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May 14, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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May 14, 1943

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iiL , THE GUARDIAN, MAY 14, 1943 , , PAGE FIVE 4utv o Assist No. 25 The Story Of The Bibl ' . '%, . ..... ':... i heclared that it is the duty in the trenches with the men. ..'..: i ., / " - .,',]-.U..Vaanity to cooperate in [ China owes a great debt of J" 'I ..[ '::;4 " . " ' d'ating Japan after the war. lgratitude to the Christian mis- --,'| l/'[ff-' fL' l:l !I[I1 f! " j , 't necessary to disarm them sionaries, in particular to the Ca-  , ! c:i Ybefore were-educate ] the lie nuns who have te n ded the /', V t] */. Ml I -"  ,,.. "J k ' o_ .e added, observing that soldiers "even in the front lines," // , .  I | "  || Uf'.i,-J I _V| [ _,, JbJLJ :l'l ---v, of'- I r "    m i 01]:OUld not lose he,rt" about [Bishop Yu Pin said.   q  ! 'atoes..ewhhaveobeen.ruledl He paid tribute to the work done , t""-1'] ] //Ni -- I'u I Y// " r , I  ;,- -nusopny ior zo cen-lby .the United China Relief, "::_  I  n, m, ] . "!.5,u, . [ partmularly m ra,smg funds to al-  -- ] ,   f{ '.- [', U /..d . hi  1 i. ving a cii " "  ] . . s, ,, , stmcton bet een levmte suffermg due to the crop | r,:'  "- ugh ,:vZid:, ,.. Culture s failure, droughts, floods and other And Rebeo had a brother named Laban, house, and a place for the camels. And come gret: and he hath given him sheep my son: But I answered my master: 0th raoralitT"reli'io'n 'angel "alCsay ers wmcn tnma ass suz- who went out in haste to the  to he brought hin in into his lodging: and and oxen, silver and gold, menservants What if the womn will not come with apay of dona th'as Cul_'=' ....... the well. And when he had seen the he unharnessed the camels and gave and womenservants, camels and asses. _ ,eh w, ,ta , a, ,,h,. .h+ | COncerned'with material- [- '"l:ne wor o me mlssmnares earrings and bracelets in his sister's stray and hay, anad wter to wash his And Sarah my master' wife hath borne "" .f".-'-' '.- -' . "...' '" ,, lr0graras ,, [nas .oeen very mpormn z n mare- hands, and had heard all that she re- feet, and the feet of the men that were my master a son in her old age, and he A warn, Will sena nm ange t wnm nee, alnlng morale, ne staea uue ,  Will h:. ....... ^_ ..^ [. " ......... ;.. lated, saying: ThU and thus the man come with him. And bread wa set hath given him ale that he had. And and will direot thy w: an thou shalt d belie..: "f=. w=,-= w,=,..,= I xo mem, ne znenasmp. eween spoke to me: he came to the man who berore him. But he said: I will not eat, my master made me swear saying: Thou take a wife for my son of my own kin- (j y m ann pracuces [ China and me unites tates was stood by the camels, and near to the till I tell my message, He answered him: shalt not take a wife for my son of the dred, and of my father's house. But thou L'orlocd of man and the ]very strong eve n before tle. ar- spring of water, and said to him: rome Speak. And he said: I am the servant Chanaanites, in whose land I dwell: But shalt be clear from my cure, when thou Akl. . ,-,vu, ,,vp u[nvm or me American .Solme. in, thou blessed of the Lord: why stand- of Abraham: And the Lord hath blessed thou shalt go to my father's house, and shalt come to my kindred, if they will , Because of the work o me ms e o ''r..61 Yu Pin has crossed th [sionaries there is a ool rospec st th u without? I have prepared the my master wonderfully, and he is be- shalt take a wife of my own kindred for . not give thee one. !lnaafl Pacific oceans eig [of Christianity spreaing Pll over it is possible he will come back :)IK)A V|r%] ]"m.=]'.*,....,,|.,, I Car-] I-I..ol--.r'o [the Cardinal's tomb in Westmid- z flew over four war-IChina " shellshocked or permanently trip- g'-lqKZ'%%Jrlk, &%,,#,t I. L,uL$otggtl  ...... o,.  I ster Cathedral Jhtmoenn " to reach the.Unit-] ...... i:_ -- pled. These are sad reflectns, (Continued from page 4) ] r,_ ,.,.IM.  [ Death Mask Taken ] A ctholio  reporter who -,. ? ms presen visit. I b:TbIINAI vu, .neven.eie, m.e.y, energy and great will power for[ L;;I 9 tuu:;llt .g [ IL-- 'IP--L !2__. [saw the mask writes "The pre- l4:'.to .a question about the [ s.--.A. . .. .. on*aere.^.n me lgnt his beloved La Salette community. [ l...s__&L__. rs__ ] a-ur auasu m:||lsy /detain.ant impression  that death, ,-tussm in the post-war I (Continues zrom page 'D ,, , v,,v= u ..u.?rr.. ,,,= BOLIVIAN WELCOME I l-FltllUUU 9 i./l ] London. {E)A death mask has l wnen l came, was wemome. Tnere "-'EL' "'e isho-- said" "I have' alone He did not finish his are omer possimuties in connec- I . .. ' -  ........... [is about the lips a whimsical half- b P e York () The seam of oeen token oi 11.15 mmence tarct - 'Lfe, ' in that country so I /schooiing before he entered the t!on ,with military duties, in war News has just been receivel / N w _ . = _ _ . ] ........................ " I smile that tells of a willing laying .J:rora expressing an ouin-lservice; in all probability, he will ume, too aepressing to conjure that Bishop Escalante and theGeorge octgers woos, mpiscopat-  anaz un,uy w,tu a vmw eo ae | down of a burden after a long ,,'uver, I will say thatthe ]not continue his studies after re- up here. I Maryknoll priests and sisters who/inn Dean of Dallas, Tex., until he I malting of an effigy to surmount effort." i:t tions are fighting for / turning. Then, what can he do to Mentioning roses and moonlight, - " .... / the C.atho " C ' I . .t reed .... 9 . . are to labor m the Vicarmte of jomed ......... lie _hurcn in ll , ores and religion is,support his wife. He may have we may be reclined to think that ......... ................... I aose t'anao, l:lOllVla receives a warm| t$,L, occaslonea seep egrc xa 7?Sl freedoms. If Rus-[had a little job when he heeded perhaps, some of our brave boys . . y,"aCere, she fights for that / his country's call. Will he get will be forced, in order to make welcome from the Bolivian hier- this archdiocese. t. ,* ] lr e ' , 00 ,, h In rof he wa 55 ears ;, ,. I hope she does. work after it is all over? God a "v" g, to consider the rosy p - archy and government officials. Mr. Wood, w s y l00atlonal an or Lommer e sa me morale of the Chin- [forbid that this should happen, but its of the moonshine business, as ,r e difficuities confrontin,, this old died of a heart attack at St i C_ {0._ .. h ppened after the first World ......... . ^ . ,,. .... Ke,,,ort  j of El Dorado, Arkansas :alton Sarah Yarbrough L ao wDUarsing.prhjbit.afat ld t:;Pa;:et:::o e =m'oly;ng w"ere le"ld beeVstdying t' , .... . . n in enter the Cath hc p esthooa. lvlem er 1. 12. [. WALTON FLOWER SHOP - still He appeared before the swamp and gle count, - ..... " ordin "Ion Bantist--urch .... n court, and the judge asked him habited by some 30,000 people ermsngn::Y r by athe ....... r p   urc his name t;om mngmg Dm'v -in " most of whom are indians. Most Rev Francis Spellman, RKASA " ......... ,Joolhua zs my name, Jufidsate The territory is practically mac- Archb,shop of New York. , ,,  : n, maraca me nag s , ,  FLOWEKS FOR ALL OdASIONS fa,+i,,,lv ,,,, ...... *h, x,hna cessible except by plane over the Widely known and respected .., ,.  ,W .e-,' ' o::. "; Andes mountains from the Pacific throughout the Southwest, Mr. " = ' m t'esuns'{ans',;" ........... Coast or along thousands of miles Wood had shown .an interest .in  e. ., . :  i .......... ,, . of river travel along the Amazon mmgs camolic wnne szm a mm, | hA .alnrlhr I .lamh, i "amnnnL ,IF . zo mr, ross, vr. ouage, me m +he Atlantic seaboard ister of the Episcopal Church He  ,, ,l,,,,va --aa,a waaalaay 0!| : [Afro-.American quickly .re. plied, However there is consolation In made annual personal contrlbu- , ........... -,, n ] ,1 ain't dosnua wno mane me sun the fact that Bishbp Escalante tions to a Catholic orphanage in " Home ot uperior Building Materials " L  LO[ MCY lsmnd osnua wno mane brings a wealth of mission ex- Dallas and with the permission of 0 -vmr-tmwv mm mrm --u me moon stone 1 bors his E sco allan B,sho arran ed :' " . . ' perience to his new field of a P" P " P, g Chamagnolle St. at MoP Tracks  -- -- v u-1-- V u H-Iu. ----m-- u B [ So, it s qulte possible that some since he has already marked up to have a group of candidates for r , .