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June 6, 1952     Arkansas Catholic
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June 6, 1952

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FIGHT THE GUARDIAN, JUNE 6, 1952 I i .....  ......  .I I . I I I I I 1 . I I j P I I ' ' I I ' ' .... I --I--J ' 'ill' ' -- i -- --i , I ,  I' ....... ' ' i "  ' I Ill I ' ' ITI I Ill : -- I -- ..... -- -- 1-- "1' h / tP . !% -- .' _ _ _ I Holy Redeemer Graduates, E1 Dorado I . . ^ /ruman Dranas 00ovleT ueponauonsl Card,hal M,ndszenty's Mother Perm0000 uzl As 'One Of Worst Thin00s In World's/ Brief Guardd Visit To ImprisonedL00.00 v Vienna (IC)  His Eminence prison at Vat on April 17, accord- Nh-s. Mindszenty ;l:-' History' In His Talk To Rumanians Wash/ngton. 0G--Prc.ident Tru- man told a Rumanian delegation here that the Soviet mass de- portaUon of peoples Va forced la- bor exile was "one of the most outrageus things that has ever happened to the world." He spoke to representatives of the American Action Committee Against Mass Deportations in Rumania, who called at the White ttouse to submit a report that QUI VIVE? (Continued from page 1) magazines. Some of the stories have been accompanied by inde- cent illustrations. It has often been sa/d that the modern young poe. pie are no wn than were their coasters, but" th are more ,. frlmk, It m.4y be tru e and prob- ably is that the ,us. ters of every generaon have p;hd have had their dts, but at least In former times they did not boast of their indeceneles. The people of the modern world are shame. less in their obscenities. A group of London bus drivers are making a good will tour in many seetlous of the United Stat. es. They axe driving their double- decker buses around, presumably in the interest of promoting American travel in England. These drivers are also observing 20,000 persons had been marked for deportation from Bucharest as the vanguard of an eventual re- moval of 200,000 individuals by the communist-dominated regime in Rumania Among the delegates was the Very Rev. George Pop, of the Ru- manian- Greek Catholic Church, who serves as pastor of St. John Baptist Church in Detroit Declaring that "I am in com- plete sympathy with the people of Rumania and with all the other free countries who have been placed behind the Iron Curtain, Mr. Tzman said "the Kremlin bombmis the world with cries of peace" and yet "brings on war-- war at every point that she pos- sibly can." "You are going to survive as a free country," the President te traffic habits of American drivers and are giving their Im- pressions of what they see. Nat- urally, the reports that they are making are not such as will make Americans glow with pride. Among the drivers of passenger cars courtesy is and for some time has been conspicuous by Its absence. The bus drivers are usually courteous. They give the motorists safety signals and di. rections and they are aceustomed to stop and to help those who are in distress. The English visit. ors will find our bus and truck drivers very polite and helpful. told the delegation. "You are going to have our wholehearted cooperation in trying to survive. And if I can continue our pro- gram which I have inaugurated, you are going to be a free coun- try again, before you pass on to the next world." crease of young boys out in the streets thumbing rides. In these days when so much stress is placed upon guidance in the school programs, it seems that the children should be warned to recognize and to avoid the dan. gers involved in soliciting rides from any passing motorist, who may have some evil purpose in mind, when he stops to take a youngster into his car. Children should be taught to use ordinary caution and to understand the fit- ness of things. A great deal of tress has been laid upon the need of safety measures to pro. tect the physical well being of the school children. There are stop signs, school patrols, traffic lines, and other provisions to pro. tect the children. But nothing has been done to protect them from the dangers that threaten them while they are attempting to hitchhike. Iu the first place they make a nuisance of themselves by getting out in the streets discon- certing drivers and practically demanding rides. They do this it seems, with the knowledge and' with the apparent approval of The Eighth Grade Class of Holy Redeemer School, pictured above, was graduated at ceremonies that were held in the Parish Church in E1 Dorado on Thursday, May 22, at 7:30 p.m. Rev. Paul F. Des- mend delivered the address and presented diplomas to the nine graduates. