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May 7, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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May 7, 1927

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", A Catholic PalMer Is literature ~ q~ q~~ ~ ~ b~;a'l'M~'~--" 1 instructs home"---oat metitQ. ', PP., XV. !~1 Tile Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas --" _ " LITTLE ROCK, ARK., MAY 7, 1927 _ No. 34 . THOU I MEXICAN ARTt PRAISE QUALIFIEDLY ] THE REAL BASIS BY PRES. CALLES PRESIDEHCYi uero .oo, GOV. SNffH'$ LETTER OF INTOLERANCEIS CATHOLIC FEAR ~ President Calles has orde e / -- . ~t~or ef Wyoming, Pro-famous Plancarte art collection in[ New York, April 26. The New[I am confident that, i~ will be lm-] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Order That "Government" Pr.operty b.~ries Reli " the episcopal residence of the k Times has addressed quieries possible for his reaaers ~o heed his! New York, April 29---Perry Bel.- Be Auct,oned Causes Uneasiness ! s of the Methodist Church,l injunction and thath,sutterance mont, a member of the Epmcopal -- :, ~'Urg~, lss gmus lntol- Bishops of Cuernavaca, whose histor- Yor ~ . I ue Be Met ..... to blshop~ . . . . I . ~ " ~ real value ,s mestmmble, be taken to [ both North and South, as to their [ will soften the intolerant sprat man,- Church and of a famdy for many (By N. C. W. C. News ~ervace) ~. W C x~ ....... ] Mexico City for exhibition in the Na- I. : ....... +h: ..... l- of Governor I fested by so many splendid Christian ! years identified promil~ently with Mexico City, April 25. An armed ton, D. C., A " /tmnal Museum. Smith to the Marshall letter on the people." . that denomination, has wilt.ten a revolution throughout the land and equi : prfl 26. Free Heirs of Senor Plancrate 'imme-/ relation of Church and State. See-! "It might be different if this man I book, "Poli~icm r~quan~y; ~engmus " " - " f lace ,s, f~voeatton, Mrs. Nelhe diately sought an "amparo" or in- eral have answered, and the Times had not been so Often tried, and, as I Toleratmn, fro!n Roger Wflhmns to p?!itica!, cb.a:s ~?^?,.::::: L~ oP: .... ~[-,,ner governor of Wy-! junction against the order, and itI Sunday printed the replies of seven. [it would scorn, ,mtisfactory," B~shop ] Jefferson," whmh will shortly t~e.~s-i--c~ ,,,~.,f~,~ -,~,, ~'~, .~. .o .~... a~'u.g, at the Weekly lunch-i was granted. The Government, t One of the bishops says he has not] Scott adds. "I do not belong to lns ! sued by Putnm~'s )n wnlch, t.racmg I o~ rresmcnt~ tmnes, the ~sat~Onal Won~cn's Demo-. however, has taken steps. . to over-, read.I . the letter and hence, can not| party, but his unequivocal. . statement, I the .devempmen~. . . ol ~ne prmmpm, he as-X I'specter. . of, ira, mediate financial ana ~' declare _ I rule this and all other m3unctlons, comment. Of the other rex, every !.~uported by h,s recold leads me to,tolerance m eatly Amemca, ... .economic rum. a Pr-+--: here yesterday, t and already a commission has been I one h'-~ a word of praise for Gee I believe in his sincerity and manh- ! sert~;: "There can be no true pmmcal i Turnin ~ in desperatiou to meet it ~ant by birth andi xico Cit to take the[ ~ ' ~ .... ~" " " -him bi enough to'equality that is not based upon reli- . g sh _ sent from Me y m~th s letter ran in f~om declara-hess. I think g ] " - [Calles m the last three days has de- e r~ev ..... ,, - ~ , , g g ,. ~ . . , . . ; . ,, , . . ell .... ertheless would hkefcollectlon, thus making the off~cml]tions that it is"boldand manly," be President of the Umted States ~ous lA)ctty t creed revolutionary changes m Mex~- auafified Catholic elect robbery complete: I "able and timel" and "strong andt Bishop H. hi. Du Bose of the Me- One of the striking conclusions Mr. 