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May 29, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 29, 1920

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Vincent'S :s from ;y, the College, ominican e Knights of of Isabella three ,r the m F ,ELKIN$ SHOP ,[ Safety Razor Blades of All Kinds Up-to-Date Shop in the ity aughters WEST CAPITOL AVE. m at a ' as a reJtllt', , the first Steb IIIIlllllllllllllUlllllll Shrine that Pa:ae-Association wishing nel; i?_e..rosary beads or auy other tnCatho00iostne ;o be sent to the sol- a. The , sto."e ,,;: Bookery, 307 W. 2nd St. ; :7 logies. I IN YOUR HOME? CALENDAR SHOULD Homes a CATHOLIC HOME. in all CathOliC S AT TilE BOOKERY. POSTOFFICE. ALMANACS 1920 PUBLI TAKE CALOMEL H E Liver Pills = Are Better H O Troubles, Headaches, etc. One small pill the dose. 25c. All drug- E substitute . THE GUARDIAN. SATUR DAY, MAY 29, 1920 ! My Dear Boys and Girls: [come down upon the Apostles? A letter from another new member On Pentecost, fifty days after East- of our Corner; slipped quietly into a er. pigeon hole on my desk and hiding[ Pente mcans? Fifty. between two envelopes remained hid- den for two weeks. I finally did- covered it and am glad to introduce to you our new friend, Clare Tatty. I am sending souvenirs to my March and April contributors and Anna Ker- rigan will receive the prize for her story. If you enjoy your Corner and wish it to continue please let me know before June 15 and also let me know your favorite pastime and what you expect to do when you finish school, Could you form a Conchessa Club of ten members in your parish and have one member write a letter to the Corner each week? Try it. You could in this way win a book for your club every five weeks and by the time each member had written a letter your club would own two good books. To the girls who organize or secure the memhars and send me their names and addresses I shall send a special prize. I shall be quite anxious to see whose club will be the first in. If you cannot secure ten boys and girls at first you may begin with five. This club will cost you nothing and if you really do this I'll furnish you a badge or button. Let me hear from you soon. CONCHESSA. Corning, Iowa, April 27, 1920. Dear Conchessa: As I am a new member of the Children's Corner, I thought I would write my first le'.ter to you. I read the Children's Corner every Saturday, or if we don't get it on Satmxtay, we ge it on Monday. I just thought l would write, and answer your ques- tions, that were in the paper yester- day. Here they are: I think the Apl rain will bring May flowers. I Pentecost is also called Whitsun- day, because those who were bap- tized on this day wore white gar- ments. H(nv did the Holy Ghost come down ulmn the Apostles? In the form of tongues of fire. What do the tongues of fire sym- bolize ? They are an emblem of the gift of languages and of the fiery truths. Who sent the Holy Ghost allen the Apostles? Our Lord Jeus Christ sent the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles. Why did Christ send the Holy [ Ghost ? To sanctify His Church, to enlight- en and strengthen the Apostles, and to enable them to preach the Gospel. COME, HOLY GHOST. Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest, And in our heart take up Thry rest; Come, with Thy Grace and heavenly aid, To fill the hearts which Thou hast made. PETITIONS. In the name of Jesus Christ I beg of you, O Eternal Father, to guide our Holy Father the Pope to bless our Right Rev. Bishop, to help our priests, to comfort lhe poor m their needs, to relieve the sick in their sufferings, to console and be merciful to the dying', to let none of us die without the reception of the last sac Iraments, to bless my parents, rela- tives, friends, enemies, and all those for whom I promised to pray, and to give eternal rest to the souls of the faithful departed. Amen. A PRAYER FOR PENTECOST. [Beautiful Spirit of Light and of Love[ am not busy making garden; I am ]Come and abide in my soul from waiting for it to warm up. We have I above. 21 little downy,chicks and my broth-[Come, thou, and teach fe whate'er I should er has 15 little yellow ducks. We[ know; b:ave little pigs and calves. I am Come, thou, and teach me whate'er I p'oing to put a flower garden in by[ ghould go. myself this spring. We have a lot of shade trees around our home. We Long, oh, too long! have I wandered don't have contests in our school. Well, as my letter is long I shall close. Clare Talty. Honorable Menti(;n. Florence McCucker, Norwalk, In. Zita Comfort, Alton, In. Mary Walsh,' Moorland, In. Ilelen Cunningham, Audice Eaton, Helen Kirwin, Leone Kirwin, Audu- bon, In. Anna Kerr[fan, James Kerrigan, D, reda, In. Trieber Allen, Little oRck, Ark. CATIIECHISM. The Holy Ghost ?. Who i the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost i the third Person of the BIesse(t Trinity. What other names do we gve the Holy Chest? .The Giver of Life, the Sirit of Truth, the Spirit of Christ, the