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May 22, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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May 22, 1920

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i:!i, PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1920. .: * * * &apos;, , * *  * , * * * * * * * NOTICE TO TilE CLERGy. * May 12, 1920. * Reverend Dear Eather: * The retreat for the Diocesan * Clergy will begin Monday, May * 31st, and close Friday moiming, * June 4th. The retreat is in- * tended for all the Clergy of the * Diocese, and no one will be ex- * cused, except for very grave * reason, and no permiss:n wi:l * be valid unless it bears my sir- * nature. I can assure you in ad- * vance that it will be very dif- * ficult for any priest of the Die- * cese to secure exemption front = th:s retreat. During the Sundays and days that intervene between now amt * our retreat, will you please to * make a memento in your Mass, * and also have prayers in corn- * men with your people, begging * the Holy Spirit for the graces * ,eature was the vresentation of the * inide': book, little Patricia Ziesler, * the att:'active little daughter of Mr. * Orin Ziesler, being chosen to make * ':he presentation. Games were played, * 'a mock wedding being an amusing in- * cident. A table filled with a collection ':: of b(au:iful gifts for the bride was a * I center feature Refreshments were * I served. * Mitchell-Sutton * Mr. anti Mrs. Joe P. Mitchell, 1214 Summit avenue, announce the engage- *lmenl and approaching' marriage of :/their daughter, Delphine, to Granville ,IH. Sutton, the ceremony to be per- :l formed Saturday, June 5. ] Competitive Examination. , / T'e cmnpetitive examination for the , Mt. St. MatT's Aluminae scholarship , will be hehl at the Convent on Satmr- , day, May 29. The examination will , be in charge of the scholars.hip com- ,mP tee. NEA T WEEK SUNI)AY, MAY 23 .................... - ......... PENTECOST SUNDAY MONI)AY, May 24 ........................................ St. Fidelis, Martyr TUESDAY, MAY 25 ................................. St. Mark, Evangelist WEDNF, SDAY, MAY 26 ......................... EMBER--St. Philip Neri THURSI)AY, MAY 27 ............................... St. Bede, Conf. Doctor HHDAY, MAY 28 ............................ EMBER--St. Augustine, B;. SATURDAY, MAY 29 ........................ EMBEI--St. Restitutus, M. I I)ENTE('()S'I'L, VI" CA'I'll EI)RAI, i* i poutitical High Mass * 10:30 a. m. * at which Papal Benediction will * he imparted by His Lordship the * Right Revercttd Bishop. MT. S'I' MARY'S ACAI)EMY. CITY CItURCH DIRECTORY Hours of Devotion St. Andrew's Cathedral, corner Seventh and Louisiana streets--Sun- days: Masses at 7, 9 and 11 (higb); [evening services at 7:45; First Fri- 'day evening sm,ices at 7:45, Rt. Rev. Men. Thos. V. Tobin, Recto(; Rcv. H. H. Wernke, Assistant. Residence 617 Louisiana street. Phone 3799 Main. '"l'lw Rivals" I'rescnted in Cathedral Hall. * we stand so much in need of. * * You will come provided with * * biretta, cassock and surplice, * and the retreat will take place * a, * at Little Rock Gollege. Ih nefit Dance , . " , i 'The Rivals, an operetta, wa." pre- MI, l H Mmattt and Mt 1 J v . .. '   " "'" '" "]sented by the students of St. Marys Gmo(chm lll Vtvt a dame it thel "" "' ' " "   Academ at the Cathedral hall Friday W. O. W. Hall, 116 1-2 West Secondlcvcning at 8:30 o'clock. A number of st((t I t,t,o, <venmg Ma' 21 fm [ .... " - ' beautiful musmal and xoeal numbers, * With blessing and best the benefit of the Cathedral Aid So- graceful fancy dances and effective * wishes, I am, * cietv, costume and stage effects were pre- ;* Yours sincerely in Christ, * _ ........................... ,, IS * I *  JOHN B. MORR , IML'E'I IN(; OF THE IA)T OWNERS ]" , ...... -- - .... -o k , ..... .................. I 'l'ne colnplete I)roglanl was ;.is lOl- * Bishop ot ItgT, le 1 e o1," (ALVAI{/" ('EIiETEIf, Y I 1 " ..  . ,m, $ .O\\;VS : ()VC' I'I;U re otcnesLl'a ; " [he * ' - ! " ---- I Riv'0s " comic operetta; characters- **., ,. *** *** ***** *!,,,Or I,:,:,;, l;:n,:pg;rin2itenl:tl:f :]:?:'l(,; l,i,t:i:b(!.l.:ll:oli/;llis,;:,G;:dt;;; Z):.- ,. Thomas Lafferty has as her Calvary Cemetery, called a meeting l . ' ', , Z: '  "' ,'," " *' .......... . . " ] t'llle ; IJOIIV ,Yt ISS Lletllan l/UkAlarlne ; guest her aunt, Mrs Maria Ramey, el of the lot x)wners to discuss m-tt'ers ]test Mis i ouic M dmn(y Maud i I .O St!. Texarkana. !,'e]ative to tile improvements of roads 'Miss Olivia Schultz; Mabel, Miss Marie Mrs. J. H Maratta has returned from Searcy where she visited rela- tives. Mr. and Mrs A A. 1)eGuire have re urned from a two weeks visit to ICa'hedral Hall, Monday evening, at Hot Springs. 8:30 p. m., a more complete outline Rev. Father Francis, O. S. B., of-v 1 he given. ],',very lot owner is Dixie, was the guest of Father Mau- urged to l:e present, and to co-operate ;,: every way pessible. Every one I;md other cemetery interests. The ob- Heinl; Ads, Miss Jewel Campbell; Vie- ject is to make the city of their de-ilet, Miss Leiht Flesher; Mrs. Good- Imrted ones a beautiful resting place, ih(.art, Miss l)oreen Cyrier; ahorus, I A g'rdat number were present, and Misses Catherine Clark, Catherine i!n'on'ised 1o give their hearty supporl, t Fein, Aileen Jones, Leila Wein, Anna i tinancial!y and otherwise. In the next tmee'ing, which sill take place at the Eichkfl'''Helen Beardsley, Dolores l;urrow, Ileal rice Higginbotham, Christina Fiehl, Dorothy Hulhollan, Frances Sigman, Catherine Adair, Ruth Sehock, Madeline Steen, Edith Wright; Children's CllOrUS, Misses rus, O. S B, at St. Edward's rectory " iknow tbe necessity and will agree l)orot."y B!ankenship, Elizabeth Cas- his week. ,. ;ha movement is timely. .Let,sin,qli, Helen Johnston, Inez Huddles- - ...... . .... t(,n, l'atricia Zeisler, Margaret Hel- Mrs. F. J. Ginocchio, who has been lUS all get together an, win(ever sa(.-!t,orn" the guest of friends at Cleburne and[rifiees we lmve to, make, remember, . it, 'fne ........... nan was crowuen to ns utmos Dallas, Texas, returned home Satur - is for our own ocar ones woo nave: (lay. g'one but sbouhl not be forgotten. 'capaeitYof tile institution.bY the friends -rod patrons ,M(. J'. C Coughlin, now of l"ort IOItEMIAN I'IHESTS ABSENCE OF CRUCIFIX Smi'h, renewed friendly ties with his many Littla Iocl pals during the week. Mr. Joseph P. Gihnore of 1007 Mc- Ahnont street, is now convalescing at Stl Vincent's, after a successful opera- lien. "Joe" had just put his new paint and oil store at 702 Main street il order when Mr. Appendix called , and forced him to table and I)oard SIIFIeI']I{ GREAT HARI)SItlPS IN HOMES I)EPIA)ItEI) I (By N. C W C. News Service.) (IIy N. C. \\;V C News Service) l'rague, h hLv 15.--Tbe Catholic 1,ondon, May 5.--T:e absence of the priests of lhlhemia are undergoing the lcuciii x in many Cat!mile bomes was , me< extrenlc :ufl'erings. There are idelflore d in a sernlon recently preach- many prieMs who have literally nO!ed by the Rev. Father Darmody in St. underwear ,and only very poor amliPatriek,s Cllurch, Wolverhampton. worn boots and ch)t",es. They are I-'...' "er 1)ormody declared that he ioften in dire need ef food, and in the rowe gave the last rites <>f tile Church .bitter cohl of the mountainous parts 'o a man and that the only picture in are unabel to warm their houses. it+ St Vincent's for a few (lays. A' th( n(stnt moment t sts ate (be room was that of a leading pugil- " " : : ! ""+ " P"e" .... :is( ef the day On another occasion 7-,- I badly needed to combat the schism and , : " Mr and Mrs J . Broyles, of 10221, . , ...... iv, lull-tradic, l portrait of the local .... to ril tv Lne lOYal Cat;noltcs to the - West Eleventh treet, after an ex-1,. ," : . -i football tcanl as the only decoratmn ' , , !Church vet then' activities are crip-of the death ltmbe He futhe de ended southern tour wits lvlr.  ' ' .,  : ....... t - p'ed be(ause the, are sufferin from! " D^. t^...-st+in  elatives while Mr " " g i( arcd tl at a well-to-do lady once sam txti m( hunger and cod Many of the J. F was on business bent, arrived, . , .... - , It() hinl that she wouhl not like to have pillars ie(tlVe only I,'UO glonen IOI : t [++ 't^ k lost week i " +'" "" ' !" " " ' a cvueiiix or il painting of the cruel- '" ................  hei' ammd salary, which is mth " " " " " fixion in Imr drawing rom its it would Inow about 95 (Iollms A suit of' v ' Mr G, eo F. Young who has. been, . , - "' , ' be offenmve to her non-Cat.boc _ c|otnes would cost about 2,600 kronen, "r'- , DelglDOt S very act ve in the Evening School of .... ' 's. Ior more Loan a pmest s salary for tWO ,, ,, the K of C, and very popular wtl) I ,' . . . , _: ....... a ...... I It s 'a sad truth, he concluded, 'ca]'s 2A lUlt(l IS Deltlg i'als(i lit tlllleltt  tlae business and newsnaoer men of ' that there are many Cathohcs still ..... -- of tle Al'iod countries to provide " , ............  ...... l ahamod and afrmd to exhbtt Cath- the clT, y lelT. IaSL Week tor tlrrnlng- ,. . ' '('" v" "' s ' f + ' I IOO(I dn(I CI tiling 1OI ne.e Inucn SU "i "  0 incU " ' ham Ala Mr Young, has been as-, oil( s "rob Is h'st they ' r the re(h- ' " ' I fcllng priests, whose gcanty pitfanee i signed to push on the same activities " l(.ule or rba.drv of non-Ca hohc com- ls now tbveatened by" the proposed i in that city. "" t division of chureit i)roperty brought[ Imnins''' Miss Mary Vogel and Mrs. M. P. [about by the attempted schism. A MODERN M1RACI,E. ! .... , ] ................... \\; flkewmz entertained St. Joseph s ]MEMORI L CHURCH Guild with a social meeting last Tues- { " , .... .... [ Aq A I.I)ER,HO I day evening at the home of Miss! Vogel, 118 West Fourth street. Pro- t (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) gressive pitcit was played. Prizes London, May 17.--Plans for the wore won by Mrs. Walter Koehler !m'oe ion t)f n momm.i..fl ohurh nt A1 md Mrs Annte Mttcell Guests of ....... s:.." [der:bot Camp in honor of all "Cath- the club ere Ms W A Ramey ' ' " : "'" ," ' ' olic officers and men of the army and M M Gudene, Mt and Mrs J q :.. . ,' ". . 's. . "Joyal air force who fell in the war Long, M and Mrs J Weavel, J C I ) , "" ':'" " " " "late now Icing made. A church is sad- MeGuire, and M P Wilkiea'iez Twen-I ,t,  e p p' ' h x' :(led i th. ('am to re lace t e ty memhers were present. !old wooden one ,which has done duty I . - ,:race the Crimean war. The site of Mr. C. F. Moore of Pine Bluff and lthe new dific is in a central position Mr. F. E. Ernstine of Stuttgart Were ;trod the struc'ure will be convenient calling on friends here (luring the it o all unit.. About $15,000 is now in week and registered their interest in i/.an d and it is epected to raise more he Guardian and the Bookery by a than $100,000 for the building. -i)leasinv, call at 309 \\;V. Second i "To i'cel -cxtraordinarily small and Mr. Steplen J. Mullen is resting unimportant is always a wholesome very e':.sily at St. Vincent's Infirmary fceling."--Monsignor Benson. and g-ndually making up his health ......................... schedule. "Steve" gets all the rail- road news from his many fellow work- men on the several roads, who drop in at his bedside for a chat. Mus'cal at St. Edwards. qhe piano and violin pupils of St. ],'dward's \\;viii give a musical orcgram on Monday, May 24th at 8:15 p. m., in their hall on Ninth and Ferry streets. Miscellaneous Shower. Ms Delphine Mit:ell, a June bri(le, was honm'ee at a miscellaneous shower during the past week, tendered her by Miss* Mary Arleen ffones. T.hirty-five guests were present. Dur- ing the evening readings were given by Miss May Baxley. An iteresting The Finest Catholic Prayer-Bo6- My Prayer-Book HAPPINESS IN GOODNESS By Rev. F. X. LASANCE Happiness ! That is the key- note of Father Lasances theme. He teaches by re- cept, poetry, and prayer now to secure the ha]piness which all men see, hut which mistaken search leads so few to find. Imltatlon leather, red edge $1.25 Imitatlon leathr, gold edges . 