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June 2, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 2, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 2, 1923 AND PERSONAL IRST, DRUGGIST St. Phone 21300 of Memphis, of Charity at St. on Wednesday, ra, restful visit at Hot affney left on Thurs- Conn., where he Taulty at his first St. John's Semi- week. The stud- Friday for their re- m supper and lawn party, June 11th, and will he in charge of Clara Durst, chaiman; Texie Roamer, Bernardine Sminck, A. J. Ryan, Wilfred Robin- son and Howard Hunt. GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH t Altar Society The Good Counsel Altar Society 'wfll receive Holy Communion nxt Sunday during the 7:30 mass. School Closing The Sisters and the graduates of Our Lady of Good Counsel school in- vite their friends to be present at the Graduation Exercises, and a program rendered by the children, Friday 00aint 0010bn'00 0000minar00 SECURING FOR THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK THE EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF WORTHY ECCLESI- ASTICAL STUDENTS IN ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY FOR THE PRIESTHOOD OF ARKANSAS. Any Fll Bursa or Shre in An Incomplete Br# My Be Do- nated in Memory of the Deceased. New Bura or Doicms Toward An Invomplete Burs Will Bc Gztfully Recited arnd Recorded. A Bursa Is a Sum of Money invested and Drawing Enough Inter- est Always to Provide Board, Lodging, and Tra, ini far One Masses at 7-9 a. m. at 11 a. m. Musses 6-8 a. m. Devotions Vsry Sunday evening at consist of the recita- a sermon and ben- Most Blessed Sacra- night, June 8th, at 8 o'clock. On F':- Scmina/.. several weeks d * was'able to return ay morning all the school children will attend Holy Mass, and Benedic- ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY BURSES home on K street, tion of the Blessed Sacrament will be COMPLETE I given. Baumgartner, C.S./ School Picnic ST. MARY'S PARISH BURSE, Hot Springs ..................... $5,000.00 at St. Joseph's] The Good Counsel school children MONSIGNOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Rock ...................... 5,000.00 during the illness oi ]enjyed a treat last Tuesday when ANNIE JONES BURSE, Pine Bluff ............................ 5,000.00 MARY HOLLAND-CRAIG BURSE, Pine Bluff ................... 5,000.00 Father Wernke gave them an outing rnq M C.RACIE BURSE. Little Rock ........................ 5,000.00 the latter at St. at Kenes :arm. The children left af- i'7 .......... ETE --.-___ I tar the 8 o clock mass and were taken v INCOMPL eyes'of the Ku in autos to the picnic grounds. Arriv:IBISHOP BYRNE BURSE --- .................................. $1,225.00 squint over the klux-I e  eh: ?:dtd: th=enft:n 1 beg::kl ST" JOItNS ALUMNI BURSE ................................... 937.00 at the Krystal The-I "S s p a so t [SACRED ItEART BURSE .... -___: ............................ 100.00 Oklahoma production par in the pleasure of the day. The1 . , , INCOMPLETE BURSES in very well for the entire day was spent in baseball, races Bishop Byrne Bursa Krysta! gazers. The B'rse to be known as the Bishop Byrne, a memorial hon- or to the first Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, already has a NOTES credit deposit of $1,225.00. This bursa calls for no stated amount of donation, and its present sum total is the result of large and small donations by those interested in perpetuating the name of Bishop Byrne in. connection with the priesthood of the diocese which he organized and unto which he gave of his prayers, of his picnic was in the hands of the Good work, and of his life. Counsel S. I. A., of which Mrs. Thos. The Bishop Byrne Bursa is a popular one, toward which even Coyne is president. The society wish donations of one dime or more will be acceptable, and receive due to thank their friends who assisted credit on the Seminary records. Bishop Byrne Bursa credits to date: also held on the First at 7:45 p. m. of all kinds, and guessing contests. I The dinner wa served in picnic style. I IPienty of soft drinks and ice cream I !were given the children, and at rival I o'clock the children departed happy, I ]and with the hope that the picnic