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May 29, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 29, 1920

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THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, MAY 29, 1920. PAGE TttREE | of Columbus Society Activities ROCK COUNCIL No. 812. OFFICIAL NOTES. Next Meeting. remember our last meeting and t enjoyed it. You would not it for a great deal. Now our next one would be our last would you be Well, we can promise you Will, that it will be in every good and in most ways bet- last, so you may feel forward to a big event. Patriotic Death a long stretch back to pay one of our Oouncil's young Who paid the supreme price with his life over a half ago, but as the matter known to us quite re- think it proper, even at the derelict, to pay trib- Whose name will go down history as an example as well as knightly pa- Zosso, whose home was at enlisted in Company M Infantry at Camp Pike, Lhere joined our Council leaving shortly after where he was killed in on October 8, 1918. Little our brothers owing Sojourn here, we miss the commonly made known and aquaintance. him for fifty years thing could be shown above. While country's call he was of his duty to his as qs shown by his joining her chosen sons to safe- by the compani.enship own faith, and crown- a 'oic death on the battle] )bleman, a real Knight, I }e remembered and his I on to his country be I with a g'olden star on] service flag. R.I.P. Our Sick Brothers. glad to repdrt Bro. Joe P. home from St. after a successful operation Soon be out and with us S. J. Multen is also ira- Will be at the Infirmm.w Yet. An Oversight. too bad that in the rush of events at our last meet- calling on one of members who has just re- France, where he has service for the past three that Bro. Paul Snod- with us next Tuesday of some of his experiences St. Patrick's Council No. 1075, of New Ulm, Minn., arid has been located at Camp Pike since November, 1917. We wish him every success. Arkansas' Oldest Knight. Perhaps we are about to get in trouble either through lack of informa- tion or by some one misconstruing the meaning of our heading. We can off- set the latter, but the former we will have to take chances and await some one who will g us one better. We think we have the honor of having as a member of our Council the oldest Knight in Arkansas in the auerson of J. C. Carroll, Jr., who joined our Order as one of the 47 charter members o St. Louis Council No 453 on October 3, 1899, and who took his fourth deglee on Thanksgiving Day, 1901. We must not leave the impression that Bro. Car,ll is old in years--it is only in service. This is one of the interesting facts brought to light through our Chair of Biog- raphy at the Little University, where Bro. Carrol often recounts the trials anti triumphs of Knighthood in the early days, long before the banner of Columbianism was unfurled in Arkansas. the five packers or their competitors lnation has been builded. Let us not is of little moment. But in so far I by one moment's vigilance relaxed, as it concerns American traditions;' permit ourselves to feed the microbes American conception of liberty and of discontent which have already be- economic freedom, it is vf no little gun to attack the very warp and woof concern to us all. of our national fabric. And what is this "Public Opinion" As for the action of the five pack- to which the packers have yielded? ors. they have &one something more It was "Public Opinion" which last than merely to determine their own month returned Victor Berger to Con- destiny. If that were file nly con- gress by a huge vote. sideration, then the action is no more "Public Opinion" demanded and got than a part of a day's news. They the bdication f the Czar. But who have set v precedent. They have is there to say that the Russia of opened up the paths which will lead Trotzky is better than the Russia of u." to no ,nan knows where. the Romanoffs? As for the packers and their in- "Public Opinion' 'laughed at Noah terest in it, let us forget them. But and his ark--only the beasts of the let us hink in coolness of the blood forests were wise enough to believe before we permit ourselves to go one in him and to be saved, while the more step in that direction. Let us "Public" and its "Opinions" were ef- consider "Public Opinion" for its real faced from the earth, w.orth, after the "Public" shall have "Public Opnibn ' demanded and been thoroughly acquainted with the fought for the riddance of the Caesars, facts at issue. But when it falls to and how long did the Ronmn Empire the province of a few men to decide survive them ? such questions for the good of all let us be guided not by what a "Pub. "Public Opinion" ridiculed Chris- lie." misled by agitators, may seem: topher Columbus. And if he had list- for the moment, to think it wants-- ened to it there might today be no let us be guided by what is right and packers, nor a Chicago, nor even a just and American. civilized America. Chas. F. Moore, G. K. "Public Opini.on" through such You remember our announcement spokesmen as Patrick Henry de- that a smoker would be given in hon- mmnced the American Constitution at or of someone, and it was, to. In its inception and declared it to be honor of one of our foremost Knights fraught with danger and