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May 3, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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May 3, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, MAY 3, 1930 PAGE SEVEN Alumni declare a kindred holiday in the dig opment of the same institutions."lBIRTH CONTROL IS 'premier awards, both at the Lewis Forty-three Cathol!c ,~l~A'" ~- -- fusion of their enthusiasm on college "Do not," he said, "be content till HELD HARMFUL BY I Clark Exposition at Portland, and at nt :Pp?;d a~hde ::1~7;; ::dd b:nhe/th~(~ Yh:r A asaticM:=l)Sift Co g: p:ri: ENGLISH DOCTOR the Yukon-Alaska Exposition at Seat- Mothers to Sad c tle, where they were acclaimed mas- May 7 for France saved in avenues more consonant of the'.leading competing non-Cath- Dr. Arthur Vernon Davies Tells Par-terpieces and played by the best sym- hy Pres. Hoover Fr. Lon- with Catholic educational ideals and olic institutions." Urge worth-while_ liament the Gynaecologlsts Are phony orchestras of the time. E (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ~Uggests Better Activity for purposes, a most unfortunate situa- students to enter college, the profes- I Almost Without Exception The "Call of the West" is an~ orig- i Washington, Apri~ 25.---The first Than Promoting Athletics tion would very likely be reinedied, sional and t~raduate schools, and as-I Opposed to it. inal compo~ition of rare symphonic Gold Star Pilgrimage sailing May 7 tUette Dean Discusses Proh-iThat last comparative is used advis- sist them with scholarstfips and loans, I eloquence. Its inspiration is taken for France from New York on the "the Colleges edly for there are other things mu- he advised. I (By N. C. W. C: News Service) i:from western life and visualizes the S. S. America, will carry approxi- 'tually more advantageous for both. Capt. John J. McEwan, footballI London, April 14.In a considered spirit of the early pioneer, "rushing mately 252 pilgrims. They will make [.C.W.C. News Service.) our colleges and their alumni and coach at Holy Cross College, tookl I ,,. f~on, April 25.--A deep t more according to Catholic pedagog- part in this discussion. I opinion delivered during ~ debate in,out West rote the wilderness, grad- up six cemeterial parties, divided as the House of Commons, Dr. Arthur uahy finding pleasant toil and violent follows: . Meuse-Argonne Cemetery ~or the post-graduation wel-tical ideals, than centering alumni in-i C. Bowman Strome of Holy CrossI Vernon Davies, member of parlia- strife. "Beautiful Williamette" is group; Oise-Aisne Cemetery group; ne Students in Catholic col- Iterest almost totally on athletics, and 'presented a paper on "The Alumni] merit, declared that "competent reed- modelled on the spirit of a poem by St. Mihiel Cemetery group; Atone- d Universities manifested by,basing collegiate relations with alum-iFund." Ileal opinion in this controwrsy is the same name, written by Oregon's Marne Cemetery group; Somme Cem- ,gates to the fourth convert-ini mainly on pecuniary and monetary Michael Williams, editor of The/overwhelming against birth ~ontrol." poet laureate, who is said to have etery group; and the Sr.resnes Cem- ~e0" National Catholic Alumni . value to th institution." . l!Cmmnweal' gave the lneeting a/ When he was challenged by an op-composed it whilst reclining on the etery group. ~, Which opened here yes-I Father Lonergan then outhned plan for a "National Catholic Lay- ponent who quoted the opinion of banks of tlm placid waters of the l Gold Star Pilgrims among each of P~ erupted the lneeting, at its what he thought to be the great mis-:men's Information Bureau" He'Lord Dawson of Penn, the king's Williamette River It is an interpre-these parties visiting the graves of Rt session, to annrove the sion of Catholic colleges and uni- made it plain that it was not intend- / physician, Dr. Davies said Lord Daw- tation and portrayal of the poet's service men listed by the N. C. W. C. :resolution: "~ versities and their alumni. "If," he~ed to supplant existing agencies of~son "has less real knowledge of the sentiments about the Wild