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April 30, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 30, 1927

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Page Six THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 30, 1927 : : : : ": : .... ..: " I" D. Vice Rector of St. John's Semin-! -- - - o, lthreo companies of soldiers, sent in-14 ' ~ ~ | i A g ~" t cry and an Alumnus of the College, l'H~i]l~.r.][T[~7 ~r~T ~.~I~A]~ t]Ito the chap/el to dispatch the Bishop]ll D~..~ .... 2,..- If')....- A.29,?....42,-,.,~,o ~. J a h '~ i h~ ~ ~ i on Sunday, May 22nd, in St. An-lil~a~LL1 ~.s~[~lltwere driven out by a light fromlH UL-1U'gll;,d: UU7 J-J.f,J~'~CTUf'3ClO ....... ' ..... I [drew's Cathedral Last year the plan tll ............ II I Heaven. ] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~-~ ~'~||/~'~rl~' ~ | 'i~ ]fwas inaugurated of having these ex-,JJIlL' ~'~T ]@ ................. ,-., ~.eUJ~al~,l~ I , |~ I !ereises held at the Cathedrai and the !u V|" '~Ol VaIOIIICARD. HAYES. P~RTRA1T li ~-~-~-~,~-~H,~ ;11,~,~ : : - = : : : ...... ,plan met with unusual success The ] - '1 TO BE PAINTED BY ] ~ Arch,tects ~ ][[ l"U~l~ iJ Carnival iprogram provided attracted a large Sunday, May 1 Sts. Philip andt FAMOUS ARTIST] ~ " " ' I [|| ~_l_-.|~,,a The~annual Carnival in aid of the l gathering at the Cathedral, which was James, Apostles. Philin was one of I Z .o, !li i uaorlw scholarship fund of Little Rock Col- filled to capacity, and the services the first chosen disciples of Christ. (By N C: W. C. News Service.) I I Little Rock, Arkansas ~ II I ~|~e~,.~lt'm~ logo, which was to have been held lwhich were of Unusual beauty and lSt. James, author of an inspired t New York, April 23. Sir John Lav-] ~ ~I|| %.,l~a~ ,~ at ~he College grounds an Thursday, solemmty were unusually lmpresmve, epmtle, was also one of the Twelve. err, noted Bmtmh academ]cmn, has[ " {I I Men'a Stats Cleaned May 12th, has been postponed tol It is planned this year to make the[On the dispersion of the Apostles, St ]been commissioned by Clarence{~{I I Presae~ S0c Tuesday, May 26th. This change in,occasion a memorable one in the an- James was left as Bishop of Jeru- Mackay to paint the portrait of His]i Illl --., _a the date has been made necessary on nals of the college. The procession salem. His piety and purity were solEminence, Patrick Cardinal Hayes.][ T~ ~L-~.k ,-~ |~ I~i| Called for and Del~a['r account of the prevailing flood con- of graduates in Cap and Gown es- renowned that the Jews, it is said, The painting, when finished, is to bell a~; ~,~ ~a L~l~; I1| | ditions throughout the State, and onlcorting the Re. Rev Bishop to the[touched the hem of his garment outlpresented by Mr. Mackay to the New J] The clock of life is wound but once I I] 313 CENTER STRI~ account of the fact that so many of:Cathed, ral will march from thelof respect. IYork Chapter of the Knights of Co-l] And no man has the power 01] i Phone 8S$3 the carnival committee are engaged Bishop s house accompanied by a ......... ]lumbus and is to be hun~ in the loun~e]] ~^ ,^, ~ .... u~_ ,~.~ ~^_~. -~n { J | . t I lvlon~a , lvla :t ~t Athanasius ' o '=~ IU ~11 JU~b WlI~II bll~ ILI~II'~I~~llJ m rehef work with the Red Cross large nt~mber of the Clergy of the .~ . Y Y " " 'lof the -~4 000 000 club-hotel recentb,JJ - l i _~ ' . . . . ~isnop, was.born in Egypt toward the ~ ' , . ~ ~ I stop ~ .:. ...... ,--~----- The date selected meets wibh th tD se" A s~c!