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April 30, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 30, 1927

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THE C UARDIAN, APRIL 30, 1927 Page Seven I .............................................................................................................................................. ialone wears this at the top of hislsoda or a half pound of salted pea-.whether you have stew or scalloped Ibroke out in this building?" "We 'ibiretta, at the point where the three'nuts. ~ "~ HOURSAT HONE ho os meet. Some l'ehglous" " orders Keep your weight below danger of,frultl For. saladthe saIadwlth, yOUa gelatinemight funda" laisle'Serve a would ~ndrisemarchin our placeSquietlyStePoutin,tOof thethe -1 ,, land congregations wear cords at the :fatty degeneration of the heart or tion or a combination of cream cheese tbul~(hnp., and they ha~l repeated tiffs 't " b . op of the bn'etta m the shape of alothcr or,-ms Don't load wmr blood mayonnmse and fruits frozen and in chorus several times Serenity ' " ' 1 ....... " ~ --~ matlon, of the hght sleeper,. . seem~,loop,, but the secular clergy should up with .sugar until .your nancreas'served,. on ]eVcuce. Dr. Van Dyke came into the room _, ne~er as happy as when staging at.wear the tuft or pompon. A velvet,,ives u~ '~ d st ........ l~ ~. ,~ .... ;- t and took a seat on the platform, trou;l'e ann trel; and dawn: .... ieover is not proper for any biretta." $Don,t let your appetite trick you out: Stuffed Apples[and tile teacher asked the children: ur sou' ...... l~ne c.nange brings an increase m I It seems quite obvious that some of of a substantial part of your life. I Wash well and scoop out a little "What would you say if I tom v0u ~-mgs+~':-,'~ oI unsuD- sleep~ne tractmndurlng, ofthetheeriodtimeofdevoteddarknesstO.those! ~ who .... make birettas fail at timesll " , }of the centers, of. fOUl" large firm ap- lthat Dr. Van Dyke is to speak to is ~o "'" ' P " ' It recogmze such distractions as those lP,ttsf,eld Man s Note ples. Put m shallow pan and add you this morning?" They promptly s, w m, our bodies Inasmuch as daylight-saving timelcarefully noted by Monsignor Moye. i Found In Bay of Biscay~one-half to three-quarters cup of su-lr ' " i ephed m chorus: We would rise l Wisdora ..... ,!?nds to minimize hght and sound mI While bishops and doctors of d~-I -- :gar, according to sourness of the in our placc~ step into the aisle and lgs , ~ our strlv- [ ~neporaryOearoOm,enhancementWe shoulder rest.expeCtButa tem-thisl vinity use the. .fur-peak biretta, the l. r .Pittsfield'. ~ April 26. A bottle, con-'apples, and one~ cup of~ boiling water, march quietl.~, out of the building!" 0 nearer ~ .... I .............. tother ecclesiastics have the biretta ofltalnm~, a message thrown into theTo four tablespoons of cold cooked t ~au ~neieJIec~ is oI~se~ oy ms~uroances oI anY lonlv three l~eaks which are consider- ~oeean off France hy Ex-Mayor Allen rice add one-half cup of cream, on~.- Questionnaire " ight ~ ..... tsort which are not dependent uponled as symbolizin~ the Holy Trinity IH. Bragg of th;s city, has been re-quarter cup of sugar and a few dropsi A Milwaukee daily in an article -~4~ -ave ~ound are man's activities to our personal sched-IT~ ~,,~.~ 1.. ~ 'Y-' ........ 2.~ turned to him h, .~ ~',:o~oh {;oh ........ 'of vanill'l Beat until cream: and fill on the funeral of the late Msgr ".