will / ]be repeated very soon again, the ar-I rangements, and the expenses of the them in making this picnic such a suc- cess, and also supplying their autos, for the transportation of the children to and from the grounds. The Music Class Cenfessions Last Thursday afternoon Sister Pauline's music pupils gave an enter- I are heard on Saturday tainment in the parish hall at 3:30. p. m. Confessions on the eve of Holy- Father Wernke and the Sisters were I the invited guests. Game of Lotto I ath; Tht{rsday before he was enjoyed, and presents given to I the same hours as on the winners, l ollowing the games a I are heard on picture of the music class was taken, before the "low mass- before the eight after which all were seated at a" t beautiful decorated table trimmed in Closing l yellow and white, representing the will hold its I class colors,' and enjoyed a banquet exercises in Cathe- I style dinner. June 4th, at 8 ] in which the grad- be featured, will be ORPHANS' PICNIC with the closing AT ORPHANAGE Previously acknowledged .... $500.00 Donation .................. 500.00 Donation'_ .................. 200.00 Club Gift ................... 10.00 Rev. Friend ................ 5.00 J. J. M ..................... 2.00 M.E.D ..................... 1.00 Martha B ................... 1.00 J. S., Jr ..................... 50 Edw. and John ................. 50 Total ................... $1225.00 St. John's Alumni Bursa Previously acknowledged ,---- $900.00 Ray. Friend ............... 5.00 Ray. Alumnus--'15 ....... __ 10.00 Rev. Alumnus'13 ........... 10.00 Rev. Alumnus'15 ........... 10.00 Morrilton Friend ............ 2.00 Total .................... $937.00 PAGE THREE ANNUAL REUNION 'BRINGS BACK MESSAGE OF THE SUBIACO IRELAND IS HAPP'00 ALUMNI ASSOC, Francis J. Lowe, Secretary of the Friends of the Irish Free tate, who Loyal and Lively Sons returned to the United States on the The program of the Eleventh An- French liner France, reports that the nual Reunion of the Subiaco Alumni cessation of hostilities in Ireland was Association, held at the college May]due to the use of American methods 22 and 23, was carried out in every in spreading propaganda. He said: detail as announced in the columns of I "I went to Ireland with letters from the Guardian recently. In spite of I Krchbishop Patrick J. Hayes, Senator the unfavorable weather conditions l Royal S. Copcland, Senator Lodge of and had roads, due to the heavy rains I Massachusetts, Archbishop Curley of in t's section during the preceding'Baltimore and many others, l?hese days, ,m,,e attendance was as large as I letters were addressed direct to De ' it has been at any of the meetings of I Valera, suggesting that in the rater" i:; the association. Irrepressable en-les of peace in Ireland, civil war thusiasm and deepest loyalty to that should cease. "Ama Iraer dominated the reunion / Saw De Vlera throughout. The genuine Alumni spir-' "I went through bullets, swords, i, boi,]g and bubbling high in the bayonets and a thousand deaths, but hearts of te congenia crowd of for- I found de Valera through Miss Mary mar students, ruled supreme and MacSwiney." Lowe told of transmit- found expression in an endless line of tins his letters and credentials to de harmless pranks and humor. Natur- Valera, and added: ally, the students, attemling college "We let him know just where the this year, participated to some extent better Irish in America stand, and .... in the festivities of the Alumni. Class, that he could not have further support during these days when Subiaco was from America if he held out for civil in the grip of the Alumni Meeting, war." was impossible. Letter Effective The meeting opened with a Solemn Lowe showed part of a letter signed. High Mass, celebrated by Ray. Father by Archbishop Hayes to De Valera, Benedict, rector of the lJollege and reaaing: Chaplain of the Association,' ReFa- "Praying with all my soul that ther Louis and Frater Bede, assisting there may come to Ireland peace and as deacon and subdeacon, happiness." This letter, Lowe said, Initiation had nore to do in the iafluencing of /% Immediately after High Mass the De Valera than any other that came alumni repaired to the fifth floor to him. dormitory wbieh had