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May 15, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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May 15, 1942

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THE GUARDIAN, MAY ! 5, 1942 PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN PUBLISHED WEEKLY THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY Of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkamsas 3091/a WEST SECOND STREET Ertered as second-class matter March 21, 1911, at the post office at Littl'e Rock, Arkansas, under the Act o Congress of March 8, 1879• SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 the year OFFICIAL D;OCESAN ORGAN The Guardian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock and I pray Got that it may be an earnest, champion of the cause of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope that its career may be long and prosperous. JOHN B. MORRIS, Bishop of Little Rock. EDITOR VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. D. BUSINESS MANAGER All communications about The Guardian must be handled through the Business Manager. and all matters intended for publication shouId reach The Guardian office not later than Tuesday at noon. REVEREND THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST Business and Editorial Office, 809 West 2nd, Telephone 5486 SPONSORS OF SERVICE Picture Service--Knights 0I Columbus of Arkansas Paragould Council, No. 1713 ......................... $12.00 Stuttgaxt-Slovactown Council, No. 2780 12.00 Little Rock Council, No. 812 ........... 22.00 Fort Smith Council, No. 998 ....................... 22.00 Jonesboro Council. No. 1702 ...... 12.00 Pocahontas Council No, 2443 ....................... 17.00 Helena Council No. 1770 .......................... 17.00 Texarkana Council No. 2650 ........... L ................ 17.00 MAY 15, 1942 '7f by liberty of the press, we understand merely the liberty of discussing the propriety ot public measures and political opinions, let us have as much  ot it as you please; but if it means the liberty ot at- tronting, calumniating and detaining one another, I own myselt willing to part with my share ot it when- ever our legislators shall please to alter the law; and shall cbeertully consent to exchange my liberty ot abusing others tor the privilege ot not being abused myself."--Franklin. r, 1 MARY, QUEEN OF HEAVEN "For behold from henceforth all generations shall call me Blessed." Prophetic words, these of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which were uttered on the occasion of her visit to her cousin, St. Elizabeth, after she had received the joyful tidings that she was to become the Mother of the Saviour. And how gloriously this prophecy has been fulfilled can be seen by the honor which has been paid her throughout succeeding generations since these words were uttered. Our Church presents Mary to us as our model, and from its very infancy has encouraged devotion to Mary as the Mother of Jesus. Two months of the year, May and October, are dedicated in a special manner in her honor, and during these months we are urged to meditate on the signal honor which God conferred on her in selecting her to be the Mother of His Own divine Son. May and October, these are the months which we call the months of Mary, and in May, more particular- ly, with the birth of spring we are reminded of a new birth in a spiritual life which we share in a sense through her who was the Mother of Our Saviour and through whom man was re- generated. After devotion to Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, there is no devotion which so attracts the loyal Catholic heart as that which we have for Mary, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus, and our Own Blessed Mother. In this month particularly, the month of May, the children in their innocence, who have such a deep loyalty and love for Mary, crown her with a garland of flowers with a devotion that emphasizes the desire of their pure and innocent little hearts to crown Mary herself were she actually present. It brings us all back in spirit to the days when we too were children and when we like them had so much confidence and affectionate love for the Mother of Christ, and it helps us to realize what a heaven-sent gift her being and wonderful in- fluence has been throughout all our lives. A ,special method of honoring Mary made use of during these two months is that which is known as the Rosary, that Universally loved and widely recited prayer in which we medi- tate on the Mysteries of the life, death, and resurrection of our Saviour. It is a means also by which Catholics render their homage to the Mother of Christ, for while they meditate on the Mysteries, they recite that beautiful prayer, culled from the words by which the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she was to be the Mother of God, and likewise from the inspired words of St. Elizabeth, when she greeted Mary on her visit