1.60 Amcr. Seal, limP, gold e.d$ . 2,.25 AT THE BOOKERY The smaller checking accounts are given the most careful detail attention at this bank, where good service is the rule. Behold lhe pretty cotton plant Wittt blo::som white and full! They pick the downy stu and, Io! They make us suits of wool! 'l'ie library of the Vatican was conl- menced 1,433 years ago. It eontain: 0,000 manuscripts, among which are s.-me by I'liny, St. Thomas, St. Charles lhnromeo and many Hebrew, Syrian, Arabian and Aaenian Bibles i i The checking accounts of small businesses Union and Trust Company Second and Louisiana PARIS CABLB. St. Edward's Church, corner Ninth and Sherman streets -- Sundays: iasses at 7, 8:30, 10:30 (high); even- i (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) ing services 7:30; Friday evening ser- l'aris, May (7.--General DeCastel- vces at 7:30. Rey. Maurus Rohner, ]nau has accepted an invitation to ad- O. S. B., Pastor; assistant, Rev. Plus dress the French-American Welfare I Zroysmg, O. S.B.. Kestdence 813 i Center of Pans next Saturday, and, herman. Phone M. 5089. m his letter of acceptance to the Mar- Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Ninth and Marshall--Sundays: Mas- es at 8 and 10 (high). Rev. P. H. Boyle, pastor Residence 1615 W. Ninth. Phone 4411. St. Bartholemcw's Church (colod) Sixteenth and Marshall streets--Sun- clays: Masses, 7:30 and 10:30 (high); evening services at 5:30 Rev. J. J. Steinhauer, S. V. D., Pastor Resi- dence 1615 West Sixteenth street. Pivone M. 2994. St. Patrick's Church, North Little. Rock, Seventh and Cypress streets-- Sundays: Massat 8 and 10 (high); evening ervices at 7:30 Re,'. A. Demur/er, Pastor. Residence 706 )l;ve street. Phone M. 4102. St. Mary's Church, North IAttle Rock, Fifteenth and Moss streets-- undays: Masses at 8 and 10 (high); evening services at 7:80. Rev. Peter arto(lziej, Pastor. Residence Six- teenth and Moss streets. Phone M. 6686. ..................... THE ('HIIR(;It AND LAIOI{ (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) \\;Vasbinffton, 1). C., May 17.--"The ('lmr('h and I,abor" is the title of a !.(,ok which is soon to be issued by the. Na'ional Catholic Welfare Council as 'm autborit-tiw exposition of Cath- eli<. teaclling m the rights and duties quise l)e Chambrun, has declared that he con.i(lers both the French and American character of this work of the very bighest importance and dos- i tined to actlieve great results on be- !half of I>etter relations between the i pceple of both countries. The Welfare Center was formerly be ELoile Club of the. National Ca(h- eli(: Welfare Council, and has been alo,n over by a French committee as an information hureau, reception cen- t(,:' and home for girl students wbo ;re attendinlz Frencb colleges Celentonies in c<mnnemoration of the canonization of Joan of Arc were hehl yesterday in all French churches. On account of the strikes the Gov- c.rnment invited the patriotic leagues Le adjourr their great popular pro- c:s!on w?Ach was to bare gone t.h,mg'h Paris, but all the houses were decorided, an,l people crowde(I the el/urches, especially Notre Dame, where Madame l)eschane], the wife of the President, was a conspicuous figure at Vespers. President Descha- ne] was rellresented by a Major of the M i!itary Horse. Th,' C:,tholic Patriarch officiated at ,the ceremonies in the Church of the M:tdah:ine. Before St. Roch Church, ]w rector imd ordered the rebuilding (,f the fortified gate, near which Joan el Ave was woumled in 1429. In the evening there was a great l illmnination of