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May 29, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 29, 1920

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1920. Ji w / Publlah Weakly by TIIE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 309 WEST BECOND BTREET as Bntered as cond-c|ass matter March 21, 1911. at the postofflco st JMttle Rock, Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. BUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR T Change of Address r When a ehnnge of address is desired the subscriber should glee both the old and the new address. Corrupondent Matter intended for publication tn The Guardian ehould reach us uot later than Wednesday morning. Brief news correspondence is always welcome. The kindness of the clergy tn this matter ia cordially appreciated. -Very Rev. A. Stocker. O. S. B., D. D .................. Editer-in-Chief ReV, Edward A. Flannery ......................... Contributing Editor Rev. Gee. H. McDermott ............................. Managing Editor All communications about "The Guardian" should be sddresd to &apos;the v. Gee. H. McDermott. 309 West Second Btrt. OFFICI-AL APPROVAL The Guard/an is the official organ of the d/oeese of Little Rock, amd I pray God that it may be an earnest champion a ths eatu of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion which we 1ill love so well. ] extend to it my blessing with ths siueere hol "that its career may be long and prosperous. [4 JOHN B. MORRIS. BishoD of L|ttte Eock. L , ,, Little Rock, Ark., May 29, 1920. OFFICIAL EPISCOPAL APPO ENTMENTS. Sunday, May 30--St. Edward's, Little Rock, 8:30 a. m. Monday, May 31 to June 4--Clerical Re- treat. Friday, June 4---Ordination at St. John'a Seminary ; Priesthood Friday, June 4--Commencement Exercises at Mt. St. Mary's, P. M. By Order of the Rt. Reverend Bishop. II. H. WERKE, Secretary. O-0 THE BLESS'Ell TRINITY. The IHe,sse(l Trixlity is a mystery that is one of those truths of Divine Revelation which are beyond the complete grasp of our intellect. Faith never demands, or can denland, that we give assent to anything unreasonable or con- tradictory. But tilere is no absurdity ill ac- cepting as true what is beyond out" reason. Were we aske(l to profess that God is One and q:hree in the sanle re sl)ect, tlfat would be a con- tradiction. But what our faith demands is that we con[.ess one (Io(l in three divine l)m'sons  (me Nature, three l'ersons. That (led is One we learn froth both the Old and the New Testa- sent. In the New Testament, however, we have this advance of rev(ilation re.garding the 1)city, that there is an aspect in wtlich the God- h0ad is re'flly Three. "Baptize them ill the name (singular !) of the Father, and of tim Son, and o[. the Holy (ihost." This (loetrine has been the oi)ject of prot'()und disquisitions in the course ()l' centuries. But at the end of them all we are more than ever awe. truck a( tim unl'atho]nalfle nature of tiffs nlys- terious truth. Nor is this contrary to our an- ticipations. For if even this visible universe is full of n)ysteries, if at the 1)ottom el' one dis- c'overy there is still another unexplored abyss, should it he a matter of astonishment that the Author ot; the univers( is dwelling in light in- accessihle? Indeed the amazing thing wouht 1)e an unmysterious God l Ia bowing our heads to God with an humble "l believe," we are acting like the docile pupil who takes tilt; word of his learned teacher con- Cerning things that are beyond the capacity of the bcginn( r. How impudent would be that pupil who re.fused to accept the word of his teacher--matching his ignorance against the matm'e learning of a man who has spent years in mastering the sul)ject whereon he talks l But how insignificant is the mental distance between fahe tyro and the university professor in com- ;parison with tile mental distance between the aast learned human individual and the infinite God! S. .O-O "' " TACTIC& UNWORl lt] "' "  " In. a recent issue of "l;he Catholic Tribun, e of Dubuque a correspondent writing al)out "the worldngs oil prohil)ition," says, among other things, that in Arkansas a comtable, entering a'chttreh (turing sl, rvicc, knocled' the (q'uets with Mass wine doal from the altar table. Tm drift of the writer is to arouse sentiment against prohibition. Now, we are not so nar- ]'o as to identify the 18th amendment together with.the Vollstedt Act with the salvation of our country. As long as the interpretation of that "*,amefldment has not been fixed by a decision of the Supt'elile Court, there