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May 10, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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May 10, 1930

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,t IT 'a than Catholic am Catholic literature avoa large circulation, as every One I~lay ha~'e every 8dms:edlng which instructs , and strengthens and s the Christian virtues. --BENEDICTUS PP. XV, Perpetual ]i Pope Leo XIII. ]i "The Guardian in *'e~a'7 ~i [ THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK, ARK., MAY 10, 1930 No. 32 i A I . Car Inspector, TreB:tonY~oU.?TnKMR?yE~ER Island Magazine Rto Rev. Philip R. McDevitt of Harrisburg Re- ]l Everyone asks himself at some time, "What is the supreme good of [[ _:--___ A_ U_ ~ r r~ r~ - " . * w - " ' " ,'- v ' - . ...... neaa or tress uepartment ana is t Or ~', * ~ r,_J_t __ ._ f, __L ___ IIlife. The answer is 1.o e'Love is:the most precious ~ning in ~ne ,t _ _ I rrlenls IJatner to ree film " ", , -.| . I"~ o. ,. o . ~ [Iworld.It is the bond that holds human~socmt3 together. There are va-[1 ceeded by Rt. Rev. Hugh C. Boyle, ~ and non-~amoncs ~ome to lxenew II rious shades: and degrees of love, but the greatest is Mother love. I D.D. of Pittsbu- h | i * * * A nother's love follows her child:from birth to the grave Her ~ "~* ntance and Frmndship at Nahve II .......... : It ,. ~l?t ~T ,,-~a ~ r~ ,. . , IIrove is as constan~ as znaL oI a patriot for his country tter Chile may II "" VV hen l~lew ~nurcn Is L~ealcatea. I I forget her, but she never forgets it " I] (N C. W C News Service) , year was elected Episcopal Chairman Washington, Ap~fl 30 The Ad of the Department of Education N -- "ll Your mother is your best friend and advisor. When others see [l " " "-- "1 " ' " .... ministrative Committee of theNa- C W - Tenn., May 4, In the At the conclusion of the dedica-[] nothing ,but faults, she d seerns v rtuea, When others denounce you, [I ........ I " . C., upon the retnement of the . t onai t a nonc Welfaie Conference Most Rev Austin 1 Gallatin, Sumner Court- ~-r,, -x~,-~;o~ q^~'~" ~ ............. 11 she consoles you ~ ou may sink rote the depths of m~qmty, yet 30ur II [ . " Dew ing, Arch- ;e, the dedication of the .~" z~ ~f...o.~o ......... ...;-oo ':",,~*,~11 mother will still hope and pray for your ~alvation. She will gladly sacri-II ,net here yesterday and today andI bishop of St. Paul, ;because of ill- c oy rather lvmrray 1he cmmren sI , ~ reviewed the work which t " hurch to St John Ban- " ,I rice all just to give her child a be~ter ch~ince to win fame and happiness [ ] , hey d,- t hess. r marked the linki o-f choir of the Cathedral of Nashville I She will even lay down her life when occasion demands it I will illus I rect, of all the Departments of thelArchhlshop to Head Education Bureau long ago in the T::nes- sang the Mass Master William [I trate with a little story: ~ ~ l[ N.C. W C. / The Most Rev. John T. McNicho- wi*~,~,, ,e*~ pre,~ent. ...... more, t~rannis, presiued at the organ. The I I Back in 1913, a y*oung mother was ~dtandin~'o at the window watching On account of his continued ill- las, O. P, Archbishop of Cincinnati, w smters of the Cathedral school were 1 lo s which were , t Rev PMhp R McDe was elected E zsco al Chm~ . ~tnessed the ceremony . ]] ~he:t~:Ck,a:kaYt:: ~d he ,eat ~):p~dly da~k::~n~thne earth .He~ at ]lv,tt' D. D, "ishop of Harrisbur I the De artmentp P man Ofhess the R . " . . formed there s~xtv years m charge [I ~ w t c ed to t ~, y a ~teep, , bl ng no,se. She I J . . . ~ g,! p of Educatmn, N. C. ~t today as a Bisho~ to Bishop Morris