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May 3, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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May 3, 1930

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t~ us the" nothing Is Is than Catholic Catholic li{crature large clrcu}ation, as one may h~ve every r~diag which instructs strengthens and titan virtues. ~'BENEDICTUS, pp, XV. CANCER HOSPI- :dinal Daugherty, Mass in the chapel of Announcement when the property Peh for the inspection of the THE OFFIC'iAi_ ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK, ARK., MAY 3, 1930. I t~ T T ' T T T T T T T~-i A Cathlic P~r ~ s Perpetual Mism/om~-. Pope Leo XIIL "The Guardian in s~ry Home'--2Our Mott~ No. 31 IN HISTORY OF ST. IKATHLEEN HOI S ; WITHDRAWS FROM Six New Priests to Serve Diocese of Little Rock---One for Ok|ahoma, One for Covington, One PENWOMAN RACE -- for Wilmnigton. Large Crowd of Jonesboro People Attend Ordination of Native Son. W. C. News Service.} if Elected President, Would Have April 25. The Serv- Had to "Defend Creed and Convlc- for Incurable Cancer tion," She Writes----~isper. l%or have taken charge ing Campaign Had Brought erty in this city which was in Her Catholic Re- home for the li#on. lounced its ira- as the order's first (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Pennsylvaia ad its only Washington, D. C., April 25.---Mrs. e of New York. Kathleen Norris, nationally known will be known as the novelist, who is a Catholic, this week Free Home for Incur- withdrew her candidacy for the pres- idency of the National League of American Penwomen, in COnVention here since Monday. Her election as the next national president of the society was considered a foregone conch~sien; half the local units of the League had pledged her their will be provided votes. In accordance with In her letter of withdrawal, writ- the Congregation, only ten to her friend, Mrs. Clarence M. )e accepted who cannot Busch. retiring p~esident of the or- no distinctions of race, ganization, Mrs. Norris avoided any drawn, a~d no con- suggestion of rancor, but included " )ted from patients, among her reasons that "'My accept- of Relief for Incur- ance of this office would force me Among bhe Poor, or, as tq defend creed and c~nvictions." known, The Sis- She also said that she previously had 'rninic, Congregation of regarded the League as "only a liter- were founded by cry group, unaffected by politics, ve- Alphonsa Lathrop, ligion or personal internationalideas," Nathaniel Hawthorne, but that she had found it was not but more widely known so. her achievements in Whispering Campaign. Catholic charities. It became general knowledge in onsa was of the Unitar- the course o the convention that was married in 1871 Mrs. Norris was being made the vic- Lathrop, also of tim of a "whispering campaign" in m London. In 1891 which she was criticized because of renounced the her 'Cabholic religion, as well as her an dwere baptized membership in the Women's Interna- Church, New ci'eated a discussion. Catholic weekly published here, also afterward, Mrs. Lath- printed an attack on Mrs. Nffrris, her friends by basing its criticism on her member- she would devote the ship in the Women's International to the care of poor League but calling attention ~o ~he Mr. Lathrop died fact that she is "a Roman Catholic." . herself in a Anon_vinous letters also were sent, tenement house, up *her work. (Continued on page 4) had her own house PALESTINIAN JEWISH were cared for. Sunday, April 27th, was ordina- er Laughlin will celebrate his First Mass in St. Paul's Church, Cincinnati, Robert Gardner acting as -toastmas- PAPER SKEPTICAL OF Universally beloved on tion day for St. John's Seminary. Solemn High Mass at Visitation Ohio. He was ordained for the Die- ter, expressed the coblgratulations EINSTEIN PEACE PLAN Nine young men were elevated to Church, Philadelphia. He was or- cese of Little Rock, and will return and good wishes of the Seminarians took the veil as a nun. %he Holy Priesthood by the Right dained for the Diocese here soon for assignment to duty. t to the young levites. Response in By Dr. Alexander Mombel]i, she establish- l~everend John B. Morris, D. D., Rock. of Little The tenth member of the class, I the name of the class was made by (Jerusalem Correspondent, N. C. W. 17 patmnts were