Paraclete or Consolcr, the San(ti- tter. From whom d,'s the ttoly Ghost proceed? The Holy Ghost proceeds from the l%ther and the Son. Proceed means? Comes from. For example: a light being lit by another light. They are two separate lights, but the same fire. Js the Holy Ghost equal to the lralher and the Son? Yes, because he is the same Lord and God as they are. On what day did the Holy Ghost 'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIII!1 Safes z Convemeltce l)r0fil alone, Seeking no eounsel, thy sweetness unknown; Turning with self-blinded eyes from the light, Choo,ing, unwisely, paths leading through night. ..... Now in the joy of thy friendship I see All I have lost by thus wan&ring from/thee: Rare respirations and solace divine, Numberless graces that might have been mine. And Full contritely, sweet Spirit, I pray Never again from Shy guidance to stray-- ',Nor again ever, through fault of mine Force own, Thee to leave me to wander alone. Jennie M. Bullinger. TIlE DESCENT OF THE HOLY GHOST. The day of His 'Ascension into heav- en Out' Lord commissioned His apostles to teach His doctrine to all men at all times and in all places. "All I'ower," He saifl to them, "is given me in heaven and on earth: $o, therefore teach ye all nations, bal)tizin them in the name of the Fat'zer, and of the son. and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have toht you; and behold I am wifla you all days even to the consummation of the world." Yet He warned them not to leave Jerusalem until they had received rested upon every one of them. And they were filled with the Holy Ghost, and they began to speak in divers iongues, according as the Holy Ghost gave them to speak." , They had been scattered all over the world; they had long since lost their venerable language and had adopted the languages of the coun- tries in which they lived. Now, those who were gathered in Jerusalem had come to worship the one true God of their fathers; "they were God-fear- ing men from every nation under the sun;" but they were, for the most part, ignorant of the language of their fathers, in w'hich the praises of their God were sung. It would have been impossible for the apostles to make them understand the message which Christ had commissioned them to bring to His people. So by the won- derful working of t]he Holy Spirit the words of the apostles became intel- ligible to each and every one of those people. This is what is meant by the "gift of tongues." Over three thou- s/tad persons were instructed in the teachings of Jesus Christ and bap- tized by the apostles on that one day of Pentecost. SNAP'S REVENGE. Once there lived a happy little fam- ily. Now a little family means papa, mamma, Lulu and Snap. Papa and mamma were grown people, Lulu was a little girl, and Snap was a little dog. You may laugh at my calling Snap one of the family, but L only speak of him just as papa and mamma and Lulu would, if you should ask them who he was. Now Snap was a very wonderful I i dog; he could mind, and he could dis- I obey; he could understand all that I was said to him, and he could per-] form tricks by the score. Snap was] a very lil:tle (log; he 'as a very] broad dog; he was a very fat dog; he had long', shaggy yellow hair, in which he took delight; he had soft, P.appy ears, of which he was very fond, and above all, or rather at the end of all, he had a beautiful bushy tail, which was his great and especial pride. Now Lulu had six dolls; they were all of a size; they all resembled each other; and so far as I know, they all behaved very much alike. Every night, with Snap's assistance, the six dolls were all undressed. You ask how Snap helped? Well, I will tell you. As fast as Lulu took off the clothes, she would fohl them and hand them to Snap, who, taking them in his mouth, would run to the ,little doll bureau, and, after opening the drawer with his teeth, would place each little garment very neatly and carefully inside When all was ready, the six dolls were set up in a long row, for Lulu never thought it healthy for them to go to bed. Then every morning Snap would bring the clothes as fast as they were wanted. and would sit with his little head cocked on one side ,watching with the bat the loss of his tail made Snap cherish very hard feelings towards her. In course of time Snap got well. but I grieve to say he was even worse behaved than before. Like many human beings, he had failed to profit by the misfortune which his naughtiness had brought upon him. No more would he allow Lulu to pet him; no more 'was he her companion; and, most mournful of all. no more were the six dolls assisted by him to robe and unrobe. Poor Lulu! many were the tears she shed, but they (lid not better matters; Snap was obsti- nate. One night the six dolls were set up as usual, in a row, in their ghostly white nightgowns; but when Lulu go', up in the morning, to her amazement one was missing. Although she hunted the house over, no trace of the doll was to be seen, and at