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May 22, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 22, 1920

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i&apos; THE GUARDIAN. SATUR DAY, MAY 22,'1920. PAGESEVEN 0 ed 1853 o,d the beo '*rOSe &feet altlf. $200,000.00 30,600.00 fe.have increased our capital s*ock inB [_100i000 to $200,000 and by sell- t  new issue of stock at 20 per L above Our par our surplus has . ::.ased from $10,600 to $.0,- , , t a enables us to take still bet- :lle. of our present depofitors as  new ones. England National Bank i tl. T. McKINLEY : IEWELER Watches, Jewelry, Musical )ls Watch and Jewelry Repairing. St. Little Rock, Ark. I-2 Ma;n St. '." ............................. .o of God and gives us a right to Heaven WO dsr  givingus sanctifying grace. And r Home bYa person is grown up when he is 'baptized, baptism takes away not only WO th g originat sinbutall othersins thathe __ amp may have on his soul. While Light d Only apriest By CONCHESSA ( can baptize unless a person is dying anti can not be taken to church and .......  --'--4 it is not possible to get a priest to My Dear I3oys and Girls: our merry voices, as you run joy- o0sly out from school, proclaim the glad tidings that May is here. The cheery notes of the birds, the soft green carpet that covers the earth, the budding leaves and bright blue sky re-echo the same story. In fancy I can see you listening to the merry tune of a feathered songster ,borne on the gentle, balmy breezes ,that seems to whisper prom- to do so. ises of early summer [ What does the second commandment I can also imagine you tuYning your forbid? eye from the feathery, green foliage I The second commandment forbids from whence the merry notes de- us to profane God's holy name. scended to the green grass about you[ How may God's holy name be pro- to discover the purple violets l/ft/ngdaned? their little faces from among their God's holy name may be profaned deep green leaves, by abuse of it, by blasphemy, by curs- If you live in the country you know ing, by false, unjust, or useless oaths, where the anemone, the Spring beau- and by the breaking of vows. ty and the arbutus grow. If you are How may we abuse God's holy, name  m your home, but a soldier of Christ m a c(ty the parks, afford an oppor- ..... tunity to see the pink and blue and We ma. abuse Gods Holy name :. " , , Besules, if anyone dins without being b 1o baphzed, he can never go to Heaven, purple of the spring flowers and, Y P" nouneing it without good rea-[ " " ' because he does not belong to the army wherever a brook flows you will ex- son and without respect.  .- . . ' h s a  [of Christ Little babms that dm with pect to find, near the waters edge, I W at L bl sphemy. I ." " " ,out baptism go to a place called Limbo, the sweet-smelling waxen white nar-[ Blasphemy is an expression insult-L ' s where they are happy and have every cissus lifting its head proudly to ling to God to religion, or to the l ..... " saints thing they want, but where they can tne n,ue SKY. never see God. EshlblJshed 1890 Night or Day 886 Res. Phone 106 IN: e Usa Trial tPRISE IIAT CO. Main 8565 soft and tiff hats or Panama Hats and Rqtrimmed. No Z TM On Panamas. TItURSTON & WASEM : Proprietors. USed on Panamas. P, LKINS :R SHOP [ Safety Razor Blades of The !at All Kinds . U't'Dale Shop in the City I WEST CAPITOL AVE. sary that v, hat we swear to, be true come to the house. In this case, any- one can baptize. Even you could bap- and just, and that there be a suffi- tize by pouring a little water on the Icient cause for taking an oath. person's head and by saying, whilst ' What is a vow? in the name of the Father and of the A vow is a deliberate promise made Ipouring the water: "I baptize thee to Go'-"'o do something that is pleas- !Son and of the Holy Ghost." The per- ing to Him. son who pours the water must also say Are we obliged to fulfill vows? the words. We are obliged to fulfill vows be- If you know that anyone is dying, cause God himself has connnanded us find out whether he has been baptized, A beautiful month is May and that What is cursing? is why it is dedicated to the Blessed Cursing is calling' down evi] upon Virgin and is called Mary's month, ourselves or upon our neighbor. Remember "Uncle Billy's" suggestion _ and take your May flowers to Mary's l BIBLE STORY altar