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June 4, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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June 4, 1943

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:!i: : " ' ,, THE GUARDIAN, JUNE 4, 1943 , , ,,, PAGE,,THREE C P A Newspaper Short Story Winners i : ..... : = : : ............. T I" PE I A L L ITEMS ........................ , ................. _ I00PERSONAL ............... and SOCIAL.00 ES;'A Lk0000EMS t ............................... T{ SEMINARY X t " a "-- .................  SUBMLTTED t t: _- -_ = -- : : : : : 7, .......... ........... m - - $ [ 1 Noon Tuesday SIGNED  f' ' I - rmcnl, ray Ana 5port t.00ents 0000MY,..C,t"cje D:- C ....... A C. Cahedral whl be l'Itll[]l /I illHgg /dkl /I .... lllillrll )qrish Hall, Sunday, I,, =t.. I I . Jmtl. J c afrtih: Wednesday, May 26, well de- Short Field; Edward Maloy, Short t .ilr: e' serves a special mark on the cal- Step; Joseph Murray, Left Field; e uq ests teat all mem- cedars of Priests Visitors and Jam-= All,, ;ht w;a ,a cle attend. ,; ......... ., , ...... . - ........ by..* .... ; ..... ....  ' ,=,x,,Jaz'lans IL was truly a any ranels onovan, ltcner :: . :ms Promotion Before enter- -- : = of 'n "o ' " .=at Subiaco Aca 1 tense J y and laughter. It The Umpwes were the Ver" v' u serv" " ril 1 4z ne ,,,p ou,=u, , . ,- Y lee in AD ,  , , w " ' ' me office underwriter for demy, for Boys aged 9 to 15 in- as Plcmc Day at St. John s. Reverend Msgr. Thomas Keany, 17 a home e.National Line Insurance Com- fY here in Little Rock. Sgt. 011 left Saturday to return to Blost at Camp Barkley, where l' has been stationed since' Oc- elusive. Two weeks, sta.rting July 11. May enroll for One or Two Weeks. Number Strictly Limited. Parents should inquire now. Ad- dress: The Rev. Camp Director Subiaco, Ark. laral sc were conduct- eSday for James Ignatius , 81, at St. Andrew's Ca- by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. l. ts A. Allen, rector. Mr. lL?" who was manager of the l"aad Fell Commissary Co., her of St. Andrew's Cathe- ld of Little Rock Council g ights of Columbus, died at l.;. rap at 622 Cedar St. Sunday. datearers were: Active, B. F. i y,. W. B. Hodgins, Charles 1?Arthur Fulton, Paul Grif- ' Walter Keller, A. J. Wrape, thony Rogoski. "Honorary, 'PiJl { acl Vernon Petersen, and C. Tlaer, St Louis, Charles Nex- E_..D L ' l!:W ' eas, A. D. Fuller, Dr. J. "}S',ltraan, Ed McEvoy, War- anford, H. C. Richter, N. J. ?n, a. =. Miles, R. B. Plun- :::ibi: ' Hedges, Sr., H. F. Schil- i ra 13onahue, and H W. ll7:] at in the Sanctuary were ]l=). Wing priests:' Very Rev. ::',][W_. l:raas L. Keany, Very ,. })Jr. Edward P. Garrity, lr, }seph A. Murray, Rev. ;i olrendergast, Rev. Clai- %,(tqCh, w(erty, Rev. Patrick M. N  v?ey . John E. Murphy, and , It',enry J. Chinery. Mar- st. John's Seminary 'iilM. Y r Port in the Mass. ,, vg Mr. Madigan are his ;:,.1  _ rs. Bernadine S. Madi- Second Medal Give News  S:l, hiearv :n)- wwi;hgt. Wil!irnam v !1%,i,,_ " g " theA y i:g e, is son e South Pacific war ;,.ats ,. . modest that all his ih, mr. and Mrs. William T. ,! aeoiYz this city; know about 7iD% ra is what they read in ': at =rs a ):?,lla_ and hear from the ;::'l?lE Lmaent. He never writes tl':. about winning decora- {/i= r De v p p 4._ Partment--that their /ied had won the Silver llt'-u priue the other laaeas Part in battling off Zero00 while his ny- g!lh-' C  was trailing a Jap-  le  is a gunner f Ortress. He is an al- !ii'1 