must be liberty of discuion. And if prohibition itself shmfld not prove a blessing to the country, the American people has not renounced the right of revolting world surrounding him. This harmony implies it. by n() means a weak accommodation to others, But no nmtter to what intemperance of but an energetic control of all parts in accord- ante with their destination, a domination of speech certain advocates of prohibition may re- sort, we can not afford to retaliate in kind. what is below man that it inay serve the highest Above all can we not afford to use slander or interests of nmn, and such a co-ordination of gossip as a weapon of fighting prohibition. An one's life with tile purposes of the world order instance of this sort of warfare is the above- a will subserve the best aspirations of the nlentoned letter, at least as far as it refers to whole hunlan race. snpposed happenings in Arkansas. We live in Connected with harmony is, in the seventh Arkansas and ,while we do not claim to know place, justice, which rates each talent, each re- everything that transpires within the bounda- cation, each action of life's conduct according ries of our State, we are certain that no occur- tc its objective value, and be.stows on each pro- fence of so shocldng a kind as that mentioned portionate care. Justice excludes one-sided- in the letter to the Catholic Tribune could have hess, over-enlphasis of partial advantages to tile Imppened without our becoming aware of it. detriment of the whole, selfishness, but not an For the. sake of the honor of our State, then, energetic insistence on what is good and better we t)rotest against tile libelous statement of as against what is low, vulgar or bad. The ninth quality of the good man, healt}L, is tllat correspondent. We had prohibiiton in at iirst thought rather surprising. Are not Arkansas seve.ral years before it became nation- wide, but to the credit of our legislators be it often the crippled and the sick morally very said, that they expressly and explicitly exempted good? They are ; and yet if in the cultivatio wine for sacramental purposes from the scope of gi)odness one were not to insist on an alb around soundness of body, nfind and soul, of tlle prohibition' act. If local underlings have everybody would sa) that such a program would ewr endeavored to impede the transportation he one-sided, defectiw and nfistaken. The put- of wine for sacrmnental purposes--and we know of one case--they were brought to time pose of Christian asceticism is not to kill off by the higher authorities, or cripple the body, but to curtail the exuber- " ante of the animal life and hem its encroach- Much more does the honor of the Catholic nlent on the soul. If man were a spirit impris- Chnrch al)solutely demand the elinfination of oned in the body, the demolition of the prison such unworthy tactics. They were the tactics of wouhl be the deliverance of nmn, but since man the Menace against tile Catholic Church. With- is a l)eing essentially consisting of body mid out specifying the exact tinle and place so as soul the neglect of either is the nmrring of man. to render refutation diflh:ult if not inlpossibh; One pets the body at the expense, of the. soul, that paper would tell its readers of scandah)us another l)ets the soul at the expense of the body hat)penings anlong Catholics. Pre.iudiced read- both are prevaricators. Instead they should ers would devour those stories and grow fat to aim at, such an equilibrium between the two as the bursting 1)oint in their hatred against the will best fit man for all the tasks of life, and Clmrch. Likewise those prejudiced against pro- this equilibrium we call health. It was most hibition readily accept such tales as tile one re- p(.rfeet in the first Atlas 1)efore Ills fall, the ported about; Arkansas and tell their neighl)ors, ideal towards w}lich the good nmn must gravi- "Look here what prohibition is like," In either late. ease it is a nlonstrously unfair way of pro- As a last characteristic of'the good man our cedure, an unscrupuh)us resort to lying in author mentions holiness. As we are, in this order to whip base passion into fury. S. whole artMe, not discussing supernatural good- o-o hess but its natural foundations, holin(,ss is not THE GOOD MAN. here to I)e taken in its current sense as the em- Im(liment of tile graces and virtues of the At the hand of a book, "Dos Meuschliche SUl)ernatural order. In the German language Leben" (Fluman Life), I)v Dr. Gregory Koch. "lleiligkcit is etymologi('ally aldn to hell; sis- (). S. B., of