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May 28, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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May 28, 1943

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN. MAY 28, 1943 .................................. w: TT*I-  T' r ,k  " T Ak ''" ed group--Protestants, atheLsts, and what have you. Talk will -"-'-"-"'='=----"---:'------"-''="-== .... :"=--:':':"=------'=:" r'l I ,1.( LIII IJU,.I-ll,k...' turn to religion. Everyone will have his fling except our - 00tlrctl 1  ......... s : i PUBLISHED WEEKLY frmnd. He lUSt s,ts there p,ckmg at h,s fmgernads. One think  1 / J q rI  Af J  Y . , I,. THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY most religions are old fashioned. Another thinks the Jews L,00.J S • X.00Z V x |ili Of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkn.usml ...... e a s " r'stia Science i " t UIIIUIIg,. : S09a/s WEST SECOND STREET really have the goods. om one s y h 1 n s jus Notice---it is lmportan: that all questions be stgncd with the sender's iT0 ............ _. •.• r-n .. • • .• name and COMPLETE address (not initials): otherwise the questions will lft Entered as second-class matter March 21, 1911. a the ])ost office at l:ne tnmg. Ins conversatton goes on tnat way wlm everyone not be answered. No names are ever published. Questions which ask for Little Rock, Arkansas, under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. blandly agreeing to every kind of contradiction until, finally privatewe inviteansWeronlymuSthonestbeandaCc°mpaniedworthwhilebyquestions•a self-addressed, stamped envelope, om/TIl,,e00. .... !tci SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: I2.00 the year some especially "broad minded" person crowns the discus- >o:, OFFICIAL DIOCESAN ORGAN sion (if it can be called that) with the absurdity that, "After Doesn't The Church No w Teach ,_.L°f the !=i::' The Guardian is the ollicial or, an of tl Diocese of Little R*tk nndl all, one religion is as good as another. We're all adoring the :)ourn L t:C ,00,Oodthstitmayb..n.aru..tehs.,lo..ftb. eau...frisht, lu.tic. M Thi g FO ly Unk ? and truth and at ardent defemder of the relistou We all love s* welt. same God, all headed for the same place, but by different any n s rmer own b, I extend to it my blesslns with the slacore hope that Its career may ba paths. We must consider that the Catholic Faith is not mere aggrega- Rev. Anthony Lacho gq ,on,.nd ,ro.p.rou.. JOHN B. MORRIS, And the Catholic lets them get away with itl--"Yeah, I tion of theological decisions but an organic body of truths, explaining, C.S. Sp Bishop ol Little Rolk. guess that's right," he'll murmur, immensely relieved, now that confirming and perfecting one another. Times and circumstances may (General Diocesan clmi;. concentrate the mind' of the Church on one of these truths rather Credit Servtce EDITOR everything is owr. than on another and thus give it universal prominence. Or contro- parts d::!i VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph.D. Why Doesn't he realize that he's selling Our Lord for versy and heresy may necessitate clear, definite, formulated decisions Farming in many of the Faith• At another time the very devotion of the faithful will ansas is undergoing a chS BUSINEI MANAGER less than Judas got He doesn't really believe that; other- evolve precise statements of doe- be:l All communications about The Guardian must be handled throui[h the change from the old o Business Manager, and all matters intended for publicatton should reach wise, he would never hold fast to his Mass on Sunday and fish trine. But in all this the ex- If Free Masonry is against all plicit declarations are but the religions why does it not fight re- crop farming to diversifled Thn Guardian office not later than Tuesday at noon. REVEREND ,THOMAS $. PRENDERG/LT on Friday. He doesn't believe it any more than the others in unfolding of the implicit tenets Hgions in Protestant countries ing is graduaUy weaving i • 'e @ BusinesJ and Editorial Office, 809a West 2nd, Telephons 6t86 the party. If they're Methodist, or Presbyterians, or athiests, Of revelation. This "Development into tSe agrmultural hf ,Jl: of doctrine," as it is called, must, like Scotland and England? ' SPONSORS OF SERVICE then you can be dead sure-that they have good reason for be- from the very nature of the case Because Free Masonry is state of Arkansas: It is Wdt Picture Service--Knights af Columbus of Arkansas Little Rock Council, No. S12 .... 