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament closed the cert. monies. Students of the Seventh Grade were hosts to the graduates and their parents at a reception in the Parish Hall immediately following the exercises. Pictured above first row, left to right: Evedna Savary, Betsy Montgomery, Julie Ann Thomas, Peggy Jean Beville, Jewel Malone, Gnnie Dungan. Second row, left to right, Chester L. Sfinett, Jr., Donee Durio, Father Paul F. Des- mend, Joe Mike Pfeffer. BARCELONA (Continued from page 1) estimated at 200,000, who waved flags and handkerchiefs and join. ed in cheers. The altar, which remains as a mrmanent memorial of the Eu- charistic Congress, is a menu. mental structure of graceful and impressive design. It is surmount. dedicated to the theme of ec- clesiastical peace and unity, the occason marked the imposition of hands by 21 Bishops upon ordi- hands from nine dil'fcrent coun- tries  Argentina, China, Cuba, Frace. Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portu- gal and Spain. Of the new priests, 653 were students from diocesan semi. naries, 146 belonged to various Josef Cardinal Mindszenty and his Mother were permitted to meet for a short visit in the SHARUM (Continued from page I) a.m. The Rev. James Foley, O.S.B.. of St. Boniface Church will be assistant priest. Other ministers of the Mass will be Rev. Gabriel Franks, O.S.B., deacon; Rev. Frater Dominic Enz, O.S.B., subdeacon; Frater Benedict Buer- g:er, O.S.B., master of cere- monies. The Rev. Bede Mitchcl, O.S.B., of St. Edward's Church in Little Rock. will preach the sermon at the first Mass Two of Father Peter's sisters entered St. Scholastica Convent. One of them. Sister Veronica, died several years ago. The other, Sister DeSales is now stationed at Bailing. FRANKS (Continued from page 1) people thl,ughout the United States. Father Gabriel will celebrate his First Solemn Mass at the Corpus Christi Cathedral on Sun. day, June 15, at ten o'clock. Min- isters of the Mass will include the Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. F. Basso, assist. ant priest; Rev. Alfred Hoenig, O.S.B., deacon; Rev. Vincent Orth. O.S.B., subdeaoon; Roy. Al- vin Tengler, master of cere- monies. I The Very Rcv. Albert M.] Schrieber, O.S.B., Prior of New| Spbiaco Abbey, will preach thee at the first Mass I sermon I ing to an exceptionally reliable ing first being It is too bad that the same can- not be said for the average driver of motor cars, hut it cannot. A cross section shows them to be an impatient, selfish, discourteous group of individuals. In fact 5o rare is the courteous driver that when one appears, other motorists are so impressed that they don't know what to do. The English bus men have noted the boorish conduct of Americans, who ride public passenger buses. It is sel. [I dom that they have seen a young I boy or girl rise and give his seat Itav/a to an elderly than or women or | PHILIP BALEST lito one who is loaded down with bundles or who is carrying a baby (District Mambo') [J in arms. It must be that young AIglCJUN UNITED LIFE I I people are no longer taught the I I...ha Bids. Ph--4-4930 J I lessons of courtesy in their homes and in their schools. The polite attitude toward motherhood used to be impressed upon young peo. pie and upon older ones to such an extent that even elderly men would display deference toward a J Army Discharges, Marriage [] young girl by offering her a seat. B Licenses,_Important Papers [Jl 1'he selfish modern attitude is in  Fa_rrell & Schaer [evidence nowadays. People pay their fare and they feel entitled BLRPR/NT CO., Rector Bldl.| to keep their seats and let the H Phone 4-936|less fortunate stand and do the [ best they can. That is the return of the old pagan attitude toward women that existed before Christ raised them to a position of dig- ANDERSON & NEWELL nity in society, by honoring His Complete lnsm-lmee Faelllthm own Mother and through her all other mothers and women in gen. Fire - Marine . ualt7 erai. Multiple marriages and the For Arkansas Agents PHO,B-1807 glorification of Margaret Sanger 408  St. because of her birth control pro. A. ! Atwood, Special Agent gram have been very potent fac- tors in the reversion of woman ................. to her pagan status. Tom McDonnell I Now that the'-'-hools have closed for the summer vacation, Painting I the children will have more time Decorating | on their hands and more dangers to avoid. Because the family life J Papering | is not what it used to be, more  Remodeling | children are without the proper __i. , . kind of care and supervision. Repairing LIO I Since the close of the schools, i Building I there has been a noticeable in- A Complete Property | Maintenance Servks I Allsopp & Chapple (We Do Odd $olm) | Booksellers and Stationers TOM McgONNELL, CO. [ 30,-309 Main Street - Call lit RAY HARNEY (Contractors) IJ $911 Kavanaugh - Pk. 8-755| II For Office Supplies-Ph. 2-1846 ql Arkansas' Largest Creators and Designers of Distinctive Lawns H. P. LOVE Nursery and Landscape Co. Good Landscaping Doesn't Cost-- It Pays 1416 W. 13th Little Rock Phone 2-3600 11111 Mortgage Loans Insurance Property Management Taylor & Rmhter IncorporawA Chadm M. Taylor 406 Lmdsbum C. IL Ricbt Phone 4.1631 their parents and their teachers. It is hard for the thinking person to understand this laxity on the part of superiors in regard to their children. These young folks are allowed to expose tlzemselves to all sorts of dangers, when they