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May 7, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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May 7, 1927

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Page Two" Published We~kly THll CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 80T WEST SECOND STREET ~ater~l tm ~nd-class matter March 21, 191[, at the postofftce tat Llttl~ Rock, Ark.. under the Act of Congress of MarchS, 1879. THE GUARDIAN, MAY 7, 1927 EVER ANCIENT EVER NEW ~RIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR CttANGE OF ADDRESS Does the Catholic Church change from age Wh~ 4 thmatce ef address is desired the subscriber should give to age? The Catholic Church knows how to b~th the old ~ the new addream. CORRESPONDENCE I~i,pl) the d.ct. .s of comrnon sense as well Mattar h~tead~ ~or publication ill The Guardian should reach us the principles of irnnlu[able &lid unchan ,~ sot later t~l~ Wednesday moruing. Brief newts correspondence is atw~y~ welcome. The kind ...... f the clergy in this matter is cer- truth. Catholic do 'ma is truth--truth revealed ........................................... l lllV. IM~O. I~ MeDI~RMOTT ......... ManaCling Edito~ ill Nature. or truth revealed by the >'ositive and --._-z_ ..................... . AE,o~a~a.nieatjoa, about "the Guardian" should be addressed ta Ispoken Word of God. Ca, tholic dogma does not, Jaov. ~. ]K. McDermott, 7107 West Second Street." --I ........................................................ farld Cull]~ot. change. OFFICIAL ORGAN t The, Gua~ I~ ths official organ of the D;.~..e ...... ...... r'~.e ..oc... ,~ 1" ~ Ti3 ~:~ t~'eYe ~re ~*.}]rc(~})(q ~.~o]5]s'" 113" (~ o(;.~ 1 lO- ~ Ca,,Il- iad I pr~y Ood ttiat it may be an earnest, champion of the cause of o]ie do,~,~3'-, ~ht, ~t~ mad tv~th and an ardent d6fender of the rolls, ion which , ..... The ti>e will never come when tl~twe alllt~Iovec~tr~traO w~ll.may beI extendlong andt blessing with the sKncere hope there vail be less khan th::ce, cz' more. than three. JNO. B. MORRIS. Ipers() t?s in the._ ..... A ):'ood C ,n. ;re ,mtlon- ' " Bishop of Little Rock. ~ n ~' " ..... I!SL nnay DCCOlIlO a [7]ll[:[Lri;-tn ,:~D.d remain a ~eod ,~ ~ J ~ ~,, - . - ,. tnol]c cannot, tte MAY.. 7. 1,)=,~ ,,~ ~:~ ce, rmtait; ed to ~:he ')~,-'~'~ ,~, ,),_,~mn'"' - that Truth never -:7---:=_: _-:- _ -=:: : _::- ::::__:::_:=, ' changes. I Third Sunday after Easter. t The Congrcgatlonahs who goes over to Unt- o tarianism may ay: The truth does not chan ze, Now let the Atlantie Monthlv or Marshall ask tbut our apprehension of the truth changes. WeI President Cooli0ge if he is. to seek a third term. see better now than we once saw, and that o reason we give tip our belief in the Trinity and a ...... * the doctrine of the Unitarians who teach All po!itieal predictions to the contrary the ...... ..... ' ithat there is One Person in God. South went wet, and as yet we have not blamed Gov. A1 Smith. But it does put it up to'/ i,io such latitude is a!lowcd a Catholic. For (Cath olic Transcript, Hartford, Conn.) = @ tity are ahvays the same. "iter conception of right and wrong does not chamze. She must be ]fait -ul to her princ%les. She may shape her i pol/cy so as to meet the exigencies of time and ligious groups, on this aspirant Iplaee' his aria ?4., ; . , ; feeling that whichever was e!ecte . - , , t a )fl.t.5 her pecuLar pre*'ogative, dora of conscience and of S>c b; mfivm' at. Cathy, lie. because she'is the lTbey have freely and frec prodi ct of t}'.e nfil? of tile uni,'erssl Creator iights :nd tiberiic : to the ma and the m _ive sal Lord. Churches which are the make it appear that this product or' the human miqd are condemned ko trust anything tothem. remain narrow, national, or racial according tel Whatever e!se might come of a man )er of the h" beg'erring. The rea>:on ofididacy for President. it would this difference--the unversr l Church on the onelremind the country that ban(], and the local or national Church on the have never imposed or other;--is i _ot to' be sought beyond their found-{test in the election of Presidents ins. I of the government. When Cardinal Newman was replying to Gl.d, ton s att,oclc upon the Poet)e, he made use POPE'S TRIBUTE TO AM o| these words: "1 wish Protestants would throw ' S SCHOOL 'themselves into our mind ~pon this point; I am [no~ holding an argument xxith them; I am only wishing them to understand where we stand and how we look u~)on things. ~lhere~ is just this great difference between us and them: they the votes among contenders of liefa. To which