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May 29, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 29, 1920

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that nothinll i more de" that Csthofic and that every one ma reading whic and itrengthena the Christian virtues. --BENEDICTUS. PP., XV. A 00thoi,o P.p.r ,.. -I Perpetual Mission-- | Pope Leo XIIi | i "'The Guardian" in | every home-our Molto. I The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas 9 Little Rock, Arkmsas, Saturday, May 29, 1920 Number 50 OF SAINT JOAN ARC BRINGS THOUSANDS HER DEVOTED FRENCH ious Significance Features of the Ceremony-- to St. Peter's---Holy First Mass There--285 and 45 Cardinals Present-- Ceremony. C. W. C. Special Cable.) May 17.--Tomorrow (Tues- will be hung in St. Peter's two miracles pro- of the canonization of Arc, but her great miracle, the comment heard on all France to Rome to- 20,000 in Rome. estimated that twenty thou- are now in Rome. There would ave been fifty thou- restricted transportation Elastic Rome, which the French came, has itself imperceptibly to take Also, more important still, arrived officially in the M. Gabriel Hanotaux, who at the Vatican with full (Sunday) morning, his credential letters to special envoy for this oc- St. Margaret Mary. Sunday, and the (of Margaret Mary Ale- Gabriel Dell' Addolorata) were purely religious, canonization adds another of rejoicing principally on Fr ff,-'yml e-wh ot e , with France. feature of St. Peter' of beatification and evening was the of the Daug- of which Louise De- was co-foundress. These waved in the surg- whictt filled, if not actu- the basilica, when Pope in the evening, en- the Blessed Sacrament then being carried in the the whole length of t church to the altar chair to the sacred relics of the newly No Cheering. to the Pope's wishes, no cheering; but, as he and out, St. Peter's was a  of waving handkerchiefs. ceremony in connection of Joan of Arc of Thursday in magnifi- but had special features of It was, of course, pre-emi- M. Hanotaux occupied diplomatic tribune. There for the accommodation French deputies and sen- whom the most prom- was General Castelnau. the tribunes and in the the atmosphere was was remarkable how reli- predominated over feeling. Many were the solemn moment, when pronounced the decree to St. Peter's. to St. Peter's began Saturday and was in full o'clock Sunday morn-, of most significant inter- history of Joan of Amette of Paris, Bourne of Westminster, by aide in the long pro and in private are intimate friends. immediately in and the Venerable by virtue of his se- and nearer deacon of the canoni- was the English Cardinal will be a large num- and several American and present for the beatifi- Irish martyrl amqng canonization of Ga- Addolorata and Margaret the Pope's ptceasion the Sistine Chapel at 8 on k'a4e 5.) BISHOPS CONDEMN. Educational Bill of British Govern- ment Will Tend to Denationalize Ireland. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Dublin, May 15.--Today in Ireland the outstanding Catholic crisis is the struggle for the schools. The number of Catholics in the country is over three and one-quarter millions, o: 75 per cent of the entire population. The number of pupils on the primary school rolls is nearly 700,000, of whom 75 per cent are Catholic children. Apart from religious establishments, the primary education system is in the hands of the "National Schools." These are under the direction 'of a Government department. But a cer- tain time has hitherto been set apart for religious instruction. The teach- ing is supervised by the local clergy who, as "managers," have free ac- cess to the schoolhouses. A bill has been introduced by the British govern- ment revolutionizing the whole system of education--primary, secondary and technical. In brief, this bill seeks to hand over the entire administration of matters relating to education to a new department consisting solely of nominees of the government. Condemned by Bishops. The Bishops of Ireland have con- demned the bill as "the most denation- alizing scheme since the Act oI Union." They say they are convinced that the meas'ure would deprive the Bishops and clergy of such control as is necessary for that religious train- ing of the young which  XIII de- clared to be a chief part in the care of souls Should the government force the bill on h'eland and set up an educational department, contro'.led by British Ministers, "it will be our duty," say the Bishops, "to issue m- stractions to Catholic parents in ref- erence to the educational of their children in such a deplorable crisis." .This .