lee ROlan Catholic High June Circle Headed By Mrs. E. R. Kemp. Little Rock.The June Circle Df St. Andrew's Cathedral will be under the chairmanship of Mrs. E. R. Kemp. The circle will spon- sor all activities during the month of June. Assisting Mrs. Kemp on her committee will be the follow- ing members of the Cathedrh Chairman: Mrs. E. R. Kemp, Miss Emma Baer, Mrs. James Banks, / Mrs. C. C. Bedford, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Benton, Miss Marie Benton, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Binz, Jr., Mrs. Kelton AR. Brown, Ih'. and Mrs. B. D. Bourne, Mrs. T. J. Brennon, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bud- denberg, Mrs. Ben Catherina, Mrs. O. B. Clark, Mrs. Gee. W. Clements, Mrs. G. J. Cox, Mrs. Annie F. Craighead, Mrs. S. L. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dawes Salvador DiCosmo, Miss Heleyna Dobbins, Mrs. J. W. Dollins, Miss Mary Louise Durst, Miss Amelia Ehemann, Richard Elwood, Mrs. Arthur Emmerling, Miss Mar- Picnic Day means "Vigil of Ex- and the Messrs. William McCoey aras" for the Seminarians and and William Wellman. The Score- they well appreciate a day of re- keeper, Mr. Joseph Quinn. laxation. The Picnic did it, Prizes were given in United thanks to the wonderful spirit, States WAR STAMPS to the fol- displayed by Mr. Francis McCar- lowing participants in the "Stu- thy in the arrangement of sched- dents Field Meet". High Jump MRS. M. R. ULLIVAN REV. MR. W. B. FAHERTY. S.J. MARGARET U. WHITEHEAD ule and the cooperation of Mr Winners: Messrs. Gerald Cooney, The Rev. T. A. Meehan, As- The second prize of $75.00 to M.R. Sullivan, Terryville, Conn., Paul Bujarski and Joseph Quinn. Thomas Stauder and William Ket- itant Editor of The New World..."A Front-Line Christmas Gift" through The Catholic Herald Citi- The student body is indebted to tler. Shot Put Winners: Messrs. member of the Literary Awards submitted by Rev. Mr. W. B. Fa- zen, Rev. J. F. Kennedy, editor. Father Rudolph Maus and Father Andrew Augustyn, Robert Sheehy, Foundation Committee, in charge . Rev. Herbert O. H. Walker, S.J., N. Charles McGinnis for the or- Edward Shilly and James Boyle. of the newspaper section, has an- hetty, S.J., St. Mary's Kn., au- managing Editor of The Queen's 'derly and successful handling of Discus Throw: Messrs. Edward nounced the result of the 1943 thor, through The Southwest Work, is chairman of the Literary the field events. :Dooley, Gerald Cooney and Rob- contest which was presented d'ur- Courier, Joseph Quinn, editor. Award Committee and announced The opening session of the day ert Boyle. (The Order of men- ing February, of this year. The third pribe of $50.00 to the results of the National Mugs- was the "phemonenal" game be-tion indicates the Prize-Order.) The First prize of $150.00 to "Make This Day Ready, submit- zine Fiction Contest of the C.P.A., i tween Washi and Siwash, teams ! The Relay around the Semi- "Dear Morn" submitted by ted by Margaret L. Whitehead, a week ago. The Reverend Chair- composed of the "cream" of the :nary was won by the team com- [Upper Side and Prep Side "in posed of the Messrs: Robert Gladys Knight, El Paso, Texas, New Rochelle,. N.Y., author, man reports that a growing in- everything but Sports." The Sheehy, Edward Dooley, Edward authOror, F. A.thrughFink,OurAssociateSUndaYEditor.Visit" Dailey,thrUgheditor.The New World, Rev. E. terest with 'greater perfection score .... Washi 29, Siwash, 8. Shilly and Gerald Cooney. The