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May 24, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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May 24, 1930

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PA61: THE GUARDIAN, MAY 24, 1930 o _i v~ ...... lS ] class of St, Agnes Academy, to thel turn to health for Porter. while Mr. Eugene Gibson served as i Rudd James, June Strehl, Mary FranI CATHOLIC MARTYS ,t Ooclal ann rer~on~ GIaduation Exercises to be held in best man. ces Crosby, Mary Cortese, Jennie OF FEVER P[ .... ----- . ....... St. Peters' Church, Sunday morning, Miss Joe Henggeler, of Willett After the ceremony a wedding Carimi, Bennie Rhea/ Thorne, Mary HONORED IN 1 J.ues~ay .aItevnn" at the.. ,t~a~nnc. ...Ma-rison, ~ 25. .CorinneThe .voun~,Gautier,O ladies WhOEleanorWill St,.. one of the most popular of our breakfast was served' at the home of ] Jane Sabin,evenl, n~ mBetty Rose .Fall" Elsie. - by one(Cntinued, i called thefrmr page:l Club the ladles of St. Bmgld s Parish i ..... ~ .... ~h~;, a~t .... ,h~ ~,o.~ .re Catholic ~irls is at home sick Hur the bride's mother Among the out Burke, Mary Burke. Mamle Marine,! Sister Frances, Gary, Ind, and their fmends gathered for an tMisses Rose Albertine Hazel Burke ry on and get well, Joe,its tooof-town guests was Mr. W. H. Glm- Efleen Enghsh and Helen Plrtle. When the epidemic of I . " ' ' . . I " afternoon of cards. The proceedst Estella Dickinson, Marian Driver, lonesome without your sunny smile, son of Springfield, Me., b~other of . -- ]Memphis, 25,000 people fied were turned over to Rev. Fr. Whir- Mar. CatherineDugan, Genevieve -- the bride Mr. and Mrs. Nuesch will ST THOMAS PUPILS city.Nuns and Christian k he ~ " ~' feld to continue the good wet. Dunlap, Mildred English, Bertha Gar- We regret to note the name of make their home at 1058 Peabody GIVE RECITAL of Joliet and St. Louis ca has undertaken. Specml hstessesl Mrs. J. C. Kallaher of Cambridge avenue. Fmday the auditorium the sick A toll of 10,000.~ were Mmes. R. A. Dixon, E. Zeth, G. tFrances Gibney, Laddie Heinz, St., on the list of patients at St. -- of St. Thomas School a group of by the three scourges, in Ditchel, A. Dhuy, A. "L. M.cCarver, lMary catherine Kell- Lois Kenned- Joseph's Hospital Just some dis- The Sacred Heart Rectory was the pupils of the music department pre- priests, three lay Brothers tar T 2~ u phrey f the" 4 th ~ast rlaay nlgn~ a~ t 1,~ ceu~" ~ , -- man, Walter J Fransioli and Clar-[ " " ....... "'r ther John who/ Meets in Winchester ..... " .. Ion gas there were b ~ .~ , " - , , . ! ~unoay wl~n ms D o , , nas cnaracterizea nis liIe we con- i~ wag ~ ~-~ i .... sible ence ~rown 'nave arrangea a lUnCh- The raduation exerc" - " ' Colle e '~ ~ " " ~ ~ " "" "~ '"P~ ...... . , ..... / g lses of Sacred m a student in St. Gregory s g , ' ........ I gratulate him again and hope he has : ...... +~,- ..... ~ls w~ con wmcn is ,~emg an~c~pateu With; Heart School is sch~a,,~d ~ ~.... t,. __,.- I The Sta~e tsouncn meeting o~ ~ne I ....... , ma.y ............. . . . . . .-~ . ~ ........ ~,,t~,~*,~- mlnalnn~t.1. I .,,, , ._ ~ many years aneaa ~o continue me , . ," -- ~ -~-- t~ a~ great aeal o~ pleasure. ~uemoers day evening, at 7"2a ~___ ~ ~__ I Knights of Columbus w~it ve held I _,_, " , ......... lantern right, ano o~e,, , . . _ ou,, i nomework ne haspursueuxorthet ,~~ -ouO will be permitted to bring a guesto n lr have Sunday,May 25, at Hundred Oaks, bearers woum ~e a ~ - y u g g" ls and one boy will receive Mr and Mrs George Silk [~ast half centur,~ I -*h d~ o Winchester, Term Worth Grand rods men banded t g _ "pl mas for having completedthealso returned after attendingthe Y . ~o The Young Ladies' Institute will 12 ~rades of Hi-h c~--' ...... Knight English and Past Grand I Irelief of the sick ann su~*~. , ~ ~ ~ o .uu. r~entucKy ~eroy. Preparations arewell under wa Catl hold an initiation ceremony Satur-I Knight Linz werenominated ...... Y more times it was a -------- . ~or the~ar~en ~arty to be given " h'the ~ day, May 24, at 7:30 p. m., at the~ ~. ........ ~ ^~a ~. ~ ..... ~-~_:.,^~a~a tend the state gathering. Messrs. C.I~ ,who would help w~t~ ~a~;nollc (51uo. _~'OllOwlng thiS, car~s 1_ ~ ..... ~:**~^ , .... ~.~. ~.,~-..~.. a,~ h .... 0. Frankhn and John F. Breen were l ~also dig the grave, ....... I honor t~ev gr ~ames t Lorman ,~,u uaug,~=,, ,.,,--c ........ , , ..... ~ trick' Ch-roh ~ .... ............ Will D " i i .... ~" ' , ....... t' .......... z =.-, - . e enjoye(L r1 ss t, enev eve ........ . ...... +. ^:..~.. oh; .... h~,o Mr ~d- named as alternates. 1 . .himself the next da~. ~.,o.~.~ ; ....... ~ ~h~ ....., +~. ] on the ~o~n ~nmversary oI ms enter- ~ ............................... , ............ couragmg and the general outlookl .... -'~es t -v?~-~ -~ s~ .... :: ~"~'~,'~" ~.'*. .... ] ing thepriesthood The date is miston ~ill be in charge of the How- .~or~ny. ~a~e t)epu~y ~o ~arry is for a ver~ successful as w~ll ~-~ I ,ew persons oe!~!~ ~ entertainment ~urs. ~e~la ~ecKer, . - -:- -" , ......... :" *~'^* ^i*'" will presi(~e ~ ~ -~ the Brothers, the deCrY* ch .... oune ~. It is no~ our privi,e~e to ar~ ueaners ~o. s~ore~ ,, ~,,a~ c ~. " delightful affair ) airman of the car~ par~y, has se- . ..... " ~ ~ " I course, the priests---v~n~ , , . ~announc~ any ~etallS, ,DU~ as soon as -- i " " " l~ lected decks of cards as table prazes, I ....... .. ...... *rs M "~la C B C AUXILIARY i the streets :re" ~t was a . __ . permlrte~ we Will iv~ our fencers 1he many xrlen~s ox m . . w - " " " ~-~ ,~ , ~,, ,~. ^ ~-~ ' ' , and silk hose for attendance prizeS, in full~ account Frg Lori~an has yen of Vance avenue will regret to ELECTS OFFICERS p'~ ~I~.|~| ~ ~) ldeath to be out after nlg: Punch will be served throughout the .. . ~ " ,. " ..... .,, .... re At the last meeting of Christian ' ~ ~ I Sisters visited the sir" . . . .. . . . . [Irlen(ls in an WalKs of li~e, WhOno near o~ her serious Illness.yv ! " " evening, ana curing the mterm~smon Brothers Colle e Auxflmr held at ~ ~ food, .... ..... ' . doubt willjoin hisparishioners in hopethatthe worst is over and that .... g " Y ~'~[ ~.~-~T~ ~|~ bringingmedicine~, attractive caDare~ ~earures will ~e ............ .... ~: --:" ~ast the dan~er the ~onege last Tuesday afternoon, ~O]k~J~Ll~l~Jl]J~ |||~ I sities to the ~ick, and to given. Weather conditions being]:m~King ms ~uver Jumlee .a memor- ~,~: ........ ~' ~ the election of officers for the com- ,,~ ,,~-~-~ ,,,~,,, r,r,~lies In one home on 1~{~ f " 1 on ame occasion, we congratulate ~r. ,.a~. ' I ' the avorable, the party wltl be he d ........................ n mg year was held. The result was ~|| Y~-~ |||[~,|| ~'~" hue they found the me .. . ~ .. . . I~orlgan on reaching rnls mite post. x ne ,con~lnueo lltnes5 ux ~vlr. don .. o ,, . ,, ., k.