-..eleaxly-foreshadows the .witho drawal of Catholic children from the schools thus laicised. Government Insists. The government have not yet aban- doned their plan of plceeding with the bill. The protest of the Bishops has been supported by the whole Catholic community. A minority com- prised chiefly of Protestants is in favor of the bill. Apart from politics, the topic is the most controversial one of the hour. Archbishop Harty writes: "The Education Bill is an example o Brit- ish incapacity to rule Ireland accord- ing to the principles of justice." Faith of Young Irish. Never, according to the utterances of bishops and priests, have the young men of Ireland displayed more vitrue or devotion to the Catholic faith than at present. Dealing with the shoot- ing of three men in Clare by police and military, the Most Rev. Dr. Fo- garty said: Fortitude and Patience. "Our attitude in these sad circum- stances should be one of 'Christian fortitude and patience." At the in- quest on the victims the religious fer- vor Clare people was strikingly il- lustrated. In the midst of the evi- dence of a most important witness the Angelus rang out. The jury were in the box, the witness in the chair made the sign of the Cross, and for a mo- ment ll in the public court remained with bowed heads in silent prayer. ROSARY REVERENCE LEADS TO ARREST OF BRITISH SOLDIERS (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) London, May 23.An inquiry is to be made of Mr. Churchill as to whether he has any information that two soldiers of the cordon stationed outside Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, were placed under arrest for taking off their helmets while the Rosary was being recited. Thousands of people had joined in the prayers for the hunger strikers, which were led by young women in theCumann no Ban uniforms. Lewis guns bristled in the face of the crowd as the responses were given, but it was evident that some of the-soldiers were more in sympathy with the people than with their commanders. The men stood perfectly quiet and seemed greatly impressed. The inquiry as to the mnishment of those who showed their everance by removing their helmets will be made by Mr. John Robert Clynes of the Labor party. Three things to love-courage, gen- tleness and affection. :, . INIQUITOUS PROFITEERING BAPTIST MINISTER A'UrACKS CATHOLICISlk lASK OF "AIERICANIZATION" steps OfPersonalCapitolAdvertisement.Used as Stage fol (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) CARRIED 'ON BY COMMERCIAL OR POLITICAL Whshington, D. C. May 22.--Dr REACTIONARY INTERESTS IN THE NAME OF George W. Truett, delegate from PATRIOTISM AND OPERATED THROUGH Texas to the Southern Baptist Con- MANY ORGANIZATIONS BLUFFING SOCIAL vention, held here this week, is grief- RECONSTRUCTION AN D REFORM ously disappointed over the mmcar- riage of a plan he had for the dis- SINISTER AND UN [ semination of a lot of scurrility about -AMERICAN the Catholic Church. Incidentally, , his friends are indignant at the Wash- National Catholic War Coun in Its Survey of Field in,ton newspapers which refused to for Promo,ting American t}Citizenship Finds Many publish his diatribe and thus give him Schemes Are Being Push4il for Special and Selfish a little notoriety. Dr, Truett used the steps of the Interests.  Capitol as a stage, and the League oI .... '" Nations and the Catholic Church as (By N. C. W. C. News Se-cice.) of Americanization by special inter- occasions for his personal advertise- Washington, D. C., May 25.--That ests is having a most damaging ef- ment. The Washington papers quoted a great deal of iniquitous profiteer- fect upon the ideals of American citi- some o hs oratory on the subject of ing in patriotism is being carried on zenship, the league, but remained silent as to by commercial or political reaction- The Dollar Sign of Program. his utterances about the Church. alT interests under the mask of "Recent]y it has been announced When all the morning papers ap- "Americanization," is the serious that commercial interests are to at- peared withou Dr. Truett's character- charge made by the Department of tempt to control all plans for Ameri- istic ministerial tirade aaginst the Social Action of the National Catholic canization and the promotion of citi- Church, there was some disappoint- Welfare Council in a statement made zenship, presumably including thus ment among the delegates. public today from its headquarters promoted by public schools, church Dr. Ben Cox, a delegate from Mem- in this city. organizations anti philanthropic phis, attacked the Washington papers. Sinister Influence. bodies. He charged a certain press associa- Sinister influences, it is charged, "We demand that the dollar sign tion with "suppression" of news an- are operating through many organi- be kept off all programs of Americani- tagonistic to the Catholic Church, and zations which profess their purpose zatlon, declared that "75 per cent of the blue to be social reconstruction re- "We hold that no plan short Of pencils in American newspaper offices form. complete social justice shouldbe held are in Roman Catholic hands." These schemes are denounced by as a goal in programs for good citi- "Rev. Dr. Hugh T. Stevenson, pastor the Department of Social Action of zenship or Ameation. of a Baptist Church in Washington, the N. C. W. C. as utterly un-Ameri- Weak Mustxploited. wrecked that part of Dr. Cox's statis- can, and the demand is made that 4We hold tlmJev0iol I tical statement which might have ap- "the dollar sign be kept off all pro- t Amemcan ],. ]plied to the religion of editors in the grams of Americanization." nioted best bye prevenffb:'.' National Capital. The text of this emphatic warning ploitatmn of the weak by the stro !: "The editors of every paper n is as follows: or crafty; by the promotion of justice Washington but one is a staunch Per- The Catholic Protest. in the distribution of the world's in- testant," declared Dr. Stevenson "Before beginning the work of the come; by the development of noral The press association which Dr. National