picture of the first prize The fourth prize of $25.00 to among the entries is being mani- As a fitting compliment to both winner was not available. "Gratitude" submitted by. Mrs. fested year by year. teams I quote Mr. McCarthy: "a The following is the list of Partners fur the Horse-shoe game. ,,packed with thrills and Tournament for Pr/ests and Lay- chills The heroes of the game Greater Little Roc Activities Holy Angels me,,: were, as dt is to be expected, Mr. Scully, for his endurance, Mr. Fathers Adam Mieek and Law- Stump, for his competitive spirit rence Graves, Father James A1- St. Andrew's Cathedral 7:00, 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Sermon and Mr. Nazario for his ability len and Mr. Bader Busby, Msgr. Sunday will be sixth Sunday "The 'Disposition for Confirms-t,,qllAn Wins (?) to uphold the rights of his Thomas Keany and Msgr. John after Easter. Masses at the Ca- tion and is Ceremonies " All team. Scheper, Msgr.. James Gaffney and Msgr. Herman Wernke, Mr. thedralll o'clock.Will be at 6, 7, 9, 10 and school children are invited to re- By the time the "chills" were William Rogoski and Mr. Walter Masses at Holy Souls Chapel eeive Holy Communion in the 8:30 Latin Medal noVer'doubtit WaSeverybodytime for dinnerenjoyedandit Mr.Kehler'GeorgeMr" Mather,Daniel MurphYMr. Tomand will be at 7:30 and 9 o'clock, o'clock Mass. that is, the dinner. Newton and Mr. George Massery Masses during the week at the Weekday services: Daily Mas- Inthe afternoon with Father Msgr. Edward Garrity and Msgr. clock.Cathedral will be at 7 and 8 ses at 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. Jonesboro. -- Frances Myers, Donovan doing a masterful job John McCauley, Father Ruiner Novena of Our Lady of Per- Latin student at Holy Angels on the mound holding the Semi- De Clerk and Mr. George Math- Novena in Honor of Our Lady of )etual Help Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Academy, has been awarded a narians to two hits the Alumni er, Father Joseph Murray and the Miraculous Medal followed by SocialThe Congregation and Medal, highest mnor, in the Na- of St. John's bowled over the Father Edward Maloy. The fin- Benediction of the Most Blessed friends will be entertained at 8:15 tional Latin Competitive Ex- Seminary students by a score of alists were Msgr. Wernke, Msgr. Sacrament will be held Sunday p.m., by Circle No. 6. amination of the Association for 5-0. night beginning at 7:45 o'clock, the Promotion of Study of Latin, Gaffney vs. Fr. De Clerk, Mr. Ms- Novena in honor of St. Theresa, as announced by Dr. A. E. War- Those who saw action for the ther. The Champions, Father De The Little Flower, on Wednesday Good CoUnsel sley, to Sister M. Theresine, in- Seminarians: Messrs. Vincent .Clerk and Mr. Mather. Seven morning following the 7 and 8 Nover/a for Peace and Victory stPuctor of Latin, at Holy Angels O'Brien, Right Field'; Andrew Au- baskets of fresh vegetables from o'clock Masses. will be held this Sunday at three Academy, Jonesboro. gustin, Second Base; James Whal- the Seminary Garden were given The regular "Inquiry Class" will o'clock. This will hold for the Slightly under 6000 students en, Third Base; Andrew. Genda, to the outstanding players. be held at the Cathedral Rectory, summer months. [Participated this year in this ex- Left Field; Paul Bujarski, First The Faculty, the Alumni, the 81)2 Center St., Tuesday evening ' Ndvena to St. Anthony follows aminatiort and some from every Base; Joseph Enderlin, Short