been cleared and After De Valera was notified of the' prepared as the initiation room. What attitude of the friends of. the Irish fiappened here during the next two Free State in America, Ireland was. hours is a guarded secret. All that is flooded with posters and bu'lieins known outside alumni circles is that similar to those used 'in Amei'ica dUr:l, : the inifiation took place, a class of ling the war to promote food and Cue fifteen candidates being admitted into  saving. These diti the work. the association. I To the agitators in America who The Banquet ] would foment trouble in Irelanfl Lowe At noon the annual banquet was / brought back the messagei ' , "i served in the dining room, which had Go Yap at Yap been festively decorated in the college / "Tell men who are engaged in'these colors, gold and purple. Mr. Fritz dangerous tasks'that there s 0niy one Sieber, president of the association, place for them, and that is the island acted as toastmaster, briefly introduc-[of Yap where they can yap to their k ins the various speakers with words lhears content. Ireland i s, happy in spar'kilns with his inimitable wit and her opportunity to tare t/er  place lumor. The speakers were Ray. Fa- imong the' progressive and forward ther'Gregory, Mr. Donald Briggs of lnations of the'world?' Little lock, Rev. Fathers Paul and I Boniface, and 18.stly, Rt. Rev. Abbot CAN LEGION Ignatius. Suffice it to say, that the speakers furnished a fitting counter- IN N. Y. CATHEDRAL part to the anquet on the tables. Business Meetin, MEMORIAL SERVICE The afternoon hours were devoted .... to the first business session and the[ 30.The annual various committee meetings. Great in= I New York, May ' i .... terest was shown in the affairs of the I memorial service of the' New York asgociation, the discussion of ques- County posts of the American Legion, Hens often leading to spirited de-' held yesterday afternoon in St. Pat- rfck's Cathedral, attracted a throng of bates. annual reunion and Mary's Alumnae at the Academy on Sat- 2nd. The business meet- promptly at three- of the absence of Thomas Lalferty, Miss Mary Dona- Mrs. S. E. Wisher as toastmistress for the WED., JULY 4 TH" Preparatory Meeting Meetings were held last Thursday and Monday night at the K. of C. hall, [609 Scott street, furthering plans and l appointing committees for the St, Jo- I seph's Annual Benefit Picnic, to be Club ar semi-monthly meeting Catholic Club was night in Cathedral program was adopted year: June 11th pie- and lawn party. July 9th, ous concessions, who, in turn, appNnt August 13th, swim- Chair own assistants from all the par- 10th, outing, 1 ishes, and work together in making benefit dance, October lplans or their own work. Mrs. B. B. vember 26th, Weiner Wright is general chairman of the l%party, November 15, supper committee; Mrs. E. Rixse, December 31st, chairman of the fancy booth. Mrs. January 28th, social Will Hoffman, chairman of the candy This Bursa is a founcation by the pests who have been or- dained from the Seminary and is open to the clergy and the people in general as a recognition of the present-day success of the facul- ty and the students of tkis important diocesan institution. Sacred Heart Burse Grateful Recipient of Favors .................................... $100.00 INFORMATION AND DONATION Request for further information regarding any or all matters pertaining Entertainment . In the evening at 8:15 St. Edward's Dramatic Club of Little Rock present- ed the three-act comedy, "When Smith Stepped Out," in the auditorium, the College Glee Club, Orchestra and band furnishing the musical numbers I of the entertainment. The perform- lance of the visiting thespians was a Idecided treat to the faculty, Alumni and students alike, the leading roles held on the Orphanage Grounds, Wed- nesday, July 4th. Father Wernke, to the foundation of Bursas and the benefits shared by contributors and like- | being done with a skill seen ordinari- who has been General Chairman for I wise all donations should be sent to the Rector, Very Rev. W. H. Aretz, S. T. ly on the professional stage only. The accept. ID., St. John s Seminary, Twenty-fifth and State Streets, Little Rock, Ark. I play was given a rehearsal on the i the past six years, has gladly I night before in order to get the actors ed the chairmanship, because of the I l acquante'd with their surroundings I hearty cooperation given him by all I ='''*"= *''=""'= ......... . and the acoustics of the house. The I the cmmittees' appinted frm all ]  Church Calendar lcastincludedthefllwing: Messrs. Fred Margrave, Stephen Lipsmyer, Litfe Rock. The following were / e]iosen to act as chairmen of the earl- . ........... ,,--..