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May 29, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 29, 1920

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1920. "- The smaller checking accounts are given * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * tiful gifts by John Pruniski, Jr .... * * course ]unehoon was ervod. There the most careful detail attention at this * NOTICE TO THE CLERGY. * were sixteen guests present. NE.I T WEEK , * SUNDAY, MAY 30 ............................... TRINITY SUNDAY bank, where good service is the rule. . May 12, 1920. * Banquet and Re-union. MONDAY, MAY 21 +. ......................... St. Angelica Merici, Virgin " * Reverend Dear Father: * The annual banquet ami re-union TUESDAY, JUNE 1 ............................. St. Fortunatus, Martyr - .The.retreatfor the Diocesan * of Mt. St. Mary&apos;s Alumnae Associa- WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2 .............. Sis. Marcellus, Peter, Erasmus, Ms. The checking aecnunts of small businesses ;* Clergy will begin Monday, May * lion will be held at the Convent Sat- THURSDAY, JUNE 3 .............. CORPTJS CHRISTI, Day of Devotion * 31st, and close Friday morning, * urday, June 5. Miss Marie Mahoneyl FRIDAY, JUNE 4 ........................ St. Francis Carracciolo, Conf. I " Union and Mercantile * June 4th. The retreat is in- * will be toastm]stress and the following SATURDAY, JUNE () ............................... St. Bomface, B. M. + * tended for all the Clergy of the * toasts will be responded to: ...... * Diocese, and no one will be ex- * Our President, Miss Margaret/THE NUPTIAL MASS riage outside the pale of the Church? * " cused, except for very grave * Green; Class 1920, Mrs. Dan S. Boone; [ AND THE BLESSING JA contract, or the semblance of a con- * reason, and no permiss.on wEl * Our Brides, Mrs. Charles Quinn; Our I t.ract, subject to the caprice of the l t+rus" t,%mpany * be valid unless it bears my sig- : Absent Friends, Miss Katie Duval; Beauly and Appropriateness of These basest passion that tyrannizes over .i * nature. I can assure you in ad- Alma Mater, Mrs. C. Harvil; Highel Ceremonies. the heart of fallen man--this and noth- * vance that it will be very dif-  Education, Sister Monica. ing nmre. It may truly be said that * ficult for any priest of the Die- there is no longer any respect for the  + i * ease to secure exemption from * PENTCOST AT THE CATHEDRAL The mystic ceremonies of religion bond of marriagexcept in the Church. Second and Louisiana Street * this retreat. * are not so attractive to the minds of It goes for the saying that a divorce * During the Sundays and days * On Pentecost Sunday, May 23, the many Christians in this material age can anyhere be had for the most * that intervene between now and * Solemn Fontitical High Mass was as they should be, and are not suffi- 0imsy pretext, and the laws are so / * our retreat, will you please to * cel.ebrated by the Rt. Rev. Bishop at ciently studied: and hence it is not framed in some States as to put a * make a memento in your Mass, : 10:30. He was assisted by Very Ray. to be wondered at that many persons premium on crime. Nor need it be * and also have prayers in corn- Augustine Stocker, O. S. B., D. D., as make little account of neglecting or wondered as that some Catholics, * mort with your people, begging * Arch-priest, Rev. Greg.ory H. Keller, dispensin with these sacred rites and breathing this pestilential atmos- Mass, and to light the candles for di- LATEST ATTRAq * the Holy Spirit for the graces " D. D., as deacon, Rev. Edward P. Gar- fountains of grace which holy Church here, should long for freedom from vine service. ,:'. * we stand so much in need of. * rity, subdeacon of the Mass. The ha. prepared for those who are about a restraint so galling to rebellious On Tuesday morning the order o It seems like old times to * You will come provided with * Reverend