get out in the streets requesting rides from strangers. They run the cimnce of being hi by the passing automobile for cue thing. Then they may be picked up by a well meaning motorist, but one who is a reckless driver or a poor one. In addition to these dangers there is always the one of being kidnapped or enticed away for some evil purpose. On the other side of the picture, there is the bad training that a youngster gets when he expects others to pro. vide him with transportation. Such a young person can very easily develop into an individual, who expects the government to help him from the public funds Thus by failing to suppress hitch. hiking by children, we are actual- ly encouraging an attitude favor- able to the acceptance of Com- munism, which we are trying so hard to conquer. Bishop Cousins' Installation Scheduled July 2 ed by a cross over 100 feet high and covered by a curved 75-feet wide badachin. Not only in Barcelona but throughout Spain, the day was dedicated also to the poor and destitute. During the day ravel. ,apes marked "Envelope oi Char- ity" were placed in the churches. Each contained the name and ad- dress of a poor family. As crowds of faithful visited the churches, they picked up the envelopes, read the name inside and made )lens to visit the needy family and bring some charitable gift or offering. It was estimated that in Barce. 1.anu itself, the names of some 20,000 families were compiled and placed in the envelopes. At midnight of the previous .:lay, an estimated 300,000 men attended a Midnight Mass in the great Plaza of Pope Pius XII. To many of the pilgrims, per- haps he most memorab!e evcn o[ the Gangress was the mass or- dination of 819 deacons in the huge Montjuich Stadium--an act which eloquently demonstrated the unity and universality of the Church Taking place on the day ROGOSKI - DAVENPORT PLUMBING COMPANY PLUMBING - HEATING religious congregations, and 20 to secular institutes. The ordaining prelates included six Spanish Bishops. including Archbishop Fedcrica Malendro, S. J., of An- king, China who was expelled from his See by the Chinese com. munists. To the faith:ful servat of Cd no season of the year should mean separation from Christ or loss of His Grace. Unfortunately for many children of the Church summer time is Danger Time. source here. The VlS was trader the ar. rangements of the Director Gen- eral of State Prisons, Dr. Timer. Both the imprisoned Cardinal and his aged mother had been brought from different places to the Vac prison. Mrs. Mindszenty, at least, is known to have been flown lart of the distance she had to travel. Even during the few minutes she was allowed to spend with her son. four plain.clothes policemen stood by her. In the early burs of the morn- ing of the 17th, according to this report, Mrs. Mindszcnty was tak. en by car from her home in Csehimindszenty to the Szom- bathely airport, accompanied this time by two plain.clothesmen, from where a plane took them to Budapest. At Budapest a car. trip downtown to the central prison was fbllowed by a light breakfast and another ride in a car with curtains drawn to Vac. At Vac she met her son who had been taken there from the small house where he has been detained since last February. This house is said a be located near Matratured, on the slopes of the Kekes Mountains in northern Hungary. The whole visit lasted about half an hour. Father Peyton's Hollywood FAMILY THEATRE Every Sunday, 8.'00 P.M. Over Station K X L R 1450 On Your Dial Mutual Broadcasting Company "The Family That Prays Together Stays Together" Parish Tradin9 List Budapest in the arriving late at night: home again. Campbell, & INSURANCE OF Aetna Floor Little FOR FREE DRKIN 1309 West Ca I Phone St. Edward's Parish lIES I Bill LEA TEDFORD Druggist Rexall Phone 4-4926 915 East Ninth Street Little Rock Arkansas Phone 2-9786 Day or Night RUSHING Light Hauling & Delivery Service PROMPT SERVICE EEASoNABLE RATES 780 East Ninth 8t. 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St. Andrew's Cathedral Parish Holy Souls monies in St. Mary's Cathedral here on July 2, it has been an- ,   ..... 24 hour nursing service "';I;PL'I;NG''_, [] ' The installing prelate will be  w_rt,, r,. awv  HEATING CO.. Inc. 111 Bum His Eminence Sanmcl Cardinal rI,,LVIULIN  Meekaalesl Contraetor . l [l   DRUG STORE II i ]J CLEANERS & Stritch. Archbishop of Chicago, i ,,,,,,ov,,,. ,,,-,I..,_ ; New Construction or Repair ;111 ,. lh ,t.. "Personalized whom Bishop Cousins has served i IN IJJLOllNqat 1-11JlYJLJ , 71' rod. S*' :'|| Pnelanslll|ms ! |Ill o o .-... as Auxiliary for the last three for e]derl eo-]e t ]Pone 4-7489 For RsUzz(s  BH /li, lil ,t ,-- II Little Reek Arkusas i I W. Ms: A lie never lives to be old.-- Ph. 43914 2120 Louisiana Sophocles. :=- I Little Rock, Arkansas 110 Psint. - Wanpape, - G. 11 Watch Shadow owes its birth to light. Watch This 111 ,., PAr a & Gift Shop Iit "' [")1'11=" MARBLE AND TILE COMPANY "| Space Each fill a,,more PAPER CO. 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