-- ........ --' NEIT VEg Sunday, June ---.econd after PentecostSt. Clotilda, queen, was the wife of Clovis, king of the Franks. By her virtue and wisdom she con- verted her husband to the Faith and with him the ertire nation. She died in 545. Monday, June 4---St. Francis Caraeciolo, born of a princely family, after being miraculously cured of leprosy, left his home to stud' for the priest- hood. He founded an Order of Clerks Regular, who maintained one of their Curtis Allen, Misses Marie Kirspel, iViargareth Dehmer,' Pauline and Wil- lielmine Hart, all of St. Edward's par- ish, LiWle Rock. Election of Officers At the second business meeting on the olIowing morning the election and installation of the new officers took place. Mr. Donald Briggs was unanimously elected president of the Valentine party, i booth. The Cah:dai _Catholic Club , party, April, in-in ch-arge of ys axxu ,. " .  .... dav June 5--S* uoniface, bishop and martyr, was born in Devon* s. %ooth. Mrs. J. J. Keller, chmrman ox shirenS0.' Receivin'ahoritY from the Pope, he preached the Faith in that the club would I theRaviola booth. Soft drinks in Bavaria, Thurangia, Hsse, Friesland and Saxony. While waiting to admin- the Noise and Toys I c]arge o ............ --  .........  a,ans The saint forbade his attendants to ,, " the Cathedral Juniors, un- islet confirmation to some newly-baptized Christians, he una nis aenuants the at the direction o l,'ran ezxg. were amceu 0  uup o , _ . . soda water stand [ der .... v .... otance and h, ,, nl others were smm. . . . s nic- .x,d, 4th Thai r Jeane Wisher, chairman oz the "r':,::':v I,, -"-rbert, bishop, after leading a life of &smpauon. nl :- -'' f-'" " e'/ " " re Ice cream booth in ........... ' .....  ...... Henry IV, that was a scandal to his sacred rntttee will be in charS Country Sto .. at the court of the emperor ................... a chairman; Bertha He- [ charge of the Ladies of St. Idwaro's calling, repented and established the tanons iegutar. n xv ne wa ,,,,=,, Re , a- ' st Office. Miss Catherine lbishop of Magdeburg ........... len Roemer, Ed Men /pamsh. Po . - .. t nm ..... a,,, ,,,o 7t rtahert of Newminster, while a mon at vnxo.y, Weber, Francis Jaekson, Du Val. Fortune Teller, Mms cane-I ea]"a('lreqiiou"ha'i'een expeUed from the abbey of St. Mary an Pel, Nell Eaan W O.[rine Adair. Other committees will be I ork for having lropsed to restore the strict Benedictmn rule. He joined  , " / . . names of Y Donahue, Ambrose I appointed and a eport and  the expelled religious and later became abbot of a monastery built for them or Keats, Catherine Pc- solicitors will be announced at the at Ne)vmmster ..... _ ! Frtda . June 8FEAST OF THE SACRED HEARq:Day of devotion. eel r / meetIn Monday mght, June , Y d Fchctanus, maa tyrs, were brothers h, Flora Bittner, Cha - next g, I Saturday, June 9 St primus an ." " . '" . ....... w  "*" at 8 o'clock All the commit- - ........ ome '--'-  "'-e latter part of the third century. Because they ,ernara neinze,  " u,, . _ wile llV12(l 111 l- t, waru n ,, . - - :--... .:,o.,oa George Hart. Vesta Jar- i ees are urged to be present at the I professed the Faith they were cruey ort_ y oeatmu. O'Hara. ' ]next meeting, so that all arrangments / ---"-------- .......... after the business can be perfected. Mr. Florence Dona- [ West Ninth, Little Rock, Ark. 0,000 I'ECTA'I'UI )11 ' was hue was appointed treasurer at the/ Fane-" Be t" I AT PASSION PLAY owing program  . y O n solo by Miss Zita De last meeting, and Mr. Wasner sacra-/ Mrs. Rixse will gladl: receive any l . IN SAN FRANCISCO by Miss Catherine tar!. ] - ........ ork for - ..... he Post Office onazion mtne way o ancy w " "{By N C W C. News Service} ed by Miss Lomse x le .... Hawaiian Orchestra Miss Catherine Da Val, as chair- her booth, and those who are ab San Francisco, May 27.