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June 2, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 2, 1923

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PAGE. FOUR THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 2, 1923 IYAI)00 REDS WAR ON RELIGION Cepliak--"Our religion forbids us to hate; we should like to draw the whole tion was opened in Moscow after the c]o, Warsaw,-is an Italian, the diplo- LOSES IN BELFAST BY CATHOLIC VOTE By J. H. Cox (Dublin Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service Dublin, May 18.--A significant event has happened in Belfast. A par- liamentary vacancy occurred in the West Division of the city. Tile officiaJ Unionists of Partitionists expected a walk-over. Their nominee was Sir IN PRELATES' TRIAL (Continued From Last Week. In connection with the testimony of the accused, the painful situation of the Catholic Church in Russia under the monarchy was brought up. Krilen- ka'was interested in knowing who ap- pointed and confirmed the Cathalic and Orthodox bishops. Cepliak gave the information for the Catholic Church. As regards the Orthodox, Krilenko questioned Fedoroff. "Perhaps citizen Fedoroff will tell us who appointed Joseph Davidson, head of the Orange the orthodox bishops, for the synod, Order. To their surprise and chagrin for instance ?" an Independent Unionist, Colonel Woods, was nominated. Some piquant incidents took place during the con- test. A brother of the Independent can- didate described the Parliament in Belfast as "that packet edition of a o-called Parliament" which was "run by a tyrannical clique." He also ment?" uaid: Cepliak"We were glad of the rev- Gilbertian AbsUrdity olutionit liberated us. Under the old "The whole thing can only be liken- regime we were confined and limited Fedoroff--"The procurator genera' i apPointed whoever he liked and the I superior authorities confirmed the i choice." Krilenk"Accused Cepliak, what is your opinion concerning the Octo- ber revolution and the soviet govern- a certain group when the Polish legs- world to us .... " war. It was a perfectly harmless con- The accused distinguished between gratulation to the Polish government the question of fighting atheism and expressing satisfaction on the opening the question of a political struggle of a Polish mission in Moscow. It was against the soviet power which is held signed by Ropp, Budkiewicz and Zei- ag.ainst them as a crime. It is their linsky after a meeting a Polish legs- duty to fight atheism, but they have no right to conduct a political strug- gle. Archbishop Cepliak answered the question about the procession. The procession was held because of the ar- rest of the Metropolitan Ropp, went as far as No. 5 Gorochoff street and dispersed. Krilenko read extracts from the "Chronicle from Mohileff" concerning the procession. Krilenko--"Accsed Cepliak, did you take part in the procession?" Cepliak."No, I only celebratei the divine service." Krilenko--"Did any el the priests take part in the procession ?" Cepliak--"No." Krilenko--"And cross ?" tolic, Warsaw. The Apostolic Nun- matic representative of Itis Holiness in Poland and has .othing to do with Polish politics." Krilea---"Oh, not Poish. How dic you get correspondence to him ?" Archbishop--"M. Chicerin, minister lion. Monsignor Budkio',,icz pclted, of foreign affairs, placed some facili- out that this simple teiegram ox con- ties of the commisariate of foreign af- gratulation on the peaceful foundation of a mission on the cessation o war meant absolutely nothing in a polit- ical sense. Moreover, it was sent dur- ing that uncertain period when the Poles m Russia were not sure whether they were Russian or Polish citizens, as they still had the option and evi- dently he hadnot as yet chosen. He finally chose to remain Russian. Another charge which was twisted into a political crime was the fact that /airs a our disposal for letters." Fhe bombshell proved to be a blank cartridge. During his defence the archbishop aIso introduced the telegrams sent by the cardinal secretary of state last May to Chicerin at Genoa and the later one of June 7 to Lenin, Moscow, offering to buy the church treasures and thus avoid all religious friction. This caused some perplexity to the prosecutor, who did not seem to know I nationalization of erty and on the acts and records; for ders (Articles 62, 119 penal code)." Fedoroff--"May I ask ument in which my those of Kouznetzoff cones reason why the be accepted by us in its published, as also my In these statements it we opposed a c