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May 13, 1922     Arkansas Catholic
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May 13, 1922

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FAGESLX # THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1922. Tha Annual Convention Gathers Arkansas Knights of Columbus To Forward Catholic Activities (Continued from page 1) is paternalism. We find it insinuating itself in every department of the exec- utive and legislative government, and, if it can, may tinge even the judiciary. It is the one great danger we must provide against, if we are to perpe- tuate the constitutional democracy of a Jefferson, who wrote out the Amer- ican Magus Charta in terms direct and simple, to this purpose, that all citizens of these United States should have the inelienable right for the pro- tection of life and property and the pursuit of happiness. This is the sole purpose of the constitution, and when our politicians, who are not always statesmen, go beyond Jeffersonian principles and encumber democracy with paternalism, then indeed has America to watch out. Sentiment and FLacidity. Heed should also be ours in allow- ing the encroach of a feministic ele- ment of sentiment  and flacidity to weave itself into the deliberations and the enactments of our lawmakers. The Bishop would not deny womanhood one iota of its honor, rights and priv- ileges, but he sees nothing good in her, who should be the pride and the adornment of her own home, gadding about the land, busy" unto nausea, planning fads and fancies for the homes of others. "Call it old-fashioned if you will," declared the Bishop, but I would not like to picture my dear mother, if she Was alive, leave the home to canvass for this or that party or policy and on election day share with men the , political fever of the ballot box. No, I would not like it, and t am very sure she would never do it. Nor do I deem it of woman's sphere." Grandest of Nations. "This is a great nation, the grand- , I eat nation under Gods blessed sun. None other assures the Church of that 1 inherent freedom, which for over l three centuries it has enjoyed, pro- 4 grcssive in numbers and in strength. As Catholics, we have much to be thankful for and we have a consist- ent pride too in this gratitude of ours, for this nation and the Catholic Church are mutually possessed of an American heritage, handed down to them by the early founders of the re- public several of hom were as Cath- olic as they were brave, patriotic and self-sacrificing. As Catholics we have reason to be proud of our true Amer- ican forbears." Historical Facts. On occasions such as this, the Bish- op held it as not assuming when he brought to the minds of Catholics and their non-Catholic friends, some few historical facts, that link the deeds of Catholics with the pioneer days of America's settlement and the birth and infancy of its republican in- stitutions. Passing over the centuries of Catholic discovery and exploration, e alluded to the first signal note of rue democracy, when Lord Balti- more of religious freedom fame, gave voice to liberty's first great slogan, "No taxation without representation," the slogan which finally gave to us Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga, Valley Forge and York- town, the slogan that unfurled the Stars and Stripes among the flagslof nations. No Benedict Arnolds. We cherish every uttered word of George Washington, the Father of our country. General Washington had this to say to some of his.officers, who would criticise him for even fair- ness to the Catholic soldiers of the Revolutionary Army. This magnani- mous commander-in-chief, replied, "We have found no Benedict Arnolds among the Catholic soldiers of our army." Capt. Jack Barry. PROPAGATION HAS ARCHBISHOP FOR CENTENNIAL GUEST Banquet in New York Marks 100th Anniversary of the Society. New York, May 6.--The one hun- dreth anniversary of the foundation of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith was celebrated on Wed- nesday at the American headquarter, 343 Lexington avenue, with a ban- quet tendered to Archbishop Hayes and a number of priminent ecclesias- tics by Msgr. Freri, the national di- rector. Among those invited to meet His Grace at the banquet were Aux- iliary Bishop Dunn of New York; Msgr. Glavin of Albany; Msgr. Mc- Glinchey of Boston; Msgr. Cantwell of Perth Amboy; Dr. Carrigan and the Roy. T. J. McKay of Philadel- phia; the Rev. T. J. Leonard, Roy. J. A. Murphy, Rev. J. M. Hilpert of Brooklyn and Dr. Bruneau of Balti- more. An Unobtrusive Work. In the course o his remarks be- fore introducing the speakers Msgr. Freri said: "The Propagation has always con- ducted its work and solicited the charity of the Faithful in a most un- obstrusive manner. With blatant methods it might have collecter more money but would it have accomplish- ed greater results? I doubt it, as I believe that tle only money which will further the establishment of the Kingdom of God is that which comes from a purely spiritua' motive. I am confirmed in this belief by compar- ing the wonderful results obtained by our missionaries, with the miserable means at their disposal, with those of their Protestant neighbors with teir millions. Anything in the form of speeding the acquisition of funds by less worthy appeals, either to hu- to the interest of folk God's The immortal Captain Jack Barry, the accredited "father of the Amer- ican navy," as loyal to the Catholic Church as he was to the emblem of liberty floating from the mast-hed I of his dreaded ship, the Efllngham I was sought by British agents to al- t low of the capture of his ship and its t peaceful surrender for the tempting remuneration of 100,000 pounds sterl- ing. Historical archives now hold Captain Jack Iarry's answer to the British emissaries. All the Irish in him was stirred as he bawled out, "Go tell your King of England, George, the Third, that there is not gold enough in all England to make Jack Barry lower his flag." And so it is, concluded the Bishop, that it is well for us, from time to time, to dig into history and gather CHOIR MASTER AND ORGANISTS GATHER AT ROCHESTER, N. Y. girl is the question of the hour. It I is the secret of power and influence, not in a physical sense or in wealth, but in mental condition and develop- ment. This is not only the spiritual, f|T . . w. . [ws SEtvlC|) Rochester, N. Y., May 4.