2L00 ing what they are. This business of one-ehurch-ls-as-good-as- ever be going on. St. Vincent of against all religions only in so far this change is taking placei Lerins says: "We hold that which as it sets itself up as a religious is helping both the land ¢, Parasould Council, No. 171S another is so much uctious nonsense which no one in his right has been believed everywhere, sect• This assumption of author- farmer. It is helping the W Fort Smith Council, No. IS._ Pocahontas Council No. 244S .............. mind could take seriously, always and by all; for this is what ity in the domain of religion does for the milk, butter, egg- Blythevllle-Oseeola Council No. 2857 .... is truly and properly Catholic. not bring it into conflict with any etc., which is now being p z' Texsrkano Council No. 2Sit0. We Catholics have no reason for taking a back seat. Ours And this we shall do if we follow of the sects, whereas it does set goes to feed all who are ,l,-" Pln Bluff Council, No, 1153 ............... Stuttsart-Slovaotown Council, No. 2780-. is the biggest, the oldest, the most logical, the most scientific, universality, antiquity, and con- it in direct opposition to the Ca- their time and service t0f,t I Joneaboro Council, No. 1702 ............. sent." The same writer explains tholic Church. Free Masonry has needs. , and the most powerful Church on the face of the earth. We're his thought in this way: "Shall we never been condemned by any re- The government is MAY 28, 1943 365,000,000 strongl The greatest minds in world history have have no advancement of religion ligious denomination except the frOritlis change to progre in the Church of Christ? Surely Catholic Church and hence it has p'd y, for the quicker it '= : .... "/ bv been Catholics,---so we're only selling ourselves short when let us have the greatest that may no quarrel with Protestantism the more quickly the goVt"3Jrl liberty,, ot the press, we understand merely we allow ourselves to be so easily bluffed by a handful of be. Yes, let there be progress in but works hand in glove with it. will have the kind of protlli: y the Church of Christ; but in such This is the reason it makes no ef- it needs most. Diversified,: the liber ot discussing  the propriety ot public pseudo-lntellectuals, a way that there shall be true de- fort to bring about a separation of ing will bring about also tt[. measures and political opinions, let us have as much There's only one thing to do if you're ever caught in such velopment but no change of Faith• Church and State in Protestant stablized and sounder farla, Let the revealed truths receive countries• Its activity in this re- omy. Now many farme of it as you please; but it it means the liberty o at- a fix: just put your foot down politely and firmly. Differ; evidence, light, determination, but gard is confined to countries anxious and to willing fronting, calumniating and defaming one another, I . own myself willing to part with my share of it when- demur; object; inform, to the best of your ability. They'll re- holiness,preserve' theirat theintegrity,same time,theirtheirpe, whereof the CatholiciSmstate. FreeiSMasonrythe religiOnhas livestock°Ver to diversifiedraising, butfarmingthey ! i ever our legislators shall please to alter the law; and spect your faith all the more and will think much more highly cularity." Every doctrine taught nothing to fear from Protestant- have the capital necessarYr shall cheerfully consent to exchange my liberty of of you for your strength of character and the solidity of your wasand implicitlybelieved incontainedthe ChurChin revela-t°day ism,thingnOrto £earhaSfromPr°testantiSmFree Masonry.any" investmentthe farmer to ItborrowiS neceSm0ie,. abusing others for the privilege of not being abused convietions.Rev. Richard Ginder. tion from the very time of Christ * * * moderate amount of inter and the Apostles. There has been Has any layman ever been elect- a period of from three t 0"*"--'*'0"0 Etls--erna" no real change in the deposit of ed as Pope? years without having to 111! and always." tyr, in the middle of the third credit would serve his t . . . century was chosen while yet a well but production credit layman because of a miraculous a short time loan for o! Drawings of pelicans are used in sign which singled him out during with a possibility of renel Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter M. II. Wynhoven liturgical symbols, Why is the the assembly, with no absolute assura Editor-In-Chief pelican chosen? ,1, • * * Unless Production credt cathoXe Action of the South If you will notice, the pelican is generally pictured wounding When was the first Mass of- be modified to where it serve the vast number of NAGGING WIVES herself with her peak in order to feted after the death of our Lord? farmers more effectively, i A married traveling man came, one morning, into a feed her young