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May 3, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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May 3, 1974

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PAGE 2--A THE GUARDIAN, MAY 3___, 197_44 rdt . From the In Easter Letter 00Oua il Hanao00n-- ............. The Owl Recounts to H s C.h Idren I 2500 N. Tyler St., Liflle Rock, ArK. '|7 x00al s00J'tor'- Desk.. " * ?l obligat ,s, atleast I I E.,... .... d.c, ..... .er dll'C 'I' I 1911, at the post office of Liflle Roe. k._kal I SaS, under the Act of Congress of hlrdl i I J" s,o, 0encetakeovo00r00'a,] What It Means to Be A Child of God " ,,0 others, and Liflle Rock, Arkansas It'i high among SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: b "' these priori- $5.00 per year in the United States [IrO ties should be Ftl:h:aryl)ll;.'c:::ttdheOcVhlurchW:f:luP:b/l:: d in :::e;::tic tl)nga;sthellplr:nrnthnSnu :rlilyn T[s nea( or l::egnings i Canada$6.-Foretgn$7.50 Iul /life Moral obligations, at least for Catholics, should take prece- provision the priests of God who per- form the most valuable service available to man. That this obligation has been allowed to lapse is indicated by the necessity for a diocesan- wide appeal to raise funds with which to care for retired priests. No such appeal would be needed if Catholics put first things first. Seldom does anyone question the affluence of medical doctors whose prosperity derives from man's physical misfortunes. But few ever think of the needs of those dedicated men who devote their lives to the salvation of souls. The coincidence of six Arkansas priests celebrating the 25th anniversaries of their ordinations should provide timely inspiration for the state's Catholics to compensate for their past deficiencies by responding generously to the Special Project Fund appflal. If, as Catholics believe, "a man is worthy of his hire," the faithful will obey Holy Mother Church and "contribute to the suovort of vour Pastor." i STEINWAY PIANOS FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE FINEST GERALD NEAL 341 7 W. 12th, Linb Rock 106 Ouachffa, Hot Springs 319 W. Main, Jacksonville for application of the Catholic faith brought volumes of responses to passes out of this material second facet of the Divine The Guardian and to Ills Excellency Bishop Andrew J. McDonald, recently addressed an Easter Letter to his children. Bishop Mc- I)onald recommends that parents read it and then encourage their children to do the same. The text of the letter follows: ) Easter 1974 Dear Owlets : Each of you has been a source of unending delight and it is our ardent desire that your life be meaningful, especially to yourself. Hopefully, but not assuredly, it will be a happy life as well. Each of you has unknowingly furthered your father's education, and for that I am grateful. For those of you who have left the nest and are no longer participants in our meal-time discussions I have summarized the content of our recent sessions so that you might keep abreast of your father's schoolin'. You were exposed to much of what follows in grammar school but a review at your present educated state might be beneficial. No "nihil obstat" is provided. We must assume that all creation was made according to Divine plan, a plan of perfect order, infinite ingenuity and limitless benevolence. Each created thing was made for a purpose, and without a purpose, nothing was made. You and the world are not the result of Divine doodling. To fulfill His intention, each created thing was made with an inherent competence to perform its assignment. Much of creation was made for man, but man is unique in that his purpose for being is above and beyond that Scott Ventilating * Roof Vents Residential & Home Service RooF00.g All Types of C A L L GuLters, Storm Doors, Windows 7 5 3 - 3 91 9 * Replacement Windows COMPLETE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS - BUSINESS AND GROUPS * Tickets * Reservations * Hotels * Car Rentals * Tours - AT REGULAR RATES - 2B13 KlVllllil Little Rock, Ark. 666-0242 Plymouth--FINEST SERVICE ANYWHERE--Chrysler Let Our Courteous, Experienced, Factory-Trained Chrysler Mechanics Service Your Plymouth Dodge . Valiant . Chrysler - Imperial ROSS-WRIGHT C0. Plymouth Friendly Hometown Folks 601 W. 4t11, North Little Rock 1 mum Phone 375-0288 nf the physical universe created for him. For you to attain the eternal goal He set for you, He had Is and did endow you with attributes greater than those given any other created thing. He did as much as He could. He made you in His own image and likeness. Could He have done more? You may not be a full color, life size copy but there is a smidgen of the Divine in you. If you cannot detect the Divine Imprint within you, then He did something useless and totally out of character. Unless you are often consciously aware that you were made by God, for God, and eventually in God, then nearly everything acquires a .strictly personal or social valuation. Only cultural standards distinguish virtue from vice; pride masquerades as dignity, sophistication passes for maturity, selfishness is adequate motivation, self- abasement synonymous with humility and pious conformity substitutes for religiosity. ('nderstandably Fascinated As you passed from childhood and through adolescence you were understandably fascinated by the wonders of the world about you. There was so very much to learn about the world outside you that the world inside you went largely unex- plored. Now, and often, you should reflect on what you are. not who, but what. If your knowledge is limited to the lerms 'body and soul', and that Ihe soul is immortal and of realer value than the body, lhen you are merely a casual acquaintance with yourself, or as Francis ofAssisisaid: "The greater number of men pass through life with souls asleep." (;ranted, we are incapable of comprehending the nature of soul or spirit, but it need not be a total enigma. Any concept, even one steeped in fantasia, is preferable