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June 4, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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June 4, 1943

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!{;&lt; l THE GUARDIAN, JUNE 4, 1943 ..... PAGE FIVE 00erman Promise Broken No. 28 The Story Of The Bible In Pictures I.. 71 PI]II00WI I-" .v/..,., 7 ,,, . ..... I IrP I y ,essaae Io Commissar I lnon. (E)--The following is a summary of a memorandum _ • r ... .  "!:':1 [ It.- .. Ylg2i,] 1 I 1#}I I .l V'FklI'I i00t:00}o the Commissar-General in Kaunas by the Lithuanian Ca- AISRAHAMb ] tl00lI II/I00, '.zY " "')1 .lSh_ops on October 13, 1942. It gives the best evidence of tile ALLXI$ : .... )1., . z' I I I ./Y,II I. \\;\/}1 (tl I |! ],.t .relations between the Church and the German authorities in POSSESSIONS k,.. ' _ i I ]II,,,:,%_ .J" 1 II I,I ',lrt is sta<ed in this document that the Bishops in their annual A,T,£A$ kl.. ' "q I f l( "/./%1 l//'<rYkk,,'A ence had discussed questions concerning the situation of Ca- _"h g'lltI I I .:/g//#,:' Ilr ''  €! 1  in Lithuania and decided to inform Dr. Von Renteln of their , ' "..,, I t r"""".."lll]]l/t'J''l llI]fl'V]  " l, ]L,,...'-/[ I IT-fa on the present conditions  ( l'''xi aSk him to cancel all meas- graduates of Lithuanian higher _,  I1  !/# at PUt restraint on religious schools for labor service aboard. w..itllkll. i - .fl[/f#.-I [--4 " J/]////_ "[ " - There they would be without any .',/  n<5[ I-Zi////' I Xt,,l2gA i care from their parents and with- l#.g,:l %1  .,l I  !//" 22S  I _ -- "'@I'i.ffi1 I out rehg, ous and moral support.   '1 1",,.\\; ':', i [ OF HIS LIFE . and the education of I /' lauer claimsY°Uth') tiz d i were summa" e Ollowing seven points: Still more dangerous, according . legarding the Church's prop- thne Bishops pointed out e German authorities on 1 Occasions had declared ltention to restore property i la Lithuania in the near ' a This question is import- ;il:  Lithuanian people and t atholic Church because  he Whole of the Church s Y and that of the Catholic tloas, have been nation- enm Bolshevism e Bishops compared the olshevik and present re- .of Property rights un- lhey explained that the tii People condemned Wl,,a and its consequences, them all confiscation of l::operty. l  then stated that the Bol-  had taken away from the tsand parishes various  = church registers and :. The archives and church  taken away from the in. ad parishes were now ble to the ecclesiastical, The Conference of '. erefore requested the I this property to the dio- ' parishes without fur- I, ; : l)ePorted Workers i.becond point of the t'':¢:i aura concerned the sit- ; /,the Lithuanian workers : ,la ? Work in German in- I ,me. Reich. The Bishops mat most of the work- , atholics. When ex- Il go to Germany, they i Promised that Lithu- ' 'l'. ets would be appointed ,ut their religious needs. "[[erence of Bishops stat- i lit r great sorrow, that i="ases,_ although repeated l:a. s, have not been kept. hlrd point dealt with ".i...Order to enlist the to the Bishop's opinion, was the intention of sending young girls to labor service in Germany. This would damage their health and corrupt their morals in a still higher degree than those of the young men. Obstacles To Education 4. In the fourth point the Bish- ops attacked the German author- ities for the obstacles placed in the way of theological education in Lithuania. They pointed out that during the 1941-42 academic year the normal studies at the Theological Faculty had been [is- turbed. In spite of the often re- peated promises to give the Lith- uanian people full freedom in the domain of education, the Faculty, the Bishops observed, had' met with difficulties that had not been overcome. 5. The fifth point of the mem- orandum was devoted to the ac- tiv/ty of religious circles in Lith- uanian schools. The Bishops em- phasized that in spite of the fact that scientific circles were being permitted in the Lithuanian schools, religious circles were for- bidden. 6. In the following section the Bishops expressed their point of view on the difficulties of the Catholic Press in Lithuania un- der the Germafi regime. This press had ceased to exist al- though many requests to recom- mence publishing Catholic news- papers, so numerous before the war, had been handed to the Ger- man authorities• 7. Finally the memorandum de- manded general religious freedom and freedom of action to the Church in its special sphere. If even there were no Concordat with the Holy See, the Bishops emphasized, the Church would still have the right of establish- ing Catholic organizations, so necessary for religious action. Restore Christian Education 00iVreserve Civilization Says Halifax at Laval U. ie, cL " ()For a country which wishes to keep its civilization ,..ll ere os "no more urgent task in these days than to restore ili. .uucation to the place it ought never to have ]o.