#,.I r . .. , . ,, . [of our military newlyweds, when ten years of missionary work in social service work trained in Ca- ,, ........ , ....  rF$crlplon peClallSt$ ]they find the glory gone after they Canhukuo !tholic institutions, rnone o r uao, rgamms rhone oo  _ - - ]return home, and can discover no - . Four years ago he came here to &. ........... a,ctr,,r r_,,, ,n, [visible means of support for their happiness. There are zoo many see the Rev Geor=e B Ford -as- mu [] , mmmmmumm m n IN m t  l%lrl 'wl"llllSlvll g-glJllr- UI " " s emer encies " " ' " wann.,avr/ rnu,- ou, lyoung spouses, will be dnvert to needs and want and g r of r'-,,us f'hristl Church and II I I I In " .3[ .... I make the moon shine in order to in the average man's existence Catholic" c'*'ha-l'ain of Columbia r .... l light up the desperate nights of that cannot be taken care of, fed V o he had met s El Dorado, Arkansas 00niversity wh m El Dorado Od Mdls And El Dorado, Arkansas want. A marriage that is based solely on so-called love, without at least some material security for the future, cannot spell much lasting r III and stimulated by love alone, through a mutual friend. Privations may be endured for a He discussed his spiritual prob- while, but they will not do as a lems with Father Ford and enter- steady diet "until ceath do us part." I II THE REXALL DRUG STORE Rexall Service Drug Store PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS EL DORADO, ARKANSAS Your Credit It Pleases Us Is Good To Please You El Dorado, Ark. Texarkana, U.S.A. Camden, Ark. N. CrosseR, Ark.--Springhill, La. WATCH THE SHILLING TRUCKS GO BY BULLION Insurance Service Fire and Casualty Insurance Service and Protection E l Dorado, Arkansas ed into lengthy correspondence with him. In 1941, he made. his decision to join the Catholic Church and resigned his position in the Episcopal ministry. He came here in the last summer of 1941 and went into retreat at Portsmouth Priory. After the retreat he stayed for a few days with Father Ford be- fore going to the Benediction Priory where his death occurred. A Requiem Mass was celebrated for him in the parish church at St. Clair, Pa., where his only sur- vivor, Mrs. Charlotte C. Geiger, an aunt, resides. Expressions of regret at Mr. Wood's death came from the Most Rev. J. Francis A. McIntyre, Aux- iliary Bishop of New York, by Father Ford and by the Rev. John J. Hartigan, l'esident of Cathe- dral College, Archdiocesan Prep- aratory Seminary. The Holy Bible No. 1 No. g No. Douay Version Size 5 5/8 x 8 inches, 1300 pages Contains 14 maps of the Holy Land and 4 page family records. Bindings number 3, 4, 5, and 6 also contain 32 pictures of biblical events. Supplementary Features A.A double index. BIndul- gence prayers before and after reading The Holy Bible, and data regarding indulgences granted for the reading of the Sacred Scrip- tures. C.An historical and chron- ological Table of Events in the Old and New Testaments. D.--A table of the Epistles and Gospels as read in the Pulpit each Sunday. Variety of Bindings No. 1--Cloth, stiff cover, blind stamp and cross, red edges ............. $2.150 No. 2Morrokette, flexible, blind stamp, red edges .......... : ...... l.S No. 3.Monkette, flexible, sold red under gold edges No. '4,-Amerln Seal Loather, gold title, red under gold ed ................... = ........ No. S.Levant Grln Loather, Y Gold title, red under gold No. B--Morocco, leether lined, flexible, sold title, red under gold edges $11.00 Order from The Guardian RANDOLPH HOTEL Randolph James, Manager Fertilizer Company El Dorado, Arkansas " Manufacturers  COTTON SEED PRODUCTS AND FERTILIZER EL DORADO, ARKANSAS IIIII I I II I I II I GARRETT HOTEL ROY DEERE, Manager EL DORADO, ARKANSAS URBANA LUMBER Manufacturers of Yellow Pine-Hardware Lumber BRUCE ANTHONY, Mgr. URBANA ARKANSAS ALL PINE KILN DRIED