despair, and of the day he came here to cele- And what is "Public Opinion?" Is Our Little University. it the will of the majority by which brute. We had the pleasure of a visit fronl Bro. Chas. F. Moore, Grand While we all know we can get some- the minority should abide ? Then let Knight of Pine Bluff Council No. 1153, thing good to eat around a packing us all turn Mohammedans, for they who Visited our city to be present at house, it is about the last place on are of the greatest number. Or if we the celebration of Pentecost at the earth you would o for something should be moved be India then let us Cathedral, which was the anniversary good to read, yet so thorough are the worship at the shrine of Buddah, for i of the day on which he joined the methods of research at the Little Uni- "Public Opinion" in India decrees we Church forty-three years ago. We versify that we discovered something must. hope he will visit us often, both in in the nature of a literary gem in one t Is "Public Opinion" an unerring Council and at the Little University: of their journals--ome one remarked and perennially infallible quality which for his visits are a treat and his talks pearls among swine. But joking is never to be denied? Is it once an inspiration. We will meet next aside, "Public Opinion," from the pen right then always right? Then why Sunday afternoon, but if we told you of Lon P. Hanigan, published in The should it ever change? And if it what was on :you would probably not Morris Standard. is not only well changes, then has it not acknowledged believe it, it is of such a startling worth reading, but well worth re- its own weakness? nature. Dr. Fuchs, D. P., could tell reading. History is replete with events you, but he won't, neither will Harry "Public Opinion." wherein small groups of rong men nor George nor John; you will have By Lon P. Hanigan, have battled against it for the ulti- to go there to find out, so come out, Secretary Barataria Canning Co., mate salvation of us all. Is this not find out, but, above ll, be careful New Orleans. exactly what our own Savior Himself and look out. The Five Great Packers have eel- did? And what was it that nailed Our Thought for the Week. untarily agreed to refrain from the Him to the cross but "Public Opin- If law were passed to prevent us sale of food products unrelated to the ion ?" hohling meetings you would probably animal killing industry. For us of America it is our I)rimor- have a fit about your rights being in- These five packers have been en- dial duty to preserve the United terfered with, yet as it is you avail gaged in business in every state in States of America. its isfitutions yourself of this privilege. the Union. They have paid their and traditions. Often it falls to the M.P.M. taxes. They have paid their licenses, lot of strong men to be confronted I I They have conformed to all laws and with a hasty public impulse which] McARONI BALLADS. rules set up to regulate their opera- they must n.ot recognize. If we love tions, the United States of America then I The Ex-Service Man. These five packers have now a,,reed let us not tolerate assaults upon its Giuseppe Baldi's home from var to limit their business, not at the traditions. Let us not listen too free- An' he can't work een streets no more threat pf prosecution, not in fear of ly to the voice of the "Public" which Like w'at he use' to do bayfore the law nor in the fear of any man. yesterday burned a human being" at He sure ees joost wan lucky guy! They have yielded, as they say, to the stake--which a month ago almost Eh? wa't ees dat? You aska why? "Public Opinion." murdered the Mayor of Omaha when Wal, here's come Baldi for reply: And in this a new hour has struck he battled against ti for the honm of in our public life. What they have his commonwealth. " "I corn back home weeth wan good done is done. Their decision cannot Let us remember that "Public leg; 1 be recalled. Whether it is for good Opinion," more often right than I no can deeg, I weel no beg, or bad, for better or for worse, only wrong--is often wrong. Let us re- An' so I theenk: 'I must be yegg, set to Evening School. time will tell. member/that great nations have only Or sam' sooth kinda hard-boil egg.' of Columbus Evening But into what new school of thought been builded and carried on when the added to their faculty might their steps lead us? What will reins of authority have been in the "But, no! here's cam' an Irishman will instruct in auto the next step be? Who will next be hands of its strongest men. Dat's say to me: 'Eyetalian, who is said to be one called to account by "Public Opin- Let us proceed with care before we I speak for Meester Milligan, POficlent in this part of ion?" Where will it stop? disturb the great conceptions of hu- An' eel you takin' by dees plan, Brc. Bott is a member of The issue in so far as it concerns I man relations upon which our great You gon' be firm Merican.' I laugh; but den he 'splain to me: ........................................................ Vocation School of K. of C.' 'Wafts dat? I say ;an' he say 'cam'! don'ta sopose you are so domb rg---'ansas o00o0000dat? ,, you know da "Knights 'Ah, yes,' I tal heem, 'now I see, You gon t try maka Pope of me, Road District Bonds But dat'sasom'theenglwon'tbe!' 