Einsie(Mn, Switzerlaml, which was ilarly in the English language it does not seem lmlflished ill 1915. and came to onr n(itice a day far-fetched to diseern a relationship between or two ago, we will briefly sk(4ch the l'unda- holiness and health. Ethical holiness, then, con- mental characteristics of a good life, by the pos- sists in the achievement and consistent main- session of which one is a mlturally good man. tcnance of the above-mentioned qualities of This is not to imply thai natural goodness is a'oodness. It is theret'iwe not really a new file only goo(hiess, l)ut as grace is grafted on na- characteristic of goodness, lmt a eonlprehcn- Lure so supernatural goodness thrives best on sion and l)ersisten( realization in (toe's life of the soil of mttm'al goodness. The author's all the others, it is the lasting well-being of analysis or goodness caught our breath by its man in the moral order, am t)odily health is his .riginality, and we wish our readers to share lasting well-heing in the physical order. I,otli onr pleasure and our protit. ]f the patient reader will now kindly review Tile first requisite 0f goodness is uuiy. As tile italicized words of this artMe so as to re- lnan is a wonderful uuity in his physical make- tain them in his memory, he will have a nmnber up ,he will achiexe the first element of good- of precious points for self-exmnination. In hess i)v self-realization in this regard, i:h: will .pr(iportion as he will realize in lfimself ihese rc.aliz(: in himself the interior unity of his 1)eing, elements of goodness, he will not only. be a his I'a('ulties, iris activities, nay, as far as i)os - good man hinlself but a power of goodness unto siMe, also the unity i)f his outward actions. One others. "Ye are the salt of the earth" can be thread o[. l)Url)oSO comects his doings and binds applied to all gemfinely good persons. Per- . them together. "i hen' is in him no unsteadiness sonal g(iodness,, then. is a leverpowerful in of tmrl)ose,nor surrender to caprice or acci- f)ro])ortion .t the degree of goodness within dent. reach of all w(]l-m( anita, men, to lift the, world Tile next characteristic is gcnuineuess as op- from its l)res6at disnml condition to a higher posed to ('omlterfeit, show, pretmlse, hypocrisy, level of moral xeellence. S. \\;Vhile alike in fundamentals, all men are not o-o .... equal in I)ersonal e]mi'acteristics, i)ifferent One way to help out on the present paper z'aees, nations, families, individuals ]lave their shortage would be the return to slates, espe- native exce]hmces whMl wou](l be nmrred I)y t, ially in our lower grade schools. We arm t')ld an attempt at aping others. The good man will it costs 25 cents a mont]l per pupil for scrib- b(. sincere, nnaffected, himself, hling on paper made of pull) stoek. In the The third property of goodness is wholeess, higher grades the cost averages 40 cents per The (h::rman exl)resses this very,well wllen it month. Of course slates make more noise and says, "The good nmn is ein gaazer Mane." He are not so sanitary, but when you think of it, (hev have produced some quiet, clean and highly is good not only in parts or spots, 1)u( through e(hlcated men mid women. mid through: good not only in his sentiments but also in his actions; good not only as a pri- o-o vale individual bui as a father, a husband, a The Postoflice I)e, partment has sh6wn profits citizen, a magistrate, during the year, lmt they were made at the ex- In the fourth place the good nlan is distin- pense' of the faithful an'd loyal workers in (mr ,.. I , 1( e, guished 1)v activity. Inertia is a property of nlail ,e' ",, Our nmil man never strikes d(,ad matter, but lifo means essentially move- even a ,lust reward for his laborious services. r e 0-0 m(:nt, evolution l'r()tn wit]lin,activity. Ph more intense the activity, the higher its aims and The Ameriean preachers have lost their best i)l)j(:ets, the more, valm, and dignity accrues to friend (loxnl in Mexico. (hirranza, as an inter- tim life t})us re.alized, ohurch worker, well repaid them for American- A fifth ('hara(t(ri.(ic, , . el' the. good man is izing his gringoes. r order. , h(n there is good life, there is neces- o-o sarily order ill the interior of man--in all his Congress alone has the power to create new parts, ()rans. fac, u]ties and activities, as well h,ations and elnl)assi(,s. Otherwisl: ,Iohn Lind ,; in his exterior with his felh)w men and wih )-ni})t have b(,e)l sent to Ottawa or perhaps to 1.i:< wll()h mlvironnwnt. The. g()od man him-Dublin. .