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May 7, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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May 7, 1927

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HOURS AT HOME DAY Roses.) M. Wyllie.: Ark. are roses-~some read, charnl-~ the old and the bright, is tend,dr and the Wearers shall happy crushed-- is red, whispers. ~r's dear voice I'll pray se so red, friends wbo are their dead. AND SYMBOLS vast household all climes and nations and tongues and peoples, with varied customs and habits and traditions, with many sorts of intelligences and wills. The fervent, the indifferent, tile indociie• the bad--she must think of them all in her legislation• Prayer Whatever be your station in life, do not neglect prayer, for without prayer your life shall be worthless, as a tree which is destitute of sap. You Shall be unequal to the try- ing situations of life. Perhaps you have already been brought face to face with situat, ions which threat- ened to overwhelm you with their weight. We are assured that every life shall have its Golgotha, by which is meant some great, ex- treme trial• How can we with- stand it, unless we are aided by God's grace, which we can obl:ain only by prayer. It may seem hard at the beginning, but by frequent repetition, prayer will become not only an easy but a pleasurable prac- tice. "En Voyage" Litt.D. Which ever way the wind doth blow of liturgical Some heart is glad to have it so; are~perhaps won-Then blow it East, or blow it West, Y little {rolamqt; The wind that blows that wind is for the use of best THE GUARDIAN, MAY 7, 1927 Page Seven rainy weather has, doubtless, advan- tages. But planting before a Sum- mer shower is to be avoided, as this is usually followed by hot weather, and under the influence of a hot sun the moisture in the soil evapor- ates rapidly and the soil must be constantly cultivated to retain what water it contains. After the planting is completed go over the beds carefully, and where any moisture has drawn to the sur- face resLore the dry mulch by culti- vation or by adding dry soil from some other place. If the planting l-as been well done the plants will not need watering for several days, in- deed are far better off without it. If the weather is unusually dry, as soon as the plants begin to grow or show that theh: are becoming estab- iished by the way they settle them- selves, in the ground and turn to- ward tlm light, water may be given in sufficient quantity to thoroughly soak the ground, and the following day the soil worked over with rake or trowel to ~'estore the dust mulch• This is better than repeated water- logs, and when the after-cultivation follows close on the heels of the watering one or two good drenchings will keep the plants growing vigor- ously. One of my prettiest beds last Sum- mer was a diamond-shaped bed of Margaret Carnations Picotee pinks and Japanese clove pinks, pink, red and white. They have such a deli- cious refreshing clove fragrance, I also had marigolds, snowballs, daisies, datura, tulips, poppies, bachelor's buttons, phlox, bells, portulacca, salpiglossis, scabiosa, sweet peas and covered, but the part not visible is covered over with a tough membrane called the capsule, through which the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels enter the tonsil. On the uncovered portion is a num- ber of little depressions or pits. These are the openings of tubes that wind and twist through the substance of the tonsil and finally end at the capsule• The delicate lining of these tubes is the pare that usually first becomes infected. Whei~ thi:~ occurs the tube is nar- rowed by the swelling and filled with a foul secretion. This makes it im- possible for any drug that is applied ~.a the surface to find its way for any distance into the tubes. Neither can Lhis secretion work its way out readily. Par~ of it works its way out and is swallowed with the food; part is absorbed and carried by the lym- phatic vcssels to the chain of lym- phatic glands on either side of the neck, causing them to enlarge so that ~hey may be readily felt