with her blood. We have no certain knowledge be an excellent thing for This figure typifies the atonement which would tell us when the farmers in the various co restaurant, and sat down at a table where a good-looking young of Our Lord as Redeemer and Apostles first offered the Holy the state to organize Waitress was in attendance. She handed him the menu card. giver of the Blessed Sacrament. Sacrifice of the Mass. Private Unions, which benefit era ,, ,. . ,, No, thank you, he said, I know my order by heart, st. Thomas used this symbolism revelation tells us that the first employers, communities, in his "Adore Te Devote," one of Mass offered by the Apostles was general welfare. A Credi Please bring me a glass, of warm orange juice,,, two fried eggs the most beautiful hymns in hen- by St. Peter at the suggestion of is set up neither for pr0j cold, and a couple of shces of toast, burned, or of the Blessed Sacrament. the Blessed Virgin and before the cnarity, but for service.. The girl looked at him, and shook her head; but she pro- * * * Feast of Pentecost. association of persons jolt ceeded to fill the insane Order. A bit later, while placing the How does a priest determine * * * gether in a cooperative et things on the table, and still wondering, she asked him if there whether or not he will give b- Please give me • definition of to encourage thrift, to pror - solution to a penitent? perjury, dustry and to train its mer business methods and ws anything else she could do for him. He said: In the confessional the priest Perjury is the act of swearing ment and bring them "Yes, young lady. I'm homesick; therefore, to make the acts as a judge and renders de- to what one knows is not true, realization of the value ! picture complete, kindly sit down ..... cision on the dispositions of the or to something we are not cer- operation. Every person b here b v. me, and na,,o me." live with you, and I cari't live penitent as he finds them through tain of, or of a promise we do not a share-holder. Every we ........ ouo me ruml ........ oz ires sory, without, you. ." S0,. he has to grin the confession. Like any other intend to keep. should cultivate the h " a - come accustomed ana bear t Trymg to answer or judge the priest is guided by the 1or men m y oe  ". ." (not in the thrift. An accident, illnel ;:, n-,,n, * home" but as Irvin to ar,ue will not get hm any- When we swear  "''" a ° 7 hi'-ook Seak where Furthermore, this would evidence and also by the disposi- commonly, accented meaning of usual family condition, 01 t=ooo s ys, m s o , p - • . . . tions of the penitent. In his stud- that term) .we call upon God to "provident reasons" may mgoI''  upeauotl r "' ""OUm  ll utan g.,tu bebe pouringUnpatrmtm'oil onbecausethe fire,tandW°Uldwe ies for the priesthood the priest witness to the truth of what we future time necessitate yo usect m me ospt s e , y sn  as  fuel " " in goes deeply into the matter of are saying; hence, perjury is aing more money than yc v • 11 re f r it" mu  o w m --especmtty nc e rea y ca o . . these times of practidally univer- various kinds of sins, their causes, grievous sin because it is an readily available. Ready It is possible to stand someboay . . a nature and degree of malice. He insult to God and to call Him might be needed to • . sal sho taes. wth whom we have to hve, even A nagging wife usually is is also informed as to the various as witness to a lie. production or to make means to be used in judging of though he loses his temper every prompted by suspicion. Suspicion the nature of sin and the qualities * * * vestments. A person nowand then. It is also bearable is an apprehension of something of the sinner. If he be deceived Is it not proper to follow the shareholder by paying an • ' fee of twenty-five cents to be subject to the occasional without evidence. A suspmmus by the penitent then the later, if Sorrowful Mysteries when one scribing and paying at annoyance of someone's idiosyn- person is not bright, not really in- the deception be willful, corn- says the Rosary for the dead? installment on a five crasies. We can go along patient- telligent. To suspect another sits another sin. ly, listening to pet subjects of no without good reason means to ac- • • • There is no rule governing the of stock. The entrance importance or to important sub- cuss oneself. Slaakespeare says: Mysteries on which we meditate only once. There is no jects that have become peeves. "Suspicion always haunts the If the father of a family leads when the Rosary is said for a to the shareholder other Continuously harping on the same guilty mind; the thief doth fear in the saying of the rosary, must deceased person. Such recital is ligations