'co's financial s -stem and other ex- nt o - Y , . . 1 Y' fthe Unite .q.~,~ 'vi 'orous" to the mere statement,thodistEpiscopal Church South,]Belmont ,'caches is that those who[traordinary measures How far he d ........ g- ' " I " ~er Woma- .-[li~I~rlP!~|~r~t ~|~[~D ]that is is "satisfactory." writing from Bristol, Tenn., accords today preach rehgzous mtoleraqce ao ,will ~0 in his attempt t~> exericate ,, governor sa;dl 4 ,. ' " ' , ,, , ~ .~ ~- " . . t' to , J | ll lUIJlm31 DID]itS( I v, ......... r four of the six Qualify Ire Governor Smith the 3udgment Of lso because they see that the. ,na,,g-'~himself, anti what groups will be h,t, Pr^-- ~e ~uca a man elect-I ...., ~wst~ t~ ~ , , ~t~ ~ +~.~.'"~::'~...e~ ~,, ~a-in~ they are 1 candor and honesty in his reply," uration of a President whose elec,,'t,,~ i c&nnot be determined, and the u,~cer- ,~,, hat th~s ~s, m real-[ |~'~'| ~4-~ ~']~|.|.~..~ [ ......... :_~.~ ,~.., o.,,.q~;.h'~ [but asserts that "as a student of hm-I would wndlcate the fundamc'nt~l it.intv is causinm ~_eneral anxiety law " g~La~-*L-ggl 0 - settle- " " " -ohttcal ~*~- h~ch we hve andI .............. ,,,~a,]position is in accord with the prac-ltory I cannt accept ~t ass .. Iprmc,ple of.yehglous .and.!:... ] Outstanding in the dra~ic steps ~,,e onl ,, h nent of the merits of the ecmemascl equahty weals ena ~nmr pOllUtE nl Ill ] o. Y [ ~'~'|~ ~'| |~|||N[ rice of the Catholic Churc on the[ " "' ~ ' -] "" """ - taken is the creation of a financial ~" er~phasiz^~ .... lllgHlit L~lt3 lla~ll~Jl~d'X~l --~raqon of Church and State One lcal issues involved." fluence ........ --rativel'" demanded . cu ~na~ sne wa I ! sepa ~ - " I" '. " . .... ,, | .... i cnc~a~orsnlp, ,rope y " :tgto any oarti~,,~ .... .~-sl [ bishop says Mr. Smith is "big enough] "It is the facts oI, a,s~ory, says[ While the matter of the ehg, b,hry iby a threat of a huge deficit il~ .the ~te ~ .........v ..... -[ Catholic Church Is Not Disoheying| to be President of the United the bishop, "and not ~ne personan~Ylof Governor Smith of New York as h,,~,ot ,t a time when Calles plans one was discussingl r h " ' of GovernoISmith or his personal " or Presiddnt is no* men .... ~ .... Pla Laws,Dzvme Tells Psttsbu g States a candidate f lhta o era '~c " " " " - to s end vast sums in m" ' ry p - a~ta _pell mvolved," she[ . Audience. / ,,T~'~...~ ..........stion Thetrehglus" " atltude' that made zt. dff~ 1 tioned'- d,rectly," the wmter' does make t.i~nsP a~ainst his enemies. -ue~ .that th,~ ~ .......... ~ ] . ~ ....... ~ "" .:.~:'." ~":" "_ ..... ]ficult for me and for thousands oi this assertion concerning the much-I ....~ .... east -. _ ~ .........| ..... / American bons~,~u~mn nas mreauy ~ .. .~, 1..-. T ~*--. =*~*~ 4-.... h to t ........ ,, . i Next in importance, ann even more- cot be ,,~-, - ~ Pittsbur~,h, April 29 ---The tballeS/ ..... _, ~:_~ ~.._~::~_ ~ o~ners WlCn whom x ~tux .. ~,~., inootea "'oust allegiance charge: ....... ~ __ ,.. ,~.~ ,:~ uoflgea orl *" ,. . . .. . / (le~erlnlnea Yresmen~mt qu~.~a- I _.. . ~ '--'....... ~;hlo eandidttte I ~revomtlonary, ls vne oruer ~ ~.t~ ~,,,- laws bearin on re,,glon in ivlexlco .^.~ ,, .~ :..~..~.A T F%,,.1.