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May 29, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 29, 1920

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\\; PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1920. Colleg A demy of the baseball players of the State ]]] ..... ][ ca But inactivity got in its deadly work The Church of the South OBITUARY e'and School up and memories of bygone days were [ SISTER MARY BORGIA. , and after a few innings he loosened revived and sweet revenge was LOUISIANA. LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE NOTE8. reaped Provincial Superior in the United ' New Orleans. States of the Sisters of Notre Ordinations. TO ATTEND GREGORIAN Tim Rev. F Rouge, born at Ascon, Dame of Namur, Belgium On Monday morning at half past MUSIC CONGRESS IN JUNE France, in 1844fi and one of the ohlest seven the Right Rev. Bishop con- ferred tonsure an(r the minor orders " i Priests o the Archdiocese of New Sister Mary Borgia, for the last Very Rev. Doctor Sleeker, O S. l,]Orleans ,died last month after many eleven years provincial superior in the on the Rev. Albert Fletcher and the Will Be Arkansas' Reprentative Imonths of sickness "rod suffering In United States of tim Sisters of Notre Ray. Th.os. F]aherty. The ceremony at Internatmnal Congress. resl)onse to a call from the Most  Rcv. Dame of Namur, died at the novitiate, took place at St. Andrew's Cathedral. -- - [M. J. Odin, sho%ly after the close of at Waltham, Mass., on last Tuesday. The Right Rev. Bishop was assisted Our Editor-in-Chief, the Very Rev./the Civil War, Father Rouge came to Sister Mary Borgia, whose name in by the Very Rev. W. H. Aretz, D. D., A. St.acker, O. S. B., is a man of many America. He was ordained in 1872 the worhl was Mary Elizabeth Ryan, i and the Rev. G. H. Keller, D. D., of parts, and of notable excellence in by the Most Ray. Archhishop Perche. daughter of Jotm and Mary Ryan, I Little Rock College, and the Ray. II. " H. Wernke. each part. As Father Prim" at Subi- He was the founder of the Water Cure entered the Sisters of Notre Dame, ace Abbey, his convent duties are all Sanitarium, which flourished under his at Philadelphia, in September, 1877. On Tuesday morning the Right Rev. and ever entailing; as the erudite direction for more than twenty years. She spent her novitiate at the mother (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Bishop will confer Subdiaconate on the Benedictine Monk, his time and His funeral took place from St. Mau- house of the Order in Namur, Bel- , Dublin, May 17.--An ignorant myth two young clerics, and Wednesday thought and voice are regularly can- rice's Church. The last absolution was gram. . . ......... sometimes represents Imsh Catholics Deaconship will be conferred, tared upon the educational issues of given by the Rt. Ray. J. M. Laval pon her return to nls country a (le.iin the xterminatio-  "ro At the close of the Priests' Re(rata( the Abbey, the noviate and the col- Auxiliary Bishop of New Orleans. Sister Mary Borgia was stationed at " s. . g e n ol . .......  . ltesLants. In the wave of crime that the young men will be elevated t.o the lege at Subiaco; his priestly zeal gives Seven young ladies last week re- tmcmnau, where she was supermr o ............ .. .......  . ., . . flat iOllOWeU in ne wake ox the war Holy Priesthood. itself over to missionary work and calved the holy habit of relic'ion in ne craven:, at 3zl Eas xn street .......... The Rev. Mr. Albert Fletcher is a the. Sundays find him the smp " . ; ,  '. . , ., .... /many aJmn tnmves nave oenerae(l l he)(I of the Conent of the Holy Family, hav 1or more umn twenty years lleven native of Arkansas, having been born small flocks in parishes cent'agent t [ .,. .... ., ... , . " . ,l Ireland And these malefactors have i o mg passed a letleat of seven (lays by years ago she was Chosen provmciat) . , " ...... , , , and reared at Mena, Ark. He is the the Subiaco district; his )egu la'l l, athel  ,' Llnus," . O. S. I. Eight" nowces".'  ....... - ..... InoL neslatea to mvauc churches for "upel'lOr, With llea(iquarl;ers aL Wal-  _. . .. . l also made thelr voxs Right Rev son of Doctor Fletcher, a prominent weekly papers prove his constaat ap-I' : ' " =" " th-m ..... , ..... ipmnoer. An (tenommatmns nave suI- a , wnele tile ,as Durle(i on last . . . .. physician of that place He is a grad-i plication of mind and effort in the[lh"shP Imval" .... pelfolmed the cerenmns., Flid , fereu from sucn rovoery. a). Recently in Navan, County Meath, aute of Little Rock College. On his great apostlate of the Catholic press;I In the, Carmelite." Cotvtnt.  one postu," - graduation he entered St. John's Sam- in matters diocesan he is the faithful lent .... )eceJved the hab)t" of the Car. - CHAPLAIN DEC()I{ATED , the Protestant church was broken been re- l into by bandits. At a Catholic mis- inary, where he has made his studies, disciple xf His Lordship, Bishop Mor- melt(as. I)URING HIS FUNERAI sion in the tvwn one of the priests The Rev. Mr. Fletcher is also an ris, lending his presence and his help St. Theresa's Churcl has expressed his lmror at the incident alumnus of the Univerfity of Chicago, in everything pertaining to diocesan paired and repainted at a cost, of[ Funeral services for Ray. Jolm B and tendered on behalf of the people wheregraduatehe work.has spent two years in post- success; and withal, he is a music popular$5'000" subscriptions.This money will be raise(1 by I (le Valles, heroic chaplain of the their deepest sympathy to the Pro- The Rev. Thos. Flaherty is a native lover and a music master, capable en Tim splendid medical building on 104th Infantry of the Yankee Divis- testant rector and his parishioners. a moment's notice to take his place of Boston, Mass He made most of in the choir or at the organ, and de- Baronne street has been purchased by ion, who died last Thursday as a re- This is typical of what has occurred the Catholic Women's Club for club- sullJ of wounds received in action at other places throughout the court- his theol.ogical studies in St. John's lights to do so, even as his renditions house l)urposes. They will not take were interrupted in New Bedford, try. .eminary at Brighton. He is a grad- uate of Boston College,. Boston, Mass. are of delight to his auditors. His possession of the buihllng until 1!)21 Mass., while Major General Clarence :)resence at the great international Catholic Influence in Art. as many of the physicians are clamor- R. E(lwards pinned on his breast the The Hibernian Academy has thrown event of next week but fulfills the ing for a renewal of their lease. Distinguished Service Cross. O'Hern Banquet. expectations of his Arkansas breth- open its doors and the exhibition re- . The O'Hern Literary Society will Loyola University conferred the de- ran and friends, fleets the healthy tone natural to art- give its annual banquet at the Elks gree of LL.D. on Eamon De Valera REV. FRANCIS J. AI)RIAN. ists imbued with Catholic example Club Cafe Tuesday evening at 6:30 In St. Patrick's Cathedral. (luring his recent visit to New Orleans Rex'. Francis J. Adrian, pastor the ) , and Catholic thought. o'clock. The banquet is an annual The International Gregorian Con-The de.ree is heautifully engraved in Sacred Heart Church, I oplar Bluff,: The tendency remarked at the Paris affair with the members of the Lit- grass to be held in St. Patrick's Irish colors and characters. Me., passed away after a lingering Salon this season is no less observ- erary Society, and it is always an Cathedral, June 1, 2 and 3, will be the The seventeenth annual convention illness at St. Anthony Hospital at the! able at the Hibernian a decided re- occasion of much enjoyment. The greatest of all such gatherings, which of the State Fe(leration of Catholic age of 35 years. ........ I turn to the inspiration f religious speakers of the evening will be Mr. have become annual events ever since Societies of Louisiana was opened the uneral was lmh! last Wedncs-., . , , ) nemes. . E. Fahy and A. Loda. Mr. John J. tile appearance of the famous nmtu with a Pontifical High Mass by the flay morning at 9:30 oclock from St ............ ..... , . - , I A (1elect in many oi ne paintings Healy will be toastmaster. Propri.o of Pope Plus X on church Rt. Rex,. C. Van deVen, D. D., Bishop reran.ores nurcn, Nineteenth Stree ......... :  ..... l ls nelr tentlency to repea$ motive, The guests of honor are to be the music in 1903. Rome, Strassburg and ef Alexandria; His Grace, the Most anu mcas avenue. ev. rterman t. ........ ' __. . , - an(I eltecl;s an'eany seen oo oiven. Lourdes are among the cities in which Rev. J W. Shaw, ArchbiShop of New A(umn, reother of the deceased and ............. . ........... i Tms s so nouceame in many oz ne Rev. H. A. Heagney and Capt. Mc- these Gregorian congresses have been Orleans, presiding. The convention pastor o . _lcnoms unurcn, was', ..... " Culloch, U. S.A. , ....... ". mnuseapes na one can mae no corn- held in late years, the singing of the sermon was preached by the Very Rev. cemoran o tne sommn Re(mmm Mass ............ , , ,  . , . , : . men on nem ula woum De uselul Elocution Contest. Credo at the Shrine of the Apparition E. Cummings, 8. J Mass meetings assseu oy ev. onn A(rmn, another or new. For some inscrutable reason at Lourdes, on the occasion of the were held Sunday and Monday nights, brother pastor of Corpus Christi the historical branch of art seems to The O'Hern Literary Society will congress two years ago, being pexhaps The a(ldess by Mr. Guy Knobloch on Church, Jennings, Me., deacon, and be completely ignored and the great give its annual el.ocution contest this the most widely appreciated public "Catholic Education" has been printed Rev. J. A. Dubbert of St. Augustine's incidents of history have ceased to Tuesday' evening at St. Andrew's demonstration of the ancient, and yet in pamphlet form for distributio),, sub-deacon; master of ceremonies, be illustrated. Hall. This year the number of speak- always modern, music o the Church D. William Schep])egrell, o:f New Ray. J. I. Douglas of Sac(t Heart In the pictures of rural life, the ers will be limited to those who hays which has as yet beet given i Orleans, was elected president for the Church. The sermon was preached by pessimistic tendency, so prominent passed through the elimination tests The massed rehearsals already hehllcomlng 3,ear. The closing address of Rev. L. C. Warner( of Arcadia. Most held privately at the College. have porved eminently successful, and the convention was a stirring call to Ray. Archbishop Giennon gave the some years ago in Irish drama does The speakers of the evening will these will continue under the direction duty by His Grace. tinal absolution, not appear. There are several can be Messrs. Delaney, Hale, McShane. of such experts as the Rev. Dora Cle- Mrs. Mary Kennedy Bauman was Father Adrian was born in Martin- vases representing peasant types which touch the keyboard of humanity Fahy, Lode. The winner of the con- meat Donovan, O. P., until the two) buried from St. Mary's Assumption burg, Me., and was ordained June, an sentiment and make the old sub- test will be awarded a silver loving official directors of the [ongress at- Church. Less than a year ago she 1912. His first assignment was to cup, and the second prize is a goht rive. These are the Rev. Dora Andre walked up the aisle of this church as Glennonville, Me., and after a brief jects fresh. Studies of the nude are medal. Mocquean, O. S. B., and the Very a bride, stay was transferred to the assistant happily absent from the Academy ex- The judges are to be Mr. J. C Rev. Dora Augustine Gatard, O. S.B.: The invocation at the twenty-fourth pasborate of Perpetual Help parish hibit. Floyd, Mr T M Mattingly and Mr " ) Miracle Plays. , " " " " the former sometmm I rmr of Soles- session of the Interstate Cotn Seed October, 1913, he was transferred to C C tavanagh.  It amy be due to the impulse of stir- " " " me, and now master ) the chert" of Crhshers' Convention was delivered Popuar Bluff, Me., leaving as a menu- The music will be furnished by the ,. D ....... ......... :.  