and, The Army. "Let the flower spend their fragrance "What (lid Jesus tell the people On Our Mary's own sweet shrine, they must do in order to save their While you claim her gracious helping souls and get to Heaven?" He told Near her Son divine, them that they must enlist in His All night long will Mary listen, army, obey His orders, believe His While your pleadings, fond and deep On their scented breath are risinv For you, while you sleep." CONCHESSA. !prize or not. I hope I shall. I think the Children's corner is the nicest of all the children's pages and eel ners. I am in the fifth grade at school and am eleven years old. We have a phonograph at school. It is a Columbia. We have many pretty piece. My little sister, Margaret, who is one year ohl can walk all, over. I had the scarlet fever last winter and was in bed three weeks. Well I have not much news. Good-bye Anna Kerrigan. anti if he has not, get a priest. But if there is not time to get a priest, baptize him yourself, if he is willing no matter how little or how big he is. Every Sunday afternoon, babies are taken to church to be baptized, but if the baby is sick, one ought not to wait for Sunday. If you have a little baby in your house, do not let it get to be more than a week or wo ohl before it is baptized. 'ou do not want a deserter This is what Jesus taught the peo- ple antl He told His Apostles to go into the whole world and to baptize everyone, to enlist every one in His army, so that every one may go to Heaven. Have you been baptized? Have all your brothers and sisters been bap- tize(t? If so, you have been enlisted in Christ's great army; you must be l)ear Conchessa : I am a little boy three years old. My sister Anna is writing for me. Your new member, James Kerrigan. CATIIOLIC NEGLECT OF NEGROES CRITICIZED (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, May 17.--Catholic neg- lect of the Negro population of the United States has permitted Protest- antism to monopolize the field, accord- ling to a pamptflet issued here by the I Catlmlic Board for Work Among the[ I Colored People, which has headquar- I i ters at One Madison avenue. I Here are some of the striking" ['acs set fmh in the pamphlet: There are 250,000 Catholic Negroes in the United States; 4,000,000 Pro- testant. Seventy-five per cent bf the Negro population live in small villages and on farms, and working among these 9,000,000 agricultural laborers the church has just five priests. Proteslant Negroes have 39.430 churches and 36,33!) Sunday schools itl-. 1,45,387 pupils. Their church property is valued at $75,000,000. Protestant Negroes are contribut- ing annually $200,000 to home mis- sions and $100,000 to foreign missions. Americn Catholics are contributing only $50,000 annually to colored ntis- sions here. Negroes are willing converts. In eight large cities where serious work POPE'S RECOGNITION OF CZECHO-SLOVAKIA (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Prague, May 12.--The complete text of the message handed o he Minister of Foreign Affairs of Szechoslovakia by the Papal N.uncio, containing" offi- cial recognition of the new republic by the Pope, and recently received here was as folloxs:,,' "Excellency! It is a great pleasure to me to inform your Exxcelleney, and through your kind offices, the Presi- dent, of the Republic, that I 'was charged by Pope Bene:tict XV upon my arrival in Prague to recognize of- ficially and in his name the Czeeho. slovak Republic as a sovereign and independent state. I feel certain that the government and the noble Czecho- slovak nation will see in this action fresh evidence of the interest felt by His Holiness in the citizens and the religious welfare of the young repub- lis, to which ho presents his best wishes I permit myself to add my own best wishes to this lofty senti- ment, and I ask your Excellency to accept the assurance of my highest respect. "Theodore Valfre De Bonzo, "Archbishop of Trebizond and Apostolic Nuncio." is being clone the few priests are The message was received with bringing more con'verts to the Church, great rejoicing by the Catholics of than three times their number in other ]Prague. fields of Catholic activ ty "in the Unite u ] States. Only in America and' among the Negroes can a priest create a self- supporting parish from converts in his own lifetime. An annual sacrifice of one.third of a cent a year is represented by the American contribution of $50,000 an- nually to the colored home missions. says the pamphlet, which calls upon t'.'