West's Bureau of Historical Records ~s ~as a survey of Catholic col- said, "the former would fully appre- this kind, but was only a recital of/subject than the ordinary general placid sLreams and pristine natural Catholics are as follows: !.Universities indicates there-'ciate their obligation to be, pnder~I the possibilities, as he saw them,/practitioner." beauty, i I The Meuse-Argonne Group: Mrs. Llttleolic crganized effort to as- tthe Hierarchy, ......... the centers of Cath-i"for the rapid and wide extension ell Speaking on birth control, Dr. Da- In addition to these symphonic Elizabeth Baker, Toledo, Ohio, moth- ollege graduate~ in the olic Actmn, gwmg it its intellectual l actwlhes now going on, as they have[ vies said: "I find that there is an agi- poems Father Dominic has composed of the best possible appoint- and inspirational impetus in their re- been for the last five years, in con-] tation spreading to certain parts of numerous church songs, Masses, 'er of Pvt. Joseph J. Baker, 126th Inf. r to aid undergradtiates in spectivo localities, indeed, even ha- nection with the work of The Oom-J the country, and I am very astonished hymns and marches. He has fre- and Pvt. Walker H. Baker, 23rd Inf.; l~art time employment dur- tionally, and the alumni themselves monweal, and the Calvert Associates lto find that amongst members of the quently accompanied Madame Sehu- Mrs. Margaret Boehm, Martins Fe~Ty, -'heel term and, would sense their duty as our Cath- twh0 control and publish The Com- I Socialist party it is becoming more mann-Heink, and last _year, in the Ohio, mother of Pvt. Win. J Boehm, ~, Catholic college grad- olic elite, and the privileged posses-lmonweal." land more a political question, that course of Portland's Symphony sea-il02nd Inf.; Mrs. John Burke, Cin- Students apparently stand sors of our best Catholic cultural t.ra- l Timothy J. Canty, representing St. I the government should give doctors son, was invited to come to their need of such assist- ditions, to become the leaders, in fact IMary's College, California, and point-Jat ante-natal centers power to in- rehearsals for critical purposes, but, cinnati. Ohio, mother of Pvt. John as in name, of Catholic Action, then ing out in a paper that the alumni form inquiring mothers as to meth- be it resolved that the would our Catholic higher education- offer an "Opportunity, Not a Prob- ods of birth control." ~li, Alumni Federation al system accomplish something real-Ilem," declared that college education, Df its constituent members ly worth while for God and court- like the parts of a machine, wear out, Commenting on applause whi,ch greeted this remark, Dr Davies went eP~ towards the organiza- try." . ]and that "our alumni organizations on: ch Appointment and Em- Problems of the Colleges. 'should give repair service to the "It is apparent from those cheers BUreaus, . olved, thatI Edward A. Fitzpatrick, Dean oflworn out parts of a college educa- that there are some honorable mem- .rt~er be it resnize a the~ Graduate School of Marquetteltion."He also argued for the es- hers opposite so misguided and so [ ~ ignorant as to imagine that the gov- ~tlon likewise orga University, Milwaukee, speaking on tablishment of alumni offices, with em as a clearing house 'the "Foundations of a National Pro- lpermanent, paid secretaries. The ernment should have power to insure activity and, 'gram of Catholic Higher Education," financing of these alumni offices, he that their medical officers give ad- be tt resolved that this last night said, in part, concerning declared, should be looked upon as a vice on the subject. The competent a.Phdge itself to every ef,.l"our problems": first step in the refinancing of the medical opinion of the country is ~aay further such purpose. I "There are three things, looking college itself definitely and overwhelmingly op- was also referred ederation,s committee on Policy for action. Charles A. Hart of the These we may group together (1) at our problem in its broader aspects, Admiral William S. Benson, U. S. that stand in the way of the d~velop- N., retired, attended last evening's Iment which