the city. The Most- !mar(re Basilica flashlighted the entire ,f workers Tho Church's stand wil!i,i|y :lnd suburbs. be presented in the official utterances I of the Popes, no'ably l,eo XIII; by i TtlF, ('HURCH'S PROGRESS. t!l fern/at commentaries of her +heo- legians and by extracis from the pub- Since hih accession to the Papal lic tatements of the hierarchy in Eu-lthrone, Pope Benedict XV has created r,oe and the United States i six new archiepiscopal sees, twenty- Two o'hel similar works on citizen- one episcopal sees, fourteen vicariates :drip and social service are in process al)ot,lhc. he prefectures, one delega- of preparation by the Council's de-Ition, and one pre}ature "nullius." par(men( of social action. Two oamphlets, "Capital and Labor; Meth- PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. ods of Co-operation,' 'and "Bolshevism }  - in Russia an(1 the United States," are l no',v on the ]lres. and will be shortly i ',':'.( v for dis'ribution. NO REVOLUTIONARY STRIKES. DUBLIN I (N. C. W. C. Special Dublin, May 16.--'1he h'ish people for a re the model of the clared to be perfectly Cardinal Logue, Primate previous to his departure attend the ceremonies the beatification of the Oliver Plunket. Cardinal Logue grets that he was lea'ing for the brief period he Rome, and declared that ny there should bring tude to the people of as hope for the glorious Church in Ireland and dren of St. Patrick out the world. lrish Catholics of have been greatly incensed  of threatening letters of their priests. One of! sent to Rev. E. Culligan County Clare, deehued -;(n,enced to (h'a*' by a ,'our martial. The is that the rom a British source and >.d to eft, ate a false imi will have a tendency to "eCinu" ef Catholics and against the Republic. source of tbe missives are sought. Cor, siderahle been aroused by the Cin'mcllte convent at v Dlfltlin, was forcibly Englishman, v!:o corn to give him money. MOI)ERN P)lisb workmen say they t(. have timir wage leering will be made a ft,nse. Now that's the nolnics that gets hind Plain Dealer. Mr. Smart--I give my permanbnt standing armY. Mrs. Dull--Why, don't poor things to sit down? Bishop Kinsman's OF HIS CONVERSION "SALVE MATE "HAIL MOTHER !" "Salve Mater"--"Hail Mother !"--is the the book just published (by Longmans, Co., New York), in which Frederick man, until recently the Protestant Bishop of Delaware, tells the story of his to the Catholic Church. The book was written in the silence and of the woods of Maine, where Dr. Kinsman after publicly resigning his Bishopric, and ing the orders of the Episcopal Church, and munion. Ten days after it was finished--an event the author describes as "the last act of a life ended"--Dr. Kinsman was received into the The Book of the Pr6testantism HUMAN INTEREST STOR Rare Vividness--Exceptional Literary His Return to the Faith of His Fathers th li READ p Ca o cs THIS BOOK Price $2.25 (Net) THE BOOKERY, 309". W ('atluflic Unions Protest Against Them in England. (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) I,ondon, May 18.--Catholic labor or- e.anizations have published protests :uzainst revolutionary strikes, and have sent delegates to the Government L(i give assurance that they will never present demands that are not purely imlustrial. The Minister of Public Works thanked them for their patriotic attitude. None of the Catholic unions I'.vent on strike. u l i )  ...... kLAI) WI,00ITE CUT OUT SEND NOW Date ......................... 1920 :1'!t E III;AIII)IAN 3a9 W. econd Street, Little Reck, Ark. Gentlemen: Enclosed find $ ...................... fc.r. ........... year's subscription to THE GUARDIA N, / Beginning" with ........ ..issue. Mail Same to (Name) .................. .................... (Residence) . . o . . .... ooo......o.o.., o...o. (City) ................................... (State) ............................. Ill I THE (00UARI)IAN IN EVERY HOME I H s