to her home. Many a nation today owes its strong, firm and deep faith to the practice of this devotion, which even in times of per- secution kept the faith alive in many a Catholic heart. Every Catholic should with a child-like spirit renew during this month of May his allegiance to Mary, his Blessed Mother, and seek her constant help and protection during these days of irreligion when the very name of Christ Himself is held up for mockery and scorn. In times of stress and danger, children run to their mother for protection. We should never forget the part that Mary has played in our redemption and that it was Christ Himself, our Divine Saviour, Who gave her to us as our Mother, and when all seems lost, she it is to whom we should go with confidence in the knowledge that she will not desert us for she is truly, in every sense of the word, our Heavenly Queen and our Mother. A SERIOUS BUSINESS War is upon us, and war is a serious business. The machinery of war is grinding loudly enough to be heard by those who want to hear it; all will soon feel the vibrations of war whether they wish it or not. Rationing for national defense has begun. Americans will be forced to learn the difference between needs and luxuries. Rationing involves self-denial and submission to physical discipline. But this is not enough. We must support this discipline with a discipline of the spirit. Are we morally prepared and willing to make the sacrifices that an all-out war effort demands Do men learn to embrace sacrifice overnight? Have we, as citizens, lived in the delusion that freedom can be divorced from discipline? Let us be sensible enough to admit that we cannot really escape discipline. We may choose, however, between disciplines; a discipline from within freely entered into by our own sense of right, and self- perfection; or a discipline from without inspired by tyrannical forces. Why is our nation troubled today? Why do we live in fear when Americans have insisted on defining freedom as the right to live our own life, the right to acknowledge or reject God, the right to go to church or to stay'at home, the right to minimize the need for discipline in school and so avoid sacri- fice in our daily lives Are we beginning perhaps to realize this fallacy and is our conscience finally catching up with us As a nation we willed to be free from a friendly God; now we must face the danger of enslavement by unfriendly men. We shall not embrace sacrifice and discipline willingly until we learn the meaning of the words. The victory to be achieved is a victory of the spirit. We need a moral cleansing, a moral reawakening to the importance of religion in our lives. C(IUIOIlC I.UIIC[IC( J P.O. BOX 35 Narberth. Pa. i Sterilization What Say We -- All Of Us? Says Robert Owen to William Allen: "All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer". Says the well intentioned but fanatical Eugenist: "This world is getting crowded with mental de- fectives! Save the future gener- ations by sterilizing the unfit!" Says the expert Sociologist: "The idiot and imbecile are segregated. They cannot propagate. The weak- minded are less fertile than normal people and have a shorter life span, and most of them fill their niche anyhow in the world's work. No danger at all from fu- ture defectives". Says the expert Biologist: "We know but little of human heredity; but we do know that 95% of the mental defectives come from nor- mal parents and that sound chil- dren from mentally weak parents are common. We do know that crime and immorality are not in- herited.  We do know that sterili- zation removes neither desire nor power to act, and that to let sterilized, unrestrained delinquents loose in the world would but cause further immorality, insanity and disease". Says the Historian: "If the fanatical Eugenists had had their way in the past, King George of Enland ex-King Alfonso of Encouragement I Hohting God's Hand We ought to go through llfe holding God's hand. There is much suffering that has to be gone through in this life, and it makes all the difference of plea- sure or pain whether we have our hand in God's or not. It will make a joy of even mortification. The Angel Gabriel said to Our Lady, "The Lord is with thee". We ought to make the intention every time we say the Hail Mary of asking our Lord to be with us. Try and Love God Try and love God. He wants us all to be saints. It is our own fault if we are not. In spite of darkness and despondency we must keep on asking Him to be with us. The troubles I have are the troubles He had. For instance, monotony. He was year after year a common carpenter; not even a joiner• Everything He did He did in the hope that we should imitate Him. A Full Heart God judges us not much by details as by the whole, the pur- pose of life. To be drifting, to have no settled aim in life, is unsatisfactory for everyone; work- ing nothing out, ending in nothing. Everyone ought to be living, work- rag, for something. What are you at? The