<t, '' Lord l?ritish Ambassa'dor to the United States declared in an °lelivered at Laval University, here, where' he received the  gree of Doctor of Laws. llItlli_uress was delivered in French and was broadcast by the -I '-t the rOadcasting Corporation. 1 r OUtset, in acc@ting the honor done him b Laval Lord ' erai- Y ,  nded that he is Chancellor of Oxford University, an V,q Which only a few iIt:: ° "did honor to itself ,Itng a similar degree  i,,¢aiaence the late Card- .iY, Who gave to his fel- t  men so notable an  the highest leader- Lacked Reality the 'efforts of men and nineteenth "restrict truth within What was of scienti- Halifax said: We now see, the con- Science and re- since it was a conception of modern seient/sts OWledge and a re- which was not teal inter- is one of the of religion to wel- search for truth, rule of science to no facts, how- r inconvienent. Towards God is the greatest remains true that orations of science of philosophy, humbly or towards a wheri it m. Per yet been a Christianity, has not to face the ng to find some- it. Just as the in 1789 tried to of Reason in advocates of attempted to by an un- "social Assailed the case with the culmina- tes process. words of saving doe- and in- dividual hu- doctrine, implica- COrollary of the the State. For everything, the can do nothing. formidable moral law; a usurpation that no Christian may accept. Praise For Grea+t Bishop <'In contrast to those who have brought such misery upon the world, we rightly revere such a man as he in whose honor thi, University was founded," the Ambassador said. "Certainly the venerable Francis de Montmor- ency Laval, first Bishop of Quebec is worthy to be called the Apostlh of French Canada. He, and such as he, are not creatures of chance. They are indeed set in this world by the hand of God for the en- lightening of His people. By their light we discern in true perspec- tive the littleness of those who now bend all their efforts to blot out Christian civilization, and can see how transitory are those tri- umphs, that might seem to human judgment so tremendous. "And in that light, through all perils and perplexities, if we l humbly consecrate all we have to i give and try to do to the service of God's will, we may feel com- plete assurance that those men who have so sorely scourged the world shall pass like an evil dream." Lady of Lourdes Grotto Crowned At Pocahontas Pocahontmt  An impressive and very beautiful ceremony was the crowning of the May Queen and service for the nearly fifty Pocahontas men in the armed forces last Sunday at the Lore-des grotto in Pocahontas. The Rev. Edward J. Yeager officiated, with the Rev. Thomas Kennedy as- sisting. Miss . Bernice Junkersfeld, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Junkersfeld, placed the floral crown on the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. Her maids included Elaine Thennes, Joan Wurtz, Ber- nette Junkersfeld, and Mary Ernestine Baltz. The service closed with Bene- diction of the Blessed Sacrament given from the altar of the grotto and with congregational singing of "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name." And Isaa besou rht the Lord for his wife, pie shall overcome the other, and the when the children were born unto him. name was ca,lied Edom. And Jacob said because she w& barren; and he heard elder sha! serve the younger. And And when they were grown up, Esau to him: Sell me thy first birthright. He him, and mad Rebeec to conceive, when her time was come to be de- beeaxne a skllful hunter and a hnsbgnd- answered: Lo I die, what will the first But the children struggled in her womb: levered, behold twins were found in man: but Jacob a plain man dwelt in birthright avail me? Jacob said: Swear and she said: If it were to be so with her womb. He that came forth first was tents, Isaae loved Esau, because he ate therefore to me. Esau swore to him ad men, what need was there to conceive? red, and haJry li/ke a skin; and his name of his hunting: and Rebecca loved Jacob. sold his first birthright. And so taking And she went to consult the Lord. And was called Esau] Immediately the other And Jacob boiled pottage: to whom bread and the pottage of lentils, he ate, he answering saJd: Two nations are coming forth, held his brother's foot in Esau, earning faint out of the field, said: and debunk, and went his way: nking in thy womb, and two peoples shll be his hand, and therefore he was eaJled Give me of this red pottage, for I am little account of having sold his first divided out of thy womb, and one pea- Jacob. Isaac was three-score years old exceeding faint. For which reason his birthright. NATIONAL CATHOLIC 1 RURAL  LIFE CONFERENCE 3801 Grand Ave., Des Moincs, la. FARMERS UNION The following account of a Farmers Union meeting held in Church Point, Louisiana, gives the Catholic Rural Life Confer- ence great joy. The development in that parish is due to the energy of Fathers Bienvenu and Labbe, both enthusiastic members of the N.C.R.L.C., and participants in Rural Life Schools. "The meeting was opened by the president, Mr. Martin Cor- mier, who then called upon Mr. B. C. Meaux, local Agricultural teacher to explain to the group present the progress that had been made in the plans for the canning, dehydration and hatchery plants. His discourse brought about a great number of questions during the discussion part. All of these matters greatly interest- ed the many men and women members who were present, Fur- ther discussions will be held at the next meeting, at which Mr. Alexis Larriviere of the Vocation- al Education department will be present, on the construction of the building necessary to house the equipment. "Mr. Jagneaux reported upon the recent delivery of fertilizer to the inembers of the Co-op and announced that the cotton seed ordered by the members would be in the next Monday. Mr. Hargroder gave a brief re- port of the meeting of the State Credit Union League held in New Orleans. "Dr. Heflin then addressed the crowd on the work that he is about to do for the farmers in testing the older cows for Bangs disease and in vaccinating the calves from five to eight months old for the same disease• Chutes for the cattle of the various areas will be constructed during this week. "The program for the tests for Bangs disease and. the vac- cination of the young calves was extended to every farmer in the community, whether a member of the Farmers Union or not. Father Labbe said: 'We deem it imperative for the farmers to have clean cattle. Whether one is a member of the Farmers Union or not, we want them to take ad- vantage of this occasion afforded them to cooperate for their own good. We urge every farmer, every man, who has a cow or calf, to take this opportunity af- forded by the government to test his cattle•' "Mr. Cormier called upon the members to place their money in the Credit Union with the local Secretary, Mr. Jean Barousse, who took in over three hundred dollars for the organization. "Mr. Stephen Bellard then en- listed new members in the Farm- ers Union and distributed the membership cards had not been given out. It was. announced that the Acadia Parish P. & M. Associa- tion voted in favor of having a warehouse for the farmers of the community." The people of Church Point be- lieve and practice that "now more than ever before, the farm- ers must beat" in mind the fact that in Unity there is Strength." The Church Point News. ROGOSKI - DAVENPORTI PLUMBING COMPANY | PLUMBING--HEATING l serving Little Rock Since 1897 I 307 W. 7th Phone 994Z| ii,,, , # Campbell, Mallory & Calvert INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Aetna Floor Wallace Bldg. Phone 4-025 Vatican Crushes Nazi Attempt. To aBlame Church For War r sh::;:; to 7h:Ych{aEges mRadte°r:ivngr rSiatU;ti::m:fa:h:t. ChF:hth:; the Nazi-controlled Paris Radio response is unnecessary to the that the Catholic Church is re- charges of the Paris Radio, which sponsible for starting the pres- ent war--ridiculous charges which it denounces as flatly "propa- ganda"--the Vatican radio station has made public a letter which His Holiness Pope Plus XII re- cently addressed to the German Hierarchy, comforting them in their affliction and encouraging them to hope for better times. At the same time, additional proof is had here that the Ca- tholic Hierarchy in Germany is steadfast in its implacable opposi- tion to the secularizing influence of Nazi Statism. This come in the declaration of one of Germany's most distinguished prelates to his ]people that it is a question now whether Germany will continue [to have a place for Christ, or !whether everything will be gear- led to the temporal and the ma- terial. I KIPA reports that the Most Rev. Joseph Frings, Archbishop of Co- logne, consecrating his See to the Blessed Virgin Mary, recalled past episodes in the veneration of the Blessed Mother and' asserted that rarely has a consecration taken place in such calamitous times. The Archbishop compared the ter- rific air attacks on