Krilenko--"I am cation." The court rejects the requat. Fedoroff"Article 24 code deals with the psychological ciation of the pets cused. It has been said here referred to our ed to a Gilbertian absurdity, a great in our ecclesiastical rights." countries,, for one thing and that is, getting. . s the government treat you ? Jobs forE.glishmen." I Cephak"The treatment of the .......... I government in all free countries (for e aecuseo me J,aoor lvlemoers or I. . . . . . . ,, getting jobs for themselves and be- Instance m America), m benevolent coming touts. The legislators who have assumed great dignity were offended and irri- tated They solenmly passed a reso- htion declaring that the utterance constituted "a gross breach of the privileges of the House." The offend- ing orator was unruffled. He repeat- ed the gibes and charges. The poll Cepliak"They carried it them- selves." Orthodox Joined in Catholic Protest. Passing on to the examination of the questions of the meetings of the Orthodox clergy with the Caholic Krilenko"What is it that affirms clergy, Krilenko addresses himself to the ideological influence of the Cath- all t'he accused: olie clergy on the conscience of the faithful? Is it not the school which is your principal instrument?" Cepliak"No, not only the school, but the above all our teaching of the truth, the ethics of Christ, the influ- ence of faith aml of grace .... " he had received money from Poland. anything about it. The archbishop Monsignor Budkiewicz did not deny likewise told of the negotiations that this, showing that he had received money from Poland for the orphans and other charitable and religious pur- poses in Petrograd. He pointed out that he had add ed to these funds much who carried the of his own personal fortune to carry on certain schools and similar relig- ious work in Petrograd. he pointed out, "we have been perfect THIRD DAY. The third day of the court-martial was begun with the announcement of Archbishop Cepliak that a formula for an understanding with the soviet pow- er had been drawn up and had been pffes%od does not I ask whether that is had been carried on in Moscow be- article 24 of the penal code Fween M. rassikov and a representa- As his only answer KrilekO tire authorized by the Vatican and article 25 of the penal code: that these negotiations had succeeded Fedoroff--"I beg the io the exten of having one formula rater to explain to me finally approved by, the Vatican with in view when it is a the permission to sign. "Therefore," ing chil[ren in church approved by the ecclesiastical author- mula, some time in February , the Pet- ity. This announcement was followed I rograd authorities refused to allow the by a collquy between Archbishop Cop- signing. And here we stand, accused liak and Bobrishtcheff-Pushkin, chief of 'counter revolution !'" lawyer for the defence, with respect Krilenko' then asked Fedoroff for to the attitude of Rome toward Rus-lexplantions on the sul?ject of his sian relief and what had actually been a fact and significant. There were about 20,000 Catholic voters on the register. Owing to the manipulation of the constituency they ould not return a candidate of their own. Still it is now demonstrated 'that from a voting point of view athblics cannot be disregarded in Belfast. The nucleus of an opposi- tion tO the existing Belfast govern- merit has been formed, and every en- largement of that opposition will in- crease the influence of Catholics. *'Someone can tell us about this who- anyone ? Fedoroff-- "Since I co-operated more than the others in this meeting, I can recall it. When we received the instruction from which it appeared that henceforth we could neither mar- whatever educational advantages are vailable in. the Republic of Haiti, ac- cording tO Msgr. Jean Baptists Col- eanap, vioar-general of the diocese of Cape Haitien, vdxo is in Washington en route to Europe. Educational standards in Haiti as compared with the United States, for example, are not high, and for this condition the ' peculiar history of the island repub- lic is largely responsible. Established as a colony, peopled larb;ely by slaves at afhne when political morality was at an unustmlly low ebb, and subject. ed to one sanguinary revolution after another since it attained independence in 1804, it is not surprising that Haiti toaay has a population that is ninety per cent' illiterate. *, 200 Priests--,O00,O00 People '7 fort made by the Church to care i ' for the spiritual needs of the people and tO relieve material distress are greatly handicapped by lack" of suffi- 