~ I ~i2,nK 01 IllIl! a~ ~ p. ............. / ,,A ~ual allegiance is not ~ ,)o" I [ g ......... |t,o.s, %ays Bzshop R ................. , .............. ,. **.~ ,~_ited| ~ u s " ~_ ~'lancial dictator, Secreta~: of the at the sin of intoler-Iwere flatly charac~;ertzea as ?as |writing from Athens, Tenn. "Per-!i or one, rresmency ~y~ ~,~ asl;rts.[ sible contingency in the case t,~ a [Treasury Monies de Oco, to sell at crest sin of the age,"]bY Bmhop McConnell, heafl...oI tne|sonally' ass member of the ethod-[ ~a?;:verthe~:e:er~ c2n concave of [man of rehgmus conv,c~m:,s wl,o Ires l auction or mortgage Government ts araazin~, h~+ ~.~o.] Methodist Church top the r~gcs~urgn[ ist E~isconal Church, which stands] ~ ........ [taken the oath of office as ~overn3r to bri u the revenues. Selves c~:~,': ........ [district, in an address here Monday.|,^. ~:~;..;~:~ ,oaom and the ri~ht]Gvernr ~m,th or otner ~oman w.~'/of New York that he will sup,~ortlprperty, , . ~ p ..... ~. ,~arzsuans can! ..... ~_ ...... ~;a,~ at M] vo-i x~, ~e-~s ........ , . .. I *h~lic officials as conseientioumy/ ........ ,, " lmmeoia~eiy tnere nas al~sen one :u rage in others a sen- i~."hey namper .u~e eve ............. | to unrestricted pubhc worsmp m all I the Constitution of the [ tne t~onst~tutmn, lfear that it is Calles' intent to sell all ~,~ent with the teach- ngmns, ne sam. .. . . . . | lands under all governments through-I ~':;~ed--St'ates in the administration I "The leaders who preach rt.hg,nus Ithe seized churches and church prop- ] Bishop Mcwonneu SpoKe oetore| out the world, I regard Governor I "2".:" .............. ~-~,o[ intolerance, who do.Mot regara the, .......... xxrw~ ....... ~, W f men or- . , o1: the nigh oiilces oJ- ~ru~% uc~r--- . . . .~ . er~,es in IVIeXlCO. vv~xxxv --~,,-~,v -,* OmUn .then told of[ the Hungry Club, a group o | Smith s reply to Mr. Marshall as a [ ......... [ provmmn zn the Const:.utmn as bm~- k,_ ..... read" have been di~'~osed of, in on these zac~s oz nls~ory. . ~nese m y ov l~lade to the torah 0~] gamzed to seek understand g / bold and manly declaratmn of per-[ ............ Pitts ] ing, who by secret orgamzat~on3 are I ........... av- not been sold - -- " A week before . Dlsnop Jonn ~vL ~v~oore u~ r " ~ne bum oi cnem na e at Monticell, .qh~ [ current questmns. '] sonal independence of ecclesmstzcal ]. . ] fanning the dying embers of rclgy.o',~s I ............ + ~overthele~ holds ......... . . ,, burgh says: . . . xne ~u~x,,~,,~,,~, .... qoles for which ho[the club had heard Wflham F.| authorzty m matters pohtzcal. [ .................. ] d,ssensmns, see the end of thezr poh-t ................... rl-- owned te ' -_'~ ....... . head of the N C W C[ ....... t ~overnor ~znzth s s~a~emen~ uxl ........... !l~D.a~ ale ~ne cnurcu x~mc~ s right of religious[ Montavon, . " ".. ".. "/ However, ~isnop t~ooKe commentsl ~;~ a .... ic-n Catholicism toward t~cai mxiuence m tne maugura~,on]is now national orope~ty under the ;l~ded her audience] LegalDepartment aria an au~norl~y| on "what seems to be the difference [t'h; p'ub-lic school is satisfactory, but o~f a President whose election wou|a lc~nfiseation laws: and certainly these ,~.c Party had been]n l~atm Amerzcan a~:~;:[~o~O :r~*;-] between the ~uthoritative declara-lthey do not harmonize with widely[ be. the vinaication ox a ~unaamen~a, lproperties would be most cor~venient ith r demned not only the g p , he o ular rmc~ le of the Government of dm eeedin~ from[ .... .] tions ofthe Vatican and t P P I .... h~i~hoa declarations from the Re- P P I disnosal in the crisis to refill the ,, " i cutmn z n Mexico but.also t~au, es| teachings of its representatives," [ man Catholic hierarchy regardin~ re- United S~ates that: 'No rehgto~s [~:ver;rnent coffers Calles has drain- ; r 'yo[the hc w\ y t thei ds:!i[ c='PaP:dP wUo nlX:' "S' nabG:e rE:;lquBe: o pt fAh'Bch:rch":hc ~etho- tf;:att:h:llt:v::::f~:q:::dp:;l?cq~tl;dvbYuhe:succesmve acts shutting off , let seekm to wm hm ends E Us Democratie/ "g " . .'