agreed upon theme may become extremely bor- each bush an- officer." "Never the members of the family pass governed by the same rules as a scribing to shares or ing; but, at least, one can find put much confidence in such as the heads through their fingers to Rosary for a living person. While ing a loan. For the proteeOJ an opening, now and then, to put no confidence in others. A gain the indulgences? there might be some appropriate- the shareholder the contradict the bore or to ask him man prone to suspect evil in his I$ it is impossible, or even ness in saying the Sorrowful Mys- bonded. Payments and witli[ questions which he cannot an- neighbor, mostly looks for what qfite unhandy, to do so, it is not teries, we are inclined to believe als are made by check . swer.' But, to be the victim of te sees in himself." "As to the necessary to hold the rosary or to ttmt it would be better to follow checks must be ig:d ; everlasting nagging is an entirely pure, all, things are pure; even so, follow the beads with the fingers the ordinary practice and say the Treasurer and co ig different basket of chips, especial- to the impure, all things are is- to gain the indulgences, provided Mysteries of the day. the President of the ]30s ly when the nagger is one's wife. pure." the rosary is on one's personthat • • * Directors. All books ar If the relationship were not so Appearances often are deceptive he has a rosary with him. amined monthly and aud .i Do we have to believe every- least quarterly by" the close, one could always pick up to an evil-thinking soul, and men- If a number are saying the thing that is in the Apostles' visary Committee and 0i one's hat and walk out, mumbling tal helplessness frequently may beads together, it is necessary only something about a place where magnify an insignificant happen- that one of the group have an in- @reed, such, for example,, as the mental authorities exarat,i  things can be made much hotter, ing into an atrocious state of at- dulgenced rosary. All who take article regarding the resurrection books at least once a ye !: and expressing a wish, which is .tairs. part in the common saying of the of bodies? Capital of the credit uni0][' never actually meant; it is sim- A backwoods mountaineer, find- beads gain the indulgences at- We must believe in every ar- sists of the pooled savings ply an old American expression ing a mirror a tourist had 10st, tached to the rosary held by the ticle of the Apostles' Creed, be- on shares and deposits bY . which, translated, means: "I got looked into it, and exclaimed, one leading the prayers. cause it is composed of the chief bers. e: enough of you, goodby." "Well, if it ain't muh old dad! It is not necessary that the one truths which are articles of Faith, e i A poor, hapless husband' cannot Never knowed  he had his picture "giving out" the rosary own the and these include belief in the d ,i very well do this, for he is "up took?" He went home, and, know- beads; he may use another's resurrection of the body on the Borrowed money at a nao against" the proposition: "I can't See ETERNALS on page 5 rosary......=_.  la_st_day . low rate of in Th d ....d Mo th ",, : e Kernca ,:, ... Book-of-the- n .-Oo ILLUSTRATIONS BY HAROLD "She is herel" "Where? Where do you see her?" the &irls asked. They bent over the kneeling girl Antoine Hfted her in his armS' { °** EANNE ABADIE and her friends found Bernadette At long last arrived Mother Nlcolau and her son An- Convulsively Berhadette folded her stall icy laSdlbl 1 with head thrown' back, staring Into the empty oval tolne, the miller. The woman tried, unsuccessfully, to promise you, Mamma," she said, "never to go to  of the niche and whispering again and again: .She Is awaken Bernadette. Antoine now also bent over the blelle again .... " But with all the desperate cuB,, ..... ,, 011 here She is laere.. " The girls crowded about her, kneeling girl, who seemed to him absorbed in prayer, love she added a forensic condition: Unless y whlsperlng too from constrlcted throats: "Where is she? Hc spoke to her but there was no sign taat she heard sell  give me permlsslon . . ." •.. Where do you see her?" hlm. With a declaive movement Antoine Nieolau lifted The Nicolaue, mother and son, were alone n0'i 'Up there[ She Is come... Do you not see her?" Bernadette In his arms and carrled her to the mill. tolne paced up and down the room and threw  ; "All Y see up there is a black hole," said Bernadette's Before the Savy mill was reached, a small crowd had • unnecessary log upon the fire. As he did so be : sister Marie. She looked at Bernadette and then cried athered and a consensus was soon established: the SoU- "Never have I seen anything more