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May 22, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 22, 1920

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,,, ,;" _ it S r 2,, PAGE FOUR I Publlahcd Weekly by THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY @f the Diocese of Little Rock $09 WEST SECOND STREET Entered ms second-class matter March 21, 1911, at the postoffice at Little Rock, Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 8. 1879. SUBSCRIPTION "PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR Change of Address When a change of address is desired the subscriber should g/re both the old and the new address. Correpondenee Matter intended for publication in The Guardian should reach us not later than Wednesday morning. Brlef news correspondence is always welcome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cordially _ appreciated. Very Rev. A. Stock&apos;, O. S. B.. D. D .................. Editor-in-Chief Roy. lgdward A. Flannery ......................... Contributing Editor Roy. Geo. H. McDermott ............................. Managing Editor All communications about "The Guardian" ihouid be addressed to the Rev. Geo. H. McDermott. 809 West Second Street. OFFICIAL APPROVAL The Guardian is the official organ of the diosese of Little Rock, and I pray God that it may be an earnest champion in the cause of right. uatice and truth and an ardent defender of .the religion which we BII love so well. I extend to it niy blessing with the sincere hope that its career may be long and prosperous. JOHN B. MORRIS. Biahop of Rock. Little ) IAttle Rock, Ark., May ,.2, 1920. OFFICIAL EPls( OPAL APPOINTMENTS. Sunday, May 23 I'entecos(. l'ontifical Mass at Cathedral. Monday, May 24 Ordination at (,atl,(,d)a], Minor Orders. Tuesday, May 2,) Ordination at (,ath ,- deal. Subdiaconate. Wednesday, May 26 Ordination at Ca-" thedral ; Diaconate. Sunday, May 30 St. Edward's, IAttle Rock, 8:30 a. m. Monday. May 31 to ,June 4 Ch, l'ieal Re- I reat. Friday, June 4 ()r,.lination at NI. ,lohu': Seminary ; Priesthood Friday, June 4----Conmlenemlmnt Exercises at Mr. St. Mary's, P. M. By Order of the Rt. Reverend Bishop. tI. H. WEamE,-Seeretary. O-C Secretary Miwe(lith will become well-deserved IIr the coutnry it' his plan of nmking Alaska ('over the I)resent paper sliortage will prove a success, lie believes that, with wise rel'ot'esta- tion, Alaska will, for all time. furnish two million cords el' lmlpwood amlually, wliieil is about one- lhird (,t' th(, total anmml ('onsuml)ti()n in th(: 1 rnited Slates. O-(I. I'EN7'ECOH7'. When Cardinal Manning was yet a minister (if the Anglican Church a lady of Iris congrega- tion brought to his notice what she considered a strange omission among the topics of his ser- mons." He ot'ten had spoken of God the. Father; the person and work oil Goll the Son had been a frequent burden of his addresses; but somehow God the Holy Ghost, site thought, had been neg- lected. Was He not of:equal importance with ihe Father and the Son? The Archdeacon, like ever)" great man, was amenable to correction. :lie did not say nor tlonk, "Don't I know better than tlfis lay person lmt I am to preacll about?" No, he examined his conseienee as to the truth of the charge pre- J'erred against Ilini, and to his own astonish- merit, he becaine aware thM he really lind not given enough thought to the person and work of the Holy Ghost. lie decided at once to mend Iris theology . involv(d. This course of study h,d him into the Catlmlic Churcli, a hal)py consmn- mation which a correct aplwaisement of the m'ission of the l:loly Ghost is ql)t to In'ing al)out for any well-meaning student. , Christ's mission to the world wasno{ in its ,ffeet but in its actual performance--teml)O- :rary. IIowever, 1)afore