(.If is i)y tllis characteristi(: inserted as an or- o-o d(,rly part in the higher whole to which he 1)e-,' The Interchur('h Moveme))t seems to be in- h)ngsthe ranfily, the people, the hmnan race, terwoven with "big business" and crafty grafty the univ( rs(. ,)verh(ads. ()rd(,)"inehLdes. in the sixth place, h;armony, o-o Everylhinp ;,'ood that consists of parts or is part Carranza finally got hisand t}le world does of a higher whole is harmonious. Frmn the not seem to eare as to how, when or by whom. most a0cient people,4 of culture up (o the pres- O-O, en( time we find e, vervwhere the conviction that I nu,ra] goodness invoh, es harmony. The better] Edu(ation is now the watchword of the file man the more comprehensive and thorough l Knights of Columbus. the harmony both within himselfin his I --,-------o-o .... 6(; , thoughts, sentiments, conduct and with the  Sinunered down Sims was some strop. QUESTION Is there a Saint Eugene? Tllere are several saints of tlfis Eugene I, was Pope. of Rome, and tits reign was taken up to a great troubles caused by the Orientals. There a Blessed Eugene who was the third that name. He died in 1153. Eugene,. bisop of Toledo, in Spain, is also saint. IIe achieved distinction also as a of prose and poetry. His feast is kept veml)er 13. There is also a St. Eu venerated by the Oriental Church. J Please give a sketch of the life of Shaw. What does the Catholic Church his writings? George Bernard Shaw was born in July 26, 1856. Some years afterwards to London and has been identified with ever since, l{e has written a great many plays and articles on a wide. variety jects. In 1898 he nlarried Charlotte . Payne. Itis writings are to many socialistic teachings. He " greatest cynic of our time. The !..ver, has expressed no oI)inion on rags. Can you tell me why members of the Church are not more in sympathy with Church Movement or the Movement which has recently been The Catholic who is thoroughly his religion and who practices the the Master, as made known to hhn, C, hurch, realizes that there is no need ea] change in his religious belief who appeal for a Conunmfity Church wh(I foster the lhfity Movement, the need o[' a (leci(h,d reform ill the religion. They openly adnfit (hat "deep need of'a religion which will lit', and every-day living--a religion express itself in active, service." The who is really devout and who Christ-like teaching of His Church, ltis Churi.h ]ueasltres up to these nrds to whMl the Church Unity Wher(, can w(, tind a religi()n that is life and to every-day living? One of preaches that non-Catholics have against the Catholic Church has been is the, Church of ignorant poor people. enrolls nmny who are not over-1)lessed worht's goods we are ready to question the ability of any one to illiteracy is due to her teachin The (?hm'ci is the most universal, does, men of every tongue and eiasses, regardless of their condition, poor, I)lacl or white, find thenlselves in the Catllolic Church. The same in Baptism are used ['or the lowliest poor(,'t lal)orin, man as are. used 'ortmlate son of the rMlest magnate. side hy side in school, both kneel the comnmnion rail re re(,eive the same fo()d in the lloly Eucharist. This is ion and lhis the Church which is and which expre, sscs itselt; in active We hear muc}l nowadays to our fellowman. Where do w ligion that insists on service to God-given obligation as (lees .the Chm'ch? The so-called Reformation new creed that was entirely unheard that time. when they tried to do awa works and said "Salvation by The teaching of the Catholic teaching o4' Christ made known to as the writings of St. Jmnes: "Faith, Dot works, is dead h itself. denmnded that her children n mnd of Christ when He said: "If Me, keep My Commandments." ways insisted that the Great wllich Cqlrist placed next to the love of (mr neighbor, tIence she does to appeal to the drawing power of lecturer or of some novel (' the jazz band or the moving pictn Catholic nlinisters claiming to lm denominations swap0ing 1)ulpit'., slle, from tier very foundation, has erviee to God an (lcml wientiou, re'at(ice of frater)ml charity. If a naa that h, has such a heritage, why wr what is untrue and at best on ill pronmting a Community Chur('h 0 Movement? The Catholic Church ished eelebratirlg the Chm'eh [rr Begimfing on tlie Feast of the Petcr,'Jalmary 18, and ending on't the Conversion of St. Paul, Janua ttken as her slogan the words Savior recorded in the Gospel Of they may be one as Thou Father The Catholic Churc.h is eve]' that truth is but one and that her as thg custodian of Ood's t'uth' ..,. .