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May 27, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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May 27, 1990

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PAGE 2 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC MAY 27, Oh Happy Days. School's out. Or nearly so. No more ragged-knee uniform pants. No more stained uniform shirts. No more lopsided jumpers. No more uni- forms of any kind. No more homework. Or VIA meetings or art supplies or , lunch money. No more report cards. For the next three months, the rou- tine will be different. The Honeymoon, June 1 - 15: Two glorious weeks without homework or having to go to bed early. Kids don't need anything from Mom or Dad ex- cept lunch and dinner (breakfast op- tional) and allowance money to spend at the mall. Life is wonderful. Parents can relax. The Cruising Lane, June 26-July 25: Four weeks of Bed and Breakfast charged to Mom's account, or Dad's. Swimming pool and tennis courts. Child care available for an additional (exor- bitant) fee. No major problems. Par- ents should chill out. The Dog Days of Summer, July 26 to August 21 - Four weeks of heat rash, acrimony and boredom. Kids through- out the U.S. ask in one voice: "Mom, what's there to do?" They want to be entertained, pampered and carried from place to place because it's too hot to walk from one room to another. Parents should be on call 24 hours a day. S-Day, August 22 - Thank the Lord through endless ranks of angels - school starts. Kids put on their darling uni- forms, carry a nutritious lunch lovingly packed by Morn or Dad, and tuck away crisp dolla? bills for their exciting new art supplies. I had to write that last paragraph - it's going to get me through summer. DKH ARKANSAS CATHOLIC [i IU i Is I~ 48 ~ z yur, for $12 per year, by the C.~holio D~ of L~ Rock, Arkansas Catholic, Inc.. 25(X) N. Tyler St.. Lime Rock, AR 72207 (501) 664-0340 FAX (501) ee4-go7s]. PUBI.I~I41ER: libst l~v. Andrew J. ~, Ill,mop MANAGING EDITOR: RIv. ~ J. EDfl'OR : Ds~tsh ~MWEI~rrMING I M~U~ETING DIREgl"OR : P, on M. Iq~ll PROOOZriON Wfl~GER: I~v. dim Sc~ndz ClRCULAllON MANAGER : Agree Knlldg ThUd dau potage paid -, Ullb Rock AR. POSTMASTER : Send change d .ddma to: ARKANSAS CATHOUC. PO BOX 7417, LITTLE ROCK, AR 72217. B~I- nero houri life 8:30 Io 4, Mondly - Frlday. ClO~KI on waelumds, Ho~ Days, w~d National HoMays. Offlc. =re loca~d In Muds Hal, St. John's Cent~, 2500 N. Tyler. Ugle Roc~ AR, 72207. I check for $12 to the above addle.. [ I Name , , , I I I I Address I I LPadsh =, == --., j No dues or fees, no meetings, no of- ricers, no pledges, no mailings, no motto, no raffles, no annual dance or picnic or convention - that's the kind of Catholic organization I want to belong to. So today I announce just such a spiri- tual society, give it the name Friends of Justin, and invite all of you who are grate- ful for your Catholic faith to join. The only membership requirement is a commimaent to attend Mass on June 1, the feast of our patron, st. Justin Martyr, a layman who spoke eloquently for the faith in the sec- ond century. In the Catholic tradition of integrating faith and good works, and in gratitude to the Church for its graces and guidance, all Friends of Justin are asked to make a modest donation to a Catholic charity or institution or mission of their choice on June 1. Myself, I'll probably send $25 to You needn't be a good Catholic to be a Friend of Justin. You can be a mediocre Catholic or even a pretty sorry Catholic. All Hallows High School in the South Bronx, or maybe to Nazareth High School in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, outstanding in- ner-city schools that educate kids in the finest Catholic tradition. That's it. That's all you have to do to be a Friend of Justin: go to Mass on the feast of St. Justin, and give a few bucks to a good cause. None of us will know who the other members are unlem~we choose to talk about it. We can practice anonymity or go public, whichever we prefer. What's the point? What's the purpose? What do Friends of Justin prove? Let me get personal: I owe the Catholic Church. In specific ways, particularly when good priests intervened in my life, the Church has been my salvation in this world 'J]'I}UlYs B ILI]I B &ntoinette Bo w..o was surprised to read that about five billion people now inhabit the earth. When I was young girl, it was about two billion. From the time of Christ it took 1,700 years for the earth's population to double. Now it happens in a life- time. Five billion humans repre- sent the success of our species. Across the globe we are the dominant life form. Through improved nutrition, better sanitation and advancements in medicine we have reduced the rate at which we die. Biologically speaking, we've made it. But there is a dark side to our suc- cess. Despite the fact that our planet has only so much to give, we behave as BIH Reel and has endeavored to point me toward the next. I'm not unique in having been blessed by baptism. Millions of Catholics are grate- ful to a priest, nun, brother or family member whose Christ-like aid and example made a real difference in their lives. How do grateful Catholics thank the Church for bless- ing them - espe- cially nowadays when Catholic- bashing is relendess and the Church needs all the support itcan get.~ Friends of Justin may seem a pathetically small way to show gratitude, and surely it is, but at least it rep- resents a sincere effort to give back some~ thing in faith and charity to the Church. Moreover, Friends of Justin dares to hope that a merciful God might reward us with greater faith. Perhaps we might attract converts, or win lapsed Catholics back to the Church. With God all things are pos- sible. You needn't be a good Catholic to be a Friend of Justin. You can be a mediocre Catholic or even a pretty sorry Catholic prone to pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth. (Recognize yourself?. I see Reel.) What counts is that Friends of Justin at least try, we make an attempt, we acknowl- edge our unworthiness, we lift up our heart. June 1 is a Friday this year. I'll attend Mass either in the morning at my parish church or at lunchtime at one of the churches near my office in Manhattan. I may invite a family member or co-worker or friend tojoin me. Friends of Justin tainly may evangelize. Why Justin? Why name a (almost a 21st-century) Catholic after a fellow who passed away in the 165? Isn't that reaching pretty inspiration? Let me explain. I'm a columnist for a New York newspaper. I go around looking for man-interest material, One day five ago I was passing througfi a midtown lobby when I bumped into a fine Msgr. Ed O'Brien. He told me that John Tracy Ellis~ ~e great Catholic rian, was addressing a convention at hotel. He invited me to listen. The speech was provocative. Its was the need for lay Catholics to the Church through faith Ellis pointed out how the laity plished this down through history. As example of an influential layman in early Church he cited Justin and an excerpt from his writing in the year i In the passage, Justin described Christians worshiped at the time: Gospel was read, a sermon prayers offered, bread and wine crated, the Eucharist distributed to congregation and a collection taken up help the orphans and widows and all for any reason are in distress, because they are sick, in prison or from home." After more than 1,800 years the haven't changed. I am grateful to via Msgr. Ellis, for the heartening, ing reminder. Justin seems an appropriate soul Catholic laity to honor in giving as we forward to Church and to generations to come. Friends of aim to keep the faith by giving it (Bill Reel is a columnist for the New Daily News.) if its resources are unlimited. Consider how humanity is consum- ing the earth's non-renewable fossil fuels, fertile topsoils and other miner- t als. These resources are a bonanza that took cons to form, are being destroyed in just decade See tiBo~co, U negt DlONtr" KNON T' 4EF E MvERE. or EK , hKY