.e Catholics of the United States at least to surpass the Protestant Ne- groes in their contributions for home misions. among the colored folk "The Negro has not chosen Pro- ,DEATH OF REV. JAMES MEAGHER (By N. C. W. C. News SelTiee.)' New York, May 21.--A notable fir - ure in the domain of American Cath- olic religious literature ihas passed away with the death of the Rev. James Luke Meagher, D. D., president and founder of the Christian Press Pub- lishing Company and head of the Christian Literary Union. Father Meagher ,as born in Orangan, Tip- perary, lreland, and was brought to America when two years old. He was CATHECHISM. The Second Commandment. What is the second commandment? The second commandment is: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. What does the second commandmen[ oblige us to do? The second commandment obliges word and be willing to fight. "And did the people enlist in His army?" !Many did anti others were willing to iwear the uniform but were not will- ling' to fight, and st) they could not ]join. "Has Jesus still got an army?" Yes, He has "But Jesus is not living on !earth now, so how can He have an proud of your uniform and must fight ordained in 1875 antt in 1894 was sum- bravely, testantism," says the pamphlet, but moned by Cardinal Satolli to estab- "How can we fight the devil?" By tif y years ago Protestantism chose lish a society for the publication and saying your morning and night pray-t!e Negro, and now they have the ldissemination of religious literature. :ers, by going to Mass on Sunday, by whole race. hnmediately after the It was then :ae founded the Christian obeying your parents, by not telling Civil War Protestant denominations Press to publish and translate Cath. lies, hy not stealing, by keeping away chose out of their congregations thou- o ic literature. He was the author of from all sin. You see it is real hard svn(Is of their best young men aml a score of religious works, among fighting and you will have to ask women and sent them into every part them "Truth 'Peaching by Signs and iarmy?" He has some one to take Jesus, your Captain, to make you this place and give orders for Him strong and to help you to win. And   . 'Who is he and where does he live?" oh, how great your reward will be tHis name is Benedict Fifteenth and in Heaven! !be lives in Rome, the capital of "And what is the great army Christ called ?" IChristendom. He was once a little[ It is called the Catholic Church. i boy like one of you, and His name was: . (Brownson.) I James, and when He grew up, he be- ]came a priest and laer a bishop and :when the last bishop of Rome died, 'the officers of Jesus' army met and Ivoted for James to take the place. and his name was then changed to i Benedict, and as there had already :been fore'teen bishops of Rome who had taken the name of Benedict, h '.is called Benedict the Fifteenth. : The priests give orders to the pri- i 'rates, the bishops gve orders to the i priests and the bishop of Rome gives orders to all the other bishops, and so he is called the Father of the 'whole army or the Pope, and his I headquarters are always in Rome. I "Can we enlist in Christ's army, (or we want to save. our souls, too?" Yes, if you get a uniform. What is :the uniform?" Sanctifying grace. ,"How can we get it?" By being bap- clzeti. What s baptism. It is (,[ the coh)red south. The greatc:t need, according to the pamphlet, is fro' more pciests. Au appeal is nmde for every C, ath- of]olic Imrish t,)furnish a voca'ion to the priesthood for this work, educate him anti when ordained give him the mx.essary equipnmnt to .o out into , i,<,me place in the Black Belt with J liO!!ISIANA CATHOLICS [('hrist's message. If this seems too I FOR IMPORTANT REFORMS Inmch, the appeal is made for $200 a year from each parish to support a (By N. C. W. C. News Sere, ice.) it!atholie Sister in the work. New Orleans, May 14.