Visitors and the Students, all co- at 7:45, or any other night during all Masses on Tuesday mornings, state in the Union. Each paper Field; Francis McCarthy, Short operated wonderfully in each oth- the week (except Wednesday or Novena to the Little Flower and was examined carefully and then Stop; Robert Boyle, Catcher; Ber- er's "thrills". Ready for next Saturday nights) by appointment, the Blessed Sacrament is held' assorted into terms and median nard McGrenehan, Center Field; year? The regular weekly Bingo will. every Friday night at 7:30 with averages were thus obtained. Re- Joseph Wenger, Pitcher; from the : = -" be held at the Cathedral Parish Benediction of the Blessed Sacra- sults showed that the majority of Upper Side, and Messrs. Thomas Pretensions 10 Hall, 9th & Louisiana Sts., Wed- ment. nesday night beginning sharply Bingo tonight will be in charge Holy Angels students were above Stauder, Third Base: Edward Vision the median, and all students' Shilly, Short Stop; Leo Riedmuel- Bring at 8:15 p.m. of the Senior Players with ac- papers were sent in. A perfect ler, Catcher; Robert Sheehy, Sec- Excommunication tivities at 8:15. The Catholic Knights of Amer- score was 120 and Frances Myers end Base; James Reynolds, Short score was 116. Field; John Kordsmeier, Right Vatican City. (A young we- Saint Edwa.rd's Church ira will meet in the Music room This is the second time that one Field;charlesWilliamGregen,Sheerin,First Base;Left Field;Rob_ manArchdiosesenamed ofMariaMilanMianahas beenf ex-the Sunday services: Masses, 5:30, of*the school, Sunday afternoon of Sister M. Theresine's studertts 'err Blanchard, Center Field; Ger- communicated by a decree of the Auxiliary invitedafter attend.All interested are bus received this outstanding hen-ald Cooney, Pitcher, from the Office, dated May 22, for The St. Anthony" Sodality will r in National examinations. Clara Prep Side. in the error of pre- Add to see visions of the Bless- resses meet Thursday night, June 10th C. Myers, sister of thepresent win- Those who comprised the Virgin and to receive messages in the school hall at 8. ner, received a medal a few years Priest's Team: The Rev. Fathers C th li W tom her Converts and adults not, yet ago. In Hae event lhat Holy William Burke, First Base; Ru- The young woman persisted in a o c omen confirmed will have a special in- Angels succeeds in obtaining a dolph Maus, Catcher; Adam Micek, her error, it was said, despite the The quarterly meeting of the structicm class in the church third mdal, a trophy will be pre- Second Base; Lawrence Graves fact that as early as 1939 she was National Council of Catholic We- Thursday night, June 10th at 8 sented to the school by the As- men was held on Tuesday, May o'clock, sociation. Center Field; James Nu threatened with excommunication Winners of the Medals are beth Third Base; N. Charles if she continued to do so. 25th at the NCCS-USO Club, 112 St, Patrick's Church daughters of Major C. C. Myers, In 1883 during the smallpox epi- East 7th Street. His Excellency, North Little Rock )f Memphis, Tennessee. demic here, Mother St. John vol- ' =':=- unteered to nurse the sick and the Most Reverend Albert L. Masses Sunday at 7, 9 and 11 Oldest Member Of Incarnate Fletcher, Auxiliary Bishop of Lit- o'clock, she and her companions lived in Ae METRAILER tie Rock, honored the National Council by 'his presence at the Sunday is Communion day for Word Nuns Dies At Age Of 92 a tent on the outskirts of the city where they prepared food for the & C members of the Altar Society. San Antonio. (E) Mother St. afflicted. Since 1918, Mother St. O. meeting, and his very fine ad- The members will receive Corn- John Rcibe, who has died here John had been engaged prin- dress. His Excellency spoke of reunion in a body at the 7 o'clock how fitting it was that the meet- Mass. , was the oldest member of the ciplly in bookkeeping and phar- Leaders in Be|let ing of the National Council o Sisters of Charity of the Incur- may work :for the community. 