with the finger as little lmrd lumps under- neath the skin. the case 'of delicate green vegetables, ailment or apparent physical defect. ~as peas, spinach, etc., when it should In the nutrition class the child's his- not be added until the vegetables are tory had been recorded and a thm~ nearly done. To preserve the color ough physical and mental eXamina- E of green vegetables, cook u~covered, lion given. None of these shed much Cabbage, onions and turnips should light on the case. At this point his be cooked uncovered in a large quan- mother was sent for. His food habits ,tity of water. By changing the water were discussed• Harold ate well and onee or twice during the cooking, often---sometimes too often for tt.e much ef the strong odor and flavor success of the meal which follvwed. may be ],est. Water in which veget- What did he eat? Mostly bre td, jam, ables have been cooked is called vet- cake, pastry, meat, soups, desserts, 'etable stocl~ and should never be coffee or ~ea and oecaMona]ly :t little t-hrown away, but used m soups and cereal. But he abe so much more salAct~. Winter vegetables should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place. Fresh veg- etables may be washed and kept on ice in a ch'an piece of cloth. Honcycon,.b Pudding. Two vm,-~: !-oaten five IninH1;es. 1-4 than sister Helen who was younger, buL who had long~ ago outstripped her bro~her in both height and weigh% tha,t iris case seemed muse unusual• "An inquiry as to whether I{arotd drank milk brought forSh the usual rejoinder that H'arotd just couldn't. i~t, had a posiVve diMike for milk, cup ~'tfrar. 1-2 cup molasses. 1-4 cup and ~:,; his digestion wmsn't very good, sweet milk• 1-2 i:easpoon soda. 1-2 cup Motl~er ','ouldn't risk upsetting the flour sifted twice. Bake in shallow ehihl by forcinlr the use of milk upon tin 20 minutes• Serve with whipped him. Fruit was no~ generally inelud- cream ed in the family diet., but, while veg- etables were, Harold frankly disliked Cake for Every OccaMon. them. Occa:~iollally, after much coax- One cup sugar, butter size of egg, ing and teasing, he would tas~,e just a When this condition becomes 2 lew;1 teaspoons baking powder, t chronic there is no method of treat- : heaping table:q)oon constarch. 1 cup ment known at present that will get milk, 2 cups flour, little salt and flo- rid of the disease and restore the voting. This cake can have fruit add- tonsil to its normal condition• S°;ed or it can be made into layers and we apply the same remedy that is ap- frosted or have spice added for spice plied ~o a decayed and aching tooth, cake, or cocoa added to portions for i we take them out. I marble cake. HOUSEHOLD HINTS ] Try sprinkling a powder recom- ] little "'lo ph'ase ['athe~~' or to get some special privilege which ~as held, ou~ as a templ:ing reward, Bu~ frequent- ly Lhe eft;at req.:::ed to obtain th~s resulL was too gr(,at a strain and it was abandoned. Food Source of Energy. i is it any wonder, then, that Harold Fruit Salad. I was below par and ambitionless, that ~he fared poorly in school work and Four o;anges, l grapefruit, 2 slices showed noinclination ot play? Food mended for cleaning, bath tubs on a! /preserveo pineapple, 4 eating apples is *h ....... -~ --- ~,- .... ~ .... ~o rubber sponge and see how easilv' " " ",, • ~ e ,~uurce ox energy lot u or~ ,~o - sugar to t;aste. Cut all the ingredi-]'w~]l ,, ,,lay hnf if i~ ,w~f ...... ei'~a~ schools, tub is cleaned. ~ . - .. ..... ,..~, ~ ......... a .~..~ ...... are someti:ues My litlecraftsailsnotalone; asters ofallkinds. ' ~; .'.•'" "." .. •". • - • :T~i :is~ iota/ f the c~re_ A thousand fleets from every zone Spring sowings should be made h~ deciding on wall colors for your ! !ini'i!~l!7@2)ffd!:iw!!!Pelh!~:~sPwelhie~ iifo2~i (i~e@]ii~ l:hild.,Ut ~g~efunctions. Are out upon a thousand seas; ~ " " •" " ' p , •o ; may be filled, • early so at to secure good flowers rooms, the direction in which the juice of two lemons Stir all to~ether ...... the architecture And what for me were favoringduring the early rains. Seed sown rooms face and the anlount of light • . ~ . , • ~ s ,. yet his body can oe aetuaaly starve~ • • • ,aria lec smnu until the juices are Well . for to repeat the breeze ' m a cool, moist place in June and they get should be eonsider.ed first of! ...... ' ....... for the want of necessary materml.