lIis departure I[e tohl A:lis apostles that H!e was going to send them His qp]mt, the Paraclete, who would stay with them fl)rev(r and lead them into all truth. A,s God in the beginning ]lad fasllioned tirst tile body of man ()tit of the (;lay of the earth and then breathed an ilnmorial soul, the l)rineiple of life. into him. so Christ. as it were, hall first for:n(,I lhe body of the Church and then as tim <+haice ift of His redeeming love, sent the Holy Spirit to quicken the body of the Church. To the end of time, then, the l:[o]y Spirit was to lie the life lwinciple of the Chureh. And be it noticed here that on Pentecost, wllen file promise ot" Christ saw its fulfilhnent, tlw Holy Ghost descended on the Church as a unit. The wlmle elmrch as it then existed was the joint recilfient of the gift and power from on high. What tim rational soul is to the physical body of lnan, such the Holy Spirit is to the mys- tical body of Christ, the Chureh, permeating and quickening its every part. But as the soul, . . THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1920. though present in the whole body, does not per- form tile same function in every organ--it thinks with the 1)rain, it sees with the eyes. it hears with tile ears, it sl)eaks with the tongue, it works with the hands and s. forth: so tile Iloly SI)irit though present through the wlmle nlystical l)ody, assigns to each member its proper function. '"l?}lere are diversities of <)l)era'iions, lint the same God who worketh all in all." If, then, the lloly Spirit is th(', quickening principh,, of the Ctmrch and if He, according to the I)ronfisc of Christ, is to remain with the Church forever, it follows that whenever the Church has authoritatively spoken throughout the ages, Silo has spokell with tht; authority of the ltofy SpMt who is with her to lead her into all truth. The Church speaking authoritatively cannot lint speak infallilfly because she is the mouth-piece of the tloly Ghost. Therefore a reformation of the doctrine of the Church is as mpossible as it is to correct God. The clmrge that the Church has deviated from the truth is though, we are sure, often unwittingly a blas pliemy against the lh)ly Spirit. This is what Cardinal Manninz r(,alized whel, he stu(lie(1 thl, r(,lation of the l loh Gh()st to the Churcll. S. O-O TIlE LA YMEN'S ORGANIZA7'IO.V. Bishop Morris had no so(mar entered UlJOn his Episcopate than he thouglit of organizing the laymen of the diocese, ile resolved that the strength of (tie Clmrch lies in tile aM'luess ot' (lie greatr, body of its lav metal)era. Bishop and prliests without a well "organized laity are like generals and cal)tains without a disciplined ,ar)nv. llowever, at that tilne the i(lea of lay organization in tile Churclb beyond the pale of ilistinct so('ieties, had not gained sufficient popu- t laritv t0 insllre lhe suc('es$ of our diocesan illovenlellt. Circumstances arc changed now. Tht: war has impressed our l)eople with the trenwndous f(Iree of organizations. Ill,nee th(, i)(,rl)etuati(in ()t; th(' Catholics War Council in till, Na- (ional ('atholic Welfar(, Coun(,il. whM) is at- tempting Ill unify Catholic etT(wl all thr()ugl) the COmltry! The great, organization of lay- in(m, laun(,hed at Chicago May 5, is a niove along that line. [(s aim is not t() anialganiate .xisling so('i(,tJes in(<) ())it, huge so(,iety, lint to i'e(h,rate them int() a league for join( actilm ',vhenev(,r the welfare <if Chur('h and State de- n,anti the )'all), ()1' the conq)act I'())'(.