Catholic War Council and purposes, and by the molding of our Cox criticized was defended by the of the National Catholic Welfare in,]utions to pr.omote these ends. publicity expert of the convention-- Council for the promotion of Ameri How to lr Frank E. Burkhalter, of Nashville. can citizenship, a general survey of "We believe that good citizenship the field was made to find out the .or Americanization should be pro- SECRETARY BAKER LAUDS agencies already operating for the muted among natives and immigrants CATHOLIC, CADETS promotion of citizenship. In this alike for the purpose of fixing an brief survey we found that the coun- try was filled with plans and schemes ideal of social justice and civic re- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) sponsibility toward which all may Washington, D. C., May, 28.--High for Americanizing the immigrant. trive in practical fashion. Plans and Schemes. praise of the splendid showing made "These plans and schemes ran the Language Question. by the Gonzaga School Cadets f whole gamut, from the teaching of "We look upon the teaching of Eng- Washington in the parade which English to thorough-going plans for lish as an inshament by which the marked the presentation of prizes to civic education. They covered the ideals of American citizenship may be the three" national winners of the whole range also from disinterested acquired, but we do not overlook the United States Army essay contest patriotic individuals and private and native tongue as a vehicle of expres- this month is contained in a letter public agencies to the schemes of sion of democracy and Americanism. from Secretary of War Newton D. special interests promoting selfish. Must Not Be Forced. Baker to the Rev. John J Burke, C. purposes. "We object to the idea that people S. P., chairman, of the National Catho: Some Appreciated. can be forced into a mood of god lic War Council. The letter is as fol- "To all of the former tnder public citizenship, and we deplore the un- lows: or private agencies we express earn- fortunate meaning which has been at- "Reverend John J. Burke: est appreciation of their efforts and tached to Americanization in the "Please permit me to express to a desire for active co-operation. Seth- minds of many who have come to look you, in behalf of the Wax'Department, ing needs to be done more than the up, on it as a method of compulsion, our' full appreciation f the p'articipa- promotion of the ideals of America Fair Play and Square Deal. tion by the students of all the pare- among natives and immigrants alike." "We believe that the ideals of fair chial schools of the District of Colum- Un-'American Schemes. play and the square deal, freedom of bin in the parade and ceremonies at "The schemes of special interests expression, freedom of religious opin- Central High. School Stadium, on the represent sinister influences, So ion, civic responsibility and participa- afternoon of May 5, incident to the many schemes with ulterior commer- tion in democracy work and in all exercises in honor of the winners of eial motives are being pushed other organizations which shape hu- the Army National School Essay Con- throughout the country as to endanger man destinies should be held before test. the integrity of the whole movement our people and be made the goal of "The action of your school authori- and call for plain spoken eondemna- their strivings as individuals and as ties in granting a half hliday to the tion. We denounce such schemes as citizens." Children for the purpose of attending being un-American. We declare it to these ceremonies was a very gracious be unspeakable for any man or group POPE DISPOSES demonstration of their patriotic in- of men or corporate interest to use a OF LARGE GIFTS terest taken in the Army educational patriotic disguise to capitalize pres- _ work throughout the schools of the ent conditions for selfish purpose. 'The (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) nation, and I would be pleased to have sorriest use to which Americanism -Bilbao, Spain, May 15.--The gener- you communicate to them, and to your and its emblems can be put is their employment as ramparts for reaction- ous action of the Spanish gentleman associate school officials this assur- who made over to the Pope a large ance of our appreciation of your eor ary wealth and privilege,' declared the "I furthermore shall take this oc- New York World in denouncing one sum vf money he won as a prize, for dial and practical co-operation. of the pseudo-Americanlsm schemes, the relief of the starving children, easion to compliment and to congrat- To Discredit Labor. has been followed by a fellow coun- ulate your Gonzaga School Cadets "The survey disclosed reactionary tryman, upon their excellent bearing and sol- Senor Jose M. Urquijo, a rich citi- The good form commercial interests carrying on pro- dierly appeargnce. paganda to discredit the labor move- zen of Bilbao, has, as a thank offer- and military precision with whicn ment; to promote reactionary senti- ing for his wife's recovery from a these cadets marched in the parade ments; to kill welfare legislation and dangerous illness, presented the Holy evidenced clearly the care and effi- to discredit the ideals of social jus- Father with a large sum of money ciency that your military instructors tice, all under the