~l ~u~l .program end of the tl~ird century. Though onlylP?ned by,theThapter m Ne~ Vork./I At late or early hour. I ~ For Practical N,rse call approval offeveryone, and it will give ~Y cue. ~emor ~a~neurm ynmrun2er a deacon, he~ attracted great alton- it .Is pro~aom ~nat the prem~e wm cell NOW is the only time you own; I I --"'h the committee much needed time in ~ne mrecuon o~ ~roL o. o. ~ener,!tion b- his learnin ....... "" .... Ipmnted wearing the ecelesiastical|l Live love toil with a willII i MRS. E J. ]~" 1 ' - 5' g anu aolzlby a~ ~ne, , , which to "~re--are for the lar-est and,Orgamst and Director will be render-I ......... ,vestments of his office and that theiR .............. 01 | .......... ,tecath P ~ , g .... . . ~ .. , wounci~ oz ~icaea in 3:~o He la'~er " II l~laee no~; ialtn in ~omorrow, ior i i ~Oli West r*- best carnival in the history of the Jeu' ~ne ~accamurea~e ~crmon wm oe ~ ....... . ....... !portrait will be made in the arehiepis-II ,~ -~^-u ---- *~^- L_ _,:n l, | ....... ":**le Re CollegeSo many features are to be p~eac,eu ,y ~,,. op~es anu ~ne core-i for 46 ...... h~,~ ~h~ ~ .... + .,, +~,. !copra rein.donee here. {I I] | r s - ~ . f monies will conclude with Solemn~ ~ ........................ ,. , - - p e~ented this 5ear, that tbe carmval, }Arianassault which hea~ed ever-I Sn' John Lavery, whose work ~s]] _~_ ]1 Benediction of the MostBlessed " ' ~" ~ should attract not only city-wide m- insult, calumny and wron'~ w'on him well known In this country clam~s]J ~ [ [~ __-. "terest and suppor:~, but also state- Sa;??;:~ic e wlll confer a lare He stood unmoved agai;st ~;qr Re" the distinction of having his paintings]l ~ I i M.A. BILJ wide enthusiasm, there ~dll be some] g " g ]man emnerors and was banished fiw{in thirty-eight museums and pubiic|l ~r,~-~ ~-~ a -~'~, ]~/ _ .... number of degrees this year, with at ~ ~ . .... tI~ thing doing every minute of the t~me , " . , , ~ ftimes He is honored ...... ~, +,,~lgallelues m capital c~tms throughout/] J~l~ J. ~L~,~ I | Representing _ - . mast twenty-rive graduates m the . , m t that the Carmval ~s holding fo)'th, t~ .......... Ig:reatest Doctors of the Church. lthe world. He ]s reputed to have/i II/ FIRST Compan~ W' , . rE I(I~clenceswourses,antiIlI ! business Or taa~, and attractions to suit every taste " ~ a, -] painted the portraits of more Amer-|] General Agent [! | [teen in the Department of Plmrmaey " Tuesday, May 3--The Discovery. . . t ' Bill will be presented The afternoon . . "[ " ~can mflhonmres than any other art-/I ........... ~[/Assets: Over One na,,eant will naturall,, attract a -'real;Tlus will bc the largest graduatinglof the Holy Cross. The heathens, out i"t [I ~entrai ~tates LlIe illS. ~O. I I| Hundred Million Do .~.] ~ ~++.,.+;~.. T.. +~;~ ....... ~(:lass m the hmtory of the College and ~o~ aversmn to Chnstmmt . sought to ~1 [!| . morp +~-- * .... ~,,~A ........ ~,~;~. v:ill mark a new milestone in its ro- cover up the places of Christ's burial ,~ ~w,~ ~ ~, " 510 Federal Bank Bld ', ~'Jt ........................ -,~ .r ........... s ....... P , ...... " ~, ..........ERRY TO HEAD /I g- I / l~ew lfor from the parochial schools of the:dress' an? wm ~e,:a zatt,.ng observ-lby neaI)m.g ruomsh and .stones upon CATHOLIC SCHOOL FOR GIRLS]i LITTLE ROCk, AR . If| ...... ( city, and from Me. St.'Mary's Acad-,ante o~ u~e ~wen~m~u anmversary ot:]~ ann ~unmng on vne m~e.a tempm /I l i/ au@t~ ~:a-- . t, he institution of the College to Venus.St Helen, mother of Em- -- I b n ~- Little emy will take part. The pageant wfll~ .... ] ~ . ". (By N. C. W. C News Serv:ce.) {] Phone 6654 Res Phone 3-2368-J ];~P o e 519~ . 