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May 23, 1947     Arkansas Catholic
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May 23, 1947

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THE GUARDIAN, MAY 23, 1947 PAGE SEVEN Ouse Bill to Permit Entry OP's to U. S. Recalls Appeal of Hierarchy (E)--A bill intro- of Representatives emergency legislation the United States displaced presons during four years serves to re- six months ago the Ca- of the nation em- inescapable responsibility of the nations. "All of them, the displaced per- sons and the persecuted peoples must be treated humanely with- out discrimination. A perfect solution of the problem would be to give them the full guarantee Our Lady Of The Lake, Lake Village Connecticut Rejects Birth Control Measure Hartford, Conn., (E)--In fl~e brief debate that preceded the State Senate defeat of House Bill 953, known as the Alsop Bill, which proposed that the Con- necticut General Assembly sanc- tion by law the prescription of contraceptive methods and infer- mation by physicians, Senator Lionel E. Raymond, of Plainfield, Father Laughlin need for such a for the enjoyment of their native remarked that it was ironic that The bill, HR 2910, was rights in their countries of origin, the measure should come up for by entative Wil- Since this solution is not forth- consideration so shortly after the ;rat of Illinois. coming, the nations must extend national observance of Mother's statement, "Man and to them the help which their very Da~l~e defeat of the measure was ' issued after their an- human rights demand. tl meeting at the Cath- Support for the House bill has by a voice vote, no rollcall being 'sity of America in No- come from Charles Poletti, form- taken The bill had been passed ..... "' " - Jh ~onnecticut House nee Josepl~ L~ Laughlin, pas- .946, the Bishops de- er Allied Military Governor in earlier Dy z. e.t~ tor'fo Our Lady" of the Lake serious problem which Italy, and from the head of the of Representatives Chur " " cn in Lake Village, re ~the nations is finding a American Federationof Labor In his statements, Senator Ray- I ceived h " - ..... hat while -h- ' isappointment to his mona declared ~ P Y- re n ly to provide for the and the Congress of Industrial Or- ' " " ~ vised various wa-s [ p se t pastorage September 16, of thousands of refu- ganizations. Mr. Poletti declared smlans nave ae J I 1946 t persecution and dire that "it would promote the inter- of preventing birth, they have not, [ ' now in camps in Central ests of this country and of world ~ and cannot create birth. He at-[~ peace. Wflham Green, president Overlooking the western banks of Lake Chicot from a pleasing elevation, stands Our Lady of the tacked th~ entire philosophy eli Sails For These victims of injus- " ' " Lake Church m Lake Village, Arkansas.Demgned m Itahan style, the church was constructed in the :'Planned Parenthood" move .... ~e the right of refuge--a of the A.F. of L. 'said the DP's . . [African Missmn at is sacrosanct in our his- should be admitted because they 1939 and dedmated by the late.Bishop Morns m the fall of that same year. The Rev. Joseph G. men~.. ........... I cl culture. To provide for are "the victims of all forms of Laughlin is pastor. ~enator uornenus lvtutvmlll, Jr., 1 Montreal. (E) -- Bishop Louis ad to give them an op- religious and political perseeu- ~~ Ofsalled. Bnageportthe ball," assertedantner thatWn ,,as'/JoshUa0 f~nhnnn ne *h~ xxr~.~.~ ty to begin life anew in lion." CIO President Philip Mur- I ....... [ | Fathers of Africa, recently conse- ~Ursuits without fear is the ray reminded that many U.S. citi- L "~ ] througn suc~. means, ne jmpu.eo, I per cent of the 4,000,000 men who | Crated as Vicar Apostolic of the ----- - zens are "sons and daughters of ~ . ~ -- . z|can me Olnmumes 1acing tne [defended this nation 4n the last| Uganda has left for Africa to re- ancestors who came to this eoun- ~ |~A,~#~ #~d" ~ ~l~hg~l~%B d~llC ~[world be overcome and 'the face [war came from families who do[ Sume his mission work He sailed try to escape absolutism in gov- t m-~a i~,e vm ~=#aer-lt~ ~,~ =~=Fa =7 ~ ~[of the earth be renewed. |not advocate birth cofftrol, i for England and will visit Paris " " n" ernment, bigotry in religlo . | -- - s ..... 2] "May she (the Blessed Virgin) [ The birth control bill would land Rome, en route to Algiers, Archbp. Curley [ Protector of Ma,ls Recalled ~[cntmut~t~eSrtren~th:ge:U[hP~aYnl~t~mte~::e:i~t~l~U;af~SSedo~ ~aep~ehen~ilelia~endth~eG~r~r~l ][ tl~,e midst of all the stress and[tors to prescribe the use of con- Fathers on June 2, which will I ~, l~F~.41..,~.