guise of American- for charitable and religious purposes, have devoted to their important du- ism or Americanizat;on. According to the terms of Senor ties. ommerdal Interes.ts Guilty. Urquijo's benefaction one million "I would be pleased to have you "Deliberate efforts to promote Austrian kronen are to be diverted communicate formally this expression popular hysteria and wild fears with to the relief of the starving children of commendation to your Cadet Corps, the direct object of promoting reac- of Austria; 500,000 marks for the when they are next assembled fez tion, are matters of common observe- sufferlng children of Germany; 15,000 parade. tion. Paid advertisements for Ameri- liro towards the expenses of the Beat- "Cordially and sincerely, canization by commercial interests ification of the Venerable Anna Maria "Newton D. Baker, with very doubtful patriotic motives Taigi, and 15,000 lire towards the "Secretary of War." have been camped by papers through- erection of the Church of the Sacred out the country. The dollar sign is Heart in Jerusalem. In the mission field of Patna, India. to plainly stamped on many of these which has recently been assimaed to schemes. Systems of espionage oyez The wave of vice sweeping the the Jesuits of the American Missouri employees have been built up accord- country may have many explanations, province} there are only 8.000 Cath- ing to official testimony on the baa;s But the fertile g;ound on which it olics among a population of 15,000,000 of Americanization. This perversionflourishea is corrupt politics. ouls. HIGH COST OF LIVING DUE CHIEFLY TO GENFAtAL PROFITEERING BY BUSINESS INTERESTS AND IS A MENACE. Wages Not Cause Labor is Receiving a Smaller Propor- tion Than It Did Be,fore the war, While Capital Receives the Greater. .(By N. C. W. C. News Service:) Washington, D. ., May 26.--1x. W. Jett Lauck has presented to the Railroad Labor Board a mass of in- teresting evidence in behalf of the railroad workers' demand for h!gher wages. He says that although $1,700 a yea !is.generally recognized as giv- ing only the barest subsistence for a family of five, 12 per cent of the rail- road workers are not receiving that much and 600,000 are getting less than $1,075 a year. Due' to Profiteering, Much of his. report deals with fig- ures which show that the high. cost of living is due chiefly to general rofiteering by business concerns and not to high wages or salaries received by labor The published reports of corporations making a million a yeax in lines c business particularly af- fecting the general public were ex- amined and the results tabulated. It was found that while these corpora- tions made a n average of 8.7 per cent in the three years before the war, during 1916, 1917 and 1918 they made 23.9 per cent'-almost three times as much. Labor Takes 15 Per Cent. After examining the reports of the Federal Trade commission, Mr. Lauck learned thai while sugar went ip 800 per cent, higher labor costs have only taken 15 per cent of the higher price. Standard shoes went up $3.50 a pair but labor costs took only 15 cents of the $3.0. Bituminous coal went up four times as much as the labor cost. Similar figures were presente for meat-packing, canned goods, textiles, clothing and dry goods,,,, iron and steel, .metal p'oducts, rail- road equipment, building materials and miscellaneous articles. Tax Stock Dividends. Mr. Lauck pointed out that the in- crease in dividends does not show .the total profiteering of business concerns since such devices as excessive de- ductions for depletion and deprecia- tion, excessive tax reserves, and ex- cessive salaries to officials are being widely used. He also affirmed that large sums have been set aside in the reserve fund to be kept to pay normal dividends when business slows down. Another device referred to was the issuance of stock dividends which, ac- cording to Mr, Lauek, represent the great menace of the future in that through stock dividends "those who own them may continue to take the larger proportion of the national in come, even at the expense of very great suffering on the part of the workers, when the overst, imulation of war has passed away." Profits Since Armistice. Most of the report deals with the figures up to 1918, but other evidenc for 1919 indicates that since the ar- mistice the total profits have remained about the same. Greater suffering, however, has resulted because mer- cantile establishments and peace-time industries producing goods bought by all the people have been receiving the larger profits during the last year. Mr. Lauek, representing the rail- road workers, said: "We contend that instead of" labor costa being the in- itial influence in forcing increases in the cose of living, wage increases have lagged behind price increases; that prices were pushed up by factors over which workers had no control; that labor as a class is now worse off than it was before the war; that in the distribution of the income of the country, labor is receiving a smaller proportion than it did before the war, while capital in the form of profits, interest and rent, is receiving a very mhch larger proportion; that capital is profiteering on such a sca!e as to menace the future of the country." A Methodist paper has an editorial on "The Open Season for Souls" It is all the year around with good Cath, dies.