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June 2, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 2, 1923

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t PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, SATu'R D'A'T, JUNE 2, 1923 * By Autolycus Magic Trapper Joseph Ynn, a member of the So- ciety of American Magicians, has for soe time been throwing out chal- Tenges to splri"ualists with a view to exposing the fraud which is being perpetrated by many mediums He Ias ffcred to duplicate, by the use THREE PRIESTS ORDAINED AT ST. ANDREW'S CATHEDRAL . i FOR LYFrLE ROCK DIOCESE . Continued from Page 1. oringing out in its several parts the whole meaning of the priesthood. The ,power to offer sacrifice, symbolized by the annointing of the hands, and the tradition of chalice with bread and wine. Finally .the power to forgive l educated in St. Thomas Preparatory Seminary, Hartford, Conn Took a I . . " i course m philosophy at St. Bernard's Seminary, Rochester, N. Y., when he came to Little Rock and entered St. John's Seminary, where he completed the full theological courses. He will celebrate his first Mass in St. Mary's Church, Bridgeport, Conn., ov Sunday, June 3. Rev. Father Dwyer. sins, which toward the end of the cer- emony, is indicated by another impost- Rev. Daniel J. Dwyer was born in (ion of hands by the Bishop, with the Castletown, Berehoven, County Cork, CATHOLIC LEADERS ADDRESS NATIONAL SOCIAL CONFERENCE (By N. C. W C. News Service.) Washington, May 28.--The impor- tant place being filled by the Catholic iLhurch in the world of social service was clearly emphasized at the Nation- al Conference of Social Work which closed here last week following a sev- SUPREME COURT JUDGE LED PARTY TO FILL PROTESTANT CHURCHES of magic, any alleged spiritualistic words of Christ: Ireland. He came to America in his manifestation. According to the "Receive the HoD Ghost. whose early years with his parents and set- newspapers he has at last come to I sins thou shale for-i - - ' . !tled in Boston, Mass i gee mey are zor-i .... .'. , _ ". , . gips with Conan Doyle, for whom -teen them and w ....... F His nrsc ass wi, ne cemoracea ac - : g ; nose slns lnou shale , .  - . , Rmn has undertaken to produce I retain the- are retained " fh ..... !the Immaculate Conception tJnurcn, "spirit photographs" under condi- power, however, havin-b'eenrad;c'i;; Bstn, Mass., Sunday, June 10. fons similar to those imposed upon [and ira-licit- im-arte g ..... Y i The Boston Sunday Globe of May 26 ] I P y p (I a ne nrs soJ Sir Arthur's ]avorite spirit nhotogra- I -- -" - :. . .... " " ! carried the followin inter s i . tot _ -  - -,,,, Jmpomtmn of hands, i g e tng s Y I her, Wflham Hope. Most of the t Blessings Bestowed. i of,Father Dwyer: I eaumg spiri pnotlographers have t Word for word and actio "" Many of the old-time friends of l ' , " " n WlLfl ac- been detected in fraud, including l tion, the newl-- ordained ri .... Daniel J Dwyer of Boston were pleas- I I y p ess onow " those (or, rather, especially those) the Bisho- throu-h the o , ,. -, antly and agreeably surprised during l - -- '**  ', , t " P g C nclu(nng .. - -  I WhO nave tonan oyJe s confidence, parts of the Mass to th "" tlae pas zew days to receive from him p One o'f them was recently tested by Gratias" of the L:st Gos el wh:: invitations to his ordination to the ] the Magic Circle---a society of magi- after the devesting they begin their priesthood Saturday, May 26, in the.] C" W. C., was chairman of the confer- clans. 'ourteen traps were set for first individual nriestly act tha of Cathedral of St. Andrew Little Rock, ence sessmns on "Industry." Abbe Vi- tae photographer, who fell into twelve imparting their blessings on the faith- Ark. Rt. Rev. John B Morris, D.D., oUet, the moving spirit in the Work- ingmen's Family Welfare Association i them. yroiessionat magicians are ful will officiate. our best asset in exposing the raud It is always a most tout.hh- icht "Mr. Dwyer was one of the bet of Paris, was one of the most distin- ....... ' .......  ""'"- guished among the fqreign delegates that. (hsguses, tself as sp]rtuahsm.. It .land on ]ast Saturday_ seemed esnecial.,_ . known young men, ih he parishes of present and delivered one of the out- s castor to fool the pubhc than tO ily so, to imve the Rt Rev Bishon the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the fool a magician, for the magician lives hasten to the feet of thee three Immaculate Conception and St. James' standing addresses of the entire week. by fooling the public and understands I young men whom he had just ordain of Harrison avenue in the early 80s, I Brther Barnabas, of the Brothers of the business from every angle, led, andrea beaded knee seek in tar: and was prefecf of the Young Men's Christian Schools of Toronto, Canada, Live Undertakers the blessing of each one' of them Sodality of the latter parish when it not only played an important part in the convention proceedings, but was The development of modern advertis- After blessing the c er,- and semi numbered 450, the largest in the city. largely instrumental in securing the g has left us cold and unresponmve , , An effort to brm- to ether narians, the three 1 :athers wer the g g as many to anything except gross exaggera- breakfast guests of the Bishon at the ;members of the old sodality of nearly Iesignation of Toronto as the next tion. Consequently it is hardily a mat- Bishon's house Louiian, tt :40 years ago as possible will be made meeting place of the Conference. er xor comment when a funeral es- Banquet at Seminary m order that they may attend his first Other Addresses by Catholics 'ablishment offers "service with an-] A most cordial reception was iven solemn high mass Sunday, June 10, One day of the conference was giv- ge ic tenderness. Or when a hat con- I to the newly ordained priests upon in the Church of the Immaculate Con- en over to the discussion of each of cern advertises "supernatural pana- their arrival at St. John's Seminary, ception at 10:30. mas." This suggests something in the nature of a halo. "gay It With Masses" An undertaker's announcement as- serts that "the last offering that grief a- at ('he bier of some departed friend or relative is a funeral .... " Not necessarily. There are prayers and Masses, for instance. By the way, I their home and school (luring their years of study and training. There to greet them with joyful enthusiasm and hearty congratulations were the Very ffev. Dr. Aretz and the members of the seminary faculty with their visaing kinfolk anti the clergy. The seminary refectory was gay in l flowers and draperies, the long tables . Rev. Joseph C. Feldkamp was born 'rPrevious to studying for the priest- hood Mr. Dwyer, who is an eloquent speaker and versahle writer, devoted much time to lecturing on 'Ireland and the Common Cause.' Among his friends were the'late Archbishop Wil- liam and John Boyle O'Reilly." Rev. Father FeMkamp. it is pTeasing to note that the slogan "Say it with Masses" (as an alterna- tive to the bromide "Say it with Flow- ers" in the expression of sympathy) sumptuously burdened, and the entire feasting arrangement marked the meaning of tim day anof the place 0 the happy gathering. has been taken up generally and gen- The post-prandial exercises were erously by the Catholic papers and by carried out by Rev. H. H. Wernke as preachers since it was inaugurated in ]chairman. He called for the following this column, congratulatory and welcoming toasts: "Modesty Bumpers" ,' The Clergy of the DioceseBy Rev. A congress of dancing masters has George H. McDermott. m Cincinnati, Ohio, 26 years ago and received his early education in the parish schools. His collegiate educa- tion was at St. Xavier's College, Cin- cinnati, tie then studied philosophy az Mt. St. Mary's Seminary, Cincin- nati, coming to Little Rock to com- plete his theological studies. His first Mass will be at St. Joseph's Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday, adopted a "modesty bumper," which I consists of steel bars fitted to ladies' belts when dancing, and in designed to keep partners a suitable distance] apart. The news agency, which cables this tremendous piece of news, says the innovation bears the approval of the Catholic Church. This is one way in which some people strive to injure the Churchby holding it up to ridi, cule. The Church has something to say on modesty, but nothing to say on modesty bumpers. An individual priest might have expressed an opin- ion. But that is different. Up to the Colleges A copy of a college magazine has reached me with a covering note to the effect that the Catholic press should,be particularly interested in its distribution. It is equally true that college magazines should be in- terested in the distribution of the Catholic press. But so ar as my ex- perience goes, college magazines are much too self-centered to notice the existence of diocesan Catholic papers except occasionally (as in the present instance) when assistance is needed. SEEK BEATIFICATION OF GERMAN MISSIONARY MURDERED IN CHINA (By Rev. Dr. Wilhtm yon Captaine, Cologne, May 14.,-Cardinal Schulte, Archbishop of. Cologne, accompanied by Dr. Liese of Baden, a represents - tive of the German Charity Union, and the president of the German Catholic Assembly, Prince Aloys of Loewensteln, was recently received in audience by Pope Plus. The Prince