~,,~te ~,~ IIII ~ ~4,,~__~,~[trouble of nations, those divine]traceptives, elect a new Superior General to Compltmdnts (Continued from page 1) ~ Vl 1%=~gl I/gl IUly ~1 Ve #. ~1~1 1 I~/prodigies may be happily revived[ ~.:,, _. .-. succeed Bishop J. M. Birraux who 1896, and completed a normal six- -- -- [by the Holy Ghost, which were[ "You do weu, says ~. ~er: died recently. Bishop Cabana was year course of studies in four. St. Bonaventure, N.Y. (E) -- A [the Franciscan church at Oviedo,[ f-retold in the words of David: ~ nard "to watch over yoursel~,.ou~ Consecrated by his brother, Arch- In 1900 he went to study at story that dates back to 1729 re- | Spain, and prayed for its safe de- |'Send forth Thy Spirit and they[ the greater hero ,s ne mat zs bishop'Georges Cabana, Coadjutor TE [ Propaganda College in Rome, lates how St. Anthony of Padua [ livery. [ shall be created, and Thou shalt ] helpful to many. of St. Boniface. ~'~l"t where he made it a point to as- :became known as patron and pro-| Sometime later she returned to[ renew the face of the earth.' " / ' ' , .... ~rS IN'S sociate with the American stu- tector of the mail in trahsit. Itheeh.urch. She was amazed and| These words may sound like an [ ~ ~~ dents and acquaint himself with The story was recalled tmre at ]~t~ier~otY:: tag :ind in the hands of[excerpt from a sermon of today. ] ~ ~ the problems of th~ Church in a time when the philatelic world[, e -., . p y zrom ner nus:[ Actually they constitute the con-1 ~~ ' h entenar of s oana wnlen also con~alnea several c this country. He was ordained in is celebrating t e c Y i - ] ........ [ lusion of the encyclical Divinum| ~~"~/c"~~ ~ _ Rome in 1904, and that same sue of the first United States[p.mces o~gma.. ~'rom me reply| Iilud," written half a century ago. [ ~wm~ ~.&,, ][ ~r~,.]~ year, at the age of 24, took up ,~,,~,~ ~tnmn.~ The centenaryisne marnea z~a~ a young ~'ran-I :== ~ f'.mnl]m~m~b %a.~Ly L.,~U[~' Iris first assignment in America, ~,'~2~ao',~or--a~-~heme of the In-[ ciscan friar had found her letter[ St. __J~senh N,,.a -------r ........... - - -- :.t4~e Village, ~ as pastor of St. Peter's Church, ~ernat~iona'~-Philatelic Exhibiition ~and personally had delivered it to/ ~" ....... : Ar, k Deland, Fla.His rectory at De- York. /the husband in far-off Peru. But,~ Mark Centennial now in progress in New land was a room over a store, and re stranger still was the description . it is recorded that his first col- The St. Anthony story was. "] of the young friar who not only Philadelphia. {E)---His Eminence .... ,, alld leetion$2.25, at St. Peter's amounted to ~al~le~eh~i.c~tcmcan as a U.s.Sta;ostmtBs?:a:te~rrtU~ !1 br~geht .... thelett:lrui~e~l~redm~rcha~t De~ni;solemn C~rpdln~JdeDlP~gh?rt[ferA:2h~aponhh James M. Deal The economic problem was such a pressing one in his 7,200 Brother Cletus T. 1~aekitl~g,l~:l~edn~i:l~P~at oThf ~tdefi~nr~in~, St. Joseph coCalnMta~o~tet~rl~ouM:e ~ Dr-, Cle~mers orangeersquarecurleymileSgroveSOUght pariShand atthat peachturnFath'or-an ~i ~ion~em ~fi~ as~ietvS !e~i ] : ~e t~ Svthe is:or aye uA cc~_~ d~ncgh :r, ~/~!t~sh ~ S~e VJse r~s~Prhh ~: ithkye.i County Cle~ , chard into an asset for his church.,.~**.~.o ,,,,+ ~mvec~ a/..________ ___~ ~_--,._Pe . " " " " re [ O FM, St. Bonaventure College S'sters came to Philadel- PHONE 39 The story is that the priest was in~a~s~::Y~h~r~~fi~ttdtg~nelie?P!i:s~iel~Ar!:dgP~gYeed:~:~::~:~'~:c~;x~rlth f.ars, .n~r_a_n~__n__u_~_~_ ~~,~'__~: bA~yinum!~;~h:YP~h~'a 1eSpy.ears ~.e~:h~n~! L~. Village ~krka-- , Compliments of ,overalls, tending his trees, when he received word in April, 1914, o Lake Village Arkansas that he had been named Bishop of St. Augustine. husband was .dead.. ...... | Father 'Herscher added, grew the motherhouse in 1858. In 1921 Bishop Curley was Now the wife had a grea~ x,a**~n| custom of inscribing "S.A.G." on nthon of Padua, me transferred from St. Augustine to in St. A Y ]letters and sealing mail with St. Baltimore, where he became the wonder worker," and through her ~ Anthony Guide Stamps. !i' J. Rankm successor to Cardinal Gibbons. In prayers, she took her trouoles zo| ::~ ........ the first ten years of Archbishop the Saint. With a child-like trust| w~r~r~1"~l~r~ Curley's tenure at Baltimore, at and confidence, she wrote anotheri rr.l ll , l Compliments least $20,000,000 was expended inth~letterhandsand this" one s~ae placed in ""~onunuedf om Page 1" ~ ..... of the SairWs statue in u]arL "- r -'7 )u'~)on 'the multitude building operations. Forty-seven ..... p and Village, Arkansas Compliments Wall & Co. GROCERY MARKET Phone 5 Village Arkansas PLACE YOUR I$OOKKE|PINO and TAX PROBLEMS AN ENVELOPE! schools were established in par. ishes without them, and new schools replaced old structures in many other parishes When the new Archdiocese of Washington was created in July, 1939, His Holiness Pope Pius XII entrusted the new See, along with the Archdiocese of Baltimore, to Archbishop Curley. He thus be- came the first member of the American Hierarchy to govern two archdioceses simultaneously. He continued to reside in Balti- more. The Archbishop's unequivocal statements and addresses in op- position to communism and all subversive elements within the United States drew from F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover the apt comment that the Archbishop spoke courageously in plain lang- uage "and not in two-dollar-and- a-half words that .the ordinary man cannot understand." Your Frank Hudson AGENT F O R D Dealer PHONE 24 greatness of the benefits which have been bestowed and are con- FUNERAL HOME stantly bestowed upon us by this divine Giver, so that errors and ignorance concerning such mat- and Lake Village Arkansas Compliments ters may be disuelled." Love for the Holy Spirit shouldFLOWER SHOP result not in mere speculation or external observances but ratherBurial Insurance in efforts to "run forward to- wards action, and especially to24 hr. Ambulance Service fly from sin." He urged the faithful to invoke His protection and to pray to PHONE 116 Mary who, because she conceived Christ by the Holy Ghost, "is Lake Village Arkansas justly called His spouse." Only Telephone 166 Lake Village Compliment of CHICOT SPECTATOR "The County Paper" Lester W. Mansur, Publisher Sam Forte & \ Staple and Fancy Groceries Confectioneries Flour and, Country Produce PHONE 8 Lake Village Arkansas LAKE SHORE Mrs. ldell Smith Owner and Operator Lake Village Arkansas , Compliments Arkansas Compliments BANK OF LAKE SO The Store That Sells The Same Goods FOR LESS MONEY Lake Village Arkansas Distributors of Staf-O-Llfe Feeds and Milk-Fie Dairy Feeds FRANK EBERDT, Owner Eberdt's Seed & Feed Store Feed - Seed - Fertilizer - Dairy and Poultry Supplies P. O. Box 385 Phone 319 LAKE VILLAGE, ARKANSAS Lake Village, Arkansas Lake Village Staple and Fancy Merchandise Arkansas John Deere Quality Farm Equipment G.M.C. Trucks Hot Point Home Appliances Spivey Implement Company" Office Phone 227 \', Residence Phone 181W Lake Village, Arkansas Congratulations To The Entire Membership From where I sit .. ZyJoe Marsh " Lake Village Lumber Company Lake Village, Arkansas Your Rights Are Respected " W@ Farmall Tractors - McDry Implements THE STORE OF SERVICE McGehee Eudora Lake Village Ph. 16 Ph. 86 Ph. 211 ~.For over seven years the Ar- ansas Committee "of the United States Brewers Foundation has cohdacted a program to maintain whvl,;~ome, orderly conditions in ~efa~/ beer outlets. C~peratlng with law-enforce- mer, t audxorities, the Arkansas insLsts that retailers ol~erve oath the spirit and the :utter ~f laws and regulationa governing the sale of malt bey- you know of any eonditiorm tlment and of the hrewing tnflu~ try, a letter to the ~tddress shown below will result in an immediate investigation. From where I sit, it is such cooperation by the public, the law- enforcement authorities, and the beer industry which has given Arkansas its high standard of beer retailing. surrounding the sale of beer in your cornm~nity that do not meet the high 8r.andarcls of public sen- I I ] ARKANSAS COMMITTEE, UNITED STATES ,BREWERS FOUNDATION HACO BOYD, $'I~TE DIRECTOR.. , 402 PYRAMID BLDG. Un'LE ROCK, ARK, ~t~ YOU t a.. urn over your aookkeep- ~v ,~.d tax filing to "Meil,Me-M0ndey," ~ tndePendent merchant's modern, _'~Plete and economical method ~nt~rec~rd keeping and tax record- v ~,.You can concentrate on other ,~1 business problems with com. ~tlste freedom of mind: You'll ~nr:: that tax author ties will not be ~n, th,ng down your back at almost t~: ~Oment. "Mall.Me.Menday" does entire iobl WILL PAY YOU TO INVESTIGATE klL'ME-MONDAY" ING and TAX Methed LITTLE ROCK Bldg.---Phone 2-462~ D. Tompkin~, Mgr. PINE BLUFF ~lOl National Bldg.---Phone 1"/21 1~I. D. Obernler, Mgr. ",,~.s S~vl~ Ind,~nd*at ram/mrs ~st to ~st and/a Caeada \