'a SHOE REPAIRING Catholic Women should be held The Catholi'e High School col- nate Word. She was 92 and had ::: _ in the building dedicated to the lection will be taken up at all the been a member of the community Don't be afraid to do things; And work of the National Catholic Masses Sunday. for 68 years. God will help. A grand idea re- SHOE MAKING Community Service. The weekly social will,be held Mother St. John was born in quires grand means. Be gener- After complimenting the Coun- in the hall Monday night at 8 New Orleans in 1851 and was one PUS in giving of your efforts, at moderate pricel cil on splendid reports read at. o'clock, sponsored by the P.T.A., of the pioneer members of the garet Frederick, Mrs. E. A. Epple, the meeting, His Excellency re- with Mrs. Thomas B. Jones as community which she entered  SINCE 1899 RowlandFrazier, Mrs. P.B. Gaines, minded, "Let us not make all our chairman,' assisted by Mrs. Guisto 1875. Her ear] religious life was M ORRISO U0 E. 4th St. Phone 4-0716 Miss Vesta Jarrett Mr. Wil- .efforts material. Although inter- Maneini, Mrs. C. Rixie, Mrs. E. spent in teaching and she passed AVi, THE HAiR Koehler, Mrs. John Hum, Mrs. W. Texas examinations which quali- &' =- ,, ,, liam Jarrett, Mrs. Ellis F. Glend- ested in the material victory, we j. Landerman, Mrs.' Lawrence fled her to teach in public schools, LADIES\\;AND ening' Mrs" Jerry Glenn' Mrs" E' are interested' I think' even mre Frederick, Jr.,and Mrs. J. E. . many of which at that time were MEN'S HATS A. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Har- in the spiritual well being of our STANDARD risen, Mrs. James Heston, Harry men, scattered over the far seas. Stanley. under the direction of the Sisters. Heibach, Mrs. William and Minnie That, I think is something that CLEANED AND BLOCKED Hiebach, Miss Mildred Imbeau, every Catholic organization ought  ' ICE COMPANY Mrs. Mary Vogel Griffith, Mrs. Io continue to help in. There is 523 Main St. Ph. 9976 ' Ge" Kaufman' Mr' and Mrs" J' A" n tinge like the present' as the 7hMa lOfpra00 Kaufman, Mrs. A. F. Keane, Mr. man in battle realizes. Let us e nua er = and Mrs. J. J: Keller, Miss Rose consider in our work any coopers- , of Arkansas Lafferty, Mr. Frank Letzig, Miss tion we might give to the chap- $ Mary Letzig, Mrs. E. L. Luyet, Mr. lains at camp, in the spiritual   i :/r:7,: 1 St. Anthony Eli Luyet. , work they are trying to do." m m m The Official Prayer Book Mrs. a. L. McFarlane, Mrs. J.I. At the business meeting, with Illl li HolD,tel r Little Rock No. Little Rock Madigan, Mr. Jno. R. r Marre, Jr., Mrs. Granville Sutton, President, For Catholics Cabot Brinkley Bbe Miss Theresa Maus, Miss Mary presiding, parish reports were read ill il)l Prepared by D,rect,ons of the Mayor, Mr. and Mrs. John Mee-; by Miss Mary Pierce Keith, for !i! . . MORRILTON, IARI. Pine Bluff DeValis Bluff, hun, Miss Johanna Miller, Mr. St. Andrew's, Mrs. R. C. Harville lJ m] Third" Plenary