nearer a soul gets to God, the more it loves to dwell on our Lord's human nature. Like a sponge plunged into the ocean, so must you lose yourself in the Sacred Heart of Jesus,' that the waters of love may surround and deluge your soul on every side. The love of God can FILL your heart. :$ We should be very grateful for that most necessary of blessings, namely, a Mother whose heart is always ready to receive her chil- ren, no matter how weak, poor, stupid or repulsive, and how much more must we be thankful for our Mother, Mary, who cannot err or make a mistake, for she is all wis e and has all power with God. After our Lord's ascension He was detached from the best and most necessary things; from His Church and from His Blessed Mother. We must beg Him to Spain, ex-Kaiser William of Ger- many, the late Emperor of Austria and many other famous and bril- liant men and women would never have been born. In fact, there can be found in almost every fam- ily tree mental defectives some- where along the line. And that, dear reader, applies to your fore- bears and ours and to the fore- bears of the Eugenists themselves". Says the Catholic Theologian: "Man, as a person, owns himself and has a lght to all of himself and to the preservation and oper- ation of all of his functions. :But as all men's bodies and souls be- long to God, no one has a right to multilate any part of himself or of ariy other man except when no other provision can be made for the good of the whole body. Therefore---to use the word's of Pope Plus XI: 'this t'heory of eugenics is to be held entirely blameworthy, false and con- demned' ". Says the modern Prophet: "Woe betide the rest of us if Hitler, with his pagan doctrine of race sacred- ness, ever dominates the world! And what of Stalin and his aims at world conquest for Communists only? Beware! for the time may well come when ......... Says Robert Owenski to William Allenoff: "All the world is queer save thee and me, so let's go steril- ize everybody..But, being thou rt a little queer, I'll start right now on thee!" of the Precious Blood, Brooklyn, N. Y. What Is Your Glorious Age? Powerful VYeakness This is the most honored greet- ing in China. "What is your glor- ious age?" If a person ,replies apologetically that he is 6nly 23 or 28 the other comforts him by holding out the hope that he will one day achieve age. To a Chinese the celebration of his fifty-first birthday is some- thing to look forward to; age is so revered, so enviable as the time of wisdom and because he who is old, is SO MUCH CLOSER to joining his worshipful ancestors. It is a beautiful and true view- point, that the OLDER we get, the YOUNGER we get in the spiritual sense, because every day that we grow older, brings us closer .to the SOURCE OF LIFE. Being young is a question of being close to that Source. The closer we are to God', the younger we become. The further away we are from Him, the 61der we become. Monsignor Sheen says: "So true it is that we grow younger as we grow in Divine Love, that the Church calls the day on which the saints die, their birthday birthnatalitia  for on that day, they are born to the perfect life with God. The world celebrates our birthday on the day of our birth to earthly life; the Church celebrates our birthday on the day when we are born to heavenly life." What a change would come over this pagan, sensual, irreligious and sinful world if millions of people could be induced to take up the Christian battle-cry of "O my God, I love You". If God was ready to stay. His avenging Hand over the errmg cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for but ten just souls, who can visualize the blessings and graces to descend' in copious showers upon the world if every- where on' sea, land and in the air millions were constantly chanting the celestial hymn of "O my God, I love YouI" What does our Lord desire but to draw all hearts to the love of His Eternal Father? What does the Blessed Virgin desire but to draw the love of those same hearts to her divine Son, so that He may give us this spirit of detachment, reign over the affections of all It is comparatively easy to be d'e- man? She longs for the triumph tached from exterior things, but of the Cross of Jesus, on which He we must go further, and also 'be offered Himself in sacrifice for the detached from interior •things, Redemption of the world. from lights in prayer, from every-  : v thing but Christ in the soul, and One act of love appears small, His adorable will. trifling and insignificant, but one ::v Try to give pleasure to all those such act opened the closing gates whom the good God sends about of heaven to a repenting thief, you. Never will the endeavor to Saint Dismus. Mary Magdalen came to Christ impelled by a simi- give pleasure to others retard you lar act of love. One act of love in your daily duties. Habit is like the little snow- flake which, falling on the moun- tain, seemed ready tomelt, but, having mingled with other flakes, has helped' to