Brahe of L1 n re ' " p "ttle Rock, at St. A d w ~ The Reverend Leonard W. Wire- Reverend Jose Torres Rodriguez, was IFather Yaeger. Words of welcol!l,e C. News Service.) there arose a five- Cathedral. Those to be ordained mers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. recalled by his Bishop in mid April fin behalf of the Alumni of St. John s Jerusalem, April 2---Commenting dno Jackson s~'eet were: For preparatory training he attend- and was ordained to the holy priest-lwas expressed by Very Rev. Men- on the recent proposal for an Arab- c- ~ eL. ~ose s~ree The Reverend Edward J. Yeager, ed St. Joseph's College, Cincinnati hood on Saturday, April 26th, in the signor James P. Moran. The con- Jewish rapprochement tentatively "~ut u ruble Cancer.Car- who was born in Lancaster, Penn- HG entered St. John's Seminary in Cathedral at Ponce, Porto Rico. I gratulations of the faculty, their joy forward by Prof Einstein in a let eu~cated it. sylvania, came to St. John's in Sop- September, 1924, where he made his Father Tortes is a native of Porte t and their expectations of the class ter to the English Edition- of the tember, 1922. Father Yeager was studies in philosophy and" theology. Rico. He made his preparatory stud-I Was voiced by Very Rev, Monsignor Arab Falastin of Jaffa, the Hebrew !I, FAMOUS the first student to be registered in Following the celebration of his First ies in the Seminary of San Juan, IS. J. Peoples. In addition to those Davar says in part as follows. ~ONNA, BURIED the preparatory department of the Solemn Iiigh Mass, which is to take Porto Rico. He received his philo-lalready mentioned the following "Whatever the feasibility "on ob- PULHAM, ENGLAND Seminary and has made his entire place in St. Plus Church, Cincinnati, sophical and theological training at were present at the dinner: Very jective ~-ounds o ' " St John's J.'~ ~- , f the parhcular V~,~-~- course at the institution. He will he will report to the Bishop o~ Cov- ., Little Rock. He has al-~ev. Bruno Hagspiel, S. V D, Pro- ~cheme devised by Prof Einstein it '. .'C. News Service.) celebrate his First Solemn High Mass ington, Kentucky, for duty. , end .... " r Y been asmgned to duty m hzsI wncial of the Divine Word Fathers; needs ~ ~ .......... : ~' Pril II Ro~,,~,~ M~Iin St. Anthony's Church, Lancaster, The Reverend I-r, onrv .I rh.,~,,~,. ~" - ........ .. ,~ xu,mamen~at change o~ a~- .-.. .~ ......... na~we tuna. ~ev. t~onrad ~mder, S V D ; rues-here i- * ........ .... e Church, Fulham here IPennsylvania" ~'ollowing a few came to St. John's from Philadelphia, t ... I ..... " " ' P u ~rao pon~cai e~reies ~o " bun weeks of vacatmn he will ~eturn to h~.,~ native e~t m S~ tomb r I ins ~mpressive ceremony at the r~ev. g. ri. l-laarmann, S. V. D.; andibring any such scheme within the "al of Marie Louise[ " " "" '," '" " y, " p e 1924 Cathedral was largely attended'bytRt. Rev. Monsignor H. H. Wernke. I~ange of "ractical -olitl ....... ~ )us ri I the Diocese of Little Rock for as .... ~ ~ ' " "~ .... P p ca. ~na~ ~n~ P ma donna, who,. tI,s phflosoph,ea, andtheological d:lia:~desand fr,ends of the newly or-,PeoA:le~hF:th,~ation of. Mons!gn.or author o~ the :proposal himsel~ was Ondon home at the age s~gnment to duty. courses wbre made here while his p e~ts.Among ~nose present l p , e nagspmi, ~rovmcml well awar on ..n.:~. _._ ..... , The Reverend Thomas A. Costello, preparatory trainh~g was received at i!i:i!!nD I e ~-,~-~e my ~ne ot)-~ ttigh Commissioner for iwho was born in Phila,delphia, Penn., Catholic High School, I~hiladelphia. ir21if ~e~R~::tge~=: a?:::tlha 2t: W:idoseFb~e:s'f~htl ~t:el;a:: :~:~h:P~::t~:' ~:h:~d:eb: LUcien Pacaudl, was came to St. Johns Seminary :He will celebrate his First Solemn ~, uther Carnss mother, Mrs. l words of advice to the youngled to the Falastin and not to a Jew" ~ ~lass. Madame AI- in September, 1923. His preparatory]High Mass in St. Alphonsus Church, J. C. Jansen, his aunt, his sisters an~ men about to go out into the Mas-]ish paper One felt sJ ...... ,-~" ~n:f French Canadian work was accomplished at west Phil- ; Philadelphia. Father Dreyer goes to brothers; Mrs. Regina Campbell,~ter's vineyard, lter ~rom'Prof Einstein Lo~nuald co=" ~ejeun {adelphm Cathohc H1 h School and l . " nesse, at Chum-, " " "g the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware. mother of Father Campbell; Mr.