--A bill re - "lf even this surpasses our pirit quirin,," that at leat 48 hours' publicof ' sacrilice," concludes the pamphlet, notice .ha]l be given in advanc( of"let our 15,000,000 Catholics, at the !e issuance ef marriage licenses will I,.,y least, give as much to home mis- ibc introduced in the present session :dons as the 4,000,000 Negro Protest- !of the Louisiana legislatm'e at the in-ianls 'ive." stance (f the Louisiana Federation of i Catholic Societies, which bas just lt'Vl'HOIJ(' ('OMMANDER I concluded its ':eventeenth annual meet- IS DECOI{AEI) :i in thls city. I The Fc:leraton lind previously (By N. C. \\;V. C. News Service.) [rt'.ol)t d a re;'cl;t:on ur:.,'inv tiffs safe- l,ondon, May 18--Lieutenant Colo- ,uvrd for marriage, but as the legisla- t t,u'e was not in session at the time no n(,1 Sit' Edwm:d Bulfin has been decor_ bill could be proposed. It is now in- tended to pre:x, nt 'he measure an(! n'ge its prompt passage. Ceremonies," "The Religions of the Worhl," "The Seven Gates of'Heaven," and '"['he Protestant Churches" REQUIEM FOR ACTORS SAIl) AT ST. I)ATRICK's (By N. C. W. C News Service.) New York, May 17.--Betxeen six hundred artd seven hundred members of the theatrical profession attended the Requiem Mass for deceased actors and actresses celebrated in St. Pat- rite's Cathedral at 11 a. m. yesterday hy the Rev. Martin E. Fahey, the Chaphfin of the Actors Guihi of Ameri- ca. The Mass was followed by a reception and luncheon given at "the Hotel Astor to His Grace the Mos ,l'.evmend Patrick J .Hayes, D. D., 'Archbishop of New York. Addresses were made hv His Grace the Arch- I)b, mp, aml Iy Bramlon Tynan, the president of the Guihl, Thomas Lewis, 'Miss Marie Wainwright, Dorothy Don- nelly,. Wilton Lackaye, Emmet Corri- ated with the Croix de Guerre by the ]gan, John Emerson and Frank Me- President of the French Republic. Col. (;lynn. The Archbisbol) in his ad- Bulfin, who is a native of Rathfana- dress spoke approvingly of the close ham, was educated at S:onyhurst an,l{conneetion that had at all times ex- listed between the Catholic Church and i us to speak 'with reverence of God and something that washes all sin from[ Atttmpts now being made in variou. Trin ty College, Dublin. After join- I States and in Congress to hamper ing the army he saw service in Bin'- the stage and laid special stress upon iiIIIiiIiiiiiilllilllllOf the saints, and of all holy things, 'our souls and clothes them in the, . the [Catholic schools were condemned m man and in the Beer War, and later uniform ot sanctifying grace, You moral benefit which follows the Illllllllllllllllllllll[and to keep our lawful, oaths and , .... ' ce xc at all bo a esolution unanimously adopted by Association wishing, ivoxs. : ', .... e ' rn in original sin,, "" _ .... di.-tinguished himself in the late war. Iclose alliance between the members ". t the Federation Copies oi me resom- ,, .  .... ry b_,,--- ........... ,, ,,,, ...... ,,. [ What ts an oath . i'hecause we are all the children of . , . '. ..' . , lhe late Sr Mark Sykes sanl of Su' of the theatrical professmn and their to be en ,, the sol I An oath is a call ng unon God to Adam and Eve. If they had not been l tmn ee ordered dstbuea among l':(hvard Bulfin that one of the most :,p rt ual guide, Holy Mother Church , , dtsertel and 1 st Imembes of the Lomsmna (mmgamn , them at reasonablel bear wi'ncss to the truth of hat we .... o their uniforms, we, '. ' .. "  mH)ressix., events of the war was to I"(, Actors Guild of America is at:- so u , hould not hax m L ongless and 11e (nam s an(/ ep I I kerv 307 W end St [:a.. . s ' 'e been born deserters! ' . ,..  ' v' , - ,(  im, at the head of his Catholic ccmplishing a great work under the seleet_..s}a' .... ....... ",1 ",,,,.,,,..o I When m'(,y we take an oaih, leithe ,The hole fight ,started this. } c. entattves on the. Congress ona, corn- ,ol, ier,, kneeling in the Chinch" of tdirett' l', ' 't nma'g,e of the Archbsho',' l) , m trees on educatmn r , ' filled We may take an" oath when it is way. Everything as happy and, : ., lhe Holy Sepulchre in Jesalem at of New York and th s ork w(ll soon .... " " " '  )" !4 " I " C lled es of u o}t to te t;noh , ..... !ordered by lawful aumrity or reouired peacelul m heaven, when bout one-I ' g' " PP ' "ihe ,irst midnight Mass said there,,b(, extra,tied to many other parts of , " tlmd of the a lnSs epoval of mnnodesty m xxom , , [][][]I]J]]Jl]IJ]]]HHHH]]]Ifor God s honor or for ou;' own or our "" " ngels suddenly rose up ",.,,. . " s ' ' - , me the ddivery of the Holy City It "e countrv 111111111111111111111111 d " I , r ' { .... neighbor's good. against God. And St. Michael and cn.i dress, and s.t,'ong condemnatmn of ....... ----------= -----------= ..... 