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May 3, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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May 3, 1930

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~5 THE GUARDIAN: MAY 3, 19-30 PAGE THRF_ a ~AT[.]~D~ ~tT~T[~ [directed he show, and she was un- E. Dabney and Mrs W A McClung ! ~tW[~t~rl lmr~R ~ww~ I LL OCTAL ~-~I||LVI~k~LL tirin in her efforts ~o assure it's Mis ~" .... P A s g I .s Genev,eve Shamoon who has ERSONAL AND SOCIAL iIT.ES ..sT [ I s ....... ........ I brlUl 5 PllUlVl ~* v i ~ Isucce. s. mrs. rlarrlson also censer- I ceen ill Iortwo or ~nree weeks, is F ...... ! BE IN THE ~ Sunday Masses. ~ed yeomen service in accompanying(out|nedto her hotne. " , M~~|I~T Tele~ho ...... ~"~="" ~ OFF~CE BY ~ Low Mas~s at 7 and 9 a m ]the various numbers and playing for I HIUUI I 0 ~" -e or ~ena ~ocial Items to The Guardian~ ~uu~ ~u~c,- ~ . " " ~ " i " ! fllce High Mass at 11 a m the pract ce sessions as well as the ~ i Evening Devotions. light o e s ow. Mms Lucflle Be- ~N~WAV ! Honor Roll. ,307 West Second Street. Phone 5486 DAY. " " " f th h " " ' ------- ~. -~'---=~*-~--~--,--~ ...... ~ Devotions every Sunday evening at Isiegel also helped by introducing ~l~ TV L'ltl t Reports were distribu(ed at Mount ~r. and Mrs. J. O. Waggoner Emily Hildreth, Marie Hart; Ar~bella 7:45 o'clock, consisting of the reel-/several dance numbers of the men- -- iSt. Mary's on Wednesday. There ~at the week-end in Fort Smith, M.cSnatch, Patricia Tuohe,," Naralie tat|on of the Rosary, a Sermon and|bers of her classes. . Sunday evening, April 27, St Jo-iwere more students on the Honor :tguests of Mr and Mrs C F Buskin Edith Kirsnel" Mi~-Ja'nda AnnBenediction of the Most Blessed Sa l The introduction was made by seph High School presented "M IRoll than dming any plevious erred ',~ma .... ~ . , ~., , c-[ . . . . Y p ,~_ n and Mr and Mrs C L Annie Rie~rler rament Master Elhott in a very neat speech New Curate," a rehgious drama in.of the present school year They are the wmnei of the May Festival s n honor of the Sacred ] . . eehan s~ . , t lcia McNal- s' ' " Devotion i . after which the curtain was raised to ~our acts based on Canon S~h , ias follows: Seniors Pa r"" , The ~, - , Queen's contest will be announced Heart are held on the First Friday of |the refrain of an old southern !well known novel. The play, at oncelley, Geame Dicosmo, Mary Allen, r. T. A of the Cathedralbetween acts of "The Jonah " Frida- the month "~t 7"45 n m |melody. The end-men next made!elevating, edifying and instructive, Margaret Kelly, and Arleen Robinson; a001 w' ' z " " "" " i I . fll hold its last meeting ofnight May 9th at St Edward's Hall I tthelr appearance while the chorus, brought home a strong lesson of~Commercml, Dorothy Nease and Ma ~*tYear~ae Thursday, May 8th at 2-30. ' '--" '] First Communlo-~n Sunday_ ~rendered. some. snappy songs in true i faith,. . fervor and sterling Irish piety,'rie Wherity; Juniors, Lu:;. Finnegan', SChool parlors, 503 East 6th Dinner-Dance On Sunday, May 4th, the cM1 [mmstrel fashion. Master Walter combmed with humor, pathos and Margm:et Briscol, Wilma Grummer, d Election of officers will be held I A pretty compliment ;ill be tend-I dren" of the Cathedral Parish who ~Rowland at the conclusion of the !rollicking Irish fun. The project wasiKathryn Hart, Rozana Hart, Anna ~e~,~" . mothel~ ar~ re~nuegted to be ~,~. ~-~. ....... ....... ~m .... ,~,~ ,,=, .... ,~ --=*~-;have been receiving instructions fo~ .