~WL~t ~tJM&~mat' ' ~:, rue roo$ oi gne elUDe ' " sealzne IOllOWlng, WhO Will assume zneir ~ father dying," and four *'~' land extend the wish that he celebrate Hughes, Tutwller avenue, has cau - .. . _ ~ new oft~ces ~eptembet 1 Mrs Jno no~ ...... 7 ...... this Golden Jubilee right in our a great den. of concern among his _ .... :- .. " : ~ ........~ .... till. But this was :. 1 ~vXUIIIHIIIS ~u~.uncs nave pus in a Wl~ ~rs. waiter ~ox o~ ~tuttgart, i ...... ~. . We ho-e when the '1'. walsn, presaent; Mrs J J Far- iWholc families we~ . mlast no~ ox ~rlenas. p " " " full week surely we are in" the , ' * \ Ark., has returned to her home after " ~ " .... his stren-th will re rell, vice president; Mrs Eugene I two days time a delightful visit with her sister,While we arT~on the s b t:::n:rr~e~::pSdly g " Wade, secretary; Mrs. C. M. Miller, limelight. The celebration of Fr.] "I remember" how it : Mrs. Matt Monaghan, and her broth-! .... u je.ct of treasurer. The report of the closing Damiani s Silver Jubilee started this i tim~ w~ att~mnt.ed to ca " an ......... .- er. Mr Fiank Windler I mversarles, we feel that ~t is qmte ,,ear's work was r~ad h.. ~..~ ~ .l week; a Solemn High Mass was sung: ..... , ,,, , apropos to mention here the quiet C. B. C. DRAMATIC -- Farrell, andshowed the s"lendidin St. Peter's Church, where he has a ~er we open.e~ sen ,_. 1~ " I celebration in the home of Mr and CLUB PRESENTS PLAY ~ be i .... ,sin, WhO was ~nen omy Memphians who attended the Dixiel ........ . ............. growth of this newly organized Aux- ' en ass s~ant xor many years. Rt. ~ ~,~ "Rash r,a .qalette ~ , lhar Rev Alphonse Smith, B~shop of Conference of the International Fed- . .... ............ '- ,~ "" Y' " " " i~(~s~ we~c"on~'cr~d into ~..~^~ ^o ........... I milestone in their married life l't theater the t)ramat~c ~uo ox ~ne ~ ............ Nashville was ~resent as was Ver,, -~' ~ ' :: ~.~,~,~. uI ~al;nOllC Alumnae nelQ in ..... ........ trams ox especial ln~:eres~ snowing ' ~" z hut .~ttor all wn~ aver. ai* Biloxi May 17, 18 and 19, were Sr. was l.n ~ne nature of a quiet dinner g-u. gave a mos~ crealtaDlepresen- the scope of the Auxiliary's work is Rev. J. L. Pastorelli, former pastor ed-the'doors'o-f- the iittl' M. Michael and Sr. Margaret of St. ]a~ W.nlcn each of their sons, T. N. U:~: B]m?" ~mThea~t~:e:::t ~A:: the breakfast planned to honor the The latter, in his sermon, referred to 'school on ~Vasrington St Jr, Joseph ~oy and John, Mrs Roy s d t " the 25~h Jubilee as An anniversary ' Agnes Academy; Sr Thomasene and ." . . , gra ua es and their fathers The hos- ,h,a ~1~ h ..... ~o~ n a Sr Jam~s L~o from th~ ~aor~ humphrey and little son, and the well selected and received qui~e an tesses for this will be the mothers is a landing place in the flight of,- .... .~. _~_ ~ as-~tl ~-.2~ .[a ~.' r ~ ~'~ ~..~^~'l onlv daughter, Mrs Joseph Aquino, ovation from an unusually large as- ~r +h~ ,..~a ............ life where we ston a moment to rest:never ~orget the nrs~ ~ .................. l together with her husband and semblage. The club presents a play s-iritual retr at ....... and look ahead to the unfinished i ' " uenc o~ ~ne meal cnap~er; lurs r. ~. . . , p e , an(] Will De bunuay ~ , r o war McPhilli~s Misses Imelda Stanton t charmingdaughter, Mary Belle, each spring, w~th members of the Se- mornin~ Ma- 25 followin~ the 7 journey." A luncheoff'followed Mass i down, the fe~ wh .... Mary Maier, Rose Catherine Her" were