'Eh? No? he say, 'dat's blama shame ! But I gon' grab you joosta same To Yield 6% An'geeveyouelnceformakaname; I gonna put you een dees school An', eef you ain't plain damma fool, I bat by time dat we are through Exempt from all Federal Income Taxes We gon' mak' som'theeng outa you. Eat ees too bad you won't be Pope M tu i g from one to twenty But steell, I gotta 'notCher hope: a___r_no years i gonna start you on da way, Denominations $500 $1000 o dat you weell, sam' fina day, Be good enough for candidate For President Units State'! An' all dat you weel need to gat These choice "securities have been pur- Eees votes enough to mak' you datl' chased by us after a careful investigation "Hool'ay! I newa see bayfore Sooch goodness cam' from anny war: and are offered to investors with our Wan iegfromanltalian reaatw"-commen-----n. An' he's a firm Merieanl" T. A. Daly. Principal and interest is payble from GOOD FOR REED. Senator James A. Reed, of Missouri, taxes levied upon the lands in the dis- has been making a number of public tricts. Descriptive circulars forwarded .ddresses in Florida recently, and the question of Irish independence ha% Upon played an important part in his r.,-'o marks. At a dinner of the Miami Rotary Club, which Senator Reed at- BOND DEPARTMENT tended, friends of Irish independence were nmde the subject of a vicious at- - " ' tacl by Gypsy Smith. enator Reed Mercdntde 00'Ost Company immediately rose to the defense of all " .-]'em/er--..V,a'e''ra" "Y USGovernment ,,vers of liberty. He. cored his op- _ e$erye Vystem  'vpPrg/sl'on ponent heavily and in taking a definite stand in favor of Irish independence EIGHTH, AND LOCUST -'-TO .%T. CHAI'LE2S he won the enthusiastic Support of his 'i W ,7. n. on.alnr southern audience urn ST. LOUIS . .,.,. ..- o-, S.29-3t We should support a paper that de- fends our religion. Rome--Paris Dublin Latest Cabled News PARIS CABLE. Church was omething to be remem- here& (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) t Innumerable offerings occupied the Paris, May 23.--General Castelnau time of the church digaitarios cam- formally opened the new "French- American Welfare Center" yesterday in presence of a distinguished assem- blage. The building is that formerly occupied by Etoile Club of the Na- tional Catholic War Council; and the center will hereafter serve as head- quarters for American men and pletely. Cardinal O'Oonnell, for in- stance, was overwhelmed with en- gagements at Irish and American re- ligious communities, and the laity rivalled each other in doing him honor. At the Grand Hotel on Wednesday a spectacular dinner was given by women passing through Paris. A de- Madame Delaroche in honor of Card- tachment f American sailors took inal Vnnutelli, Dean of the Sacred part in the opening exercises. College. But by fr the most strik General Castelnau recalled, in his ling functim of the wok was Cardinal speech, that he had an ancestor fight- ing in the War for American Inde- pendence, and paid eloquent tribute to the 60,000 Americans, who fell in the late war. General Castelnau him- self lost three sons in the conflict. Frederick R. Coudert, New York attorney, also spoke impressively on the g(rod relations that existed today between the United States and France. More than five hundred notables attended the ceremonies, among them Marquise De Chambrun, who was president of the reception committee, and Countess Jean De Sayve, who is also prominent in the work. A series of lectures and entertain- ments is now being arranged for the center; and provision has been made for the occupancy of upper xooms by American girl students. The number of syndicates in the Catholic Syndicates has increased from 321 to 578 in the past six months, with an increase of membership from 90,000 t.o 150,000, according to the re- port made by the general secretary at the opening session of the congress held here today. Many Italian Catholic trades unions sent delegates. The president reported the impor- tant words of Premier Millerand, who, in receiving a delegation of Christian workers (luring the recent strikes, con- gratulated them on "having crcated points of crystallization, where inde- pendent workers, who refuse to accept revolutionary despotism, may meet." ---Mastiani. LONDON CABLE (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) London, May 24.--British authori- ties have prohibited the convocation of the Jewish Executive Assembly, which was scheduled to be held in Jerusalem next Wednesday, according to information received here in dis-] patches from Palestine. '1 The announcement is being made I the subject of considerable discussion,' especially in view of the present status of the Palestine situation, it being understood that the Vatican has requested that Zionists be confined within just limits, and that the British Government has given assurances that all Catholic rights in the premises will be adequately safeguarded. The announcement is regarded as evidence of the determination of the civil administration that no minority will be allowed to control the ma- Gasquet's reception yesterday at the historic palace of San Callisto, the home of the Commission on the Re- vision of the Vulgate, in honor of the Benedictine abbots, who are gathered in congress from all over the world, and are meeting in the central home of the Order, the