~ Y fOUnd in Eu-Might dash another with the shock July, and well tended, will give good all. The size of the room must also o,enaea e ore cnmmg, merve m to build it and make it function prop- ,, I nerDeg gta~ses ' , ilst their interi- 0f doom upon some hidden rock, flowering plants for I all. If they~be taken into eonqderation is ...... t erly" At~ter/ Harold s daily food in- come into bloom in the heat of Sum-I ........... t take was charted, according to the COmbine liturgi- And so I do not dare to pray mer the flowers may be small, at firsti~ ~'Ibe scuffle hoe or the wheel hoe A httk. '. colored g~rl,~a newcomer in ,l infmmmtion supplied by his mother, With esthetic ex- For winds to'waft me on my way; Sunday School, gave t~ez name to the But leave it to a Higher Will, but as the weather becomes cooler saves much labor As ~oon as -louts " ~ .... " 'lthe experienced nutrition worker re, but still large- ~[° stay or speed me--trusting still they will increase in size and beauty. !begin to grow cultivate ground ~,~kth teacher as"Iierti}~zer Johnson." ., l eould tell at a thrace that Harold's Through Summer heat the flowers t this~ hoe and re .......... " "] Later ~ne ~eacne}- asked the chilo*s condition was ~due to a tack of some :eature.of this re-That all is well, and sure that He .pe:.,~ opera~mn a~er, • • { {motheI If that was right me fmei In a somewhat shaded ~ " ' " " " ' ' Icvery .qhower ~our garden will then~ .... " • " " " tcs-ential foods---nlilk, fresh fruits, ;he~ CUlhvationancient music let Who launchedme my bark will sail with place, but in almost any mtuation ;be free from weeds• --t.. ~es, ma am, dat,',s her name," said vegetables, the so-called "proteotive ~ally it was sung Througb storm and calm, and willgood pansy seed will give fine flow-~ ~ ~tne ~ona parenu x ou see sue was foods " which must find a nlace in • . I /n t ~ I amed for me and her father Her els m Spring and Fall Early Fall Voices, and with-] not fail, ," ~ " _ ' I If 3ou wish to measure one-half a'- ...... ' " " . the diets of all, young and old, who Showings give the finest Spring! ....... ~ ~,e~ ......... latner s name am ~*ermnano, ano mYtwould be normal in he'~i~h Wh'" i" of any instru-]Whatever breezes may prevail, flowers ]~v-* ..... e. ~or cooking, ~ne easiest name is 'Liza So we named her Fer-i~t *h-~ ox,th m ce se it" ~"~ "~ this plain-[ To land me, every peril past, ,.''" . • .. , wa:~ ~o measure k is to fill the cup ~;~ .... ,, .......... I ~ a~ gr ~ n y .a.'. o oe reu~ro- -~.,~. .ne wa~cmnan l~xamlner • he vetoena is still another Iavoi ~t at HighWithin Itis shelteringhaven at ..... %. " . . "" one-half full of water, then fill tbe[ " -- - "~ ' ;,cd and various nerve disorders manl- ike. Tne Itowers are borne on shoots, other half with butter I ~" -- ~ test themselves if fresh, natural foods sang the last. which lift themselves from five to " ' { The teacher was trying tomake'ore neglec{ed~ The answer is because Unaceom- seven inches off the ,ound and - some of. her )u us", understand' '. what' - , . ,' . ~" Ordinarily, Then, whatsoever winddoth blow, .... g" To ,)revcu~ a hard crust forming on! • 1 P ,they contain x~tamines: .:" ~,.. ~.~ :~ -~a .~ ~_._ : .... when grown in mass the plants will . ; .... .ff . ' ion island was. The more she talked _*_ !t nevertheieas...~ mz~tt, ~b g~u ~u nave ~b be, LOI) OI rOllS orusII over xw~n Dotter ,, , , ,." .. , . If you were to ask what vitanllnes • e • form a mat which in full bloom will cue more puzzieu ~ney were ~ ms, Organists to play And blow it East, or blow ~t West .......... as soon as you remove the,m from ihe} .... " .... lore it would i.~ ~.~a • .......... n.... The wind that blowsthat wind m.give ~ne son ~ne appearance oI nov- oven despairing oi ever giving them the i ........ ~ ............... 'to the simple " ' " " " ' " ' ' t • , " ........ ,of the youngsters in a health class best~ lng a carpet of flowers. The ver- " ~ .... [right meaning, sue oecmeu ~o give aIattempted to dedine them as follows :n:, so th~tth~ ,, "---Caroline A Mason bend is frequently used ass bedding , [=--~~ • i practieal demonstration, l ..... ' ,.. : like th to 1 ~amD ~.nops en L.assero,e ~ Tfllngs we uon t Know much abou~ • " plant where ca'pet bedding effects ......... . " " . . I A bucket of water was brought intol ....... " !feet was due -- . . _ ~gP.r. rm lamb cnops,' ] can ox tail .. - ~.~ ..~ . _~ .,~_, ou~ wnlcn We can ~ get ulon with lent music that ~, ....... are desired. The length oI stem and " Itne room anti a pi~.. ,,r ~,,,,u i~ua~.. " g " - , riantln~ Plowers ~n Beds , ~oup, I can tomato soup, 2 onions it out" while a writer in a re te~ harmoniza- ' = , ~exture of the flower are such that "~ '" " " " ed on top of it [ , ' ' ' cent num- lharmonized in ~ ' " , . . . [the verbena is of value for bouquets cm~. peas, potatoes. . [ "Now," ~he said ',d ....... ~, ..... !bet of a popular m_ agazine said, "vita- • n pmnmng your garuen ao no~ De ! .......... mace chops in bottom o~ roastln,~~ , . . . 2.' ~" " .......... Imineo ~ ~^ ,d...,,;.,d ~.^.~.~....~. P, • • ~ anu table aeeoraglons. Lne verbena ~':wnat an island is; ~ ,,.~ ,.v v,,.~,,~, *,~,~,* w.~ hat" eopleit was"liked"both t[:naai~ 5g:t 2::kyaKlngfr°m~lowerthecow. l canoeos, be used with good effect, in. beds, sAcedPan' salt,thin,COVernextXWtha layer]a er OfofpOtatocs !. "Yes, miss,", ssid: one you~,-ster. --~, . [affection is to 'mental. health,'--in bozders mounds and i Wl Y omen .... ,, {other winds, an essentml As a mat [' unliturgical, Have beds different from those of],_ ' n, ndow sliced, cover with neas add both ld~-[ Its a piece of wood in abucket.--,,_.. : ...... • .... - te Sacred ~minis- *ho .~;~.h~,,.o , .-~ ..... I ooxes. - ' "~ ' "'"~|Vancouver Province t~er ox xac~, we oo no~ Know wnav ~ne ........ ~ ...... anu (IllIeren~ Irom las~ ~ For one ........ of soup and two cans of water Bake[ . " raain unaccom- ~o~.,o ~..,no o • . 1 g rai outdoor lanun ~ne , . • ~ • ]chemical formula of a v~,tam|n~ ~s , ............. d the other old'~eranlums'beddlng coleus] P . g smwiy until all is tender mushroomsiServes five' If there--"~ ''/ " ' " ~" an - . . seeds may be sown abo~t in open " " three erow ' , one has never been isolated or and- Sed ~Ahuses. favorites, .......... ..... persons. Diced carrot.s or were on ah ............ • . . gruunu uurlng ~ne montn oi lvlay. ~f~nce ~.z~eu. ~u~ mere are many tnlngs are good, but it IS tiresome to see| ......... may be added I '" post and I~shot one, how many ~at we d k ..... ~ued them evelywnere." .. , /~oaK ~ne seeu a Iew nours in ~epia " 'would be left9 ' .... o now aDou~ ~nerm lvor his fa- bedding novelties, b::2~g:: ::en:d I water and sow in seed. boxes filed Gl~ l "Two left '~ instance, we know that one vitmnine MUsic, com- Proprio,,,Cecilia, thehe f~eOcah~n~:Sng]n::l:lalY;s = ~P;-~::~v:'~ [ °!~hallg~!~hi~heii;~y~2~!°tn~i~Ue~!! u~iit:p[°tsaut~:;: / Lhe[£~n~!ep~d~the~!oi~. ~T!eh:e~wht ! ~be!iifs!nmcctreaf°d :h!~!!ogg~r~nh!l !f~ ~ ~Cred Music Wh~-~ ~ ............ [li.ngs are about an inch high Irons- ' "p . ash and pare/one ** ___ " ,.. ; ._~,, ,spinach. Perhaps its absence was the le document ~re oeus are ~o oe IllIeU wu;n a~ ........ . the potatoes Cook 10 min--*-- :- • now many woum De leI1;. I ~ .~ ,., . , . -i~- ~.;~a ^, _~_.., ,~_ , ,. - [ plant ~neln two or ~nree lncnes apart ,'.,. . •. u~e~ m[ ,,,P,,,,~ toy+ ,, cause oi rtarola s poor ae-¢elopmenr~ d in many o ,,s~.:,~ u, w~n~ ~ney snouts De[ each wav. If thumb nots are avail.¢~D°mng salt water. Drain, cut in half l ....... " [Children urha ..a i, ,,,~,~,~ ,,4' .I.;. ".;._ rose was to pmnteu in even rows an equal dis-[..~, ..... ~" ....... ~ - - I I,en~thwise a-a ~,,÷ ~ ~ u..**__~a _~_[ "No.. None would be left because] .......................... %'"~ "'"~" Which had tance hpart and the plants alternated l ~m.~.. ..~.~,;~ p .. x s t Make svrnn ~ ........ a ........ ~ I I shot ~n~', then the other two wouldlmlne grow very rapidly after being air-rausic of"- ;~ ~,,=~ ....... ~,w~, WnlCn~' ~ win"' give" eacn" con , ....... m,,,,~.