made an appeal to the Pope to advance the cause of the Be- atification of the Jesuit Father Jo- hannes Caspar Kratz, a native of the Cologne archdiocese who was slain in China. He made the same appeal la- ter to Cardinal Vice, prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. Dr. Liese presented the Pope with a copy of his two volume work on the His- tory of Charity. At the conclusion of the audience the Holy Father gave 50,000 life to Cardinal Schulte for the benefit of the recently established Philosophical In- stitute in Cologne. ' MSGR. TESTA RETURNS TO ROME TO REPORT Cologne, May 14.Msgr. Testa, special envoy of the Pope, who has been investigating conditions in the occupied Rhur district has returned to Rome to present his report. While in Germany he interviewed prominent i r officials of the government, high ] ecclesiastical authorities, and officers I of the occupying forces. St. John's Seminary Alumni--By June 3. Rev. Dr. Ttloma's L. Keany. Mr. John M. Crann. St. John s Seminarians--By Mr. B. ; John M. Crann was born at Lowell, J. Oenbrink. The three young priests received hearty applause when each in turn'ex- pressed themselves most feelingly of their sentiments connected with the day, the seminary, the faculty, their home and loved ones, and the future years with their work before them, in the Diocese of Little Rock. Very Rev. Dr. Aretz brought the memorable event to a close with ten- der "tribute to each one of his former students, now his brothers in the holy priesthood. He commended thei spirit, their efforts, their application i during their seminary courses, and with his faculty was overjoyed in hav- ing them reach this day of days in their lives. He would bring to their minds that the day must be the begin- ning of that work which their ordina- tion placed upon them. He spoke of the crying need of the people of Ark- ansas for their services and the serv- ices of others he hoped to follow after them. He exhorted them to go forth and make all religious issues which would come to them in their future priestly lives correspond to the knowl- edge of things Of God, which the sem- inary strove to inculcate during their training days. He wouhl have them examples of true citizenship as well as priestly leaders in whatsoever com- munity the future found them. They hat their model, and in a word he bad them go forthand be as he felt they would be, each one of them, an l'er CIiristus"--another Christ. Four in Class of '23. While four members of the class of 1923 completed the course at St. John's Seminary, only three were or- dained on Trinity Saturday. These were adopted some time ago by the BiShOp of Little Rock and Ordained by him to labor in the diocese. The %urth member Of the class of 1923 is Mr. John M. Crann, attached to the diocese of Cleveland, where ne went after the completion of the full ecclesiastical course at St. John's. He left for Cleveland last week, but the precise date of his ordination has not been decided upon, though it is expect- ed to be in the very near future. His absence from the banquet feature was referred to several times by the speak- ei:s. Tile faculty and students, while wishing him God-speed in his new environment in Ohio, yet missed his genial presence on this day of his lassmates' joy. Here follows a short biograpny of the members of the class of 1923, St. John's Seminary: Rev. Father Tauity. Rev. Franes T: Taulty' was born at Bridgeport, Conn. Age 24. He was B Mass., 27 years ago. He attended pri- mary and, higher grades of the local schools and came to St. John's Semi- nary after a collegiate education m New York and completed the full clas- sical course with his classmates and is now awaiting the pleasure of the Bishop of Cleveland as to the date of his ordination to the priesthood. 700 ADULT CONVERTS ARE CONFIRMED BY ARCHBISHOP CURLEY ties (By Tq. C. W. C. News Service) Baltimore, May 28.Seven hundred adult converts were confirmed in the I Cathedral by Archbishop Curley on Pentecost Sunday. The confirmation class was the largest,in the history of the diocese and the ceremony marked the estaBlisament of a rfew practice whereby all adult converts of the year will be confirmed ov the Feast of Pentecost. | Brooklyn, N. Y., May 26.In a re- cent address to the Men's Club of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Supreme Court Justice James C. Cropsey de- plored the lack of religion among men stating that a good many of them ghirk their religious obligations. He urged the members to form them- selves in(5 a committee and canvass the district to ascertain what number en-day session that brought to Wash- of men of the Protestant faith fail to ington some of the most