Monastery of San Anselmo on the Aventine Almost the whole College of Cardinals was present including Cardinal Logue and Cardinal O'ConneH, the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, and dignitaries of the Papal Court. These guests thronged up the marble stair- way between lines of @atholic Boy Scouts with torches, and filled the great rooms of the old palace. Tomorrow we turn from France to Ireland; and, though nothing can equal the ceremonies attending the canonization of Joan of Arc, never- theless the beatification of Oliver Plunket, the martyred Archbishop of Armagh, has special features, which have gripped the interest of Re'marts as well as of English-speaking resi- dents and visitors. There are more than a score of bishops here from Ireland, the Jnited States, Australia, Canada and Eng- land, Cardinal O'Connell of Boston ad Cardinal Begin of Quebec among the number. When the Pope came down in the ffternoon to venerate the relies of the blessed, postulants vf the cause pre- sented him with a unique reliquary, which is a reproduction of the cele- brated reliquary .known as the Belt of St. Patrick in the National Mu- seum, Dublin, made by the Irish King, O'Lochlen, in 1100. In addition to the ecclesiastical dig- nitaries attending the beatification of Archbishop Plunker, there were pres- ent also the Lord Mayor ef Dublin, members of the Dublin Municipal Corporation, the Mayor of Drogheda,: Count Plunket and Sean O'Kelly of Dublin. ,( Rome, May 24.Four cardinals and thirty' bishops from Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia ang England assted yesterday at beatifl- I cation of oliver Phmget, martyred Archbishop of Armagh.  It was not numbers that counted, however, for the morning ceremony of beatification " was really a quiet function, which, the Pope did not attend..If one had to seek .a special note, it would bo depth of feeling everywhere manifest yet it was illuminating to see num- bers of Irish religions thronging the jority of the population, a possibility that has been viewed with the greatest apse of St Peter's. be espe- concern by both Chritsians and Arabs., . Bene.00,00t s%med functlo00, ubhc recession Clally napy a the aIernoon Agreatp ' p . " to the site] of the death of Blessed Oliver Plunket I )articularly as he was carried ut in at Tyburn marked England's celebra- tion of the beatification yesterday. The procession was very impressive and offered opportunity of familiariz- ing non-Catholics with facts of which the masses are woefully ignorant, due to the teachings of three hundred years, that Catholicism is a "Religion of Persecution." Rt. Rev. George Ambrose Burton, Bishop of Clifton, in which diocese the principal relics of the martyr are enshrined, has published a special pastoral on the beatification of Arch- bishop Plunket. Sir Dennis Fitzpatrick, prominent Catholic and formerly Lieutenant- Governr of the Punjab and Member the sedia gestatoria; blessing the peo- ple as he went. The whole dploma corps, members of the Roman nobil- ity and Knights of Malta occupied their customary places, special places being reserved for distinguished vis- itors from Ireland. NEWMAN'S PROFESSION OF FAITH. Cardinal Newman's profession of faith in the Catholic prinelple of'as- ceticism reads as follows: "0 my Lord Jesus, I believe, and by "l%y grace will ever believe and hold. and I know that it is true, and wi)l be true to the end of the world, that nothing great is done without, suffer- ing, without humiliation, and all things of Council of India, has died here. ore poible by means of it. I I:- A Requiem Mass for deceased will be lieve, 0 my God, that poverty is hob- o o:row m Brompton celebrated t m x " [ter than riches, pain better than liens- Oratory. He was the son of a Dublin_,,r,,, o __n_o^h,, "to ,,_._ -----.--+"+ h++-._ physician, Thomas Fitzpatrick, and thn ntme, and ignominy and r, was educated at Trinity Colege'--]proach better than honor. My Lord I Watts. do not ask Thee "to bring these trials ROME CABLE. (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) Rome, May 22.--Nearly all the French visitors have gone, after an extraordinary week full of moving re- ligious functions, thanksgiving recep-, tions, banquets and other offerings. Pope .Benedict celelrated Mass at St. Peter's before the whole body of plgrims and at the Vatican for the blshopsl senators and ,deputies. At the Church of St. Louis de Francais every moing, and at the Gesu Church each evening there were sol- emn services, French and other cardi- nals officiating, and thousands in %he congregation singing. The "Hymn to St. Joan of Arc" in the tinge Gesu on me, for I know not if I 'cOuld fac them; but at least, O Lord, whether I be in p/,osperity or adversity, I .will believe that it is as I have said. I Iwill never have thith in riches, ,rank, [power, or reputation. I wiM "never wish for what men call the prl:,,es of life. I will ever, 'with Thy l,,ace, nlae much 'of those who are despi or neglected, Zoner the poor, revere the suffering, and admire and venerate Thy saints and confessors, and take my part with them in spite o the x Orld. Happiness is a perfume. that one cannot shed over another wifhotft a few drops falling .upn himself., ,,.' ] Madonna Wrier Braceiets-:g0kt ani lsilver, $4.00--BOOKERY. " , i r ........ I,,A,:  ,'i ''