to an ignored void. We are not separately a body and a soul, and contrary to the world's opinion, we are not a world, it continues to function but without need of a physical converter and the body is laid aside.. body with a small soul, loosely a 'natural' dislike for doing attached. We are a body-soul things alone. We dread being complex. The soul needs a alone, isolated, outcast. Man physical body to convert its has been called a 'social activity into physical symbols animal' but this term denies the Appeal CONTINUED FROM PAGE I-A Keller was ordained in Rome in 1919. A mathematics teacher, he served on the Little Rock College faculty and ministered to Catholics in Slovak, El Dorado, Pine Bluff, Helena, North Little Rock and Pocahontas. He retired in 1960 and resides at St. Bernard's College in St. Bernard's, Ala. Father George L. Kuhn -- Born in Morgantown, W. Va., he was ordained in Wheeling, W. Va.. in 1929, serving that diocese until he came to Arkansas in 1950. Here he served at St. Anthony's Hospital in Morrilton until 1972, when he retired. Father Kuhn now resides at St. John's Catholic Center, Little Rock. Msgr. ('laiborne l,afferty -- Born in Little Rock, he was ordained in Rome in 1935. He served as a professor at beth Catholic High and St. John's Seminary. Msgr. Lafferty also served as officialis of the diocese, taught in Rome and was spiritual director of St. John's until he retired in 1967. The body-soul complex might be compared to an infinitely complex computer. Any analog between the spiritual and physical is ridiculous, but, even fables can be instructive. The body is the terminal equipment (typewriter or whatever, at- tached to the computer), and accepts in in-put and makes the print-out. It does not compute. Thinking is a function of im tel]igence, an attribute of the soul. The body can and often does, bypass the computer, and hy observing and imitating, simulate thought. You can and should think, the Holy Spirit can't and doesn't need to, as He is All Knowing. Your intellect is one facet of the Divine Imprint stamped by the Holy Spirit. The intellect spontaneously seeks evidence for what it believes, and through a judgment, of values influences the heart (soul) and will. It is not crass egotism for man to relate everything and everyone to "self', God included. Man's 'inner self' is his only point of reference. It is not a fixed point as is God's, fixed in Absolute Perfection, or as it is in subhuman creation, fixed in determinism. Man alone, in all creation has the ability to grow Is become something different than he was yesterday. Every experience and thought and even time, changes man's "inner self'. Every experience and thought that moves your 'inner self', your point of reference toward that of the Absolute is to be encouraged, away from the Absolute, discouraged. This point of reference, your standard of value, is your conscience. If you didn't believe in God, you and all humanity before and after you, are, have been, and will be saddled with a very basic urge to be united, to be a part of, to belong, to be one with -- Something. Despite friend- ships, social groups, and even guests for dinner, our lives seem permeated by a sense of being separated. It's more than Phone 753-2566 Iie too resides at St. John's Catholic Center. Msgr. Charles B. McCoy -- Born in Philadelphia, he was ordained in Little Rock in 1927. Msgr. McCoy served parishes in Pine Bluff, Brinkley, Hot Springs, Texarkana, Forrest City and Helena. He was dean of the Eastern Deanery. He retired in 1967 with his residence at St. Cyprian's Rectory in Helena. Father Joseph F. Murphy -- Born in Mahaney Plane, Pa., he was ordained in Little Rock in 1931. Father Murphy served two Fort Smith parishes, plus parishes in Jonesboro, Hot Springs, Blytheville and Camden. He also was chaplain at hospitals in Texarkana, Clarksville, Little Rock and E1 Dorado. Father Murphy retired in 1964 and resides at Benedictine Manor. Msgr. Thomas ,I. Prendergast -- Born in Fort Smith, he was ordained in Little Rock in 1933. After serving as professor at SEE APPEAL PAGE 3-A IDEAL PAINTING CO. Watch For... PUBLISHER DIAMOND LIQUORS Rixie Exit- Highway 67 North Interior- Exterior Commercial- Residential 40 Years Guaranteed Satisfaction Experience Imprint. This nagging sense of fragmentation will remain with you until you are united forever with the Omnipresent One, The Father. So far, we have considered the Imprint of the Father as Oneness and the Imprint of the Holy Spirit as Knowing, an appreciation of beth oneness and separation. The third facet of the Divine Imprint is love, the mark of the Incarnate. Love is an activity. It is the attitude of the mind put into motion, with free will, whereby we move our point of reference toward the Absolute One. To guide us, He came to show The Way. Meaning of Love In conclusion, you cannot love what you do not know. You cannot love, in the true meaning of the word, if you:do not love yourself. Love of self implies a unity of body and spirit with each component in its proper role. Since the body is of an inferior order it must be sub- servient to the spirit. If the body assumes the dominant role, there can only be disunity, a hatred of self. You are primarily spirit and for you it is lhe most real thing in the universe. If you develop a true, though partial, appreciation of what you are, you will love yourself. You may not approve of your stewardship, but if you do not love yourself you cannot love God or neighbor. Jesus said: "Love your neighbor AS yourself." You will find that lhose who shun God and despise their neighbor, often do so, MOST REVEREND ANDREW J. McDONALD, D.D. Bishop of Liflle Rock EDITOR R EV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph.D. Mount St. Mory Academy LiHle Rock, Arkansas 72207 MANAGING EDITOR MR. WILLIAM W. O'DONN E LL FAORleSS All Departments P.O. BoxT ORREST PARK STATION .. ZIP Telephone Business Hours 8:30 A./Vt' 4:30 P.M. Monday through r day. 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