it may be replied have non-Catholic electors had mindedness tried in a contest olie and a non-Catholic What is that Catholics have become presidential candidates of othe.r their own, and certainly they of tolerance by the experience. stowed their votes, along with those American Catholic education reCeJ compliment and an impetus Father called upon universities P " - , " . , United States to provide resident Coohdge et al. to proh b]t the Father, the do ,ma of the Tmmty is eter al truth, do not believe that Christ set up a visible society, iwhich young men and young of Wate-s from takimr his annual s r !crystallized into an article of faith Ei "" ee. , . ther there or rather a Mngdom, for the propagation and lmight equip themselves here f tare three persons in God, or not If there are maintenance of its religion, for a necessary bornelion of their own country. The During Mary's Month this year we should-lit ree' we cannot maintain that there is only one. and refuge of His people: we do." !tIis ttoliness has given co the pray to her as "Comforter of the Afflicted" and trl he truth does not change. Our apprehension The ldngdom, or Church, which Christ estab- tional institutions of the Un 'Health of the Sick." A,fflictian ..... lot the truth may be right or it may be wrono', tished was not to (tie with Him. It was to last mony not simply of th eir in the fl ...... 7 , ......... , ...... The Catholic l.:nows that hi . ,," oou tosses me ann property and re- .... ' ., app ehen,,mn of to the end of time. It was to teach all ages and and the generosity of their sulfa " " n'uta -- ne truth that he 1 " - 7 111; SICKness ma eal n ~ flOra dogma , s. ' y call for all our pious poet- s " all nations. For that }eason it was to be endow- lions. Beseech her therefore to help us avoid any dire consequences. ..... O-- --- - r 5 " l'h(. Prayer Book of the Church of England seems to be the ebb and flow. the high and" the cannot'be wrong for he has that truth on the ed with adaptaMlity to all peoples and to all authority of an infallible teacher. When that ages:" It was to be able to wax strong under a teacher says: rhtis, thou must believe;the Cath- tyrant as well as to flourish trader an elected olie disciple of truth, answers amen. He has democrat. It was to be able t'o k op well within no further anxiety, no'further doubts. He ac-lits province, and well without the province za- genuine tribute to the breadth their curricula and to the sol faculties. For no one will be that in providing for the aim g men and women whose task is spiritual revival of Russia he C ~ " " J epts the aoctrme of tt e Church as the word of creel !o Ca'esar. dinated the religious and spiritual bury,lw OfnexteOnfliet,in ecelesiastiealWith the ArchbishoPrank to Kingf Canter-George theGd'fai h.t doubt whom to make shirm, reck. of if Christ is God--and the Catholih dogmi de- material and secular benefits month on their way to Shanghai and Hongkong, Haishang and*Konh ong to succor a few thousand of our nationals, without special legislative en- actment, other than navgl traditions of heroic glamor. Charity begins at home. Yes, but jus- tice should be ever there[ The Sou eh was justi- fied in its'call for help while the politicians are adding secretaries to the P 'esidential cabinet, .w. not add to it that of the Secretary of Calam- ities, with power to do, when doing is urgent? Secretary Hoover is the "man of the hour" a greabman--we all admit it, but the flood Suf- !clares that tie is then it were uoor discipline here. " being heckled in pulpit when endeavorino. ..... , t,o soften a church row over the" recent Prayer 'OtionsWatnueo, , agmas are few.* Catholic dec,::.:'a- to maintain or even admit, that He established C;ctholic America has long been Book changes. - , cto,,mas are few and far between. Out- a Church which could not find it possible and drafts upon the scholarship and " -o - - side the reahn of dogma there is much freedom, 'congenial %o live under any form of gc',*er>me r,_ ....... , Ins much freedom indee,t as the mos active andland -,:, ..... ........ ....... ohc Europe. Large numbers mome ot Lne listeners over t!oe radio m-,, ..... . ,, . " ..... , . ! unuer reasonao:e concill;lOTl, nlio~ ho ,~ 1 ..... 4-..~a:..._ ~, ................ ..... .... .... llnqmrmg mtei,ec can possibly desire. Nor does! The i .... + ......... l. --,; ........... , ......... o y,. ,t enumg , oua*L bna (resment Wooimge was careless inldogma enslave the intellect Rather does do m a!Chur,. , 2: n t acno,c higher learning and all the pronouncing ole name of President Calle . .... " ," ,I . , ua mues ox these wno pro,ess boon ~-~*,hrin,r Am,--; .... ,it:h ,,.z ......... ,,, . ;. - :, . . . _ . the intellect and loose it from thelfa; ;- m,. ........ ,.: .......... ....... ,.P,o = ...... r~uyase, DUt the Fres!cteng na~ had the benefit .... e ~ ~ x~r ~ '- . . : ........ w,*,*.~, lnebe ntuitJbtlue:~ clo ~ol; oeueve thaws o.=,_,-~,,~ ~ohn,,lo mu~.., h :fdEh S;:]hn :::i}3 I were translates into English it would be '''' . .... %, " , ;, s ..... " ' "nstitution, subject to the ills of all thing,: ....... .... ~,,~. , , . ~ !1!1e 1"12111(1 oI l;ile chit(1 is not enstavc~d hv l~nvnlno-tI~r~ .......... ~ "~- . .; . , ...... *' ,,~.e ux cn~m ~,uropeah ~,~,~ .... ~ree~s '---wnicl is easier to say. I,,_ ..... . .... * , .. ~. ~ ......... ~si ...... &n, gnu wltnoul~ mwne aaap~aoifi~y, wi~hout,+.;,,,.~i, flm~ ,~a ~h,~ ,.+~.~ A,~m-iC n ...... o" , /}fie lnu~lpllTal;lOil, taD.le, ev~,11 lJ[ th.e child ,s no/ravine protection, unable to stand before ...... ......... ......... " /lo.nger ree to maintain stubbornly and in good lworld and say: he Lord is my Founder thus l,cu mng", cry mucn. . .unu :eua O1 }nousanos ot need wctnns!fmth that seven times eighteor ninety-four i aith t.ho \, " , {t)een maoe to Cathohc mstltUU m mght states of the Missistiippi Valley hold Catholic do ma onli~rh*o~ ---'*~ *~\- ,-" ~-- ,'i*' ,, [ Only recently a noted German their onl fu ....... .......... the ugn ox] s range tnat the Catholic Churehlelat ( ........... n in t o , / ure hope the menean Red truth, and the truth it is that makes us free. twhich claims Christ, the co-eoual Son of Cad I. "ea tna watnone ecmca m.: ross ometv. rne bross, thank the Lord,The Cathdlic Church ..... I ....... - . vigor of the new world witn o ...s . ao * neu lot auras ner ounaer, snoulo misunderstood and old He was particularly impre- se is above the parliamentary red tape of direct peoples and for all ages. Under a monarchial/maligned. It was thus that the Lord Himself- " .............. tio ~eem in wmcn ual~nOllC eou~,*Th.l~ government succor in times of real home dis- regime she comports herself in one way, under was treated--the ir/stitution is not above its In- where held in this country. aster. Executives and legislative ,, branches of{a republic in another. Her principles of moral- stitutor. our national government tell us, It cannot be l ' predict that before many gm done," according to law. Shucks! Special lright toappeal hereafter to the outside opinion pIants, that they should be so erected and so Catholics would be looking to trains loaded with naval officers and marineslfrom which he asks approval of his policies and placed that they would be beyond all question ever was of good 'repute in s have traversed this flooded district within a lprocedure, of assault. American Catholics turned to These eight bishops, says Calies, were detect- But the water company is not alone, in fact best. Now comes the Holy Father, one ed in some '!grave" offense /gainst his "govern- men unfamiliar with this section could easily greatest living savants, to ask t s m '' " ~ " ent. Summoned rote the premdentml pres- make' thin mmtake, however, the action of the United States to give of their sch ence, he ,continues, they were given the choice county officers in permitting the, erection of an of self-expatriation or trial on that serious butl expensive building with taxpayers' money on nation a thousand years older mysterious charge--and they elected exile. The [sites exposed to dstruction, even remotely, is ifi- bishops, of course, deny the truth of this expla-{ olerable. Yet we hear very little about it. )|A1 nation. An analysis of the facts which CaIIesI Mistakes are human and all men make them. himself supplies corroborate their acdount oflBut the location of a state institution built with . _ what happened and gives the lie to tits. Calles public funds where it is to be affected by weath- has never boldly chalIenged credulity as when er conditions and flo9ds is not normally human. JUST BEG he asks his hearers to believe that having it in On the other hand the destruction of such a his power to convict these bishops and acquit vital thing to the health and comfort of a city himself he magnanimously decIined to do it. as its water pumping stations is certainly not in O" PRAISE AND VALUE. ferers feel that for generations the " ork bar- P. re[" of Senators and Representatives at/ The wa rs of the best minds are passing strange. Our local water compariy, who is en- gaged in the Supreme Court in trying to raise the water rates, is taking upon themselves much