seated at the table presided nlor class and the Dramatic Club tak-o,clock~iass: ' ~" which was attended by many friends:::~s~:u~t::Sc:?r'Ma~ry~ ~bers, Mrs. Phillip Brennan of New]Versear a~b'Yo.the bmde and groom of 48 laghtheastofrles- characters as th en They are also honoring Brother nu ~berfntheotParish as well as quite a~those who had known he~ York, who was in Memphis for the lY g T e c , ey - Leander with a breakfast to be f the clergy. I. , ..... tcl~ of Mary's Day, Was one We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. tered: Mr. Davis (much in debt), served at the College Tuesday, May Owing to the torrential rains, the[SWer ~ea~-'ro- .~ --~- wnou~-l-~--was^d celebration O~ of the principal speakers - Humphrey at the same t~me we 3oln Harry Donnelly, Jr., Mrs. Davl 20. The presentation of the Auxll- ~eremonles, of the unveiling of thet ..... t ,~ _ their hundreds of friends in extend- (most in debt), David Edmondson, jury's gift to dear Bro. Leander, a monument that has been erected in!veran~istarewere: ~ ers ~gnes ,*"r-url-ea~' News has been received in Mere- ing the wish that they may all beJr.; Bennie aiad Mblly (much ,i.n $50 gold piece, will be made at this Calvary to the memory of the relig-! .... : ~ ....n ~,, ~.;~,A~ h~ .q~ ~, ~.-,,is gathered around the festalboard |eve), Fred Pelegrinand Desloge time ious who died in the dark days of mcr~ernan, ~utgame phls ~ .................... ~ "~" ' ' .. ~ Martha Quarry, Veronl daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph for many years to come. Brown; Cleopatra Olemargarme We congratulate the Auxiliary and yellow fever, were held at the Catho- nardine Dalton, Rose Denegri, was graduated from the -- (very much in the dark), Albert extend the wish that they continue to lic Club instead of the cemetery Sister of Winnie Farre!l, Nazareth Training School for Nurses on Wednesday evening, May 14. The graduating exercises were held in the chapel of' St. Joseph's Infirmary in Louisville, Ky. We join the host of friends in extending congratulations. The ladies of St. Thomas Church are busy indeFd" this coming week. They are having a ravioli supper out there Tuesday night, With Mmes. Ira Williams, W.~ Light, E. Lender- men, and B. Derrick are in charge. With these ladies it is a safe bet the supper will go over "big." On Thurs- day afternoon and evening a card party will ,be given Not only table prizes but several attractive attend- ance prizes have been arranged. The ladies who are directing-this affair are~Mmes. Tom Slattery, M, Green, L. J: Dolan, E. Lendermon, and W. Derrick. The proceeds of both af- fairs is for the benefit of the school fund. Beautifully engraved invitations The many friends of Mrs. Nellie Haggerty Farrell of Madison Ave. will regret to hear she is at St. Joseph's Hospital, for a major oper- ation. We express the hope:of many, that she will soon pass the danger mark and enter the convalescing stage at an early date. Rev. Fr. Jas. T. Lorigan, pastor of St. Thomas Church bus returned from St. Bernard's College, Cullman, Ala., where he attended the Silver Jubilee celebration of Rev. Fr. Ab- bot. Mrs. Ed Kallaher of Orleans St. who has been ill for several weeks is now convalescing to the delight of her many friends. Porter Puryear, son of Mr.. and Mrs. stanley Puryear is quite ill at present writing, with that dread ma- lady scarlet fever. He is greatly missed by both the