eers aoey, or omsmes (now ring events that literature in Dublin o rage urcnesra 2 new xeacure .................... by His Grace, the Most Ray. Arch- meat to his zeal the present fine stone " ,.. exneu m ne se oz wgn) anu e(llLor bishop J. W. Shaw. church and school. Sister Eugenia of has entered upon a spell of vigorous of the program will be the renal:on ....... D " - revival. ........... )o the musmm  oeograpny, a su- the Franciscan Order is a sister. OX several selecl;ions Dy the UOllege .... ,_ ._ ,_ . .... " s z s ou ' punuous work O SUCh grea mopers- TEXAS. A remarkable feature is that it does quartet, Messrs Ja. Dia , Ja. T - " r " not seek its expression mainly in ' " lance as to necessitate its t anslatmn DOMINICAN MISSION hey, W Hosea and Mr Fletcher This . . ' " Jmto every language in the world. Watt. TO CHINA AUq"HORIZED poetry. The favorite h'ish medium, is a new organization and this wil he ............. ....... I 'Ine (nsamea mperaor, WhiCh was The fiftieth anniversary of the whether to delineate r to criticize, is s nrs pulllc appearance " I to have brought these two Monks of founding of Assumption Parish was (By N C W C. News Service.) the drama. The authors, who for the Solesmes to these shores, has been celebrated last Sunday. The Rt. Ray. most part are young, evidently feel Junior Track Meet. taken off and the Mauretania will C. E. Byrne, 1). D., Bishop of Galves- Washington, D. C., May 25.--Per' that the theatre public is the easiest Saturday morning the Juniors of probably bring them this week. From ton, was present. Before the jubilee misison for the establishment of the to catch by the ear. the High School Department held the moment of their arrival rehears- Mass, Confirmation was administered first American Dominican mission in: In the dramatic season that is Just their track meet. This is an annual als will be the order of the day. These by His Lordship. The jubilee sermon China has been received from the l closing the Dublim boards have pre- occurrence among the younger boys will be held at Philadelphia, Balti- was delivered by the Bishop. At the Pope by Very Rev. Raymond Meagher, seated some ne'rs, satires o the of the High School Department. Its more and other centers, which will evening services the bming of the head of the Eastern Province of the present machinery of government, object is to encourage athletics among send large contingents of chanters to notes took place. On Monday evening Order. Father Meagher recently re- frank exposures of the hvusing scan- those who are too small to participate this congres. No stone is to be left a secular commemoration of the jubilee turned fm a visit to Rome where dal aml parallels with the spy system in the collegiate activities, unturned to make a briliant success was held under the chairmanship of he made known to the Holy Father of 1798; in fact there has been a con- There are two sections, those be- of the seven services scheduled to be R. A. Hanrick in the Auditorium the desire of the American Domini- tinuous and rather daring experiment tween 1 4and 15 years and those be- held at the MetroFolitan Cathedral Theatre. cans to join their Spanish, French and in politcal drama. tween 15 and 16 years, whilst the special committee recently The Texas State Convention of the German conferes in the apostolate in Henry Hamilton of Little Rock won appointed by Archbishop Hayes to Knights of Col]mbus was opened on China. Side by side with this there has been a movement toward miracle plays the first prize in the senior section, supervise all chat has been arranged Sunday afternoon last week w'ith the Although but five or six priests will winning the one hundred-yard dash to take place, consists of the Right initiation of sixty candidates, be sent to the new mission at first and pieces of rellgio-moral purpose. and the two twenty. Louis Hoffman Rev. Monsignor McGhee, the Right San Antonio. more than fifty members f the Order Thedeed wordto characterize"purpse"themaYmodernbe saidirishin- was the victor of the junior section, A band of forty-three pieces headed in the Eastern Province have volun- dramatic spirit. It has an aim, and taking the 220 and the runing high Rev. Monsignor Sweeney and the Rev. Dr. MeMahon, all members of the the procession Of one hundred first teared. Those selected will be trained is nvw in that respect the antithesis jump. These.two were awarded gold Archdiocesan music commission communicants to the Church of the in 'this country before entering or/ of the sensuous stage productions medals. Mont. Joseph Bonnet will return from Immaculate Heart of Mary. their difficult work. They will receive dominant in London which make no In the senior section J. C. Cunning- his western tour to accompany the The blessing and the laying' of the