form the avalanche which may soon crush us. can mean salvation: The absence of an act of love at the moment of death could indicate damnation. :$_ The Saints are Saints, because they allowed the Saviour to reign absolutely in them. Q UES TION B OX The Of The Faith Notice---It is important that all questions be signed with the sender's name and COMPLETE address (not initials): otherwise the questions will Powerful not be answered. No names are ever published. Questions which ask for private answer must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The Missions are We invite only honest and worthwhile questions, ink to bring Spiritual Sanity to a World laid violence. Never before How Can A Schismatic Priest needed spiritualaswella al assistance as they di Validly Consecrate The Eucharist? se.t. This then is privilege of those who These priests in heretical religions can validly consecrate because sufferingto offer their they are validly ordained priests, our Lord and to pray The validity of priestly orders depends upon the answer given spread of His Curch. to three questions: (a) Was the ordaining Bishop really a Bishop? (b) Himself has called Did he administer the sacrament of Holy Orders without omitting or has marked them with changing any of the essential elements of the sacramental rite? (c) and pain, so that each Did he have the proper intentions in conferring the sacrament? All may say, as did that three questions demand an affirmative answer. If the answer to sionary, St. Paul, "I any one of them is negative, there can be no question of valid orders, in the sufferings I bear While most of the eastern Orthodox churches are either schismatic sake; and what is or heretical, they do have real bishops who administer Holy Orders sufferings of Christ I in the proper manner and with the my flesh for His body, right intention. The priests of the Why are women permitted to the Church." Eastern Churches therefore are kneel in the sanctuary and re- REMEMBER THE real priests with valid Orders and, eeive Holy Communion there dur- COST SUNDAYMA YI therefore, can,validly., consecrate, ing a Nuptial Mass though they MISSION SUNDAY OF Is a Catholic bound to obey his tre not permitted there even as SICK pastor in all things relating to servers at other times? The Cross Over "A steady stream "of : the Church or only in spiritual The liturgy of the Nuptial Mass through Tanchuk weekly, affairs  affairs 0f the soul? The catechism asks a similar permits the bride and her attend- most daily we have question: "Are we bound to honor ants to be present for the cere- ping at our door. The and obey others than our parents?" mony at the base of the altar the Catholic Church the best drawing And the answer is: "We are bound and they are likewise permitted village. As usual, the to honor and obey our bishops, pastors, magistrates, teachers, and to assist Mass in the sanctuary if week consisted of the other lawful superiors." it follows the nuptial ceremony, young, the blind and the The reason for this answer is Women are not permitted to at- all of whom had come and wide." . :! evident to anyone who considers tend Mass in the sanctuary at These five lines that superiors should be in our other times because the sanctuary from a twenty page reP eyes what they are in the eyes of God. Good order demands that is reserved for the Ministers of the the Maryknoll missions some should command, others Mass. Altar boys take the place the other side of the obey; that some should govern of acolytes (one of the minor or- brief item and only one similar ones in the and others be governed. Some ders), and as such are regarded tells so much in a few govern for the temporal welfare of their subjects and others for as ministers. In fact, by reason of we thought we the spiritual welfare. The Church their office they take preced'ence along. Note well the was founded by Christ to bring in the reception of Holy Corn- tence! The all her members to their ultimate munion over all, even religious little South China end. Hence it is that all spiritual ally refers to the deep authority justly demands from its who receive Communion at the of the CROSS to subjects co-operation in action for altar rail. (Cf. Matters Liturgical Chinese refugee. It the individual and general welfare 102). to him, yes, but even a sign that millions of in things spiritual. The Pope and * * * tians over the breadth the bishops are the established If God is merciful and we sy of China have come to • rulers of the Church, and we owe respect and obedience to them; that He does not want the sin- a sure sign of love, and not only to them, but to all her to be condemned, why doesn't terest in their body a warm welcome for those appointed by them, such as lie forgive the sinners? Why does their troubles. It is a are our pastors. To all so appoint- ed by them over us, we owe re- He condemn them to hell? in the cold darkness of a speet and obedience. Of course, Gbd is not only merciful, but paganism. we