-=-The first Ibut social opportt;nity for the child. annual convention of the Society of The average American is willing to be St. Gregory of America opened yes- show and to learn. terday morning with a Pontifical high I "Children leaving the seventh grade Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The l with their parents' permission now St. Gregory Society is composed of Imay be able to earn a few dollars, but Catholic organists and choirmasterslthe day will come when they will shed and others interested in the advance- / tears as they see their fellows going meat of Church nmsic, having as its/u p while they remain behind. I plead object the promotion of Church music: guilty to my love of the child. Give according to the Decree Motu Pro-me the child ,teach him the principles prio of the late Pope Plus X. A large of Jesus Christ, and give him a good number of delegates, both of the secular training and he will be the clergy and laity, from various points man of worth tomorrow." in the United States and Canada were present at the Convention, PROFITEERS FLAYED which is being held in Rochester at BY DR. BELFORD AT BIG the invitation of Bishop Thomas F. BROOKLYN GATHERING Hickey. Bishop Hickey was the celebrant " '" '" "" ' """c" of the Pontifical Mass Wednesday New York, May 8.--A scathing de- morning, and the music at the Mass, nunciation of profiteers and a plea for ,, ,, which was of the sort that the Society a moral quarantme whereby per- is aiming to promote, was sung by sons driven from their own country a triple choir and the congregation, because of moral 'depravity or hat- These choirs were made up of the red of law and government would be Schola Cantorum of the Students of St. Bernard's Seminary, the Boys and Men's Choir of the Cathedral and 500 Cathedral school children. Most Rev. Edward J. Hanna, Arch- bishop of San Francisco, and former- the auspices of the Brooklyn Citizens ly of Rochester, was present, and in Patriotic Celebration Committee in his sermon at the close of the Mass, Prospect Park. Bishop Hickey took the opportunity "We are all suffering from the ex- to welcome His Grace to the sessions orbitant demands of those who have of the Society. made us pay so much for the food After the Mass the delegates met ithat we cat and for the clothing that at the Hotel Rochester, when Papers i we wear that the word 'profiteer' has were read by Rev. James A. Boy!an,]come to have a sinister meaning that of St. Charles Seminary of Over- brings out contempt in the heart of brook, Pa., and Nicola A. Montani, of every true American," said Dr. Bed Philadelphia, editor of "The Catholic i ford. All around us m our country i Choirmaster," and conductor of the ithere are men, and most of them were Palestrina Choir of Baltimore. In the:not born in this country and most of GRAND MASTER MASON DENOUNCES KU KLUX Wants No Klansmen Admitted to Masonic Order. San Francisco, May 10.Dr. Sam- uel E. Burke, grand master of the California jurisdiction of the Masonic order, notified all members of the or- der in California that the Ku Klux Klan tenets were inimical to the tc- eta of true Americanism and Mason- ry, and that Klansmen have no place i within the Masonic organization. Dr. Burke holds jurisdiction also over Masonry in the Hawaiian Islands. "F-0--R'DISABLED SERVICE MEN. New York, May .--More than $250,000 was expended by the Knights of Columbus during the month of March on their hospitalization work for disabled ex-service men. The work comprised activities in 303 hos- pitals, 142 in the Eastern-Northeast- ern Department, 30 in the Southeast-I prevented from entering the United ern, 62 in the Central, 28 in the Mid- West and 41 in the Western. A per- States marked the address made by sonnel of 127 K. of C. secretaries ex- the Rev. John L. Bedford, rector of the Church of the Nativity, at the Iperienced in war work is engaged in I the hospital activities. Americanization meeting held under The K. of" C. work consists of dis- tribution of free creature comforts, of motion picture, vaudeville and athletic entertainment and recreation and of afternoon the delegates met at Naz-Ithem have absolutely no regard for areth Academy on Lake Avenue for this country, who are responsible for lectures and discussions on topics con- the exorbitant rents that we are cerned with liturgical music. At 8 obliged to pay. Every time they get therefrom the story of men and deeds o'clock a concert of sacred music was an opportunity they raise the rent llntil:ay :k]Titete.dsWits h ::,enen: held in the auditorium of Nazareth they look f&" that opportunity in the y Academy under the auspices of the learly morning and they lie awake at and Catholics. They instill an honest lGuild of Organists and Choir Direct-lnight to find it. They have no regard pride and they inspirit us to endeavorl ors of Rochester The large hall was for the widow or for her children. to be all worthy, of the great heritage ] crowded to hear the program. They have absolutely no regard for that is ours as American citizens,]  [the sick man. They demand the very Knights of Columbus and as Catho-ISHOULD SACRIFICE FOR last dollar that that man can earn, lice, loyal and true to God and our I HIGHER EDUCATION OF beg, borrow or steal, in order that peerless nation, t BOYS SAYS ARCHBISHOP they may line their own pockets and Baltimore, May 8.