(, oi' the Catll- olie body. Its lmrllOSe, ther(,l'or+,, is in the tirst place tM'ensive. The (',atholic Chur('h may have to (h;l'(,nd its schools, a task she is actually COl> frontc, d with in Michigan. This is a question of religi(ms liberty anti of general authority for t!w, vin(lication of whi(,h we must lie prepared. Should it over come t(i pass which l)ersonalh, w(, a)'(, not im'line(l to l)(,li(,ve--tilat a tvi'annie,l e)ll'()rc(,il)(,)it of l)rohil)ition wouhl jeol)ar(liz,, the I I{olv Sacriliee of Mass, we shoul(l lie prel)ar,'d t() (lefend our rights with eve)'v legitimate Wlqll)O]l. In the s((.OlM place (tie Imyln(,n's ()rga)liza- tim) is to lie also offensive, that is, offensiv(, in the very inoffensive sen,w of attackin arid-oust- ing the evils tllat roll the Church of good mem- l)(.rs, the State of g'(l()(l citizens, anti heave), nt' save(l souls. Said Bishop Schrembs in Chicago, for instalwe: "The adolescent i)oy is one of our biggest I)rol)]('ms. l mean the 1)oy between 15 and 22 years. There must be some national Inovcnlent nlade with r(,,ard t6 th(,se l)o3s an(l I Ji()pe that such a thitg will grow <)ut of this I (rv , , f "l l I r cr,,anization, lhc hntatie plan is to raise $20,000,000 from the twenty million Catholie of the United S(afes. this fund to be used for establisllng a series el' young men's clubs throughout the United Stales similffr 1:(i tho(, of the Young Mml's Christian Association 1)u( with a Catholic "dniOsl)h<,re. The importance I i)l' this offensivv a/ainst (lie dangers that are actually (qlo'ult'injz: our young nl(,n cann()t l>e <,x. a/g'eraled This Imyinen's ()rganizaiion is u,)t a (hi)lg nwr(,l.v to r,,a(l al)()u( mill to applau(1 from a dis- tance: it's a tllin/thal inust engage the l)ra.ti('c,l i:m,.est of i)aslors and th(,ir (.mtgreg'ations. The great idea has s(i fay only 1leon taking root: let i grow i'nt()a Inightv tree covering all the coun- try. While iuiplorill," God's hlessing on it, let t,: lie up anti doing our share 1)otll with a sense ()1' r(,spmlsihili(y m)(I with :4 .])il'it (if sat,rill,,. S. O-O 7'00 MUCH HONOR, MR. LLOYD GEORGE/ near future a campaign of propaganda in favor of this project were launched, Nor is it beyond the sphere of possibilities that this issue may lie o1' paramount intluence on the decisions of the party conventions at San Francisco and Chicago. For the acceptance of the mandate over Armenia is tantamount to a commitment or this country to a pernmnent participation in the regulation of European affairs. This in- deed seenls to be the aim of Lloyd George. Ar- nlenia is the bait on the fishing-rod with which out" people is to be caught. Once.caught we shall have no other alternative but to persist in a policy ilia( will no doubt conjure up a multitude or delicate situations. One thing a ppea's clearer than daylight from this effort of fbisting on us just tiffs mandate over Armenia, viz : the persuasion of the Entente statesmen assembled at San Remo that the American people can easily be duped. British propaganda is confidently expected to eompass its aim. It sounds so touching when Mylord Foxtail assures us '+that Europe is not able to lassumc the bm'den of protecting Armenia with- /out America's help in the role of plenipoten- itiary," as a St. Louis paper of April 30 so Inicely puts it. Why it must just be Armenia over which we are to have a mandate becomes patent from a glimpse at the nmp. Our situa- tion there would be silnilar to that of a Euro- pean power that were to assume the mandate over Arkansas while American powers had re- served to then(selves the mandates over Louis- iana, Mississippi and Texas, all other frontiers being exposed to hostile nations of one sort or another. - No doubt we shouhl have to maintain in Armenia a nfilitary force of at least 25,000 men in order to hold the troublesome neigh- bors--Turks, Russians, Kurds, Georgians in check. Besides, being cut off from the sea, we should be entire!y dependent on the good-will of the Allies, especially Great Britain, which thus would lie in a