we should like to see. Isession of the convention and spoke briefly to the delegates. of America, who ~lack of an ideal of eminence, (2) lack to the, I of orderly development in some re- that graduates of lation to our resources and (3) ad- and universities ministrative discontinuity. There are the streets" for a year'flwo things looking at our problem :graduation looking from the standpoint of the adminis- while other institutions tration of individual institutions have made it a which likewise hinder our develop- their graduates have merit. They are: lack of stability in Places. Other delegates'our teaching staffs, and lack of re- I elaborated Father Hart's serve power. Was said, too, that steps ~ "I do not say these conditions ex- been taken at Loyola ist only in Catholic institutions, and and St. Ignatius not in others I know better than improvement each year, and while such movements must posed to birth control. "Only a few weeks ago a meeting of a medical society was held in Lon- that, of the House, then asked if Lord make Dawson of Penn is not a good medi- being unable to do so, the major mu-;Burke, 128th Inf.; Mrs. Sarah G. sicians journeyed over 40 miles to his t Campbell, Cleveland, Ohio, mother of residence, inorder "to play in " his ~ ~ ~...:~ r, ,-~...~.~,, ~. T_~ presence and obt~/in his reaction to ................ th il .... - ...... vlrs. 2~nnle ~. t~arey, ~eliatrc, ~nm, e" ren(n~mn o~ some dfftwult: .... pieces, mother of Pvt. Leo J. C~rey, xt~cn * Inf. ; Mrs. Catherine Cornwell, Spring- POOR HOME LIFE, CHIEF * 'field, Ohio, mother of Pvt. Johu N. CAUSE OF CRIME, SAYS McCabe, 334th Inf.; Mrs. Mary M. LIVERPOOL ARCHBISHOP ,-~,~a. ~Gundelac,h, Cleveland, Ohio, mother vt. (By N. C. W. C. News Service)if Benedict W Gundelach, 59th ,~ . London, April 15.-- W~th a rehg- InL; Mrs. Anna C. Kaupp, Bucyrus, ious influence in the home. prisons Ohio, mother of Pvt. Carl C. Kaupp, would be closed more quickly than 145th Inf.; Mrs. Ella J. Keels, Cin- any law," said Major A. C. H. Benke, cinnati, Ohio, mother of Sgt. Frank Governor of Walton jail, a non-Cath- eli,c, who presided at the annual J' Keels, 16th Inf.; Miss Marie Kelly, meeting of the Liverpool and Coun- Newark, N. J., Sister (L. P.) Pvt. ty Police Courts Catholic Aid So- John Kelly, 7th Inf.; Mrs. Anna Kess- ciety, held recently in Liverpool. ler, Toledo, Ohio, mother of Pvt. The Most Rev. Richard Downey, Joseph A. Niemish, 147th M. G. Bn.; Archbishop of Liverpool, discussing Mrs. Mary Kessler, Spaulding, Nebr., the moral blame for crime, declared mother of Pvt. James P. Kessier, in the course of the meeting that 23rd Inf.; Mrs. Frances Kolar, Cleve- many people never have a chance in land, Ohio, mother of CpL Joseph life. Kolar, llth Inf.; Mrs, Bridget Ms- Three fates, he said, govern all lousy, Norwood, Ohio, mother of Sgt. men: heredity, environment and edu- John J. Maloney, llth Inf.; Mrs. An- cation. Many people drifted into a hie R. Marks, Apalachicola, Florida, career of crime through the pressure mother of Lt Willoughby R. Marks, of economic conditions. Criminals 61st Inf.; Mrs. Mary O'Rourke, seemed to think it mean~a~craP~Pl: E~ttanGf" d' BB=hJe~h ~'c;innMa~: :h:c:d::ist~ b~kallfwr?3~ leading .Ohio, mother of Capt. Lawrence A. T" ....... g" 1Brusher, 7th Engrs.; Mrs. Catherine tha:th:r:h~:;n~Po:bl:~h~' h~:hethe Dtdgv~' Sha:~elDbdgeg: Flha'~)mt~th:~ housing problem and suggested that l.. :., ." ", ...... " :~,." it " .......... ,cars. t~a~nerme l~lrsen, loleflo, t)nlO, $n0ul(1 De ~aCKle(1 :tlrs~;. . , , ......, ....... , Imother of Pvt. Leo R.K~rseh, 336th cidyPhe:s:gdIor neip ~or cue am so-:inf.; Mrs. Kathryn Norton,~ Colum- "Let us " ]bus, O.hio, mother of Lt. P red W. be honest with ourselves Norton, 27th Acre Sq.; Mrs. Sarah and think of those others who from Rotherham, Lindsay, Nebr., mother b~rthto~a pauper's coffin never have of Pvt. Arthur J Rotherham, 18th a i~ai opportumty." i In; Mrs. Anton Soinski, Cleveland, was reported that during one Ohio, mot.her of Cpl. Marion Soinski, forms, and then went to Rome, to Monte Cassino, and Subiaco, to study the Italian style of interpretation. Its