--Thirty several very pleasing number always iln perpetual adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. He association, succeeding Mr. Fritz Sic- died in 1608. her, who has held the office for two consecutive terms. Mr. Briggs era- probably Can prepare to make some- t]ioushnd spectators witnessed the man of the post office, hopes to have program was at- every state in the Union represented ithlng for this booth before the day "'Passion Play of Santa Clara" as pre- following committee: by a package at her post office, and,of the picnic. As it is impossible to sented by the students of the Univer- i she asks every one to write to their / call on all the benefactors and friends sity of Santa Clara in the Civic Audi- friends outside  of the state for a I of the Orphanage, and hence all do- torium. The performance was given small articles, ranging from 25 cents nations or articles for the various ve t;mes in three days. The attend- ance is said to have established a new record for a Catholic amateur produc- tion. m; Marie Oberle, Walter Powell, Louis D. M. Murphy. The by a few timely I on up. Packages can be addreed to booths will be gladly accepted and Fisher. ] Miss Du Val, 1403 Bishop St., Little appreciated by the chairman and corn- will be a picnic Rock, or to Rev. H. H. Wernke, 1615 mittees. braced the Catholic Faith whilst student at Subiaco, later during the World War he saw service in France as lieutenant, and is at present con- nected with a large lmnber company at LitUe Rock. Mr. G. M. Elsken of Paris, Ark., who has setwed a term as president of the association in the past. was elected vice-president. Ball Game In the afternoon a ball game sched- uled for the occasion between the Col- lege and American Legion team of Magazine, Ark., served to entertahl the Alumni. The game was a fast and tight one through the first half, but finally the Collegians broke the des- perate resistance of their opponents, winning the game by a score of 8 to 1. CLEVELAND UNIVERSITY REPLACES COLLEGE OF ST. IGNATIUS Cieveland, May 25,0n May 19 Cleveland University came into exist, ence and St. Ignatius college passed into history." At the present time the change involves on] y the name of the veterans and their r!a.tives and friends that filled the edifice. : On; One Flag. Archbishop Ha'es' ruling barring te allied flags from the church were carried out, and only the American flag appeared in fhe procession which \\; opened the service: Monsignor  avetle, ,wh6, welcomed the legionnairej a plea for gen- erosity, toward, the drive for: funds of the Veterans' Mountai Camp, A col- lection was taken p for the,camp. Love of Home and Country,,. The Rev. Aloysius C.' Deen, a ,. regular army chaplain, delivered, the sermon, in wlich he commended the legion for its efforts in combatting anti-Xmerican movements. He' uged the veterans to be "ready to live for your country just as 'your comrades in ". arms so willingly died for. it." fAs long as we have in this land a love of home and country, we need have no fears for the future Of the republic,  iatler Dineen said. "If the time comes w.hen that love ceases, it will need no foreign army to over" throw our government, It will be a case of national suicide." Following the benediction taps were sounded, and" the congregation sang "The Star Spangled Banner." BERLI00S NEW BISHOP ' IS,CONSECRMED By Ray. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon Captaine Cologne, May 14.--The Rt. Rev, Jo- seph Deitmer, Provost of St. Hedwig's church in Berlin, has been consecrat- dd as Auxiliary Bishop of Breslau [wRh residence in the German Federal Capital. Cardinal Bertram, Prince Bishop of Breslau,, was the consecrat- ing prelate. The Federal Chancellor, Dr. Cuno, and the Minister, Dr. BeCket, together with numerous other public officials and representatives of organizations attended the ceremony in St; lied- wig's. i college that was established here by the Jesuits in 1886 and has had con- stant growth. The purpose o the change, according to 'officials of the college, is to give the Jesuits the right to undertake 'a large develop- ment of their work in this vicinity,