1 W  the olte ood I o(,Am and k,nded teachings xee I 0I ,o, " lai i." necessary to make an oath ' " g angels, who were the,:: ..... _ .... , . : ' '] - .  -- " .. -- ,'o I-w  ' ' vmy first soldiers fo"--h" "- Lhe ubject of other resemtions vo,;I, I m a ,u,.. . .., " ug  nem anu .... NOT KNOW? To na ....... , d,oe them out of Heaven ..... Iby the Federation The report of the[ 1 ' C" .......... Ke all oatn Law]ul, ], is neces- " tnen ne' , ," , , ,, [] - IHOLIG CaL "" dt ' ' ,  'committee on puDlic morals (tenouncea ]  " " " 'Vd tried to get Adam and Lye to , , SOUR HOM.E" ---' 1 ......... 'vn,,eem,y ieminine fashions and (ues-I I 2' I ((.se ,..,oo ant join his army, anu' ., ... . . l It II "llilltllllilllllllllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllllll !!my ,lid, and.fflothed, their souls in ",r'h(bi'h:;mffh:::t::':k e to the Fed I I  IIII. , -,- ' " ' 'he oevll S Unllorln, wnicn is sin. I " " ' " '- " '- IHE BOOKEI{Y " And the devils ........ 'er,tien on the nee({ of a larger par-! ' ' . ,  . ,, . are SLlll ngnl;lng .... I * ! OSTOf I ICE  : '   '  ) '  ) s ' , tcpatmn by Cathohcs m pubhc move "" S,Ifetf it:0111 (,Ill! lit(: ! I 0[1[ aga'n:t God ith all their might and '" ' "' .... " Ma,n AL .q 0 " " " " ............ " MANACS l 2 m m merits affecting then fatth He smd ' a , and they cover the whole earth " ' ' ' Calholic should unite to dispel tSe I "the ICE Number ht Depositing Your Savings With the trying to get recruits. And they geflcurrent misconcep'mn of the Chu" ", many men and women and even little ' ch' I t0N00, TAKF S0UTltEI00N TRUST s . CAi00OMI",L Pills COMPAN you not only obtain complete safely Headaches, for your funds and 4 per cent interesl etc. One small p'll compounded Iwice a year, but you also UOse. 25e. All drug- know that your money is readily avail ate. " ahle henever you may require i... Remember that a small amount de- i; Ask for illustrated about the Corona. rap'd and folds Stationerg Co. Rock, Ark. Phone filing cabinets, , 6-1b folding bbys and girls to help them in their tt:aching's *and practices, i I work, for myone. who ties" , to ge" ]n the absence of Mayor. Behrmanll ,:omone! el(. to j:oinis, tieing the:lh, Commi--s)ner. of Finance A G t klevil's work l,icks, delivered the address of wel-  m 'n'' )" ....... " ,,,   - Iccme to the Federation. He said that l Hese are u.e Wo great armies m., . . , , .I ._. _a' :Cathohc nave oone a gl'eat the world--the army of Chrb ,u .. , , .....  , the army of the devil and ever IWOrk wmcn evernonv snoula app'e- i ... , y one . " . ",, ;(,te xmx 'ghly on eartl ts a soldter in one or the " ' " " t o:her. If we do not fight with Christ I we are fighting against Him; we have I (' .RDINAi. O'CONNEI.I,'S (?,ll,"l'. 1 posited regnlarly at fixed interwtl 'o be on one side or the other, there W. ...... will produce far better results than (By N.C. C. News Service.) the infrequent depositing of large! is no third army. Boston, May 10.--Cardinal O'Con-J amounts. "How is baptism given?" Baptism lnell, wi'h a subscription of $5,000, is I is given by pouring water on the head prominent among those who have con-! 00OUTI'tERI00I o00,the person to iae baptized,, and .say-Iltributed to the fmld of $100,000 now! ling at the same time: I baptize being raised here for the establish- l TRUST COMPANY ithee in the name of the Father and ment of a home for destitute Italian ! of the Son and of the Hol Ghost" I i  Y children, The Italian clergy here are And the person baptized must pro- taking great interest in the campaign imise to have nothing to do with the for funds which is eceivin enerous , . . ,, , gg . idevfl and to fight till death for Christ. support from citizens of all rares. Opposite the Postoffiee ] Just as water Washes our bodies, l" __ ..... sol the water of baptism cleanses oar] We should support a paper that de- IIIIIIIihlllHillllll,llmlllHIIHiii i soul from sin. t makes us a child fends our eligion. --When you are in need of ICE, just phone Main 3450, the ICE number. For your convenience, we have five trunk lines, and eight extensions with an opera- tor, to answer your calls prompt- ly.--Just more evidence of the SERVICE we render our friends and patrons. City Delivery Co. R. L. WHALEY, Manager. Ninth and Bond Sts. Phone Main 3450. ,:"\>