teachers and his school mates who are sending daily are being received from the Senior appeals to Heaven for a speedy re- Grisante; Harold Behm (mostly clothes), V. G. Fransioli; Abner Hay- rick (Highlo Vance), Charlie Brooks; Uncle Ben (another Bim), Lloyd Lovitt, Jr.; Genette(his niece), Fred Lovitt; Zezzaly(much in dis- guise), Fred Pelegrin; stage man- ager, I. C. Fuchs. The orchestra, under direction of Brother Daniel, added much to the success of the affair. Weddings The marriage of Miss Margaret Anne Gimson. daughter of Mrs. An- na Gimson, 1301 Harbert avenue, and Mr. J. C. Nu-esch was quietly solemnized in the Church of the Im- maculate Conception, with Monsig- nor D. tJ. Murphy officiating. The church presented a beautiful picture, being decorated in pink roses and palms and ferns. Miss Olivia Lon- ginotti presided at the organ, while Miss Mary Welsh sang in her own charming way, "I Love You Truly" and "Ave Maria." The bride was attended by Miss Margaret Hutton, grow in membership and thereby ,broaden their scope of work. ST. AGNES PUPILS PRE- SErNTED IN RECITAL Monday evening in St. Agnes' Au- ditorium a large crowd enjoyed a presentation by the pupils of the ex- ;pression class of the Memphis Con- servatory of Music The program consisted of a play, an operetta, sev- eral sketches and readings. It was welY arranged and each number showed the careful training given by the department. Those taking part were: Misses Selma Hayes Redmond, Frances Locker, Helen Sweeney, Theresa Lilly, Lois Kennedy, Mary Louise McPhillips, ,Mary l~izabeth Workman, Susan McGinnis, Lillian Gautier, Jean Boyer, Levera Scott, Margaret Mette Richards, Sidney Watson, Louis Frick, Barbara Wade, Constance Rosamond, Geraldine Far- rell, Anna Frances McNi, cholas, Eliza- beth Jane Hughey, Margaret Bern- stein, Rose Marie McKenzie, Mary Louise R~bilio, Doris Johnson, Ann Our Bishop was present and spoke. Some of the high :~dignitaries and living alone in a back several hundred people came from phis), Josepha McGarY, res Glass and Al' St. Louis. Included were Sr. Mech- Imelda Spangler's grave tildis, one of the Sisters who came to Memphis in those tragic days. lucky. Other names to She was to unveil the monument; with ~hese are: Sisters Honorable Malcolm R. Patterson[Ccntia' Stanislaus and was the principal speaker and paid the Sisters of St. such a beautiful tribute to the hero-'Sisters Gabriel and ism of the Catholic Priests, Brothers the Franciscan Sisters and Sisters, who, in the dark tragic' Brother Amandua Yung, days, drew no religious lines in min-IBrther Wendelin istering to the sick or caring for the!f the Franciscan Brot I Louis; Brother Hoses dead. As he very aptly said, "sure-~ . his~ ly in those dark days of the long'tlan Brother, of MemP ago there was no Catholic menace. Mary of Nazareth, sist~ It was a most inspiring ,ceremony, IJseph. of Carondelet. but it remained for venerable Sr. Meehtildis to supply a streak of wit; when asked to make a speech, she looked around at the crowded audi- torium and asked to be excused, s'ky- ing she couldn't decide whether she was famous or notorious, for every time she turned around, there was another reporter to click a camera at her." There is already in Calvary a Priest's tiful monument erected tyr priests of the ument tops a little it are the graves of -who went down with the each grave marked telling the story, the cause for which they \