'L ~ p og am oegmmng on Tuesda ,[peror wons~anune the Great, caused ~ . ~ 1105 Donagney ~ be given on the Terrace frontin,, the] 2 ,[' r~ " . " Y, . . ~ '~ Ledoil, April 21. Dr. George]~ ........................ , M y )~+, and e.ndmg on Thursdav~these ]mpmus structures and statues Morris ttall, and will be an absolutely[ a '~ '" * " " ' ' ~ i * Herman Derr- nrofessor and head , free attraction The College 'orches- evemng w,th the graduation exer-lto be torn down and d~ggmg into the of tim department of sociology at the 'f ......................... --~.~:-~.~ ~-o tra will .furnish music for the pageant c~scs w~!l makeup a week of eventstearthSound the threecrosses of the Marquette University, Milwaukee ! SPRING IS THE TIME TO ~ ~] (~ under the direction of Prof C ~A ~na~ win Keep ~ne ~eniors and their|t~rucifixion, in 326 ~he True Cross ~'~is .......... I ................ ~'~ t~) ~ : ' ." .~ ~ " ' vv , anu a na~lonany Known barn- o Ix;4;.'d"V~ M]~I~Ii~]AL ~,~ T: Jacobus ~ nds k u.,y. ~ocml.% banquets,[was dmtmgmshed when the three olic educator sociologist and orator, ~ ~ ]I i , .~" ~. .... : ,,, lathletic events, and Class Day exer-twere placed upon a sick woman and has b -" " '"- ~'~ .... ; With the cumin- of flowers and ~ree~ ~ ~ ' .'~no~ner ar~t.racuon u]a~ Will oe cer-I .,, , . ~ " . . een elec~eu preslflen~ o~ ~uary- a g " ~ ~:,~ - _..., lain to arou ....... ~ ,]o,] of intor jemes wnt De of an unusually h~ghlone of them caused her nnmedmte o'rove Collec, o the n~*w ~irls' coller, e ~ grass, help nature beautfy your loved ~ [~Et2g, e " ... ~7.- ~'~ ~.7" "~ "'~'~-{order, and will bring the twentieth]recovery "ow . ~, . .. ~ .o- ] one's grave by selecting one of Mona- ~'~:~ S~, %Phi De 1;no ropmarEy wonzes~.! .., , ~ " n nearing 'eomple~lonnero An- i . , . . ,, r~ ............ ~year o~ ~ne College s life to a fitting} ,,, , .......... ~ nan s evermsm~ mcmomms. ~ A large ns~ oI ean(nua~es nave oeen| , ~ .. l ~eonesoay, lviay ,~.--~. wionlca, nouneement of the appointment was i . (~ .-' . ......... /erase. ~urumr annom~eements of thetmother of St Au-ustine was born in .............. $ ~f'~T ~ Y Y ~ "-~T 0 C'f'%~T ~ en~erexl In LiqlS conEesE nl wzncn a , ..... / ~ , maoe oy ~v/o~ner ~u Dolnll;llla, supem- ~ ,~,,~', ,,,~, ~.~ ~'-~ t:~, ,,~ ~" "-~ ~,~ ~ -~** .... , . ." ....... . . I c/osmg exercises will be made later. I~u2 H~r ~;.~ .v ..~^+. ....~ ,..u ............. | z~k~;t. ~ ,~,r-~a '~~. ~.~,Ja ,~ %i' ~ - - DeauEIIUl wrls~ watcn Will De oiiereol o . ... )~ . - ,,*=,-. v,=~ ,~,u ~u,uc,**- or-general ol ~ne ~issers-~ervan~:s Ol $ ~tl( .... :~ t menlor ll~eses "~ rkham S as ~he capital prize. Announcement! Th ......... lanceaff4ctedthe conversion of her the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and ~ 410-41,. W. Ma t. !~~ - - of t tes e canuma~es ~or ~egrees a~ ~ne husband, Patntms, a pagan, one year res]d he new LITTLE ROCK il, ....... his con t will be made later. , . | " " ' p " ent of the trustees of t i .._ - icoming graduation exercises of Lit- | before his -~-+~" ~n.~ .~. ....... i ~[:~l{1]]l[i r. , At the last meeting of the General tie Rock Co]le,~e will submit their]-. ~ ...........~ ..... ~ ~u-, couege. - | Mark Every Grave ~.~'" I ' Commi " ~- ~ugusdne, who was at once able and | tree held m the Cathedrall~ ....... M~. 9.~ ~ ~-~ ...... ~ I. - The electron of Dr Derry to tMs ........ ~... , . " ~ae~e~ on ..~y ,,.~, ,~ r .... z ....... -,neadstrong, went astray in faith and . . ! . ,.~ .... Schaol Parlors, 503 EastSixth St,]nouncement f th - _ " pomtmn sets a precedent ]n the he,d ..... " .. "" o e commencemen~ manners, she fafrly pursued him with ...... ~ .... ~;..~u~ ;~ +~.. ~.~+ - - " " more ~nan one nunareu ac,l:lve wor!~- '- r- w''~ '- "" ~ " ~ ~- .~ ~. - o~ t~abnol]c cuu~a~.u.. *~ ~ ~,,~ x*,-.~ speaKe 5 llL De lls~e(l a~ ~ne ~onege fervent ~ra-ers and he was m"r---1 - --- - ,,~--~,----'~,~ ~'-~'~" ors gathered to hear the reports of in a short time and -Inns will then be t, .y " ~ - layman in the United States to head / "|" B--~ ~i~B~ i| 1HK ~ P ously converted ' " r ~" ~d~ " d~ ~1 ~~~ the various committees which have under wa" for the ann" a~ --mm~ne " a Cathohc women s college or umver- 5" t~ I ~U U ~ - SS be n ,.- . . Succe or to e working ~or the past two weeks, iment exercises on Thursda-Jun~ Thursday, May 5.---St. Plus V. A Slty. . ................. The Rev. James P. Moran, President' "' ~ Dominican friar from his fifteenth Dr Derry will begin his duties here I-IALI~ ~ IdUI~NIUICUU~ 2nd. of the College with the Rev. Thomas year, Michael Ghislieri was famous June 15, and the first unit of the VENTILATING AND L. Keany, Vice President of the Col- meeting.lOgo represented the College .at the iMORR|S pREPARA] I The me~eting was called to orderI by the Chairman, Mrs. W. Bigelow]t I{]i ~ ~l( ] )1 )] Robinson, and after e~;pressing her thanks for such a splendid gathering ....... ~ : : : = of interested~ workers, Mrs. Robinson '- called on the chairmen of the corn- Preps Win Triangular Meet. mittees for reports. The following Easter Monday afternoon saw the made progressive reports: Messrs. Morris Preparatory School track team for his intrepid defense of the faith and his spotless life. His first care as Pope was the reformation of the Roman court and cap~al, tie sup- ported the cause of Mary Queen of Scotts against the usurper Elizabeth; backed the Catholic king of France against the Hugenot rebels and crush- ed the Ottoman forces at Lepanto in October 1571. He was wont to kiss the feet of the crucifix upon entering Bernard Heinze, L. Jack Mouton, Vic- tor Koers, Alvin Bujarski, George Bujarski, Morris Ehrenberg, Father Keany, William S. Allen, M. A. Blitz, W. Bigelow Robinson, Gerard Kords- meier, Joseph Flynn, J. J. Raley, and Mrs. Gas Bernier, Miss Florence Cash, Mrs. Edward O'Brien. Mrs. Brugnone, Mrs. Joseph Flynn, Mrs. William Letzig, Mrs. Mat Durst, Mrs. N. Eichelmann, Mrs. W. C. Bra~, Mrs Frank Gibb, Mrs. M. J. Harrison, Miss Edith Reville. It was voted to hold the next mee~-, M ing on ~onday, a:/~9th, at eight o'clock,~p, m. at the" School Parlors. Vacation Due to t~e prevailing flood condi- tion throughout the st%~e the Easter vacation which was to have ended on Tuesday of last week, was extend- ed to Thursday so that all students who had gone home for vacation might be able to return for their classes. Classes were resumed on Thursday ~with practiqa]ly all of the sudent body in attendance K. of C. Entertain me~nt On Tuesday, May 3rd, the members of the Little Rock College ~ Glee Clubt with a picked team from the Mo~rist Debating Society will entertain thei $ members of the Knights of ColumbusI and their friends with a debate and l concert. Prof. Jos'e~h Crossley, ~Fae-I ulty Director of the ) Debating So-i battling against similar teams from and leaving the room. One