night, still wondering, she undressed and set up the remaining five. Morning (tw'ned, and discovered four dolls sitting up stiff and white, but one was not. Still more perplexed, Lulu questioned papa, mamma ,and all the servants, but no one had touched the dolls. The next morning but three were to be seen. This was too much for Lulu's little tender heart; she burst into tears, and when at night she undressed her remaining children she begged them, with many sobs, not to die. for she firmly believed that her lost ones had died, and de- parted from earth. Alas, for the lit- tle mother! Morning came, but the dolls had all vanished! I will not try to tell about Lulu's gef; ter tears were too many to be counted. I will only say that a week pased, with no ne'w's from the dolls. Meanwhile Snap's conduct changed. He was observed to become more so- ciable, and would even have allowed Lulu to pet him, had she eared to do so; but at the same time there was a certain sheepishness about his manner, which was very unusual. One movaing, just a week after the loss of her 6hildren, Lulu arose, and sud- denly uttered a cry of mingled joy and horror at the sight which met her astonished eyes; there sat the six dolls in their long ,trailing night- gowns, ghostly white no longer, for, shocking to relate, they were covered with mud from head to foot, their countenances were concealed by mud, their little hands were full of mud, and their poor nightgowns were dis- colored with mud and dripping with water. Lulu's exclamation brought mamma to the spot, and as she opened the door in came Snap. His head and the remains of his tail were bent so low that they nearly met, and he raff:er rolled than ran to Lulu, and cast himself on his back at her feet, just as he often did when he wshed, o heg for mercy. Mamma could not help laughing, it was so funny! And most approved expression, as each little article was put on; rand when Ehe six dolls--in spite of their con- the six dolls Were all dressed, Snap dition--she petted Snap, to that would show his delight by the mos:[wrthy's unbounded delight, and then violent wag[ing of that beautiful tail ran to mamma to hear how it all of his. So you see Snap was quite [came about. PAGE SEVEN were when he carried them off. Of course the dolls were spoilt; but papa made that all right by buying six new ones--six always was Lulu's dea of a proper-sized family--and after this Snap assisted lhe little mother as gravely and dutifully as before, in her morning and evening care of hc children, and once more there lived a happy little family. Thus ended Snap's first and last revenge. Aunt Mollie. CATItOLIC FEDERATION OF --LABOR FOUNDED IN FRANCE (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Paris, May 25.The present labor agitation in France gives a new sig- nilicance to the foundation in Paris last November of the Catholic Federa- tion of Labor, with an affiliation of 350 syndicates and a membership of about 100,000. The aim of the Federation is to or- ganize Christian syndicates through- out the country and to do for its mem- bers all that the General Confederation of Labor undertakes to do, viz., to safegurad their professional interests while opposing by a concerted and methodical effort the destructive activ- ities of the revolutionary organiza- tion. It is founded on the principles of Christian ethics recognized as the sole basis o social order and progress, and it will seek iu the Gospel and in the teachings of the Church the solu- tion of the labor problems. It is open to all who are willing to abide by these I principles. Its organization consists of local trade-unions grouped in regional unions, and these latter together form the National Confederation. The Fed- [eral Bureau is located in Paris, ith a Federal Council meeting every three months. A general convention is planned every year. The fees are high enough to assure the work of the sec retariate, the expense of the propa- ganda and the means of helping whatever local union may need assist- ance. One of the leaders of the movement, M. G. Tessier, writes in Revue des Jeunes, interpreting he aims of the Federation: "The corporate relations between employers and employes have too hmg been affected by pseudo- scientific aberrations. Raised to the dignity of a social dogma, the doc- trine of the struggle for existence has perverted ideas, vitiated methods, un- dermined institutions and led extrem- ists to utter the blasphemous doctrine that 'hatred alone can create.' Thus our society, gasping already under the weight of the World War, sees the dip'ging of new trenches and the rais- ing of new barricades. The remedy to the evil will be to oppose the Syndi- cates, which have become schools of moral defamation and perversion, a syndicate which will make itself the advising Lulu to forgive Snap, she enlightened, watchful and ardent de- promised to explain it all. This Lulu fender of the rights entrusted to its was quite ready to do, she was so care and will be