~.n stul~hl t " s'5 S,,.,~..,, .,C a~dleu, however, b~/ag .. : -~' ......... ~"e"'~'*'" i "" " t " ' " )lish, ro~e_' ,. _]ule. ]France, Germany and Spain the bi-'!Mr. Bragg's letter, dated March the apples with the mixture, sprinkletRainer of that city carried this head- "~e-~, Walls oJ:t ,, . . r . ~ . I In the case of none of our sub-Iretta is ordinarily four-peaked 26, was tossed into the Bay of B~scay over them a httl~ cinnamon and bake line" "Messiner Will Deliver Mass at hflo h , m a hot ow n until a tes become l~, li" - ljects have we found any consistentl " ~w" e and Mrs Bragg were on " , PP . l " ,Rainer Rites." While on the subject, ith the:_~e . bats, Urichange in resting habits which couldl, Modern Girl Spends Twenty Itheir way to Cherbourg." He inclosed tender and brown, t marshmallow i The Catholic Citizen of Milwaukee ,r ~mgs. ibe attributed to the change to day-I Times More for Hose Than lin the bottle an addressed envelope, 'placed on top of each filled apple and put these questions to the daily pres~. not h ~ , E t~ u browned m the oven is a last add1 a Calralearned t~_~,a~ anclent" " . Icaused'ght'-savingby chance.time as against being, Modest Miss of 1900Did money,and ~g'YPabout ': ~'$1Italianin all.and American ~tion." ' " "" y '- repor~ers:l. May we refer o a member of raen *. . I "The method we employ hasreadilyl America's 29 483 150 women are iThe reply follows: the Sacred Roman Rots as a "Ro- .H de's;a:;~ in eour-reflected, among other causes, the spending an average of seventy-five"Plouyasnon, the 2d of April: Baked Prunes and Apricots Itarian? li h is th- o .... , very definite effects of anxiety of[dollars a year each for hose, it is re- "Your letter from Bay of Biscay l One pound prunes, one-half pound 2. Is it proper to call a ceremony ~ ,~nrlsl;lan s ..... , " ' ' of " h .rm; jcertam specific dmeases, of extra- vealed in a recent survey of the hos-lat hand. I found ~t on the first of, aprmots, cold water to cover, a ritual? s deep s .... ._ . ordinary exertion of certain drugs, iery industry made by Edward Fres- April near the Harbor of Morlais, a~wash the fruit and cover with the 3. Is the Pauline Privilege re- ~en,~y, the of changes of habit of daily work, and chl, of the ttoleproof company, Mil- town not far from Brest on the coast water Let stand 24 hours and cook stricted to the Paulist'Order? .n of different types of -bedding equip- waukee " of France. I thank you for the in a covered baking dish about one 4. Does a sacerdotal cure suggest ' a~.~ a qmet ment. Women's combined hosiery bill is money I found in this letter, I am hour until 'tender. Thin long slow]an infirmary. ~i::r to cool the , "If any effect resulted from the $225,000,000 and the average price a poor fisherman and have four chil-;cooking develops the sugar in the 5. Is a bishop with a crosier nec- 'fruit and produces a thick stew sirup. cnange of schedule it was insignifi- per pair two dollars dren and the money will help me very Sugar may be added if desired,essarily a Crosier Father? .~ "Theodore Maynard. cantly small as compared with the ef- "This is nearl t;ent times the much.Here is my address." 6. How many beads in a pair of l~r~it~ fects of other agencies " I ' Y Y " beads? ...... " .... modest four dollar item for hosiery in as Knew of Gold. ~r. oonnson anu nls assocm~es oI., , ....... ,, .... Interesting Statistics I Tapioca Soup 7. Is a cathedral chapterinter- . ~;ne woman s I~UU DuugeE, Sale /vlr ' l the Simmons Foundatmn recently .............. I To two quarts of water put a s~)up esting reading? ........ l~eSCnl,oul; 1 really marks a grea~ iouna ~nat tt minu~es is ~ne average ....... "The Sign,' a national Catholic bone, salt to taste, chopped onion, and 8 In a canonical erection, do the Who discovered gold ........... economy in iemlnlne oress as well as ume aurmg wmcn ~ne average per- . .... magazine, edited by the Passionist few shakes of celery salt, and let ecclesiastics themselves do the mason , near Sacramento,' ~ ........ a grea~ s~rioe iorwaruin feminine son ma~es no mouon a~ aH ounng health ~ , Fathers, at Chicago, Ill, gives the simmer one hour. Add one cup of work? not the first to find sleep. This average was computed " , following interesting statistics, that tapioca and stir occasionally, till it 9. Is the Passion Play a display From the earliest een legends f its fmr:2 2:d::~s f upward f 30'000her costume. Lucile. the grea iWsm Y? :h Pe-r lind: ~ :::S lpnc ih::?;:;~are really worth t;he while in mere" tl'ickens" When serving" '~'dd he" f passin? ' until after Mar- u ~ s orizing: half cup milk to one cup of soup. 10. Is a Passionist Father easily ahfogma pro CATHOLIC CUSTOMSD SYMBOLS "There is one Catholic nriest for provoked? Paris couturiere creates enticln - ,, ,, C ' "' - , g every 875 Catholics! One Protestant Candle L,ght 11. If incensed while on the most meager AN shades for, hose and names them minister for 260 Protestants. I Place slice of pineapple in sherbet, altar is he apt to rebuke the acolyte? m~Current History Symbohsm nr Lilt" D Celeste, Fanchon and Maxine. The "49,000 Baptist ministers; 20,287,Cut a banana in half and fit in eenter 12. Is the habit of a nun contract- metal, writes " of tl{e Biretta coquetry of costume finds its highest Catholic priests of pineapple. Put a cherry on tip of ed or worn? gold in" the Sacra- By Rt Rev. H. T He exple~smn m the ho~e At the same ,, Vicinity a ' " " Y' " " " " '~ s :' " There are 21 kinds of Baptists; banana., letting cherry juice run on 13. Is a baptistry a Baptist meet- ]eiscan ~ ~- d been. The linty" may be puzzled at hmes" time it should be remembered that 21 kinds of Lutherans; 17 different whipped cream which is put around ing house~ ae "knowlr:dr: long to account for the name and origin, women have gotten rid of the burden kinds of Methodists;" 10 eateries'the banana. Banana repre candle. 14. What would happen if' a , F~- . g was as well as for the various forms and and of the heavy cost of long and Iof Presbyterians 'Cherry the i~ght and the juice the PapM bull should issue against a ~olummous bfilowm silk skirts ,, kne;n~:sc:ans ,t ,S.eolors, of the square cap worn by all " " ..... ' " ' " " " na spread~ . . " " g , Four of the leading Protestant running wax. Soanish bull fighter. trains, silk petticoats, numerous and ' - r. -" It~ .... ,ecclesmstlcs exce t the Holy Father, s . ' . . " denominations have 69 &inds of~ -- 1;~. And, Holy Moses, does a _~e~ WOuldbrin--~ P . . " Protestantism. I Candied Swe P Ipriest s rabbi ever officiate in the -- . ~.and also by seminarians who have not costly lace trimmed white petticoats, et otatoea ' " " thfaSUcn numberslyet received tonsure but/for certain " . Seventy per cent of the Catho- Take pared cold be" e p -lsynagogue. etcetera, ponderous ostrich plumed ,, I fl d sweet o eay t~:n;sh mflu-lexcellent reasons, are permitted to hats and many other articles of dress lie population is in 1.2 states; 30 :tatoes, place inn baking dish, pourt ork that , ~r ~t Se'eme~ ~ ...... that not only prevented all ~ealthy/per cent in ~he remaining states, iover one cup and a half of maple~D. F. KELLY, CHICAGO, 'esul+o u~ mre)m-I With respect to its ancient use, activity but were ten times as costlyI "Only 10 per cen,t of the Metho-"syrup, dot with bits of butter, pu~ in BECOMES FIRST LIFE eVery ~hal: ,.m'ghtlwho would be apt to share the inter- as a supply of silk hosiery, l dists are in the principal cities, ithe oven, turn occasionally unail po- MEMBER OF C. P. A. ~gola. iesting and not at all improbable sur- "When you add to this that very}' "Of 14,478 Catholic churches, tatoes are candied. SYmpho " {raise of the learn.ed Father Thurston, few of these former articles of dresst2,230 use a foreign language. I (By N. C. W C. News Service) ~. u,es IS. J., that "the ancient usage which did anything to make the landscape "9,454 Protestant churches use! Pineapple Pudding Chicago, April 18. ~'---Simon Baldus, ~--- ' Irequires an English judge to assume any more attractive to the masculine ~foreign language exclusively, t ~ Splice fruit and fill pan half full. president of the Catholic Press Asso- ~'s;;:'~the cm.-Ithe 'black cap' in pronouncing sent- eye, while silk hosiery adds charm to' "On Dr. Watson's tabulation, Sprinkle with oue-fourth of a cup of ciation announces that the distine- vnonles a~ [ ,, ear .