beautiful tt out In terror. For the child's face was death-like, birous girl had ost her mind. face of that kneeling girl, and never will I live  When a sprinkling of water from the nearby brook When Louise Soubirous reached the mill Bernadette anything more beautiful . . " The thought that !0.. failed to arouse Bernadette from her trance, the girls hd already come otlt of the trance. Mamma Soublrous •   ^ lost their heads. Marie howled: "Mamma... Mamma," dropped on a bench and wept. "I won't budge from tls held Bernadette tn his arms frightened him' "O ne : and raced off to tell her mother. Jeanne Abadie ran to place," she whimpered, "If Bernadette doesn't promlde not even to touch a being like that," he said. the Savy mill to fetch help. never to go to Massableile again.'" (Contlnuod Next Week) Drawinis oopyright, 1948, by King-Features Syndicate, Iue. Text 0opyright 1942 by The Viklnir Press, Ind. Distributed by Klns Features Syndicate in co-operation with the / / INDEX OF CRIME We read of a parodox in American civilization. When times are best the police are busiest. Workers with money in their pocketslike to celebrate. The police blotter may be a pretty accurate barometer of prosperity but it is also one of hard times. When times are good it is reflected in police records. The satisfied and well paid worker drinks a little, gambles a little, goes on a little rampage and gets into trouble. He is not a serious offender and his infractions of the law carry neither malice nor criminal intent. When tims are hard the police blotter shows an increasing number of crimes and viol- ence. This is due in part to the criminal element capitalizing on general unrest. In part it is due to the normally honest but weak man who will resort to crime in his distress. Unfortunately, there are many who would steal rather than be objects 0f:charity, This may be a human weakness but it is not the spirit that makes a people great. Need may force the very best of us to appeal for help. It never should force us to dishonesty.Indiana Catholic Record. l FROM THE CHICKEN TO THE EGG We had been arguing over the question of whether or not there is a Gofl. He said No, and we said Yes. We had traced chickens baik to eggs through thousands of years, "Until," as e aid, somewhere, at the end of that series, we run across the first egg." "First egg)" he said. "Whaddya mean first egg, Eggs have been, eggs are, and eggs always shall be, forever and ever. Amen." "In other words," we said, "you say that this world is eternal,that it always was?" "Something like that," he said, smiling. "But you still haven't told us where it came from," we said. "Don't have to," he said. "It always was." Then we took out our watch and pried off the back. "Look, pal," we said. "Do you see all those wheels mov- ing in there) They're all geared and interlocked and one moves the other.""That's right.""Now, suppose we had an endless number of wheels, stretching from here to the moon, and all geared with one another; we'd ,still need" " a mainspring." He had followed our reasoning closely. "Or," we said, "to put it a bit differently: where do you getyour pay-envelope each week?" "From the paymaster." Well, then, suppose that paymaster got it frqm another paymaster, who got it from still another paymaster, and so on, for everlasting, so that, as in the case of the chicken and the egg, we never really reach a first paymaster. We still have to figure out where the pay came from. We've been passing the buck from one paymaster to another, but where did your paycheck come from in the first place?" And it's that way with the world. Reason and common- sense tell us that it had to have a creator, it had to come from someplace, even though we imagine the chicken-egg serie go- ing back forever and aye like the geared wheels of an infinite watchworks. Someone still had to make it, regardless of how old or ageless it may be. The trouble with the godless is not so much their bad logic as their ill will. They are bigots. They simply won't open their minds. They won't consider truth if it does not agree with their prejudices. As Chestetton once put it, they are the most dogmatic of dogmatists. Their dogma, {n this instance, would be phrased, "I believe, blindly, and with all my heart and soul, that there is no God."Rev. Richard Ginder. THE "YELLOW" CATHOLIC Maybe that's a little too strong, because it really isn't his fault. He's just naturally small.souled. He's always getting himself into embarrassing situations, perhaps because he goes around with the wrong people. That's how St. Peter came to deny his Lord, you know; he got into bad company. Anyway, this particular person will be sitting with a mix-