7y willing to settle all these matters I with the soviet government, but we I were not allowed. No reply was vouch- /safed to the telegrams from the Vat- ican regarding the purchase of church treasures; and when the permiss,n was granted by Rome to sign the for- memorandum on the instruction con- Krilenko--"Let us speak of things ry nor baptize before registration at done by Rome in aiding the starving]cern]ng the decree on the separation which are intelligible to everyone. We the commissariat we saw clearly that in Russia. Full details of this colluquy Iof Church and State. having taken place, the Independent eand|dates won by a majority of near- see clearly that by your teachm on ly 8,000. The Orange organization " g it was an attempt against our most are given elsewhere in connection with and the Protestant Ascendancy party  the torments of the other life you ter-, intimate rights .... " [ the Vatican telegrams to the soviet were defeated rify and mystify the ignorant and] Krilenko"Permit me .... Where government. Blow for Democracy children. The terrorization, of the ig-iwas this circular sent?" norant is a political fight Efforts at Understanding. The claim made by the victor was _ Fedoroff"It was sent to us." that a blow had been Struck againt Cepliak--"We terrorize no one, our Krilenko--"But it was not distrib- At the conclusion of this colloquy, the old ascendancy and for demoera- concern is the concern of faith and uted?" PrOsecutor Krilenko resumed the ey. The defeated candidate complain- free will, and if anyone hesitates in Fedoroff"No." , cross-examination of Archbishop Cop- ed that the solid Nationalist poll had his faith I must strengthen him. It Fedoroi'f"As for the organization liak/ is not a political struggle but a relig- of Orthodox committees jointly with t Krilenko--"What happened after been against him. The Orange press ious one. Even if a part of the White the Catholic, I insisted on it, but with- " COlonelmadothlaimthattheectinfGardwereagainstthefaithIshudutsuccessIdntknwwhyWoods was due to the Sinn ::'w tsili;i,:weS:i::nm:t Fein and Nationalist electors. This is excommunicate them also." Coming to the end of the examina- Krilenko"How do you treat atton of the papers of Budkiewicz con- power that forbids you to teach chin coming the meetings held in connec- Krilenko--"Were there priests in dren ?" tion with the decree of the separation this deputaion ?" Cepliak"If this"-right is taken of the Church and State, Krilepko Ceplaik"To, they were the faith- from us by force we submit only to asks: "Citizen Budkiewicz, admit that $ul." iron necessity." these are organized tactics to oppose KriIenko--"Consequently it was not Krilenko---"This is your personal the direct requirement of the law." the request of the clergy ? It was a opinion ?" Budkiewicz--"No, I do not admit it. Cepliak"I speak in the name of These are merely deliberations as to all of us Catholic believers." uture conduct in order to conciliate Krilenko--"But the faithful are the the decree with instruction and live CepTlak"Two of the laymen were people, therefore why fight when ec- together. It is from the religious, not chosen." clesiastical property was declared the fhe political point of view." Krilenko--"Where did these private property of the people?" Krilenko then incriminates Budkie- individuals go?" Cepliak--"The 'twenty' were not se-] w]cz for his steps to become a Ger- Cepliak--"To the head of the sec- HAITI NEEDS MORE lected among the faithful only, and ec- ] man subject. PRIESTS; DECLARES eleslastical property, according to the[ . Krilenko--"What does German citi-] tion." MSGR. COLCANAP Krilenko---"What did they ask canons of.the church, can be placed at'zenship have to do with the Polish for?" the disposal of the dean only." !Church ?" . Cepliak--*'The opening of the Ylcar-Geaeral Pays Tribute to Eduaa. [ Krilenko--"What real obstacle was. Budkiewiez"There is no Polish churches." , ? ,, tional Work of Those in Field. [ there in this twenty.' I Church; the Caholic Church is inter- grilenko---"Of all the churches ?" (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ] Cepliak--"The 'twenty' violated the lnationai; it contains German subjects Cepliak"Of all, for all time." Washington, May 25.