next visited Quarr Abbey in Eng- land, famous for its choir and rendi- tion of plain chant and finally at- tended the Solesmes school of Litur- gical Music in France. Father Dominic's work as a com- poser and musician has long been I/hewn in the West, especially through his symphonic poems, "The Call of the West," and "Beautiful William- ette" These two compositions won arrived here on his trip through the East, insistently maintains that the American Cardinal is the first Cardi- nal to visit China. "Some historians may dispute this claim by referring t~ the legate, Car- dinal Charles Thomas Maillard de Tournan, who in 1703 was sent to China to settle the Rites Controver- sy," said Father Flanagan recently. "But the legate died in prison at Ma- cao, before he actually received the Red Hat. So, we claim first honors for our Philadelphia Archbishop." l l9th Inf.; Mrs, Elizabeth Mahoney, Lakewood, Ohio, mother of Pvt. Vir- gil V. Mahoney, ll7th Inf.; Mrs. l~ary C. Rapier, Louisville, Ky., moth- er of Pvt. Win. T. Rapier, 120th Inf.: Mrs. Christina Schubert, Toledo, ,Ohio, mother of Pvt. Joseph Schu- bert, 1st Engrs. i T~he Suresnes Group: Mrs. Mary H. Horn, Cincinnati, Ohio, mother of Pvt. Win. Hughes, 308th SuEply Co; Mrs. Nora E. Wood, Owensboro, imother of P~t. James E. Wood, 332rid Inf. demn him. It held that the law con- a wealthy newspaperman. He was year 9,248 persons were interviewed 59th Inf.; Mrs. Bridget Sullivan, Cin- 'sent to Berhn to make his earl stud demning obscene publications is not " . y . and 231 marriage reconciliations cinnati, Ohio, mother of Pvt. John P. ......... lies and during his travels ifi Germany were effected, through the good of- Sullivan, 9th M. G. Bn.; Mrs. Mary appllcaoie to a cacaio.gue ox o~scenetcame i ...... flees of the aid society. " . n contact wi~n ~enemcune Wade, Toledo, Ohio, mother of Pvt, pubhcatmns. The officer carried thetmonks Late~ lie entered theBene One attorney revealed that, hay- Claude J. Wade, 28th Inf.; Mrs. to the Court of Appeals at Paris. imcune'" l~lonastery'" ' ox .... ~ngeiDerg_, ano:: ing worked for two weeks in prep- Helen K. Williamson, "~Vest Palm ~:oW~h:C:t~tce:;" c:s::~i~,~=:in:[after completing his noviceship vol. iaration{ for his first case, he arrived Beach, Fla., mother of Pvt, Leo W. ......... .... tunteered to work among t, he Ameri-~at the court to find the trouble had Williamson, 424th Motor Sup. Train. ~ammg .........umc zne law nan no~ Deenlcan m~ssions" on the Pacific~ coast of ~been settled privately by the aid of The St. Mihiel Group: Mrs. Veron- properly m~erpre~eu in cue first in- . ........... society o ........... I~ne um~ea ~taces wheres new mon- s~ance, ires cour~ piaceo the ma~er astery was bein founded fficial~ ica DeCapito, Cleveland, Ohio, moth- er of Pvt. Silvio S. DeCapito, 6th before the Appellate Court at Or- ' F g " CARDINAL DAUGHERTY IS Inf.; Mrs. Victoria Frank, Cleveland~ leanS.commandant de Bourmont was sinai" ollowingcourse hiSfot, OrganizatiOnstudents at ofthea newmU" FIRST MEMBER OF SACRED Ohio, stepmother of Pvt. Harry J. represented by two Catholic attor- monastery he was sent by the Su- 'COLLEGE TO VISIT CHINA Frank, 101st Inf. neys, Messrs. Vallat and Duval-Ar- perior to Europe to enroll himself in The Aisne-Marne Group: Mrs. - nold. the Berliner-Hochskule der Muzik, an (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Mary J. Ptnnington, Cincinnati, Ohio, adjunct to the Conservatory of Ber-Hong Kong, China, April 15. The mother of Pvt. Edw. B. Pennington, POPE NAMES COADJUTOR lin University. he studied un-liRev- George Flanagan, a Maryknoll 4th Inf. ~ BISHOPS TO LIMBURG SEE der the famous Professors Humper-iMissioner in the field here, formerly The Somme Group: Mrs. Mary dynck and Dallberg. Following his from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Deardosky, Cleveland, Ohio, mother graduation at the Hochskule he at-lwho, among others, greeted His Em- of Pvt John Deardosky, 18th Inf.; tended the Regensberg school of thence Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, Mrs. Mary A. Karts, Youngstown, church music, working with liturgical