~ " ence of death is identical in origin every scene, the case is complete'" Protestant Church members do- sugar and pour in one-fourth of a lion of being the association's, first ith'~:_~ with a rule formerly in use requiring -- nated $17 per capita in 1920. [cup of water. Make a batter out of life member belongs to D F Kelly. ~pie sl;rlngs on b- e a priest to ~ear the biretta when Overeating Concentrated "Catholic donated about $3.721on~half cup of sugar one-fourth of one of Chicago'~~ most prominent Y areful at- giving .absolution in the sacrament of Foods Shortens Life per capita, t a cup of butter and lard mixed, half citizens This announcement is of im- Hi:h~eh he]penance? , "Some of-the Evangelical ehurches's cup of sweet milk, one cup of flour portanee at this time for the reason I ua~ .... ompo-] And who would be apt to connect contributed $80 per capital, or more ~wlth on.e heaping teaspoon of baking that at the seventeenth annual con- ~;:;:l~g~ble as the biretta and cassock of the priest than 20 times what each Catholic powder sifted in. Stir all together vention of the Catholic Press Asso- and spread over fruit. Bake or steam ciation, which wilt be held at Saran- ; o " If:with the skull-cap ending above in a contributes, i ' .r ,art, are large square surface worn by colle- con-"The efficiency of administration luntil done, about 30 minutes. Serve nah, Ga., May 19, 20, 21, a nation- ~::~Pi ve f~re- Igians and commonly styled a "motar- in the ~ Catholic Church is amply with whipped cream or any sauce pre- wide drive for life members will be lov;~ ~en, the lboard,,, the "cap and gown" of the suggested in the above figures, es 'ferred. launched. -=u tile and collegian corresponding .~omewhat pecially when the expense of our passion-with, and mayhap giving origin to, school system is considered." fro m the onl~ me-. he possessed the biretta and cassock (as we see them today) of the cleric. With respect to the name "biretta" (Italian, biretta; French, barette; Spanish, b'ir~ta), the word may have By Mills Sturtevant, M. D., New York CityfMember Gorgas Memorial Institute. People are becoming fo*od scious. It is not unusual to meet a person who knows what protein, fat, and carbohydrates are. or even one who is able to estimate his diet in calories. There are even people who give a thought to their vitamin in- take who are not cranks or faddists. Too little attention is paid, how- over, to the amount of food eaten. IGHT SAVING ,~Ooze Just About Well. Unel? Samuel out of bed, and all, 'at ex- lay, April 24. semi-annual Invoke the day arise as to Do we derived from birrus, a hooded cloak. Too much attention is paid to the The biretta was originally a skull cap appetite as the measure of food con- with a tuft, then became a soft round sumption in ~people whose lives are cap which easily assumed a three-sedentary. horned shape in the effort~ to remove If one has daily vigoroms exercise, it from the head. The present form it is safe to follow ~ne's appetite far- of the biretta as worn by bishop~ and ther than if one does little muscular doctors of theology, namely, with exertion. Or to put it differently, if four rounded peaks on the upper sur- you are sitting indoors all day or even face, may have come, as remarked moving about all day, while you may above, from the collegian's "mortar- be "working hard" in a sense, you O " b ard. lwould b~tter choose your diet from Importance of Colors ' lfoods which suppt~ bulk with the rain- The colors are of some importance I in, urn food value; that is, vegetables --red for cardinals, purple for bish- and fruits, instead of selecting too our sleep? Is ups; black for other clerics. Those much concentrated carbohydrates and really below who make birettas err at times in the fats, such as bread, pudding, pastry, ha.rid sleeping color of the lining, which should be ature's way? green for bishops, scarlet red fpr car- olive oil, and butter. Two conditions are increasing rap- "..f'answeridinals, crimson red for prelates di idly in the United States whichlare !