--=The Catho- t rigKts of the Catholic faith and the and subjects of other nations. At that Krilenko--"What answer was given lie Church is largely responsible for dean of the parish by preventing them ume the question of citizenship was them?" from being the religious executors of the canons of their church." Krilenko---"In a word, the 'twen- ties' shook the unity of the organiza- tion of the church ?" I Cepliak--"Yes, and in the Orthodox I Church unity has been broken, as we President--"When did you go over to Catholicism ?" Fedoroff"In 1902." President--"In Italy ? ' Fedoroff"No, in Switzerland." President -- "Where were you born ?" Fed'Sieeff"I was born in Petro- grad." President--"You are the son of an artisan ?" Fedorof"Son of an artisan. My father was a chef. After his death my mot'her had 15,000 roubles. She gave me as my share 1,500 rouble and with this sum I pursued my studies for several years," Present--"You belong to the cor- poration ?" Rrivate request by the faithful? Is Fedoroff"Yes, according to the there an assembly? What was the passport." role of the clergy ?" President--" But the cooks in Mos- now see .... " Krilenko--"Then these 'twenties' destroy the absolute power of the churches over the faithful, which has existed until now ?" Cepliak"No, not absolute." Krilenko"Thanks to this position undecided for many persons." Cepliak--"They will be. opened ff Krilenko finishes reading the docu- you sign the release. This reply was ments, quoting the following sen- sent to the Holy Father." tences: "It is now that they esteem Krilenko---"How? TM the opinion of Europe." "The bolshe-, Cepliak"Through the papal mis- vkl' " will" think' more of Catholics who lslon." ,, protest than of those who consent." Krilenko-- And you communicated Krilenko--"What does all this m- the fact that you received an an- plomacy and strategy signify?" swer?" Budkiewicz---"It seems to me that I Ceplak--''No, because I knew that everything is explained very clearly, the government was already informed and it all comes from the fact that we of tim answer." Krilenko--"I were considering the legal understand- request the tribunal to ing which we were awaiting, and ev- present official information from the occupied by the Church a hostile state erything that follows has the same of mind was maintained among the legal and legitimate meaning." faithful against the government or- Krilenko then examines the docu- dora." ho ments pertaining to the opening of the Cepliak"No, not stile, rather Polish embassy near the Church of saddened." Sts. Peter aml Paul--the banquet, the Krilenko--"Hm, saddened l This speeches, the telegram addressed to saddened opinion is a political fact or the Polish government, he signatures no.t?" of Ropp, Lednitzky and Budkiewicz. Cepliak--"No, not political." Bitter Against Budkiewicz other hand, teaching children scIooTs near the clurcn There was no reply. In reply to Krilenko's explanation of the ing a telegram to the ment, Vicar General "When the teleg not read it; I considered it as pliment and at that time I myself a Polish citizen treaty of Riga I no possible to do so." (Continued Nbxt weel) SALE-ARMY We have just stock of ARMY to be sold to the PRICE $2.75. These per cent solid leathe double soles sewed uppers are of heavy leather with bellows making them shoes are sellin advise you to insure your The sizes are 6 to Pay Postman on send money order if shoes are not THE U. S. 1441 Broadway, New cAPrrAL o m cow had automobiles, houses .... " We haw ia Fedoreff---"Perhaps, I only say that Stock from $200,0@0 to we didn't have any. I might perhaps IF mdila the aw have liked to have automobiles and U Per emit alnm  P{ houses, but there were none (laughter Im  imul in the room). My grandfather was a $M,00@. This mmbl peasant, a serf."  emm  N -Fedoroff Asks Nature of Charge. am well am tim mow Fedoroff then turns to the procura---amu,C| AI 0 tor: "May I ask the procurator to tell me what is in the act of accusation , against me ? For I shall defend my- self. I have no lawyer. I therefore beg you to toil me what there is in the act of accusation that has to do with me." t President--The first 13 accused, and you are among the number, are Di ew accused of having created by common ma  udy rt, dl ,mmd,, mini stmt/mmm accord a counter-revolution organiza- tion to resist the application of the decree on the separation of Church and State; to take advantage of re- ligious p.reudiees in order to oppose the application of the decree on the mmem k,hl. Bankers Trust Co. MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS We are agents for practically all the important Sli Companies. If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use Winter Cruises do not fail to call on us for informatiou, be cheerfully guven, without eharge. Poe at We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange.De