instruction in the Chinese language ham won the standing broad Jump corner stone of the new "Moye Hall" and a course in nursing and the like. appeal whatever to intellect or con- final rehearsals, which will be held on and the nning high jump. Benny Decoration Day. J. Fischer & Bro. of Our Lady of the Lake College was The field in which the American Do- science. Cunningham won the 440 with ease. have published the official book )f performed by the Rt. Ray. A. J. Dros- minicans will undertake their mis- American Travel Expected. saerts, D. D., Bishop of San Antonio. sionary labors has not been chosen. There is every expectation that dur- In the junior section Wolchansky music for the three days. --" Father Meagher will gx) to China be- ing the summer a goodly number of won the 100-yard dash and the run- Fort Worth. fore the end of the present year to Americans will visit the ultimate nlng broad jump. Bednar took the CATHOLIC SUMMER SCHOOL  , The Rt. Rev. J. P. Lynch, D. D., determine this and other points It is isle. standing broad jump and Hoffman WILl, GIVE A. B. DEGREES Bishop of Dallas, was celebrant of the announced, however, that the head- The attractions are substantial book the 220 and running high jump. Little Jam Froley took the 440 with (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) solemn Pontifical High Mass at the quarters of the Mission will be on envugh. Ireland is for one thing able ease. Chas. Butts won the sack race, one hundredth anniversary celebra ;one of the railroads or navigable rivers to offer the visitors pure food at rea- Maurice Ford the shoe race and J.C. St. Louis, Me., May 23.--An oplor tion f the foundation of the Sisters of the Republic. sonable prices. Very good butter and ,Cunningham won the baseball throw. (unity for public school teachers and of St. Mary's, of Namur, Belgium. An! Present conditions favor the ex- bacon are abundant. In England teachers in the sisterhood who have appropriate sermon was preached by tension of American Catholic mis- there is an utter dearth of these con- not finished their A. B. courses to ob- the Very Rev. Dean Nolan. Tle stu- sionary effo in China, the Domini- modities. London for months past Varsity 15, Faculty 6. rain A. B. degrees by taking neces- dent body of St. Ignatius Academy cans say. The Chinese government has been overrun uncomfortably with In a heated battle, the Varsity ball sary studies in summer will be given and of the Holy Name Parochial and the Chinese people are very strangers. Hotels are unbearably team defeated the professors by a at the annual summer school conduct- school gave a very interesting pro- friendly to the United States, which crowded. Service is indifferent while core of 15 to 6. The Varsity lackea ed by St. Douis' University this year. gram in honor vf the occasion, is regarded as the defender of Chinese food is expensive and neither satis- a couple of men, and would probably This new branch of the Univers- independence. It is believed that this factory nor satisfying. have been defeated if they had not ity activity was inaugurated last year NEW MEXICO. spirit will insure rapid headway for Ireland, therefoe, presents an exhausted themselves making runs in but was then open to teachers in the the American Dominican mission now agreeabl contrast which the traveler the first few innings. After the third sisterhood only. The enrollment was At the State Convention of the in contemplation, would do well to bear in mind. Amer- inning Benny Yorio forgot about the so large and the applications from Knights of Columbus at Roswell, the It is estimated that there are now leans, especially, will have a chance approaching exams, and settled down other persons were so numerous that"l I eeos Valley Council was instituted, about 1,500,000 Chinese Catholics. of seeing things under peculiarly in- to do his d)rty work. Mr. Albert it has been decided this year to extend Ithe degree work being exemplified by Conversions to the Catholic Church (cresting conditions, the Irish public Fletcher pitched for the faculty and the course be public school teacherslthe State officers. This Council starts are numerous and permanent, it is re- position being more important now for a while the students looked about as well. I with a membership of one hundred ported. Cathvlic missionaries, in than at any time during the past hun- as bad as they do in qne of the them- The classes will begin June 21 and [and more. The convention closed with China, the Dominicans say, are dred years. istry tests, which is prety bad at will be hehi at Sacred Heart,Convent, !a ball at the State Armor), troubled not so much by the difficulty There are indeed attempts to make times, according to the reports of the which is centrally located. 