position of bending, by diplomatic intrigues, our politicians to its wishes. Add to this that tiw Armenians are alto- gether unreliable, cowardly and open to corrup- tion the nlost hated and despised people of Asia Minor whose territory offers no hope of spoils. ]fence the gentlemen who recently en- gaged in l)rivate diplonmey at San Remo tmxe gracioush r 1leon pleased to leave the Ironer of burning their lingers in Armenia to the United States. It was a strange oversight on the part (,I IA()vd Ch, orge (hat, after all, Canada or Aus- tralia "would lmve appreciated the great honor [<)t' (x(,reisin the nmndate ox er Arm(nia. Sinee the lh'itish dominions have seat and voice in the 1 Ix, ague of Nations it is entirely beyond us why not one of them should have tile distinction of meditating ,at Dan and around the lake of Wan, on the vanity of the proje('t that a non-European power-.shouht lie responsil)h for the fate of Armenia! We have so ninny tasks ahead of us in our own country that we shouht not covet the ambi- ti(m ot' bei)g the educator of a people that in- habits a high plateau in tlie Near East. Nor can we say at present what riddles Mexieo may yet have in store for our solution. And does [lnder the above heading Amerika of May May t has a timely editm'ia] which we trans- lat(; for tlie 1)enetit of our readers from the Ger- man of the St. Louis paper. Isn't he a shrewd fellow, Lloyd George, who is now nmldng another effort to foist on us the mandate over Armenia! In doing so he calcu- lates on the sentimentality which is a' distinct. clmracteristic of our people and on those sects { el' our coutnry which are already enthused for the idea that we should assume the sponsorship for Armenia. The latter no doubt expect to de- rive advantages for their work of proselytizing from sueh anarrangement. It :ould" not be srprising ,then, if in the h,ast I)v circular declaration, to xvorhl.. ]lJ li)ston, Doctor (lord,m, one known ('le)'.Tnu'n (mtside to the camlmign f<)r tll, sectarian of the world on gr(mnds that appeal to (,lie conscience. ]lector G()rdon lias 1,ten a friend (if the Catholic uow l its opposition to the collection 1o)' the Slwead of the Protestant sina('k of a too-dec.ideal Ca(holt,' unintentionally, it may lie, voices the Catholic point of view poses a money campaign as one of Christian affiliation. They are gath( lions, perhal)s billions, to spread the ilo(I, and (ql)'is( was soht for thirty .,ih'er ! O-O Carranza is probably having a waiting" for a "one track" train on i.vto,;. Ills best friends are tl i niight be acceptable as a guest of tra(ion, wi(h ,lolin Lin2:gai,  as ! i QUESTION 1Vlml Huol,'. o] lhe Ohl l'eslament [hc I)role.stant Bible? Th(, authorized l'rotestant Scriptures omits in their entirety the Tobias, Judith, Wis(lom, ru('h and Macal)ees. it also onfits chapi(,rs (if the Book of Esth('r and <,he])rers ()t; the B<>ok of l)anM. ll"hy is it that prayers said with are so ellen not a.nawered? Ev(,rv sincere i)rayer is lv, i'hty (o(1. Our lor(l meant every Whell lie said: "Ask and you seek and .you simll find." The ri I)rayers arc said with the condition for a fav(ir l)rovided it be the holy Sonietinles wt, ask l;()r a thing that ( real I)enelit to us though we honest is. \\;\'hell A]nfighty (led refuses to a re(luest II(' is showing Ills ]eve n,ay lie ([uit(, su)'( that our prayers swer(,([ ali(l ill a far l)etter way even hope for. If we pray with the l,osi(ion we will subntit our will to (i(l(l ali(I llUl our trust in Jlis mercy: knowing that lie will do the 1lest ! Ibm" do we ],'n, ou' lhat some of .( rebelled againsl God an<l were casl; W(, km)w it from the revelatimi laine(l in the/ible. "God sphred not that Silin(,d; Ill!