Archbishop of Philadelphia, when he Ohio, mother of Pvt. Roy T. Karts, declared, and if on the same efforts of time and money, this pace our ath- and if possible, even greater efforts ) our alumni wouldbe expended for the academic devel- material equipment, of its continuance or its permanence, evidences in ninny but to build a foundation that will the rah-rahing and raise the whole system of Catholic alumni for finan: education high and higher, on an in- are being over empha-]telligen~ plan, regularly, continuous- neglect of what might~ily, permanently" beneficial to both College Athletics. and the alumr/i. Indeed,In a discussion of "Alumni and to remark that if on the College Athletics," the Rev. Daniel say this pace our rev- O'Connell, S. J., of St. Xavier Col- administrators who legs, Cincinnati, pointed out that in and find themselves }the past the alumni 'have worked to keep the up intercollegiate athletics in door) a three or five-'our institutions of higher learning," alumni drives or their land suggested "that for the future ey should. Even where lan adequate library staff to make ~ti ns are fatrl_" v welllavailable the present resources, and the majority of them1 "3. Demand a current account- tzardly so), the impres- ability for endowment funds; invest- read (and one hesitates merits, income, use." .ot generally well found- In conclusion. Dr, Fitzpatrick sug- ~e~r chief reason for ex- gested the "organization of a nation- be of financial assist-tal clearing house on college admin- Mater or to afford some ~istration where heads of Catholic col- ~tiraental or social en leges may secure immediately infer- the alumni themselves mation on practices and proposals of it is a splendid thin~j 11 tv es of institutions, to meet sit lma Mate~" athletieally i:atioY:s in their own college or uni- g has its place in the lversity," and "the mobilization of am. Admittedly, too, ! Catholic surplus wealth . . . so that must have money fo~-i it can be used not to do educatmnal" '-essaty expansion and ipatchwork, not to raise a singIe in- ~ting and 0~her agen-stitution in educational eminence at ncing upon them for a particular time with no certainty By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron you Capitaine, Cologne, April 22.---At the request of Bishop Kilian of Limburg, who is il! and advanced in age, the Pope has appointed as coadjutor cum lure suc- cedendi the Rev, Antdn Kilfrich, S. T. D., Ph. D., pastor of the oldest church and parish in Wiesbaden. His titular see is that of Sebastopol. The new bishop is well known for his work as an organizer and for his studies in apologetics. One of his brothers died while pastor of a Frankfort.-parish; another, a lawyer, was killed in action during the late war. looking towards that I do not say that they are any and prisoners generally wer~ not Cleveland, Ohio, mother of Pvt. John of graduate place- more characteristic of Catholic in- speaking of competent medical opin- born, but made. They developed an T. Burke, 9th Inf.; Mrs. Mary P. anh socml charact Scanlan, Omaha, Nebr, mother of and that the results,[stitutions than of others .... " By M. Massiani, Paris Correspondent ion I was speaking only of the gynae- "- " er, the prelate be- ' .~ a great success for Treating of the "ideal of emi- of N. C. W. C. News Service c6~o~ists and obstetric surgeons listed. But by the exercise of free Cpt. Edmund J Scanlan, 10th F. A.; will a man c Mrs Anna Shmgley, Toledo, Ohm, ~" hence," Dr. Fitzpatrick said: "We I ari~, April 1.l.---The Court of Ap- whose work is concerned with mater- " ould rise above the in- " , . by Pres Hoover. are concerned with the physical prob- pe~ sd Orleavs has just rendered I nity and the disease of women. fluei~ce of the fates which sometimes mother of Cpl. Loyd Shrigley, 125th the convention met, lems of housing and equipment, the an mI:ortant derision with regard to "They are competent to judge be- tend to drag him down Inf.; Mrs. Eva Smith, Ottoville, Ohio, a en, sala the Arcn- . Were received by Presi- financial problems of meeting inter- imi ~or~,l literat.~re. Concluding a ~ause they see the ill effects of a Some chil'r .