day the Providence, Academy, Texarkana, feet withdrew from his lips. He Ark., and Sacred Heart Academy, m~/de an act of contrition thinking Texarkana, Texas.' To the three track some defection of his was the cause men who formed Father Strassner's choir at Stamps, Andrew Murray, John Walsh, John Schultz, there was added Robert Kirspel. The other members of ~he Prep track team could not come down from Little Rock on account of the high wa~ers. John Schultz and Andrew Murray were high point men for the Preps; Sym- onds for the Texas boys; and' Wolk for Providence, who was third high point man of the meet. The meet ., urhman Field of was held on the B the Texarkana (Ark.) High. Messrs. I C. Thomas, J. C. O'Dwyer and George Fouke were the officials of the meet. The Prep team received a beautiful loving cup as a remembrance of the D'IC(?~ 100 yards dash Schu]tz, M., Wolk, P.; Symonds, S. 50 ya{d dash Schultz, M.: Wolk, P.; Symonds. S. 220 yard dash--Schultz, M.; Wolk, P.; Watsh, M. One mile Kirspe], M.; Yhomas, P.; Mulhern, S. Shot put Murray, M.; Schultz, M.; Wolk, P. ~igh jump Wolk, P. and Murray, ]~I., ~ied; Symonds, S. and Schultz, M., tied. It was later found that an enemy had put poison upon the feet of the figure. Friday, May 6. St. John before the Latin Gate. in the year 95 St. J.ohn was the only surviving Apostle and governor of all the churches in Asia. Seized and brought to Rome by Emperor Domitian, he wa~ cast into a caldron o'f boiling oil. The oil became as a refreshing bath ~o him however, and he came out of the cal- dron in even better condition than he entered. He was banished then to Patmos but later returned, r~r His triumph over persecution occurred without the gate of Rome called La~na. Saturday, May 7.---St. Stanislas, Bishop and Martyr, as Bishop of Cracow. alone rebuked Boleslas II, King of Poland, for his excesses and cruelty. When tried falsely he, through prayer, raised to life a dead man whose nephew accused him of] vithholding money from their unele, i to serve as a defending witness. HeI finally pronounced the sentence of1 excommunication upon the king forI his excesses and was slain by the rul-I ,er while saying Mass. Previouslyl eiety with Prof. C. A. Jacobus Di- Running broad jump---Schultz, M.; rector of the Glee Club are x~orking,-~:[urray, M.; Walsh, M. on a program which will prove\to beI- Standing broad jump--Murray, M.; interesting to the members of Little Wolk, P.; Walsh, M. l~ck Council K. of C. The College Fole vault Murray, M.; Wolk, P.; societies appreciate ~he hel~ which Caneila, S. the Little Rock Council has always Relay--Preps. extended ~o the College and a~e tak- ing this means of showing in a moreiLARG/~ST COLLECTION practical manne~'~heir .~rati~ude. Lit-I FOR PHILADELPHIA ~tte Reck Council Knights of Colum~] SEMINARY REPORTED bus is ass]stig in a very practical man- ner in the coming College Carnival (By N. C. W. Q. News Service) fdr which the college is very grate- Philadelphia, April 19. Catholics ful, of the Diocese of Pbiladelphia gave Annual Commencement Exercises the largest sum in its history for the The annual Commencement Exer-lSeminary of St. Charles Borromeo, cises of Little Rock College will take at Overbrook, Pc., acco'rding to an- .place on Thursday, June 2nd, at 8 nouncement made in Cathedral p. rn. Plans now being made will Chapel last week assure a program of events extending The total collected for 1926 was throughout the entire week proceed- $365,779.32, an increase of $44,- ing the exercises in which the mere-1897,93 over the previous year, .and bets of the. graduating class and their inn increase over the collection of ten friends will take part. The annual,years "ago of $272,194.42. Baccalaureate Sermon to the Gradu-I The city churches gave $279,000.