glory over the heroic effort made by hundreds of laborers, who were on their pay roll it true, to save the water system during the recent flood. Now no one will wish to detract the least bit from the gallantry of these unknown workers and their immediate superiors who fought the raging Arkansas. It is not" intended here to det tact from the Washington has been floating around ports and dry-docks on the Atlantic and the Pacific, but has never bounced the crested floods of the Mis- sissil2pi, Ohio, Missouri, White, Arkansas, Red, and other voluminous tributaries to a rushing sea of water compassing destruction to hundreds of communities and millions df people. Antl worst of all, it seems to us, is the fact that reliance on the "soltkl Democratic South," speak- ing Of votes, now proves our Southern Demo- drats have been too long used as southern ivory- tops. That word, "usafl," tells the story of home neglect, and we are now dearly payifig for it with lives and property. Let us get some- hing out of our "Solid South" other than kite- tails for the Democratic National Committee to honor due the men who sacrificed themselves ' foster voting blocks to advance prosperity in to keep Little Rock supplied with water. But other- sections. The Solid South will miss out'while the" praise of these men should be unstint- ed, it would be wM1 at the same time to remark on the fact that the watr company is a public utility whose stockholders' return on their in- vestment is guaranteed by law. So it does seem that as a public utility the law hould not only guarantee returns on their investments, but like- wise should make such cbrporations guarantee their service and certainly the high-priced effi-- ciency experts who have permited this pumping station to be expbsed to the dangers of floods are not entitled to a financial return or praise whatsoever. But rather they should be held re- sponsible for the permanent efficiency of their harmony with object of public utility corpora- tion, who are supposed to serve all the people all the time in return for their guaranteed divi- dends, t F. o- A TRAINING IN TOLERANCE. Never in the history of this country have its Catholic citizens aided or ant-agonized a presi- dential candidate because of his religion. In every presidential campaign since the days Washington Catholics have been found among the followers of the several candidates. That has been*more noticeable, but no more true, since the CiviI War, because within the last sixty years the Catl'[olic population has grown from four or five to full sixteen per Cent of the whole num- ber. In the very latest presidential campaign, when three candidates were competing, there were Catholics among the supporters of each of them, notwithstanding tl e charge that one of the parties had affronted them. The politicians know very well that there is no "Catholic vote" in the United States; and sometimes they act as if there were no Catholic citizens and taxpayers here, either. Unions that have safely e bargaining and methods of have only begun their work main lines of Catholic social trial questions as found in the Bish of Social Reconstruction and 3ations section of the Pastoral them lies sharing in manageme velopment co-Partnership undertakings of .various kinds. Boston. o~ MORE SUBJECTS TO As more and more attention is 1 er 0r Smith's religion by the preSS prospect unfolds itself. Will the hibition and taxation and farin re and other such be sidetracked presidential election and such sparation of Church and State of Papal Infallibility be st why not run the whole gamut topics? / Let us have a debate btween and Senator Borah on Free Will. Charles F. Hughes anti Senator -land go to the mat over In The objection may be made that Catholic vet- Hoovr and Governor Ritchi ers, never having had an opportunity to prefer Vice President Dawes a presidential candidate of their own faith nom- Walsh discuss Prayers for the inated by one of the major parties, have found Heflin and ayne B. Wheeler it easy, or at any rate rlecessary, to divide their The Visitor, Providence. unless it sends to Washington solid men. o- CALLES STRAINS CREDULITY. All undesignedly the tyrants who arre' martyr- fng Mexico have given a proof at once of their Contempt for t.h eprinciples of ji stice they invoke so often and of the low esti,mate they place on the intelligence of those who witness their ac- lions. The proof is found in the e: planation which Calles Offers for the deportation of eight @atholic bishops from the land of their birth and citizenship. It ought to deprive him of every