bound by the force delighted by he children's return; of logic to impress its members with and as soon as she had done hugging the duties corelative to their rights. This it will accomplish only by taking its inspiration from the only ethics hich stands above the fluctuations of inlerests and passionsthe Christian ethics." Mamma told her that when the first doll was missedshe and papa sus- pected Snap; so they arose very early the nex moating to watch him. Look- ing out of the window just a.' day was beginning to dawn, they saw the little fellow come out of the hou.e wi',h a doll in his mouth. Trotilg swiftly along, he cast the poor thing into a large mud-puddle, in the back part of the yard. The next morning he did the same with ano'her; aml the ne::t he carried ou hree (lolls, one at a time. Evidently the little dog's conscience had troubled him, for at the end of a week he fished them ell out, anti reset them just as they a remarkable little dog. But although he was generally so very good, some- times he could be nearly as naughty as human beings often are. And now it becomes my sad duty to tell /,he tale of how a tail was lost, and the happiness of the little family for a ![me destroyed. One day Lulu was going somewhere and she did not wish to take Snap, so when he began to follow her out of the room, shV turned and said, "Snap, you cannot go with me to- day." Upon hearing which Snap set his little fat self down cn the floor, and, lifting his snub nose high in the air, as pointedly as its exceeding flatness would allow, he uttered a most melancholy howl, which was very disagreeable to hear. "Stop that noise, Snap," cried Lulu; "mind me this minute!" she added, stamping her little foot. Instead of doing as he was told, Snap only uttered, an- other howl, more dismal than before. "You are a naughty dog, and I will punish you well! ou shall be locked in this room until I come back!" As --'----r OUR WHAT HAPPENED TO . THE GOOD SAMARITAN r '['he story of the Good Samaritan was being expounded to the class. The Samaritan was pictured lying bleeding by tha roadside where the robbers had set upon him and left him. "Now," asked the teacher, "doe ny little child know what happened ' o the poor man ?" One child had an answer. "Please. ma'am," she said, " Ithink he was run over by an automobile." I A'FRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. COMFLAINT ! I ! I Ill In Depositing Your Savings With the SOUTHERN TI{UST COMPANY you not only obtain complete safety for your funds and 4 per cent interes! compounded twice a year, but you als know that your money is readily avail. able whenever you may require it.. Remember that a small amount de- positcd regularly at fixed intervals will produce far better results than the infrequent depositing of larger amounts. SOUTHERN I lllllllllllllllUSH lllllllllllllllllllllllll # the Spirit of Truih promlsed them by the Father. So they returned to Jerusalem and abode at the place of the Last Supper; where "they per- severed with one mind in prayer to- ge'her with Ma5, the mother of Jesus" Now, fifty days, or seven weeks after the feast of the Pas3over, the Jews celebrated the "feast of the hawests" or the "feast of weeks." With lhem it was a great feast, and they came to Jerusalem from all parts of the world to assist at the solemn services in the temple. The Greek Jews called the feast Pentecost or the Fiftieth Day. That year im- mense crowds had come to the feast. The apostles, as we have seen, were living at the place of the Las" Supper and were all gathered in pray- er, "when suddenly there came a sound from heaven ,as of a mighty wind coming, and it filled the whole house "'here they were sitting. And there apeared to them parted tongues as it were of fire, and it Imlu said this, she rushed for the door; but Snap had no intention of staying inside. The very idea! A clog" so smart as he to be locked up! He'd see! So he started as hard as he could scamper for the door. Now there as just one thing that Snap did nat think of. For the first time in his life he forgot that he trod a tail', so. although he got the whole of his little fat body outsid-', his tail was left behind and. sad 'to relate, the door closed upon it with a fearful bang. Smash went the tail! How Snap yelled with rage and pain, and how Lulu screamed, and mingled her cries with Snap's! lamma soon came, and with Lulu's help carried the little dog into a room. to see what must be (lone. Tb.ey tried all they could thing 6f, but Snap only grew worse, and lhe next day papa decided that the poor, bruised tail would have to be cut off. Little Luhz felt dreadfully about it, and all the more so because ,':Ira aw DEPARTMENt I I --If at any time you feel that you have just cause for complaint, call us and ask for our Complaint Depart- men/, where the matter wil: be carefully adjusted: Just more evidence of the SER- VICE we render our patrons. CITY DELIVERY CO. R, L. WHALEY, Manager. Ninth and Bond ]ts. Phone Main 3450. I I I I I1