Benedictine Fathers, Leo to enter the married state. Yet, con- nature. Subdca.conship was conferred. In this advertisements in the daily * biretta, cassock and surplice, and Vincent were deacons of honor, sidered merely from a natural point (Continued next week.) order the Bishop invests the candidate and on the bill boards of and the retreat will take place * The vev, Rv w H Artz q T t i of view ,and altogether apart from the with the office of Subdeacon. He vests merchants reducing the prices at Little Rock Oollege. * _ .... ". ' [f_"f:^" "__ "," +,."limportance which faith teaches man INVITATION EXTENDED. ,,,,ser u ,,,.um, ,an v. u,:- I him with the maniple and the tunic, modities from 20 to 50 per -- ,  w,t, e ;sta, ..... ,,. ,the to attach to it, the question of mar- * With bleing . and best P:"al*'Bie;'in w+= i'e;after the riage is one demanding the most so- and presents him with the chalice ann play wind.ows now catch * wishes, I am, The Sisters of Mercy of Mt. St. paten, the cruets, with wine and For a year or two we could * Yours sincerely in Christ, * mass'" p )y" ne'" g''. _ev.S g mnop.", "  .......... [rious reflection. The very intimate Mary's Academy extend a cordial in- water. The book with the Epistles in upon the offerings, vision *  JOHN B. MORRIS .............. lane1 ute-mng assocmtmn oi one per, citation to all their friends and pa- rev. vsgr znomas v. omn,  z)., . . are then presented, which he touches mark, without fear and * Bishop of Little Rock. * was present" in the" sanctuary. "-'lnelsn wth ........ another, hch the bond of trons to be present at Commencement with his hands, and while doing so, the over what would become of * * ......... - r) tmaz'rmge supposes an( omges o; me exercise. of the Academy in the Audi- ChOir was un(ler tile (llreclon oi I i-D- .: ," . .... . . , , * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ..... l aen(mn tempmmns ant aangers; torium on the evening of Friday, Bishop gives him the power to read we did have t.o buy. Now lessor . J. e,er ..... little hope held out and ......... the trammg" of a famdy, with all the June 4. the Epistles. OFFICIAL AFFOINiME'NTS. After ne tospel, the RL Rex .... " " " privations, trmls, and sufferings in- Program. On Wednesday morning the orde fronts are very attractive. Bishop, in a few well chosen words, " ---., 4'- " of Deaconship was bestowed. In this that we are in serious . " separable from It, under the ,,,,,s ,,-Processional. e nphamzed the great feast the Church The Rt. Rev. Bishop has appointed : .... ' vorable circumstances; and the count- We Salute You .... Miss Olivia Schultz order the candidate is vested in the the H. C. L., but the Ray. John P. Fisher Diocesan Super- was celebrating this day, and why the less accidents which checker the life Away to the Woods (Chorus)..De Ruf office of Deacon and the stole and us a little balm on the sore intendant of Hospitals, and the Very Church was so solicitous in command- of everyone, are points which common The Rose (Essay) .............. dalmatic is placed upon him. The life: Ray. W. J. Carroll as Dean of the ing her Bishops to Pontificate on the prudence forbids us to pass over light- . ........... Miss Catherine Finn bok again is presented, which con- Europe's "High Costs Hot Springs District. f.aur great feasts of the year, and ly. But when in addition to these Indian Cradle Song (Quartette) tales the Holy Gospels, and the power Own. one of these included the feast of are included the obligations lhieh re- . ......................... Clark of preaching the Gospel is given to The Bankers Trust Mrs. Ben Bartlett will leave the Pentecost. As the feast of Pentecost ligion imposes on the couple in rcla- Misses Doreen Cyrier, Gladys him, also the power to baptize. With New York announced last ttter part of the month to spend the was the birthday of the Catholic lion to each other and to the children Perrine, Jewel