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May 27, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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May 27, 1990

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Sleaze TV: how parents decision-making By Sr. Anne Joan Flanagan, FSP Editor, MY FRIEND Magazine P.AGE 8. ARKANSAS CA.THOLI.C MAY 27, l' "It would have been better if Kim's mum had sat down with Kim and talked about the show." Written in by 16 percent of the par- ticipants, this was the most popular suggestion. When kids understand why programming is unacceptable, their 4.2 percent of the kids agreed. Espe- cially where pre-teens are concerned, this is a reasonable suggestion, and one that leaves room for the young person to act responsibly and freely. Naturally, it couldn't be done indiscriminately. A lot depends on the child's age and on the children are pointing ouf th sometimes the real problem is pressure. Recognizing this, parents c help their children develop better esteem. Kids with good self-image not feel so strongly the need to promise their values in order to a crowd. And then there were those who strongly disagreed with what Kim's na0 own standards are strengthened and how graphic the show is. When pro- did. 5.4 percent of the students thought they are able to acquire real values. Next gramming is not too explicit, it might the she "should let Kim watch anythi [ It happens in millions of homes every time they change the ch.annel or turn X be good once in a while she wants. Reasons varied: think th [ week. A young person (let's call her off a steamy show, it won t be "because _ to simply make it clear if it can go on public TV,any0 I Kim) is in front of the "IV, watching Mum said to, but because they i that the program is not should he able to watch it. !1 the show that all the sixth graders are choose to. "x | worth watching. If the She is old enough to understand1 keeping up with. As her mother walks The way kids expressed this N / pareflt then moves away about the human body. into the room, she glances idly at the suggestion (the words "sit down] from the "IV. and occu- "We should have a right to watch it l Th screen. She is upset by what she sees with her" ] pies himself/herself because theywatch it. Others qualifi did there, but how can she react to often- showed up I with some other inter- " :* is their answers: It depencts it sive programming without alienating time and I[r I/.,J] est, the child is leftcable or not" "As long as it doesn'tgd r% her daughter? again) aL, o i,- I I J - to make a choice, out of hand." sts In a nationwide survey of children in dicates a real [ [ r" This may seem like It has never been simple to I 45 Catholic schools, My Friend maga- desire on the k exposing children young peddle in developing wholes0 t I zinc, a Catholic monthly for children, part of children for 1[ to unnecessary dan- Christian values. =Sleaze" YI'V makO it I presented a similar scenario. In the quality time with ff ger, but in the "realeven more challenging. If "IV writ6JI this story, Kim's "Mum" responded to thetheir parents, t llll I I II world" of school, peer and producers would exercise sol [ hr situation by hastily turning off the TV. My Friend asked 3,000 students in the Younger children (eight-and nine-year- pressure and an increasingly secularized restraint in the things they put on ] fourth through eighth grades what they olds) asked Kim's mum to =play a game society, even eight- and nine-year-olds air, parents might f'md their job a little [ with her." Older kids wanted Kim's are faced with tough moral choices. A " " ' ] thought about this, and what they might mum- and their own parents- to share little supervised practice at home MTx;L d thm n" hmeshothLs rvAg: suggest to "Mum/ , Over half those surveyed replied they not only time, but the inner wealth of wouldn't hurl are waiting for parents to stand up tI religious and family values; a time to "The Mum could have said it in a the challenge. After all, remarkedate ' ..... totally agreed with what the mum in talk about the things that really matter, soft voice." year-old: "TV is a big influence of ldd [ " the story did. Many used the extra space A 15-year-old wrote "Kim is growing up Three percent suggested that when I know, because it has a tiny influOa I on the questionnaire to reaffirm their and she needs to talk to an adult "parents are upset by the coarseness of on me." d