} /pel the attention of the Arabic press ~real. 4 1St. John's Seminary. Father Cos- The Reverend Joseph R. Campbell " " " I N DEBATERS I hoped that even if no tangible ~t Were representatives tello will celebrate his First Solemn was born in Hennessey, Oklahoma. Charles l~oyer, hm wife and hm CREIGHTO and ' )PeruY, theNUSe'Re ya'|the Philhar- Ryal!High MotherMaSs of Sorrows at the inChUrch his native of city.OUr IHe 11924,came after to St.having John's finishedin September,his pro-ordained h::ih: f' ;:~::d:: f fe F::h:; were" present, more tC::tw~Y [thanll DEFEAT PROHIBITION HARVARD Q UESTIONON /tual Verylresults fact caliber would that immediately a Jew of such foll0W,intellec, the , the Royal Academy ellHe will likewise return to the Die-lliminary training at Sacred Heart one hundred coming from Jones-[ ------'-- ~made frank overturesand moralofweightreconciliahad Pans 0 era cese of L~ttle Rock ~Colle e Oklahom b " P " I " " 1 g , a. His First Sol- bore. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.)tlon choosi " a ni, upon whom King The Reverend George A. Carns, emn High Mass will be celebrated in ....... [ r " ~ , ng an Arab paper as his -. n~erred the title, Dame I born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where St. Anthony s Church, O'Keene, Ok- tuary~t~encllngwere: Monsignorthe Sane-II audienceOmaha'voteNeb'of April220 to2281, "~" creigh-BY an |ficiaIImediUmformativeWUld exert a highly bone Arab .Enlpire, had sung be- his mother, brothers and sisters n.ow lahoma. Oklahoma is to i)e his fu- influence upon Rt~R:v7plea' who was Archdea. con;Iron University defeated Harvard Unl- ~oPm~on. These hopes, however, were ~hhe crowned heads of I reside. Father Cams came to St. [ture he, me .... ~v~ons~gnor John P Fmher, I versity in an intersectlonal debate,~nt destmi ed to attain fulfillment. Be- : nlod w-r " 's mber 1923 H m a! The Reverend I ore Mors etIJohn in Septe , e" Edward N. Hinck-~ndnsR:V.tEdv~.rd p. Garrity, Chap.!on prohibition held last Wednesday]~ore looking for good will one might :VOrak "The Spectre'slgraduate of Subiaco High School ley, born in Marlborough, Mass., e msnop," ~cev. oosepn A.]in the Creighton auditorium here, [expect to find common honesty. Is ,t. Ludrnilla," especial- !and Sdbiaeo College. His philosoph-came to St. John's Seminary in Sop-wereMaster~'Gallagher and Roy. John J. d~nat'~ A [teal and theological, courseSFirst SolemnWere ! tember,Mar]borou1923.h H~ Heh ,is a graduate~ of e ..... s o~ ~eremomes. Healy lutners. 1theTheHarvardquestin waS,plan for"Reslved:~he enforce-That lit'rot' there?the, aff~r .Themative.answer,, can hardly be~ 5 lbani took her [made at~ St. John s. " [ g "g School and made pros n~ m the ~anctuary were: verY]ment of prohibition should be adopt-[ - _ ~ any, New York. SheIHigh Mass will be celebrated in St. lhis courses in philosophy and theol- V:-v'"Roy ~I~l~ns~nr Albert L. F~tcher, led by the federal government." Op- MISSIONARY CANONESS .... " at the Sacred Heart[Roman's Church, Jonesboro, Arkan-!ogy at Little Rock. Following the , and at the age of 15 Is~s. Father Carns will be assigned i celebration of his First Sol~mn Highran,*~"very'~'l~ev.n~gnor~vlonsignorameSwal~er ~: me" [ psinga. I Lauren~the l~m~plan for~,...~.^,Creighton,,, werel_ I HONORED : . at St. Joseph's in Al-[t0 duty somewhere in .hisnative Mass in Immaculate Conception.~,'"-i",, r.ev~' ~nomas ...... ~ ~ewny, l~ev ~ -~ ----~-, ....... ~ x~mea anctl B N -----'- ' -"" . istate i Church, Ma.r.lborough, Father Hinck. _. ~" ,. [ Ben Kazlowsky. Representing Har- ( Y . C- W. C. News Service .... . ! .... raUslc m Paris :=pMhlli:hborRnev~lrepdilaJd:~pphia? pL:::y~: signment tordu~y.Llttle ROck fr as45 Years of t I Sere-,=# w,, ,e~u~ l ! ~ Royallvania, registered at St. John s~ The Reverend John B. Scheper, a C:cle9rtl:tth? inary in September. 1924. 'He re-]native of Oldenburg, Germany, came rib, O. S. M., was]ceived- his preparatory trainingh~n[to St. John s Seminary in September, Requiem: and the[Catholic High School, Philadep "a,] 1924, after having completed his O. S. M., officiat-[whilo courses in philosQphy and the-lcourse at Little Rock College. He ]elegy were mtide at St. John's. Fath- will celebrate his First Solemn High ock in the afternoon. Mr." intoxicating: [versity under " at one o cl I ,, ,, To,as, the oidest