~. Johnson,[mantelletta, purple for prelates di shortening lives in an alarming man- or the Sire 'S ' " -Imantellone, black for priests, her. One is diabetes, the other over- tudy of The tuft at the top of the biretta, weight. There are about 2,000,000 John- often called a pompon, is sometimes diabetics' in the United States, and ~have been replaced by a simple diamond-shaped this number is being increased by 2 of sleep, .hay- figure less than one inch in length, per cent of itself yearly. The life disposal 20 or by a tassel that hangs down over irisurance companies find that for te, Pitts- gave it as his are incense. that the to day- their sleep- testify that all from the Person is asleep to ob- and to d'escribe all such re- of daylight- flency for to be interrupt. advances. to be due, of is not a, too, noises The Spring int the esti- the side, although Roman custom for- every 10 pounds of overweight there bids the tassel to cardinals. 'is a definite shortening of length of Biretta and cassock form the prop- life. er apparel of the priest at home. In The per capita consumption of su- processions and at sacred furmtions gar in 1911) was less than 80 pound~ in the church he.-adds to these the a year. In 1924 it was almost 150 surplice. We notice that at certain pounds. In 14 years it has nearly parts of the sacred functions in doubled. There has been little or no church the .attending clergy remove increase in the per capita consump- the biretta from the head. .The in- tion of meat, tea or coffee. It seems HOUSEHOLD HINTS When plancing your vegetable gar- den this year try making a furrow for such seeds as radishes, lettuce, onions carrots and parsnips by drawing a rake or hoe handle along in the rows seeds are to be planted. The best way to plant all small seeds is to tear open one corner of the package a~l shake seeds into furrow as you move along. Choose a day that is not windy for planting them. Cake is baked when it shrinks from the sides of the pan and is elastic to the touch or when a new toothpick put into the center comes out clean. The hindquarter of beef furnishes the finest roasts and steaks as well as the juiciest meats for making beef tea\ me~t- pies oi- beef a la mode. To stiffen muslin curtains add .one teaspoon of gum arabic to three quarts of cold water and let stand over night. Strain through muslin in the morning, add'a little bluing .% befor~ wringing out curtains. Scalloped Oysters One pine of oysters one cup crack- dividual details concerning this re- reasonable that the increase in sugar iwhich are taken from a stale loaf. er crumbs, one-hMf cup bread ~rumbs,, one-half cup blotter, six tablespoons cream, seasonings. Pick over the oysters, removing shell and any foreign matter. Roll the'cracker crumbs fine, add the bread crumbs consumption may be a direct cause of the increase in diabetes. So get out' and exercise. Limit tl~e amount of food you eat to your actual requirement. Learn what calories are and how.many you need at your weight. Find out, by consulting'your physi- cian, exactly how many calories of carbohydrate you need a day; how many of fat. Have him teach you wn~t to eat to keep well. ItMs worth more than what to do when ill. Know how much of your daily food require- ment ~s to be fotlnd in an ice cream moval need not detain us just now. Monsignor Moye, who was an au- thority on church ceremonialT, notes that "cardinals and bishops have the use of two birettas, one covered with silk for the summer and the other covered with light cloth for the win- ter. Inferior prelates wear the silk biretta throughout the year, Birettas of ecclesiastics of lower rank should have no other lining than black~ and] should ,be covered in woolen .... Some ~irettas have a small loop of[ ffilk ~tring on the top. This is not] proper, for the reason that a cardinal I Melt the butter, stir into it the crumbs of bre~d and crackers. Pu~ a layer of crumbs in the bottom of a baking dish.