Camphell, Made- the major rder of Subdeaconship received from its London .summer. Church, the Bishop said we have every with which Almighty God may anti line Stein. the title of Reverend is given to the ant detailed analysis of the reason for commemorating this great most probably will bless them, matter The Empire of Art (Essay) ..... .ordained. ' living in various countries Mr. and Mrs. HasTy W. Elliott are ewmt. He mentioned the great power is presented for sill more serious con- . .......... Miss Catherine Clark The last step in the major orders pared by the British Board now located in the new Kelly Apart- the Church received by the coming sideration. It is true, indeed, that The Pine Tree Fairies (Chorus).. is the Priesthood. This order will be The percentage of increase meEts, Elyeventh and Louisiana Sts. of the Holy Ghost, and through whom the sacrament of matrimony is an ........................ Forman conferred upon Ray. Albert Fletcher of food, fuel, clothing, etc., the Church continues to receive her abundant and never-failing source of Junior Hig[r School G;aduates. and Rev. Jolm A. Flaherty on Friday as foltows: Mrs. Ed Wiegel, Jr., of Abbott, N.I divine assistance. Ile urged the faith? g-ree; but it is so to those only who Last Will and Testament. morning, June 4, at St. John's Semin- M., is the guest of her .mother, Mrs.ful to be good practical Catholic. receive it wor.hily, and live accord- " ...... ....... ......... Miz$ Margaret VanLear ary Chapel, at tile conclusion of the United Kingdom .... Bernard Heinz. and to keep the faith which was born ] in to the laws which it impo.. How 3outhcrn Medley VocaI Clas)..Pike Priests' Retreat. France-- in them hy the power of the Holy i few there are who perfectly ,bserve We Launch to AJaehor, Where? The Bishop was assisted by Revs. Paris ................ Mrs. J. A. Dooley, who has been ill Ghost at Baptism and Confirmation, lthose .qacred laws! Other Towns .. at St. Vincent's has sufficiently re- whi:e life was theirs. He besought He who seriously reflects on these Pophe, ey..Mis Francesca Zeisler John P. Fisher and Herman Wernke .......... eovmd as to return to her home. 'them to place themseLes under the[point will not be surp'rised that Go )ur Alma Matersenlor(Chorus)..Class.. Dihoff DLs Chaplains;D., Chanter.ReV'TheGl"eg''TfollowingH" Keller,were ItalY--Rome ................. -" protection of their heavenly Mother[in His fnfinite wisdom should have The My,story B.ook {Vaedictory p-esent in the sanctuary: Rt. Ray. Milan .................... : Mr:. Geo. D. Lancaster, of Chat- Mary, who also shared with the Apos- made matrimony the subject of spe- tanooga, Tenn., was the guest af Rt. ties the gifts of the first Pentecost cial legisla$ion in the wortd's infancy, . ........ Miss Det'Fh DuChrme M,'r. Thomas V. Tobin,' D. D., Ray. United States ............... Edwgrd P. Garrfty, Rev. Thomas Denmar] ................... i Ray. Monsignor Tobin during the bt the very groves of Pgradise; nor <Jmfh. Belgium week. MUCH NEEDED HERE. that the Church should from the ear- ORDINATIONS AT __  llest times mve devoted her speciaI THE: THEDR'+%L Tle' minor offices were filled by the Norway ............... Mrs. Thomas Lafferty and. daugh- Alderman Richardson introduced a.ttention to seeing that her children Semfgrians of S. John's Sminary. Sweden ................... tar, Miss.Rose, wl)o have been spend- an order in the City Council ,meeting entered into th,t union with the prpper On Mond.y morning, 7::t), the I. The Vy Ray. W. H. Aretz, . T. D., Go,many ................. ' master #f ceremonies. The date from which the ing the past couple of weeks in St. on Monday flight, s(king to prevent dispositions and according to the care- lev. BishoF conferred e' Tonsura' pted is 19:[4, except in Louis, will return home Saturday. ehihiren under the age of 15 from at- monies which she, guided by the Holy and Minor Orders upon All)err Fletch- Baby