- cling Class will be delivered this 74, and the county parishes a total of ~-ear, by the Roy. S. J. Peoples, Ph. $86,778.98. new college will open in September. ALL KINDS OF RO.OFING (By N. C. W. C. News Service) BANKERS TRUST Chicago, April 21.--StatUary, pal- MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, uable 15aintings and the interior of -~We are agen~ for practically all the imt the Church of Our Lady of Mercy on Troy street here were destroyed by fire early Friday. The ~rackling of the flames aroused the Rev. D. F. Cahill, i~ the parish house a few doors away, and he rushed through the smoke and falling debris to rescue the blessed sacrament. When the roof of the building fell, several firemen narrowly escaped in- jury. T~e parochial school 20 feet north of the church, was saved. The damage was estimated at ~25,000. Thirty-eight professors of French universities, among them Jews, Prot- estants, and Freethinkers, after trav- eling through South America, have l sent a le.ttdr to Premier Poincare, proclaiming the 'high services render- ed by French religious congregations and asldng Parliament to authorize the reopening of the novitiates. C. D. KENNY CO. Teas - Coffees Sugars WHOLESALE and RETAIL Phone 4-3041 115 West Sixth Street LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ship companies. --If you are eontemplating trip abroad for reasons, or if you desire to undertake a make use of the many excellent Winter fail to call on us for information, which will be fully given, without charge. ---We wiah to remind you also of our foreign Department, which is in position to effect fers to foreign eountries by Cable, Draft, or Orders at prevailing market price. We both buy sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations hourly. BANKERS: MAIN AT 5ECOND TRUST FOREIGN THE TEST OF Whether you are a fool or a wiee person can be The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Is thought, dominating all you do today? Be a tomorrow, money you pUt in your Savings Account is Tomorrow ~ CENTRAL BANK Subscription Blank ,. A subscription to The Guardian for yourself, : form of a renewal, or a new subseription for would be a fitting observance of Catholic Gr nd Excursion to reland 307 / West Second Street, Little Rock, Ark' Our Second Annual Excursion to Erin, in the ,new s~eamcr SCYTItIA, June 18th, is proving exceedingly popular. Already a large number of tmsscngers have engaged passag'e for the trip, which will be in charge of our congenial Irish Assistant Man- ~a.~er, Mr Owen J. Lenihan, who was reared and educated in the : Emerald IsIe. If you want a real~enjoyable vacation, that for years wi!l H~ger as a mos~ pleasant memory, you can have same by joining this,ex- cursion. Rates are reasonable, and a good time is in stor~ fer all ~ho go. Full particulars cheerfully furnished on request to Please enter the undersigned name for a scription to The Guardian. For which send bill. For which $ ............................ is enclosed. Name Address City .................. - ........... SU SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $2.00 A CUNARD LINE, 1135-37 OLIVE ST., ST. LOUIS, MO. ! OR LOCAL AGE~]TS '