~ Spread with oysters, add a layer of crumbs, salt and pep- per and a seconeb layer of oysters. Cover with crumbs. Season and add cream. Bake in a moderate oven for one-half hour. Do not put more than two layers of oysters in the dish. Add the cream just before putting in the oven. "A b~ of mace may be used for additional ~ flavoring. Serve crisp French rolls or bread, .celery and relishes with the oysters Chicken a ia King No matter what food you are serv- ing a la king you proceed in the same fashion If it is chicken you cook it and cut it in small pieces, if it is fish you flake it. Make a rich cream sauce using three tablespoons butter and two of flour to each cup of milk. Part chicken broth may be used in- stead of all milk. Use one quarter cup mushrooms to each cup of meat. Saute in butter, cut in smM1 pieces and add to creamed mixture. Cut pimentoes and green peppers small and add. Canned peas in the same proportion may be added, and cooked celery also if you desire. Just be- fore serving add a lightly beaten egg. Serve at once over crisp waffles, Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Grandpa bought a motor car; Pulled the lever back too far-- Music by the G. A. R. ---Scraps. Takes Two Eye~ 'Ah, good-mornin', Mrs. Murphy, and how is" everythin'?" "Sure, an' I'm havin' a grand time uv it between me husband and the fire. If I keep me eye on the wan the other is sure to go out.~' London Answers. / Appropriate H'oot Gibson was deploring the passing of the horse. "And to think," he added, ",that they are even talking of making a statute for the man who invented tires!" "Wouldn't a bust be better?" ask- ed Ethel Shannon ~as she made for the door.---Los Angeles Times. Wants The Best Doctor--Lady, your son has tile measles in the worst form. Mrs. Richleigh -Why, doctor, we are rich enough to afford the very' best.---The Pathfinder. Dr. Henry Van Dyke, who is on a holiday trip to New Zealand, recent- ly had a very amusing experience when ~isiting a school for li~le chil- dren. The children had just been taugh~ to say, in reply to the ques- tion, "What would you do if a fire The life membership fee is one hundred dollars, Mr.Baldus an- nounces. A carefully worked out plan, which will provide for the en- rollment of 500 life members in the United States, ~ill be presented to the convention. Its adoption will be presented to the convention. Its adoption will create a permanent fund of $50,0])0 to be invested in interest bearing securities, the yearly yield fr6in which will be distributed as awards among Catholic,~,.authors and writers generally. The fund will be known as the C~tholie Literary Awards Foundation of the Catholic Press Association, ~and will', make possible the annual distribution of $2,500 in awards. ' Great interest has been aroused hY the announcement. Mr. Kelly, the association's first life member, is president of The F~r. one of Chicago's biggest department stores. He is prominent in _~ivic and social affair~ He was one of the organizers of the Associated Catholic Charities of Chicago in 1918, and has been its president from th~ begin- ning. He was created a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory by Pope Bene- dict XV; and a Knight Commander of the saene order by Pope Plus XI. He is a commissioned Lieutenant Colonel of the Illinois Reserve Militia. In 1924, De Paul University conferred on him the degree of doctor of laws. MSGR. CHAMBON MADE ARCHBISHOP OF TOKYO (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, April 19.--Word has been received her~ that the Most Rev. Alexius Chambon has .been appointed Archbishop of Tokyo, Japan. -~ Archbishop Chambon was secretary to the Most Rev. Pietro Fumasoni- Biondi, Apostolic Delegate to the United States, when he was Apostolic Delegate to Japan some ,years ago. ~.- A French paper offered a prize for the best answer to the question: Why are there more men in prison than women. The award w~ be= stowed for the following answer: "There are more men in prison" than there are women, because there are more women in the churches than men." { k I