carriages whi'ch are propelled wiere it is I9:[0. + tending immoral or suggestive picture Spirit, lind prescribed. Few mutters er nd John A. Flaherty, boh, students by elecrfeity are now to be had. ' " LIFE OF ST. JOAN OF ARC, with hows, theatrical shows, etc. The have eveived so large a share of her of St. John's Seminary. The confer- AIGARET MARY prayers to the Sain*, by Eva Dorsey penalty for violating the ordinance attention. Kead ecclesiastical Ms- rfng" Of the Tonsure constitutes the' Women' buy 90 per cent of the corn- out new Saint-=-her story Carr; paper; 25 cents at THE BOOK- ;s a fine of from $25 to $I00. tory, the ' firings of the saints, fa%h- making of a cleric, and the first step modities rmed in the American home. pamphlet form by Rev. ors and theolo,/ans, the decrees of toward the Sacred Priesthbofl. Dur- -  -..- - -- ---" .-7- ., Revffle, S.J. Sold at THE Tohe m+F::::Y, :3 i jeiY:h: for 10 cents. ERY. The ordinance shouhi not stop at the councils and the u,terances of ;ng thfs eerem.ony the surplice is be- is  any limited fine, lmt.close for all time 'Soverei.t,m: PonU.--all manifest her stowed upon the' cleric, whfeh alsol . .... Mrs. Anna E. Danforth, of 1005 any moving' picture house or theatre zeal for the purity and sanctity of + . L,uvre. ' Wolfe street, underwent an operation catering to the presentation of im- " gives hm, the right to be present m ORDER ANY maTiage, and at the same time show the sm-rctuary dmhng the ceremonies We shouit support a paper that de- WILL GET IT FOR for appendicitis at St. Vincent's In- moral or suggestive shows, not alone he waywardness of the human will .of tb.e Church. After the Tonsure 'has our ret:igion. 309 West Second St., Little firmary' last Monday morning. Late. for children under 15, but for adults w:en excited'and 51ided by the basest reports credit her with increasing as well. strengbh. Where is our Board of Censors? and mo.:t unruly paqion of the hea't been conferred, tlie Bishop then be- stows the Minor Orders, whiL, h are foreman f the of man. But so fa from victory liar- the, folTowing: Porter, Rader; Ex- Little Rock is becoming, notorious i,r declared'fro- the Tmrch, the strug i ,,,,o+ Bishop Kinsman's Guardian composing room, manages off place for snappy and smutty show: present than' it dii' perhaps at any a special sgnifieance in the early days of the Cbrrch, when the cleric actu- to report despite a few twinges ofland pictures, that are not tolerated in previous I)eriud. Scarcely had the it- rheumatisn the relicts of his late[clean.people d cities. Managers of lustrious Lco.XiII a.:ended the throne, ally perfbed the duty of his office, i attack which he.d l;im..for a weekl;ome of cur local houses a'e going the of l'eter tlmn l+e lbund it ,,ecessatT Today, however, these or&'xs arc per- OF HIS CONVERSION on Pulaski Heights. " [very limit of indecency with their sex to raise his voice, ir olemn admoni= formed by the servers who assist the I shws" Thehuman frm and thehu- tin t Christians l: cnfrnl 'hem- prie at ass" The flice f'Pbrter ''SALVE MATE Miss Maw. Gray, daughter of Mr. man pass:ons, the very ugliest of the .elves to the wise re,mlat;ons which givcs a ererie the right to lock ad and Mrs. James A Grah, will return[latte r unsc.cmd in pose and action he Church has established. And if ml.ack the Church, and' to ring the I [are film-screened for the tilth seeking attention is directed: to the instruc- bells for tile divine service. The Read- hasJUnebeen13 frOma studentSt" Louis, whereat the VisitationShe[ patronage of Little Rock's men, tions which the ITol, See sends to the er fs given tbe right to cite certafn "HAIL MOTHER!" Academy. women aml chihlren, in some of our bishops of missibnaaT countries like lessons wlYich occur during certain "Salve Mater"--"Hail Mother !"