. ._ ~1 Smith repudiates those papal con-] A;~ ~,q~conal Church. South for under the United States. / " ; mi h meetings was attenaea oy more tnan . " .... ~ ~ - ' ,, . t~ t that ameer-| '1 demnatmns of the r,ghts and power] Arkansas and Okl~hcr.% likewise The electron of a Protestant, now[= .~,t~ w~ t~ ~r~g~tM[ |t~ -nt has " 400 " ' t" " ..... ~ , t gaven us to of cwfl governmen ,, ~ ~ nu h s the P~esldent of the French Repubhc ~arp s" ] While he saw rhea rarian rob [ ' " ~ ]says: I regard Go,:..::.vr S ". " ,LAIIN IN LAItIOLIL i .s null stand for[ ' " g . P., -[ Nevertheless, the bishop concmdes| reply to the Hen. C. E. Ma::~hall as a where the great majority o~ the peo-t ........ . ~,~ ~ ~r~ ~nall return to the lem as the key to the Memcan sz~u ,~ f, om le are Cathohcs, was not an event --hic:~ , - l ..... il a " land seiz"[ his coment with these words: [ strong and vigorou~ so~temeat :P I ! I'|'llRi' ~K~I~il -- h zt w atlon ana azscussea ona ,, r v rs IIIIUIilUII lli-rltl~uy as found-/ . With all true Americar, s, Cath-] a good loyal citizen in a difficult arising from religious cent o e y, [ Catbec |ur::{l tiB2:htPtheMCrCe;i:n:ulls d:::v;f]olic and Protestant alike, ' with all|situation" I do n~t ,,oabt the Gov- but is the development to 'ts c:Plae:d] nweco nnMl ll :. ause I believe[ . g p . i[ lovers and defende.,'s o~ religious[ ernor's sincerity, 1,n~ ,. d,, qu,:st~.on recognition of rehgaous teleran e ~ D1 II~l~iYlttll lt/t$ffllllu ~rad~honal r,nc~ the questmns Notably, he demeu ~ c atula*e , o~n ~1 poht,cal equahty 'C .... P " "-! . , .... t| Jrecdom everywhe: ;, I .ongr " ,,. | the correctness ,,f his post' : ' "i- ] -~c part I several of the charges grimy mace ~ ~ as , ,, ~ Y. am . Go.~ernor Smith fo: ,is splendid -|vided loyalties.' , The election in 1926, for the l ~,. x, o x~r c~ xr~w~ gervice~ 'S~ !any[... ~" [ sert]ons of the righ,,s of conscie' :-[ On the o~her iland Bishop F~ancis fourth time consecutively, of a non-] Berlin, April 18.--The use Of amphfzcatlon of against Cathohcs m Mexzco oy un + ~te t~,s .,-, "...' .... ~o modern mzormeo persons , , , it.~. prob-! ....... ....... | at.,. loyalty to his coup, ~ry. ' [ J. McConnell of Pittsburgh does not Protestant as governor of a great Latin in the Catholic liturgy is high- ',g~ous ~ ~eicner ~he toatnollC unurcn nor .... . . | n- coI~troversy! .... ,rI Bi.hon Isaiah B .bcot~, ~Iethod~st|quahfyhmprame. He says: state brings the country, withoutlx/ ~raised by the Rev Karl Stumpf, -~ no lace i the oit companies, ne asser~ea, wan~ ' ....... . ,, . , . .. -., . ~ " ~un*-,-- p n the: ........... , .... '~[ m s~'~er,ary bishop, writing trom| Govenor Smiths reply to MI.regard to party afflhatmns, to the a Protestant minister, in, an article ~Y m~erventmn m lvlexzc DY ~ne unl~ei[ or[ " " .