants to watch that talk show that comes on late at night!" "Which talk show?" asked Mr. Courtney. "The one where all the people et into fights!" I "Over my dead body!" said their grownups fight?" asked her mum. mum. "Dad likes boxing," said Bobby. "l knew it!" said Katie. "You never "That's different," said Mr. listen to anything I say." Courtney. "Boxers are trained to "Calm down, Katie," said Mr. fight, and they wear helmets and Courtney. "Don't talk to your mum gloves." that way. She's listening to you. We "And they can STILL hurt each both are. Why do you wantto watch other badly," said Mrs. Courtney. that show?" "But you're right, Dan. Boxers are "AII my friends are always talking trained. They follow the rules of about the show. Sandy watches it boxing. Ontalk showslikethat, there with her parents every night. They ARE no rules{" think it's hilarious!""I've heard some people at the "What's funny about watching office talking about the show," said Mr. Courtney. "It doesn't sound the CAN YOU FIND THE FIVE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO PICTURES? WHAT JESUS Jesus said to treat others as we want to be treated. Over and over again, he told his followers to be kind to each other. He even said to be good to those who are mean to us. Of the Ten Command- ments, only the first three tell us how to respect God. The other seven tell us how to treat each other. When people on i < television say and do r terrible things, they cause a scandal. That means that other people are shocked by them. They should be ashamed to act that way. Jesus said, "There are going to be scandals. But look out if you're the one who causes a scandall" Doing bad things in front of others (especially children) might cause them to do bad things, too. Jesus said, *If you cause a young child to do something wrong. It'd be better to have a stone Ued to your neck and be thrown into the sea." In other words, it would be better to die than to lead children Into sin. Draw your favorite TV character in the TV screen! keep happening. SHOW! [ like that will go on as long P,]] Peple watch them and talk a~= [ them." "They're going to go on wiyl I [ our help," said Mrs. CoudneY. [[ refuse to watch people hU~[[ other people. I also' refuseto al~ '[, my children to watch." [ " " ' . . * least bitfunnyto I~Siiii~e~iiT~i I r" be glad when I'm aide ..... I I me, either. What's "Why?" asked her mum. ~llIrlI funny about watch shows like thai on yo, [ i watching people you hurt the ones "No," said Katie with a s~]] own?" l.h II tothey'recare about?"suppsed "You're right about tha, t shoW. ~., I when l'm older, maybe ru be ~n~ { Mrs, Courtney said,"Whatkindof sometimesl" ,,.,, 1 I person goes on Her parents laughed.,~;II national TV to break up with his you'reMr. Courtneyright sometimeS, You werenW'rigllt ~'~/I ! girlfriend? Katie, howwould you like / i someone to do that to you?" ask us about it." Katie looked worried. "rd hate it! But I just wouldn't go on the show." "Sometimes people are tricked," said Mrs. Courtney. "I've read that the TV people might tell a lady that her boyfriend is going to ask her to marry him. She sits there expecting good news. Then, in front of all those people, he breaks up with her instead." "That's SO MEAN{" said Bobby. "Yes, it is," said his dad. "But it will DMU HS WCNS Z H T Af I~ Y E V WU U Q O L O E T NW$ QA K P Q R S V I L R R W L ~ P NQVXGT P E E T R J Wg F Z E WL M L V I B S E Y U K OXF NQAI N F C O U I U H B H A Y H S E I F R I X F U g E Q QV E A I R G U U WX O I E Y S O D H N L R K A Y U N R T H N L T N E O N A Z U J $ 0 AT i S Y S N L F E E Z A J N L H D U N G S HOWE D R AT C S C A N D A L S Q J H B X V V X T H C U S U O I R A L I 11 O P P O S / T E D B R A _L~ Instructions: Look for the words In the word of these ways: left to fight, top to boffom bottom to top, dlagonally BOXING REFUSE CHILDREN RULES FIGHTS SCANDALS FUNNY SEA HILARIOUS SHOW HURT SORRY LATE SUSPICIOUS MEAN TELEVISION OPPOSITE WRONG QUIET