must honor all priests because He is also just. His justice de- Merry Mastodoll they are Christ's ambassadors, but mands punishment for sin, just The magazine we owe them no obedience un- as it demands reward for good. this account of what less they be our lawfully appoint- ed superiors. Remember that the sinner rebels beenies inaAfrica:tragedy for two This duty of respect and obedi- against the Creator and by his "They were driving ence extends also to all orders, sins he rejects God nd chooses, fully, for their directions and teachings emanating of his own free Will to be separ- not be put on. The from the lawfully established au- thority, the Pope and bishops (and ated from God. In His mercy, God light fortunately lit up the pastor, who represents the is willing to receive the sinner m the road, casting bishop), and that not only in who repents, but how can He re- shadows and matters strictly spiritual, but ceive the sinner who refuses to hess with strange also in matters that are in any come to God; who chooses to re- ly a fearful roar and way connected with what is spir- ject God? We are given our free froze the blood of the tW0 itual, will to make the choice and God aries in .the car. . . • will not force us. Our merit lies "What had Is there a law of the Church in our free choice, had aecidently driven requiring that a saint's name be , , , of elephants which given to  Catholic child at bap- Drawings of pelicans are used strolling along the high tism? in liturgical symbols. Why is the these huge creatures had incident in the wrolag Canon 761 of the Code of Canon pelican chosen? Law requires that a saint's name If you will notice, the pelican is car and its occuparts be given in baptism. If the par- generally pictured wounding her- been in for a bad tim: ' m 1 u or mabel5 m eats refuse to do so, the p "est se f with her beak in order to .. : ........ ..... goes mooa mls ev rains who baphzes as mstructed to add feed her young with her blood .... ;. , ,, a saint's name to those given By This figure typifies thh at0ne, emea memsewes w._[,, the parents and to enter this nae meat of Our Lord as Redeemer me srange eas 1 ers 1 r o ]no thelr nust wire in the records w'th the oth . r ' and G've f tile Bles.ed Sadra-". " .. • * * "' ment. St Thomas used this sym- or roars_that freed th.e i ,, ,, among mere a greamx- What is meant by detraction? bolim in his Adore Te Devote ........ Detraction is the unjust dam- one of the most beautiful hymns ne omers, navmg around the machine aging of anothers' good name by in honor of the Blessed Sacra- gated it, detached the the revelation of some fault or meat. crime of which the "other is guilty . . . one stroke of its trunt¢. or believed to be guilty by the Which Gentile nation first offl- ing strange hoots and defamer. The detractor's guilt eially adopted the Christian Faith? of it, he hurried off to varies with the extent of the dam- In the beginning of course, the of the band, which drew age done to the other person; if spread of Christianity was due to allowed the motor to that be serious, the detractor is the conversion of individuals way." guilty of mortal sin; if only slight drawn from various nations in the What displeases, then he is guilty of venial sin. East. But while the Church ab- angers God is an The detractor is bound to re- sorbed units from the various Gen- could harm you. It stitution of the defamed person's tile peoples, the first nation which which might stain violated rights. For a just reason officially adopted the Christian re- desire which might one may lawfully divulge another's ligion was that of the Romans. heart, an act offenses but only to prudent per- And this occurred after the Edict health which might sons and for the purpose of aid- of the Emperor Constantine in 313 faculties or destroy ing the guilty person in correcting A. D. granting tolerance to Chris- Never wish, therefore, his faults or in preventing evil to tians, and putting an end to the does not wish. the guilty one or to others, pagan persecutions. Mingle, from time S T R      U T  R U E i tlletemp°ralalms the blessed name of Little'Known Facts For Catholics some tended chord in these souls, that ...... can search it out, and IBy M. |. MURRAY,, maaam bring a little resi ............. air breathed into the apparently dead can store the functions death is Does not God speak moment? He says dure; I am here to can you refuse? He Continue for half an work which wearies you abandon it? a certain thing; and it? Think what kind they see the neighbors. A man "Did you observe the such a man in church, manner of another, of a third". "Yes, he replied, "and I • fervent than usual that God, whilst to my. prayer, the faults of those We are not alws God's presence, but influences all we difficult the task i "//,-"y'/t/OWA form, does it 10 1 DAY' under the watchfulness? If habit makes makes sinners. degrees we are and havin heaven or that of So soon! Do not depart pleasant it is to those who love us.