Preaches I I saw, about 'half a mile away, a rapidly P~proaching tornado, twisting up Ilsum~tted to the Committee hisl W C, to succeed Bishop Boyle. le didicatia~ .e ~h~ ~^^After the gospel, Bishop Morris tl buildings as easily as a whirlwind pict's an leaves In a few seconds sheI]resignatin as Episcopal Chairmanl Archbishop McNicholas was chosen in Sumner count~, tle spoke. His sermon was a feeling re-IJ could have fled to the basement for safe~ty, but like every motherl bet [[of the Department of Press. The| by last year's general meeting of the the first church ~-~'----- cital of the history of the little mis-II first thought was of her child She rushed out to the street and hur [~ meeting accepted the resignation|Bishops to be a member of the Ad- S a child The Right Rev slon parish. The Bishop of Little {[ ried back toward the house with him, but the tornado was quicker than [{ :~hr::gd:t'tCdB~itsh:as announcedlministrative Committee in wew o~ B. Mo)rrL_......... ,.."' mou,,,, ^v v~+- Rock made a plea for the rights of{{ she. h half hour later she was found, horribly mutilated, under a mass It " p McDevitt is I the retirement of Archbishop Dowt- day preaclaedi'n~thl Eew religion, stating that too common had [1 of wreckage, but she still clasped he,- five-year-old boy in her armz It to continue to serve ash member of] ing. trch - become the custom of simply disre- safe from harm the Administrative Committee. One of the most im errant sub- ,e oncne ?ttsltef.the old garding it and attempting to discred-]l A mother's lover is the greatest thi,;:~ in the world She is the on- [I The Rt Rev. Hugh C. Boyle, D.[jects to occupy the att:~tion o the ctenoea its oeol- . i i " *'~ " ~= I/D ~,.. . ~. . ,, ~hop Feehan, later Arch- ,t Ththo;ts~ hecaor::cguded his remarks 1] friend that we can always rely upon Others maY forget and desert you, 1] ed' ~]:n:Pe:d Bi::;burg~,IcD:Si elect-lAdministrative Commitee during its icago e B up I I but your mother is with you always You can never hope to repay her It ~ p v tt as|two-day meeting was the Catholic aaa dedicat .......... . with a recital of the names of the ~1 for the good she has done yotL Abraham Lincoln once said "All that I It Episcopal Chairman of the Depart- |Hour radio -broadcast which ha~ "'~ .......... ,, ' " ment of Press Bisho Be le b " /ned~:~. ........ ~ne v;~ J~ev --.-a~ priests, who had served the missmn ../I and, and all that. I have, I owe to my anzel~ mother. 1[ cam .. p y e- I aroused such an interest and appeal " e a member of the A " nith, Bis ........ throughout the years. He then named |1 J ]. dmm stra- ] throughout the entire country. The hop o~ ~asnvme. "" " " ' rive Committeeat t ,, ,, rls, whoseol_d ,hamo ............ wn~ the old famflms who have spread out| ~ he annual meet- t Catholic Hour is sponsored by the ~[ende from the little parish, stressing par-[1 [1 lug of the B~shop m 1928, and last National Council of Catholi rsonvflle, was pres- ~ , , , . c Men. ached the dedicatory ser ticularly the devoted loyalty theyll u~rUl~l~ ~ ~V ~lllill~lV Illl~ ~l.t[ i/ Occasion was marked b: have shown the church through the/I I | /llliF lli UI I|. OURUH|. || .... Y . . , * ~ * ,, . Practically all the ram- years. The B,shop ment,oned among i ~ Paul L. Blakely, in America, N.Y. I/Orr.uaL a nOL L Ibl,l~l~l~ OP l'Kll 51 e and non-Catholic, of others the Rogan ~amiiy, WhO were [ ,!! ...... ~ ........... ! Lty, and the crowd at-p,oneers ,n Sumner cou,~ty, and hist Mothers' Day can be traced back roan'of the house: lays aside the/ HOUK FEAT|IRES T01 PORTEDf.APTIIR eremony overflowed the old friends, the Guthrm xamny, wnoIto an inspiration that is partly corn- labor of the plane and the saw, tel fir t ~vr =~mt~,,~ ,~ s==] ....... ........ tUrch throughout the years have always . . and spread out , mercml and partly sentimental. Its seek his comfort w,th Jesus and[ I~.~U~R l~101H~l~ |~AII |_a~.~ || q MlqqlflM itch kept him in with his native . . ~ -, yard, fllhng every , omgmal appeal was, chmfly, to theMary, under the great lamp that| ~MtqJ/U li./o IO lYllk$Olffll e church in an effort to ptaee. . , man of business who found that the swung from the low-hung rafters.] ..... ~ . .. ~ o B~shop Morrts thanked Bmnop ur Jonnson wu, snterrupt Address Cardinal ' f the stately cere- " " celebration could be used to move his We should not think of that hob. I" " O Connell Donated Church Smith for his kindness in asking him ........ ~ ..... ~l Series With Talk on 'Mar'- His ....... ..... . . . S~OCK, and ~o persons WhO ~nougn~ home as a place oI oour silence and I _ . ,, a, at ~nsna ~tahon---~onvent Just x t to be resen~ a~ $ne ceremonies a~ . Mother - he memories revoked - P ' m ant so that the grandest hymn m the lan- numbered repression It was a sane [ " Budt---Anh-Christian Cam es were wet as the Bish th~ little ,church w~aicn e ............. " "~ _ - .......... . guage oegan w~tn me words,where tu~y of happiness, in which all hu-I .~. ~ ....~ . . ' paign. ~oe much ~o mm m ~ne course o~ ms 1~ r~ _- 1~ repeated the names ~ , ....... Is My Wandering Boy Tonight " In man joys had their sanctifiedex-I 3. Y. " tJ. W. U. News ~ervice) u ...... sermon ~isnop mottos pare a ~oucn- . ...... " ' Wasnin-ton Ma- 2 ^ " " . People who o,,,~ .... - .............. view o~ these xaccs, or what I deem pression I__ ~ , y .---un ~unQay, (By N C W ~ ~.r ..... ~^...:~_ Uttle ,,aris~. ...... ~._l. ingly oeauc~xm trmuce ~o ms own ........ , ~ .. ~ . .~ ....... /May 11, the "Catholic Hour" will be~, ~ ~- , ~._ .......... ~c.~ ,, ,t uvc~ ~ **a~ . . . . . .. ~0 De lacss, ~vlocners uay WOUld n0~ in alterdays, wnen %ne masterl umana, iN, eDr, May 1.---No details After the Mass the mo~ner, ~rom wnom ne receweQ n,s "l ,, cal ed have yet been received at St Co|urn SUrrounded b-- his old faith,the mosfi .beautiful companion , - , y turned bans Seminary and Novitiate here to reet him I have had throughout my life" g Ceremony. On the conclusion of the Mass at 10:30 a. m. Bishop Bishop Smith and Bishop Morris nP~mied by Bishop Mor- spent some time chatting with the ~ ~Ionignor J. M. Mogan, old settlers, Catholic and non-Cath- .ral of the Diocese of olic, who crowded around them to a~d Rt Rev. Monsignor J. renew their old friendships with ecretary to Bishop Mor- Bishop Morris and chat with their Skinner, C. S. P.; Rev. own Bishop of Nashville. 'Y, Pastor of the Gallatin Bishop Smith and Bishop Morris Rev. Monsignor W. H. returned to Nashville ,by auto, , Vicar Apostolic of Hen- where Bishop Morris was the guest er Follman of Nashville, of Bishop Smith for a few days Both 0cession of altar boys, Bishops will attend the Silver Jubi- _ .......... the ........ Abbot of Culman Abbe'" a~ ~azare~n, something o~ ~ne sor- Closedentranceox lee ox ~ne y, mar " r ch trmmphantly into the King ........ 7th row of the Mothdr who followed he - -- , . , uulman, Am., on raay ,~n. Son to Calvary, and stood at the [dom of God. . So too in that holy grf, aH:PhCl~,C:::Ue~L ~ictehepiP:s" I~ .~_ , .......... foot of the Cross whereon He was home at Nazareth there was sweet-!den ........... ' ' " " hess " , . -. ~ ox the L;al;nolle Acl;ors Guild an~ I |~I~ {~]~l|~l] J l~]l)|/[~(~ T~n nailed for our sins and gentleness an