~ Nashville, Tenn., consider's the ~ov- Marshall seems to me to be clear, consideration not of a religious issue, annearin~ in the review Hochkirche. ff a leadi~a issue Statue. In this connectmn, he czted , ,, . . . ......... ~ct us as Democrats the Pastoral Letter on Mexico issue ernor s reply able and timely, f fair and .strmghhfo:~2aard, recA~lteAt~:; ~r:~at:: ~bYricndisV~d:tlSof pg~tm:lesPt::i In effect the ,, art~c!e' m a reply to is whe~" b. the United States Bisho,,s which] whim he aSKS rna~ ms ~etter snan[ mcan c,tmens s pp ' "~ certain Protestant emmenrs in uer- .... her or no~ a ~ ...... :.~v , ":[ be considered entirely apart from his[ dignity and good ten, per in which the solely of carrying to its complete ac- many which have proposed the eli- "~mmated ~to the a eme~ any sucn intent, rte prmsea| known ambition for the Presidency,] Governor has spoken." pectance political equality and relb ruination from the text of/prayers ~emocratm party, tne ~'as~orat ~etter warmly,, ana, l~ gious toleration guaranteed by the .... ~ ;.- ~ho;- -h,--ch the Latin words m not be dodged pointing to ~ts moderatmn, declar-'~] Constitution as applied, according to and" expressios--fr'om other langal- ful as ed that there m far too much mcen ,, ,... :. at is to us .......... I its letter, to any office or public ages such as "Alleluia," "Hosanna," '.~ cO be brought aa,ry tam toaay on v~emco. 1 trust,' including theChief Magis- ,,~r---:^ -~:~^-. ,, and "Amen " cever may be our Wrong To Blame Church ] + ...... ~xyr~e e~,~,,, .... is an issue *h-* Bishop McConnell also asserted] [] ~"~" . . .. "It was a wise idea of the papacy cr~,y. To ma~; that it is wrong to blame the Catho-[ " In our hme ana .m our country to create a language of worship, tcid test." " lic Church for the recent bloody train' a pou~mm appeal ~o intolerance can common to all peoples, while respect- address by attack in Mexico. He praised a large have no other motive than to secure ing the individuality of each, in ad- women of fact that intolerance in BY ITALY J" News Service) 27.--His Emi- Dougherty, will sail according to ~ade by him at a fffice yesterday. To Dortrait of himself by representative and par~k guards Sacred Heart. visit of Cardinal since 1925, in France, Land. ,rEPair his Emin- he had receiv- King of Italy, Benito Mus- the rank of the Orde~ of the The portrait is the , a Philadelphia group of the Mexican Catholic clergy With regard to religious persecu- tions of the past, which are constant- ly being brought into discussions of~ the Mexican situation, he said that in general Protestants were as much to blaine as Catholics--that it was a question of ins and ou~s. Bishop McConnell's chief plea was that there be no war in Mexico He was introduced by Joseph A. Beck, prominent Catholic attorney of Pittsburgh. CALLES' SPECIAL IS MOST PALATIAL TRAIN EVER BUILT Chicago, April 28. A five-car spe- cial train costing $357,000, said .to be the most palatial ever built by the Pullman Company, has just been com- pleted in this country as the state train of President Calles of Mexico. It 'has been turned over to Arturo Elias, Mexican Consul General in the United States. A presidential car, an automobile car, an escort ca~ for a military guard, a staff car for aides of the President, and a ctining and kitchen car combin- ed make up the train. Despite revo- lutionary activity and the desperate condition of the Mexican treasury, it is understoo] the train is to be deliv- ered in Mexico soon. Mother Mary Joseph, Returning From War-Torn Country, Re- porto On Conditions There Leave Work Regretfully (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, April 29 .