Councd,' .......... ' Clarence Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. E. for Good Counsel, Mrs. R. C. Clark    ...... G. Moriarity, Mr. Alex Nosari, for St. Patrick's and Mrs. John Miss Agnes Nichols, Mr. Philip Kierre for St. Anne's. Reports of m i i i] Contains the Proper of the Mass for The Most Beautiful Sick-Cull Cmcih Made O'Connor, Mr. ann Mrs. E. R. Par- Committee Chairmen were made m  j l all Sundays and principal Feasts, ham, Miss Etta Pope, Mrs. Glenn by Miss Louise Malarcher, De- ImJ J adapting it as a Missal. Quinney, Mrs. A. J. Rauch, Mrs. lense Chairman, Miss Anne Mar- Paul A./Rollent, Mrs. A. V. Rog- grave, Extension of Religious Edu- i/i m , . , , . . . , Plain Highly Polished Walnut oski, Mrs. W. S. Rushing, Mrs. W. cation Chairman, Mrs. Paul Bu- i i i i Large black-fare type is most deMr- Sick- Call Crucifix, with Burnished L. Scheafer, Mrs. Jno. A. Sherrill, jarski, Shrines Chairmhn; Mrs. W. i i 1 able especially in poorly lighted Mrs. K. F. Steffens, Mrs. C. j. C. Bray, P.T.A. chairman; Miss [   churches---Just the book for a con- Metal Decorations. Shrade-r, Mr. W. G. Sieber, Capt. Lillian Summers, National Catho-    [  vert--It explMns everything, and Mrs. C. G. Sonnen, Mrs. T. R. lic School of Social Service Chair-   Smallwood, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. man; Mrs. T. W. Chichester for Spicer, Miss Frances Strobel, Mr. Organization, Regular Edition 1 5 inches With Epistles and Gmels N =4S, Bhck Linen Cloth, gilt cross, round corners, gad dges._ $t.?S In Lnl" 244, Black Keratol, morocco grain, gold crossl round orneral gold Walnut and' Mrs. Dan Strong, Miss Kate Officers were elected as follows: Susanka, Mr. A. Tager, Mr. and President, Mrs. Granville Sutton; Mrs. Dan Troillet, Mr. and Mrs. Vice-President, Miss 'Mary Pierce J. G. Waggoner, Mrs. John Wag- Keith; Secretary, ' Mrs. Francis edzs ......................................................... =.=S goner, Robert Zimmerman, Mr. Jackson. No. 245, French Morocco Leather, gold title, embossed blind IH$._ $S.00 and Mrs. J. C. Zink. , No. =4S, French Seal leather, paddmi ........................... $3.a5   e d  No. 248.4,, Turkey MOrocco, limp, gold title, round corners ..... $4.00 Slain Soldier One Of Six N, -- wohnt si,.c=n c==u., Parents Have Given Service On Ffne India Paper Gold Bronzo orpus,nnd metal 4klCa. Jacksonville. (--Solemn Re- H ty No. =47, French Moreco Lmthero limp, gold crees, round ;mara__ $.00 tiooa lu tsan lind Gift ,B t quiem Mass for the repose of the egar No. 247A. Walrus Grain Persian Leather, limp. gold cros sod title-.$.Tm -- J soul of Sgt. Frank J. Fillion, who No. =47B, Alaska Seal, limp, plain aides, leather lined, silk eew .... $15.=5 No. 91L -- ho u ahvo nnly wpu$ was ktlled in action in North D g C y White Cover Edition and metal dmtions flnlshed Im Africa on Holy Thursday, was rill ompan Old$11w ............. /.0@ celebrated by the Rev. James J, No. 9SIW, Wite/Morocco Grain Keratol, gold title, round orers, gold  (Add m for postalo nnd I]k=ql) Meehan in the Church of the Im- 4tb and Main S ,age,, with mamrlaga esrtllita ete ....................... II.? , maculate Conception here. Sgt. Fillion, who was 24, was one of Phone 9111 Order From . Order from six sons of Mr. and Mrs: J. P. Fil- The Guardian lion serving their country in the L[ttl Rock, Ark. The Guardian U. S. Army. He was a native of 309/ W. 2nd St., Little Rock, Ark. Jacksonville and attended St. $09 W. al., Little Reek, Ark. Joseph's Academy here.