~,s-out ume armves i, butter " Br-~ ..... ~ ........ . ~, ,,uu ieh..,~ ~way. ~ " I placea on a diet rich in it. rids of au- ;d~lrtbl~amveOr:h:::mi and hght. It is [ th:°:el aibhlgahn~ :::;YacPl=:herMthk: land bal~q 15ShmiPf:e;as~Jtnhg twY~UcPe "Isn't that what I said? Two left." t weFk~lo~eStNa~rv=;gy;tem." ; them. The "nes laid out and~l: ........... with rernainin~ s--ru" l--Los Angeles Times I " e vitaraine lgn~, DU~ in all cases provlue ooa s z v. • ] • .Zed and ex- the places for the nlants marked h~. ] ...... . g ] helps in the control of the .nervous f:~h ..... drainage. ~e~ tne young plants 10 ~ " -tDh~S F Tolmie, member of the' Protests somay ?~Yifn::~nrd]d:rt~fi:f?hdi:il~t!~il;;:: system audio overcoming a tendency rs would e ::lh::taP:~net~lhhWe;Yc:nvdrg~: One cBu;k:deCh:;:::llpint milk,l~"WUe~r~aci:m:$:, ~;l~s eta man ~: ~mwe:e~gdi:dri~uas~. i:vhaf~ = edially re- s ..... k .., P Y ]ground. With such ~treatment the 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon].., se-:automo-I ..... . . g.. governing moo~my as posslme_A board with ]verbena should give continuous hot water, 2 eggs beaten light, 1-4 [mie went out of ~comraission on aid~es, wnole grin.n,, ceream and mdg. g will accom teas oon salt 1 cu Y Presently a Norwe did not . . " bloom f~om early Summer until P , p grated cheese, 1t ' " -tfor it since " " enam marks on tl~e ea e countr road l~o special provlmon nee~ oe mane ire music phsh this adm~rabl for s g~an settler came al , any d~et which mc des ~hough it or ..... Y - mall beds, ]killed by frost, tablespoon melted butter. I " ong driving a . .: ...... ncltl a cord wkn bits ox whit.~ elnfh/ e.~. ~ ........... ~team of horses~ a variety oI vegetames Wilt meet the • -- • - ...... / ..... taK uread crumbs in milk m which I ,, ,, ]need tied at intervals or chalk r t Have you ot a monke wre ~ , the most w ....... ' • ma ks even ] What Are Tonsils? has been added soda dissolved in hot . _, g y nch. ] ,~" ........... " Ill oe uselm in Ion beds 1 ulre~ ,the unf we Know ~nat ~nlr~l wtaznlne is none of g or lines. | water. Add e~,~ salt dash ca-enn~ n~l i :' ortunate motorist.I .... plainsong In planting make a hole in tke ~ .... ~ -,- ~'~' - ' ,. - ~ ..'~'i "No~' renlied the new ~ ~ .~,, |contained in. orange juice, lemons, By G. M. Talle, M. D., Santa And, g~eu cheese, and me~ea Dut~c,r.~,, ' -- C_n_d~..... o ..... - oyed. Some earth with a trowel large enough to Calif, Member Gorges Memorial g r ~c~ vamng msn 'aria . ' .... . . . Turn into ---ea-~ ......... t My brother, 10 miles up the line grapezrmh ~o~na~oes, spinach, lettuce hastily in- hold the root of the plant in a ha- Institute " 'six miles down the road has a shee smaller amounts in other fruits and place in very hot oven Serve imme~lhas a horse ranch, and my cousin, lane.caD~'age in large amounts aria in diately when it is puffed and golden[ ' , P~ ......... . vegemnies. ~oomng at mgn ~emper [ranch, but no one' around here haveI . i - l a monkey ranch, the weather he's ature destroys this vitamine, so it is tural position and place the plant The tonsils are lymphtic glands was to therein, drawing up the earth about and are a part of the lymphatic sys- brown. the roots and pressing it snugly down tern which is comiJosed of a large Rice Omelet. too cold." , well to make provision frequently for d featUreupon m~ de°f pour in sufficient water to fill the number of glands and vessels--so ilettuce, cold slaw and other uncook- r ~e lihtr- ~ole, and when it has partially soak- numerous that they form a network Rice added to omele,t adds to its nu- 1 * * * * * ..... * * '~ too lar ee ed away draw up the remaining earth " I ed vegetables, if citrus fruits are throughout the entire body. trition. Beat the yolks and whites of[ * , ' i scarce er if canned .vege+~ables are .e it to s ~y and press firmly.. The principal function of theqym7 three eggs separately; to theyolks addi * YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH .~, used; freqt~en~ly Baby specialists t ~ecogn z- Make a fine dust mulch about the phatic system is to guard and protect 1 teaspoon flour, 1-4 cup milk, 1-2 ,* . !. • " ~tered in plant by working the soil lightly with the body and blood stream from pot- teaspon salt, ~ shakes of pepper and, ~ ~reahze the importance~ of this vita- _. ff the pov- the trowel, and if any damp places sons of all kinds. They do this by if on hand, 1 tablespoon of minced [** Vitamines Must. Enter Every **'mine. and in.troduce, i~ into the child's and 2aer. show after the plant has been set a absorbing and destroying germs and parsley and minced ham; add 1 cup °fi* Dietary., ' • dmt early m the form of orange juice :~her wit~ few moments, go over the soil again by converting poisons into less harm- cooked rice. Beat well, fold in the; about the age of six months, Tomato Providedor add dry earth from another part ful substances. ' stiffly beaten whites. Pour into a hotJ " juice is a fairly good substitute for By Mary E. Sp~ncer, I orange juice and is less expensive. ~here, and of the bed if necessary. The plant-The germs or the poison gaining spider, in which two tablespoons of.Health Education Specialist,I' the fourth vitami~, which has Y enforc-ing may be hastened by making a entrance into th6 body may be so bu~.tcr have been melted. Let brownI N. C. W. C. Bureau of Education, lcome to our attention only recen±ly, row of holes across the beds before large the first lymphatic gland may lightly on the bottom, theu put in a (Written for the N. C. W. C. News is found in egg yolk and cod-liver that the beginning to set the plants, thenbe unable to cope with it and may it- moderate oven a moment to set. Fold'l Se~wice.) loll. placing the plants in each before self become diseased or even destroy- over, slip on .to hot platter. lYraanyfra: ~edin. applying water, but drawing up part ed. H ' arold s mother came~ to school one I.t seems strange, then, thai'if no- of the Such earthLthe l day last week to discuses some prob- lure provides these necessary vita- water is then placed When this occurs the adjoining To Cook Vegetables Properly. Items wi~h the nutrition teacher. Hat-" mines so liberally, we should have to Wash vegetables thoroughly. Pare, fold is' now in the special nutrition resort to yeast cak'~s, vitamine tablets in all the holes, and by the time the loud last is filled the first has soaked peel or scrape, if skins must be're-Iclassat St. Mary's, having been found and all the o~her heavily advertised moved. Skins should, be left on to to be in a very poor physical condi-Isources o~ vitarnines. Nor are we re- is Passed away sufficiently to allow of filling up and finishing; this sawes an ap- preciable amount o~ time when there is a large amount of planting to do. No shade or covering of any kind will be needed if the planting has been well and thoroughly done, nor is it necess//~y m) advisable to wait for signs of rain before planting, though planting at the edge ~)f a spell of lymphatic gland or glands become in- volv'ed and increase in size and ten- derness. A Whole chain of glands be,come infected frpm.a single small focus. This often occurs in the region of the tonsils. keep in all the food value possible. Beets nmst never be peeled before cooking. Soak in cold water until The tonsils are two of the largest ready to cook, and cook in freshly lymphatic glands in the body and boiling sal~ed water until tender. A1- are situated in the throat--one on ~low one teaspoon salt to one quart of either side of the base of the tongue• water. Use enough boiling water to The part of the tonsil visible by, cover vegetables. Salt may be added looking in the mouth is entirely un- when vegetables are put in, except in lion, constantly fatigued, with little~quired to if our diets ihclude a veri- energy and not up to normal weight I ety of foods, es~eciall whole in T , . .. _ Y gr~ o. all appearances his growth has lbreads, milk, vegetabIes ~ndfruits. ben stunted. Why Harold should be ~ And with children, in addi, ti0n to their in such poo~ physical condition .has I fruits and vegetables, supply good been a mystery to his mother who is' for .th~i~ most anxious to co-operate with the school in' finding the solfltibn. ~'he fam.ily doctor could find ne t