--is the title' ,--;7---'- local licensed houses, ours, it will be seen that by fay the + ceremonies. The ord'er of Exo?cist LIFE OF ST. JOAN OF ARC. with ]t is up to our City CouneiI to call i;reder number liave to do vt;h the stffi' coati'hues with the eeric even in the book just published (by Longmans, .prayers to the Saint, by Eva Dorsey a haIt to the "sex-full" managers and sacrament of'matiimony. Happy is it :h's erda'nation as priest. This office CO., New York), in which Frederick C/rr; paper; 25 cents at THE BOOK- houses. It is trp to the parents of for society that ttrere is still one au- :is especfall- used in Baptism. In the man, until recently the Protestant E ERY. our children to keep them away from hority respected on earth, although office of Acolyte the cleric's duty is to Bishop of Delaware, tells the story of his c some of our darkened dens of vice, Tt be only by the, w. Wha++ i:+ mar- assist the priest at the altar, bo, serve 0 the Catholic Church. : Lottery D:mee. wherein the dazzling light of sensu- - ......................... - The book was written in the silence and The Seniors of Mt St. Mary's an- ality offers them scenes, thoughts and ......................... of the woods of Maine, where Dr. Kinsman tertained with a lottery dance at the dreamings, wqich portend the loss of   old L|ttle Rock College, Twenty-fifth in,ocence of purity and of healthy TI)Po. I'ED,. WI{[TE .. CUT OUT .. SEND NOW after publicly resigning his Bishopric, and and Gaines streets. May 18. Dane- mental development. ' ' ing the orders of the Episcopal Church, and its ing was enjoyed from 9 to 1. Sterl- There are good pictures screened, lEg's Orchestra furnished the mu':dc, good for adults and children, instruc- Date .......................... 1920 munich. About 75 guests were p,esent. The tive, entertaining, fascinating--sex THE (00UARI)IAN Ten days after it was finished--an event chaperones were Mrs. Frank Ginoc- shows are not of these. Let us cut the author describes as "the last act of a life , ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Gray and Mr. and i the manager of his house, advertis- 30.9 W. Second Street, ended"--Dr. Kinsman was received into the Mrs. Maratta. " tng and presenting sex .hows. He Little Rock, Ark. The Book of the profits, we nay dearly far the snap ] Commencement Exercises. !and smut. if "we ,,u,it have it our- Gentlemen." Enclosed find $ ...................... Commencement exercises of Mt. St. selves, )it least keep it from our chil- Mary's Academy willtake place m the dren. fr ...... ...... year's subscription to THE GUARDIAN, Academy Auditorium Friday evening with .......... issue. Mail Same to Protestantism ++ ladies will ur i ::to think of hat ] Sune 4. Fourteen young . Make up yo /a  ' I ceceive diplomas from the Academic ,ou have in life as good, think out i Beginning department. What the 'future may hold for you, HUMAN INTEREST STORY : -- and then you will forget petty worrie [ (Name). ..................................... " Rare Vividness--Exceptional Literary power + , A Pleasant Affair. land your heart will grow light and t An attractively planned affair was the 'orld will seem full of sunshine. I  (Remdence) ...... : .................. : ..... His Return to the Faith of His Fathers i given in compliment to Miss J.ewel I n Saturday afternoon at thel MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE,, Ca[h |i READ DavlS, O , * home of Mrs. John Froley, North Lit-l our new Saint--her story tola m (City) .......... ........................ tle Rock. wlth Miss Anne Froley land oamphlet form by Rex. J+hn C. 0 CS THIS BOOK' Mrs. John Pruiski as hosts. The Reviffe, S.J. Sold at THE BOOKERY 1 (State) ........................... , color scheme was carried out in pins To. 10 cents.  I " ' and white. A ml.celaneous shower '" ..... [ .  Price $2.25 (Net) THE BOOKERY, 309. ' featured the afternoon, the bride- We should suppm;a paper that de-[ THE (]UARDtAN IN EVLRY HOME , elect being presented with many beau- fends our religion. ' ' / , ! I / i