cities in his Archdiocese to the devastation wrought by the Norman invasion. At Critical Stage "Great is the exterior misery that is oppressing us," Archbishop Frings said, "because there is no :family that does not suffer from the death of a dear person, such a husband, father or son. But it is not only an exterior misery that oppresses us; it remains to be seen whether Cologne will pre- serve its ancient pride in being a Catholic city; whether our coun- try will continue to be a place for Christ, or whether all German spiritual life will be constructed on a purely temporal basis: whether or not our youth will be educated in the Faith of Christ." A broadcast over the Paris Radio on May 23 said that from the beginning Germany's aspira- tion was union of all people of the same blood arid race; that the Vatican waged a bitter campaign against Racism, and that these at- tacks continued despite all efforts on the part of the Nazi Govern- ment. This same broadcast added that because of the Vatican's fight against Racism, Goer/ng was cbliged to take measures to re- press the "political activity" of the clergy, and, therefore, war was declared by the Vatican• The Vatican radio on Wednesday stated the Church's attitude to- ward National Socialism as ex- pressed in the Papal Encyclical Mit Brennender Serge.. It point- ed out that factually and his- torically the charge made over the Paris Radio was unfounded. What Everybody Knows "All know the facts today," the speaker said. "They know how, objectively and actually, the pres- are explainable- only as propa- ganda. "One thing is most certain. The Vatican did not declare this war, nor did the Catholic Church in Germany provoke the situation in which it finds itself. Everybody knows this." NCCM Executive William C. Smith, recently ap- pointed Assistant Executive Sec- retary of the National Council of Catholic Men, and who will co- ttnue as Washington Director of the National Organization for Dee ccitt Literature. Bachrach photo. (N.C.W,C.) Plumbing And Heating "Jr REPAIR SPECIALIST GEe. M. WOODS Call 2-3342 Little Rock w I I I HIMSTEDT Plumbing & Heating Company Serving Little Rock For More Than 20 Years Instdlation and Repairs of PLUMBING & HEATING 321 West Capitol Phone 6153 Little Rock, Arkansas Reliable--Satisfactory THE SUNDAYZMISSAL by Father Lasance NEW-- IMPORTED SIMPLI- FIED--ONE OF THE FINEST BOOKS PUBLISHED-.-MADE IN EXCELLENT BINDINGS \\; Father Kelly's Study Plan shows how to use this Missal and teaches all about 'the Mass, Altar, sanctuary, vestments etc. Father Lasance explains the apiritual nature of the Mass. No interruptions, avoiding confusion. When to kneel, stand, sit is lndloated. size 33-4X53-4 No. 2SS--Black Im/t. Leather limp covers, round corners, red edges $2,,S No. aS9American Seal Lsathor, limp covers, gold slde red ttndr said edges .................. - .................... l.O0 No. 290AmerJcan Morocco Leather gold roll, red under gold edges. $4.50 Order from The Guardian Slovak Bishops Flay Decrees Against Jews Vatican City, (D--Decrees pro- scribing the rights 'of Jews are vigorously condemned by the Ca- tholic Bishops of Slovakia, in a pastoral letter read in all the churches of that . country on March 21, according to a report which has just appeared in Ser- vice Oecumenique (Ecuminical Press Service of the Evangelical Church) of Geneva. Commenting upon the news re- port, Service Oecumenique em- phasizes the fact that Monsignor Tiso, a Catholic priest, is head' of the Slovak Government. The Bishops of Slovakia, the news report says, declare that the Catholic position and principles on the Jewish question already have been made quite clear and thoroughly defended by them. However, they add, they feel ob- liged once more to declare this position and these principles, at a moment when new dicts are be- ing published in contradiction of principles. The Bishops, it is further stat- ed, insist upon the observance of the noms of natural law incor- porated in the Slovak Constitu- tion, stating that the attitude to- wards all men is to be that of the parable of the Good Samaritan, without exception of any kind because of a man's language or My Sunday Missal' by Fr. Stedman 352 Pages i i i The new simplified method of following the Mass, the explanations before e a c h Mass and about the parts of each Mass, the calendar of the Masses showing the Mass page for every Sunday and Feast Day for years to come. Many beautiful illustrations, $ * * No. 251  MY SUNDAY MISSAL Improved art beard binding. Printed in fine opaque paper with many beautiful illustrations well bound. 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