distinguished attend church. American and foreign leaders in social ] Women Are Hustlers service fields, i "The men, I say, don't do all they Catholic organizations were repre- should by the church," said the Judge. seated by scores of delegates and "But the women are all hustlers. I re- Catholic leaders took Ieading parts in memer-mting in the church with tional Catholic Welfare Council ap-I which I am connected, the Classon the day-by-day program. The Na- AVenue Presbyterian church, and pointed thirty-one delegates to the watching the attendance falling away Conference. each Sunday. I realized that I was Dr, John A. Ryan, director of the inot giving all that I should to the Social Action Department of the N. church. I talked the matter over with the following subjects vital to social service .work. Health, Industry, Law and Government, the Church, the Home, the School and Public Opinion. Dr. William J Kerby of the Catho- lic University, presided at the Confer- ence at the City Club, Sunday, May 20, the day on which "The Church" was the general subject for discussion. Dr. John O'Grady, of the Catholic University, was one of the speakers on the same day at the session deyot- ed to discussion of "How the Church May Relate Itself to the Social Work of the Community." Dr. Thomas Verner Moore, of the Catholic University, delivered an ad- dress on "Psychology and Religion" before the American Association of Hospital Social Workers. John J. Murphy, secretary of the Tenement House Committee of the Charity Organization Society of New York, presided on the same day at the conference hehl on "The Human Side of Housing." "The Relation of Social Case Work to School Programs" was discussed by James Fitzgerald, Executive Secre- tary of the St. Vincent de' Paul Socie- ty of Detroit. Dr. Charles P. Neill, of the United States Coal Commission, presided at the conference on "Recent Industrial Investigations. Dr. John A. Lapp, of the Social Ac- Department of the NationaJ Catholic Welfare Council, spoke on "Present Status of Social Insurance." Rev. C. H, Le Blond, supervisor of Catholic Charities of Cleveland, spoke on "Increased Interest in Special Groups Through Central Financing." Members of the faculty and the stu- dent body of the National Service School for Women were present as delegates or spectators at the most important gatherings of the Confer- ence. St. Joseph's Infirmary. HOT SPRINGS The South's Most Famous Sanitarium Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy tHIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY -- WITH UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS AND WITH ALL CLASSES. DEVOTED SISTERS EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS COMPETENT NURSE CORPS -B Well Equipped Building--Of Prominent Location Care in Ap, pointments--Every Room Outside Room 1 " m. We 1 Ventilated and Elghted Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation some others and we decided to go among the men in the territory and see 7f they attended church. "l felt the job was going to be an unpleasant one. But I was surprised to find that it was most pleasing. We visited every man, irrespective of his faith. We were well received and our wor was commended. We have in- creased the attendance. The first call we made was on a member of I ather Belfor(Ps church (Roman Catholic). He told us he went to Father Bel- ford's church, treated us kindly and BRADFORD DR UG CO. The House of Quality Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W. Second St. Little IRock commended our work. : ed us to push ahead. Half Do "While I haven't dare say that we one-half of the men of faRW that we any church. Some of they hadn't been to years. To get them even called for them on Personality as in a casele, and issue passions and sions, who, in their form their master.of penings and await the Sentimentalists. M.A. Special New york InsuranCe 801-7 Southern Fix Up That Life Today--"l Sell Phone Little Rock, PUBLIC We have tSo Army Munson 12, which was stock of one of the ernment shoe This shoe is dred per cent tan; bellows proof. The is $6.00. Owing to buy we can offer at Send correct size. delivery or send shoes are not as cheerfully refund your ly upon request. NATIONAL BAY CorAN 296 Broadway, "m 187T" Cromer FM and ]gala |,ee. 4   ]NTIIffJ PAID ON oUR A.ss00 ARE orb TWO mlmOlq We maJte a  of lnvmlaf mu first mort tl-ore mstomers and eetatm wi 1 vat, meats. We ut M tor under Will of mary estates in @(her ountiu in It his State. We will to aist you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSA Central Ban CAPITAL, $200,000.00. S Let us take care of your stoney for you. 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