---Mother Mary Joseph, the Superioress-Gener- al of the Maryknoll Sisters, who has recently returned from a visitation of the houses of the Congregation in the Orient, reports that the attitude of Catholic Sisters in China is .one of cahn and fearlessness Wherever Sisters have been forced to leave their missions, it has been with the utmost regret and with con- cern only for the safety of the charges entrusted to them says Mother Mary Joseph. Many of the houses of the Sisters of Charity in the Yangtze-kiang re- gion have been accupied by Chinese soldiers, she added, and the Sisters Kentucky, who have been helping the Irish Columban Fathers at Hanyang, /are in safety at Kuling. The Sisters of Providence from St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, who are doing splendid work for Chinese girls in their school at Kaifeng in Hmaan province, said Mother Mary Joseph, extended a warm invitation to her. On account of the limited time at her disposal and the condi- tions in China, she was not able to visit them. The American Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart have been un- able to reach their mission They are still at Shanghai, studying the language, These Sisters left New York for China last September. The arrangement made by Mother Mary Joseph with Bishop-elect James E. Walsh, Vicar Apostolic of the Maryknoll Kongmoon Missions, was that the Maryknoll Sisters are to re- main in the interior, wherever they are needed for the care of children, of the sick, or of destitute old peo- ple. In cases where they are not thus needed and where their presence or to maintain political, power. There are many and also an increasing number, 'without regard to party affiliations," who see fn his election of the Presidency the occasion now presented to carry to its complete ac- ceptance the poht~cal equality and religious tolerance guaranteed by the Constitution." Mr, Belmont quotes copiously from many authorities on religious' tolerance, and discusses particularly "Political Aspect~ of Religious Wars," recounting the suffering that has come when religious intolerance and political consideratons have been mingled. by the Sisters of St, JosLph, was called a "splendid institution" and the work of the Sisters pralscd in an address delivered to th~ school by United States Senator Arthur Rcbin- SOn. The whol6 student body of 210 at- tended. Senator Robinson urged the students to take full advantage of the great oportunities for education offered in America opting for the common liturgy, phrases borrowed from old and dead languages, instead of from th~idiom of the nation dominant at any one time over any one territory," writes the minister. "It is an incontestably magnifi- cent fact that the Latin Mass is a single tie which binds Greenland with ~he Equator, the white race to all others; the Romans to the Germans; in fact, all Catholics of the universe to one another. "We Protestants are strangers in the ceremonies of our religion in a foreign country, if we do not knbw the language of that country. For this reason I dare to affirm that the Latin should never have been abol- ished in our services. It is also a great pity that the Latin la'ngnage was eliminated from Protestant theo- logical literature." Mr. Stumpf also praises the beauty " of Latin religious hymns, which re-: present a kind of nee-classic poetry of great perfection. He denies that the Latin liturgy weakens nationaI and patriotic sentiment, citing as an example the Polish people wise have