[verture' then. introduced the va-.managed ahnost" entirely, by the sen- I Mae L~psmeye~,. and" Lflhan" Sum- " twin cities' arishes b~ mo~)~ .... ('the past two months will receiw, |rious end-men. "Burnt Cork," Mas-Imr class, and well may the students mers; Sophomores, Catherine Whet ---" imembers "of Good Counsel '~ocieL- 'their First Holy Communion at the |ter Billy Flavm; Rufus Roster," be proud of their success The ef-i~tY, Pauline Kearney and Men|ca P. T A Card Party with a dinner-dance next Mend:;7 o'clock Mass ]Cha~l~s, RtLingenfelder; ,, "Parson ~?:~s ;f the hard-working personnel:Pogue; Freshmen, Margaret Donahue, ., Card Party'will be -iven b" the'even|n% Ma,, 5th at 7 o'clock in1 The class will be made up of the]Squi t, "chard Harris; Hambone ' "e .timulated by a select and ap-ILucille Kenny, Lucile Frederick, p. T. A. at the home of their auditorium, Maryland Avenue, lpupils of both the Cathedral and Maur'ce._O.,iCnnr,a:d 'Sambo,"iur?clat':e aud,ence. The cast was as Mary E. onder, Elmer Klingst, ,nd w Blow at B1 he Holy Souls Schools and will nun ~was~er wmlam O B~en A mc~ry,~OnO~S ~ourme Lmgenfelder, Grammar De ~0d " " ning, 5101 Edge- "s p street. All Catholic youths l ber ] . " " " ; - " '- I " - '01aTuesday, May 6th, at 2:30 of the two cities are invited and it islfifty" All of the children from the|grup they were and well di,~t theyl Father Dan, Parish Priest at Kil-tpartment, Tracy V. Madigan, Mar- ,~i~"'b. 1. Mad'~,~] ....................... ~ ,~o; ......~ ~,n,~ .~ ~"~A ................. .... ~.~ ...m ..... ";~v~* ,two schools will be in attendance .~,~+ |portray,, their various parts. Piece I renan--Edward Riedmatten Jr. i.garet L. Waggone~,. Lorraine Wher- ~u," " assisted _~h,, ~..~+~ --.,---,,,st"n^" ~.... ......... a~,,~ ~ ...... ~.POo ..-ov,--,,-~~~+"m ..... ,, ~,,o*~'~ ,I the Mass.. and the First Comm..,.,~ ,..[l Pete. ..a duet. was._ well rendered by , .. Father, . .Letheby' the New Curate-- IlltY'.. Kathleen ..... Findley, Lucille LuJan, _ --t~ee: Mmes Russell Laffe-~ - unusual occasion it is su-~-eo~,~ ~.-* I cants will occupy reserved seats i,~ |mas~ers ~ooert Harrison and Frank- I ~reoenc Lachowsky ]~rrances Withers, Billy Mahoney, Dec ,llia~aer'~Kelleher, Biltz, Finkbeiner, early reservation be made by calling l the main aisle of the Cathedral. ]hn An thematten. ,,A surprise nun-!. Jem Deady,, tiler & roofer, presi-]othy Younger, Evelyn Liske, Helen ~y~ ' Thompson, Hare, .... tuc~ar,,.v*~'' Mrs. E~-svv, v"hon~ 4-,,~,vo.gec' ,~^ oma~t"'~^~| May Day Celebration. ]ber Miss vairfax, by .Burr Raley 1 (tent of bhe Holy Terrors -=Alfred Keller, Kathryn Missner,. Jane Roth, ke~ and Boone. Two home ma(]e cover charge of 25 cent, each will bel On Sunday afternoon, May 4th,]wn all by the novelty of its surprise. ]thegel. , IBetty Rose Boone, Mignon Andrews, . will be ~,iv~- - a ..... -.~. ~,~ [ the annual May Day celebrat" ,~ ~,. |Young Raley made up as a'fair youngI Mrs. D Arcv, Father Dan's house /Jeen McLean, Mary E Barren Pa- rietal. ~--~11 aS ~,~vx l~X~,~" m,,,~_. ! ~ ~ lo., ,~, [ . . _ . .