which is in position to effect money transfers to forel--.:t rie, by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing mx['^l, , We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations  " BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT ARMSTRONG SPRIHGS WATER CAN NOW Bl OBT  FAMOUS MEDICINAL SpRIIG W'& '" AGAIN TO BE OLD TO THB pUNIJG, For IN} ymr  watar  bran famous as Kldn', Bladd,r, and Norvous Dis .ol'S* For informatima write PROTECTORY FOR BO| SBARGY P. 0., ARK. ROUTE NO. $" '  r Krilenko--"In the letter from your It was evident that the prosecution t and prosecutor, with considerable con- eient priests. There are 200 priests in chief Ropp there is a question of the had a particular animosity against tempt, read certain passages (trans- the island attempting to care for a early fall of the soviet power. What Budkiewicz as being one of the lead- lated into Russian) regarding the population of 2,000,000, practically .all is your position, ,whether it lasts a ors of the clergy. He was accused of al|enation of church property and o whom are a toast nomlnany uatn Ion zme or not  havln a voc i ...... e _ . . ". g t" . ' g d ated open'hostility to the ! asked the archbishop which law he oe unty zour of the priests are na e hak " ' ' " I C p " -- I was always of the op'n- soviet government Monsignor Budkie- ! would obey. Archbishop replied he ive Haittaus, the rest being French. lion that it would last a,,long time. It wicz pointed out that much of the evi- would always defend the law of God An effort is being made to develop a I is my personal opinion. " I dence adduced was against Archbishop and canon law of the Catholic Church. strong native clergy. There is a pa- I Krilenko then quotes the minutes of Ropp who Was not in Russia. But With Krassikoff, of the department of rochial school in practically every h r ch tms t s of t t epa o "al mee " g and he lit 'hey replied that it made no differ- justice, prorating from a hidden cur- . : , Parish in Haiti, Msgr. Colcanap said., members present. Addressing himself enos. One of the charges was that a nor, Krilen.k. next endeavored to /, He declared that there is a parochial to Budklewiez: "You do not deny that change had been ordered by Archbish-  prove that the archbisho ha a ,,eli + . 1 a!ong.s!de.of.nearly every n a-[ these persons attended the meet- up Ropp from "passive" to "active" ical dealings with the Po'ish ;over- ,tonal SChOOl In ne lana anu ;nat the in 9- . ] gs. resxstance, but Monsignor Budk]ewicz mont. parochial school m most cases has an u kmw cz-- If t is w do ,, ,, I B d " i " " ritten I pointed out that the active resist- Krilenko--Do you depend upon overwhelmingly larger enrollment ' ,, ,, ,, ' not deny it ance wa further explained in the Warsaw. than the other. Right to Interrupt Priest. Polish document as meaning the pro- AreiTi'op"On Rne alone." While the American occupation has Krtlenko-- And this fight from the sentation of petitions to the soviet au- Krilenko's Surprise. brought peace to the island, the Men. pulpit--you consider it a political thorities, the protesting in legal form, Krilenko hereupon, with an air of ::LRteby  isgrredd=n:f- flgBhuk,ew,cz---"No, I do not find it eofeThs hdSt n a,/ettat ad ha great triumph, waved a letter whtch g - i " . ,, P]. " e , the soviet p'es had intercepted and noc Conditions. Prices have gone up that, t xs a matter df reltgmn. I mmtranslated the Pohsh text. On ths [ askeI to have t read. With an air rapidly and wages have not kept pace President--"Can the faithful an- and the next two days attempts were of exnectation., all wa:.d,'t ,,a ...... the with the advance. At the same time wer the priest in the church? made of a very feeble nature to show IJu&re began: eomeree .ha ....... suffered a severe de [ Cepliak,, No, we do not conduct that Monsgnor Budkewez. had "Polski Nuncmture--Wr. _- ..__-," .-.--a citric and ppvey is widespread not- polend. J showed Polish tendencms and sup-rea ontents of a letter from Apos- withstafidi the potential richness of Krilenko then speaks of ineitlng Iported the Polish goernment. ,tulle Nuncio, Warsaw. th eount17; ' hatred against the soviet power, ' Thus a telegram was read, sent by' reBlshop--"Not Polish, but Apes- fifth section of the Narkbmjust on the subject of these relations." Krilenko"Then you were acting in accord with the faithful and the clergy ?" Cepliak"Ye% in accord. We are always in accord. We have a com- mon misfortune." Copy af the last edition of the new cede of canon law brought into court