-' .... :mobher of Pvt. Jacob P. Smith, 156th at the White ttouse, est payments on bonded indebtedness lon ; rawn ou; suit, the Superior case like that, which,is outside his bishon wet- a ............... InL; Mrs. Gee. L. Warner, St. Peters- , they were officially as well as current pay rolls, the st4"ict-Co rt awarded damages of 15,000 I line of practice. " and (heft f:om~Sth:~':ebi~:n p::t~: burg'eFla"2mtherwarn r. 31 th Inf Mr MafsPVt"Wha-Ralph Washington by Col. ly educational problem's concern us, fra ms to the he~ d of a household who "Let honorable members talk to wished to get over that by eugenics "' .; . ' ry - ~due, Engineer Commas- I fear, because of the necessities of had brought charges against a pub- any obstetric surgeon or a medical "It ma ....... " !len, Cleveland, Ohio, mother of Pvt. ,ishertor infthebscene: isliteraturecommandantThe vie-de,mSn are l~r :~!nge~!! ?:i':kii~?~hlft:y~i Ch: District of Columbia. the situation, only as an incident to sat+ or woman accustomed to a large cart - ,~ ,,,~ ,,- ~0,~,,* ,, s ~Aro~r.h.:alen'~l,ll~2.t~Zte~S,,,,,,,cY~::'" gynaecological practice, and almost when --ou ate dealin ...... mother of Pvt Aloysius J Will, the first session on the others ..... " Bourmont, de.~cendant of the con- without exception these people will y : g w~n ~ne nu-' ......... " Organizations and How Turning then to "administrative querer of Algeria and the father of say that birth control is detrimental man mind," he said. 6ot~vn n~L ra Mutually Advantage- discontinuity" and point}rig to the The Archbisho ..... 1 The Oisc-Aisne Group: Mrs. Anna . William I. Lonergan, custom of changing a college presi- nine children, to the woman and d~trimental to the[that ~nany child~pren r~ceive~Urtnerda faulty declared I An~erica staff, represent- dent every six years, if he is a mem- Georges Anquetil, the publisher,I child." I educationWh " " y ,pBallman'vt. wm.Cincinnati'j. Ballman,Ohi'7th motherinf.; Mrs.f cress rea~education i - sought to bring out. ' Lena B~tz, Toledo, Ohm, mothe~ of sent a catalogue to Commandant de College, Calffmma, ~ m s Order and deahng, " " .ber of a rel'g" u , Bourm .matriculationof the then, with the "lack of orderly de- -.. out, addressed to his home, IFATIIER WAEDENSCHUYLER t~ege sees "hisquasi-lvelopment," Dr. said: :*::be:Ontained advertisement of alAPPOINTED MT. ANGEL , .mstltutin, and a tieI "I would have you hate no jot of ..... of. books of an unqeustmn- Which, hk~" all domestic" amy lmertme nature As the fathe~ ~a~li " lyour allegiance to your Alma Mater, f . . .[ COLLEGE MUSIC HEAD es a certain ~er ~ ..... " .................. o a family, the officers brought suit l ,-" ou~ when you ~o g~w ,,,o,~ ~t, .w~,'. for aamages" He maintained that in]' (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) s-" Alma Mater: sendi " / Mt. Angel, Ore., April 25. The aa c^-- ~ .~_ ~ . " ng publicity for such offensive -alluen~al y on tun ,, of oo " ,,[ 1. Give it for improvement, of books, the publisher ~nsulted those to Rev. Dominic Waedenschuyler, O. S. ] .P r human nature, tnersonnel and for reserve, part~cu- ..~ ............ B., noted composer, former accom- ~d, ,,~t ~* . _ ~ .. . . . ~,,,~,- vne pUDIlCll;y was aflaressea l ~aat despite the ideal- larly for proxessorsmps, ann m sucnland that in the case where the cats-[panist for Mme. Schumann-Heink, Catholic principles, ac-[amunt as to. endow it at the com-[logue of this sort was sent into aland music critic, has been appointed We aratwe salaries of such mst~tutmns look abroad in the P ' " I home; the children therein were ex-Ihen dof the Music Department of made regretfull aware las Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Chicago y posed to scandal Mt. Angel College, it is announced. Ior Stanford 1 I .y rare individual,, "" I The lower court of Paris, while Father Waedenschuyler has behind colleges nor alum-!2. Give it for special collection l ....... ibis a remarkable musical career. He . = . i ,. ( .......... cmucmlng ~ne publisher, did not con-iwas born in Switzerland the son of trom their rela-,o~ OOOKS m ~ne n~rary, or ~o provme