--A warning that "the foreigner will possess the land" unless parents and guardians are will- ing to deprive themselves fo the higher education of their children was sounded by the Most Rev. Michael J. Curley, Archbish6p f Baltimore, who" confirmed a class of five hundred children at Highlandtown yesterday. "It is the foreigners who are tak- ing advantage not only of our pri- mary schools, but our high schools," said Archbishop Curley. "Real for- eigners will possess the land' because they are giving their children the ed- ucational opportunities of the coun- try. There are many of our children who are leaving schools in the sev- enth grade so that they may cam a few dollars. I believe the American father and mother should sacrifice themselves to allow their children to enter high school, and take the higher educational courses. "I have great admiration for the Jews of this country because of this. I admire especially the great Jewish desire for higher education. I know the majority of the men in the Col- lege of the City of New York are Jews. Unless our children be given a higher education, they will always be 'hewers of wood and drawers of wa- ter.' This higher education they must have to step higher. "Higher education for the boy and "Pep Talks." Short and snappy talks by State Deputy J. P. Hopkins, District Dep- uty Will O'Shea and Grand Knight Geo. W. Gilmore of Little Rock Coun- ci brought an end to the splendid banquet feature of the "convention. Dancing was enjoyed by a large party until midnight. Convention Business. State Secretary L. J. Cecil, Fort Smith, for the next issue of The Guardian, will submit a detailed re- port of the acts and resolves of the delegates at the convention, with the list of officials electecl and appointed. work, and, ff there is one thing more than another for which this orgam- zatmn is to be valued ,it is that it has always placed above all the spiritual character of its undertakings. "In these one hundred years the Propagation has collected $100,000,00. This sum may not loom large in these days when we hear of billions and may soon hear of trillions, Out dur- ing the century just completed, the value of money has greatly changed and the humble beginnings of the so- ciety must be remembered. The Archbishop's Commendation. Archbishop Hayes, who expressed his pleasure at the opportunity af- forded to say something in apprecia- tion of the work of the Society, con- tinued: "I do not forget on an occasion of this kind the higCl regard with which my illustrious predecessor, Archbish- op Hughes, held the Propagation of the Faith. When he undertook the charge of the struggling diocese of New York he found the means at his disposal entirely inadequate and you know that he went to France and even to Mexico in order to obtain funds sufficient to give the Church in New York a start. This fact alone should make the people of thit grand Archdiocese mindful of the services rendered by the Propagation of the Faith in those early years of struggle for existence. "The late Cardinal Farley loved the Society,,not only when he was raised to his xalted position but also when he was simply Vicar General of the Diocese. I remember he used to talk to me and frequently expressed his sorrow that the Propagation of the Falth was not better known and its work more effective. As Archbishop he used his position to further his de- sires for the success of the Society and to put it on a firm basis. I may also assure you that the Propagation will always be loved and welcomed in this Archdiocese of New York and will always have a home here." get the very highest income out of the wretched quarters they rent out as a palatial flat or a palatial apart- ment." CHAPLAIN CHIDWICK MADE A PASTOR lIT {. I. I. Eli I11I1) New York, May 8.--The Right Rev. Monsignor John P. Chidwick, who was chapluin of the battleship Maine when that vessel was blown up in Havana harbor, has been appointed rector of St. Agnes' Church in this city, to succeed the late Monsigner Henry A. Brann. For the past twelve years, Monsignor Chidwick has been presi- dent of St. Joseph's Seminary, Dun- woodi. He was born in New York and educated at Manhattan College here, and St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy. PRIEST SETTLES ST. LOUIS STRIKE 1111 I. I. |. I. llll lllllllll St. Louis, May 8.--The Rev. Tim- othy Dempsey, famed nationally as an arbitrator in labor disputes ,set- tlcd his thirty-ninth strike here last week, when he brought to an end the deadlock between the union carpen- ters and the Master Builders' Asso- ciation ,thereby permitting work to begin on a $15,000,000 building pro- gram. The deadlock had lasted for several weeks. THE JESUITS 1534-1921 By T. J. CAMPBELL, S.J. --XX First and Only Real History of this Order in English by One of 'rhem.qelves. Over 3 0 0 0 Copies ordered before publication. XX Popular EditioL hi mm volume, ,50 papa, Jlaz, in q  Vellum Clerk binding, yu Vlb, aatique Imlmr, extra cltk, gilt top .............. 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By adopting the deecriptive form of I tag both abstract diecuumn and polmiea heLives his. book an interest which, should make it very popmar. y eonvert o eLurn of the beauties of our ceremonial, the book will be BOOKERY-309 WESTS00M)-BO0 KER ,,. Ij'1"It,II lock ,.