I' answers. . " ='1 totally agree," wrote 12-year-old My .......... Friend also found that when a particular program, they should di-For an outline of survey results,, se0 [ ..... . ..... parents are ueemv mvowea m zamnv rect their indignation to the script a self-addressed, stamped envelope t0!! ,/ Krtshna, because (the show) is teach-~ ...... -.', . . , - t v cno]ces tcllrecuy cnoosmff me Dro- writers, program directors and sponsors; TV Survey, My Friend magazine, fi05 f ing Kim bad things that Kim might do ...... - .... . :.. |. ........... grams me cmmren wm see), me,r raasnot to children., Sensitive kids might Paul's Ave., Boston, MA, 02130. or thing, tJabrlel, a rune-year-Old, wrote .. . . . ,. l .............. are more independent oI i v. t hey u mistake a parent s anxiety for anger. d cl the right thmff for Kim. It is . . ,- , , , Dad .......... m watcn mat sunt.gAna ...... taeamer, just as soon pray a game, react a ooog. . .. _ . "Ask the reason why she was watch- Vatican Council: t ......... orworgatanoDoyawatcllt;somucn ing it," and "Listen to what Kim had to Church should u e age J t, remarKea matter-ol-mcuy, -~dm ............ .......... so mat almost halt ot these kids will say." 1 was watcmng somemmg out ot her ball ....... Irt't l i .. turn or, unnea, my programs, or just Four percent of the children thought all forms of ,,,eyla, p .x. .... find a better way to use their time. the Kim's mum acted too quiddy. They keep plans flex,bl0 'I x nlrty nine percent ot the respon- , . - ,,, .... , . .; _ - ..... -, -ram-s mum coma nave helped ner suggested that she find out more about uents mou ht that the mum ale me _ ., . .... , . . choose anomer program.-" the show or asked Kim what she really right thinE, DUt in the wronff way. = ....... " t ,, " . ...... " : My mother would turn the i v oI! thought of it. After that she could turn ~,ulzlzestaons ten into roul nly seven mum _ ,, . . , . , . . " - and ten me to ream a ooog, remarxea Vatican City - The Pontifical Goundl groupings: a ten-year-old respondent When par- When parents are deeply Soa t Communications has released thtJ I ents help their children to develop lowing statement for the 24th annual flew 1 I'~ "i~ I other interests, like sports, crafts and involved in family TV Communications Day, Sunday, May 27. { ] ]]ht _fl r rll l [ music, they are offering them positive =Man's genius has with God's help P2 s 1 ] " a''W"- ] and healthy alternatives to television, choices their kids are more ==, -- duced marvelous technical invenU [ I 2801 K AVANA G.H BLVD. LITTLE ROCK [ "It would have been better if she "independent" of TV. words of Inter Mirifica the Vatican I | 663- 4131 FrOO Do/ivory ] explained why she (would) turn it off, from creation...." These are the ope a : [ but let Kim make the decision." the "IV off, or ask Kim to do so. Council's degree on communicationSTt0 1, ]-] the Church, said the decree, were tla ST. MARY'S J'UN]~ ----- : "It would have been better if she had The inventions of greatest interest .o told Kim, 'You can go and do your which made direct contact with peOp; ! II homework'." minds, keeping them up to date II ree er nt f ma e new ' I " pious recommendation, attitudes. Many of those who answered this way [Printed] Press, radio, cinema, tells, implied that homework was the issue, sion and other media %f a like not the lurid scene on the screen,had special importance,_ because.,.u. Evidendy, Kim's mother did not make reached large numbers of people su ' t clear enough why she was turning off taneously. These =instruments" shoulna Sat. June 9 from 8 PM till 12 Midnight 11 the TV. (In the story, Mum said simply, used to proclaim the Good NewS. Msgr. Kordsmeler Parish Center II =It's too explicit and you re not watch- That about sums up how the C2 16th & Parker, North Little Rock II ing it. ) This underscores the need for was thinking in 1963. t--~ II Music by TOMMY HENDERSON l[ a candid explanation by parents of what By 1971, when the Pastoral InstrU ubh Slngles $5.00, Couples $10.00 11 it is that they find objectionable, of social communications was p #" Set-ups available 11 "Let her watch, if all her friends are it was clear to the Church that the ( No one under 18 admltted ) I1 watching it." nology had been advancing very ral "~" Sponsored by St. Mary's Ladles" Club 11 With this suggestion, made by just Sounds, images, messages would gg under three percent of the students, reaching people simultaneously all