- . . - . . , ~' "2' are ~o~.~ ,_L..__ _ I honor of the Blessed Virgin ...m lady completely captivated all by his tkeeper-'-Vwgmla Erbach thucm Mullen, and Betty Donahue ~S ~ --o.-cu ~o ormg score -- ~ ~,. .... . ~d c take l smgmg of h s number and by h~s Captain Campton, of He1 Ma estv's Date Set for Graduation ard~ ~ ...... ] p ace atthe Cathedral at 3 - ] x " J , I " . DIstrict Meeting I m ~" imitation. Master William O'Brien Service--The'odore Hiegel " t Commencement exercises will be ,rd Payt.. ~ -"-"~-'~- l /~r -It._ f~_LL_I_*_ / "Th ....... L~^.. ^, ~n .........[next rendered "Chick, Chick Chick-iBeatta Campion. Can;ain (~ lheld in the new Me + .~+ M~--' , ,ay ~t. Edward's Altar ~.IIL tllq~ ~,ilLillOllC ] ~ v ................ ~.e cmmren{ " i ~'i ' .... : !"io-' ...... " ....... I .... u~. ........ ., s " ooe~ety~ " " ! " e a t ! of the parish will be held a(*~- .... I en n, u.S usual splenal(l stym. Mas- I v , s oaugn~er---Margaret. Dussex. ~ auot~orlum on the evening of June 4. ~he Au_ " ] . union or/a.rxansasl which will come the dedicati ..... I ter O Brlen can sing and he knows ! Captain Ormsby, Inspector of the The Right Reverend Bishon Morri.* , ,~ar Soci . ~ on o~ zne, . . . *- ,~ 0hu/rch wille;Yv:fa firSt_aErie(, The District meeting of the Cath-Ichildren under the protection of the ,ust. how to pug.over an endsong. Coast Guards, an infidel---Paul En-ID" D., will pres,d . ,:ae afternoon and ev-ni- p Y olic union of Arkansas will be held [Blessed Virgin, and the Crowning of [ ~ vie n son ?y mas~er rienry lvlassa l aerlin. I m, -w,mming reel Opene~. ~le~da,, ~, e ng oi on the 3rd Sunda,, in Mav Ma~, ~ [the Statue of the Blessed Mother ~1accmpamea ~)y Mr. Thomas Morris-[ Fa~an an En,,qo~- :--~ ........... .~ j rne spacious new swimming pool ~. ~p. j. &- Y , at the.home of 1930', in O"^,,= ,,=,,,~,,~*~'^~- ,,=,=-" v~^* o~.* ]special sermon will be ,.nreach~..~ =~-"** Isey lent charm .t the programme, tward Hm~..." ~,=~ in the gymnasmm is. now m use and 10win:, ~_ ,.rnold, Park Hill. The Boniface Parish at rH"~^ A.a. ..... |er which Benediction of the ~---[Master Massa is an accomplished Ho~an F ........ ~;-..~ ;^ itho students are enjoying it to the ~: ~Ir~ ,~mles terming the commit- _ ..... ' .............. ]Blesse~ Sacra ....... ~ ..... "i~.~]violinist and will .be heard from later !~--~ ' a~ ............ John H,,:-]utmost A big water carnivn! ,,~, ~ . T .T *-- ,. .. . . a~ ~:ou p.m. t =,,,~z,~ wm ue given. The ! , " Is=,- t " ..... % M. "Z" ~rnoia, ~urs. oosepn ....... /children w . A monologue by Master Richard Hat-I " . IMay Day marked the formal . a,~"us. William no,~,~..;.v ~.o l~ev. yr. ~lenry ~ix, and the en-| ......h o have received their t-; .... Ahce Moylan, a bhnd girl---Mar-i in. open ~. ~ "-~, or.. Mrs Alb~rt Td~,~,, ~he ~. ~om~ace varzsn a~ ~lxle,/. . . ~ --- .... - __ _ ~ ......... . . Lgaret Henze l :'ge I:I~, . - ....... ~ ..... ' ....... +... ........... l~~rs~ rioiy uommunion in the m~,.. ~"~ took the house down. Dressed ~" ,i O~k . ....... vv, ~_~. ___~ ~ .......... Jlng will nave a snecial n i', +h~ Ias a ra~on, young laarrls t~orcrayea l ,~ . t ~ '~' ~r~ v,, .dung, Mrs. John Kir- -~r~., exLen