1 of making converts as by the want of it seem to outside eyes that the coun- Pre Meds. He has lost none of the We should support a paper that de- priests to minister to those who are tT is in a state of upheaval. But trt that formerly made him the terror PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. fends our relig0n, brought into the Church. everyday life is "perfectly, normal and ! / , , . $ IRELAND INFLICTED WAVE OF CRIME FOLLOWS IN THE WAKE OF WAR AND CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT8 SUFFER. Lhlll ches lh)bl)e(l Special Notes of: Irish News---Miracle Plays--l{eligious Themes in Irish Art--American Influx ( : . ireland continues to be, on th0O ing of statistics "the most country on the face of the Ireland is waiting to ,..} #0 L Catholic Catholic Americans. : NATIONAL SHRINE SIT-!I,!II ,Jl/j BLESSED IN PRE8ENC'I- , OF VAST "' __ . o. :t, tl (By N. C. W. C. News Ser,)!:ea, # Washington, D. S, May 25.',.. :/ -!i: . of the ceremony of laying ths f-):i l- tion stone of the National Sht "/'I' the Immaculate Conception _,;llloll; tember 23 was given when their(: *" tlic Delegate Archbishop blessed the site of the great 1:: t::td6aY00n th: lPesenoe 0fl , p p e, of whoi ! were Knights of Columbus Daughters of Isabella fro: York After he had blessed the Apostolic Delegate said Maslt small wooden alta built in used by Fther aftelvards bishop Carroll, the first Bishop of, the United StateS. altar stood under a canopy of our the spot which will be i Im ew one( the main altar of the Shrine. can flags were mingled with colors in the decoration of tM To impress upon those :, the ceremonies the great T. 1 of the Shrine which is to be JE the six biggest churches in the perimeter was outlined with l strung along a series of intervals in the great outlint Rel American flags This St. points at which there will be in the exterior walls of the :' , V. ] The building will be 420 feet Both F 194 feet wide across the sept. Following the Mass, Steam Thomas J. Shahan, Rector hi Pipe, Catholio University, large gathei'ing and significance of the Shrine. it is to bethe offering of Al_ EX. Catholics to the Mother of G:i,!iaationa troness of the Church in this ---'tl aothing ! and a monument to their .oWll.'or COndit and devotion. J'*l' --,,ice. As an incident of the ble,)lt,ll CLIFTob the site of the Shrine the AP,, . 'iv sly: , *, ark. Delegate blessed a statue f Are, who was canonized in most coincidently with this in .Washington. This statute of the first of Saint Joan of: find a place on the altar of church in this country. It a place in Salve Regina the site .of the Shrine for the! but later will be transferral big church. A choir of several hymns at the Mass. The eluded Nuns from the Sisters children from St. Vincent'S age and students from of the University, the inary, Oblate College, College, the Dominican Studies and the munity. The party of Knights o:f and Daughters of Isabella Washington in three Arangements for the made by John F. Knights and Daughters wel of Bishop Shahan at a ]y after noon. It is expected, as a interest aroused by the monies marking the first erection of the Shrine that of the foundation stone n et bar will attract Catholic women from all sections of try and Canada. The laid one one of the dys tire hierarchy are in Dr, Kinsman's, "Salve story of his own conversio topic of the hour among Catholics and Protestants. what happens when compares theologies. Working Girls' Homes rapidly founded in all all over the country IUST PUBLI: THE CATHOL AMERI "By Rev. George T. Awhot of '.'Th Discusses those great ae to-day of the well-being and Church in our heloved practical book, written vim. 12mo, THE 809 West Second SL,