( (Mivere(l theiIi hv infernal ropes into tile h)wer hell illelltS, to lie reserve( niito P(,ter. 11-4). "And tile angels (heir l)rinciliality, l)ut forsook their: not the whole history of our evolution point to talion, he hath reserve(l unto the Pacific Ocean, the world ocean of the future?l htsti, lg' chains uf,i t{,e of+ Ita n (hl (Jude, 1 6) Ihele me other " sot our people (hat prepared the mess fort ' , - , . ." t '. , '+ <, , th( tall ill tit ang(ls, ttms(, nlOl( ( l mrope that now eauses a nausea to the peophs[ "' ' . , ,'" c ". , .-, " ' ' '-ufli('(' (in(, x]i() does not aeee)t of the old world. If the ]uropean statesmen ' ..1 were sincere, if they were really intent on uslier-I tl()li of the Bil)le will not credit th, ing in a new era o't' justice alld brotherly love, nn/els, although even he will be !) w,, ,,,icrl,+ hmrt ........ +, +h,; ......... ,G o,,+lt(+ exl)lain llianv of the sinister eft( ........... ;lilisnl A((oldi'ng to Catholic bell' ' .' .... "1 "" % "sailles it were foll ' "- " ' ,,;i ,, ", ,',, '_ to , , , lat((l ,ill th( ane,(is e, OO(i dii(i axe I belie( that tlte m(n who guide the destinies ', ' I ,', ' ,', , "", '' "'   , (}iali(( tel h(,l%tll [h( ]([(,t 01 a (.f'Europ( are aninmtedxxith sineeri%. In the ' ' ' . " ",. ' ".. ' , r dllg('ls IS llOt lOlelgll TO ()Ill lln I hmg run we can do more for Europe if  e keep " ," " "' '" " . . tiiinknlo dil l I  I ". re' ? , f l (11 IO 1 O/le she a!).al t. h oni. the combmatlmis of tliose whose " , g" ' " '- p,'meipal ann stems t(> be wbich of tltenl may " ' ' """ ' "" VOlt]l It) d peal(lOll OI a pllZe su(.eeed in gettihg the largest liar( of the spoil. the angels htsted but a nionient of S. lie doul)t, all intellectual test, one (l-t). ! E,= SIIIlISM. Thaithe worhl is at luirest liot Pveii a blind iilall wouhl deiiy. But is thel'e not all inclina- tion to (,oneed(+ to preselit eonditions all in. quietu(h, w]iich not avail tile actuM cireuln- stances would not alh)w. A priest is confront- eli today I)v what ()tie ntight call a double di- Mnnia. 1t' It(, admits that the times are out of joint an,I liee(I resettilig, lie will be accused ()t: ])(.ing' a p('ssilnist, whoa(, youtli or inipractical st,niinary (raining (lo not prepare him to I)ass try (h(qr faith and eonfidenee in Itot kii()w fh6 precise natllre of tliis tlll'els V]lO relllt/illed faithful into heav(,n ; the reb(,llious stirits nlodiately an(1 irrevo('ably into WDa/Orders of)uns take care H:ber<' are #heir me#her-he,uses, "t qirl 22 ;qears of age e'nter these The Fl'ancis<,an Sisters, 1024 Syracuse, N. Y., have full ctiarge thine aliiOllg the ]e))ers al Molokai,; waiian [shut(Is. A letter inottu,r-llouse at the above a,,dgmont.ili}il!t:ii(1)[iQ !i!ii!;7iiTi{!St'niiiil )i:!Iia(i!il;' '.. Ii' he says that all: ' ,s " ,.. . is.( serene with. "f! "7,r.lilj.(l:)['ell/.;t:"eT/oS'}it t('- Itlluhateve'({ if('n2!ill "' " ' ' '  the ('ou('h('(l in It sillgle SOlitelic(,. Tl:e world is not .Me in a Requiem Mass? s(. I)a(l aft(,r all, and if the l)riests (lo their duty itolsh('vislli all(] tel)its allied th(,r(,lo illaV be J'Ol'-. u'ott(,n. F. NOT .l LI, SE!HqVE. The woHd kiiows I)y this tinie that a e(,rtain l uniber of nell-Catholic ehtlrc]ies have entered (1pOll a propaganda to finance tlieir domestic and foreign needs. In order that we may lie miderstood aright, let us place in the forefront, what niay be considered to b(., the opposition within the fold to the movement that hopes, at Th(, wine us(,(1 in (lie Mass and the water the faitllful. The 1)(-ne(liction which is signified II 3" (.'ross, Ill Iequiel}l Masses the el' the Mass is intended for the eral ceremmfies whicll have a dire( nteaning for the living arc (lie beginning of the Mass the sign of the Cross over the book himselfl at the Offertory the sign over the water is omitted, at the: i the benediction is not imparted ont.